Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Who Won HoH Comp Last Night?

A new Head of Household was crowned last night for Big Brother 17 after an crazy Double Eviction sent two more HGs off to Jury and left us with just six players, one of which is now in charge and guaranteed a spot in the F5 this season.

Julie Chen hosts HoH competition
Julie Chen hosts HoH competition – Source: CBS

The live show left us without a reigning HoH but that was soon resolved on the Live Feeds when we learned the results of who won the late night competition. Ready to see who will be calling the shots this week? Read on for the latest Big Brother spoilers.

Big Brother 17 Week 11 HoH Competition:

  • Steve Moses won HoH!

Houseguests assembled three-dimensional puzzles of former evicted HGs to win.

Heading in to the comp we saw Vanessa working on the twins to be sure to nominate Steve and JMac if Julia won. She wanted Austin to throw it to her, but he later declined. Vanessa helped JMac study while telling him she wasn’t helping anyone else. Then later she briefly studied with Steve and made sure he agreed to not nominate her if he won HoH. She’s covered on all fronts, but her target remains Liz while the twins said they were targeting Steve this week, but now that won’t happen.

So will Steve do what Vanessa wants and put the Austwins up on the Block? She was already preparing them for that just minutes after the comp ended. We’ll know more soon.

Nominations will be announced on Friday afternoon then Veto competition will be held on Saturday before we have a solid idea of who will be the target for eviction.

Be sure to join us on Facebook, Twitter, & by Email Updates so you get all the latest news. Keep watching your Live Feeds to find out who could be going up on the block. Are you excited with the Head of Household this week? Share your thoughts!


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  1. Well I’m glad Steve won, hopefully he sticks to the plan to go after the twins! If not, then they all can go home I don’t care lol

    • Steve gets whats going on and yet wimps out everytime he has a chance to change it. Lets hope this time he ll actually make the right choice. Go home liz!

      • Yes Steve is a wimp! And macho man James (he of the big move) is in jury house.

        Most of you didn’t want a big move from Steve for HIS GAME, you wanted Steve to make a big move to target people YOU don’t like.

      • The biggest threat in this game is the Austwins….period!! They now have a 50% chance to win this. That’s huge in a game like this. So now, instead of being 7th place, Steve’s gonna be 5th? Who cares…you’re still in the jury house and he at least would have been respected for ONE strong move instead of the universal disrespect he’s now getting for his limp playstyle. We’ll see..I could be wrong and Steve might somehow against ALL odds win this. But we’ll see at the finale.

      • Yes I understand now.

        It’s MUCH better to be respected in the jury house and by “fans” of the game than to still have a chance to win $500,000.

        OK sarcasm off.

        First, a serious question. Why does it matter to you that the Austwins have a 50% chance to win the game? In the end, there will only be one winner.

        It FURTHERED Steve’s game to vote out Meg. Speaking strictly statistically (which is what you just did with the Austwin’s odds), Steve has the SAME statistical chance of winning as any of the remaining house guest.

        At this point, LIZ should be the biggest target in the game. She will most likely go on the block with Austin. Steve and JMac will most likely move on to final five. (If Julia wins veto I think Vanessa goes up)

        Steve is finally going to put on his big boy pants, because at this point in the game playing the “little boy” will no longer work.

        Did you happen to notice that he responded to Julie Chen differently last night?

        One last observation.

        Despite all the hand wringing about the Austwins, at this point in the game, it simply comes down to winning comps. The Austwins alliance is no more powerful than any other three person alliance.

        The alliance has been made to appear more powerful because “fans” don’t want to see ANY of the Austwins win the game.

        The truth is JMac, Steve and Vanessa could form the exact same three person alliance. And currently, because Steve is HOH the anti-Austwin alliance has MORE power.

        The Austwins alliance is a paper tiger, eliminate Liz and it’s gone. Poof.

      • No. I wanted him & john to play the game. Less talking more playing. Hes nothing more than julia in this game. Seems hes more concerned with being liked by the cameras & america than interested in playing.

      • Steve and John ARE still playing the game. Mostly like they will still be playing the game in final FIVE.


        At least be honest with yourself!

        YOU wanted them to take out Julia and because they didn’t do it, you’re upset with Steve and John.

      • I want them to play the game. Make a move. Steve needs to stop rocking,talking then listening to everyone else.

      • sangeron James made big moves and he’s out of the game.

        Steve has played himself into a position, that if he continues to win comps, he will have a chance at final two and $500,000.

        Look at final six. Steve has one solid ally (JMac) and one ally of convenience (Vanessa). None of the Austwins should hold their evictions against him (for jury). He is the HOH. He has assured himself final five WITH the ally of his choice.Steve is in a pretty solid position.

        That would seem to me to be a test book definition of “playing the game”.

      • He hasn’t “won” a comp! They’ve all been “thrown” – no one is actually playing this game. They don’t want to win and have to make a decision who goes on the block or who to veto.

      • Why does that make a difference? Steve is not playing for the viewers, he’s playing to win $500,000.

      • I don’t think Steve is playing “his” game. I don’t think he’s playing at all. Now if he would make a move – any move – on his own then it might be interesting. Instead of him just throwing up in the sink at the thought of having to make a decision. Pathetic.

      • If he was “playing the game”, Vanessa would be gone weeks ago. Without her, the Austwins wouldn’t have had the strategy to make it this far. He hasn’t been playing it at all, but rather used it to experience a life he has never known. And kudos to him for it. But he has the working knowledge of how the game is “supposed” to be played, but has refused to play it that way in fear of losing friends.

      • He’s done a heck of a job for not playing the game! Final five with the ally of his choice, sounds like playing to me.

        The game is “supposed” to be played to win. There is no “right way” to play.

        Maybe you’re just upset because he didn’t make moves that would have furthered you’re favorite player(s) interests!

        The kid’s in final five with his choice of an ally and YOU claim he hasn’t played the game the way it’s supposed to be played. Take a step back, and realize just how ridiculous that sounds!


      • I see you keep using the “Maybe you’re just upset because he didn’t make moves that would have furthered you’re favorite player(s) interests!” argument quite a bit, but Steve is in my F2. I’m not saying he’s doing it wrong, I’m saying he’s letting emotions trump logic, which tends to be an underlying reason for most people going home.

        While he is in the F5 with his choice of ally, everyone else is aligned together. If he or JMac had not won HoH (which would be impossible to know he would) he would 100% be on the block.

        My only point was that he should be playing with his head at this point in the game. He knew this, but chose a different option. Maybe it will fare well for him, maybe it won’t. I hope it does.

      • But I think Steve’s head is in the game at this point. Taking out Meg was too big of a risk, with too little of a reward.

        Lots of reason for this. Just a few here.

        One is obvious, Liz won the next HOH.

        If he takes out Julia last night, he may have cost himself jury votes (Liz and Julia).

        I don’t think Meg and James would have aligned with him, they would have sided with Liz and Austin.

        At this point in the game, you have to win comps. He has an ally in JMac. Vanessa will try to thread the needle this week.

        Ideally, in her perfect world she would probably like to keep Austin. At this point, he would be as easy of an F2 win as Julia. AND I think he would better at comps and more controllable.

        However, I think Vanessa would very much like to throw the next HOH so she can play in the next HOH to guarantee her spot in final three.

        Austin has more of a likelihood to team up with JMac and Steve. If JMac wins the next HOH, he nominates the twins, re-noms Vanessa if necessary and most likely votes out the the twin.

        The twins nominate JMac and Steve and re-nom Vanessa and the twin votes out JMac or Steve (whoever is on the block).

        The point of all of this is Steve made the plays to get himself to the point in the game where it is necessary to win comps. That’s the most you can ask for in this game.

        How would having say Meg, James and Jackie been any different at this point in the game than having the Austwins? In some ways it’s easier for Steve, the targets are more clearly defined.

      • There was no way he could have known Liz would win the HoH, so that point is moot. And from the feeds its pretty clear that James and Meg would have gone after Vanaustwins, especially if John and Steve had flipped the vote in favor of them. Which throws the rest of your theory out.

        As for Meg, James and Jackie, I don’t think they’d be any more threat to him, seeing as the other three have both a showmance and a twin.

        Once again, neither of us can really talk, because we’ve seen EVERYTHING unfold, while he’s only seen what he’s seen.

      • You’re right, it is perspective from the house, not our vantage point.

        Meg and James would have gone after the Austwins and Van because they thought they were working together. Clearly if Julia was evicted they would have thought that John and Steve were working with Vanessa, not the Austwins.

        The point about Liz winning the HOH was that Steve understood that there was a risk to vote out Julia. It wasn’t as easy and obvious of a choice as people want to believe.

        Steve was SAFE in the Scamper Squad alliance. He was the LEAST LIKELY member to be targeted. Once he got to final six, he was going to have to win comps no matter who was in final six with him.

        From Steve’s perspective, why not dance with the people that brought you?

        The ONLY people that wanted Steve to do something different are the viewers who don’t want the Austwins or Vanessa to win.

