Big Brother 17: Double Eviction Comp Preview Practice [PICS]

Big Brother delivered a surprise for the BB17 Houseguests with a new toy to keep them busy on Wednesday afternoon. That toy was a rough draft of an upcoming competition, presumably an HoH comp for after tonight’s Double Eviction.

Update: This turned out to be the Veto comp in tonight’s DE. Interesting!

HGs practice for an upcoming HoH comp
HGs practice for an upcoming HoH comp – Source: CBS All Access

All of the HGs were encouraged to participate in the practice rounds, including Vanessa, the current HoH. That should be a good bit of a tip off about the upcoming DE, but the HGs can’t be sure of anything until Big Brother tells them it’s happening.

In past seasons we’ve seen HGs get a practice comp that was then used for the late night HoH battle after the Double Eviction was over. This could be for part of the live show, but I’m guessing it’s the second one of the night while the first HoH comp is a Q&A since those are more controllable in their duration.

This challenge required HGs to roll a ball up a curved ramp while avoiding having it fall off the sides before it turned the bend and landed in a gutter at the far end. Some HGs thought there may be numbered buckets and they’ll have to target days and events with those numbers. Interesting idea, but it was just a guess.

Later we heard some HGs mention that both James and John did well during their practice turns, but it’s so hard to tell what the final product will be and how the stress of competition will impact their performance. We’ll have to wait and see how it turns out but in the meantime you can preview the upcoming comp in the pictures below or Flashback on your Live Feeds (Free Trial) to 9/2 at 1:20 PM BBT to watch them in action.

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  1. I really hope this is for the HOH that takes place late at night. If the HOH for the double eviction is a mental comp, I think Steve or John can win. Then hopefully chaos ensues.

    The crap shoot HOH’s are tough. Julia could luck herself into a win. Barf.

      • Joni, wouldn’t you love to hear the garbage V would spew at the Jurors about how she got evicted? She’ll put her own spin on it and give them wrong info to sway their votes. Wonder how she will blame it on James being a “bully” or “dirty player” to Becky and Jackie?

      • Of course she’ll have to add in, “you all were the stupid ones following me to your doom!” I don’t think she’ll be able to take failure well. hahahaha

      • Wrong! If you’re guessing, bcuz u don’t know that or her. And it’s sooo true she ran that house. Werk! V girl hahaha

      • If Vanessa is evicted, she will b devastated & emotional. I can see V chatting it up, by analyzing everything/every1 till jurors r sick. But Van recognizes game and when her game is over. What I’m saying is V can lose graciously, despite what many think. Remember winners ‘s know how to win, and take a loss like a champ. I don’t see Van being bitter at all, or will need to be in a F2 spot hah!

      • She cannit do that because sge has to take the Dvd to Jury house when she leaves, she cannit spin a thing

  2. Forget practice. Its a completely different when the real thing comes around, especially if they get only one shot each round and everything is on the line.

    And if there are numbers at the end of that ramp then it becomes more luck that skill. The ramp is too long to predict accurately where the ball will land, especially if a low number is right next to a high number.

      • Ya, why would the twins even care, and they wont win HoH, he didn’t make a deal with Austin so Austin cud still target him. Unless I missed something.

      • The twins thought he was already going to vote for Julia to stay until he talked to them then. Ooops!

  3. I’m confused, so Liz has OCD(doesn’t like messes)
    Liz looks like a raccoon( the eyes mostly)
    But doesn’t raccoons LOVE messes or smelly garbage
    So basically Liz loves smelly garbage but not messes
    Get the joke? like this comment.

  4. This is the first time in awhile im excited to watch bb tonight. I hope im not disappointed. Seems like the house guests take the easiest way out.i don’t understand these ppl it’s a GAME, your there to win not make friends! !!!!!

  5. Vanessa said she wanted to make a big move with her third HOH but Meg is not a big move. Hopefully James will win the HOH, nominate Austin and Vanessa and if one of them wins the veto, then renom Liz. Then there would be 2 votes for Liz/Austin and 2 votes for Vanessa with James breaking the tie. Then hopefully Jmac wins the second HOH and nominates whichever of the Austwins remain, either Austin & Julia or Julia and Liz. It seems to me that no one except for Becky and James made any big moves. They are all clueless, especially Steve. The Austwins and Vanessa think that everyone loves them and they are going to be famous after BB but they are so wrong. I hope that James and Jmac make it to the final 2 but they are both going to have to play hard and work together.

