Big Brother 17: Who Went Home Last Night? Eviction Show Recap

Last night on Big Brother 17 the vote arrived for Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt as a very exciting week of Big Brother was about to draw to a close for this divided house.

Clay Honeycutt & Shelli Poole nominated on Big Brother 17
Clay Honeycutt & Shelli Poole nominated on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Nine Houseguests were voting and what looked like it could be a close vote ended up unanimous after a fight earlier in the day. Once the vote was over Houseguests prepared themselves to find out who won the next HoH in another Endurance Comp.

Remember the twins entered the game and the Battle of the Block is over, effectively resetting the season to a normal run of events. After tonight just eleven Houseguests will remain and we’ve just arrived at the halfway point of the season. That should be lots of crash course fun ahead of us.

All week the Houseguests had been debating a very important vote and between the Chelli showmance that’s about to end. Would Vanessa get to keep her key ally in Shelli or would HoH James get a parting gift with Shelli’s eviction.

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Big Brother 17 Week 6 Votes:

  • Vanessa votes to evict: Clay
  • Meg votes to evict: Clay
  • Austin votes to evict: Clay
  • Jackie votes to evict: Clay
  • Liz votes to evict: Clay
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Julia votes to evict: Clay
  • Steve votes to evict: Clay
  • Becky votes to evict: Clay
  • John votes to evict: Clay

Clay Honeycutt has been evicted from Big Brother. Julie asks him if he loves Shelli and about quitting.

Once the eviction is over the Houseguests have to head outside for the next HoH comp where production has been building since Wednesday morning. CBS has confirmed this will be another endurance competition. Yes, two in a row. You will only be able to watch this online on Live Feeds!

Big Brother 17 Week 7 Head of Household Comp – “Midway Mayhem”:
HGs must fill a bucket with liquid across a slippery lane. They can pick from either the HoH prize, $5K, or a Never-Have-Not pass.

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch the live fallout from the HoH comp. Join us on there with the Feeds’ Free Trial & see what the fuss is all about.



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  1. Can you imagine how upset Clay will be if Shelli is evicted?
    Can you imagine how surprised Shelli will be if Shelli is evicted?

  2. Maybe CBS should have move the show to 8H00 PM, so you could watch the GOP debate on FNC at 9H00. You guys are going to miss the first half.

  3. If they were smart they would get rid of Shelli. Shelli wins competitions. But Clay doesn’t. Yes he won once but once out of 5 weeks?! Yeah Shelli has got to go. Is it bad that I am excited for tonight? I can’t wait to see the look on their faces and to find out they are almost the least liked couple the history of big brother. My mom even said that Brendan and Rachel are better than them Even Dani and Dom.

    • no one accused them of being smart. James put her head on a silver platter, and they chopped clays off

  4. Vanessa scheming in the foreground while Clelli cry in a sorrowful embrace. That’s so Vanessa.

  5. That was weird. Derrick, Cody, then the Creepy new Colonel Sanders KFC commercial. I want an update on Christine if we have to see Cody.

  6. Shelli just did a cadence when talking to her family. Cheerleader through and through..she was inches from a full blown cheer with a kick in the air

    • Vanessa did her jedi mind tricks again. That woman’s mental judo chops never cease to amaze me. They’re onto her, but at the same time they’re still all doing whatever she tells them to. It’s fascinating to watch.

  7. Well this is disappointing. So much for a close vote. Though I can’t feel sorry for Clay since he threw his game away for Shelli.

  8. I can’t stand this voting with the house crap! The house doesn’t win the money and the winner is NOT going to share with the house.

  9. Fucking idiots. Give Vanessa the money now. And She makes me ill. None of them deserve to win.

  10. We were all rooting for these people, and they just throw it away. I’m SO done, omfg.

  11. Why can’t these people vote for themselves, instead of voting ‘with the house’?!

  12. If Vanessa or Shelli wins the HOH, it would be their own fault. Wouldn’t even care if Jackie and Meg are on the block.

  13. Wtf…smh @ this eviction. Shelli had work out gear on. Soooooo scripted. No respect for James. Such a damn shame.

  14. They’re so stupid not to evict Shelli. Clay has been next to useless and would continue to be so. Shelli is a proven competition winner. Crazy that they don’t see her as a bigger threat. I totally don’t get it. James is the only one with balls in that entire house.