        Guess what, Steve feels the same way you do. Steve wants to win. What difference does it make who is there with him?

      • Here’s the thing you SHOULD be upset if he didn’t make moves to further you’re favorite player BUT don’t let him bully you to think that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a bad move. LOL.

        Because we see where moves that he & others make hinder their play and don’t help them at all and we can comment on them w/o the “favorite player” pushed in your face. Most the time the mistake furthers Vanessa’s game and she definitely not my favorite.

      • James made 1 big move putting up Clay/Shelli with target Shelli, Clay’s evicted. James foiled Becky’s plan to BD Vanessa (that would have changed the whole game)… and he was willing to target 2 big targets at his end but he wasn’t a smart player, only someone willing to target high value HGs.

        I agree about Steve, though he could be in even better position but at least he’s in position… before winning HoH this week, what was it the twins were saying 7:02 PM BBT – Twins say Steve is their next target and needs to go. So he’s playing but he’s made some wrong turns but other have too and they’re gone.

      • LOL, YOU are wrong, I didn’t see anyone say that… I & maybe them wanted Steve & John to keep Meg in the game to increase the chances of getting the Austwins out & get back in the game before it was too late. What fun is it to watch Austwins pick off opposition 1 by 1?

        Upset with Steve b/c he wasn’t willing & John was and mostly b/c Van was for Julia staying for her own F2 plans, so like an idiot Steve is doing Van’s dirty work.

        Basically anything that’s good for Vanessa’s game I’m against. LOL, sorry tinalee but it’s fact. But let me tell you… at this point were Van to get to F2 with Julia I would say she deserves to win.

      • If Steve would have done what all of you “geniuses” wanted him to do yesterday, he would have been sent home by Liz!

      • Not if he would have sent julia home. So liz will send him home next week & he can go saying he didnt make 1 big move. Oh well. Take it you want liz to winnnnah

      • Don’t bother responding to that person. He’s a troll who only wants to start trouble & tell others that their opinion is incorrect. Like he’s something special. He’s just a jerk

      • Wow! LOL! Are you bitter Heather? Things didn’t go you way last night?

        I want to start trouble because I don’t agree with the “majority think” on the forum?

        Should we all bleat out the same talking points? Would that make you feel more secure?

        The truth is that any move a player makes in this game comes with risk.The risk for Steve to evict Julia was greater than the reward he would have received.

        As it turned out, he made the correct choice, much to the chagrin of a majority of posters on this forum.

        This is not directed at you Heather, more of a general point.

        Many of you seem to be upset with the way Vanessa uses people in the game, yet all of you in a sense wanted to use Steve to accomplish a task of priority to you, evicting an Austwin.

        Kind of ironic, isn’t it?

      • Yes, I’m bitter about how things went down because I HATE the way the remaining players are playing the game. I HATE the rest of the players left in the game – their attitudes, their gameplay, and the way they treat others – and won’t be watching feeds from here on out. Plain and simple. I can admit to how my personal feelings about GAME PLAY affect my attitude towards the players. I also recognize that my attitude is regarding them as PLAYERS and how they’re playing the game. Once they’re back out in the real world, my attitude about them will be based on how they behave as humans. If they behave like rotten eggs out here, too, then I will dislike them just as much as people (looking at Austwits AND Vanessa the most!).

        You, on the other hand, make me angry because you have this arrogant, superior attitude that makes you seem like you think you’re better or smarter than anyone else on here. THAT is my problem with you. Quit telling people that their OPINIONS are wrong because that’s not for you to say. That may not be your intent, but that’s how you come across. Maybe it’s just your tone or your wording, but I (and probably many others) don’t appreciate being spoken down to nor do we appreciate being told that we’re wrong when there ISN’T a right or wrong answer – just a bazillion different opinions.

        Regarding the “use” of Steve to accomplish “our” goal – it SHOULD have been the WHOLE HOUSE’S GOAL to break up that Threesome – WEEKS AGO! In fact, the whole damn house was STUPID to even let Julia come into the house!!! From a BB standpoint, that’s the dumbest thing you could ever do because wombmates/siblings will ALWAYS have the strongest bond on earth. Steve seems like a great person at home, but he’s TERRIBLE as a BB player and that’s my OPINION. I don’t like the way he’s played the whole season and that isn’t going to change whether or not you agree with my feeling on his gameplay.

        Have a great day & a wonderful Labor Day weekend. :o)

      • I’m sorry to have upset you Heather. I don’t take any of this personally.

        I guess I watch the game completely differently than a majority of the posters on this forum. I find it interesting to put myself into each players shoes and try to discern the most logical moves for that players benefit.

        I really don’t have a rooting interest Which is why I don’t take anything personally.

        Coming at the game from that perspective, I find it difficult to read some of the posts on these forums encouraging players to do things that are clearly not in that player’s best interest.

        I am truly sorry that you will no longer be able to enjoy this season.

        Take care.

      • Thank you for your apology. I truly appreciate it! I have to say that I respect, admire, and ENVY that you are able to not take it personally and are able to watch objectively! Yes, I envy you that. Obviously, I get overly invested in a silly tv show and get crazy, but that’s just my passionate nature. I don’t do things halfway and that’s just who I am. It does, however, cause a great amount of angst. Hahaha

        I apologize for calling you a troll and a troublemaker. Clearly, I take things personally that I shouldn’t and then I react badly. That was rude of me and I am ashamed of myself.

        From the completely objective perspective, what you are seeing & explaining ARE logical, sensible things. It’s just hard for many of us to be completely objective because we tend to have favorites. When we have favorites, the logical arguments escape us. It’s not that we are incapable of thinking logically in general, it’s just that we can’t when it goes against someone we like. Does that make sense?

        I’m sorry that I can’t enjoy the rest of the season, too. I really did like this season, but I honestly don’t like any of the players that are left so continuing to watch feeds seems like the definition of insanity (repeatedly doing the same things while hoping for a different outcome)! Ha ha ha

        Again, thank you. Can we be friends? :o)

      • I’ll tell you what, next year when I’m being too much of an a$$hole, don’t be afraid to call me on it! I won’t get mad, I promise!

        I am a sports fan and I wouldn’t like someone picking at me after my team lost. I need to remember that on these forums.

        I do tend to be a little too blunt and sarcastic and I’m sorry that offended you.

        I really don’t mind a little heated back and forth and I never take it personally, but I need to understand that everyone isn’t the same as me (thank goodness, right?).

        You take care and I hope to get the chance to “argue” with you again next season!

        Sincere best wishes!

      • Hahaha No problem. Right back at you!

        I’m also a HUGE sports fan – and behave every bit as crazy when it’s my teams screwing up or getting screwed! :D Ask my Twitter peeps – I’m their nightly entertainment at times! I’m WAY more foul-mouthed on Twitter when it comes to the NFL, MLB, & NHL than I ever would be on here. I even have agreements with my friends who are fans of rival teams – we do NOT interact on game nights when our teams play each other. Friendship > ANY game, so we avoid any possibility of ugly.

        I’m also typically a very blunt person, but I guess I try to be cautious when posting on message boards because I try to remember to think about the fact that it’s hard to know someone’s tone when you can’t see their face or hear their voice.

        Variety is the spice of life, indeed! I can’t imagine if everyone was the same it would be like BBLF at F4. Hahahaha I enjoy discussions, too, even if they’re disagreements. Once I calm down, I’m most often able to at least SEE things from the other side, whether I like or agree with them or not. It’s a work in progress, but what part of life isn’t?

        I’ll still be around these boards & reading recaps. I just can’t stomach listening to, “Steeeeeev-uuuuhhhh!” for the next 20 days! Hahahaha

        Same to you!!

      • First of all someone needs an hug, vacation or intervention jk. Secondly, you can not speak for everyone in taking in comments i agree wit wtpvideo, in what’s best for Steve’s game. Lastly i didn’t read him said anyone was wrong. His assessment of the game play was calm and less explosive than most. We are still watching a a game rite?

      • I appreciate your stance; I truly do. Just imagine though that they had flipped and sent out Julia. Liz and Austin would have been rattled and subsequently may have not fared well during the HoH. Plus, they could have blamed the flip on Vanessa, and should Liz or Austin won the HoH, she easily would have been targeted during the heat of the moment. Either way — it would have been played in Steve’s best interest.

      • ita! They shouldve rattled that cage. Now i think vanessa & liz should go up but that could be bcause i dont like vanessa.

      • Y’all are entitled to your opinions. I’m entitled to mine. Clearly we disagree & that’s ok. Let’s leave it at that.

      • Are you watching the same game as I am?

        If Steve would have voted out Julia last night, Liz would have targeted Steve. Steve very well could have went home.

        As it stands now, Steve is the new HOH and most likely will take a shot at Liz this week. He has guaranteed himself AND the ally of HIS choice a spot in the final five.

        If he can eliminate one on the Austwins, he moves to final five with three people on “his side” and two Austwins on the other side.

