Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 6: Thursday Night Highlights

The Big Brother 17 house finally got a power shift Thursday night as we got to see the endurance comp playout on the Live Feeds that results in the underdogs winning HOH.

James and the other HGs check out his new HOH room - Source: CBS All Access
James and the other HGs check out his new HOH room – Source: CBS All Access

Jackie and Meg are feeling pretty good right now, but the rest of the house isn’t sure what James has planned. James has said he doesn’t plan to go for any huge targets but when Jackie, Meg and even Becky join in on the discussion, James starts sizing up some pretty big targets.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, July 30, 2015:

8:55 PM BBT – HoH endurance comp ends. Read our full play by play here.

9:10 PM BBT – Feeds are back. HGs are checking out the memory wall that now includes Julia. They actually killed Jace’s photo for Julia’s. Ouch.

9:20 PM BBT – Liz and Julia are discussing Austin. Julia is not happy Austin is still there and is mad that Liz is defending him. Liz keeps telling her Jason made up the stuff about Austin gunning for her.

9:22 PM BBT – Austin comes in, of course.

9:24 PM BBT – Julia is grilling Austin over what he told Jason. She tells him it’s not cool that he told him her name was Julia. Austin is trying his best to do damage control. Liz is defending him.

9:43 PM BBT – James tells Meg and Jackie he wasn’t letting them take them down like that. He fought for them and won the HOH.

9:44 PM BBT – Austin has a feeling he’s going up.

9:50 PM BBT – Shelli tells Vanessa she didn’t want to win HOH again. But she’s clearly nervous that they aren’t in power.

9:55 PM BBT – Shelli tells Vanessa and Clay she knows she’s going to regret dropping. Vanessa tells her that she shouldn’t worry since she made the deal with James. She thinks Austin, Liz and Julia will be the targets.

9:59 PM BBT – Clay says he thinks they convince James to not target Vanessa.

10:02 PM BBT – Shelli wants to work on James to target Steve.

10:12 PM BBT – Liz and Julia ditch Austin so they can actually talk privately. Julia telling Liz her whole side of the story about Austin before she left the house last. Julia tells Liz she better be more loyal to her than Austin. Liz tells Julia she needs to suck it up and get over her Austin hate. Julia says it’s going to be hard for her to be nice to him because she thinks he’s disgusting.

10:34 PM BBT – Liz is still trying to defend Austin and get Julia to come around with the whole Austin thing, but she’s not having it. She hates him.

10:45 PM BBT – Julia is now talking to John in the shower. She tells him she was a dental assistant and that she is (playfully) mad at him for noticing her fake tooth.

10:56 PM BBT – John and Julia are talking about teeth again. John seems pretty mesmerized by Julia.

12:20 AM BBT – James gets called to the DR to get his HOH key.

12:28 AM BBT – Time for the HOH reveal. HGs look at James’ photos and check out his goodies. He reads his letter form home.

1:05 AM BBT – James finally talking to Jackie, Meg and Becky (whose side is she even on now?). James says Steve will go up no doubt (seems like a waste). Jackie is pushing for Shelli to go up. James says he might have made a deal with her but he doesn’t have to keep it. He’s interested in why Clay asked Jason and Meg if James could be trusted.

1:10 AM BBT – The target is definitely on Shelli. James mentions putting Shelli up against Liz. James says if Shelli goes they could use Clay. Jackie says Clay is much cooler without Shelli around. They talk about them not being able to flip the votes if Shelli is up against Liz because there’s no way Austin and Julia won’t vote for Liz.

1:12 AM BBT – James says he knows if he makes this kind of move he’ll go next but he doesn’t seem scared.

1:15 AM BBT – Meg and Jackie suggest putting up Vanessa and Liz if they want to backdoor Shelli.

1:20 AM BBT – James realizes he shouldn’t have agreed to any deals since he was winning it.