    • By Van’s way of thinking, her targeting James and now Meg was a big move, eliminating a duo couple! Whatever!

      • True but her thinking is a little screwed up. I could see James as a target but not Meg especially when she could have gone after the Austwins.

      • She called them a “power couple”. LOL. All of that is BS of course. She is covering for what she is really doing. She is preparing to target Austin and the twins. The only thing I do not understand is why it matters if Meg is there or not. At this point I think Vanessa is just being spiteful and personal.

      • It is absolutely personal at this point! Neither Julia nor Meg are comp threats, so Vanessa just wants to isolate James. Of course, she UNDERESTIMATED James and thinks she’ll pull him in once Meg is gone. Can’t wait to see him GO OFF on her!!! #HilbillyAsianFTW

      • She’ll never target Austwins directly. She’ll have JMac or Steve do it for her. If James(hopefully not) goes, you will see her throw the next 2 HOH’s minimum. Maybe even three or four. If something changes in the house and it forces her to publicly out which side she’s on, she’s sticking with Austin and the twins 100 pct.

      • She wants Jameg out of the house badly. She’s still peeved that Austin protected them two weeks ago. She’s jealous that they have taken Austin away from her. She won’t be satisfied until James is out the door. I believe for her, it is more important to get out James before Austwins.

  6. I have a feeling if Steve does flip, he’s planning to blame it on JMac and Austin. JMac said he wouldn’t mind shouldering the blame! LOL

  7. Hopefully James or Jmac can win hoh,and then go after Vanessa or the twins and it will b good and fast since it’s double elimination and Vanessa won’t have time to put her stupid spell on anyone ad to where she talks all the talk but means absolutely nothing just pure confusion,and if that doesn’t happen then take out liz the idiot. Also can’t stand steve he is almost as gross as stinky Austin with no grooming ability it always looks like he just got out of bed and when he try to talk game he’s constantly touching his face and beard and picking his nose,gross. I see this mostly on bb after dark. Please please Big Brother do a better screening job next season and don’t pick slovenly dumb retarded idiots like you did this year, thank you.

  8. So Vanessa sits there and tells Steve that she is an “expert” in game theory so that is why keeping Julia is the best choice. Best choice for who Vanessa? YOU of course. Why can’t any of these people see that Vanessa is using them to win and she could care less about any of them. If JAMC or Steve want to win, THEY need to vote Julia out, Vanessa wants her in F2 with her, NOT you Steve, not you JMAC. You have the power to help yourself win.

    • Because this seasons houseguests are clueless. They all made so many alliances with each other, especially Vanessa and Austin that they can’t keep them straight. And they seem to treat everything Vanessa says as the truth. She is a professional poker player who can play people and she is doing a great job with these houseguests but I still don’t think she’d win if she were in the final 2.

      • She will win the same way Andy won. She will evict the twins and Austin. That 3 votes. JMac and Steve will vote for her too. That’s 5. I think Shelli and Becki will vote for her as well. Once they are in the jury they forget the stuff that went on in the house. Andy abused Alyssa and Helen the most yet they both voted for him to win over GinaMarie. If Vanessa is there at the end with Julia she will win unanimously. If she is there with Steve, she will win because she has told him what to do this entire game and he let her.

        Vanessa will lose to Jmac or James which is why she has to get them out of the house. She may also lose to Austin or Liz so she will get them out too.

      • All the cross alliances are worth a $3 bill once certain people win HOH or veto. In addition to bad and clueless gameplay like you suggested, I’ve been surprised(not in a good way) about the lack of guts and fortitude in general from most people. James certainly doesnt that description, but I think everybody else left in the house does. It’s like everybody left besides James is promising not to target each other for next week. What happens if he wins HOH–or better yet, wins the veto? Then someone will actually have to do something and break one of the 1000 phony deals in the house. Ridiculous

    • I said this about six weeks ago: every time V tells a HG what’s best for his or her game, that HG should think “and what’s in this for YOU, Vanessa?” But no, they continue to think of V as their loving mommy who only wants what’s best for them. Just sickening.

