Big Brother 17: Who Went Home Last Night? Eviction Show Results

We settled in for one very wild ride during last night’s Big Brother 17 special eviction episode as the Final 5 face the Power of Veto, an elimination, and another HoH competition played out with spectacular drama in a fast-forward round of Big Brother

Julie Chen hosts surprise eviction on BB17
Julie Chen hosts surprise eviction on BB17 – Source: CBS

When things left off on Sunday we had just seen Vanessa send John and Steve to the Block, but with Veto looming nearby anything could happen and the week’s target could shift dramatically. By the end of this show we’ll have one less Houseguest and be on our way to another eviction show on Wednesday.

This wasn’t a live show, but we still got a lot of important events to watch leading up to the first eviction of this week’s double elimination round. The second eviction arrives during Wednesday’s live eviction show starting at 8/7c.

Announced during the show, America’s Favorite Player poll is now open! Vote here to award $25K to your fav.

Big Brother 17 Week 12 Veto Competition:
This challenge required the HGs to run across a beam to work on a magnetic puzzle on one side and the 20 second timer on the other side.

  • Johnny Mac wins the Veto!

Big Brother 17 Week 12 Veto Ceremony:

  • John saves himself, Vanessa names Austin as the renom

Now John will decide to evict Steve or let things go to a tie. In the case of a tie the choice goes to Vanessa: evict Steve or Austin.

Big Brother 17 Week 12 Eviction Votes:

  • Liz votes to evict Steve
  • John votes to evict Austin
  • Tie!

Vanessa breaks the tie against Austin! Just as I explained would happen here yesterday.

Liz is shocked & Austin is pissed. Really, really pissed. Austin tells Julie that no one in Jury will vote for Vanessa.

Big Brother 17 Week 12.5 HoH Competition – “What The Bleep?”:
Houseguests have to guess True/False on words provided by Julie to fill in the blanks for things the evicted HGs have said. It’s pretty silly and there’s even a “camping” reference mixed in which is an inside joke for the Feed watchers.

  • Round 1: All get a point
  • Round 2: All get a point
  • Round 3: Steve gets a point
  • Round 4: All get a point
  • Round 5: John gets a point
  • Round 6: No one gets a point
  • Round 7: John & Steve get a point
  • Tie-breaker: Steve wins after John goes over!

Congrats to Steve, the new HoH!

Now we await the Feeds return to find out who won the Veto comp while things were on blackout. Want to know what happens as soon as it’s revealed on the Feeds? Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates to get the latest news sent to you.

Tomorrow night (Wednesday) Big Brother returns with another eviction show at 8/7c and we’ll see how HoH and the Veto comps played out before the next eviction. Can’t wait for those spoilers? We’ll have those results posted on our site starting at 9PM BBT.

Once tonight’s episode ends on the west coast we’ll be jumping back on the Live Feeds to continue watching our final days of the Big Brother season. You can get one free week of Feeds here:

BB17 wraps up on September 23, 2015 with a 90-minute season finale following the debut of Survivor 2015. One of these remaining four Houseguests will walk away with a half-million dollars.

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    • Well, that’s the most recent rumor. I hope it’s true as far as the eviction is concerned. But when it comes to HOH, I’m actually on the fence. Not sure what John would necessarily do with the nominations. I’d hope he’s still staying loyal to Steve and the whole plan to work with Lizten is just an elaborate ruse to protect his ass, but there’s no real way to know when there’s only one HG willing to chat it out with us feedsters (and, again, thank you, Steve!). But, honestly, just as long as it’s not Liz, I think we’ll be okay.

  1. I have to go on what is told on bbn since I don’t do the feeds. at last info out there it looked like Austin is going. hope that’s what it is. I’ve been checking for leaks here all day so as far as the rumor, those feeds are reliable and they aren’t up yet. I’ll just have to be in the dark until…I’m not.

  2. If you check out Celeb Dirty Laundry, they have the latest rumors on who won HOH. I’d say it here but first, I’m afraid it’s wishful thinking. Second, I don’t want to disappoint anybody who feels the same.