  15. This season is officially lame. Not only do they choose to keep the twins around after they all figured it out, but they allow a stronger player to stick around who might as well blow most of their games out the water. Sorry, but I’m just so angry right now.

  16. What the heck everyone is voting clay out. And what’s with Julie how does Steve’s vote tell us what side he is on. He is a floater

  17. I’m so disappointed, I can barely breathe. I know it’s just a game, but jeez…

  18. He was a waste of a contestant. Puh-leeeze, like your love is going past October (after the reunion, after-parties, press tour…).

    • Oh my. Not sure I could join in on that type of satisfaction… I am happy that the alliance is down a member however.

      • Matt, you’re such a generous guy. I wish I could say the same, but I really wanted that mean girl to go.

      • Well it’s not like I think she’s the world’s best person but to take joy in somebody’s pain is a level of scary that causes wars & genocides…

      • Wow, you are totally taking this the wrong way. It was a joke. Get over yourself.

      • I may say I ‘hate’ her; ‘despise’ her; ‘can’t stand her’; call her a ‘mean girl’…but it’s not like I really mean it. I can’t truly hate anyone. But it is a game and it brings out strong feelings in people.

      • lol. No worries Sharona, it takes a LOT to take me down. I’ll always keep speaking out for what’s right and trying to lift people up… Those that need to tear down are of course always welcome to do so…that’s what the site is all about. ;)

      • Exactly I have said it before as well everyone has a right to their own opinion and like you said this site is about giving people a place to voice their opinion on the game

      • lol… you are ALWAYS my-my-myyyy Sharona! Don’t worry, like I said, it really doesn’t phase me all that much to receive contrary opinions to my own… I make a living on turning the negatives into positives! Heck even Philly’s ”joke” about enjoying somebody’s misery (still not sure I get how this is a ”joke”) but heck, I’ll defend his right to say it. So it’s all good! :)

      • I can’t help it! What can I say, I’m a goof ball. And for some reason, very insecure this season. Which is SO not like me. I see therapy in the very near future. I’m beginning to come off as a weirdo-stalker-goof. :)

      • Those are the BEST kind of stalkers! Just look at the cast of BB the past few seasons….you’d be perfect! ;)

        And heck no need to worry about my approval…you’ve got it even if we’re on opposing sides of an issue. So cheering for Meg, or Mobs, or Mr.Trump (sorry couldn’t think of a 3rd ”r”) will get me to debate and argue with you, but it won’t change my appreciation of you! I like the people on here (for the most part), and Matthew does a great job with the site, so there’s nothing to worry about. :)

      • Thanks, Matt. Right back atcha. :) As long as I don’t turn into a Caleb type, I’m cool with that. Got some news though from my doc today that may just explain why I’ve been SO not myself. Don’t want to talk about it here. Anyway, thanks for the confidence boost. Catch you later!

  19. And then they don’t even allow him to get boo’ed? UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Cry your tears Shelli, cause most of us DON’T care.

  20. And now Shelli shall rally her court to have all the attention in the house….shoot me now…it’s days and days of oh woe is me from Shelli…

  21. I hope he didn’t leave anything, like shirt or hat or something…she might go Gina Marie?

  22. These HGs are the worst! First, James should’ve vetoed Clay and put up Vanessa. Now, everyone votes Clay – who floated on Shelli – out?! Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Just give the money to Vanessa or Shelli now!

  23. So many cowards this season. but Clay is gone, so stupid he deserves to go home. I honestly feel he scared everyone earlier, when him and James almost came to blows, sound strategy if he wanted it to send him home, but BB would of been better off with someone who actually wanted to be there. good riddance, you won’t be missed. the house is now fair game to the 5 headed hydra, and with the numbers being a factor. HOH better be good or watch it become a bore fest, again. lol seems this cast has no guts other than James.

      • He is a child, he wouldn’t gain my hate, even if he tried. now he is known as a BB loser, tossing his game for a woman he didn’t even love. wow, stupid much? see how far his wits take him now. he will wake up tomorrow, thinking he is still in the BB house.

