Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 12.5 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother 17 spoilers reveal the winner of the final Power of Veto competition this season and this one brings the biggest power yet as it decides who will cast the sole eviction vote.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

Along with the HoH this week the F4 Veto will secure a spot in the F3 as either its winner or the recipient should the HoH have won the PoV competition. Ready to find out who has the big power this week?

Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 12.5 Veto Competition Results:

  • Vanessa won the Power of Veto!

Vanessa was nominated alongside John. She will use the Veto during the live show then Liz will automatically be renom’d. Vanessa will then vote out either John or Liz.

Our Big Brother 17 Final 3 so far consists of Vanessa & Steve.

As for what happens next, we’ll pick up plenty of discussions from the Feeds tonight and tomorrow, but the official Veto Ceremony results won’t be revealed until the live show on Wednesday 8/7c so be sure not to miss this next episode.

Whoever holds the Veto at F4 casts the sole vote against the nominees, the only two eligible targets, and that will give us our F3 of the Big Brother season. Ready for it?!

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  1. Maybe Vanessa will try and get rid of Liz, since she’s assured at least two votes in the final 2.

    I can dream, can’t I?

    • Liz would be the last person I would take. All you need is 5 votes and she undoubtedly has 2. That’s two votes you have no chance of getting.

      • She did win comps. But it’s just that everyone enters the Jury shrugging shoulders and mumbling, “Vanessa.”

      • She would need 5 votes and I don’t think the jury will vote to give it to one of the two twins who didn’t play the game as much or as well as Vanessa did. They basically played Van’s game than their own for the majority of the season!

      • It would depend on how bitter of a jury this is… Meg and James were very bitter towards Vanessa. Austin is definitely bitter. Julia’s vote we all know about. Liz only needs one more vote.

      • Ya, but in theory if Liz is out, and she thinks the Austwins wont vote for her, that’s 3 automatic votes she wont get, so keeping Liz is actually smarter with that thinking..

      • But Liz will likely take her to F2 and could win that HoH. She isn’t likely to take Steve or Jmac.

        But Steve might take Jmac or vice versa. And either of them could win that HoH too.

        Think Vanessa has to VTE Jmac. For her sake.

      • But Vanessa just voted out Austin, Liz’s boyfriend, instead of Steve. Not sure Liz would take Vanessa now

      • Van and Liz are the only ones that could beat Steve in the physical comp that’s usually the comp the F3 will play than they’d probably be able to up against JMac. But we shall soon see, huh?

      • But if she takes JMac, she won’t get enough votes from jury..Steve or Liz, most definitely, Van will win!

      • One can only hope for that. But the jury might see it differently. Like a jury in a courtroom, the judge tells them to not base their decision on emotions but the facts. But with the human nature factoring in, it’s quite difficult to base it on game plays alone than how they were treated by each of the 2 house guests, but not impossible. We shall soon see what the jury decides. I’m rooting for Steve to win if JMac isn’t there beside her, but have a bad feeling it will be Van they give it to.

      • If Austin was the superfan he says he is he would vote for Vanessa because she obviously played the best game. I can see him being a bitter crybaby though.

    • Ya but in theory if she gets rid of Liz that’t be 3 votes she wouldn’t get. She should almost want Liz in the F2 now so only Julia and Austin will vote against her(of the Austwins) instead of all 3.

    • She said it before she looks at john and Steve as another showmance and she got rid of one already so I’m guessing she’ll do the same to “increase her probability” of making it to the end as she would say lol

    • And John isn’t guaranteed Becky and Meg’s who have both said they would be disgusted if Vanessa?????? James has also said he want to see John in the Final 2 in his exit interviews and Shelli talked about how she wanted “her two boys” (John and Steve) to make the final 2 and she even screamed when she fell of the returnee comp “win the whole thing John!!!”

      Literally all he would need is Jackie who is BFFs with Meg and James. Liz has Austin and Julia but she pretty much didn’t form any relationships with people that weren’t in her alliance JFC if the roles were reversed and it was Liztin in F4 instead of the Rockstars everyone would be throwing a fit if Vanessa didn’t take one of them out for being such an obvious final 2, but since everyone likes John people will try to rationalize that it’s better to keep him in when it literally isn’t under any circumstance.

    • I told everyone. The final 2 will be Vanessa and Steve. John is gone with Vanessa voting him out. You all can play every scenario out but it will be Steve and Vanessa and Vanessa brings home the 1/2 million. Call it months ago. My fellow Lesbian is going to win. My girlfriend and I both say you can never outwit a Lesbian. I absolutely love the way Vanessa fake cries. She can do it because she can. People say Will and Dan never cried because they are men. We can do it because we are women. It is a great technique. My girl and I both know she doesn’t care about the other dummies in the house. She has a good career in TV to join our fellow Lesbians. Peace out.

    • Yep, sweet dreams! You never know with this dumbass group of houseguests, anything can happen!

    • You think?? I honestly couldn’t decide between him and James! I gave it to James bc I actually admire the fact that he made a big move. But maybe I’ll vote for JMac tomorrow, lol.

      • and he won his way back in and LASTED several weeks, risked being on the block multiple times and survived! won comps but threw a couple as well –letting steve get the blood on his hands to put up/break up austwins ……

  2. Why put up Jmac. This makes no sense. If Liz wins veto she leaves moms the same and votes out Jmac. Steve IS an idiot.

    • If Liz was on the block she would have taken herself off and voted out whoever. You are an idiot for thinking it matter lol.

      • Yeah at this point they could’ve done the whole skittle thing from season 16 because all that really mattered was winning that veto.

      • Exactly, it didn’t matter who went up, just who won Veto. Kind of weird Steve didn’t put up Liz tho. Maybe to buy some goodwill?

      • Probably so he didn’t nominate one of his allies and not the other. He nominated both to keep it even.

      • Uh, it did matter. If the girls were the moms, and Steve won the veto, then Jmac would decide who left dumbass.

      • If steve had won the veto he would have taken Jmac down and he would still decide. Your argument is invalid. This is how the game has worked since season 1.

      • Sorry but you are straight Dumb, with a capital D. If Steve had won he would have taken JMac off the block and let JMac vote. Can you not comprehend this? lol

      • There’s no guarantee that he would take Jmac off the block. Just like we thought he wouldn’t nominate Jmac but he did.

      • Assumingly he put JMac up to throw off Vanessa that they were working together. Either way it didn’t matter in the slightest, but keep telling yourself it did lol. You are the ONE person who thinks it mattered lol. If you think he wasn’t going to take JMac off the block, then he did exactly what he wanted to do, put JMac on the block and if Steve won HoH he didn’t have to take JMac off the block lol.

      • Well then if that’s the case then Steve would want Johnny Mac to go home. But that’s not the case so he would definitely take him off the block. Steve understands the game very well. He knows what he is doing.

      • Exactly, Gia isn’t too smart, bet they would have got played all season by Vanessa just like all the houseguests lol.

      • Maybe John told Steve to nominate him. We’re going into these noms and Veto results blind and with no information. The feeds have been off for a while. Who knows what they’ve been plotting?

      • Ya, probably to throw Vanessa off that they were working together, and since it didn’t matter they had nothing to lose, unless you are Gia and can’t comprehend the situation lol.

      • Maybe someone needs to explain it a different way…. We all learn at different levels…. No need to be condescending.

      • Exactly! I think he put JMAC on block to throw off V! If Steve would have won veto or JOHN then JMAC would be safe! It now comes down to who V thinks she can beat in final 2 between JMAC and LIZ! I hope JOHN survives as i want him or Steve to win! Hate Liz the most besides her sister! So glad Austin got blindsided as my top 3 HG I hated were JULIA then LIZ then AUSTIN in that order! If you watched alot of the after dark feeds you should know what I am talking about! I knew Austin was going after seeing the secret between V and J Sat night at 10pm!

      • All that matters is that Vanessa won the veto. If Steve would of put up Vanessa and Liz, Vanessa wins veto and John goes up, it all ends the same because Vanessa would of won the Veto either to save herself or to keep the noms the same if she wasn’t put up

    • The nominations didn’t matter. If Johnny Mac stayed off the block and either Vanessa or Liz won veto then it would still result it Johnny Mac being on the block. The only thing that mattered was veto.

    • Vanessa won POV, Steve won HOH. Therefore there’s no one possible to be on the block right now except for JMac and Liz!

    • Didn’t matter who went on the Block…it’s whoever won the Veto that had the one and only casting vote. Van will vote to evict JMac. JMac or Steve had to win that Veto to keep each other in the game. If Steve had won it, he’d have used it on JMac. If JMac had won it, he’d have used it on himself. So there you have it! Van will be the winner of BB17.

    • Steve put up JMac probably so it looks like he’s not working with him. Even though it’s the POV winner that controls everything.