        Many of the argument that were made to target Julia can be solved during this HOH.

        I’ll give you two scenarios here people, at least be honest with yourselves.

        If you were Steve which scenario would you take?

        1. Take out Julia. From here on out you will be targeted by Liz and Austin and you will lose trust with Vanessa going forward.

        2. Don’t take out Julia and be targeted by no one during last night’s HOH. Be guaranteed a spot in final five with your closest ally AND have a pretty good shot at eliminating one of the Austwins?

      • Honestly, I’d take the first option. Yeah, you piss off the Austwins, but they would no longer be a thing (Cause Julia is gone). The remaining Austwins members would be a bit rattled and possibly wouldn’t have won the HoH, meaning another one of them would be taken out most likely. Vanessa at that point would realize that she doesn’t have control over EVERYTHING and have no choice but to solidify her alliance to F3 with JMac and Steve. The three of them could control the house, voting out James, the remaining Austwin, then Meg.

        With the second option everything stays exactly how it was, except their are fewer people between Steve and his inevitable F5 eviction.

        Granted, we get to see the whole story, so its easier to come up with scenarios for us. That being said, everyone seems to have pretty transparent deals with everyone else, and the only person who calls out anyone is Johnny Mac. That’s why he gets my vote.

      • Good for you! You like the first option. Obviously Steve preferred the second option. He’s guaranteed himself and the ally of his choice a spot in final five.

        At this point, it’s really all about winning comps. There is nothing that he could have done differently to IMPROVE his current position.

        He could have evicted Julia, but that only would have improved YOUR enjoyment of the game. Quite honestly, I really doubt Steve is even remotely aware of your concerns.

      • Well, see, I disagree with you there. If Meg and James were still in the game, they would be going after the Austwins, not him. Whoever was left from the Austwins would be going after Meg and James, seeing them as the only power couple threat. Steve’s true alliances are mostly hush hush, so as a strictly game move, it most likely would have faired well for him, or IMPROVE his chances. I’m not saying it would be fool-proof, because saying that is almost a death sentence in this game, but I feel (and once again everything that anyone is saying is strictly opinion) it would have been in his best interest numbers wise. James, Meg, Johnny Mac, and Vanessa all pulling for him would be better than Austwins and Vanessa pulling for him, because James, Meg, Vanessa and Johnny Mac don’t have a solid alliance together, giving him a better chance to go further.

        All I was saying is at this point in the game you kinda have to make big moves, otherwise those in power will stay in power.

        And yeah, it would be more entertaining to watch. Steve is a BB Superfan, so he should know what people are gonna want to see. And being the America’s Favorite Houseguest awards $25k, so being an intellectual and a superfan… yeah, he should at least try to be aware of my/our concerns.

        Also, you seem to be very worked up about this…

      • Hi Joe,

        Not really worked up so much as annoyed that many people want the players to do things that are not in the individual players best interests, all with the idea that the move will further their favorite’s game.

        I also like to “push the envelope” a little get some heated back and forth going!

        We definitely do not agree. I think if Meg and James were still in the game they would be targeting Vanessa. Liz and Austin would have pointed out Steve’s betrayal of Julia as proof that Steve, JMac and Vanessa are working together.

        Steve’s only chance if he had betrayed the Austwins would have been to get Austin out during the second DE last night.

        If Steve had managed to do that, he may be in a slightly better position today but it would have had A LOT more risk.

        I know people don’t like it, but evicting Meg was his better play. The proof is in the pudding.

      • I’m all for heated back and forth!

        I think if Vanessa saw the power switch sides she would have jumped ship as far as the Austwins goes. The rest of the house would rally against them. After they were down, Vanessa, JMac, and Steve would have the numbers against James and Meg, placing them in the F3. If James and Meg DID target Vanessa, well hey, that’s still good for Steve, because at this point any target is better than you. JMac is his closer ally anyway.

        The real issue is we are all privy to far more than the rest of the house, so we can deduce better thought out plans

      • It’s quite clear to me now, that you truly understand “the game” better than I do, hooray, I’m glad to see that there’s at least one person who truly does, not to mention being able to read into human behavior, keep up the good work…

    • to bad Steve loves being Bullied by the sociopath Vanessa, so whatever she demands he do, the fool will, I really hope J’mac has a devious plan to get Vanessa and her tool, Steve out… Otherwise ur right, they can all just go home.

  2. Steve has to get rid of one of the Austwins if he wants to win the game. Best thing for him to do would be nominating Liz and Austin. Only problem would be Julia winning POV, bc then both the twins are safe and they can vote to save Austin, since only JMac or Vanessa (depending on Steve’s renom) can vote.
    Either way, they need to get an Austwin out if they want to stand a chance at winning…

    • Don’t worry, Vanessa will figure out a way to ensure one goes..but you’re right…it’s a number game and they should have removed Julia earlier tonight….

      • Me to. She diserves to win. Shes still here because she wins a lot of comps and. Shes very smart. I want jonny mac and vanessa in the final 2

      • How is she “winning” a comp if she is the only one playing? Everyone else throws them. She shouldn’t get credit for winning if no one else is playing.

      • “They should have removed Julia earlier tonight”

        You mean STEVE should have removed Julia, right?

        The only problem with that idea is that STEVE would have been sent home by Liz.

        That wouldn’t have worked out very well for Steve’s game.

    • They waited too long to go after the Austwins. The exact scenario you described will come true.

    • There are still to many threats in the game. Liz and Austin need to go but Vanessa is also a threat to win comps and the game. If Steve or JMac want to win they need to get out the twins and Vanessa. They have a shot against Austin with the jury.

      • Vanessa is mentally outweighed by her need for absolute maniacal desomatiin. That’s not good in human nature . I can think of a few who did some damage in history with this makeup. However they were better at holding in the tears. She doesn’t deserve anything other than, thumbs up your a great liar manipulate, bully and strategist. And yes I’m aware that’s the name of the game but the way she does it sends a bad message. The others are manipulates also and strategists just dignified.

      • Great distinction, you’ve hit the nail on square on the head with that sociopath, but why is everyone who gets evicted praising her?, do these people truly enjoy being bullied and lied to?

      • Because the public beats them over the head about “don’t be bitter, don’t be bitter” to the point that sometimes they feel like they can’t share their true emotions without being attacked by the viewers.

      • I think once you’ve lost, you have the choice to show character by not bashing for the first time in 70 some odd days and it’s like William Wallace yelling freedoooooommmmmM! You might want to show the audience you aren’t a soar looser and give credit, as misplaced as we, know it is. Just a thought.

      • She’s a socio oficially, read shes up manipulating Steve saying she knows where his clothes are more than he does and that’s because she’s like his mother. Wow…weak. I’d see that a mile away. Too obvious but she’ll use a mother to get it done.

      • So you’re saying you wouldn’t use every trick at your disposal to win $500,000 for you and your loved ones?

        Or are you saying that the way you would lie and manipulate other house guests would be ethical?


      • I would love to see more lying and manipulation pointed at Vanessa! I would love to see anyone say “no” when she demanded to know what their strategy was.
        She is only winning because everyone else is so passive and not playing the game.

      • Or maybe she’s winning because she is BETTER at the game than the other contestants.

        Case in point. Vanessa wanted Meg to be evicted. Two nights ago Steve began to waver and expressed this to Vanessa. She steered him back to why it was better to evict Meg but she also did something else.

        She brought up the twins to the HOH and told them that the only way Julia goes home is if AUSTIN allows it to happen.

        Now that move isn’t going to play a big part in the game, but if Julia WAS evicted it may very well have helped clear Vanessa of any blame in the minds of Julia and Liz (two votes she would like to have in jury).

        Vanessa adapts her game to fit the circumstances better than anyone else in the house.

      • I guess my issues aren’t so much against Vanessa, but rather how much others are letting her play their game. She only looks like she’s playing the game well because others aren’t playing the game at all. The second she catches a whiff that you are on to her, she convinces someone else to put you on the block. Its been happening all game long and its getting old.

        Johnny Mac is playing the game better, I feel. Once Vanessa’s game is revealed (as it will have to be, soon enough) the house will turn on her. Johnny Mac and Steve will hopefully still be in the game at that point and will stand up to her.

      • The rules are whatever production says they are. This isn’t a game show, it’s a reality TV show.

      • I’m saying she did every single person dirty. Should be a consideration in the jury. If it’s a game…is sportsmanship an afterthpught? I agree and disagree with you. You can win big brother without doing everyone dirty.

      • Maybe because the house guests feel that Vanessa is not a sociopath?

        Maybe they realize it’s a GAME. And anything short of physical violence is part of the strategy?

        Maybe because THEY interacted with her on a daily basis, THEY have a better read on who she is than people who are just following the game?

        Maybe YOU should examine the reasons why you feel it’s OK to label a complete stranger, someone who is playing a game where part of the strategy is to lie and manipulate, a sociopath?

      • tell you what, I’ll gladly look into my feelings about a total stranger, as you put it, if you look into why you feel the need to ridicule, perfect strangers who are sharing their feelings without bullying?