      • Exactly, they never think of her true agenda. They take her word as the truth, then go off and do what she wants them to do. They don’t think twice, and if they do, they get scared it will make her mad and they fall back in line. So pathetic.

      • Ya lol, they know it’s a lie, but they don’t care, they just smile and run a long and do exactly what she wants, its mind blowing.

      • Yes it happen the other day when she is explaining to Meg the reason for her move and James was also there…she’s BSing and at one point she said the the two are a strong alliance…and Meg gives her a funny look…that’s when Meg or James should have said what about the Austwins…call her out on her BS…don’t let her get away with it.

    • If Vanevil wins and I think she has a good chance with these monkeys….can you imagine her shooting off at the mouth on how she played these sheep and steered them over the cliff.. her ego will be so big…that she can’t get through the door.

  9. Talk about a $500,000 MISTAKE, Steve! How ON EARTH can you still be letting Vanessa run your game, after the way she’s treated you the WHOLE time?!?!? So disappointed in the alleged “fan.” :'(((( </3 for my JaMeg!

    • He said to himself last night this was the best move for Vanessa and not for him. Steve really needs to cut the cord with her if he wants to win. She will throw him under the bus the first time she has to.

      • Couldn’t agree with you more! He KNOWS it’s the best move for HIS game AND JMac’s and yet he can’t just DO IT. I don’t understand ANYONE who can’t stand on their own 2 feet!

      • She is his surrogate mother in the house, scolding him when he does something she doesn’t like and guiding him when he doesn’t know what to do. Plane and simple.

    • She plays him like a fiddle…asking for his strategic opinions and in the same breath brow beating him if he tries to steer off her intended path…he is pathetic and really got to this point because he played half his game in anonymity.

  10. We may not have to wait long before Steve finds out he made a mistake by keeping Julia in the house. They are already talking about the possibility that James will win veto. In that case Liz says they will have to break their deal with Steve and put him on the block. At that point it should become crystal clear to two more idiots that they cannot trust Vanessa with their own games. If James wins veto then JMac will go home and it will certainly be Austwins, Steve and Vanessa in F5 and Vanessa and Steve can kiss their games goodbye. At F5 the Austwins only have to win veto to evict either Steve or Vanessa. Then at F4 Vanessa has to win veto or she goes home.

    Steve never considered the possibility of James winning veto if he does not win HoH. He never covered that with the twins – he should have.

    • He’s to dumb, Vanessa wasn’t there to talk game, and he can’t so he’s just screwing himself at every turn. He wont make it past F4/F5 with the Austwins and Vanessa, he could very well make it to F4 with James, JMac and Meg(I’d see one maybe falling out early if they got out Julia then another during the DE). He’s the 5th person on a totem poll with Austin’s Angels, or a legit partner with JMac to get tot he F4 then F2.

      • I think he’d have a great shot at F2 with JMac if he turns on Julia this week. James and Meg are not good enough to beat him and JMac in any comps.

      • Yup, but he’s just listening to his surrogate mom(Vanessa) and following right in line with what he is told like ‘mama’s special little man’.

      • That’s of course if Meg gets to stay. If not, Julia may win this 2nd HoH…she played better than anyone else at practice!

  11. I know this is the obvious consensus here already, but I really can’t get over Steve’s lack of balls and common sense. He knows that it’s best for his game to vote Julia out, but instead has to go to Vanessa and just do what he’s told to do by her. How stupid is he going to the twins and asking them if he’s safe? As someone else pointed out, he’s already going to be a renom target for the Austwins if James wins veto. But to me, that doesn’t even matter. There is so few people left in this game that unless one member of that trio is taken out, they will continue to control the vote and have the best odds at winning the remaining HOH and veto comps!

      • It’s absolutely ridiculous isn’t it? How much of a puppet he is for her… This has been the only season that week after week whoever the HOH wanted out, the houseguests would simply comply with. WITH THE EXCEPTION of course (the irony) of the week that Becky targeted Vanessa, and they voted out the other nominee!

