Big Brother 17: Who Went Home Last Night? Double Eviction Show Results

Last night on Big Brother 17 the Double Eviction arrived and was ready to send two players to the Jury house with a crash course of chaos headed for the house within an hour of competitions and eliminations.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Double Eviction live show
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Double Eviction live show – Source: @JulieChen

We started out the night with eight Houseguests but by the time things are over only six remained and the choices made would shape the rest of the season as one side considered to be whittled away as the other grew stronger each round.

Ready to find out who goes to Jury and who takes control next? Stick with us for our live recap right now for the latest BB17 results. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and by Email Updates.

Vanessa has convinced her allies, pretty much everyone in the house besides James and Meg, that Meg is the one who must go tonight. Steve and John contemplated overnight a move to throw a wrench in Vanessa’s plans, but instead allowed her to guide Steve away from that choice and John relented. Now Meg is just three votes from eviction.

Once that objective is complete she’ll be just two steps from a walk to the finish line. James and Liz are Vanessa’s last obstacles to holding F2 deals with everyone in the house and she’s this close to taking the Big Brother prize home with her.

Who do you think will survive this week’s surprise Double Eviction? It’s time to find out.

Big Brother 17 Week 10 Votes:

  • Liz votes to evict Meg
  • James votes to evict Julia
  • Steve votes to evict Meg
  • John votes to evict Meg
  • That’s enough.
  • Austin votes to evict Meg

By a vote of 4-1, Meg Maley has been evicted and will be sent to the Jury house.

No time for rest, Houseguests. Everyone to the backyard and get ready to compete. They’ll be battling to find out who will make the next rushed set of nominations and help decide who is evicted from the game.

Big Brother 17 Week 10.5 HoH Competition – “BB Road Trip”:
HGs are shown a series of silly chopped photos & then answer True/False questions.

  • Round 1: False – all correct
  • Round 2: False – James & Steve are out
  • Round 3: True – Austin & True are out
  • Round 4: False – both Nolans stay
  • Round 5: False – both correct
  • Round 6: False – both correct
  • Round 7: True – Liz wins HoH

Liz will now have to quickly name her two nominees. This shouldn’t be a surprise.

Big Brother 17 Week 10.5 Nominations:

  • Liz nominates: James & John

Once chance for the nominees to save themselves with the Power of Veto. Only one person will not compete in this PoV comp and that will be stressful to watch from the sidelines.



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    • Huge waste of TV time. I agree with you. Would rather watch tonight’s Big Brother episode than NFL no bearing games.

    • I am furious about NFL kicking us off with an nothing game I hope this doesn’t keep happening because it’s going to really anger me!!!

      • Is anybody else as sick of Vanessa As I am? Also, is it not really frustrating that all the members of that household are so stupid that they do not realize or stop her manipulating behaviour. It amazes me and they’re just giving her the entire season. They might as well just stop now and give her the half a million dollars – stupid people

  1. Tonight should be interesting, but don’t look for anything significant to change, unless Julia walks out that door or James can pull off the first HOH comp, otherwise I see Vanessa and the Austwins getting rid of Meg and playing it safe with a James nom, I don’t see Steve or John making any moves, other than to put up the twins tomorrow, should either win the HOH later tonight. I just want Vanessa gone, then I can stop caring about this season. but they are all so stupid, this cast fails to never surprise anyone anymore.

    • I,m think she really has deals with them all on the outside if they play her game and let her win .Sure she as connects along with her millions.and who knows she could stand to win big on bets if she wins

      • That is good for the HG’s and all, but terrible for anyone who gives a damn about the game, and if that is truly the case. I wouldn’t hesitate to stop watching. hopefully production learned their lesson, don’t cast millionaires or manic poker players lol and I doubt this cast surprised anybody with their moves, I certainly don’t see anything changing, unless James can pull something off, everyone else adopted sheep syndrome for Vanessa, following along til their game is lead off the proverbial cliff.

