Big Brother 17 Fauxmance: Liz Reveals True Feelings About Austin

Austin Matelson told Vanessa Rousso that he had found a renewed joy in life with the discovery of this magical flower, Liz Nolan. He’s so desperate to spend the summer by her side in Jury that he’ll do whatever it takes to stay near his princess. This would of course be a different princess from the one back at his castle which he explained to us preseason. So what does Liz Nolan think of all that?

Liz Nolan feeling overwhelmed by Austin fauxmance
Liz Nolan feeling overwhelmed by Austin fauxmance – Source: CBS All Access

Don’t tell Austin, and no one seems interested in doing that, but Liz wants nothing to do with him aside from whatever game protection he can provide. Oops. Last night Liz laid it all out.

Flashback on your Live Feeds to 5:45 PM BBT 7/25 as Liz arrives in the HoH to hear what Vanessa wants to tell her about Austin running his mouth and lying to their side about it. Liz makes her feelings very clear: “I don’t even liiiiike hiiiim,” whines Liz. “You guys don’t even know, I’m not even attracted to him at all,” she tells Vanessa and Shelli. Flashback to 5:53PM BBT.

When Shelli reveals that she knows about “this kiss” Liz is very embarrassed. Liz was worried that she’d be portrayed as a homewrecker since he has (had?) a girlfriend back home. So she was none too pleased when he grabbed her face and kissed her on Friday night. As Liz describes his kiss attempts, “ewwwww.” Seems she’s not a fan of his beard and how it felt against her.

Liz admits that she knows Austin likes her “a lot more” than she likes him, but she knows he’s looking out for her game and that’s why she’s going along with it. We had already seen her tell Julia in the DR that she was “whoring herself out” with him. So yes, this is game play by Liz and it’s at least working in one aspect, but is she creating a monster?

Liz explains she’s afraid that Austin might do to her what Caleb did to Amber last season where she was targeted for not returning the infatuation he had for her. Flashback to 6:10PM BBT to hear her express these concerns. She thinks if she tells Austin the truth then he’ll ruin her game.

She doesn’t want anything long term and especially doesn’t want to be in the Jury house with him “because he’s going to creep up to my room and try to have sex with me.” Well if it gets to the point where they’re both in Jury then I’d hope she’d tell him the truth considering the game is over.

My oh my, Liz. So Liz definitely doesn’t like Austin, but later Austin pours his heart out to Vanessa telling her he has fallen in love with Liz. He’ll do anything, anything at all, to be able to spend the rest of the summer with her in Jury. It’s sad. Austin is madly infatuated with this girl, which he interprets as being in love with her after just a few short weeks, but Liz is not even in the same ballpark. Yikes.

One thing is for sure, if Liz can tame this beast then she’d be crazy to let him go this week. This guy will fall on his sword for her at any chance. Letting that go now would be foolish for her game. Lucky for her, it sounds like Vanessa is going back on the Backdoor Austin plan already. Or maybe that’s not so lucky. We’ll have to wait and see.

What do you think of this mess that Liz is in? Is it wrong for her to manipulate Austin this way or is that a reasonable strategy? Tell us what you think.


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  1. For Big Bro, ya it’s fine (not something I’d do but to each her own)- she has someone who is literally willing to throw his own game away for her. He’s also the biggest target in the house besides the “twins” so the longer he’s in there the less likely others would be to target her..

    • We’ll have to wait and see what happens if Vanessa backdoors Jackie. Vanessa may become the biggest target in the house next.

      • Yes, she will be demonstrating not only to the ‘other side of the house’ but also the people that she is aligned with that her word means absolutely nothing, and no one is safe..

      • Yes I hate how she’s just walking around all high and mighty getting angry when people lie to her yet she’s the primary deceiver amonst the house guests and is acting as though she is superior towards the others! Someone needs to pull that rug underneath her real quick before she goes into full Devin mode!

