Big Brother 17: Who Went Home Last Night? Eviction Show Recap

Big Brother returned for its live eviction show and we prepared to find out who went home last night before two more Heads of Household were crowned for the week in a 90’s themed competition.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother live eviction
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother live eviction – Source: CBS

Houseguests James Huling and Jeff Weldon gave the house one last plea in hopes of staying in the game and the Big Brother 17 house, but they’d have to do it without any special Gronk twist powers this time around.

There were eleven votes up for grabs with six being the magic number leading to eviction and no chance for a tie-breaker. We soon found out if Jeff worked any last minute magic or if his time in the game had run out.

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Big Brother 17 Week 3 Votes:

  • Jackie votes to evict James
  • Austin votes to evict Jeff
  • John votes to evict James
  • Meg votes to evict Jeff
  • Clay votes to evict Jeff
  • Shelli votes to evict Jeff
  • Steve votes to evict James
  • Liz votes to evict James
  • Jason votes to evict Jeff
  • Becky votes to evict Jeff
  • That’s enough votes. It’s official.
  • Audrey votes to evict Jeff

By a vote of 7-4, Jeff has been evicted from Big Brother.

Jeff is shocked to find out Steve voted for him and expected a hinky vote from Audrey. I’m really surprised by Steve’s vote too. Oh if only we got Audrey to vote for Jeff to stay then it would have been as close as possible.

Big Brother 17 Week 4 Head of Household Comp – “Bustin’ Moves”:

  • Round 1: False – James, Jason, Clay, & Steve out
  • Round 2: True – Meg & Austin out
  • Round 3: False – Liz & Shelli get it right

Congrats to Liz & Shelli, our new HoHs for the week.

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Well I can’t say I’m thrilled to have the same side hold power for three straight weeks. Not thrilled at all. Bummer. So we’ll probably see the same targets going up again this week and maybe even another round of John throwing things while I’m here at home throwing things.

As for that BB Takeover that was going to change the game every week with a new twist?? It’s 90’s Week this time around. No host or celebrity or twist announced. Does this mean the Takeover twist died already?

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch the live fallout from the HoH comp. Join us on there with the Feeds’ Free Trial & see what the fuss is all about.


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    • I think so too, however with all the alliances they could both end up on the block.

    • I seems to me Jeff didn’t leverage his association with Jackie to these 2, and that might have been a mistake.

  1. 2 weeks in a row with a tie of 2-2 before the commercial, how can this really happen ?

  2. Wow, I guess production didn’t expect Liz to change her vote. They wouldn’t have aired the final part of their goodbye message if they’d known she was voting to evict James.

      • Yeah..come up with something that’s cool. I don’t get his “alter ego Judas” either. It doesn’t work for me.

      • But Judas is so fetch, am I right? jk
        Seriously though, it’s just weird. It seems like a stupid way he tries to justify his actions but it just comes across as really creepy.

      • The producers may have scripted the Judas thing for Austin, so even if he thought it would come across as dorky – the Judas thing – he may have had no choice to drop it. Gripping (dorky) drama is what the producers want. Everything in the broadcasted diary room sessions is scripted.

      • Judas? lol He outfoxed Vanessa to a degree of getting Jeff out of the house. Good player!…Then he says things in DR like “My heart is empty without Liz” lol Oh, he’s major in Romances literature, and he has a girlfriend outside the house. .I don’t know. It makes him look like a dodo lol

      • As you probably know already… All men kinda suck at balancing their heads and their hearts (we hop from one side to the other, but seldom know how to exist in both)… Well, a lot of guys also hop to other places too, but again, we’re not the brightest lights on the planet sometimes. ;)

      • Well, we’ll see how this will all play out for him in the game. Because he seemed to be an emotional player.

    • Can’t believe steve would not have counted how many people there were (or jason even)

    • Same side than last week is on top, but doesn’t mean there won’t be lots of drama.

      • Especially with there being 3 HOHs, if you count Liz and Julia as individuals.

      • I thought of that too. Even if she hasn’t admitted it to everyone, they pretty much all know. She can’t just lay low and hope to be forgotten if she’s HOH.

      • No it will be four maybe five HOH’s this week. Liz, Julia, Shelli, Clay and Austin.

      • Maybe Shelli/Clay will make a power move, against their side…that will be interesting.

      • 2 HOHs will agree. They’ll set a target. That person will go home by a unanimous vote. There might be a little bit of superficial “drama”. But, not expecting anything really game exciting, unless some good takeover.

      • I doubt it, one will change their mind and blindside the rest of the house.

    • Looks like a good week to get Audrey out this time. (i agreed with targeting jeff and especially Da’vonne) It would be best if Juliz stayed hoh and backdoored audrey.

  3. That’ll keep the twins safe for another nomination ceremony, at least. They’ll have to survive BoB to be completely safe, though.