      • I agree ! seems odd she was so out in the open when she offered money the other day like she was throwing production off Im sure the rules are very clear I think she should have been evicted it wasn’t like she ate a cookie when she was a have not that was a big violation of rules am I wrong ?

      • I know many were upset at that. I guess we’ll have to wait and see, so if BB is scripted and the winner is already determined, safe to say I won’t be watching anymore. I love the dynamics of manipulation and strategy, but this season seems to be more about kissing the millionaires ass and voiding the rules, but either way. if V just goes to jury already, this season will be saved for me.

    • I stopped watching for 3 weeks, I’ve had it. I finally came back to this website to catch up and see NOTHING has changed and everything is still as annoying and frustrating. watching Meg go home is the most useless eviction at this point with 3 headed monster still there. Jeezus. And now Liz wins HOH again and the sh*t show continues.

      • And yet, they are still in the game with a chance to get to Final 2. Dumbest ones were James, Jackie and Meg. Glad they are gone. They are not going to spoil any moves Steve or Johnny Mac makes to take out Austin, Liz, Vanessa and Julia.

      • And yet, they are still in the game with a chance to get to Final 2. Dumbest ones were James, Jackie and Meg. Glad they are gone. They are not going to spoil any moves Steve or Johnny Mac makes to take out Austin, Liz, Vanessa and Julia.

  2. Meg goes home. Julia wins HOH, James is next out the door. Second HOH one of the other 2 Austwins wins….then all night the feeds will show Steve wandering and muttering that he should have flipped the vote.

    • I’m thinking positive. James wins HOH sends Austin home and JMac wins the second one and puts the twins up.

      • There is no way Vanessa will win with the austwins still in the house. What a terrible move Steve made…again!!

      • You will miss the best parts of the season. It is Steve, Johnny Mac and Vanessa vs Austin, Julia for the next HOH. Certainly looking forward to Liz and Austin getting evicted next then, hopefully, Vanessa.
        That would be my scenario and Julia gets evicted for a Final 2 of Steve and Johnny Mac. That would be awesome! I agree most of the season is boring as hell but, blame that on the Goblins and their betrayal of Becky. They put all the power in Vanessa’s alliance.

      • I’m still thinking positive. It will be JMac, Steve and Vanessa playing against Austin and Julia for HOH.

      • I told you earlier it would go Meg, James, Liz order of eviction. And it’s still looking that way.

      • That is still quite possible. If Steve or Johnny Mac wins HOH then, Vanessa or Steve or Johnny Mac (whoever is not the past HOH) wins back to back HOHs, they can evict Austin and Liz, leaving just Julia in the Big Brother House with Johnny Mac, Steve and Vanessa. Johnny Mac and Steve can then, take over the game and go to Final 2. That is assuming, Steve or Johnny Mac win HOH that week.

  3. This DE business is stressful. I want James/JMac to get through this week. A JMac HOH win and a James POV win would be amazing.

    • Unfortunately they will have to get through at least 2 weeks but that’s what you get for being Dumb & Dumber. And Vanessa is Dumbest… why? Because she didn’t command D&D to flip the House by Evicting Julia.

      • James and Meg has an alliance of convenience with Austin, Liz and Julia. I would not trust those two one bit. I am glad they are gone from the game. Steve and Johnny Mac joining up with Vanessa is smart for their game. They have atleast, a fair shot of taking out Austin, Liz, Vanessa, Julia from the Big Brother House. Vanessa needs Steve and Johnny Mac because she is odd woman out with Austin, Liz and Julia and cannot win with those three. The trio of Vanessa, Steve and Johnny Mac has a good shot a winning HOHs. If they win HOH back to back, the Austwins are done.

      • You would not trust those two (James/Meg), Vanessa (cohort of Austwins) puts out Meg and Austwins (Liz) puts out James BUT you don’t trust James & Meg?