      • When you agree to be on a prime time tv show that runs feeds almost 24/7 and splattered all over the internet you set yourself up for criticism. Privacy is out the window, if you don’t want to be viewed as a sociopath don’t act like one. Reality is perception. I’m not sure Vanessa deserves to win, only because the other HGs are the ones with the blood on their hands she didn’t make any big moves to earn their respect. She actually hung to others coat tails to get where she is.

      • Hi Alyce, completely agree with the first part of your post. You do open yourself up to criticism on a reality TV show.

        I don’t agree that any one can label a person on a reality TV show a sociopath! Especially when in order to win the players need to lie and manipulate.

        Just tossing this idea out there Alyce. Is it possible that the reason Vanessa is getting a lot of blow back for doing things other winners have done, is because she is a woman?

        Full disclosure I am a heterosexual male.

      • No, I think it’s because of her general personality. She doesn’t come across as genuine. Strike one against her was when everybody found out she is a millionaire, personally I don’t hold that against her, strike two is she appears to be very awkward socially and has a hard time talking about anything other than game, I really don’t think people would feel any differently if the same type of game play was coming from a guy. If it’s not an act on her part and this is who you get outside the house, I actually feel sorry for her, she doesn’t seem to get any fun out of life (James in comparison) and that turns people off, way to serious.

      • Fair enough.

        I think at least in this house Vanessa is very driven and can’ seem to focus on anything but the game.

        Boy it would be horrible if ALL the players acted like Vanessa!

        Just as one example, I would like to point out that while Evil Dick has his detractors, he also has many fans. I thought his game and personality were much harsher than Vanessa’s.

      • PLEASE!

        You’re comparing Vanessa to historical despots? You need to get a grip!

        This is a GAME!

        “And yes I’m aware that’s the name of the game but the way she does it sends a bad message.”

        So she’s playing the game better than anyone else, but it sends a bad message, how? why?

      • I think most people are upset because she isn’t playing it well. Better than others in the house, yeah, but not well. From a viewers perspective, they can see her every move for the past 70 or so days and she hasn’t made any impressive moves. The second someone does something against her wishes she starts crying. Everyone else in the house (Johnny Mac and Becky aside) is afraid of her crying at them. It is human instinct to stop a crying baby, so I suppose that is a good game move on her part. She has held power nearly every single week using this ONE STRATEGY.

        In years past, we have seen people make it to the end using lies and manipulation. Thats what makes this game great. However, the best players always seemed to do it with subtlety and finesse. While she comes in like a wrecking ball and demands everyone do her bidding because its “best for their game” (well yeah, if you cross her she’ll have someone else evict you) and everyone else just kinda goes with it without putting up a fight.

        But to say she is a good player is just plain wrong (in my opinion). The rest of the house is just playing it even worse. I guarantee if Mama Da’ and Jason were still in this game, we would have seen her weak game blow up weeks ago.

      • Oh yeah Mama Da’ and Jason! LOL!

        they didn’t even make JURY. Those are some great players right there.

        A good player adapts his or her game to fit the current situation. She has done that, in spades!

        Look, I really don’t care who wins. I find the process interesting.

        To claim that Vanessa has not played a good game is simply farcical.

        If insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result, SANITY is doing the same thing over and over as long as you’re getting favorable results!

      • I’m not saying Mama Da’ and Jason are good players, I’m saying they were loud players. If they had been around long enough, they would have announced exactly how Vanessa played the game and she would be outed quickly and we would have had a completely different season.

        The problem I have with Vanessa is that she seems disingenuous. She seems fake when she talks to the houseguests, which wouldn’t be a problem if she didn’t also appear that way in the diary room. It’s like she knows she is full of it, but she’s trying to convince us she is sincere. Own up to it and she could be my favorite player yet!

      • I do, when it comes to her but the historical analogy was just that, an exaggeration to prove a point. No she’s not.jack the ripper but she’s maniacal for sure.

      • Hmmm..really, you think emotional ballance plays no role in her mentalakeup. I totally disagree. She’s messed up. Look beyond the big brother house. Tough to be happy with that bag of tricks.

    • He needs to put both twins on the block because of the POV scenario you just mentioned. I think Austin just might throw the veto comp because he knows he can’t beat Liz in the finals.

  3. What a heartbreaking night of BB. Meg was my pick from 4 days in for a final 2. I really thought she was going to float to the end. James was my favorite as the season went on. Losing both, it hurts.

    I kinda wanna see the evil Austwins run the table and clear out Steve/John/Vanessa just to teach everyone that they should have been targeting them much sooner. Hopefully Steve takes one of them out.

    • I did like Meg, til she was all over Clay like a bar hopping hoe. I stopped caring, then I started to like James, but he messed up when he could of voted out Vanessa instead of Shelli, I knew that would come back. but I honestly lost interest, nobody in the house actually makes me want to see them win. I keep seeing ppl talk about canceling their live feeds, so I’m glad I did that way earlier.

      • Hey, give Meg a little leeway, she was drunk. Otherwise I agree with the rest you said and I never got the LiveFeeds to begin with.

        I think I vote James America’s Favorite, he obviously is a prankster and it was a good strategy to get us & the HGs to like him.

      • Guess you missed all the hilarious pranks James pulled on the other HGs, well mainly Julia.

        I’d admit JMac is funny but James had a lot of good one-liners too… that recent HoH with Jurors competing w/everyone hanging from the rope standing/crouching on a disc, James says on a camtalk “I felt like Miley hanging on a wrecking-ball”.

      • If James wins America’s Favorite, I will seriously question the people in America… Bc James totally sucked as a player.

      • Wow, it’s America Favorite (Person) not Best Player. But since you said that, anything goes so I’d give it to Donny b/c he was that good last season, he fit favorite person & best player but he won b/c of the person he is, at least in my mind. And I loved Nicole and Zach was in the running too.

      • Athena did mention a bar lol

        America’s Favorite is going to come down to John, James, and Steve for sure. As it should.

      • The casuals love Steve and the hardcore fans are about half and half. I’d say John has the best odds, followed by Steve, and then James. All three have a shot though.

      • I can see that, as I originally was for JMac and switched to James b/c he’s got balls compared to the other two,never a Steve fan. Maybe they can compete in the Women’s Division of America’s Favorite. Whoops there isn’t one and apologizes to women, most of them would kick those 2 a$$es.

      • He had a flaw. His confidence, believe it or not he felt he could win anytime and had the greatest social game. So your right he came up short when so few tricks remained in the bag. Too bad. Hope he wins the $ for America’s fav. Be a solid consolation.

      • Omg. The best and smartest player diserves to win and thats vannesssa. In all the big brothers everyone has had to lie to get closser and closser to the finals. Meg. James and everyone else in the house has lied. Its a game and everyone plays differenty. But vannessa is honestly the best one in the game because she has been loyal. She was to jhon and i like that because i like him. I hope him and vannessa are both in the final 2.vannessa and john or vannessa and steve. Im tired of people not liking vanessa. She played the best game. Shes the smartest and actually the sweetest one in the house. How can u not get that. Whats wrong with people. Just because she has a lot of money should not make people hate her. She diserves this.

      • ‘actually the sweetest one in the house. ‘

        Yikes Amy! What show have you been watching?
        I will admit that V has out played everyone, but she is a bully, a liar, probably bi-polar, and just an all around bitch.

      • She has NOT been loyal. She made a deal with James that she would NOT put him up and he could remove one other person then totally went back on that deal.

      • Smartest is arguable. Saying sweetest makes you sound crazy tbh.

        America’s Player 100,000% is going to come down to the three underdogs: James, John, & Steve.

      • she’s smart but she’s a sociopathic snake and only out for herself, she’ll admit she has no loyalties to anyone, just to whoever can get her to the end. She weeded out her competition and left the ones she can dominate. You might just be watching the show and not the feeds because she was edited to be a lot nicer than she is.

      • KARMA, she’s a you know what, they both had it coming for screwing over their side of the house by stabbing Becky in the back, after that childish move, the writing was on the wall, I couldn’t believe they lasted as long

      • i totally agree with you. They really didnt care to win. he even was happy with coming in 7th. I am sick of hearing he made bold moves when he was HOH twice. If anyone remembers the actual people who made the move for him was Audreyand jason week one when they mentioned they didnt trust JACE then they got james to go along with it. as for putting up clay and shelly that wasn’t what he waqs thinking first it was Vanessa but she threw them under the bus about votiing jason. then the whole thing about becky was crazy they hung her out to dry with that move. they justify it by saying she was playing both sides of the house which james was doing the whole time too. but people forget about that.

      • But Shelli said he was her #1 target, even if Shelli was there it would still be the same story

      • Are you new to these shows or just forgetful? Being “weakest” or just sucking at the game in general hasn’t always stopped people from being dragged to the end by better players in the past.

  4. Well I believe Steve will nominate Austin and Liz. He’s been wanting to break those three up for a long time. I just hope the wrong person doesn’t win POV. Bye Liz.