      • Good point.. I agree– This could actually move Austin a lot further in the game (than just this week). He’d have his “sixth sense” alliance and the other side of the house might be more distracted by Vanessa, “Twins” and Clay/Shelli — Dude is creepy, but if it comes out that this sacrificial love story is a game-play then it would be quite brilliant (I recognize it’s entirely likely that it’s not a strategy)

      • Highly unlikely- but consider this– As a HUGE physical player he’d be an immediate target, but by overplaying his sensitive side and falling in “love” it could make him appear “weaker” and less of a target.. Honestly tho I don’t think this is the case- but it would have been a smart move if it was, aside from his stupid Judas shtick

      • if that was his strategy he would have confessed it in dr room, wouldn’t he?

      • oh ya — I definitely don’t think this was premeditated or a strategy haha.. If it were though it would have been really smart

      • The only problem is the other side of the house can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that Vanessa,Shelli,Clay,Twins and Austin are all playing together!!Even when someone spelled it out for them. It’s like they are all there for summer vacation and don’t realize they are playing a game and all being picked off. I’d love to see any four of Clay,Shelli,Vanessa,Twins on the block but don’t see it happening anytime soon. Other than the craziness that is these house guests (which thank goodness is very entertaining to watch) it is like watching last season where one side dominated the whole season.

    • I agree! We need to remember that this is a game and Austin needs to remember that too! If he is letting his little head think for his bigger head, it’s his own fault. I don’t fault Liz for leading him on – – she wants to win that $$ so whatever means necessary. I say Go Girl, Go!!!!

    • and RIP his relationship outside of the house. lol when austin sees the feeds, he’ll be sad and most likely not have a girlfriend anymore.

      • A few days back I saw some interesting comments about this gf on another update post. Someone noticed that every time Austin’s gf was referenced, the feeds would cut to fish and that most likely means she took back some legal release or something and they can’t talk about her.
        I don’t know if this is accurate, but it sounds like he doesn’t have a gf to go back home to anymore…

      • after watching the feeds, she most likely broke up with him without really talking to him because of the whole twin thing. we all know austin won’t win, and won’t get into jury if this week’s plans go to order. i hope he realizes what he did is wrong, and he cheated on his girlfriend on national television, which is very embarrassing, i would assume.

      • Supposedly he DID still have his girlfriend Jen back home. Her sister has been Tweeting. Jen herself doesn’t have Twitter. But I have seen the letter Austin wrote to Jen and the promises he made about his game play.He promised to never do anything to embarrass her. Well, obviously that’s gone down the tubes. He also claimed his Only reason to be on BB was to make “connections” for his career and their future.
        But according to Jen’s sister’s tweets, Jen never agreed to all that BS Austin has been telling on the show. She’s got too much self-respect for that.
        Austin may get home and find all of his crap packed and sitting outside!
        Even his Ex Chelsea is tweeting some pretty bad stuff about him.
        That he’s Not ever truthful, or trustworthy. As she says…Just read his Tattoos! ” Fated to Pretend” “Judas”…she says he’s more Judas than an Austin!

  2. It is absolutely fair for her to do. Anything besides physical violence I find as an ok strategy to do.

    • There has to be a limit. Giving herself out for game play is not different than selling herself for money. So far she has kept it “clean” or tried to, but Austin is getting to the point where it might get a little too sticky for her to control.

      • If she actually has sex with him than that would be over the line anything else is fine.

      • Yes, I agree. But when she won HOH, he came up and got in bed with her and no matter how much she pushed him away or told him to leave, he stayed.
        This time when she won, again he came into her bed and clung all over her, then TOOK a kiss. This isn’t going in a good direction.

      • I totally agree. We all thought Caleb was crazy but Austin is worse because he keeps putting his hands on her. BB didn’t do anything last year. I had hoped they had learned something but no not at all.

      • IMO, all she has to do is say NO to his face & the BB powers-that-be will back her. But she just keeps giggling, smiling & whispering … “don’t, stop”
        And he hears …. Don’t Stop.

      • You’re probably right. In the real world it doesn’t become an issue until she actually expresses her desire for him to stop directly to him. Things may go south but it would be in the producers’ best interest to prevent any sort of assault within the house so they’d stop it somehow.