        Joining up w/Vanessa is smart for their game, don’t you mean her game since they will be doing her dirty work? I know you wrote that before HoH was decided but Steve won it and tells Van he’s going to put up the Twins, guess who she doesn’t want to go up… Julia and guess who gets to do Vanessa dirty work? And I think Van has Liz as the target.

        Off BBNet… Vanessa gets Steve alone. Steve is considering putting the twins up
        together. Vanessa says that’s a bad idea. Steve worries about Julia
        winning the Veto, saving Liz, and then the twins control the vote.
        Vanessa says she could convince Julia to not use it. Vanessa applies
        pressure by assuring Steve that John agrees with putting up Austin and
        Liz together.

        I do not like Vanessa but if she pulls ALL this off and gets to F2 I’m giving her the money and I’m not happy about it unless she gives it away to charity & some of HGs otherwise she’s a villain who played the game the best. Oh God, I hope tinalee (Van’s buddy) doesn’t see this. LOL.

    • I don’t have that option I don’t think. But the other poster is right. These people are the dumbest group of people I’ve ever seen. So avoiding the exercise in futility that is me rooting for any of them is probably a good idea. LOL

  4. eagerly awaiting for tonights results! :)
    I live on the west coast is therefore I will be checking back here shortly! I can’t wait lol & regardless of being “Team Vanessa” I won’t be upset if she is evicted. like I have said since the beginning of the season, I always want the winner of big brother to be someone who is not only deserving (by playing the game!) but also someone who really needs the money and to know the money is going to go to a good cause, much like Derrek last season! :-) :-) AND even though I know if Vanessa wins that she will give a lot of the money to the charities she is a part of, I would like to see James win. Jmac is a fan favorite, funny, and has won some competitions he is a dentist therefore I can only assume he is living comfortably! and even though Vanessa has money and his dislike by some people, she is most deserving of the money when it comes to gameplay! but, it’s been pretty easy for her because everyone in the house for the most part has been playing the game like they are at summer camp! so, I really want to see james win it! but, if Vanessa does win, I know a lot of you will be unhappy but you can be reassured knowing a very large chunk of that money will not only go to your country lol but it will go to people in need of it! Charities! so as much as some of you dislike Vanessa and / or at least dislike the way she is played the game you can be happy for her if she wins because of that!

      • that’s funny you should say that! I have written two novels :-) they are not published, I never took it to that level but I have written 2 & I sometimes don’t understand your replies. Sometimes I think we agree to disagree but other times I am Not sure but you might be jabbing at me? Lol….. Hard to tell on here :-) I do say way too much! trust me, it drives me nuts lol… So, I do apologize for that but then people don’t have to read it :-) what I have to say is really not that important so it can be skipped ♡

      • Yea, nothing malicious. Just seeing how voluminous your post are sometime (ok, most of the time), so make me think writing come easy to you.

      • lol….. And that is exactly why I do say so much, so it’s very clear what I am saying :-) but, I agree that 99% of my posts/ reply and comments are way too long. :-)
        thank God for talk to text lol
        but I do thank you because you are one of the (few) people who I have chatted back and forth with since the very beginning and regardless if we see eye to eye or not, you keep it friendly! so, again from the bottom of my heart I do really appreciate it! You have made it fun for me :-)
        I have even had a few people who asked to become friends on Facebook, nothing wrong with making a few random strangers as friends lol… Okay I’m babbling again lol

      • She’s probably written the equivalent of 2 novels with her comments on this site alone.

        Just joking I read her reply to you below… LOL.

    • Unfortunately for “Team Vanessa”, she made a major mistake tonight by not having JMac/Steve take out Julia, their 2 votes + James would have evicted Julia and flipped the House in Steve/JMac/Vanessa’s favor. Now she’s relegated to F4 & out of the House… she could possibly get to F3 & out but that’s the same banana.

  5. Well, if James goes tonight, the only thing to look forward to is watching them pick each other off and listening to the twins whine about it. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Jmac and Steve target each other before the twins.