1:25 AM BBT – James still talking with Meg, Becky, & Jackie. They’re considering putting up Liz with Austin then going for a Shelli Backdoor if it works out. He understands that’s going back on his deal, but they broke their deal last week.

2:10 AM BBT – Becky warns Clay that James and his allies are determined to Backdoor one of Chelli.

2:20 AM BBT – Austin agrees to help James with a “big move” this week.

2:40 AM BBT – Clay updates Shelli that James may be wanting to BD one of them this week. PANIC!

2:55 AM BBT – Shelli is in a panic and wants to talk to Vanessa. Clay disagrees, but loses that argument. She’s now telling Vanessa about the BD plans.

3:15 AM BBT – James is upstairs with Meg, Jackie, and Becky. They’re working on ideas for how James can hide this BD plan. Meanwhile downstairs… PANIC!

3:25 AM BBT – After toying with the idea of Clay going up they’re now looking at Vanessa and Liz instead of Austin and Liz as discussed earlier.

3:35 AM BBT – Shelli and Clay are upstairs talking with James alone. They want to make sure their deal is still good. James assures them of course it is.

3:45 AM BBT – Jackie just told Vanessa not to worry and that James is targeting others, but Vanessa knows it’s Chelli. Jackie promises to save Vanessa with the Veto if Van goes up and Jackie wins it. (This is part of the plan to get Shelli BD’d.)

4:00 AM BBT – James tells Chelli he’s felt good about them, but the Jason thing got him worried.

4:20 AM BBT – James quizzes Chelli on who was throwing his name out there last week as a renom option even though he was safe. (Yes, that kept happening. Van was at least one of the HGs to do it.)

4:25 AM BBT – Back downstairs, Clay assures Shelli they’ll be safe. “James gave us his word. He’s got to.” Heh.

4:35 AM BBT – Steve is upstairs now working on James to figure out what’s going on but James turns questions around on Steve. James promises him he shouldn’t be worried and he’s going for a big target instead. James tells Steve he wants to split up power couples this week since their vote would be a lock if they made it to Jury.

5:15 AM BBT – The night is finally dying down as James and Steve play a game of chess as the others are asleep.

It’s going to be a wild ride of a week and I can’t wait to see how this all goes down. No more Battle of the Block plus a divided house makes it feel like we’re back to good ol’ Big Brother!

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  1. Becky is a dirty, spineless, two-faced follower! James go get that she-devil Shelli!!!!

  2. Woohoo…James winning HOH wasn’t the best thing that could have happened….but I’ll take it!!!

  3. I knew that Becky was a snake, I hope in true Chelli fashion they throw her under the bus too before it is too late. I also knew that Liz liked Austin…ick

  4. I don’t know why James wants to work with Clay so badly. He also backstabbed your group as well, not just Shelli. While I do agree that Shelli should go first over Clay, Clay leaving is also a win. It will weaken Shelli. I think James should just put up Clelli together and if the veto is used than put up Liz to ensure the votes.

    • I agree, the backdoor plan should be the alternate not the plan like these spineless jellyfish have been doing all season (the only good game move was Jason which was not a planned backdoor).

      • Personally I think there is no need for a backdoor plan. James said he wants to make a big move, there is no need to backdoor Shelli. Put her and Clay up so that they don’t use the veto on each other and if the veto is used than put up Liz and the votes will be secured to send Shelli or Clay (which is also a good move) out the door.

      • i agree I think he shouldp ut up clelli and if they win the veto Vanessas should be put up shes’ part of the 3 headed snake!

      • I don’t think Vanessa would be a good renom. If James’s goal is to get rid of a power couple than he should put up someone who would ensure that Clay or Shelli would go and that person is Liz.

      • Thats true but I don’t really see Liz and Austin as a power couple and Van runs them and they do whatever she says! So even if he doesn’t split up Clelli he still would get a big game player out of the house.

    • James likes Clay because they are both from Texas, and he feels he can trust him….must be a Texan thing

      • i dont’ know why, Clay cant’ even lie convincingly he totally studdered thru the whole convo with Meg!