      • While I agree I’m not sure if BB would do anything. Amber told Caleb (repeatedly) no and they did nothing. But he never put his hands on her like that so it could make a difference.

      • All she has to do is go to DR and tell them that she did not sign up for the show to be mauled and possibly raped and production would have to put a stop to it or face possible legal action.

      • That’s the only difference between Caleb and Austin. Caleb did not touch her all the time.

      • A limit? Other than the actual rules, I think it just depends on what she can live with once she gets out of the house and moves on with her life.

      • she seems the type who would have sex with him to save herself in the…

      • I said from week one that Austin and Jace were the most annoying, unsophisticated (in terms of game play) people in the house. Jace was playing to the cameras constantly and now Austin has fallen for the oldest trick in the book; feminine wiles where no chemistry exists. He is in a relationship back home and he is not only throwing THAT away but the chance at $$? No way is he pretending to do all this. And either way, stupid if so. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!!

  3. Is it a reasonable strategy for BB…yes. Is it wrong to manipulate someone in matters of the heart yes. I understand you have to lie in this game but you still need to maintain some respect for yourself. Liz is in a pickle for sure.

    • I feel like if Austin was a normal guy this wouldn’t be a problem. He’s not okay in the head, he said he’d commit suicide if he left before jury and didn’t get to spend time with Liz. Liz doesn’t imply that she’s in love with him, she flirts, yet Austin has conjured up this romance in his mind which is going insane.

      Liz has a part in it but Austin is psychotic.

      • The word commonly used to describe Austin in my house is “delusional”, but it amounts to roughly the same. She may be wrong to lead him on but he is missing some really obvious signs.

      • Right on! I see people twitter exclusively blaming Liz and yes, she is leading him on to get farther in the game but she hasn’t done anything to the caliber Austin thinks she’s in love with him and it’s just odd. Worse than Caleb!!

  4. So I think missed something when I was gone for a couple of days …. Doesn’t Austin have a girlfriend back home? … Has he explained that.

  5. Sure Austin would fall on his sword for her – but not her sister – but the price Liz would have to pay is spending weeks in the jury house with him stalking her. Liz should come right out and tell Vanessa to get rid of Austin this week and she and her sister Julia will back her up for the rest of the game.

    On the other hand it was Liz that told Vanessa and Shelli that the house wanted Clay out and that got Shelli thinking about keeping Austin. I don;t understand why Vanessa doesn;t realize Shelli wants what’s best for her game but not Vanessa’s. Isn;t that why Vanessa is angry with Austin?

    • My mom and I were joking about what would happen if Liz wasn’t in jury but Julia and Austin were. That would be a daily slap in the face and interesting to see.

  6. SOMEBODY needs to tell Austin that Liz (and Julia) loathes him and is only using him. If Liz is trying to protect him she needs to be outed. I’d pay to see that conversation and the chaos that ensues.

    • if one of the uncool kids had that information….he could join them to wreak havoc against the cool kids alliance…but…we shall see but I doubt that will happen

  7. The out come of this is not going to be good for Liz, Julia and Austin. Better to put Austin on the block and let those that want to evict him do so and those that want to keep him do the same. Becky leaving wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all. Vanessa going back on her word will only bring her to her demise sooner than later. As long as Shelli and Clay is safe, they really won’t care who goes home as long as it isn’t them. There the only two that is willing to work with anyone to get them to the end and the money.

  8. What’s
    wrong with these HG’s?!! Thinking that Austin won’t put them on the
    block is crazy – if he gets even the slightest hint that they had
    planned to backdoor him, he’ll go even more crazy for Cocoa Puffs than
    he already is. He’s unbalanced and Liz should realize that means nothing
    but trouble for her if he stays and makes it to the jury house. Get rid
    of him now! Send him back to the (imaginary?) girlfriend and give him
    time to get his head back in the right place before the reunion show.
    Any of the other so-called “threats” can be dealt with in the next week
    or so.

    • Right! Unfortunately Vanessa looks around to see who isn’t puckering up every time she’s HOH, so she can have her reason to evict, and that’s what she calls game, so sad. She should be looking for who can outwin her, that’s how you play.