  6. and Meg is on our left….where each eliminated house guest has sat this year… we know she is gone….

  7. Austin and the twins should have figured out that Vanessa is working with JMac when she wouldn’t nominated.

    • I agree. Watching Steve makes me physically ill. And I do not usually get in to this show this much.

  8. They always show this every week about flipping the votes. They want the viewers not to know who’s really going home. Too bad so many people watch the feeds and know what’s going on. You don’t have me fooled CBS.

    • Same ole on Survivor, you can be 95% sure they are leading you down the wrong path, most of us know & like you said you’re not fooling us… fool me once shame on you… fool me twice shame on you again!!! No, shame on me.

    • I couldn’t either. I would have hugged James and just walked out. This is also why I would be terrible at the game.

      • Oh gosh, not sure how much of Vanessa I could take. She would have cried a lot with me telling her to stop talking. My stomach would be weak having to be near Austin.

  9. Stop defending the ugly dentist you idiots who post here. Get a life you morons and stop going for that freak.

  10. Oh hell. We know James isn’t winning this shiz. Bye James. I may stop watching after you’re gone.

  11. Van is in the best shape in the house. Both of her alliances will go after James, no her. She even looks calm. Damn! Bye Janes. Luv ya!

    • Oh, I think they just boarded the train to the Jury House. Dumb & Dumber are close. Just a matter of deciding who goes first… if one of them don’t win HoH, I’m sure we can ask Vanessa who’s ticket she punches first. What use are they to her if they can’t win a measly comp for her?

      • Probably? I tend to think she feels JMac will do her biding w/o questioning her and Steve won’t so if she’s used up all of Steve’s usefulness it’s “Thank you, sir… your ticket is for the next stop, the Jury House”.

      • G, Steve pulled out the win for HOH because he truly wants to beat Vanessa at her game. He doesn’t see her as mommy, but a worthy challenger.

      • We’ll see, if that’s the case she goes OTB but maybe more likely a BD of Vanessa is the best bet, he won’t be getting her vote from Jury so he might as well stab her in back really good.

        I hate to say it but could the HGs be due for Pandora Box? If so they might put it off until next HoH, b/c no way in hell would Steve use it, he doesn’t have the cojones and probably thinks he has it under control. Maybe they’ll just turn it into a twist instead that happens if he likes it or not.

  12. John and Steve. Biggest disappointments of the season. And people still want to give John money for AFP? James gets my vote.

    • Eh I’d still vote for John.
      Plus John had Steve who was a liability
      And John couldn’t flip without Steve

    • Actually, Steve and Johnny Mac playing way better than James who made dumb moves most times. Steve, Johnny Mac and Vanessa vs Austin and Julia for the next HOH. Time to get rid of LIz then, Austin, then, Vanessa then, Julia. Steve and Johnny Mac still have a shot at Final 2!

      • The trio of Austin, Liz and Julia are still intact. Vanessa needs Steve and Johnny Mac to take them out. She might even let them win the next HOH if she had the chance. That way, she does not have blood on her hands but, Austin and Liz can be taken out. Of course, Steve and Johnny Mac can turn on Vanessa because it is their best move!


  14. Geez, I didn’t see the twins doing so well in this kind of comp. I wonder if Steve, Austin and John really wanted to win

  15. I guess in the other universe where Julia is voted out Liz still wins HOH and the results are probably the same

    • Actually it would have given the other side from Austwins a fighting chance b/c the Austwins would be no longer be 3 but 2 & the “other side” would be up 1 body. But James still goes in the DE even w/o Julia’s POV because Austin/Liz were next in line & they don’t change the noms either.

    • They will be because Liz would go after them for revenge. Evicting Meg was still the smart move for them. Stick with Vanessa and strike when they win HOH which could be the next HOH. Liz cannot play for HOH leaving Austin and Julia versus Vanessa, Johnny Mac and Steve. Perfect time to go after the trio when they are vulnerable.

