Big Brother 17: Who Went Home Last Night? Eviction Show Recap

Big Brother returned last night for the latest eviction as Audrey Middleton and John McGuire faced off for the Houseguest vote to decide who would leave and who could stay.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 eviction show
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 eviction show – Source: CBS

After a very strange week of Audrey hiding out in the Have-Not room and shirking her Have-Not punishments we were ready to move on and get back to Houseguests who are there to play and have some fun. Speaking of playing, who is ready for a power shift?

After three straight weeks of the same side of the house controlling the game we’re hoping things will turn around and balance the power to keep everyone on their toes. This will also be a critical night for Julia competing to insure safety for her sister Liz who is currently rotated out of the house. If they can get through next week then both will enter the game.

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Before we get to the actual vote, Julie Chen confirms Audrey gets a penalty vote for eating regular food all week. No mention of a penalty for sleeping on the floor or taking a hot shower. Earlier today Audrey told Vanessa that Becky lied and set her up with the pizza, but Becky suggested otherwise before.

Big Brother 17 Week 4 Votes:

  • Clay votes to evict Audrey
  • James votes to evict Audrey
  • Austin votes to evict John
  • Jason votes to evict Audrey
  • Vanessa votes to evict Audrey
  • Becky votes to evict Audrey
  • That’s enough. It’s official.
  • Jackie votes to evict Audrey
  • Steve votes to evict Audrey
  • Julia votes to evict Audrey
  • Meg votes to evict Audrey

By a vote of 10-1, Audrey Middleton has been evicted from the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 17 Week 5 Head of Household Comp – “Pop Till You Drop”:

  • Round 1: Steve vs Jason – Jason right, Steve eliminated
  • Round 2: Austin vs John – Austin right, John eliminated
  • Round 3: Jackie vs Becky – Jackie right, Becky eliminated
  • Round 4: Liz vs Vanessa – Vanessa right, Julia eliminated
  • Round 5: Jackie vs Meg – Jackie right, Meg eliminated
  • Round 6: Austin vs James – James right, Austin eliminated
  • Round 7: Vanessa vs Clay – Vanessa right, Clay eliminated
  • Round 8: James vs Jackie – James wrong, James eliminated
  • Round 9: Vanessa vs Jason – Vanessa right, Jason eliminated

Jackie & Vanessa are the new Heads of Household! Congrats to both. Finally we have opposing HoHs. Phew. Now it’ll be interesting to see who gets a pair of noms to throw it. Yeah, how thrilling, right?

Brittney Haynes joins Julie Chen on stage to talk about the season so far. She’s a big fan of John but thinks Vanessa, half of Chelli, and a floater will get to the end. Think she’s right?

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch the live fallout from the HoH comp. Join us on there with the Feeds’ Free Trial & see what the fuss is all about.


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  1. The worst feeling is when something/someone is killing you inside and you have to act like you don’t care.

  2. Allright, who’s here for the show tonight. I can’t wait to see how all this Audrey mess will be presented to the viewing public.

      • This little page keeps coming up saying “stop plug-in” and I have to reload everything OFTEN.
        It’s an old Windows Vista system.

      • My old desktop with Vista makes a loud noise when I try to watch the feeds and occasionally I get the “stop plug-in”. No problems on my Chromebook.

      • I don’t tweet, text, twit, twerk, or any of that tech stuff and I am almost as good as computer illiterate, some would say. I have no idea if the problem is my Vista system but I do know it is out-of-date. Is Chromebook a tablet? Are you laughing? LOL

      • I’m ashamed to say it, but that’s too technical for my level of computer skills. So obviously the answer is no. I’m beyond help, James.

    • Why didn’t they show Audrey in her wig and glasses calling out one of the twins?

    • Not to question the Gods of BB but this post showed up at 8pm and BB didn’t air until 9pm. My question is how did they know how the votes went and who went home 1 hour before the show aired?

  3. Crap, the one streaming site where I get to watch CBS has been shut down. I may not be able to watch the show on my end. :(

      • Here’s what Cyril said: “myiplayerdot com/homedot php, look for dropdown menu then click USA channels and find CBS.”