      • Yes! I think that too! Poor Jonny-Boy! My favourite! I’m Canadian so I can’t vote but for what it’s worth maybe him & James can tie it up then both be paid $25,000……

    • Are you dumb? F4 HoH has no barring on the eviction whatsoever. Whoever wins Veto will always control the vote (as long as HoH doesn’t win Veto of course). If Liz had been nominated in place of John it still would’ve been Vanessa winning and John leaving, and if Liz had won veto in that scenario she would’ve just used it on herself and forced Steve to renom to John anyways, lord some of you people don’t ever use your brain.

  3. Whhhhhhhyyyy! lol I shouldn’t be surprised though. I seriously doubt Vanessa will keep John over Liz.

    • Yep he’s getting my vote too. But there’s still a sliver of hope that he stays. And if he does go at least Austin went before him. Austins blindside eviction made up for the entire season. Priceless.

      • That was GOOD!..and he was so dramatic. It would be funny if he can contaminate the ….I’m so bad.(I think she’ll win)

      • Vanessa has two options; keep Liz and have a guaranteed $50,000 no more no less because she would lose to both Steve and Liz but both would take her. OR keep John and have a 50/50 shot at getting the half million. John would definitely take her because anyone next to Steve loses, so he would take Vanessa and it would be a split jury deciding who gets first place, really not sure who would win but probably Vanessa. Steve might take John leaving Vanessa with nothing but John and Vanessa have 2/3 chance of winning HOH so I would definitely take those odds instead.

  4. I am not so sure….from what they see in the house, JMAC comes off as goofy and loveable…but not at huge game player….if Vanessa is comparing comp wins and possible votes, she may think the twin is the bigger threat….but she says she can read people…so maybe she knows JMAC is a mastermind? I hope the twin girl goes…..

    • Johns won more comps then Liz. But I hope she thinks Liz is a bigger threat with the jury. She has two votes for sure.

    • I doubt she keeps JMac cuz if she thinks none of the Austwins would vote for her, she should want only 2 in the jury, not all 3.

      • After listening to the Austwins trash Steve/Jmac and say they’d never vote for them in F2… I think Austin will get over himself and all three will give Van the vote if she’s there.

      • Agreed. I honestly think almost everyone in the jury house will vote for her- it’s gonna be a landslide. i can’t stand her and i can’t stand when people who are already millionaires win this game!!

      • She will get every vote I’m sure and should get them. I look forward to seeing her on All Stars.

      • That’s a dumb point. Because if she’s sitting next to Liz in F2, then she knows she won’t get Austin’s andJulias vote for sure. But if she sends out Liz, she has at least a chance of getting all 3 or at least 2 of their votes.

      • Can’t you comment without calling people names? You can disagree and still be an adult about it. I think JR has a very good point. Austin told her tonight she wouldn’t get his vote so that’s only 2 but if Liz is there that’s 3 votes she don’t have. What’s so hard to understand.

      • Uh, since JR called me an Idiot and dumb with a capital D for merely commenting on my opinion (while not name calling) then no, I’d rather choose to defend myself (read below). But thanks anyway. Maybe you should know the facts before you stick your nose into something like this.

      • It won’t be serious until the naked wrestling match starts. I just hope it won’t have to be sumo.

      • I believe he said you were dumb after you referred to him as a dumbass. Maybe you should take a pill.

      • Uh, yeah, because he called me an Idiot first (which I notice you convrniently left out, of which I know you know to be a fact since you have your nose everywhere).

        Puleeze girl, your not fooling anyone.

        It’s obvious you and J R “got a thing”. Tata.

      • So what’s the score now ?

        J R: 3 insults – Gia 2 insults

        Go for it girl, throw another, equal the score.

      • No offense but JR called her an idiot first I scrolled through and read the comments above afterwards she gia then retaliated by calling him a dumbass but in all fairness it was JR that started the whole being disrespectful thing and your comments seem to be aligning with his just calling the kettle black is all.

      • But if Liz sit next to her in F2, these 2 (Austin and Julia) in jury will work hard to get vote for Liz. She could be very paranoid about that.

  5. So bummed. Looks like it’s the end for JMac. I doubt Vanessa votes out Liz. She knows Liz will take her and so will Steve with JMac gone.

      • Maybe Vanessa might think Liz would have more jury votes. She knows she’ll have 2 for sure. And she also knows Austin and the twins were close to James and Meg. Keeping my fingers crossed she keeps John.

      • Good. Either way I’m having a pitcher of apple martinis ready for tomorrow night so I can drown my sorrows if JMac goes. And if he stays then I’ll still have a pitcher to celebrate. It’s a win, win.

      • I think Vanessa, if she were eliminated at this juncture, they would have to call the paramedics in to sedate her. This girl is off the rails.

      • Cross everything! And I’m damn serious!!
        I feel so pissed at the way things look like they’re going!! Ugh ugh ugh!

      • Unlike JMac, Vanessa is not going to make a stupid move and evict the wrong player. For her game, the best play is to take Liz.

        By taking Liz, she may even GAIN Julia and Austin’s votes if the finale is Vanessa and Steve. Despite Austin’s tantrum, I still think if Vanessa makes F2 she wins.

        Ultimately Austin may have unwittingly done her a favor. If Vanessa doesn’t win HOH, Steve may take Vanessa to F2 thinking that he can beat her.

        I have almost zero faith that Liz won’t succumb to Vanessa’s mist if she somehow stumbles into the HOH win.

      • By the way Lavendargirl, just a reminder from my “cartoon network” view of how things would shake out.

        wtpvideo Lavendargirl 2 days ago

        By the way, if Liz wins POV and she sends Steve out, that means that JMac already won HOH. Why would he care what Liz does at that point?

        JMac’s bigger worry if he keeps Steve is that Steve wins HOH and Liz wins veto. Vanessa MAY be able to influence Liz to vote out JMac.

        If Vanessa wins POV, who gets sent out very much depends on who has won HOH. A Liz HOH win probably has Vanessa eliminating Steve. A Steve HOH has Vanessa eliminating JMac.

        Steve can’t keep JMac safe! Only winning HOH or POV will keep JMac safe.


        No need to respond, I’ll be back watching cartoons. You keep on scrutinizing “the feeds” and looking for clues as to how you can twist up favorable scenarios for the players you are rooting for (or against).

      • Yep if John goes I hope Steve wins and takes Liz. That would be the only thing better than Austins eviction seeing Vanessa walk out 3rd.

      • BC she’s a master manipulator and Steve and Liz have been manipulated by her the entire game!

      • If they do that, they would be idiots, but I’m not sure they would do that. They have caught up to her manipulations.

    • Exactly what I tried to explain to all of you JMac lovers a couple of days ago! This was the exact scenario I told you would end JMac’s game.

      If he had kept Austin, JMac was virtually assured final three. VANESSA’S best play was to keep Steve. Unsurprisingly Vanessa got JMac to make the move that was best for Vanessa.

      People may not like Vanessa, but she has clearly played the best game. The talk the other day that JMac was playing the best game has proven to be utterly ridiculous!

      One other general point, Austin showed himself to be a very poor sport yesterday. He got got! He needed to “man up”, instead he acted like a five year old.

      If Vanessa makes F2 and Austin doesn’t vote for her it will put him on the same childish level as Dani Danato (season 13) and Donny (season 16). Two players that couldn’t admit that the best player had won.

    • Vanessa could start thinking (you know how much she is paranoid), that Austin wil be poisoning the jury against and have easier time to do it and a bigger incentive to do it IF Liz is in F2 with her. So she might decide Liz is a better choice for eviction.

  6. People seem convinced Van will keep Liz… Why? That’s two votes automatically against her if she makes it to F2 with her… Keep Jmac Van

      • Uh, who says she wouldn’t get their votes, or at least 2 (the twins). At least shed have a chance versus if she’s sitting next to Liz in final 2, there is no way she could get Julia’s or Austin’s vote, BASIC LOGIC.

      • Did you not watch the show. If you did you need to turn your volume up. Austin flat out said you’re not winning Vanessa. You’ll never get my vote. BASIC LOGIC that’s 2 votes Vanessa won’t have and a third if Liz is in jury.

      • Oh, and I guess people can never change there minds after cooling off from having said something in the heat or the moment. R-I-g-h-t.

        Go ahead and believe what you want.

      • Van said, “yes, I know that,” but she also knows that’s 3 out of 9 votes accounted for. There are 6 remaining and she only needs 5. :-)

    • Because I think a lot of the people who don’t like Vanessa aren’t all that fond of Liz either. Vanessa loses two votes she’d never have anyways after tonight’s blindside, and probably picks up a few she wouldn’t have had on the road to her eventual win if she’s in the final 2 with Liz.

    • 1) Because JMac and Steve take each other to F2. With Liz, Steve ponders taking Vanessa to F2, and I think Vanessa could make an argument to Liz to take her to the F2
      2) she has a better shot at winning HOH vs Liz/Steve than JMac/Steve

      Tough call though if she gives herself high probability of winning HOH with any other two remaining, or she really doesn’t feel that Steve or Liz would take her.

      If she thinks both combos don’t take her to final 2, then she knows she has to win HOH. And if that’s the case, she keeps JMac.

      • K…. I hate to ask this but I really don’t understand why she’d take Jonny Mac? I’m almost afraid of asking too….. Yikes! Lololol!