      • You can’t put Vanessa with JMac & Steve, she only on that side IF one of them wins. We have no idea who’s side she’s on were she to win HoH, she may throw it so we don’t know yet.

    • WHAT? Where did you hear that bologna? They also decided they would split the money they win… so I’m sure Julia said “like hell you’re self-evicting”.

  16. The time to get Vanessa out was before. Now I believe the Austwins must be separated first, and can’t happen tonight. Still disagreeing with Meg’s no regrets.

  17. There is a hell and it is inside the BB house. James winning two in a row is very slim, but come on James win this Veto.

  18. Look at Johns face. He just realized how low he is in the game. I bet he saw Liz talking to Steve. Should have voted out Liz. That is the one thing he could have done good in the game. James will leave tonight, but unless John wins next ahoy, he’s gone. Van will betray him to save herself, and he won’t be yucky go it up then.

  19. It defies credibility
    that these house guests did not split up the twins earlier in the season.

  20. Steve, I crown you America’s Least Favorite. No vote necessary. I won’t make fun of you because you obviously have issues but don’t we all? You are smart enough to know you are stupid. Big let down after all the build up. I am ready for you to go home Steve.

  21. If one of them comes down, hopefully James, then up goes Steve. Heartbreaking vote for Vanessa if JMAC and Steve are on the block.

  22. gonna turn the off and let yall tell me the bad that happens….NOTHING good gonna happen the rest of the season

    • I agree, I usually don’t quit watching anything show even I’m bored but this one is just that bad

  23. This’ll be the last season a pair of twins makes it in the house if they figure it out ahead of time.

  24. This can’t be scripted…’d have to be a lousy writer to write this crap….

  25. Liz…get that big monkey Austin out! You would be a hero and isn’t that why you are here…fame and fortune in one shot. Never will happen but would be awesome.

  26. I want James to win POV but I know its a long, long shot.

    James winning is worse case for Vanessa.

  27. *sigh* I have little to no hope yet.
    This has been a pretty bad season

    I really think Vanessa’s gonna runaway with the mulah

    • Like you, I am so sick of the 3 and Van. The end was told tonight. I don’t like the twins. They are so rude and ugly talking. Austin is an awful jerk. He gives me the creeps. I would want Van to win if she wasn’t lying to us. I don’t care how much they lie to each other. That is BB, but to act like she never lies. That they are awful to her. She has ruled this game from the first. Lying to us makes her stupid in my opinion. I have watched every season of BB but I’m have no desire to watch the rest. Johnny is going. My favorite. Then Steve. I like him but he is sooooo afraid of making a move. To me, Steve was a waste. I have had people in the past win when I don’t think they should have but this year is too much.

      • Barb, could not agree more… the only possible victory would be Vanessa winning, I say ‘puke’ b/c if she wins the money it’s her’s to do what she wants even if she already has millions in the bank, who knows… she could have 4.5M and owe 6M. But were she to give it or most to charity that would make the season worth wild, as least in my eyes and maybe she could use some of it to get those ‘crazy eyes’ fixed. LOL.

    • They could give the all the money to Austwins now and save us all the trouble of having to watch the rest of this season. Vanessa might talk them into giving it to her though, the Austwins that is.

  28. I’m so done with this season, I’m beginning to believe it when people say it’s rigged, Freaking Liz wins HOH again, I think BB wants one of the twins to win this thing so people will see how well the twins twist was a hit, this was one of the worst seasons, BORING .

    • Or maybe the dumb hg’s shouldn’t have left a trio. Did you see BB Can. where Jillian and Emmett run the table. A trio has even better odds of running a table than a showmance.

  29. BB must of bought Austin a pair of shoes. Maybe his dirty funky feet started to make them as sick as the rest of us. There’s nothing to say about the game because that many people can’t be that dumb. Vanessa should start a cult.

