Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night?

Results are in for who won HoH last night on Big Brother 17 after Audrey Middleton was evicted and two more Houseguests won a chance at safety this week. Now they’ll be working overnight to be ready for nominations on Friday.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 HoH comp
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17 HoH comp – Source: CBS

This week’s HoH competition was easily anticipated by the HGs because it was the same competition style in the same week as last season. HGs had to listen to songs and identify whether the comp was HoH, BotB, or PoV then pick another pair to face the knockout.

Big Brother 17 – Week 5 Heads of Household:

Jackie Ibarra & Vanessa Rousso have taken control as the new HoH’s.

As yes, more endless talk from Vanessa as she gets her fourth straight week of a hand in the HoH cookie jar. Right now Jackie and Vanessa are talking through their nomination choices and Vanessa is saying she’ll let Jackie take the spotlight this week.

Jackie has her plans in place to get out Austin, Liz, or Steve, but Vanessa might not be willing to let that happen and from these talks so far Jackie is outmatched by Vanessa. Should be an interesting week if Jackie ends up going after her top pick of Austin.

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  1. Jackie needs backup from the non-allied side of the house (Jason, Meg, Becky, etc) to have a chance to do anything meaningful, and not be swallowed up and manipulated by just doing what Vanessa wants her to. I hope so…or this season just gets more dull. Being so clueless about the twins is not a good sign of her intelligence/perception — not to be sexist, but women usually notice little physical things on people more than the stereotypical dude who can’t even tell that his gf or wife changed their hair, etc.

    • We don’t notice changed hair or clothes because we’re more focused on the IMPORTANT things…Their hearts and minds. (Work with me, dude. I’ve got your back on this one.)

      • Yeah poor Craig really misread what was being said there… lol. Oh well life is life and we all have funny moments that we can laugh at ourselves later on down the road…yes?

        Just the other day somebody posted on here ”You must be very young and very naïve on how people think and behave.” lol – I didn’t have the heart to tell her after graduating with my masters in counseling and working as a counselor for years, I’ve spent the past several decades working as a behaviour and organizational change consultant to ceo’s, managers, & team leaders, used as a keynote speaker at conferences, and probably far older than she is unless she’s at an age where typing is really painful on her fingers…

        So rather than battling it out or putting her down, I simply agreed with her – ”Yup, I’m young and need wise people to teach me about life and how to understand other people.” (which actually is true – because I seek to always improve my understanding and knowledge by interacting with other people who have much to teach me about other perspectives I could never gain unless I talked to them… probably not her, but you never know – heck that’s the main reason I’m on this forum – to learn and observe people’s perspectives on this show). ;)

  2. I really don’t want to listen to Vanessa’s inane blathering in the HoH room for another week, but watching Jackie flipping her hair constantly is not something to look forward to either!
    Oh the Pain!

    • Actually I would love to see Jackie be HOH because she would try and backdoor Austin. And I need a break from the Sixth Sense alliance controlling the house

      • Based on another live feed re-cap site I visit it doesn’t look like we’re going to get a break from Sixth Sense for a while. Vanessa (as usual) appears to be in Jackie’s ear quite a bit.

        I too am incredibly tired of Sixth Sense but have to give them some credit. It almost feels like watching a team of adults playing a team of kids.

        It’s no coincidence that the three oldest members of the game are all in Sixth Sense.

        Heading into the 5th week now a Sixth Sense member has been in control for 4 of those 5 weeks. It’s getting a bit stale. (Only because The Back Yard Crew (or whatever they’re called) seem so useless.)

  3. Please let this week be a turning point for this game!!! Jackie has the chance to completely change this game, and I’m really hoping Austin becomes the target this week. Him leaving would be awesome!!

    • I would not be sad to see Austin go. The guy is creepy & gives me the heebee-jeebies, but at least he is playing …

  4. Somebody shall keep me updated on what’s happening since I don’t have that trial cx , I’m really hoping johnny maac and steve would be save and TARGET AUSTIN this week, but never know.

    • It’s sounding like Austin and Steve may be in trouble this week. I am a huge fan of both so it kind of sucks. But hey looks like Johnny Mac may stay off the block this week! Hoooorah! :D

      • Wait, but now it looks like Austin is the actual target? Or am I wrong and just really wishing that steve, johny mac and safe . LOL. I’d rather have Austin go, I prefer steve to atleast be evicted and be on jury . Haha. Btw how many eviction again before the jury ? 0: .

  5. Jackie is going to need a visual aid. Maybe she could tie a wine plug to a string and wear it around her neck. When Jackie needs to be heard, she could hold it up to V’s mouth. If that doesn’t work, just get a dirty sock and stuff it in V’s mouth. Next step, duck tape and hand cuffs.

  6. Current Plan..This could change: Van noms Clay/Becky Jackie noms Liz/Steve Save Steve with POV, replace him with Judas.

    • I don’t like this plan lol. I love Steve, Liz and Austin. But I do agree it’s time for the other side of the house to finally have some control

    • Woo hoo! Love that plan. It would really depend on the type of BoB. If it is anything other than brute strength, Clay might blow it and keep Van as HoH. I’m rooting for Jackie to stay HoH!

  7. Vanessa has no plans on letting Jackie be sole HOH, if I had to guess, I think Austin or Steve is going this week.

  8. Vanessa/Shellie/Clay..scheming right now…Vanessa is hardcore. She’s always ahead of the game. I hope Jackie doesn’t get outsmarted.

    • What are Vanessa’s real plans? I don’t watch the feeds, but I’m guessing 6th Sense is a temporary alliance for her? There’s something big going on with her and Steve from what I can tell.

      • I think she was just picking Jackie’s brain on their first convo. Right now, Vanessa/Clay/Shellie is talking. Doing some math. She’s probably playing them too. She must have some hidden agenda, but for now, I have no idea.

  9. Hopefully Jackie will think for herself and not what Van wants. If she were smart she would gun for Austin

    • She has some smarts and the ability to be cunning. She showed both on TAR. However, she did something dumb and told Van her real plans. Duh!

    • It baffles me. Reading updates on Jokers, a reason wasn’t posted. But, like you, I’d sure like to know the answer. Hopefully, someone from BBN will enlighten us today.

    • Not really a target but he is just really awkward and doesn’t have much or any connection with jackie. aka hoh with no blood

  10. I thought Audrey showed a lot of class and composure last night. If only she could have kept it together inside. Oh well, bye-bye! CBS actually faced the music…cleverly edited of course, and kinda showed what I wanted to see. Austin leaving this week suits me just fine. I don’t know why it is, but every time I see that dumb hat….

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