  7. Is there still anybody out there that is gonna try and tell me Vanessa isn’t going to win the game?

  8. Well, I had an hour of happiness and excitement, now it’s over. Van will def take Liz to F3 over JMac. She’ll try to take Liz to F2 as well. That’s her best shot at winning.

    • I agree….John basically saved Steve’s arse from eviction tonight….and this is his reward?

      • He saved his ass from getting voted out and Steve turns around and throws him on the block? I disagree.

      • Yeah but he didn’t know that. Just a raw deal to do to your buddy and ally in the house after he just saved your ass

      • Unless John told him to do it. We don’t know what they’ve been up to since the feeds went down. This could have been part of a plan of some sort.

    • It didn’t matter. But I still don’t know why he wouldn’t put up Liz and Vanessa anyways. Just to show a sign of loyalty to his buddy in the game.

      Maybe he was mad at John for saying that he would vote him out.

      • Steve was hoping that John would win Veto, remove himself then he’d put Liz up, then John would most likely vote Van out. If Liz had won, she’d have voted JMac out for sure over Vanessa. Didn’t work out that way so now it’s whatever Van decides to do now. The one statement Liz said to John on feeds was that she never made fun of him. Total Lie..she and Austin both called him an “effer”…said he was stupid and didn’t deserve to go to F4…as they also said about Steve too. Would love to know JMac’s reaction to that. JMac never sullied anyone nor did Steve. Sad they had to go there. But why freakin lie about it when it can be backed up with proof?

      • I really don’t think the twins understand the whole live feeds thing. I just saw a yt video of steve explaining to them that the cameras also watch them in the dark.

    • IT did not matter who Steve put up! Not even a little bit. Let me say this again, (I really can’t believe people don’t understand this) it did not matter who Steve put up!

      The VETO WINNER has all the power in this round to decide who stays and who goes to jury.

  9. And this is about the point where production will now no longer have a say in Vanessa’s destiny, if in fact that’s what they want to happen. She’s in the Final 3, but there’s no guarantee she’s going to win 2 out of 3 comps and, if she looses and one of the others has to choose who to bring with them, there’s no guarantee they’ll take her. She’s gonna have to win out both comps to be guaranteed a slot.

      • Just you and me, Matt. That was about it. And Tina Lee and Jasmine. We’re about as popular as Vanessa herself.

      • I was having fun with my inability to ever properly cite colloquialisms. Never beat a horse dead was my personal favorite.

      • Oh I know, sounded a lot like the Cobain quote: “I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.” ….I was just letting others know gosh I don’t desire to be hated nor feared. Even if I have a dead horse. ;)

      • I realized it’s “i’d rather be feared than loved.” That makes no sense with what I was trying to say. Did I mention how bad at colloquialisms I am? Perhaps there’s a carrot at the end of the tunnel and I’ll be good at them one day.

      • I never wrote her off. I just said she needed to win the Veto to make it to F3 in order to ensure she’d make F2 as well. She’s done that, so there’s no dispute really who will win if she has Liz or Steve standing beside her than if she took JMac. I was concerned with who in a somewhat bitter jury would vote for her. I don’t think Liz or Steve played as well as Van and JMac did.

      • Interesting. I think Liz played better than John. She got some people to really like her on both sides of the house, she got an entire alliance to protect her and her sister, and she won a bunch of comps. She did pretty well in the game I think. John I’m less sold on. I like the guy, but I wasn’t too enthused with his game play. And I don’t get the sense people loved him socially, but I don’t know as I’m not there. He seems like the most clueless of the remaining 4. In any event, I think this is a mostly deserving final 4.

      • I felt he was ganged up on even when he was outnumbered. Van pretty much contributed to taking out everyone from his alliance as well as the James gang. He really played this game alone the majority of the time while Van had her minions protecting her. I have to give him credit for that much…Liz, Julia and Austin treated the game as if it were summer camp…no strategic moves…just luck in winning comps.

      • Ok, I’ll buy that. :)
        I think Austin does get some credit for forming Sixth Sense with Vanessa and Shelli. They were strong when they were strong.

      • The fact that JMac played the game alone is HIS FAULT. JMac did not play a good game. And his “big move” that caused “blood” cost him a chance at F3.

        If JMac voted out Steve, he virtually garunteed himself F3. However he wasn’t smart enough to see the play (most posters were too blinded by hate to see the play). He was played by Vanessa. He is still in the game because it benefitted Vanessa’s game.

        It no longer benefits Vanessa to keep her “tool” (the showmance extraction tool) in the game. So she will put him away with many of her other tools that are already in the tool box that Vanessa calls “jury house”.

    • Who wrote off Vanessa… should have been obvious to everyone that she was manipulating thse sheep left and right. Everyone was worried about her winning comps because she is a major competitor. From the comments I read everyone was worrying about getting her out sooner because this is what exactly was going to happen lol

      • Very true… people kept saying ”Oh she’s done now.” Or ”See? She messed up! She’s so dumb she won’t make it past this week” (etc, etc, etc)… Of course I do admit as with ANY finalist from Big Brother there was a lot of luck involved also.

      • I wasn’t thinking about Van not winning as much as I was hoping Van would not take a showmance, more especially Austin, into F3 with her and now Liz to F2. I’m good with Van and Steve in F2, just not Liz and Van in F2. I’m also most looking forward to the eviction interviews of Liz and Austin! hahaha The comments Jeff said on the live feeds clips were spot on! Wait til Liz and Austin see those! They’ll both have a difficult time accepting their realities than any assumptions they created in their minds!

      • I didn’t jump on that section until late. I can’t imagine anyone actually watching the show thinking Vanessa had NO chance of winning being in the house this long.

      • Yep…but for her to actually win it for sure, she had to win this Veto and get out the major threat than Steve or Liz posed to her. She has so if she knows what’s good for her to make it to the end, she’ll vote to evict JMac and make it stick this time! :-)

    • I think if there is a BB God, the F3 should be Van Van, Lil Stevie and Vampire Dentist. A nearly perfect trifecta.
      Why nearly?
      Here I tell you why:
      There is one perfect trifecta if that happens:
      Three consecutive evictions of the Austwins!!!

  10. And Vampire Dentist was the second placer again in the PoV. I feel tired for him for being the second best all the time, really!!!

  11. Vanessa could be concerned Liz would beat her in final 2. Liz would get Austin, Julia, James and Meg’s votes. She could also potentially get her sorority sister Shelli’s vote too.

  12. Why did Steve put up JMac he didn’t vote against him I will bet he was mad at Steve I guess he wish he voted him out and kept Austin instead but
    anyway I am through with this show this year waiting for Survivor and The
    Amazing Race to come on see you until next year maybe you all have a great holiday it will be here before you know it good bye.

    • I think John probably told Steve to just put him up since it didn’t matter. Only winning the veto mattered.

      • Actually john increased his chances of getting dumped by going on the block since Liz could have won pov and voted john out. Van will almost certainly vote out john which will increase her chances of winning last hoh.

      • I don’t follow your logic. Even if he wasn’t on the block, if Liz was on the block and won POV, he’s automatically the replacement nominee. Liz could vote him out either way.

      • That’s what I’ve been saying. The majority of folks on here don’t get it. They just hear Julie Chen and others say it and so merely repeat what they heard without thinking it thru. Typical.

      • You’re the one that doesn’t get it. Maybe because you haven’t been watching BB. Let me say it for the last time it DOESNT matter who is on the block. The VETO WINNER CONTROLS who’s on the block, who stays and who goes. If Liz and Vanessa are on the block and either one wins John goes up. So being Vannessa won if she was up with Liz she comes down and John goes up. If Liz won she come down John goes up. If John won and he was up he comes down. Now do you get it. It’s not that hard to understand.

      • You must not understand BB. Are you new to watching? If Steve put up Liz and Vanessa and Liz won POV she would take herself down and JMac would go up anyway. And Liz would vote him out. What don’t you people get. It doesn’t matter who’s on the block what matters is the VETO WINNER!!!

  13. My god what a WIN,said earlier never write off Vanessa,people were already dancing on her grave but not me..knew better,she is alive and kicking and now has great shot at the final two and maybe even the 500,000.

    • What I’m enjoying the most is after months of people saying “Vanessa is doing this ALL WRONG!!!” she is going to the finale. Every week we heard that since the Jason week.

      • To be fair, I will admit she’s playing the best game and playing the hardest out of all the house guests this year… But we gotta admit she did some pretty “unnecessary” antics, putting it into Matts terms, that weren’t always pleasing to watch

      • Yeah, maybe, but I was referring to everyone saying she was doing all of the strategy work poorly. How nothing she was doing strategically made sense. Well, that all turned out to be a bunch of hooey.

  14. Steve messes up again. What a let down after a great blindside! Every time I get excited, I get let down. Roller coaster of a season. First season I didn’t watch bbad every night, and actually skipped some tv episodes.