      • I’m sure they will put a good spin on it. Can’t wait for the exit interview.

      • I heard on the feeds last night when she was talking to Shelli that there is a set of questions that have already been seen by, she is prepared.

    • Green is the only color that probably looks good on her! Can we say it’s for Envy?

      • She just can’t get enough! :-) I sure hope Jackie is the remaining HoH!

      • ME TOO! Last chance to get the twins. JMO, but it doesn’t seem smart to let both in the house. But Clay would be my next choice.

      • Mine too…wanna see what a wimp he is when he’s on the block and how much smack he starts talking! haha

      • I’m not betting on it. She’ll be boohooing again when Clay gets evicted! hahahaha

      • In that case, I’d personally ship her a box of the best 3- ply, soft, virgin paper, lotion tissues available.

      • Maybe she will wear a brunette wig disguising as Audrey by crying should Clay remain nominated for eviction on next Thurs. evening. She could end up being nominated by the next HOH as a possible punishment if not able to attend the veto meeting.

  4. Ok that was nice showing family support but we still have vote, Brittany and HOH. Think we will see all the comp?

  5. I like that. End it with a happy note……………..but then again this could happen…SHE”S BACK! lol

    • He kept his promise to Day…so it’s all good! Loved JMac’s gb message too! haha

    • I never laughed so hard…reminded me of my short little man (son) and his very tall friends when he stands next to them! :-) Was James at Austin’s groin level or navel area? teehee

  6. i don’t think Vanessa needed this HOH , she should have let the other side take out Austin and called it a day

  7. You know a season isn’t so good when you need Britney for PR here. Anyway Audrey at least went out respectfully. Happy about Jackie but not Vanessa. Vanessa has some good memory! Jason might as well have guessed.

    • Short lived. They’ll bring it back when someone they want to stay is on the block.

      • And you know that’s the truth. When an underdog (not sure who Big Brother would favor yet), has their back against the wall, a “twist” will suddenly appear again miraculously keeping the underdog safe.

  8. So Vanessa nominates Becky and ??? Jackie wanted Vanessa bad but can’t nominate her YET so she does Austin and Steve??? Vanessa gets dethroned and backdoored. Austin and her are the two OTB eviction night.

    • I think Van should nom Becky and Jason and Jackie should nom Shelli and Clay! LOLOL

      • Van definitely didn’t want Jason to have a chance for that first HOH spot. Or was it she thought it would be easier to beat him for the second spot?

      • I haven’t quite figured out what Van wants…she can’t seem to stick to any original decisions she’s made.

      • I feel sorry for anyone having to do updates when she is on one of her 1000 word a min. , run-in sentence, non-stop speeches. I think she aims to confuse.

      • You might have a point there. Her profession doesn’t allow her to talk much, so either she talks so much no one knows her strategy or she’s making up for lost time! :-)

  9. Very impressed with Jackie. I wonder if she will make a good move. Because all season long she’s been quiet. I hope the Sixth sense doesn’t get in her ear.

      • She worries me, though. She was still skeptical of the twin twist yesterday. I don’t know how that was possible if she was paying attention.

  10. No discussion noticed about Audrey’s exit interview. How was it handled? Any mention of any of the stuff seen on the feeds but not on screen? Was she well controlled during the interview?

    • Audrey played way to hard way to fast, as did Devin. To me the worst player ever has to go to Jerry (BB10)

      • I was saying it from week one, when I saw Audrey spread lies like wildfire, that she would Devin herself out of the game. It took longer than I though, but I was right.

    • Correct. No discussion of “worst player ever” needs to take place ever again. Audrey is a lock.

      • What seals the deal for me that Oddrey is the worst player ever, is that she didn’t even have to do anything. Nobody wanted to be the person who sent the transgender home. Everybody was scared to nominate her, bc she was transgender. Had she just laid low, she would have made it to top 4 easily just on her being transgender alone. But Oddrey just can’t help herself. She kept shooting herself in the foot.

      • Victoria was way worse. If you have zero awareness of anything around you and are playing the game for someone else to win, you should be shot and put out of your misery.