      • That’s a first. Thanks, Cuddles! Didn’t realize Austin knew of the BD plan – that’s what I get for not watching enough.

      • haha– well it doesn’t make for much of a backdoor plan if you tell them, so I understand your thinking

    • idk- He already knows the BD plan and didn’t show any signs of bitterness.. I think Austin would target several other people before Vanessa and not sure the same could be said about the others in the house..

    • Austin just seems so desperate to get a girl, any girl! In the beginning he thought Jackie liked him so he kind of liked her back, then he thought (probably still thinks) Becky liked him, then he thought both twins liked him until he found out he had no chance with Julia and went for Liz instead! I’m starting to wonder if Austin really has a girlfriend back home or if he just made it up.

      And it sounds bad to say but I think the only reason he wants to make it to jury to be with The twins (preferably Liz) is so he can sleep with them!

      He’s a pig! And Vanessa caused some of this too because she told him Liz liked him. She ought to be ashamed!

      • his alter ego is his pro wrestling character/gimmick…that doesn’t make him nuts…although successful pro wrestlers are all a little nuts….but he wasn’t successful…so…yeaahh….

      • Unless all pro wrestlers go around talking about their wrestling personas in their regular lives as if that’s normal and real, I will continue to call him nuts.

  9. If Liz is that afraid of being in the jury house with Austin, she’s already let his infatuation go too far. She needs to get him out, even though he’d do anything for her. Time to tell Austin the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

    • True. Unfortunately the hamsters rarely do what a normal sane person would do.

  10. For confirmation, I just read a BB update and Shelli said to Vanessa and Liz that Clay has a twin. I was just wondering if this was true. Assuming Clay has a twin brother and not a twin sister, does anyone else think it’s possible that there’s another twin twist and that Clays involved or is that too fantastic?

    • They are not identical, at least that’s whar I read but can’t remember if it’s a brother. Must be or they wouldn’t have pointed that out.

    • That was a fantasy that Vanessa cooked up in her fevered brain the last time she was HOH. She mentioned it to Shelli. Clay laughed.

    • The twins this season are Liz & Julia, Jeff and his brother, Shelli and her brother. All of the rest of the HGs have twins, according to Vanessa’s imagination. Although, they could have stuck Shelli’s brother, Lance, who is not her twin, in as Clay’s twin!

      • Ok thank you red roses! I remember Shelli telling Clay that if he liked her he’d be in love with her brother because he looks so much like Clay. I thought that was kind of an odd thing to say.

      • bustle dot com/articles/99464-clay-shellis-brother-look-alike-big-brother-17-fans-are-kind-of-freaking-out

        Scroll down to see the pics of Clay and Lance side by side.

  11. It is hysterical that all those pictures of Vanessa with the mud on her face are available on the internet in perpetuity. She wonders why her face is breaking out, it is because all the lies and betrayals are surfacing in the form of the Purple Pustules of Truth. Her skin won’t clear up until she is in the Jury House where there is no need for all the skullduggery and deceit.

  12. I don’t think it’s wrong for Liz to manipulate Austin for the benefit of her game (and Julia’s). This is BB, just about anything goes~

    • Right! It’s just unfortunate that she had to be stuck with the psycho who thinks he’s in love after a few weeks and without Liz saying so. She’s done harmless flirting, if it was any other guy, yet he’s acting like she’s the one.

  13. Really? This girl isn’t in love with a guy who admitted he wants to intentionally sabotage her and her very close relative’s game? And says he is ‘in love’ with her after 4 weeks?


  14. If Vanessa doesn’t backdoor Austin the best thing will be all the drama! Love me some drama.

    • Aren’t you just a little curious to see how far Austin will go if he is on the block knowing he will be evicted before he has a chance to spend time stalking Liz in the jury house?

      Honestly, I think him being on the block will provide more drama in 4 days than this house has had all season.

  15. Another question, on the feeds a week ago, Austin said his family founded Bank of America? Is this true? Or was it another lie sponsored by the sixth sense alliance?