  5. Shelli’s best move right now would be to go to James and tell him that Becky told her the plan. That might convince James to put up Becky. Even if he puts Shelli up with Becky, Shelli would have the votes to stay.

    • Of course there is the possibility that James probably will just think Shelli is lying to him to make him target floaters, which puts Shelli in an even worst spot…just saying…

    • I wish Shelli would do that. Even though it would be the truth, for a change, I would hope James would see her motive. Then he could tell Becky about Shelli telling him and Becky would realize where she stands with Shelli.

      • Its not about spine. Its about brain. Honestly for any of these people to think they can trust Clelli at this point is absurd.

      • I agree they have lied so much that they can’t cover their tracks and I love when Jackie put Shelli on the spot and seh freaked!

    • I hope Shelli does throw Becky under the bus. Becky was stupid for ever thinking she could trust those people. But, James cannot take the bait. Once Becky is stabbed in the back she will not want to work with Clelli anymore. Jame has to keep his eye on the prize – Shelli or Vanessa.

    • The only good that I see coming out of that scenario is that the James gang stop talking game when Becky is around.

  6. 6 weeks in and only 3 HoHs. Shelli, Vanessa, and James could run this house easily.

  7. I thInk Shelle Should go And then Clay Will get close to Julia
    What a kick in the ass that Would be

    • Clay will get close to Meg or Becky. I think if Shelli goes, Becky will try to replace her in the alliance.

  8. Anyone else notice that Shelli is a stress eater? I’ve noticed it before, but last night it was so obvious. Not long before they could eat, Clay is working on dinner and Shelli is spooning popcorn into her face as fast as she can. She even put the bowl right up to her face to do it. She’s so worried about weight, but she’s the only one that I’ve noticed is packing on the pounds. Those sweats she’s always wearing used to be baggy. I’m wondering if she’s going to have any clothes that fit her before she’s evicted.

    ETA: I’m not against the extra weight, but she is.

    • I hadn’t seen that, but that’s interesting. Though to be fair, that comp probably took a lot of effort. I know I’d be drained and starving.
      But I thought Audrey put on some weight too. She seemed to have more under her chin by the time she was evicted.

      • I’m heavier than I should be, too. I don’t care that she’s putting on weight. What I find interesting is that she cares so much. She’s already commented on how she wants to go into the pool/hot tub, but her body is not bikini ready. Last night is not the first time I’ve seen her stress eating. She’s going to have mental issues, if she keeps doing it and she’s overly body conscience.

      • I remember her blaming Clay a couple weeks ago that the exercises he had her doing were only making her bulky. She definitely has some body issues.

  9. James, Meg and Jackie need to maximize the panic in the the house. The need to tell Shelli and Clay that Vanessa is throwing Clelli under the bus. Then tell Vanessa that Clelli is throwing her under the bus. For added measure, tell Austin Clelli suggested putting him up with Liz.

    This is how you play the game. Let the alliance blow itself up from inside.

    • I agree! Joker’s laid out how James promised everyone in the house safety this week (Van figured it out.) Now all they have to do is use that along with spreading who is throwing who under the bus and watch the paranoia implode! I want to see Van & Shelli fighting.

      • Its funny how this group talks to much to everyone but when they should be talking they don’t!

      • It’s early, yet. They were just plotting last night. Although, Van made a snide remark to Shelli about not including her in the safety deal with James. LOL

  10. Putting up Shelli without Clay would be stupid. If you want to break up a power couple, you have to put them both up to negate the veto! It’s like these morons have never watched this show before!! Oh wait, that’s right, some of them haven’t.

    • James is coming to that conclusion now. He is saying why use pawns just put the two targets up. If either of them win POV then Vanessa goes up.

      They can tell Austin if he wins POV, and uses it to save Shelli, then Liz goes up next to Clay.

      I would definitely use this HOH to get Austin off their backs, even though I think Julia is going to throw him under the bus soon.