    • Oh crap, is her last name Mason? I knew I’d seen those ‘eyes’ before. LOL. Go check out ‘Charlie Mason’ on the internet.

  30. If vanessa doesnt think she is In trouble, she is an idiot. The triplets run the house and she is at the bottom of AustDevils.

    • The thing that can save her is Dumb & Dumber win a couple HoHs for her. Her winning in her mind won’t work she needs them to do her dirty work.

  31. Well. This season is over. Nothing more to see here. Just give Vanessa or Liz the money and be done with it.

  32. These people realize the point of this game is to WIN, not hand $500k over to someone you didn’t know a couple of months ago, right?

    • Ha-ha apperantly they do not since the only person who seems focused on the prize is Vanessa

  33. With James out all my faves have gone home.I am out guys, call me if JMac wins HOH/POV next otherwise I am not going to stick around to watch him be evicted. It’s been real, I will see you on finale night.

  34. The only person now that can take out Vanessa is John… Least we know his head isnt up her @$$

  35. James going out is perfect for Vanessa. She keeps her other alliance and I think all 3 of them now realize it may be really hard to beat the Austwins the rest of the way. Vanessa will go to work now trying to separate Austin from the twins.

  36. Great. All my favourite hgs are out now. So disappointed that James never won. Julia,use the veto on James and Liz renom vanessa!!!!

    • Well since everyone is working with Van. Its not gonna happen CBS has nothing to do with it

      • cbs has everything to do with it, what show are you watching? it was CLEARLY rigged tonight. did you not see the veto comp?

      • yes they practiced, but cbs told them how to play it. as long as john, james and steve screw it up, didnt matter which nasty player won.

      • Haven’t yet I came here looking for a alternative way to watch (football pre-emption) but I don’t need to. It’s funny how when someone you like wins, they’re a great player,but if they lose, well that’s all production rigging the results. I’ve been watching Big Brother since season 3 and I hear this every year. Although I do joke about production tweaking things here and there,it is not rigged…and I will and have said that EVEN when people I like leave the game( Helen was NOT pushed).

      • helen was pushed. she tapped the wall and bb crew knocked to tell her to leave, you can clearly tell. and no matter what, even if someone i like wins, it is still rigged. right now, its just not rigged in the way america wants to see it.

      • I saw that video of a hand pushing Helen’s ankle off the pedestal so, she was pushed. Funny thing is in Storage Wars, Dave Hester sued alleging the producers planted valuables in the lockers. The judge sided saying A & E had creative license to do as they pleased because after all, it was a show.
        What about The Bachelor or The Bachelorette? It is all bogus because on every date, they make out with their dates. Is that normal at all? Does that happen in real life? And of all the couples in the finale, maybe, 3 couples in all the seasons are still together. A number of the guys are obvious players who are in it for their 2 minutes of fame.

  37. It was the worst. When Derrick was playing, you tuned in every week to see how he was going to maneuver someone into doing his bidding with them never knowing he was the mastermind. This season, it’s trying to stomach Vanessa’s bullying and crying and general emotional instability and how she’s going to use the collective stupidity of the others to do something completely irrational and detrimental to their game. Now I practically have to keep a bucket by the couch to throw up in. I hate to disagree with Matt but Vanessa will NEVER be able to hold a candle to Derrick. This is just the most pathetic and painful season.

  38. What blood on your hands? They really need to study/watch the game before entering the house.

    • Interested to find out what Steve was saying about the twins making the biggest mistake yet in the House.

      Wait, until him or JMac are out next week if neither win HoH to find out the mistake they made not voting Julia out instead of Meg. The last laugh will belong to the twins-ah.

  39. Same old, same old…#overbigbrother, #scripted, #bullieswinagain….were is the diversity?????

  40. Julia just said, “Don’t want to get blood on my hands.” – seriously? I get that that’s the quote of the season. But Girrrlll, you don’t have a tiny little speck of blood anywhere on you. LMAO. You’ve done nothing.