  3. Big brother 17 sucks for the fans the best players need to be at the end and the worst players need to be evited that’s for the viewers but for the other house guests they don’t want good players around

  4. There’s a twist UK does that US BB should do. They should have a fake eviction at some point in the season that person goes in a secret room and spies on the house…diary room and all. Then when the person comes back in, they blow up liars and alliances. That way we don’t have to deal with the bully alliances all summer long!!! Of course, producers would only do this for the “good guys” so the good guy gets to come back in and only the bully alliances are busted.

  5. Vanessa looks to be the swing vote no matter what. I haven’t seen what she’s been saying to LIz or John, but the smart move is to split up Liz & Austin as Matthew says. We know that Liz is going to vote out Steve. John should be voting out Austin. If Vanessa keeps Steve she risks his becoming HoH in a memory comp. If she keeps Austin she’ll never get past Liz & Austin. Her best bet is to go Final 2 with John.

  6. OMG my mother kills me she says:Vanessa is like a crocodile she eats her youngs and then cries lmao

  7. There was some discussion among the HGs that some of their pieces or buzzers were malfunctioning. We’ll see.

    • Didn’t see anything but this is one that gets complaints every time. They just don’t want to admit they were lousy.

  8. LOL. Biyatch! Just MEAN to Steve. He’s not my favorite but sheesh. He’s still a jury vote! Where does that behavior fit in game theory, oh expert? Sigh.

  9. Gonna expect the unexpected and hope production changes their mind about Vanessa winning. Getting tired of that crying, whining pscho. Does anyone else think Sasquatch looks like Captain Hook?

  10. I wonder if thought he was safe all the way up to eviction-assuming its Austin. hope we see the shocked face

  11. Okay, it looks like production tried to tip it towards Steve going. Is that the impression everyone else got? Because if yes, then that might be the tv-only bluff.

  12. Steve’s throw-ups is brought to you by TYLENOL.

    John’s madness is brought to you by ADVIL.

    Liz’s b!tchfits is brought to you by TARGET.

    Austin’s ponytail beard is brought to you by KFC: Finger Licking Good. So Good!


    • If he hasn’t washed his hands like they say,
      Then he can relax tonight and enjoy.

      Julie probably needs to was hers though.

      • Last night when he came out of the bathroom..and he was in there for a while…he only washed the very tips of his fingers on one hand. He is so gross. What the hell is wrong with Liz?

      • Did you notice that when he did put his fingers under the water the camera zoomed in to see if he was really doing anything

    • I’m planning to obtain this episode to keep forever just to see Liz and Austin’s faces again and again.

    • We’ll see about that. Shelli is already thinking about giving the win to Vanessa if she makes final 2. I’m sure Shelli would be able to persuade the others.

  13. Thank good Austin gone he rode on Liz coat take all the way or should I say Judas . Here come the tears ..

    • I had to rewind to double check I didn’t mishear him! Hahahaha The fumes from his beard funk has corroded his brain.

      • She won’t lose to Liz. Why would they vote for Liz? Yeah, she’s won some comps, but her strategy was non-existent.
        However, if Vanessa doesn’t make final 2, I want Liz to and and I want her to win.
        Liz has been a strong competitor, no doubt. But she didn’t always have the best of strategies. Even still, I still think she can pull a win off.

      • Liz would get austin and julia’s for sure. Would likely get meg and james because meg said she would never vote for vanessa and james will do anything meg does. That is 4 so she needs JMac, Steve, Becky, Shelli, or Jackie to vote for her. I would say she gets at least 1 of the 5.

  14. Woah, Austin was pissed! That was a true blindside…but Vanessa had to do what she had to do.
    don’t necessarily think Austin is right when he says no one will vote
    for Vanessa if she’s in final 2. She’s played the best game. The jurors
    are privy to that. Despite personal differences, they just might give
    her the win.
    However, I hope she did make the right decision in
    evicting Austin over Steve because that might affect who she makes final
    2 with (assuming she makes final 2). But we have to get to final 3
    first…can’t wait for tomorrow.