    • Awesome!..I’m gonna start watching tonight.LG, you think they’ll game talk?..are you watching?

      • I was watching but nothing going on. Going to bed. Steve still hasn’t gotten his room. I’ll flashback tomorrow to see if anything happened.

      • I’m not going to watch their down times. Just going to watch the t.v. segments and a little of BBAD until one of the twins and Austin are gone…and you know which twin! :-)

      • Jhon wont let steve put vannessa up because steve will do what jhon saids because there friends. And vannessa was loyal to jhon and didnt put john up at all

      • Don’t get all ruffled up, I said that because Vanessa would say that to a HG to try & bully them into being a pawn for “the good of the alliance” when actually it was for “the good of Vanessa”.

    • Julia will win POV and take whoever she wants off (probably Liz, but it wouldn’t matter) and Steve will be forced to pick an ally to say bye bye to. Why the Austwin hate? :D

      • That’s why they let the Austwins stay in the house too long. If the third Austwin wins POV then Steve will be forced to evict one of his own.

        But if its Austin and Vanessa on the block, the twins will save Vanessa and break up the Austwins on their own. Mostly because they are stupid.

      • Why? Do you watch the feeds? The twins are a couple of nasty mean bitches and Austin is disgusting.

    • Agreed. He can put up Julia as a renom pawn and send out whomever loses the veto–assuming Austin or Liz wins. It gets interesting if Julia wins it and saves Liz. Steve would have no other choice but to toss up Van or JMac as the replacement–there’s nobody else left. He probably puts Van up instead of JMac. If that happens, then who gets voted out? Probably Austin, but you never know

      • In that case, Liz needs to VTE Vanessa to keep Austin in as her ultimate defender.
        Julia may VTE Austin with her F2 with Vanessa.
        Can’t imagine them not voting same.
        But if they did, Jmac would have deciding vote.

    • Absolute worst case scenario (I hope): we lose Vanessa.

      The only thing than can save the Austwins is if the one that doesn’t get nominated (probably Julia) wins POV and pulls one down (probably Liz). Then Steve is forced to nominate either John or Vanessa (hopefully Vanessa) and the Austwins control the vote 2-1.

    • I about died when Austin said to Liz, “It wouldn’t make sense for him to put you and me up!” I’m like, do you realize you’ve yet to be OTB Austin and that you stink and walk around not helping with the cleaning or anything? Liz was basically ignoring Austin when he discussed that part of the convo.

      • Exactly. He also cried so he wouldn’t be a have not this last time. He’s never done that either. I can’t wait to see him sitting on the block. But Vanessa wants Liz gone so bad she’s already telling Steve how to do nominations. He wants to put up the twins and if one comes down put Austin up. Get Austin to promise not to use veto if he wins and he won’t put him up. Vanessa wants him to put Austin and Liz up. But if the slim chance Julia wins veto then Liz will be safe. Then either JMac or Vanessa will have to go up. With Vanessa in his ear it won’t be her. I was waiting for him to start talking to himself last night but I finally had to go to bed.

  5. Yaaaaay Steve!!! Tonight has been so good! Meg gone ✔ James gone ✔ Steve wins HoH ✔ Now on to getting out an Austwin!

      • Which is why you let Julia be the Austwin that’s not on the block and roll the dice that she is not the HG who wins veto.

      • really hoping it is Liz (no offense to her) but I would like to see what happens when Liz is gone….if Austin and Julia remain loyal to each other or if they turn on each other and make new alliances…. For example: Austin gets close to JMAC and start a new alliance with him and maybe Steve or Julia goes running off to Vanessa & they make a final to deal. I think if Liz leaves before Julia and Austin, new alliances will start which makes for great entertainment :)
        I think Big Brother network is your website? It’s a great site! Thanks so much for all the updates! I have followed it for a few years now, including your “coverage” for Big Brother Canada *where I am from*
        this season is the first time I have ever being involved with this chat, and I do like it for the most part :-) aside from personal attacks because I am “team Vanessa” and I’m not afraid to admit it lol…. I just understand her, I understand her thought process and because I do NOT consider her a villain (like most do,) she makes certain moves and says certain things b/c it is a game and she plays a game for a living so it is in her blood to want to win! I have met her several times through mutual friends and I can tell you she is one of the most sweetest, kind and down to earth people I have ever met! I know she has said some dumb things recently but I am not blinded by hatred therefore I am seeing her moves for what they are, to win a game! I don’t particularly like some comments I read on here but its to be expected! I just personally do not like seeing anyone attack someone’s character regardless of who they are! being in the house for 24/7 and over 3 months, you are bound to say stupid things or not always do what you should. I could not imagine being in the house, I know I would say ALOT of stupid things myself, it’s human nature! The Vanessa that played for the first two weeks silently, watching from afar and assessing each HGs is the Vanessa I know! She is actually pretty quiet. Anyway blah blah blah lol I just wish people gave her more credit, at least she has been playing since the very beginning unlike most house guests that think (or thought) they are at summer camp! And one other thing, among a lot of things I could say lol but I would like to keep this as short as possible haha haha…what people (viewers) are failing to see (or choosing not to see because of their hatred) is yes Vanessa is playing super hard however not only do the house guests make it very easy for her but in her defense, yes she is a little ruthless at times and comes across as “bossy” but everyone is listening to her (& she is getting the people that she wants out of the house!) Her strategies and gameplay are working for her, (for now!) so why not? And she has no idea that she is playing a game very hard when other members in the House are not….she is coming across to us as overplaying but she doesn’t know what’s going on with the other people and just assumes (because she said!!) they are playing like she is, playing the game of Big Brother!! anyways sorry for the long reply!

      • Matthew, I too hope Jmac does not get near the block. That would be a travesty on Steve’s part. Also, did you block a certain person who was bullying several people on this forum? I haven’t seen him on the last few, threads, but I saw a few comments deleted, and I’m assuming it’s him. I gently chastised him for his behavior, (gently because I wasn’t going to stoop to his level) which was totally unacceptable. Poor Sharona posted in another thread that she wouldn’t post anymore because of such hurtful attacks. I and several others encouraged her to stay with this forum. SO, if you did block him, your readers and posters thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

    • I also think it would be a huge “boost” for him personally, in his “outside the house” life. I read a quote once that said, “Sometimes you just have to jump in scared.” Jump in, Steve!!

  6. Meg…bless her heart. She is such a sweetie pie. I would’ve loved to see her stay, but I didn’t want Julia to go home either.

    Canyou believe that the twins were found out by Da’Vonne in week
    2?!?….they haven’t been real targets of any house-guest! I’m telling
    you, if neither of them gets evicted next week, one of them will win. I
    wouldn’t mind if that happened. Game-wise, Liz is the winner. But
    personality wise, Julia’s the winner.

    However, I’ve been rooting for Vanessa from the beginning…Vanessa, WIN THIS GAME! I don’t care if most people hate her. I love her!

    I’m so excited right now. I love all the house-guests, even the ones I
    didn’t particularly like, but these are the people that made season 17
    what it is.

    KUDOS to them all…but may the best woman win…and that is Vanessa!
    p.s.: something to think about: Austin has never been nominated for eviction. He has got to go next week!

    • Oh goddess, I know. how I miss mama Day, she was so outspoken and didn’t take lip from anyone, Vanessa’s game wouldn’t work a wink on her. too bad Clay was scared by a black girl lol I swear this season has been ridiculous, where did they find Steve and Vanessa? they act as if they can’t handle an honest opinion. without someone to sing lullabies to them and cradle them to bed.

      • You are clearly a hater. If Dan in season 10 could get most of the jury house to vote for him (when he clearly manipulated a lot of the jury members) then Vanessa can get the jury members to vote for her. Keep in mind that the jury members are encouraged to vote for the person who played the best game. That person is 100% Vanessa!

      • They all have to agree they are all sitting in jury because of her usually that will tell you who the winner is. However her social game sucked. She could have worked on that more there were times she berated ppl when she did need to. This is the only part of her game that was lacking.

  7. yay! Super happy Steve won!!! :) about time!
    so, if he is this super fan that he has labeled himself as then he has to put up Liz and Austin! He has too! if he doesn’t put them up (or at least Liz and Julia) then I will lose all respect for him as a superfan!
    I am still team Vanessa! Even though she has said some questionable things lately, I still respect her gameplay! she’s been playing since day one, and she hasn’t stopped! (even when sometimes she really needs to tone it down lol)
    so what I would like to see is Liz and Austin on the block, and Liz goes home! it will make (hopefully) some good drama :-) because I want to see if Austin and Julia remain solid or if they both scramble for a new final 2!! and, I hope they do break apart and make final two deals with Vanessa, then Vanessa has final two deals with everyone who is left lol…. And yes, I know a lot of people dislike Vanessa and I know I will get flack for saying that. but I have to stay true to myself regardless of what people will say back to me possibly :)

    • I’ve been rooting for Vanessa since I first saw her on the premiere, part 2! I’m happy she’s made it this far. Even if she doesn’t win…boy did she play a good game. Her lying, manipulation, and scheming, it all worked to get her this far in the game. That’s a job well done by her. Win it, Vanessa!