  15. Vanessa win tonight defines the essence of BB,one has to win when the game is on the line,then you don’t have to slam doors on the way out,comes down to winning when your back is up against the wall,Vanessa knew she was toast without that POV victory.

  16. I’m sure it was arranged by John and Steve to put John on the block to hide their final two deal. That way if Vanessa won veto, she would vote to evict Liz

    • Van would be wiser to vote out John as he is a stronger competitor and I believe that she will do just that.

      • Actually if either steve or Liz win then they would probably be best off taking each other. Of course this probably won’t happen as Van is odds on favorite to win final hoh. Steve will realize what a fool he has been in van then chooses Liz!

      • Actually I’m kind of rooting for Steve at this point. I will take a Vanessa win since she deserves to win after playing so hard all summer. If Liz wins I don’t even know if I’m gonna watch the show next season (though from the looks of it I’m really thinking it’s gonna be all stars next yr… So probably yes lol)

    • Then I believe Steve made a bad move. Ideally he would want John to cast the deciding vote if Steve himself were to win veto. That way, he would have to take John off and put Liz up… Totally unecessary

  17. Oh my god well now that I know its really fixed this has been the worst big brothers that I have ever seen I hope they pull the plug on the show now I see why Uk big brother is so much better really sad at least the people get to decide who can stay in who can go its not fixed !!!!!!

    • Love or hate her Vanessa has been more active and worked harder than anyone in that BB house to get to this point,her greatest strength is controlling events,not reacting to them after they happen,her tactics are sometimes tough to watch but no one can deny they have not been effective,just ask anyone now sitting in the jury house.

      • Very true, it’s just unbelievable that none of her house guests realized this until it’s too late. As the say a fool and their $500k will soon part.

      • Vanessa is the only one who has been actively playing this game from the jump that’s for sure. The way she attacks people and cries are my ONLY reasons for not liking.

        I’m not a steve fan either, but the way he is able to take her shiz is somewhat admirable. I would be ready to scratch her eyes out.

  18. Le Sigh. Only one more shot to get her out and I’m hoping that she doesn’t win final HOH. I have to admit I can’t stand VaMESSa because of the bullying tactics, crazy cats eyes clock, the tears and her plentiful nod to recreate “The Scream” facial expression but I have this jacked up mindset that part of me can’t wait to see what she does next. Austin’s gone. YAY! now I don’t have to cringe in fear of having to look at him not wearing a shirt.
    I wanted to see much more of the aftermath in the house after Austin departed.

  19. I hope that someone on the jury explains why they left the best, most dangerous player in the house for so long? Sitting next to a player in f2 that has had most success and is most persuasive does not seem to be best strategy as whomever sat next to Dan an Derrick can attest. Steve and Austin are supposedly superfans so how do they not know this?

    • I feel ya… for Steve I believe that was because when Steve won his first HOH, it was too early to cut Vanessa and when he won his second one, he has to deal with the Austwins first. Austin, on the other hand, should’ve cut Vanessa when he was HOH (then again, Vanessa would’ve returned to the house cuz she killed that jury comp…). Yeah, maybe there was just no “right time” to cut Vanessa

  20. Steve had a huge win with HOH but Vanessa had a bigger one,she decides who goes and stays,JMac played good but don’t feel too bad when he goes home,will still get 25,000 for AFP

  21. Vanessa is driving home to Steve that she saved his butt yesterday. Telling him John was going to 100% vote him out. Not sure if Steve is buying it…

  22. Vanessa’s play should be simple. Of the two odd people out as in Mac and Liz, which one would most likely take her to finals,if by chance she doesn’t win final HOH. Its not who she can beat in finals, but who takes her if she cant take herself. That should be an elimination of Jmac.

      • They had a real good conversation the other night when they together planned how they would handle the Austin elimination. They have a lot in common, music, etc. and she ended up seeming to like him…but that won’t factor into her game plan.

    • Yes, I’m sure Liz is real happy with her right now. This happens tomorrow so Van doesn’t get a whole week to schmooze Liz which could make a difference.

  23. Van will do her skittle thing. She will do the odds for the F3 comps (who could win what) and weigh that against her chances in the F2. She may think she has more of a shot to win it over JMac vs Liz in F2 after all the Austin drama.

    But then it will also depend on what she thinks her chances are of convincing JMac or Steve to take her to F2 (because of jury votes) if she doesn’t win out which she could very well do.

    Hopefully she will “reason” JMac into staying.

    • The risk is that jmac can win final hoh but Liz is unlikely to do so. Van will want to maximize her chances to win final hoh which would be vs steve and liz. Also, as others have pointed out, she would have better chance to be taken to f2 by Liz then john.

      • Yes but Liz does not like steve so much either and Vanessa is much more persuasive then steve. I believe in a f3 with Luz that van is prohibitive favorite to go f2 and win. Steve’s smart move though would be not taking van to final if he has chance.

      • Liz still had Austin when Julia was gone and seemed to get over that…whatever happens between Liz and Van in the next few hours will be key.

    • She has chance of winning out. If she does it should rank her rather high in the books of the game.
      She will have controlled final 3 evictions based upon the most powerful position at the time, as well as other evictions that she controlled with her tactics and actions.

      If she doesn’t win out, she should have enough vote’s against all other 3, her problem becomes making sure she has right two who will be choosing who goes with them to F2 if she does not win out.

      Veto final 4 is most powerful position to this point, and she does hold it. In best position of any of the remaining 4.

      • But will it be Liz or Johnny that she sends out? I have to give this up, tomorrow will come soon enough…I’m getting dizzy…lol.

      • Smart play is Jmac out. Liz would more likely take her to finals than him. Vans not counting votes now, she has them, she’s onto getting in f2.

      • Liz is an emotional player and Van knows that…could be risky trusting her to take her to F2. She’ll be cold turkey without lover boy remember.

  24. Vanessa won veto, the worst case scenario. She is going to win the game now. So that’s it for me folks. I am done. I watched Andy win two years ago and was totally disgusted. I will spare myself the same disappointment this year. Vanessa is a horrible human being and in the game of good and evil, I like it when good beats evil.

    Sayonara until BB 18 and I certainly hope there is a better cast of HGs and maybe some twists to engage the fans more to keep the game more to our liking. I will cast my votes for AFP as my final gesture. Thank goodness football season started.

    Have fun everyone!

    • Someone is definitely salty… To be fair although we all HATE Vanessa’s antics u kinda have to agree she worked hard for her money. And u saying that this season is dead after the blindside of Americas most hated wrestler/biblical character is not fair.

      • To be fair, she has always been third place recently on this website’s poll, while I think other polls like Jokers would say otherwise, that’s still gotta count for something

      • She won’t ever win a poll that’s based on how likable she is, which is what the Jokers poll is. I like her and even I would not say she’s likable. But based on other factors aside from likability, she’s gotta be near the top of every list.

      • I hate her phony sobbing but she is very good player. She is also too self-centered, but Mel has to live with that!

    • Still have hope for a bitter jury. Usually I would say vote on game play, but this year I think I would be the bitter juror. Vanessa is just so smug – can’t stand her. Smart player and comp winner, but any other cast would have had her out when she was on the block the first time. I’d rather any of the other 3 won. I would vote for Liz if she is in the final 2 because I don’t think John has played a great game despite his veto wins. And I find Steve annoying a lot of the time – while his game has been better than John’s, it wouldn’t convince me to vote for him.

      • I think this year’s jury would be a little more bitter than usual but I actually don’t know how this would all play out for Vanessa. Even with an EXTREMELY bitter jury (I’m talking about BB14 level bitterness…) I feel the worst case scenario for Vanessa would be she loses to Liz by a very close vote. But everyone in the jury would have to absolutely hate her guts in order for that to happen.

      • I think the jury is probably playing games and throwing assorted candies at each other. I doubt they are that bitter.

      • The only jury members that can potentially be bitter against Vanessa are Shelli, Meg, James and Austin. Every single one of them would have to be bitter against Vanessa in order for her to lose the game.

      • It could be close depending how the discussion goes. I’m usually Mr. Best Gameplay, but this year like Dan’s second time has me different.

      • Not only that but some jury members vote for who they like and some vote for who they think played the better game regardless. It’s not over till the fat lady sings. And there will be those who had to witness Liztin’s in your face love affair and now will have to put up with Austin fuming.

      • Yup. Or in a constant drunken stupor. Did you see them at the competition to re-enter the game? The three ladies were all like “do we HAVE to try to get back into this?” I think they’re living it up in there.

      • Having both Austin and Julia campaigning for Liz would be interesting. I doubt that only Austin convinces them, but they both could talk a lot about Vanessa.

      • Man-o-man … Austin was so upset about getting booted. He IS going to jury house on a very bitter note; he even said something toV afterwards about being “scum-bagged” by her. Remember, he’s going to Jury House with a CD regarding this eviction. The jurors will see this, and I’m sure he will spew his guts about all he did for V, his loyalty, etc., and he might strike a note with the others who’ll think: yeah, I was loyal too and look where that got me. I think he will really lay out a tongue-lashing on Van and the others may take heed … If the stage is set by his vehemence, it may not matter who is sitting next to V – she may not get the votes to win, but she’ll have her place in BB history whether we liked her or not!