  41. *Claps Slowly~… Thanks CBS for another Predictable Season and the failed attempt of trying to improve this season! We really appreciate it! ^_^

    • Well, thanks to James and Meg Vanessa is still in the house and they are gone so in a way they got what their games deserved.

      • They were lucky to have lasted as long as they did but, it was more a combination of luck and throwing Becky and Johnny Mac under the bus and blowing up their games as well. In the end, there were nobody left to save them. Just like Helen did to those on her side and she got evicted just the same and never had a chance to win.

  42. If BB can’t find real fans to play this game then maybe its time to end the series. As much as I love this show I cannot go through another season of this. Its just too disappointing. Its season 15 all over again with Andy the rat winning.

    • The only reason Andy won over Gina Marie is because she made racial slurs and the huge negative backlash meant majority of the jurors were not going to vote for Gina Marie even if she played the better game compared to Andy. Her racist remarks cost her $450,000 and her job to boot. She and Aaryn kept quiet and stopped the racial slurs but, the damage had been done!

  43. Can we replace Allison and bring in a new producer … The last couple of seasons have been subpar

    • I second that. this season is starting to become the most predictable and worst season yet, I am reading many are canceling their live feeds. I’ll wait for the drama, but if it doesn’t come after the next HOH. it won’t ever come, then I’ll opt out.

  44. “I don’t wanna get any more blood on my hands…”

    WHAT BLOOD?! You’re not your sister, Julia! You haven’t done anything in this game up until this moment!

  45. I know I’m facing the firing squad for this but…I love Vanessa. That’s how you play Big Brother. What a competitor (admittedly, manipulative and paranoid, but whatever, it’s a game).

    • Steve sucks. I realize now he is just following everyone else afraid to play the game. For a week there I thought he was coming out to play but apparently not.

  46. Time to cancel my subscription for the live feeds. I cannot watch the twins and Vanessa anymore.

      • Look one may be a slut and both are mean but they aren’t bad looking, I don’t want to say why I think you all are saying that, just b/c you don’t like them for some reason which I’m definitely not going to say what that reason is.

      • Sometimes you can meet the most attractive men (for me) and they have no manners, make crass comments, brag and lack refinement. It’s very difficult to find them appealing after that. Other times, someone who is average looking becomes more attractive when they possess positive attributes. The twins aren’t bad looking (they have nice skin), but their whole package/behavior is a turnoff. I’m sure you and I are looking at them from different points of view. Do you understand what I’m saying?

      • Absolutely and I totally agree… I’ll just add that I don’t believe they are a total turnoff and guys will tend to give a pretty girl more lack but even a slight turnoff isn’t going to last.

        From my point of view, they have similarities but Liz is a got my guy wrapped around my little finger (by any means), Julia is more sincere and less phony… but hell-a, I don’t know-ah that for sure, just my impression.

      • While reading your response, it crossed my mind what if Sasquatch had set his sights on Julia instead of Liz, and she rebuffed his advances. Also, how would this season have played out if there was no grossmance. Your POV is completely understood, and all kinds of variables…gender, age, etc, play into that.

  47. I am done watching this show for the 3 seasons I have been very disappointed because the lack of big game moves.

      • Still don’t think that was THAT strong of a move. I think Shelli and Vanessa could’ve been what could’ve gotten them to claw at each other for a few more days and finally break them up. But you put a strong player Shelli against a weak and why wasn’t it easy to see that V and Austwins will want to keep strong player so that they can keep winning HOH’s. DUMMMMB. But you put V vs. shelli and you guarantee a strong player going home and potentially split up the group.

    • The biggest move was the one by Becky which got Shelli evicted. It cost her plenty with the betrayal by James, Jackie and Meg. I am glad the Goblins are all out now. Now, it is time of the big moves.
      Rooting for Johnny Mac or Steve to win the next HOH and go after Austin and Liz then, Vanessa then, Julia for a Final 2 of Steve and Johnny Mac. That would be awesome.