      • Ehh. Her strategy hasn’t really been all that great. When almost everybody else has no guts to do anything and is awful at strategy, anything approaching average looks way better than it really is.

        Her winning the money will be difficult. Assuming she makes it to F2, which is far from certain–she will be facing a very hostile jury. The onlly thing working in her favor is that she didn’t fire the first shot to get the Austwins out. She will also get some hard questions about remominating Julia instead of a bigger target when Meg got sent out. It comes across very weak and some will likely accuse her of simply passing the buck because she was afraid to make a big move herself. Her answer will be very interesting

      • That’s what you people do. You always find a way to undermine her awesome game play. She played a great game!

        Give credit where credit is due! Vanessa is good, whether you like it or not!

      • Please tell me, why do you defend her so much?? I mean, way much, unnaturally much. Like crazy. All over the place. Over a dozen times a day. If anyone says anything negative about her game play you flip out.

        What’s up? Why so obsessed?

      • nope, just a huge fan of the show and Vanessa just happens to be my favorite player this season. This is the first season that I’ve ever seen live. The other seasons I’ve seen, I have just binge-watched. This show excites me!
        I also comment a lot on other reality shows when I have favorites…like on American Idol, the Voice, Masterchef, ANTM. That’s just what I do.

      • Actually, that a dozen times a day business is a lie. I haven’t been commenting that much recently because I just started back college. I haven’t had time to watch the live feeds either.
        So, no I haven’t been commenting over a dozen times a day.
        But even if I were, can’t I root for Vanessa all I want to?! Is there a law that says I can’t.
        This is a game and I’m going to be excited for it until the end.
        Why do you hate that I defend her so much?
        Why do you hate her so much?
        Just don’t read my comments if it annoys you.
        My name is Jasmine. Just skip my comments.
        But until then…VANESSA FOR THE WIN!

      • I agree and disagree with your comment but I’m not going to bother picking it apart and debating who is right :-) at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter! we can agree to disagree and we can agree to agree on somethings lol ♡♡♡♡
        Yes Vanessa is playing the game (and playing very hard) but she’s just doing what she is supposed to do which is make alliances, makes several alliances, make final two deals, make several final two deals, why, manipulate, do what you gotta do to win however she just coming across to us as a fans as way too aggressive but she doesn’t know the rest of the HGs think they are at summer camp, she thinks they are playing hard like she is, she thinks they are playing a game like they are supposed to do! so yeah, us as the viewers are kind of like “whoa slow down Vanessa easy does it! You really don’t have to try as hard as you think.”
        & I think that is a fair assessment! and I do agree with you, it’s doubtful she will make it to the final two and if she does, then who knows what the jury is going to do because they didn’t do much in the house as far as gameplay so who knows if they are going to respect anyone for playing the game lol
        also, you gotta remember that she plays a game for a living so it in her blood to want to win! and playing poker obviously you don’t have to rely on anyone but yourself so in this game it’s probably very difficult for her because she needs to rely on others to potentially win!!

      • That’s a very fair assessment–I appreciate that. She clearly has master people manipulation skills–playing poker for a living helped her hone them for sure. I have to say, I’m quite impressed at her ability to lead people to help her move forward in the game–especially when everyone knows her “word” has had zero value for weeks.

        On a game note, I’m looking forward to the Austwins finally feeling some real heat tomorrow. About damn time!

      • I really really really want to see Liz leave. Nothing personal! Lol that would be super hypocritical of me but as a viewer/fan I want to see what happens with Austin and Julia! do they remain loyal? or do they part ways and scramble? do they go to Vanessa? or do they go elsewhere? Just for entertainment value is my main reason for saying Liz. To be honest with you, I’m not much of the feeds reader (that doesn’t sound right lol) I mainly get my news from either Big Brother network or just the comments on here and, those are mostly opinions! So it’s kind of hard to really know what’s up! where people are at, what they are thinking and of course what happened & most importantly….. what’s the truth!?
        as far as gameplay goes with Vanessa, I’ve always understood her! I have met her several times through friends who are friends with her (& I’m also a poker player) and she honestly is an extremely nice person! Very down to earth and actually quiet!! I have nothing negative to say about her whatsoever! So was so when I read people attacking her personal character I do try my best to help them understand Vanessa or at least try and get them to not make it personal! but I don’t let it get the best of me and stoop down to their level and insult them even though I have had several people attack me personally because I am team Vanessa! And I’m okay with that! I am a big girl lol someone hiding behind a computer typing hateful words means absolutely nothing to me! I actually feel sorry for them because it would suck to be so negative! I just try and see the good in everyone and if they just want confrontation then I just walk away! life’s too short to waste time trolling online lol… But I do enjoy a friendly debate and friendly conversations about the game!
        I think honestly the only thing anyone on here could say that about me is my comments and reply are way way way too long lol I Drive myself nuts! Lol

      • she is extremely intelligent also! Seriously one of the smartest people I have ever met! and you would never know it to be with her! not saying she acts dumb lol but you know what I mean!?
        she reads people for a living, she manipulates situations playing poker, she think long and hard about every hand she is playing and! she’s playing the game similar to playing poker and for that exact reason I understand her!

      • Her intelligence level goes without saying. She graduated from Duke–that’s all I need to know. Saying she’s a smart cookie is a vast understatement.

      • yes, you have been one of few who has supported my “team Vanessa” since the very beginning! I am happy to see, well read that you have not flipped & you respect her as a game player & you see it for what it is, again!! Nothing personal, it’s a game and she wants to win!! :-) She hasn’t always said the right things, but I think it’s easy for people to pull apart her game moves and pick apart her words when she is so disliked!
        The HGs have not really been playing the game (aside from a few people and most of those people are gone now) and as I continuously say they are acting as though they are at “summer camp” so in reality Vanessa is coming across as way too aggressive to the fans. If the HGs played the game stronger like they’re supposed to be then Vanessa would not appear as bad as people are painting her out to be. she is just playing the game, doing what she needs to do to win regardless if she is lying or manipulating (isn’t that what people do when playing big brother and games like this? if they want to at least try and win?!) but again, she’s the only one really playing the game but she doesn’t know that lol so she’s playing hard! She can only assume the other HGs are doing the same lol…. Oh well, people are going to love her, people are going to hate her! it’s like this every season with any “Reality TV” shows/game! there are always favorites regardless of what any person does! she’s just playing with a bunch of people who for whatever reason are just not playing a strong and solid game! But again, like she knows that! sure, when she watches the show back she will be like wow I did not have to play half as hard as I did! Lol but right now, she is just doing what she is supposed to be doing which is playing the game and trying to make it to the end!

      • One thing about Vanessa, she is so good at reading people, and from the beginning, picking up on when people were lying to her. This far in the game, it’s odd for me to still like several players left. I do like Steve, and even Jmac, but Vanessa is by far in the lead of a deserving win at this time, other than maybe Liz, who hasn’t really experienced much worries yet.

      • I agree, I don’t think she will make it to final 2….. BUT anything is possible especially with these HGs….. I don’t know though, I think some of them might want to take her to final two because she has so much blood on her hands however it’s also risky taking her to final two because she really has played the game! she has been running the show, granted it’s been pretty easy for her but at this point anything is possible!

      • This week is big for Vanessa. If she gets past this week and an Austwin goes home Vanessa will make it to final 3 unless Steve or JMac turns on her. That could happen but at this point I do not think so.

        If she does not win the final HoH I do not think JMac or Steve will take her to the end. I think only Julia takes her to final 2.

      • She can sleep this week away and be fine. But it won’t be that easy the rest of the way–far from it. I think Steve knocks her out at F4–and wins.

      • Nope, Vanessa’s making final 2. And besides, she just looks like a winner to me. She seems to be a winner’s edit, even though the winner hasn’t been crowned yet. That’s what happened in Dan’s season. It was so obvious that he was the clear favorite and he was made to look like a winner on the show…and that’s what he did…he won!
        I hope the same goes for Vanessa! Win it, girl!

      • Maybe because he wants a 500k resume argument for the jury? Busting up the Austwins and sending the big baddie out–who everyone in the jury hates to begin with–is pretty compelling.

      • Steve knows V is close to the Austwins too. If he goes to F2 with her (after she said she can’t be the one to take them out), he knows he’ll never get the Austwins voting block. He can’t take her to F2.

      • Right. If she took the first shot at breaking them up, they wouldn’t vote for her. Now that Steve did, she will get every jury vote they would potentially have

      • The way things broke for her tonight getting both Meg and James out, I think Vanessa coasts to the final 4 easily now. The only thing standing in her way is Steve if he wakes up and realizes at final 4 to get her out. Otherwise, she’s going all the way.

      • Her chances are increased, but you have Steve that seemed to be in full game mode….I’m excited, there’s still plenty of game to play.