    • I will only check here for any drama or results, but yeah I’m pretty much done, well I been done once it was revealed bribery was involved, killed off any actual game play. back to my beloved MMA and paranormal programs, take care Prince. your opinions were articulate and interesting, maybe see you next year. that’s only if CBS actually learns from this weak and predictable season, of course. :)

  25. John should go to Vanessa and Lie his pants off. Say that steve never had any intention of taking her to F2. SOMETHING

      • He is toast, van would be crazy to leave him in as steve and him are a pair of sorts and she knows it. I can’t think of one logical reason to leave jmac in house.

      • He won’t go the loyalties route, he’s too smart for that…he will present her with numbers/odds somehow. It can be spun either way and there’s only one day to tear it apart.

    • I’m sure he’ll do something, and it will be diabolical…but if he’s too obvious he’s done like dinner. At least he’s up for AFP.

  26. If Vanessa figures out that:
    – both JMac/Steve would take each other to F2 (no brainer)
    – Steve would take Liz over Van (disregard Austwins votes – Liz needs another 3. Who gives it to her over the guy who wins last 3 HOH comps he participated in? Looks like Van is working on Steve knowing this)
    – Liz would take Steve over Vanessa (again – I would predict that Van would crush Liz if ppl voted with head instead of heart. I would think 5 ppl vote with head and vote for Van. Liz can argue her game over Steve.)

    That leaves her in predicament of needing to with HOH in order to get to F2. If that’s the case, she wins game 100% bringing JMac to F2 right?

    Only rebuttal – she thinks she has better chance of winning HOH vs Steve/Liz, and she wins game bringing either to final in her eyes.

    • If jury votes brains vs heart then van can beat anyone in f2. She needs to maximize probability to win final hoh and that is vs steve & liz.

      • If she doesn’t win after making Final 2, I’m officially going to man cry…it would be a disservice to the entire game and every great player that’s ever played it

  27. I’m preeetttyyy sure Vanessa knows that John and Steve are close and that she has a better chance of making it to final 2 with John out of the house so yeah that sucks

    • JMac set that up the other night when they talked and he said he wanted to vote Steve out because he was a shoe in for winning F2…they talked it out (probably fake on both ends) and decided on Austin. It’s whether or not she believed him.

  28. It doesn’t matter if you like Vanessa or you don’t like Vanessa….she has absolutely crushed it this entire season and has been playing a masterful game, even if it’s a bit messy at times…the end results are what matters and she’s helped pack the bags of every evicted house guest…every single one with no exceptions…she has been “Derrick-ing” the entire house, every week, all season long…but the one big difference from Derrick is that she is winning a ton of comps and doing it right in front of their faces and not behind the scenes hahaha…just wish she had told US a bit more about her plans in the DR like Derrick did…but true, diehard BB fans should respect the player with the best gameplay…and that’s hands down been Vanessa….no contest whatsoever…if she wins, she’s on the Mount Rushmore of BB and right at the top of the female version…sure she’s crazy and can be totally annoying at times…BUT, she’s a BB BEAST!!!

    • Still think Derrick is the better player. Maybe they will both be in All Stars and that will be tested, lol.

      • Lol – well there have been comparisons. Kind of want half All Stars half new because while the casting should have been better this year, all players you know can also be boring.

      • I’d love to see Judd, Frank, Dani Donato get another shot…wish Britney would come back…and then my all-time favorite dude, Crazy James from Season 9…that guy fought his tail off for weeks

      • Derrick is hands down the better player. And I will also argue that some other winners who didn’t try to play the manipulation game are better players than Vanessa

      • Totally agree on Derrick…totally disagree on others in terms of a wire-to-wire, full season run….she got everything she wanted to happen on eviction night the entire season with no exceptions just like Derrick…plus, she’s killed it at comps, so she’s covered on that side too

      • Oh no, you misunderstood that part…Derrick in my opinion played the greatest single game of Big Brother in history…and did it with minimal effort…it was unbelievable…I simply meant her game resembles his in theory and she’s working those same angles out in the open…that could be what costs her if the jury is bitter…I just pray they are big enough fans of the game not to be

      • You’re right about Derrick and minimal effort but it’s like comparing Joe Dimaggio to Willie Mays or the Beatles to the Rolling Stones. Vanessa, Derrick and Dr. Will all belong on BB Mt Rushmore and Van gets All time great this point win or lose

      • I think part of that was gameplay, just like the crying that everyone is so up in arms about…all manipulation to get her desired results…I think she will explain/apologize and that Steve will appreciate the efforts given the fact that he’s a superfan

    • She’s a pro game player. She had to. In fact was designed to. And got chocolates and Aderol to help pass the time. She sucks in life. Probably lol

      • I don’t care what she does outside the game…even if she wakes up and kicks a puppy between her coffee and a shower, she’s still the best BB17 player by a landslide and one of the greatest ever in my opinion…she deserves the title

      • That’s my point…I don’t care if she’s a sociopath or a socialist or a socialite or whatever else…she’s a Big Brother player to me and that’s it…and she’s one of the best I’ve seen…I don’t know her outside the game and neither do you or the thousands of people acting like they do…for all we know, every bit of it is an act, though I think she actually IS like that outside (to a point)….but I DON’T CARE…she’s a game piece in the current season of a game I love and she’s the best one by a landslide, regardless of what she does outside the house…you think Evel Dick is a Mother Teresa??? Janelle?? Dan?? I don’t really know that any of us can answer that 100% truthfully…let people that actually know her judge her character and we should judge her gameplay

      • My arguments below are the Aderol prescribed which enhances the mind. (Lot less pill) it’s speed. She attacked in people’s faces 100 mph on that then eyes boom popped. Also the pro strategy career she already had. I’d like to see other competitors with resumes equilibrium toale it fun. She’s read countless books on strategy, manipulation, reading people etc. Feels like CBS dripped the ball with equIL competitors. Also if you truly think Jace, (JACE), Audry, who was there to express her success as a Transgender individual, Devon emotional angry gamer, a dentist, a waitress, prove she is the “best game player strategist player” y o u ve ever seen, you are stating nothing. It’s a bad example facing poor comp. Put her up against Derek, a cop, a real general of war, a politician…….and now youra king am argument for her. See my point.

      • That was a brief poor explanation. She was destroyed by her emotional nature. Very volitle l. Ypu can see that by how chirpy outgoing and suuuuuuPer energetic she was. She knows, she’s able to blast someone and as we saw, did and it hurt her early.

    • Hopefully the jury members will not vote on emotion. But rather how Van, (if she is F2) played the game. I didn’t think Andy from BB15 should have won. But he did. By the way, I hope Vanessa is Bb17 winner.

      • In Andy’s defense (or not lol), no one should have won BB15…should have given the check to charity and crowned Zingbot the winner

    • When you said; she’s helped packed the bag’s of everyone on the Jury, it reminded me of Jeff Probst’s opening Final tribal statement: you have had a hand in (some way) putting every Jury member ‘over there’ … Along those lines. Okay, so does V own up to this and gain the jurors’ respect or does that add fuel to the fire. As fans, we do agree it would have been great for her to “own” her game in the DR. By her not doing so, I think we feel a little betrayed/disappointed that she didn’t trust us enough to share in her game with her. Someone wrote – a while back – that V isn’t owning anything until after BB, because she’s going to write a play-by-play of her season’s strategies. Well, Boston Rob has written a book about strategy … But he was owning his stuff during his game.

  29. LavendarGirl, honey, no need to work yourself into a tizzy. You do realize the people on this site, YOURSELF INCLUDED, are giving their opinions

    What you state as facts are no so simply because you deem them as such. Just want to make sure you understand the difference.

    Your vile attitude and comments throughout below are neither founded nor appreciated.


    • She would be my last choice as well. Giving Liz the money would make Austin happy which is also a negative…until they break up the following week that is.

    • Is it bad I’m rooting for Liz is John goes home? I can’t stand her but Vanessa is such a disgusting lying manipulating bitch and Steve is just so stupid!!!

      • Well Crystal, I’m half on board with you about picking the “lesser of two …” (I’m not going to say 2 evils because it would be too much of a hot button with V fans.) But disagree about Steve being stupid. In another thread I suggested that folks read (his previous) HOH blog – it was lengthy but it was well written and intelligent. He’s aware of V’s gameplay and who is doing what It’s just that he is too socially inept to ACT. He’s extremely animated and well-articulated in his DR sessions, but there are no other players around; this is a safe environment to express himself. If he is atF2 with Van, he could win by beiing eloquent and succinctly descriptive to the Jurors in his opening address and in the way he addresses their questions. (I hope to God he’s not holding his Coco bear!)

      • There’s potential for him to beat her in a finale it just makes me sick how easily he gave her the veto win taking out John, also Vanessa doesn’t even deserve 50k, I want the crowd to boo her so bad. I can’t believe CBS would put a player as aggressive and evil as her with someone so spineless as Steve in the same house.