      • Just because people dislike that she’s gotten them out of the game does not mean that they won’t vote for her when it comes down to it. The best gamer of this season was Vanessa.

  15. It could be nice see Vanessa & Liz on the block, John with the POV, and Vanessa be sending to the jury house!

    • I’m not sure but I think it was played today. I’ll find out when the feeds come back tonight.

    • *Vanessa made the best blindside, John was going to evict Steve but Vanessa decided to blindside Austin.

      • It was her decision. She could’ve decided to evict Steve. In the end, she’s doing what’s best for her game. Vanessa’s not a puppet. John didn’t tell her what to do.

      • No, she did what she wanted. Just because J-Mac wanted Austin gone, doesn’t mean that that wasn’t also the decision that was the best for Vanessa. She’s looking out for her game, not J-Mac’s. They just happened to agree with each other.

      • I don’t care what went on. Millions of conversations go on, doesn’t mean one necessarily influenced her decision to keep STEVE over AUSTIN. Vanessa was already aware that keeping the showmance in the house was a big risk.

      • Didn’t you read what she said she don’t care what went on. She’s obviously blinded by Vanessas hatred and doesn’t care what goes on. Pretty ignorant if you ask me. Makes comments when she doesn’t even pay attention to what’s going on. Lol

      • I can admit when I’m wrong, but in this instance I don’t think I’m wrong. Vanessa made the decision that was best for her. She already made cases for keeping one over the other in the game. She was already aware of what she might have to face if she kept Austin. Johnny might’ve just reiterated what she was thinking, but she already knew that keeping the showmance in the house was a huge risk that might not pay off for her.

      • Agree to disagree. In the end…who was the deciding factor for getting out Austin? Vanessa.
        Who got the blood on their hands? Vanessa.

      • That’s the brilliance in Jmac’s plan, he got the blood on Van’s hand. Beautiful. Such a great play from JMac.

      • What hatred? Vanessa doesn’t have any hatred. I’m not an ignorant person.
        I don’t expect you to reply to my comments since you said you weren’t going to anymore. So keep on being a coward and refer to me as “She” through other people’s posts.

      • I’m not ignoring anything. In the end it was Vanessa’s decision. simple.
        All I’m saying is she didn’t make that decision simply because John told her to. She always has reasons for either case.

      • No, she did make that decision because Jmac lead her into it, without her noticing. Brilliant manoeuver from JMac.

      • If that’s the case why didn’t she originally nominate austin? She picked the shomance to roll to the final 3 with. John was her target not austin she totally got played by the vampire dentist

      • I don’t think she evicted Austin simply because J-Mac wanted her to. Do you realize who we’re talking about here? Vanessa’s not going to do what she doesn’t want to do. She thought evicting Austin was best for her game and, ultimately, she was driven by that thought process when she made her decision.

      • Yes she did what JMac wanted, and she doesn’t even know about it. That the beauty of JMac’s play. He was brilliant.

      • Vanessa thinks JMac didn’t have an input into her decision but he does and cloaked in the guise of “I’ll go what the majority wants”.

        If anything is to come by this season is that no one “went with the majority”.

      • Unless you are inside the mind of John, he was going to evict Steve. He told Austin, Liz, and Steve that Steve was going.

      • Unless you are inside the mind of John, he was going to evict Steve. He told Austin, Liz, and Steve that Steve was going.

      • He obviously told Austin and Liz that. He told Steve to make it seem that way, so Vanessa thinks John wants him gone. All part of John’s plan.

      • Should of watched the feeds it was all John playing her like a fiddle. Like he said he used reverse psychology on her.

      • He was amazing in his convo with her the other night. Pure genius. Unless Steve is a fool JMac will make F2 without much carnage. If Steve doesn’t stick with JMac Steve will not make F2 unless he wins his way in.

  16. JeanJeannie enjoying her Tennessee Sipping Spirits staring at the cardboard box still full of rotten fruit at her feet…. Guess I’m gonna have to chuck a few at the mean neighbor guy instead of my TV. All in all, a pretty satisfing evening!