  8. Yay Steve, say with trepidation. My concern is as always Vanessa in his ear. Please Steve own this HOH. Brake up the Austwins. Leave my JMAC alone. Let them be scared on the block. They aren’t untouchable….stike while the iron is hot. You have an a backdoor open too. Easy peesy.

    • IMO, Steve can’t wipe himself w/o assistance. And, while in the BB house he will not make a move wi/o instructions from Mommy V.

      • I think he will rely on JMac this week. Vanessa will back off as long as she knows she is safe. Then she can claim to the Austwins it was all Steve’s doing and he was listening to JMac more than her. Vanessa will seek protection and let Steve go after the Austwins.

  9. Lol I want to see Liz Austin and Julia get to the final 3 and then Liz win the final HOH just to see who she brings with her, I’m sure it would be Julia though. Really though, I love Steve. i just hate that he’s gonna target the twins.

      • How be you look for a fight somewhere else, Jasmine. I have no doubt that you are a “pot stirrer”. You’re probably the one person that ruins your families holidays, year after year.

      • Before you try to check somebody, you need to be sure that your sentences are grammatically correct.
        As to your question, I am not looking for a fight. Most of the time when I post something, Now Occupy always follows with a sarcastic comment. If you would read my posts, then you would know what I’m talking about.
        I am by no means a pot stirrer. I was just simply asking a question, because Now Occupy always has something to say about how much I like Vanessa.
        Oh and by the way, my family doesn’t necessarily celebrate the holidays. Has to do with religion.

    • James and Meg were fun to watch on feeds, mostly James, but that’s the reason why they are out of the house. They were not serious enough about the game. The only time they played the game was when one of them was in trouble or James was HoH. The rest of the time they isolated themselves in the beds napping.

      Last night James had a revelation. If he was up and about he would notice things like Steve whispering to Austin or a twin scampering into the HoH room.

  10. When will somebody have the balls to send the strange looking raccoon Vanessa home? I no longer care about the rest of the season!

    • She’s only strange-looking because you don’t like her. Vanessa is a pretty woman.
      Not much was being said about her looks the first few weeks when people actually liked her (this was before all you haters turned on her simply because she was playing the game of Big Brother).
      Honestly, a lot of the talk all these weeks has been about Vanessa! If she were to have gotten evicted earlier in the season, none of you people on any of these big brother boards would have been talking about the show as much as you guys have been talking about the show.
      Hate her or not, Vanessa is obviously ‘moving’ you guys to comment.
      She even has power over the Big Brother threads!
      How do you like that?!

      • I guess its a matter of taste but to this guy, she is not a pretty woman. Perhaps if she stopped dressing like she was lost in the 1990s with poo-poo pants she would be a little more attractive.

      • It’s funny, I love the way she dresses. She’s clearly a tomboy. There’s nothing wrong with that. I love her beanies.

      • That’s how he wants to describe Van. Obviously, he’s not a fan. I call Austin Yeti sometimes. lol .relax!’s all good.

      • But…but…but…she doesn’t look like a raccoon.
        I don’t know why I get offended when people call her a racoon! I don’t even know the woman, but if she’s called a raccoon, when she’s as pretty as she is…I have no hope. I must be a monkey or something.

        If Vanessa looks like a racoon, I might as well put a tarp over my face.

      • It is because she wears a lot of black makeup around her eyes. I have seen her without makeup and it looks 100% more flattering than the raccoon look.

      • Her entire style is not flattering. Its strange that the picture of her girlfriend shows her in a black cocktail dress while Vanessa dresses like a homeless version of MC Hammer.

      • lol…you’re so funny. No, but seriously, I really do love her look. It’s not just because it’s Vanessa. If Shelli dressed like Vanessa, I would love it. I just love that style, I guess.
        Can I ask you a question?
        And don’t reply back with “You already did.”

      • Ok…a veteran player from RHAP said, she looks like a junkie…I thought she does..seriously. lol

      • Yeah, I haven’t been replying as much. College started back for me two weeks ago. Haven’t been able to watch much of the live feeds. But nevertheless, I’m back and I am ready to defend my girl! It’s my unpaid job and I’m loving it! Lol.
        Vanessa FTW!
        So you missed me…even just a little bit?…i know, i’m lame…

      • V is an attractive woman with a fit body.
        She has done very well in the comps, and she has done extremely well at manipulating her fellow HGs.
        I am not impressed with her as a ‘person’, but in this season of BB, she is by far the best player.
        And, though it hurts me to say it, if she makes it to F2, she deserves the win.

      • I also think she deserves to win. I was holding out hope for JMac or James at certain points during the game, but they just never amounted to much as players. I don’t like Vanessa as a game player and am not a fan of her style of play, but of this group, she is the most deserving to win because she is outplaying everyone in the house. Arguably, she is the only one playing of this group.

      • I think any if us didn’t like her after her first HOH and saw the “real” Vanessa. I’m not referring to her looks.

      • Agreed. She berates, belittles, and yes, BULLIES people into doing her bidding. Yes, it’s Big Brother and you do what you have to to get to the end. HOWEVER, treating your fellow HGs like they’re inhuman pieces of garbage is WRONG. I hate her tactics, I hate her treatment of others, and most of all, I HATE the way she cries and plays the “victim” EVERY SINGLE TIME things don’t go her way! Plus, her claims of being “alone” in the game and her boasting about her “integrity” wore thin in week 2. It makes me SICK that she’s sitting pretty.

    • No one is going after Vanessa now. James was the last one willing to do it. That is why he is gone.

  11. You gotta put up Austin and Liz and just hope Julia doesn’t win pov. That’s the best case scenario

  12. Would it not be great if Stevie didn’t do what Momma V tells him to do and he put her and one of the twins up lol and if one of them wins pov then he just puts Austin up!! He can tell Vanessa she is safe just like she told him !! that would serve old racoon eyes right, I suppose this is just all wishful thinking on my part because Steve left his super fan balls at home

    • If Steve even thought of doing that Vanessa would bully him so badly until he changed his mind it would be unfit for TV.

      • And he would be puking non-stop. What a dumbass. This is a game, they act like they have to send someone to the electric chair.

    • Nope putting Van up against Liz/Julia does nothing for his game. Say Van is up against Liz on the block, and Van does not win veto, Liz will be safe because she’ll have Austin and Julia’s votes while Van only have John’s. Then Van is out and the evil trio remains intact and they will go all the way to F3…

      So regardless of what Van tells Steve, not putting her up is the best for his game at this point!

  13. I think he will bullied into backdooring John. Then next week he is a sitting duck since he can’t play. Dumb move to win HoH this week. He may have survived with John as the target anyway if he threw it to an Austwit. Then maybe next week he could have won HoH and paired up with Vanessa to toss an Austwit finally.

    Of course, this is assuming that there is no F2 or F4 split the money fix in. Nothing about this season makes logical sense if the game is being played fair.

  14. nominate austin n liz ,send austin home ,if he wins veto then julia or if liz wins veto then julia

    • They have to get Liz out. She ties Austin and Julia together. Otherwise Austin does not get along with Julia and will probably leave her alone. Vanessa will grab her up and Austin will be alone.

  15. I enjoyed watching the austwins at first but now I find them annoying! So i really dont mind who wins just not them 3!!!

  16. I’m thinking a fourth of these comments on here are mine…lol.
    You can tell I have no life!
    Vanessa, please win!

  17. Now Occupy, I’m probably fulfilling a wish of yours. It’s bedtime for me. I have a class in the morning….but I won’t leave without saying…YEP, you guessed it!

    • Another Van supporter here. Haha. I’ll be okay with John winning too. Even Steve. As long as the Austwins do not!

      • I actually wouldn’t mind if Julia won…don’t ask me why. I just like her better than her twin.
        But I’m rooting hardcore for Vanessa!

  18. IMO, none of the HGs this year were very appealing. At this point if I have to pick one I would like to see win, I will go with Jmac. While I think he is a spaz, I find him the least offensive.

  19. Ugh , JM is the only one I now care about winning. Maybe of twins had a diff voice I’d say them lol I can make complaints about all seasons, but by far this one has been horrid. But will i keep watching ugh yes, will I watch next year um yes. Will I do live feeds again hell NO!

  20. The only house guest that has a chance of beating Vanessa at the end is Liz.

    Vanessa is playing an aggressively paranoid game, but is effectively removing her targets from the house. Liz is playing an assertive game and effectively doing the same. There’s a bit of a ‘Professor X vs. MMagnet’ thing with those two. Cerebral gameplay by both of these HouseGuest’s. Both share common enemies yet essentially will have to turn on each other soon.

    One of these ladies leave the house, the sub-alliance they are aligned with will crumble.

  21. Matthew, c’mon.

    “So will Steve do what Vanessa wants and put the Austwins up on the Block?” Don’t say it like that. You know better. It’s not what only Vanessa wants. JMac and most importantly STEVE want that as well and it has nothing to do with Vanessa.