      • I can’t take your opinion seriously with a statement like that. I never thought a real person would be like Audrey. Audrey was literally ever trait of a bad player rolled into one. It’s like something someone would make up for a fanfic.

      • Ok. What you think of me or my opinions is fairly irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

  11. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Vanessa offer a truce of sorts to Jackie a bit back but Jackie declined? If so, this week could get interesting very quickly.
    I hope for entertainment sake Jackie stays HOH this week. We could finally get some new targets.

  12. That performance by the Whack street boys was funny ! Now that Van is HOH again and Jackie ! We have a pretty good idea who Vanessa will target but Jackie ? Not so sure..

  13. I like Vanessa. There is something about Jackie that rubs me the wrong way. I didnt watch her on TAR. But I thought alot of people werent happy about her being on BB.

    • She was likeable on TAR. Nobody would have a good reason to unhappy with her showing up on BB. It’s not the 1st crossover, won’t be the last.

      • Since I didnt watch her in TAR, I thought maybe I had heard she was a total bitch on TAR. Just something about her……

      • Jackie came off as strong, independent, respectful, funny, and sweet on Amazing Race. This must be her twin on BB. Hidden twist!!

  14. It was a little sad, but I am really glad that she is gone. I hope Jackie wins the BB because I can’t stand Vanessa. I want that alliance gone. Jackie should put up Shelli and Austin and backdoor Clay or just leave it the same.

  15. Austin is an accident looking for a place to happen ~~ and the BB house is da place!

  16. Love James apologized for beating Austin….. So funny his throwing it actually lead to eliminating one the people he promised he would throw it too and to Jackie’s win. He almost threw it to a win. Lmao

  17. It annoys me that Jackie has done nothing but show off her cleavage this whole time and now she gonna act all cool because she is HOH I cannot stand floaters like her. I really hope she does not remain HOH. She is most likely gunning for the twins and I really want them to both to enter in especially since this is the last week !!!! Thank goodness Vanessa is the other HOH. This should be an interesting week !!

    • Grow up. She’s not a floater. She knows what she’s doing. She was purposely staying under-the-radar to keep the target off her and Jeff. Sadly it didn’t work for Jeff, but it has for her. So, leave her the hell alone.

    • I cannot stand when people don’t remember what a floater is. Jeff/Jordan/Brendon/Rachel decided they wanted a new definition for it and waaaaaaay too many people followed suit.

      • Exactly, Cyril. Jackie is not a floater. She watches and listens and is very astute.

      • I know a floater when I see one (the crow lady?) Jackie is not. ……….Floating is a strategy though, but I don’t particularly like.

      • Jackie just happens to be a music fan … intently listens to any music within earshot and digests every note. This comp totally favored her skill.

      • Surely did favor Jackie, but wow did someone say “let’s make a really, really, really boring comp” ?

    • Everybody that makes it to the end floats at some point. It is a valid strategy. Just because the high speed power players didn’t include her at first doesn’t make her a floater. As a nominee she has actually played the game much more than say, Shelli or Clay, who have hardly been in any comps except HOH.

  18. The first time they showed Becky was 11 minutes into the show and it was in the background of James making Audrey an omelette! Hahahahaha! And we didn’t see Jackie until the vote. Why do they barely exist? At least now they’re forced to show Jackie!!

    • Could not agree more !! Just posted saying how annoyed I am at floaters such as Jackie who have done nothing but now since she HOH she will act all cool and ” sooo into game ” all of a sudden

      • Yeah, like how Becky was during her HOH reign! Then after she disappeared again. I hope Jackie realizes it’s time to play the game!!

    • I didn’t like Jackie when Jeff was in the house, but seeing her come out a bit more is intriguing me more and more! She’s been listening a lot more than reacting or responding. Good move I think, especially with this selection of house guests. You get too loud and you become a target it seems.

      • I definitely agree! As much as we hate floaters, it is a strategy and I believe Jackie does know the game and is being cautious but now as HOH she can’t continue as she was and I wanna see big moves!