    • this has been a very disappointing season, I agree! Everyone for the most part has acted as so they have been at summer camp!
      Love or hate Vanessa atleast she’s playing the game and have played it since day one!

      • Captain555, I think by now I have learnt most people disagree with me on pretty much everything in regards to this season lol I can live with it :-) you know I never take it to the next level and start insulting people because they do not agree with me. it’s all in good fun, it’s just unfortunate some people like confrontation but that’s nothing new! ♡

      • I agree with you but, I am rooting for a Steve and Johnny Mac Final 2. For now, they have to stick with Vanessa to target Austin, Liz and Julia. It is in their interest to remove the big threats on the other side.

      • Gosh, Tina… you’ve said that as many times as Vanessa has said “blood on my hands”. LOL. With all her F2 deals out there & the “blood on her hands” she’s close to going bye-bye.

        I don’t give her/JMac/Steve much chance in getting rid of Austwins… they could have started w/Julia but passed it up, that was extremely bad play that could be fatal. And it should have been a BD of Liz anyway to be a BIG MOVE.

  48. Everyone here complaining it’s rigged and unfair….I’m sorry everyone had the exact same chances to win these comps. They even threw in more endurance to try to balance the power to the other side. Fact of the matter is that the other HGs just suck. Sixth Sense took advantage of the Twin Twist, controlled the first half of the game. And then looking at HOH wins whether it be questions or endurance, the remaining members won most of them and controlled the evictions.

    I hate how Big Brother has now become such a charity to some people. Just because they’re your favourite houseguest or most loved houseguest doesn’t mean they will win. It’s not who needs the money the most or America’s favourite…It’s who played the best game….

    • I hate this season but I don’t think it’s rigged. I think we just had the majority of players coming for summer camp and about 2 actually playing the game (Vanessa and Shelli). Audrey pretty much gave up. Imagine Audrey vs. Vanessa. Or if Shelli and V ended up on opposite sides. Instead of Vanessa playing everyone’s game and the rest of them waiting for eviction.

      • I was not a big Shelli fan but she was a great player. Would’ve killed for her to come back into the house!

      • I would’ve loved to see that play out! Shelli Vs. Vanessa would’ve been so epic. Or even Audrey if she didn’t just lay dead when she got busted.

      • I liked Becky better and I think she could have given Van a run for the money. But Audrey she’s more whacko than Vanessa.

    • Yes. Your side has to win comps in order to make it through. James’ side lost 5 HOH comps in a row–and the only veto win was his own that pushed his eviction to 10 tonight instead of 9:15. He needed more help and didn’t get it. 2 veto wins and 2 HOH’s from one person is enough if your alliance helps out when you need to win. They didn’t–so game over

  49. This season totally sucks! I hate the twins, Austin the Big nothing, Vanessa the muppet and Steve the forever lonely mama’s boy! I only have Johnny Mac left. I’m not watching anymore.

  50. Everyone else who is left in the house is stupid and idiotic. There is no reason to keep watching the show anymore.

  51. this is the most disappointing season i have watched. You know what is going to happen before the voting even starts.

  52. Did I miss something? Haven’t the twins been saying that they needed to get out JMac and that he was their main target? They were in complete power just now and could have sent him home, but sent home James instead. Are they playing their own game or Vanessa’s?

      • If you watched BBAD last night you would have seen Vanessa explaining the game to the twins. They were taking notes! Not really but they didn’t question anything she said.

      • Sigh…Maybe Vanessa should win after all. Even though she is making the right moves so far for her game, I just don’t like how she’s playing the game. However, I can’t find another player that would be worthy. Liz has been winning comps at a crucial time for the Austwins, but if she’s taking notes from Vanessa, she’s not really playing her game. Big Brother is more of a mental competition so whoever used their noggin the most should win.

    • Almost everybody’s been playing Vanessa’s game all season, and those who weren’t got sent packing early.