    Thank you, Steve. You’re saving the season for me. I was heartbroken tonight. I was losing hope on the season. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been more annoyed by an episode than tonight. It was one thing after another. The worst moment was when they dragged on the Liz vs Julia HOH like it mattered. Like anyone in the world cared at that point. It wouldn’t end and it was just rubbing it in. That was painful.

    I’m hoping and praying that Steve and John just go back and forth with HOH wins for the rest of the season.

    • We must be watching two different shows. On the show I’m watching, Steve the puppet will do whatever Vanessa tells him.

      • Person A wants to evict Person C.
        Person B wants to evict Person C.
        Person A wins HOH.
        Just because Person B wants Person C evicted in no way, shape, or form means they controlled Person A’s HOH.

  22. watching this alliance go at each other’s throats will be fun but I’m not happy about any of these people winning.

  23. I wonder who Vanessa will nominate via Steve this week. I think it’s sad that he’s a ” super fan” as I think any group of us from these feeds would be more entertaining! He needs to grow a pair and put up Liz and Vanessa!

  24. Why this seasons cast (with exception of James & Becky) allow others to run their game is beyond me. I can’t stand Vanessa, I hope she is sent packing! She’s not good at this game- she’s good at manipulation & intimidation of dumb people with no backbone. How many times have we heard “blood on my hands” this season? Ugh! They (the ones who win more comps) keep picking off the weaker players- this makes no sense! Keep the “floaters” (as annoying Rachael called them) around until the near end. You keep ones you know you can beat- eliminate stronger comp players to increase your chances of getting further.
    Steve will hopefully grow a backbone & balls this time. Put up twins, Austin – use veto. Put up Vanesssa & let the house decide. After all it’s a game, every week 2 must go up (possibly 3) & one must go home. It’s not personal & all these deals etc are crap! Just play it out.

  25. I quit watching the DE last night when I saw the first HoH… I just couldn’t…

    Hopefully, Steve grows a pair and puts the twins up on the block, or Liz/Austin.

  26. Meg is stupid for saying she doesn’t regret evicting Vanessa. Hello, Shelli wasn’t a threat and could have easily been evicted when the time came. If Vanessa was no longer in the house, Shelli would have had no one to work with.

  27. Out of all off them i hope jon or steve win. It would be in everyones best interest to get rid of the strongest player (van). Not to keep them because you guys are close. So stupid

    • Liz is more of a threat to Steve’s game than Van, her and john are the only people who wouldn’t have nominated and evicted him so he needs to keep her happy this week. Noms should be Austin and Liz, or Austin and Julia with a backdoor of Liz, point it Liz is the biggest threat to everyone’s game but hers and Julia’s

  28. Steve has said to Mommy that he’s been waiting for power to make a move in this game,go for it big guy! Show us how a true superfan does it!

  29. Vanessa and her new alliance are in great shape now,fixing to smash the one group that stands in their way,say what you want..Vanessa making peace and agreeing to work with John before his eviction was a brilliant chess move(the best move by any one player this whole season) that is now paying off and don’t discount how quickly she also repaired things with Steve after realizing how the other 3 really wanted to get rid of her,she did not sit around and do nothing like James,his side has been taking on water for weeks but did nothing to save himself.

    • Yes James didn’t do nothing…but the master manipulator didn’t sit still…she got her forces assembled to take on the Austwins…and she is going to take them down…see ya later Austwins!

    • I guess, but I feel the Van/JMac alliance was a better move for Johnny than for Vanessa. I would be more proud of her if she hadn’t gone to every single person and worked out the same deal…

  30. Who wants to see Vanessa’s HoH room? ahahaha Yes, I know Steve won. But you know Van will be up in there too.

  31. I’m not referring to your followers as floaters- there are both this season. Becky was not going to allow V to manipulate her decision. James made the biggest move by putting up clelly & getting them separated. I hate this “go with the house” mentality the past few seasons- do what’s best for you to win! They are handing the $ to V. She isn’t a good game player, she’s just a nasty human. She twists everything negatively & threatens people. Past winners didn’t need to do this. IMHO the person who deserves the $ is one who is the better person as a whole, they weren’t nasty or mean. They were had a great social game & won comps instead of riding on others to pull them through. But whatever. All the good people are being evicted (I was thrilled though when Clelly went out the door). This season has been worst overall.

    • Yes, I agree! That’s why I said followers. They all did what Van wanted. Sure some started out as floaters with their own game plan, but they tried their plan a lil 2 late, bc they were evited!!! The others will talk the talk all week long until voting time….then it its Van’s time lol. Every1 voted the way she wanted! Just crazy!!! They completely ‘followed’ in Van’s order. Smh!

  32. Actually, now is Steve’s time to shine … He can have Julia all to himself in the HOH room rather than waiting till the Jury House .. :)
    It would be fun to see an Austwins Alliance vs a Steve/Vanessa/John Alliance going head to head …

    • That’s how it has shaped up to be…and Vanevil has groomed her boys to do what she says…the Austwins don’t stand a chance with this master manipulator….she’s got the Austwins where she wants them.

    • Julia really doesn’t like Steve that much! LOL Van’s the one telling her she needed to be nice to Steve last week and now again this week! hahaha

  33. I would love to know how things would have played out if Julia had of been voted out. I know its impossible but the way Liz was saying if Julia goes home I know its because of Austin and even van saying Steve wouldn’t do it without Austins blessing..Steve could have lied so easily and we may have seen liz send Austin home how awesome would that have been or with the hoh not being physical maybe meg would have won it and James wouldn’t have went out. I know there is no point to this but I can’t help but wonder..hmmm

    • Steve doesn’t need Austin’s blessing at all. He knows BB like the back of his hand. That’s Van saying stuff like that. She’s never seen an episode of BB…and to think she’s made it this far. It’s do or die now for Austin and the twins now and Steve has had his own target on them for awhile now. He just needed to win an HoH comp to make it happen. If James had won that Veto, he would probably have lost the HoH comp or not gotten to play in it, so would have been sent packing this week anyway.

  34. Oh how I wish Steve would figure Vanessa out and put her and one of the twins on the block!! This is the worst cast of BB I have ever watched. CBS better beef it up next year. I do love some Meg and James and hope James gets favorite houseguest. Too bad they don’t have worst houseguest, Vanessa and Austin would tie for that!

  35. After watching an interview with Vanessa and hearing her say how much money she has won playing poker, I would like anyone else but her to win although my favorite is Johnny Mac. He has student loans to pay.

    • I agree…poor JMac can’t get ahead…constantly paying on the interest instead of the principal. Didn’t he say he had about 1/4 mil still left to pay on?

      • Seriously? But yeah, he is young. He seems more mature IN SOME WAYS so I just think of him more as being in his 30s and well on his way. I don’t think of him as having the bulk of SLs to pay off. Interesting.

  36. Steve,Put the twins up and if 1 comes down put Austin up,and take the twin still on the Block out,get some B###!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I began thinking last year this show is fixed and this year has reinforced my
    thinking. After tonight I won’t watch anymore. Of those left I hope
    JohnnyM wins, he has been on the block more, voted out, won his way back
    in. Vanessa has manipulated everyone with all of her lies, she may
    deserve to win, I just don’t like her personality. They should of took her out when they had a chance.

  38. I don’t understand how these people can play this game so long and not play for themselves. Steve’s best target is one of the Austwins but probably not Liz as it paints a huge target on him by the remaining 2. Of course Liz is best target for Van since it can drive more ally’s to her side as long as she is not held responsible.

  39. Did the HGs throw the HOH so Steve could win?
    I’m sure those pathetic cowards did just that. What about John did he actually let this one go?
    He won’t put up Vanessa, but hopefully Austin and Liz.

  40. I agree with everybody else. I’m done watching now that James is out. The incessant crying and whining is just too much. Austin creeps me out, the twins just whine, and Vanessa just cries. As for Steve, he refuses to make big moves. And if I hear “blood on my hands” one more time, I’m gonna put my fist through the TV. Come on, Big Brother, you couldn’t do better than this?

  41. At this point, as a fan of the game, I’ll be glad to see Vanessa win the game although it’s gonna be a top hill battle to persuade a possibly bitter jury to vote for her.

    At least now, we got a strong certainty of the Austwins finally leaving this week (unless one of them wins Veto and Steve will be forced to choose between John or Vanessa).

  42. It’s a pathetic year. Calling James a fan favorite wouldn’t have ever happened in most other years – he started off a someone I liked, but his juvenile game-playing and goofiness turned me off. There’s NO ONE this year I want to win. I just desperately don’t want any of the Austwins to walk away with $500,000. What a bunch of irritating non-players – what genius in Production ever though it would be good to bring on recruits? They don’t know the ins and outs of the game and it shows big time. Aaaaaaaargh!

  43. It’s over for me. John and Steve are going up next week. This is going to be Austin and the twins to the end.

  44. Dull, pathetic BB this season! Please cancel this due to lack of interest! Put up mess. Vanessa is dull, cheats.

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