  19. Woohoo! One of my hopes came true. I wanted Jackie and Jason to win HoH…But one out of two ain’t bad. I just hope Jackie can see who needs to go as I do….will be a big move to do this with Vanessa next to her, but we shall see….and that is Clay! He doesn’t seem to have much power alone as he does being with Shelli who’s basically kept him safe than the other side would have.

  20. So happy that Jackie got HOH! I really wanted Jackie and John, but Vanessa is my 3rd favorite player (behind John and Jackie), so I’m fine with her getting HOH again, too. My gut is saying Jackie will nominate James and Liz, since both have nominated her before, but I hope she doesn’t. She can’t target Steve, Jason, Becky, Meg, or John. She must target Clay, Shelli, Austin or Liz, if she’s smart.

    • My thoughts exactly…but having Van there beside her will make it a bit more difficult when targeting those in Van’s alliance.

      • I think it would be great to have opposition with the HOHs for once and even tho I am not a Jackie fan, I hope she can take on Vainessa and get this game moving.

      • Vanessa is a damn good player. She can take this to the end…Unfortunately, her target has been flashing.

      • What I fear is that she’ll allow Van and the sixth sense alliance members to manipulate her. Let’s pray she’s stronger than that!

    • Jackie should put up Clay and Austin. Both have not been on the block yet. Also, both have not won BoB, POV or HOH. If one gets off the block, put Shelli as replacement nominee. She should realise that she is at risk having been put on the block a couple of times. This would atleast, eliminate one of the sixth sense alliance members and change the complexion of the game.

      • Austin won 1/2 HoH with James and that’s it. He talked one of the people he put on the block to throw the comp so James would be the remaining HoH! But you’re right about putting either of those 2 on the block. I’m looking forward to seeing how they like being there!

      • Jackie probably needs to make her move this week. She is already a target and it is in her best interest to get some of the other stronger players out of the game. It will atleast, give her a fighting chance. Form an alliance with John, Steve, Meg, Jason and Becky. If she can pull that together, anything can still happen in this game.

  21. Ok, another rendition of celeb-look-a-like:

    Becky – Hillary Swank
    Jason – young Pee Wee Herman
    James – young Pat Morita (Mr Miyagi)

    • Amanda Seyfried is beautiful. Liz and Julia wished they looked like her. I think I once saw a post on here that said that the twins looked like Guliana Rancic from E!. Yeah, now that I can see.

      • Guliana Rancic is a yes. It would have to be 2 Rancics. Or 4 Rancics if you include both twins since one twin = 2 Rancics. That woman is frighteningly thin.

  22. Oddrey is the worst player to ever play the game of Big Brother. She was cast on the show bc she is transgender. And that alone would’ve been enough to take her to top 4, if not win the whole thing. All she had to do was lay low. Nobody wanted to be the person who
    sent the transgender home. Everybody was scared to nominate her, bc she is transgender. But Oddrey just can’t help
    herself. She kept making herself a target, even after Shelli and Vanessa both kept her safe, when she should’ve been evicted.

  23. Has anybody else noticed that James and Jackie sit together a lot? I wonder if there’s anything there… they seem to get along quite well.

  24. May Vanessa be the reigning HOH, talk less and be less critical. May she dye her knit hat purple, and not wear sunglasses while talking with her ‘subjects’.

  25. I must have been out of the room or something. But did they disclose the weekly twist or is that over with?

  26. The two HOHs just had a conversation about putting JMac up again.If they ask him, it’s time for him to take a stand. Anything could happen at this point; he could go home. DR would be dead in the water without JMac.

  27. Well I’m watching the show 3 hours after everyone else. Whether Audrey was being manipulative or not….seeing her for that split second eating alone in the dark was just sad. First time I’ve felt for her.

    • She chose to eat alone in the dark. She was acting pathetic on purpose, getting off on feeling sorry for herself.

  28. Jackie needs to nominate Austin and Liz and if one of them gets taken off, put up clay or Shelli. Then watch as they all turn on each other and one gets sent home! It would at least open up the possibility of new alliances and shake things up. Too bad Vanessa could probably get someone to throw the comp.

    • That would be a perfect scenario, but that would mean Jackie realizes more than she does at his time. She is still questioning the twin twist, although I can’t wrap my head around that if she is serious.

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