    • He did lol and I would agree, you need to watch the feeds. pretty much cuddled and groped every guy this season. she was working on Jeff hard, before he went home.

      • That doesn’t surprise me actually. I don’t think Clay would have said that if it weren’t true. I do watch the feeds, but not all day. I buy what you’re saying.

      • Everytime I watch the feeds Meg is in bed, getting in bed or getting out of bed. She sleeps too much to be a running around in the house. She sleeps too much to play the game.

      • That’s true however he was rubbing his hands all up and down her. No doubt if Shellie had gone he might have acted on it.

      • That would of been funny, Shelli would of deserved that humiliation watching from home, but deserved to go home. one of the worst players I’ve seen in awhile.

  24. Same look on her face in her good bye speech to Day, Steve, Jason….. Shelli is a phony.

  25. OMG did Clay just say Meg has had her share of romances in the house? With who? Jason, zSteve, Austin, JMAC??

  26. These houseguests are dumb as f*ck lol I guess we can just watch them get picked off one by one now. Clay can’t even say he loves the girl he gave up money for. He won’t even care about her in a few months.

    • Not surprised, I mean he’s still young whereas Shelli is obviously looking to get serious and settle down with stuff like ‘my heart, my light.’

  27. I guess that fight worked!!! Now win Jackie!!! I really can’t take these dumb houseguests…smh

      • I bet Jackie and Meg voted out Clay because they knew there wouldnt be enough votes to evict Shelli. So they figured if they vote with Vanessa’s group then they might not get targeted if someone from Vanessa’s group wins the next HoH.

  28. It’s official, the houseguests are stupid. Shelli is smarter and she’s better at comps. Congratulations you left a better player in the game. If they would’ve left Clay he would’ve eventually been distracted by Meg and given up on revenge. Shelli won’t give up. I predict she wins HOH. We’ll see right now.

      • No. Shelli will give this season to Vanessa they way Cody gave it to Derrick. It will be Steve, Vanessa and Shelli F3. Steve is Vanessa’s Victoria.

      • He didn’t quit… It was him or Shelli, and it would have been hella awkward to campaign against a girl you’re probably in love with. I would have felt the same way, and I’m the most competive person I’ve ever met. Sports addict.

      • He’s not in love with her. He liked her for the time being. Notice she didn’t even say “no, fight for your game”, she allowed the one she love to just quit.

      • Because they both knew she was the better player, and like he said – if she wins he wins. So he honestly was still being competitive in wanting her to stay.

      • Agreed. He lost, he quit! If she wins, she wins! Shelli is playing the game for Shellii!

      • Ok I’m going to get roasted for agreeing with you, but…I do. I also see Clay as trying to do the honourable thing (albeit it in the form of a 23y/o male way)… He did get a bit mouthy on James when James broke his word (which is understandable) but it does show a side of Clay that isn’t used to dealing with adversity and emotions to this degree. I wish him well in his modelling and athletic endeavors. :)

      • Julia asked him if he loved Shelli, his respond was : Love is a strong word. There’s ur answer. A stand up guy would have said Yes I do, I didn’t heard it that way. His little hug session with Meg was, plz Meg don’t tell anyone about this ok ? If there was nothing to hide, in his defense, he says Meg gets around with everyone in the house. What a
        Jerk. And cougar Shell should be ashamed of herself making out on TV, looks trashy to me. Was she ever married ? Oh my…….

      • Standup guy? This week he is a standup buy but he has been lying and deceiving every until he went up on the block.

      • Please state all his lies – excluding telling Meg and Jackie they didn’t know about Jason going on the block.

      • A stand up guy does NOT say an unkind thing on National TV the way he did about Meg. That is NOT stand up. It’s down right lowdown.

      • He didn’t mean it like that lol… that’s why he laughed it off… You’re trying too hard to pick something out that he did wrong.

    • oh I think we’ve seen Becky beat him at endurance before… She might not be as strong as he is, but I’m willing to bet she’s got the better endurance.

    • I’d imagine at a critical crossroads like this one, no one will be going for a prize. But I don’t know.

    • Only if someone notice that they are well ahead. I doubt the way the game is right now, that anybody will pass on the HoH.