    • Early this morning between 7am and 8am bbt that became the plan!!! In the bathroom James, Jackie, Meg, and Becky decided to put Clay & Shelli straight up.. Now lets see if Becky talks…

    • I know! It sometimes pisses me off when they do stupid stuff and its like they’ve never watched the show before, I find myself yelling at the tv too often! LOL!

  11. I think he should put up clay and shelli if either one wins the veto they will save there self put up liz as the replacement cell or clay still goes home because liz will have austin,julia,meg,Jackie it will be a tie if the others vot opposite which is steve,becky,john,Vanessa then James makes the final decision Chelly or clay goes home

    • In that case would be Austin, Julia, Meg and Jackie vs Steve, Becky, John, Vanessa and the one saved by the Veto. 9 votes this week.

      • Vanessa will decide that Shelli threw her under the bus, and I do believe that Shelli will anyway. Last night she wanted Vanessa to take the blame for Jason, to keep Shelli and Clay safe. That really has to start getting to Vanessa.

      • To add to that, Shelli didn’t include Van in the last second safety deal for her and Clay. Van already made a snide remark to Shelli about it.

      • She was doing that with Shelli in the room trying to convince Jackie that it wasn’t all her!

      • But remember Liz is stll sticking up for Austin, even to Julia! I Hate the “BOMH” saying too!

    • The ninth vote would go to either Shelli or Clay and then Liz would go home. However, I am not sure these people would vote the way that you described. Too many flaws in that way. I do hoe Shelli is the one who goes home if this was to go down this way but Clay’s ote would be the one to keep her here but on the other hand, Austin would be alone because his Liz will be gone and not in Jury.

  12. I go for throwing Becky under the bus just to see how that pans out before noms.

  13. I’m hoping there won’t be any pawns this week. Just nominate two people from the other side. If one of them is saved by veto, put up another one. Then let them scramble to figure out who to save within their own alliance. It could really divide that side of the house and possibly make 6S implode.

  14. Even if James, Meg and Jackie screw this up this week, it is still fun to watch the 6th Sense alliance running around paranoid and throwing each other under the bus. Its what makes BB fun to watch.

    • They already started last night. I knew once they didn’t have power they would start to implode. That’s the fun thing about alliances with strong players.

    • There is hope for this season. As long as it kills the 6s alliance, it might make this season watchable. I forgot how strong of an Hoh James was. He has played the role of goof for so long but when he took out Jace in the first eviction, he never waivered, he stood behind his decision 100% without blaming everyone else, and he isn’t afraid of big moves. Hopefully jackie can follow up next week and win hoh to make sure the 6s is done for good.

  15. Meg: “I wonder if this will make them turn on each other”. Duh!! Don’t wait for them to turn on each other. Fan the flames Meg!

  16. Becky is really stupid being a snitch and all. Doesn’t she know she is on the chopping block? The fact that Shelli, Clay and Vanessa has repeatedly put her on the block should tell her something. I hope James uses his head and put up the big threats. Put up Shelli and Vanessa and if one gets off via POV, there is Clay, Austin, Liz and Julia. I think his priority should be to take out either Shelli or Vanessa. They are the brains of that alliance and if one goes, that is one way to cripple that alliance. And if both of them are nominated, only one of them can be taken off the block. Make the big move and do not tell anyone about it until it is over. Tell the others the opposite to mislead the snitches like Becky and Steve. Then, tell Vanessa and Shelli that someone is telling you that Vanessa, Shelli and Clay are plotting to target me. So, deal is off. Let them feel the snitches are not to be trusted, making them big targets for next week.

    • As of this morning, James is set on putting up Shay, with Shelli as the target. If one of them comes down, his plan is to put up Liz, to ensure that one of Shay goes home.