      • I mean what happened to the actual idea that people can vote for either nominee? It’s not the HOH’s decision.

      • They all gotta do what Vanessa wants, or she will use that same strategy of getting the house to all vote one way, to get them out. It’s pathetic, but it’s what’s happening this season.

        It was funny seeing Meg last night say something like ‘It’s funny how 3 weeks ago we voted to keep her’ or w/e she said. No sh*t, you kept her and you have all been picked off one after the other, and you kept sitting there smiling abut it.

      • It’s really frustrating for us fans.. if Vanessa was likeable it wouldn’t be so bad, but I really can’t stand to look at her on my TV anymore. WHINEWHINEWHINE!

      • Ya she hadn’t been quite as bad the past two weeks until (I didn’t see it, just read it) that she went off on James I guess because he did the same thing as JMac, said he didn’t like the bulling and crying or w/e and she blew and started crying or something. Like it’s one thing to play the game and throw some morals and integrity out, but it’s another to just be a complete trashbag and have no self respect or integrity at all.

        More than anything I want to see her and the Auatwins get boo’d when (if) they leave.

      • Last night’s show was a look at the real Vanessa in there. She’s gotten VERY favorable edits to this point, but not this time. All the lying, nonsense excuses, and all the other crazy stuff she does was on full display. It wouldn’t be so bad if she owned up to what she’s doing, but I actually think she’s starting to believe her own lies which just cycle into all the other emotional breakdowns–irrational anger at James on the show last night is a perfect example.

  12. BB needs to get the fans involved more. We are not getting decent game from the house so maybe let us help steer them in the direction we want. I get that this is not a popularity contest but it is entertainment. I find it less entertaining when the bad guys win. Give us a shot once in a while to alter the course of the game by forcing a big move or house flip. Let us vote the nominees via a pandora’s box.

    • On previous seasons, didn’t America get to vote for things like Have-Not additional food, etc.? Also, didn’t Julia promise us the most “twists” ever?

      • Come to think of it, this season is analogous to simple “Draw” poker, as opposed to other seasons being more like “Night/Day Baseball” poker.

        My bad…This season is “Follow the Queen” poker!!!

      • BB is still giving the HN’s extra food (pickles, Dots, Fun Dips come to mind.) I agree with Prince’s post that viewers should be involved somehow.

  13. What would make me feel good tonight watching BB! James winning DE HOH or veto and watch the rest of them squirm. If not the DE HOH then the one after. What would be even sweeter, one of the twins wins HOH, preferably Julia, and John or Steve goes home.

  14. Maybe it will be for Veto, hense the reason they encouraged Vanessa to practice. Or they were trying to drop a hint about DE, which with this cast they should know until it happens right in front of their face they don’t get nothing.

    • His mom is a big BB fan. She even wanted to audition, I know she has got to be saying he’s an idiot if he doesn’t flip the vote. But in Jokers Van already sort of threatened him that he better not do something like that without telling her, and he basically said “yes mommy Van” . It’s not gonna happen, and Julia is going to win. James is gone tonight for sure.

  15. If Steve hasn’t made up his mind yet, Meg is going to go home. He doesn’t have enough time to convince John without interference, since John seems to be on the fence about it for whatever reason……

    Plus they need to talk to James to make sure he doesn’t do something foolish like “vote with the house to evict Meg.

  16. Over on Jokers they are reporting the houseguests drew numbers for a comp….Austin drew first up, James drew last up….not sure how they did this before either Julia or Meg was evicted….

  17. If James wins HOH, I think he should put Steve and JMAC up and then if one wins the VETO put Liz up….let those two knuckleheads sweat…(in Steve’s case, puke)….they need to realize how really stupid they are.

    • Wouldn’t matter because the voting block left of Julia, Austin and Van will not vote her out. That is the danger because no one broke up that strong voting block.

  18. On Jokers it also talked about how good Julia was in the practice comp. she may pull it out. Agghhhh

    • Of course she will…..then tonight, we can all watch Steve mumble about how he should have worn his big boy pants! ugggggg

      • I can’t fathom how CBS gets this spineless wimps to play the game…when he is socially challenged and can’t even make a decision for himself…a total waste of space.