  17. Steve is not gonna turn on Vanessa. She will fill Steves head with all kinds of stuff. I don’t even think he will put her on the block. Can’t take her tantrums even though she was treating him like dirt when she won. JMac may go home if he doesn’t win veto. Did we all forget from Jokers that Steve use to lay his head in her lap? It would hurt me more if he betrayed JMac.

  18. Now that Steve just won head of household unless Vanessa wins the power of Veto she will be evicted. Liz will vote her out for evicting Austin and even if John does not vote to evict Vanessa Steve will for putting him on the block next week. Unless Vanessa wins the power of veto it is goodbye Vanessa.

    • I disagree. I think Steve noms Liz and Van and if Liz doesn’t win Veto it’s buh-bye Liz-uh and the end of Austwits!

  19. I had a visitor but I watched the whole thing……cheers!!! Best episode for me. Love the ending!

  20. Steve will keep JMac, it’s the only way he’s getting to the F2. JMac would be happy to give Steve the big prize and I’m sure he’ll be telling him that. Steve has had no reason to distrust him. Vanessa to go, Liz as standby.

  21. The best part of the episode was Austin’s tantrum when evicted and the fact he was so sure he was staying, that he didn’t even have on shoes. Ha hah

  22. Van needs to go, and DaVonne All the way for America’s Player. I don’t care if she was the second one voted out.

  23. Steve won, but he shouldn’t have. He admitted he forgot to put a 0 in his number. Since Julie made John speak his number out loud then by all rights Steve should have had to do the same. Then he would’ve said 6010 and lost like he should have. But CBS knows Steve will do bug eyed Vanessa’s bidding so they allow the double standard in her favor.

    • But she clearly saw Steve’s number. She didn’t have to ask. It doesn’t matter whether he meant to put that number down or not. John wrote all sloppily. That’s why she asked him to say the number out loud.

      • That’s 100% right, the number that he would have read would have been 601, he couldn’t add the 0 after the fact.

      • Nope. If he didn’t look at what he wrote then he would’ve read 6010 thinking that’s what he wrote down. If one had to speak it then both should’ve had to speak it. If the spoken word was the final judgment for one then it should’ve been the final judgment for both.

      • John only had to speak because Julie couldn’t read his numbers. I wasn’t for sure what his number was either.
        There’s no rule saying they have to speak their numbers out loud.

      • John was asked first so what James is saying is that steve’s answer is 601 whether he meant 6010 or not.

      • He probably would have looked at his chalkboard and read out…six, zero, one. He was nervous and unprepared. Hopefully Steve and JMac have the same thing in mind anyway.

  24. Austin…I’m speechless…too bad he wasn’t. I have never seen such a case of sour grapes. His self marketing is laughable.

  25. As much as I’d like to agree, john’s number was less legible so I can understand why they made him read it off.

    • Exactly my point. If they make one read it off then both should’ve had to read it off. Regardless of legibility.

      • Steve would have still won the HOH because John went over and Steve would have to read the number that was on the board..

  26. I have lost all respect for Austin after the way he left the house. He said that if Vanessa is smart she takes him out. Now he wants to tank jury against Vanessa who he knows has played the best game.

    He has no reason to be mad because
    1. He got a Girl friend


    2. Gets 16k for making jury.

    Way to be classless Austin.

      • Exactly,not even sure Julia will listen,he forgets sometimes that Julia is not in love with him like her sis.

      • Vanessa has a tough road ahead but one can never count her out,her survival skills are the best in the house and with Steve winning HOH her odds just got a bit better,my guess..Liz and John go up,Vanessa biggest worry is John,not Liz..she will make her see that Austin going was not only good for her but also makes her less of a target and at this point everyone left need to grasp any edge offered.

      • HOH can’t be evicted. Veto decides between the other two. matters :). have fun this last week!!

      • If it came down to Steve/Van, they’d have a conundrum even if they can’t spell it. Mad at V but hate Steve. Twins might ask if they have to vote. Or they can do RPS.

    • Do you mean that you actually had some respect for Austin before he was evicted. He lost all respect long ago. All i could think when he shook Julie’s hand was that I hope that he had washed it!