      • Root for Liz if you want, why not? I’ve defaulted to rooting for Vanessa if John goes……never thought I’d be saying that.

    • I’ve been wondering what the Nolan’s might do with the $ … Let’s say the 500k. Well, I think the might purchase a 6-engine I/O Cigarette (would have to hir someone to drive it), then there’s the cost of fuel, docking fees (for wherever they’ll keep the boat, boat insurance, maintenance, etc. okay, now it’s November and there’s no more money. In other words, I think they’ll just flitter it away but they can say they had a great time up and down the Intercoastal showing off! Hey, in Julia’s words: It’s EVERYTHING!

      • The twins will have themselves botched up with plastic surgery. Liz is already talking about a nose job.

      • Really? OMG! What’s wrong with her nose? Maybe she just wants to look a bit different than her sister. Jeez! SMH … I guess the idea of a Financial Planner would be too off-base; oh wait, rational me, what a stupid idea!

      • She already looks a bit different, I can easily tell them apart now. They both already got boob jobs as graduation presents from their mother.

  30. I told myself I wasn’t going to do this tonight. How many ways can we all say the same things…we’re as bad as Vanessa. Glad the decision is made tomorrow. Going to have some wine now and watch tv…just realized it’s 2 a.m…will have to drink fast.

  31. Austin’s reaction was very telling, he was more concerned with Vanessa’s game plan, than actually walking out the door. next season CBS, don’t cast anymore millionaires, because I won’t be watching if there is. its supposed to be a game and reality show, now it just feels more like who can kiss the millionaires a$$ properly, which is actually art imitating life for most people, but still it changed the whole complexion this entire season, especially Vanessa’s face. damn girl use some proactive or something? I knew it would favor the contestant who just so happens to be coming into her own show on said network, did you see that shameless ‘Life in pieces’ plug? I rest my case. lol another week of predictability, just glad I stopped following for the past 2.

    • Why put a professional NBA basketball.player in a reality game show where height, dribbling and shooting a round ball are critical to winning. Fk Vannesa and her pro strategy career. Tongue out.

      • True. but also you have to respect her calculations and cold approach, especially in this game. however, I feel a great game was more greatly hampered by the reports of bribing and production favoritism, its very disappointing and if she didn’t have anything to gain other than the show prize of 500k, I’d consider her one of the best players ever. but now it just feels null and void. I just hope next season they don’t cast anymore millionaires or any future project personalities, because of how that stigma diluted this season, feels more like a PR stunt on their part, a shame really. but I’m glad I didn’t invest in one person, I was only in it for the drama. for which there was plenty, but the end result is below mediocre at best.

      • This is a well thought out constructive statement. I’m big.on goodness though. I don’T mind some bs or rough play but I’m drawn to people like Christopher Reeves, though I love villians and Anti heros. U observed some truly dispicebal behaviors watching this mess of a person. That doesn’t take away from your opinion regarding game play on BB, I’ve been told. It’s my first seson so people told me about evil dick etc but V did it all. I loathe bully-type-behavior, then retreat and ry and deny. It’s devilish. We didn’t get to see any testicles either. James was bumped. If I or some of the kids I grew up with were in that house, she would have been multi-person btch slapped and put in her place. Personally I would have put her on blast and a time out for ever lie. I grew up in an Italian family on one side, German the other. Your not pulling that garbage on those genes. I’d get everyone in the backyard all together uncomfortablely and expose her. Well spoken and intelligent arguments would be made, then I’d do her-“I love you, givee a hug, this isn’t personal, it’s just exposing a virus. I’m sure you understand. Swimming anyone, then I’d do a cannonball on top of Steve and rub his fohawk.

      • There is a difference between earning your place or buying your place, Vanessa will only be considered a mediocre player because of this advantage. she didn’t rely on pure strategy or wit, she also relied on promises of 10k gift packages for her competition and production to favor her, regardless if she actually would buy them off or not, its still a tainted strategy and I honestly feel having a millionaire in this game, where everyone is playing for money, is akin to watching a rich entitled idiot buying a house, in a neighborhood full of poor people, who doesn’t really need it but does it simply because they can? now is this entertaining? no, its more like designed. I don’t watch BB for privileged mental cases, I watch it for fun and actual strategy, for which this season was desperately low on.

      • She’s earned her spot in this game…so what if she’s rich outside it…that just means she appreciates the title more than the money and that’s awesome to me as a huge fan of the game…she’s very good and I really don’t understand why she doesn’t get the props she deserves for it…I don’t care whather personality/profession/etc are…right now, she’s just a BB player

      • She has earned her spot for completing so many comps, but again she wouldn’t be able to have done that. if she didn’t use her outside advantage of being rich to coerce other HG’s weeks ago, with money ‘outside’ the house. but I’m loving how ignorant some Vanessa fans are of her tactics, because it just makes sense how designed this season has felt for her to win, simply search the forums on here and other sites, you will find you are in the minority for actually liking her as a person, not simply as a player.

      • But I DON’T like her as a person….I don’t know her as a person…and neither do you or anyone else that doesn’t know her in real life…people are what they are in the BB game/house…and I don’t care what she is as a person…I am a BIG BROTHER FAN….I judge the house guests as players in the game…and she’s a really, really good one…I’m just getting sick of people not giving her game play the respect it deserves…and if anything, the money offers reinforced my respect because she’s there for the title of Big Brother winner…not for the money obviously and not for the “fame” over half of all people go in there for….besides, BB shot thay down and put an end to it quickly…the conspiracy theories are a joke…so it’s “rigged” for her like it was “rigged” for Amanda Zuckerman? Or is this “rigged” like it was for Rachel’s sister Elissa? Lol if you believe all that, then aliens did it…and Alison Grodner also built the pyramids with a giant Zingbot

      • My issue with the Vanessa favouritism is that it is all about context. The houseguests Vanessa was playing against were pathetic, and did everything short of just rolling out the red carpet to 500k. There were many times her lies were exposed and people said she was done for, and then they somehow got amnesia and forgot everything she did.
        I feel like if Vanessa was playing against people who didn’t think this was a summer camp the outcome would have been MUCH different. I honestly hope Vanessa is picked to play in All stars just so we can watch her fail horribly against actually great players.

      • Hi PereBear: just wondering – and this is off topic – are you Canadian? Love the way you spell “favouritism”. Also, since your moniker has “Pere” in it, are you a Quebecer? Just curiously fascinated … Hope I’m not offending you. Regards.

      • Haha no offense taken at all! I am in fact Canadian :)
        And PereBear is my gamer tag, it is short for a character from one of the Vampire Books I adore (Bite Marks by Terence Taylor). The characters name is Perenelle Demarivaux, but good eye on the French!

      • Thank you for your response. I do have several Canadian friends -one in Toronto, several in BC and one in Alberta. Lived in northern Wisconsin, and ‘don’t ‘cha know, eh’ came to Florida with a brogue that My dad wouldn’t let me live down for years. Looking forward to more of your entries – have a good day.

      • These are the same people who started an online petition in the twirling rope challenge to negate the results because of alleged cheating, despite the fact that, yeah, no one cheated? Also the same people who believe the moon landing was staged and Obama is a Muslim from Kenya.

      • Thank you, you don’t know her as a person either. which means you also don’t know that it wasn’t a fix for her to win, now do you? and it was a personal assessment regarding her status, considering I don’t see any other rich players in that house, who bribed off other contestants to advance and play the game. do you? I am surprised production allowed it to continue, oh wait… that’s right! live feeders reported on it and complained, that was an outside influence right there. using her wealth as a way to coerce and buy off the competition? in a game, where the goal is to win money? lol if it wasn’t rigged, it certainly was favoring her as a player from the start, I just know she won’t be considered a great player because of it. simply because of that financial advantage, I won’t even consider this season completely relevant. hopefully production actually casts people who don’t need medication to socialize or bribe with their checkbook. next.

      • everyone who had a chance of winning (from jury forward) except James seems comfortable in real life and their parents seem very comfortable so Vanessa having a lot of money was a non factor and if any HG was familiar with her fame her money would have been a disadvantage
        I do have mixed feelings about the drugs but she was not the only one that was taking prescription drugs. I also think she was kind of a ringer as was Derrick

      • I know what you mean, still it feels shady for me, when she was bribing on the live feeds and they kept cutting out, whenever she was alone with the Austwins and Steve, it would get mentioned and shortly after we see fish. it just felt shady as heck. I know many others reported it. I had rewind and scoped it myself, it certainly changed the landscape this season, it certainly was a factor. since she did mention her poker background and winnings, I honestly hope next year is more balanced or I’m just not going to watch. good to know, I’m not alone in that sentiment either.

      • Omg! Omg! Omg! Can’t stop laughing after that last sentence. If this show is truly scripted, CBS needs to put you on their writing staff. Hey, what if Bb could be more of a comedy/reality show … Oh wait, I guess it already is! Thanks for the gut buster!

      • I don’t want to state what I am about to state, honest. And I don’t want to think the worst, honest.