  16. Austin is a creep and Liz is naive for encouraging the creep factor…

    Austin is smitten with Liz. Liz doesn’t like him that way. He constantly touches and rubs on her and he stole a kiss. He doesn’t listen to “go away!” He breaks out into a jealous rage every time another male pays any attention to her. He plans to get rid of her twin sister asap, so he can have her to himself.


    Johnny Mac is smitten with Becky. Becky doesn’t like him that way. He treats Becky as a friend and with respect.

    • What’s amazing is how Vanessa is letting him manipulate her. He basically get Jeff evicted because Jeff was too close to Liz. Vanessa never figured that out.

      But I agree with others that Vanessa should put Austin up to give Liz a break from the stalking.

      • Vanessa is my least fav player in the game. Even moreso than Shelli and Clay. She’s rich and doesn’t need the money, and she’s annoying as hell. Clay and Sheli are a super close second though. Like millimeters close.

    • Before the season began, I thought JMac was going to be the “weird one” of BB17. Well, I was kind of right because he’s weird in all the right ways, but not weird in the “heebie jeebies” kind of way.

      Now I see that I’ve misjudged the situation and Austin is clearly the weird guy this season.

  17. Once you figure out someones game, they really move to the bottom of the list of threats. For weeks that Audrey, yet everyone consistently wanted her out. Now it’s Austin and people really want him out.

    Meanwhile, ACTUAL threats to their game like twins and legitimate showmances are things idiots like Jason, James, Meg, etc don’t even discuss.

  18. I want to see an interview with the “former” girlfriend of Lurch. I wonder how all of this is going down on the home front.

    • She posted a love letter (or her sister did) on Twitter (or some silly place) where Austin is proclaiming his love for her. He supposedly wrote this to her right before he left. It’s typed, so who knows.

  19. Vanessa is so far off right now…trying to figure out who the “phone booth” person was. Day was smart to pick the people she did because it is causing mass paranoia, confusion, and theories that are just plain wrong! Can anyone else think of a past BB player that has overthought their game the way Vanessa has?

      • Was he as bad as Vanessa..I can’t remember that far back..and he was out of the house so soon I guess I forgot.

      • Ronnie was like Devin on steroids and much worse than Vanessa imho. Poor ol’ Ronnie, after his first 15 minutes in the BB house he already had a final 2 with all the HG’s. By the end of the first day he had locked himself up in the HOH room to escape the frenzied mob baying for his blood outside the HOH door.

    • She’s insane. She doesn’t need a reason to put someone up. To go all the way back to the phone book is ludicrous.

      • Agree. I can’t even listen to her on the feeds anymore! This having to have a reason crap is ridiculous! Does she not know what game she is playing…right now numbers are important and she has them on her side,but, yet she continues to overthink, overplay, and drive us nuts in the process!

    • Day picked the wrong people. Jeff said in one of his exit interviews that he would’ve voted for Day. So I would assume that Jackie would’ve too, And Becky didn’t seem too happy with Shelli’s decision to keep Audry, so it’s possible she would’ve voted for Day as well.

      • While you are probably right, I can’t say I miss Miss Temper Tantrum being in the house.

    • Vanessa is always talking about how shot can tell people are lying to her and everyone lies and manipulates her. She is clueless to all of it. Apparently Austin is already back to lying telling Clay and Shelli lies about Jackie to throw her under the bus. These people are so arrogant. They think they taught Austin a lesson or that they will just get him out next week? LOL.

      They think its all about them trusting Austin but they are ignoring the fact that Austin has no reason to trust THEM.

  20. I really hope she gets rid of Austin because he cannot be trusted and he’s creeping on Liz constantly. She’d be doing Liz a favor by backdooring Austin. Just do it Van !

  21. I’m seriously concerned for Liz’s safety if she has to live in the jury house with Austin.

  22. As far as I’m concerned, Liz can reap what she sows. She admitted her strategy was to whore herself out to further her game. She can’t cry wolf now. And let’s face it, if a man was leading a woman on to further his game, we would all be outraged.