      • I was hoping for it to be Vanessa and Shelli with threats to the others that if either of them wins POV, saving Vanessa or Shelli will mean one of them without the POV will be put on the block. Then, the others will not even try to win POV or if they win it, not change the nominations. Also, putting two big threats guarantees at the minimum you have one of the big threats remaining on the block no matter what that alliance does. They cannot save two people. If both remain on the block then, Shelli will campaign against Vanessa and vice versa. That drama should be awesome!

      • Of course, he will. That is a given. However, if both Vanessa and Shelli are on the block, one of the brains of the alliance is sure to get evicted. That is guaranteed. I think Vanessa being evicted will weaken that alliance even if Shelli gets saved. And if Vanessa is able to manipulate the others in voting Shelli out then, it is still a good result.

      • He would still have to be chosen to play and then if Austin is playing you let him know if Clay wins, then Liz has to go up. Austin will do his best to block Clay from winning.

    • And if Clelli comes to him – You know they heard it from Becky. Confront Becky and tell her, she is now the target (she won’t be). This week’s evictee does not go to Jury. Later on they will.

    • That is an awesome plan! It’s not like James doesn’t know who the snitches are and if he could control that it would be awsome I am loving 6s panic mode!

  17. So it looks like James is going to put up Shelli and Clay. He is going to tell them his deal with them can be broken, because the deal with him was broken last week. LOL! That is so great.

    He is also going to let Austin know in advance and he wants Austin to tell JMac. Now if JMac can go back to Shelli and Clay and let them know the fun will begin. I do not think there will be enough buses to throw 6th Sense members under today!

  18. I believe that James really will do whatever Meg and Jackie tell him to. Jackie has started to prove herself as an astute player in this game. She is really set on targeting someone big. Clay won’t be able to talk James out of targeting Shelli without convincing Meg and Jackie.

    • But the problem is no one trusts Shelli and Clay anymore – except Becky who got hit in the head with a train.

      • You know, I was concerned about James because I wasn’t sure if he had came to his senses about Clay yet. It did seem he had a little bro thing going on there. Thank goodness, he has seen the light….follow the light James.

  19. I’m really starting to dislike Becky. She has turned into a snitch for the wrong people. Right now James and Jackie are talking in the bathroom, with Becky there to talk block.

    • Don;t worry – Clay and Shelli are going to throw her under the bus to James at some point very soon. Then Becky will realize what an idiot she is.

  20. James is telling Becky the plan. She will run back to Shelli and Clay who will explode. Shelli will not be able to control herself so she will run back to James who will them know there is a rat on his ship and it has to be Becky.

    I just hope James does not reset his target to Becky. She is neutered once he finds out she is a rat. Keep the target on Clay & Shelli.

  21. James is just heading to bed now. That means there is a good chance that he will sleep until he has to make his nominations and Shelli and Clay will have no chance to change his mind. I just hope Jackie is smart enough to not leave Clay and Shelli alone with James before noms.

    • If not Jackie, then Meg. At least Jackie got some sleep and is more suited to guard duty.

  22. I really hope that James uses the lines “it was a last minute decision” and “its what the house wanted”.

    • And don’t forget, “I had no choice.” That’s what Vanessa said after putting Jason up.
      I hope James says..” I had choices. It wasn’t a last minute decision. It was an easy decision. It is not what the whole house wanted or even a majority of the house. You are my target, Shelli. No deal.”

  23. Becky the rat – Why oh why would James/Gang discuss “real” plans in front of Becky??? She wouldn’t help them save Jason so why??? Grrrrr!

  24. I’m glad James win HOH. He isn’t afraid of making big moves, unlike the sissy Vanessa who was afraid of getting “blood on her hands” and had to find excuses and explanations for everything. Put up shelli and clay!!!

  25. Put austin and clay up. Put shelli up if the veto is used. Win win win. I dont care if clay stays but i cant stand austin or shelli. Send em both packing. DOUBLE EVICTION!!!!!!!

    • yeah but Austin isn’t running anything I don’t think it would bea good move cuz u would still have all the people in 6s still in the house trying to run things, Shelli and or Vanessa should be the big targets!

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