        But, I have to agree, because I am honest.

      • Well she did play the game, albeit a questionable and very emotional one, which already makes her not as great as many bandwagon fans deem. as opposed to other HG’s that thought of it as summer camp or vacation, that was their first mistake. I just wish they had stronger personalities this year, but when Day left, I knew it was going to be sesame street up in that house. well I respect your honesty, honestly.

    • That would all be well and good if there actually was a poker show that Vanessa was going to be hosting produced by CBS. I’ll give you a hint: there’s not. Some people will believe anything they read. That rumor has been discredited multiple times and is from a website less credible than any supermarket tabloid, but I guess people will choose to believe whatever they want to.

      • I still feel the game was cheated, when bribery was first brought into play, I knew then it wasn’t an even playing field for everyone, production should of realized that. I only feel sorry for the people who actually invested in some of the other HG’s and liked them, they were also cheated. I am a fan of the game and the way players can lie and manipulate, but knowing she used her wealth to buy votes or control the house, really dampens her overall strategy for me. regardless if it was rigged or not, she still had an unfair advantage that she absolutely used. it doesn’t take some stupid rumor to read the writing on the wall.

  32. I don’t think it matters who she takes to F3, she has to win the final HOH. None of the others will take her to F2.

  33. On an unrelated topic, is anybody else sick of instances where they decide who wins a challenge with these stupid tiebreak number guessIng games (based on pretty random criteria)? I’ve always hated it, but especially tonight because the only reason Steve won was because he made a mistake by leaving off the fourth digit to his number guess (he meant to write down 6010)! If there’s a tie after a predetermined amount of rounds they should just let the contestants keep going until one of them gets it wrong. Could you imagine a sporting event or a spelling bee concluding with a tie breaker that is based on guessing how many marbles are in a bucket? Ridiculous I say! And what’s with the rule on these guessing games that if you go over you are disqualified? If they’re going to continue these (which I doubt they will after this season) they should just let the person who is closest over or under win. Sorry to rant, but I hate a game that is based on strategy being greatly affected by a “guess my weight” style tiebreaker in the most important around .

    • I think guessing a random number vs. one other player without going over is a great strategy game. I also think Vanessa would win that game 100 times out of 100

  34. So tired of Vanessas’s drama and constant crying about everything. She is super aggravating.She’s played a great game,but I still hate her

  35. BTW anti add meds used for brain function like aderol is the equilivent to snorting a line of speed. (So I’m told) Now that i think of it she did talk a hundred mph repeating things never letting other HG get a word in.

  36. This question is obviously too late in the game……..but WHY would B.B. choose someone like Vanessa for the show? She has over 31/2 million dollars in poker winnings, she is an established D.J., she lives in a home that even most movie stars only dream about, and she also gets paid for modelling. Also she will soon be getting her own poker reality show! Why can”t some ordinary fan of B.B. who really needs the cash get picked over her as a houseguest? Anybody?

    • It doesn’t matter if the person already has money. Dr. Will had money, Boogie had money, BB is not a charity case. Anybody can play Big Brother, it’s not only for poor people or people who “needs” the money.

      • It certainly adds variety in the house because someone who doesn’t need the money is playing for fame…which is excellent to watch in Dr. Delicious’ case…not so excellent in Austin’s case.

      • I wonder if there was any bribery involved then. since they both went on to win their respective seasons. lol at least Will had wit and was actually skilled at manipulation, he didn’t whine and cry around. Mike simply lied about being in love, he was pretty much helped by Will to win that season, and without Will? he couldn’t even make jury. just watch BB14. but man I miss players like that, not basket cases who pout around, acting like they are 5.

    • Obviously they chose her because she is one of the most successful female poker players ever. Therefore, she is great at reading and reacting to people. The BB crew figured that this would make for a good player to have in the game. And they couldn’t have been more right.

      • Ok killer so you like when a shark is put in with jellyfish. Good to know. Also Dereks a cop. They are trained for 2 years before even hitting the uniform how to read people, interrogate and use detective skills. They can also read lies most the time. That’s also a loaded bix. I disagree with you. If they put ringers in the game they should have some alpha males or talented educated people in similar industries. It’s like taking candy from a baby but credit to them 2 regarding winning some comps and making some friends or allies as well. I no liley

      • I think the major difference was that Derek is likable on a personal level, while Vanessa is just not; so people tend to forget there was has been ringers before haha.

    • There is an article that was published in the Toronto Sun about a week and a half ago, where the casting director was interviewed…it should be easy enough to find on google.
      But basically she says she always picks the best of the best people to play, regardless of who they are. Even people that are “recruits” still have to go through the same process as applicants, so everyone gets a fair shot. They want to recruit people who can actually win, and sadly that is not always people from the “bottom rungs” of society.

  37. And well… here’s the reason for that the houseguests should evict Vanessa when they had the opportunity, now Vanessa have the control of the game (again), I suppose that she gonna send JMac to the jury house, and with that she, Steve & Liz gonna reach the F3… I hope that Steve (or even Liz…) can win this whole thing.

  38. *yawn* the only thing ppl are watching to see is Vanessa voted out. If we don’t get that payoff, well, it’s my first summer watching BB in years, I can go back to missing it just as easily if Vanessa wins.

  39. Sore a** loser he was too…telling Julie what a scumbag move Vanessa made and told Van that no one in jury will vote for you, not me now either. What I would like to know is if the jury would vote for him or Liz? I doubt that very seriously at this point! He ticked off many in the jury when he decided to refuse good game play moves they suggested after coming out of hiding behind the twins basically. If it hadn’t been for Van changing her mind to backdoor him, he’d have been gone right then and there and we’d have been spared the embarrassment of his undercover activities with his partner in crime, Liz.

  40. Two can play this game. Now it’s Lil Stevie’s turn to do reverse reverse reverse reverse reverse reverse psychology on Van Van by getting close with Lizzie, hoping it could scare her into thinking he could take Lizzie over her into F2.
    Will it work tho?

    • I’m all in for steve, the wise lamb, ba@aaaAH..and Mac, the dog day afternoon. Even Liz, new generation Ex Machina.

    • Something I’ve never understood was V’s crying fit during the first week (or so); she sobbed and carried on and on in the Lvrm. I think Sreve and ? We’re trying to comfort her but she kept saying: I can’t stay here or do this or something along those lines. Most of the HGs saw this. So why not put this person OTB, accommodate them, and send them home? This may have been part of her act …just SMH nearly 13 weeks later!

    • Well they have had a couple chances to send her packing…I bet they are sure regretting their choices right about now.

    • I believe it to.of course she was gonna win. Cbs would have it no other way. Vanessa can convince Steve to self evict himself. He listens to whatever she says.

  41. Omg I hope stupid Vanessa doesn’t win or I’ll have to not ever watch big brother ever again,and scrub my eyes with bleach to get the ugly of Vanessa out.! !!!

    • Yes true but that’s why if they cast a pro, ok fine but also cast a soldier. Cast a general, cast someone who, when Vanessas back is against the wall , will attack.

      • They did. James was a solider. Fortunately for Vanessa, when her back was up against the wall, the soldier had a more dangerous adversary also on the block that week. Shelli was gunning for James imminently.

      • Chances are someone like that wouldn’t last long. Executive types can be bossy and people tend to vote them out quickly. The endowment Vanessa had that no else has is her ability twist the truth in her favor and have a very good sense for when others were lying to her. In a game of imperfect information, that is invaluable.

      • Best player would be super emotional intelligence, confident spinal cord, hyper charming sensabilities, compassion, ability to manipulate which doesn’t have to be like she did. I believe emotional manipulation is the best. Funny-which plays to social game. And good evasive awareness, which is similar to what u said about her instincts about people, if she wasn’t getting g tips from DR. Lol

      • How bit a high class hookr….they’ve been around danger so have guts, are master salswomen, also manipulation
        C an read men and other witches, those fake cryers etc. Bring.the comp CBS

  42. Well then. I assume Vanessa will vote out JMac, which means one of my horses is still in this race. If Vanessa or Liz take home 500k I will be extremely disappointed.
    Here is to hoping CBS remembers what they told the Sun, and they cast differently next year.

    • I think she will vote out Jmac; she knows he forced her hand onto breaking the eviction tie. Also, she has said all season long that she can’t get a read on him – which means she has never been able to influence/manipulate him – as proven by his vote last night. But Wait … There’s more …. Just to be sure about her VTE vote, she’ll have to consult her Skittles! :)

  43. All season has been like this…something good happens and then the worst possible thing happens. I just can’t!

  44. How many thought the look on austins face was priceless, It was like the judist got judistized , And Jmac almost threw the comp to him, Judist would have taken that veto and looked at Jmack and said do not trust judist, goodbye,
    now we have V in the final three with all the power again , steve hoh with not a drop of power, and again Jmac on the block,

    V has total control again, this decision should be game nothing more, she was guning for Jmac for several times in a row, not because he was a threat but because he is the perfect one to sit next to. For a win,

    SHe cannot do anything about steve , she has to pick one victiom out of two, So does she pick a sure win over a person who already , in theroy has two votes,

    And agian who ever makes it to the final three, does not matter, it is the person who wins final hoh who has the power,
    V made two great historical moves , getting Julia to pick austin to play against her in pov, then backdooring austin, These two moves were very good and she deserves the win if she makes it,
    She made this ending so interesting, with getting rid of austin,
    We have two players, Jmac who ever sits next to him wins, we have V who ever sits next to her will not win,
    V has a big decsion, and then who is the weaker player, she plays poker for a living , but in this hand she was delt, she has a choice of her next card, and must decide which one will make her 500 grand,
    Undernieth it all . the two she plays against will not take her to the final two if they know the game at all.