  23. Get rid of Austin already. The ‘other side of the house’ has shown no inclination to upset the applecart, they are all following Clay/Shelli’s lead. I don’t see why the concern about numbers, the others aren’t organized in any way and will continue to follow whoever is the HOH like ttle sheep. Austin is eminently expendable. They wouldn’t miss him.

  24. Cue “Careless Whisper” every time Austin and Liz are together with Liz fauxmancing it all out.

  25. Awww poor Austin, if he wasn’t so immature. he may have had a shot at, but Liz playing him along emotionally, really says volumes about her character. yeah, not. I don’t feel sorry for neither, I honestly find the twins annoying, I hope this comes back to bite her. otherwise I’m completely fine with Clay or Shelli gone, if the HG’s would wisen up (yeah right) the couple and the twins should be their target, then the game will be status quo and balanced, because as it stands right now? it feels designed to favor a few, which isn’t fun at all. where are the Dan and Dr. Will type of players when you need them!

    • Austin. Caleb didn’t have a girlfriend AND he didn’t sneak a kiss (though Amber did not entertain him). Then again Caleb took Amber’s rejection as playing hard to get….again, Caleb didn’t have a girlfriend!

    • Would Austin be a creep if Liz really likes him? I am wondering if Liz really does like him and if she is just lying to everyone about it. She is just too comfortable around him.

      I guess we will find out once her sister enters the house because it is clear Julia does not like him or trust him at all. Julia seems like the smarter one to me.

  26. “Gonna wash that man right out of my hair and send him on his way” ~~ Way to go Liz!

  27. Austin trying to get Liz is like how Caleb was trying to get Amber last season. Austin is hurting his game because of this.

  28. Sorry but I don’t feel sorry for Liz. I remember how Caleb acted and Amber got a raw deal. But, I would rather leave knowing I had pride in myself and could face my family, than having people question my character and integrity. Bottom line, Liz has created this monster so whatever happens, she can deal with it. I also lost respect for Vanessa when she kept egging Austin on, telling him lies about Liz and her feelings. Yes, people will see that too, and telling lies that can lead to hurt feelings on a personal level, is just wrong in my book.

    • So true. Caleb was a bit of a stalker but Amber did not lead him on at all. Liz is willfully toying with Austin. But I also have my doubts about how she really feels about him. After she won the BOB she spontaneously jumped into his arms. That’s not something I would have expected from a reluctant lover. Is she lying to Vanessa about her true feelings so as not to make her and Austin targets as a power couple?

      There is something not right about this.

  29. Austin is a wrestler…the ultimate in acting. I think it is game play – sort of the ultimate Judas. I think Vanessa is trying to be a Derek – but not smart enough

  30. On BBAD last night Steve was telling Vanessa the story about how Caleb saved Zack from eviction by telling his alliance Zack was still a number for them. What Steve left out was that after the kept Zack in the house he acted up just a week or two later and he had to be evicted by his own alliance.

    We know Austin cannot be trusted and I think deep down inside Vanessa knows it too. She just needs to tell Liz and Shelli she is putting him up for her own game because Austin will be Vanessa problem in the long run.

  31. women exist in the real world like her too….oooh yeah.. I liiiiike long as I’m getting something out of you….lol.. and smh…

    Can NOT feel sorry for liz…maybe slightly for her sister…can feel sorry for austin but then he’s dis-genuine too….

    that’s big brother

  32. wow messing with someone’s heart it’s not good at all ,doesn’t matter it’s a game yeah but his /Austins heart is not a toy,not to be used and abused really? Think how you would feel. She messed up. She shouldn’t win the game Liz is not a nice person in many ways! I am not a big fan of Austins either but feelings should not be toyed with In that way. yes we all know Big Brother house guests need to lie but come on let’s get real. And wow Vanessa is a pretty good talker and lies A lot ,and tells others how they lie to her and she can’t except that wow wow wow. Her and the twins need to go.

  33. If Liz doesn’t like Austin that way she should tell hm. The hair on his face needs to go, I hope they have it where someone has to shave their hair off and I hope it is Austin big time. Ewww imagine kissing that, YIKES!!!!!! It is the hair Austin not you personally.

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