    • Plus, Austin can’t throw the comp as he was wanting to, because he’s not last pick in the comp.

  19. Ooops, Van left Steve alone with his thoughts. He says he might just say “eff it” and flip it. Says he hates to play someone else’s strategy! This after he has made a deal with the twins by asking they not put him up if they win HoH if he votes to keep Julia. Why he felt he had to consult them is beyond me. It’s not in the BB rules handbook that says you have to do that…LOL

  20. Damn wand spell is zapping the wrong person. Have to find another spell to use to wake Steve and JMac up to what’s going on behind their backs!

  21. This season I am really missing some “older” HGs who hopefully would have had the common sense to discern, discover, discredit, diffuse, and discard Vanessa much sooner!

    But I digress!!!

  22. I think once the feeds go down on eviction night, the house guest getting voted out is already locked in. I have a feeling production calls them each into the diary room and asks them to lock in their votes. I may be wrong, but each elimination this year, the eliminated guest was dressed up and the other nominee wasn’t (except last week, because the evictee had to play as a returning houseguest). I think whatever we heard before the feeds went down is how it will play out…which was Steve was too afraid and JMAC was waiting on Steve to commit, so yah, Meg is gone…..,

    • Sadly when Steve’s momma Shelli left the house, Vanessa became his new mommy….he will not vote her out…if somehow this man-child manages to win the entire thing, he really should think of spending a chunk of his earnings on a good therapist!

  23. Steve and JMac should make a deal with James/Meg, and tell Vanessa last minute so she feels “included.”

  24. Is anyone watching BB DE, waiting until like 11:35 grrrr. Leaving this thread to watch w/o spoilers …later

  25. Thoughts??? (& I know this is VERY long, but I would really appreciate if you could read it <<>> and get your feedback!) ♡
    Some of you know me on here as “team Vanessa” I have had friendly debates and conversations with a lot of you! & I thank all of you (most of you) who have been kind to me and respected my opinions! ♡♡♡♡
    This is the first year I have been apart of the discussions on here and for the most part I have enjoyed it a lot and look forward to next year (maybe) :-)
    HOWEVER, just a question. Do you think it is appropriate and acceptable that some people have attacked me personal (some over and over and over again!) and said some pretty mean things to me because I have for the most part (but not always) either defended Vanessa’s personal character outside of the house or I have tried to help people understand the real Vanessa and have tried to make some of the conversations/debates less about attacking someone’s personal character & more about accepting this for what it is, a game! (again, I have not agreed with everything Vanessa has said and done!)
    I have never personally attacked anyone on here whether they agree with me or not, I have never attacked anyone’s personal character on here and I have never personally attacked anyone playing Big Brother this season. I am a big girl :-) I know there are trollers, they’re everywhere! I honestly could care less what someone says about me when they are hiding behind a computer. But for shits and giggles, is it not extremely hypocritical of a selected few of these people who have sought me out to attack me and these people calling me all sorts of names just because I like Vanessa? I am honestly interested in your opinion! like I said, this is my first year partaking in friendly debate or just friendly game talk and for the most part I have enjoyed it, so again thank you to those of you that have made this fun and kept it mature. I am just really debating on whether it’s worth it to even continue talking on here anymore (because I can only imagine the attacks I’m going to get when Vanessa is evicted or when Vanessa wins lol)
    don’t get me wrong, I am Not Afraid lol and I certainly do not take anything seriously nor does it at all effect me personally what people are saying to me, I am just really curious what you all think, is it right? Is it acceptable? And, is it really worth it? Are these people not just as guilty and hypocritical as their views on Vanessa?
    I think the only thing that I have done which is annoying, it annoys me lol is my extremely long posts lol…. Aside from that, I have been very kind and fair and understanding to every single person whether they agree with me or not!!
    Thanks for reading…lol lol lol and I look forward to your replies ♡♡♡ Christina
    PS. I apologize for any errors in this comment, talk to text! Thank God for it but it likes to change words on me!

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