    • It’s a shame that fans of the show are using their personal hate for her which leads to them not see the masterful game she is playing.

      She is responsible for putting almost everyone out of the house and if she chooses to do so she can take out the entire group of Austwins.

      • I’m a reality tv junkie, and Vanessa’s game is one of the most masterful I’ve ever seen. It blows my mind what this woman has gotten away with. She still has a long road to the win and it’s highly likely that she won’t win, but that won’t take away from how amazingly well she has played the game to whatever point she gets to.

  45. Reading the long conversation on jokers between van and Steve, she convinced him that JMac made a deal with Austin to vote him out, but she stepped in and got JMac t vote to keep him. Steve believes her. JMac is going home tonight. Stupid. They are going to leave Liz in who automatically has 2 votes in jury and has won a lot of combos and has a good argument for winning,

    • Yo Mickey, the HGS have been soft n passive all season expecially Stwve and Mac of all. Don’t let that fool you that anyone believes her bs anymore. She’s winning comps or she’d be dead 2 weeks ago.

      • I hear you Brian, but it’s all a moot point now. Steve had a major, major breakdown with Liz consoling him, he didn’t even take the HOH room back from Van, and Steve has no type of power again this week. Van has all the power. JMac is leaving. Bummer. I thought Van would be strategically smarter. A Steve, JMac and Van F3 would even the playing field. They are going to regret keeping Liz. That would be the only last thing to make me happy to end the season.

      • Ye. Good good smart kid. V used his need to have his mother, which is cool with me, to own his ass. I have such a difficult time watching her because my personality would have her suckling her thumb in the storage closet all night. First time she cried I hug her hold her, stroke her hair, kiss her head, tell her I’m here for you and on and on. Then I’d make james hide under hoh bed in a plan to scare her if caughtm and have his ass spy on her. Then he and I would wrangle the best, smartest hg’s and have a dignified respectful discussion about her strategies. I’m a master emotional manipulater so her sht would be silly to me.

      • :) I only wish. This my First bb experience. But I was literally beside myself, beside my self, asking

      • I LOVE your version of the game. Once I knew Steve was laying his head in her lap….and disgustingly watching her interact with him (his fault, not hers), I knew even at the expense of him winning, he would not betray her. His total over the top breakdown last night confirmed it. She came in and screamed at him to “stop it right now, and go to bed”. I want to watch your version.

  46. van will take out jmac, easily beat liz and steve in F3 HOH, take Liz to F2 and win and this stupid season will be over. good luck with poker face. I won’t be watching.

  47. I disagree that Vanessa has played a great game. She has played a good game in a field of bad players. She has also been very lucky. Even she admits her plans never went as expected with her targets winning vetoes time and again. Yet this never came back to hurt her.

    The reason is simple. She had a 6 person alliance since early in the game. People in her alliance have won all but 3 HoHs. James won 2 and Becky won 1. That’s it! I think this made the game much easier for her since the people more likely to get her out never had a chance to do it. Even JMac, who has been on to her for a while, never won an HoH.

    Vanessa is winning a game with a very weak field of players.

    • And this, people, sums it up perfectly! The only thing that may hurt her in the final 2 is the questions. They’ve had time to calm down and start thinking. If Vanessa doesn’t own her game and lies to them about having deals with EVERYONE in the jury, they may not vote for her to win. If she wins the final HOH, she’s got the game in her pocket.

  48. Vanessa will win this game. Y’all gotta remember, once they get to jury, they start talking with each other about the game. They’ve had time to decompress and calm down and regain their common sense. The last jury visit, Shelli said it herself, Vanessa has played the game better than all of them. If she gets to the Final 2, she’s won the game. And she deserves it. I don’t like her at all, but she is the ONLY one who played the game.

    • I think Austin gave her a run for her money but the showmance did him in. Other HG’s I would nominate for All Stars John, James, Shelli, Audrey, Becky, Steve and Jason also D’avonne should get a do over

  49. what disappointing news to wake up to. come on Vanessa, stick to ur final 3 promise(and F2) deal w JMac. keeping a deal will make u feel good on the inside and you won’t have to cry

  50. Cue the season was rigged comments. (Which is really funny, because if the season would have been rigged for anyone it would have been for Audrey. She would have been the drama and the story for CBS.)

  51. This is the point in the game that I wish that instead of the veto winner getting the one vote to evict and therefore deciding the final 3 that America was that one vote.

  52. Vanessa will evict Liz tonight, coming from a poker player’s point of view (and she is a poker player). In poker, you get to the final table and theres usually this one big hand where you can (A) get aggressive, go for it and have enough chips to win the game or (B) stay away, stay conservative and be content with 2nd place. This IS that hand for Vanessa. She can evict J Mac and go final 3 with Liz and Steve where both are “likely” to take her. However due to a pissed of Jury, she is all but guaranteed 2nd place. OR she can go for it now, and evict Liz. In this case its down to her, Steve and Jmac. Now she just needs herself or Jmac to win the HOH and she could win the game. Of course this way makes it risky that Steve wins HOH and evicts her, but Vanessa knows her best chance (and probably only chance) to WIN the game now is a Final 2 with J Mac. And before anyone says if Jmac wins Final HOH he will take Steve, then you are wrong. JMac is not an idiot. hes a denist for gods sake. He played the game with Steve and was evicted once. Hed be throwing away the 500K. His only chance to win in F2 is with Vanessa who will probably have a bitter jury. So you see, Vanessa and JMac need each other for their only shot to win. I dont think Vanessa can convince the bitter jury to vote for her over Steve or Liz. But she probably can convince them over JMac who was already evicted once and hasnt made a big game move. Now do the math….

    Evicting JMac

    Van wins HOH- 100%
    Steve take Van 100%
    Liz takes Van 75%
    = approx. 85% of Van making F2
    + ~ 10% chance to convince jury for win
    = ~ 8.5% chance to win game

    now for evicting Liz

    Van wins HOH = 100%
    Steve takes Van = 0%
    JMac takes Van = 75%
    = approx 55% chance of Van making F2
    + ~60% chance to convince jury for win
    = ~ 33% chance to win the game

    Vanessa is a poker player and shes going to go for the win, and not 2nd place. An approx 33% chance to win is better than approx 8.5%. She wants the title of Big Brother winner and 500K, as 50K for 2nd isnt that much of a big deal for her. She will be evicting Liz all day long.

    • Yes good good thinking and post. But rt now if I’m rt and I may not be. Austin, Julia, James, Meg, and Jackie won’t vote for her. If she dunks Liz that’s 6 non votes to 3. I hope it happens because I’d deffff rather mac the honest all American dentist or steve the mama’s boy get a superbowl ring. In fact it would be a fairy tale ending where the wicked witch has a house fall on her face. Sorry V. Furthermore a beautiful sinister plan for redemption should be underway rt now in the jury house. All the banquished knights and maidens laying out the jellybeans hatching “operation Atlantic city” where they take her on a celebration trip, and ditch her ass alone in the suite. But.not before dosing her with some chlorophil then setting up the room like in hangover 2, with a tattoo of Julie Chen on her face, a Kodiak bear in the bedroom a.d James naked high on blow. Last Vanessa hater post 9/16/2015 Out

    • JMac made the biggest move I think in this season by making Vanessa decide the tie-breaking vote getting blood on her hands FINALLY by evicting Austin !! He knew what he was doing. This way it made a bitter jury vote for Vanessa if it’s her & Jmac in F2. Vanessa will never get his vote or Liz’s or Julia’s or a lot of the others cause she was definitely behind all of their evictions

  53. This show is so fucking catered to Vanessa winning it makes me sick!!! Why is it everytime she’s in a little bit of danger she magically finds her way out?!?! NEWSFLASH CBS YOU’RE NOT FOOLING ANYONE! If John goes home tonight, which he probably will because it’s in Vanessa best interest, she won the entire show already! Liz would never take Steve to F2 and Steve would never take Liz to F2, so regardless who wins HOH Vanessa will be in the finale and of course she’s going to win!!!!! Steve and Liz don’t stand a chance against her!!!! THIS IS SUCH BULLSHIT!!! Never watching this show ever again.

  54. Gosh, I’m so late on hearing this GREAT news! I was up all night studying for a huge test that I had today that I wasn’t able to come on here to find out that Vanessa won the VETO! That is fantastic! Eat crow, Vanessa haters!
    I just hope she evicts John.

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