  29. I have to reiterate, Shelli could have saved Clay by giving up Vanessa to James. Instead she chose to protect Vanessa at the expense of Clay. Its that simple. So all of her crying and slobbering about Clay is all an act to make her seem sympathetic for TV. She so deserved to go home.

  30. Shelli you win and seek revenge for Clay. Haha. Show James he made a big mistake not using the veto!

      • Yeah totally! Not a big fan of Shelli, but I’m more pissed off at James for squandering his power. He could have caused so much more damage and advanced his game a lot more.

      • I don’t think it was James fault at all. He tried, but his mousey little chickens let him down. They blew it.

  31. How insulting. I guess Clay and Meg don’t have a thing going on and he said she gets around.
    Clay is such a baby crying for a girl.

    The twins seem to be winning right now. Hopefully it won’t be Becky or Shelli.
    Go Jackie!

  32. My computer’s being stubborn and not letting me on the feeds – I can barely stay on this page without my entire computer freezing up. Keep up the updates, guys!

      • Huh… my IE started crashing on this site 4 days ago, so I’m wondering if there’s a scripting issue now… I had to switch to Firefox

      • Maybe. I’ve been thinking that my issues could just be the heavy traffic. It could be slowing my entire computer down. It’s been known to happen in the past.

      • I had to remove Adobe Flash from the computer that I just bought because it kept causing Shockwave crashes and I haven’t had one problem since.

      • Chrome has its own version of flash integrated. It’s not using the same flash program as IE or Firefox. There problem in Chrome 42 and 43. Make sure you have version 44 that was release earlier this week.

      • It’s a problem that appear in the last version of flash. Adobe is working on it. The best browser with flash is Chrome. (And any other Chromium browser: Opera, IceDragon, Cent, ….)

      • Mine, also, Sharona. Brand new computer and I couldn’t stay on BBN long enough to put a post in. Now I don’t have Adobe Flash.

      • Well, I went online to try to solve the problem. I found a site where it said how to stop the Shockwave crash. It basically said that I probably had two Adobes fighting with each other. Why would I have two when it was a brand new computer that was set up for me at Office Max when I purchased it? Anyway, I did what it said, which was to type in “about:plugins” but I didn’t have two, just one. I removed it. Now when I go back and type in “about:plugins”, it shows no Adobe Flash.

      • Shockwave and Flash are 2 product from Adobe. They don’t process the same code. They were conflicting with each other because of problem in flash the last few week. If you make sure you upgrade to Chrome 44. Also Flash is more useful than Shockwave (very rarely use), you should desintall Shockwave instead.

      • I honestly didn’t have both Capt., according to the list it showed. It didn’t show Shockwave on my plug-in list, just Adobe Flash. But when it crashes it says, Shockwave Crash. When I removed the “Adobe Flash” plug-in, it all stopped. Now everywhere ther is suppose to be those little pictures(like ads) along the side of the page, it’s either empty or a little puzzle piece thing. Thanks for the info. I’ll check again to make absolute certain and I’ll also try to figure out if Chrome 44 is what I have. Very nice of you to help.

      • Shockwave is not a plug-ins. You need to go in >Control Panel>Programs and Features> and deinstall Shockwave. Than you can reactivated your flash plug-in and everything will work.

      • OK, I do know how to find all of that. As soon as this debate is over, I’ll check it. Merci, Capitaine.

      • BTW, BBN forum work best in a Mozilla based browser and 64-bit. So Waterfox (64-bit version of Firefox), Cyberfox or Pale Moon. Right now I’m using Cyberfox to write to you.

      • You are way over my head, Capt. Honestly, I graduated top 5 % of my class, actually 2nd, not bragging, but I have never gotten into tech stuff. Never needed it in the two jobs I held for 40 years. I do appreciate the info and will do what I can with it.

      • lol, funny. But, yeah, Apple isn’t as reliable without Steve Jobs, may he rest in peace.

        Anyway, had to shut down and restart, but everything’s fine now.

      • But really, LavendarGirl was using an iPad last year and was having problem all the time.

  33. The most unpredictable outcome ever in the BB house. Looks like all are starting with a clean slate! No more who voted who to go home to start paranoia up again! And all who leave go to jury. Julie didn’t say anything about this coming week being DE…so guess we’ll soon find out.

  34. I kind of want Becky to win hoh because she’s been playing both sides and now she’ll have to pick alliance. Plus Johnny Mac will be safe :)

  35. I’m so sad rn :( Clelli has been TORN APART! Go shelli kick some @$$ and get James BD for screwing your future hubby over! I hope he gets evicted unanimously, too! I’d laugh my @$$ at him walking out! #bb17

  36. Jackie demeanor was “Leave me the f*** alone….I’m trying to win here!” Everyone else is joking alone, she’s dead serious”

  37. I’m just sick about this. Smirky, conceited Shelli gets to stay? They all voted for Clay? What is wrong with these people? Shelli was a threat, Clay was a lump on a bed. Now Vanessa and Shelli will team up and convince everyone to pick themselves off, one by one. Unless these HG’s get smart SOON, they’re done for. Someone has to get smart, but who?

  38. Another poster commented how Clay was the only the only House Guest not dressed for the new comp. Looks like he already knew he would be voted out.

    • Yes… they discussed who was going before tonight’s show started. Everything changed after the fight.

  39. Did anyone notice if they showed James when the vote was announced? I was wondering what kind of expression he had or if there was none.

  40. Becky appears to have a slight lead over Julia, it may come down to who can reach further in to the bowl!

  41. Jokers tweeted: Based on the side view… Becky 1, Julia 2, Jackie 3, Shelli 4 all very close to each other so far. Close to half full!

    Meg gets her 3rd cup (hahaha). Poor Meg

  42. Go back to 7:26 and prepare to laugh.

    Meg says this is very hard.
    James: “Meg gets her 3rd cup!”
    Everyone laughs.
    Becky: “This sucks!”
    Austin says that Jace would be flipping and flopping everywhere if he were there.
    Meg: “Who’s Jace?”

  43. Jokers tweeted: Austin said Becky is feisty right now, Becky responds with “Don’t f*** with me, just kidding!” –

  44. It looks like Julia has cleared the path of all the gunk on the left side of her path. That was either an amazing stroke of luck or a brilliant strategy on her part.

  45. I so want Shelli to win so that I can witness mass hysteria on this site. It would be epic.
    Go, Shelli!!!!

  46. Doesn’t look like Vanessa wants this HoH at all. Is she throwing it on purpose?

    • She’s smart enough to go slow & steady because she doesn’t have the speed or endurance the others have…. slow & steady.

  47. Shelli really wants this!!! Fall now Shelli and give Becky a chance at HoH!

  48. Updates say Shelli is making some gains. She is doing it for Clay. Excuse me while I throw up.

  49. It looks to me like Becky and John have a lead. I don;t see Shelli making gains and Julia seems to be running out of gas.

  50. What caused the entire house to vote clay out? It seemed that James and his Alice was gunning for shelli. Did something happen?

    • I’m guessing so, and whatever it was must have been after the feeds cut to prepare for the show.

      • There are things we don’t get to see (even with the feeds) especially on eviction day… My guess is that everyone figured out that 6 people were already voting Clay out, so what’s the point of being the dissenting votes…

  51. With James sitting this HOH out, all the participants are pussies ~ they just proved that by evicting no-game play Clay.

  52. Jokers Update: Becky is closing in on filling her bowl faster, but if someone can reach down further for a ball, they’ll have a chance.

  53. Jokers Update: Right now it appears: #1 Becky #2 Julia #3 Jmac #4 Jackie (and possibly Shelli)

  54. Becky has a clear lead now and if she keeps up this pace I don’t see how she loses. JMac looks to be in second place.

    Will Becky take a prize and let JMac win?

  55. If Jackie could just skip pass John, knock out Julia, and somersault over Becky’s Head ….then HOH for Jackie for sure…Come on Jackie!!!

  56. If Becky wins at least Jackie, Meg and James will be safe for another week. And since this is not the DE week, then Becky does not have to keep the deal to put up Shelli and JMac – she can go ahead and put up Shelli and Vanessa. Go Becky!!!

  57. Someone said a train can’t stop Becky now and Jackie yells, “Hell Nooo…F the trains!” hahaha

  58. Austin went down again making that 5 times. The clear part of Becky’s bowl is full, still has to fill up the cap. Could be a little bit yet.