  4. Oh Shelli (or Clay rather) AGAIN and Liz, both from the same side are HoH you say? Yawn. I’ll see you all next Thursday.

  5. Crap!..Is this gonna be predictable week?..I think Audrey needs to call a house meeting.

    • tsk tsk … u used the ‘c’ word! it’s spelled with a ‘k’ in my neck of the woods~

  6. Well the worst possible HOH just happened. Hopefully Vanessa will do something stupid this week.

    • It’s hard to say… Who is the real Vanessa? The one who was an excellent strategist when she wasn’t HoH or the one who was on the verge of destroying her own alliance just days before the vote? She’s got a mix of DaVonne & Steve in her. ;)

  7. I am on team Jackie, Meg, Steve, James, John. My only hope is that Liz goes against Shelli instead of working with her. But I feel she may just do Shelli’s bidding. Won’t want to stand out.

      • Why not ? She need to try to protect herself, she’s 2 weeks away from making it. Her game is to leverage this HoH.

      • Not sure. She might have a plan to use that question on who voted for James this week. And now maybe she doesn’t need that, since she just made HoH.

      • Vanessa and Clay could get in a fight and shelli could put up vanessa because she will pin a vote on clay

    • No I think the team of 6 is pretty solid for now… Things can change (especially with Vanessa there), but it looks pretty solid… the best that can happen is that maybe it will fracture when they get to 9 people and the voting gets split 5-4 somewhere… I’m hoping the 3 who make it with the final 6 are James, Becky & Meg. Their personalities would be good to make a side alliance within the 6.

  8. Liz has thought that she was manipulating Austin and is just discovering too late what a control freak Austin is. This side drama between them wont end pretty.

    • You know as well as I do my friend that we men aren’t very good with rejection or feeling insecure… Liz is most likely a man eater in her day to day life so I think Austin will soon be pinned to the mat for a 3-count…

      • Matt! What the…? You called Liz a ‘man eater?’ So, what’s the term for a male man eater? A player? Of course, a ‘player’ is a good thing…but a woman who uses her feminine wiles for the game is a man eater. Wow. BTW, we women have trouble dealing with rejection, too. We also can feel insecure.

      • lol… Eeeeasy now, a player (male or female) can be an ”eater”, a ”player” or any other slang that means they are experienced at using the opposite sex for attention, money, fame, fortune and moving onto the next person. Liz proudly stated it several times (as do some of the males)… And heck a ”player” is a good thing? Not the way people use it in my world, it’s like being called a scum bag round these parts…. And yes, men & women alike struggle with rejection (but I find that men tend to be less mature in how they handle it)…

      • OK, here’s the deal: I often times forget that when I’m writing, people can’t hear the voice in which I’m saying it in my head. If I truly thought for one moment that you meant ‘man eater’ the way that most people mean it, I wouldn’t have bothered to respond. When I make a comment to people who don’t really know me or my writer’s voice), there’s a thin line between sarcasm and sounding offended (or offensive). Sometimes it’s obvious…other times…not so much. And again, if I, for one minute, thought that you meant that men have a corner on the market when it comes to feelings, I wouldn’t have responded. Does that make sense or did I just dig myself into a bigger hole?

  9. Worst possible HOH’s. I think Liz/Julia will target James. Theh have disliked him from day one. I think Shelli is a bully and a coward and will target Meg and use the fact that she’s so likeable as an excuse.

      • Did she? I never heard her. But if she did, then her word really doesn’t mean much, she’s proven that. And if not Meg it will probably be Becky.

      • Shes been pretty trustworthy in this game honestly. And I dont think she would lie to Clay. I think this group will ultimately target Jason

      • Shelli really hasn’t been very trustworthy except to Clay.

        But poor Jason. He’s done nothing to deserve to be put up. They’ve all talked about Clay and shelli being threats. Jason has been nothing but loyal to his alliance, voting to save them every time and out of everyone he really needs the money. He’s in a house full of bullies and he’s the only genuinely kind one there. As for the comments he made about the Guliana Rancic looking twins: (yes it was wrong and they are clearly both very thin) but they have also said some pretty mean and catty things about people.

      • I hope so… Jason needs to go, the rest need to scramble and start to fracture (or meld) with that alliance of 6

  10. I hope Sh/Cl lose the BOB. Should be interesting seeing Liz/Julia keeping up with what’s happening while switching during their reign as HOH ~~ Austin’s gotta be in 7th heaven!

    • Agreed, I like the good ol’ Southern boy from Asia! :) Sadly I think his days are numbered… Wrong alliance unfortunately.

    • Is he really from Sumter?!? I lived there for 2 years a very long time ago. Now-ex was stationed at Shaw.

      • Guess my reply from my phone didn’t go through the other night. That’s crazy cool!! I can see that place in my mind’s eye still – the base, Swan Lake, and only 2 hrs from Myrtle! : )))

  11. Liz/Julia will not want to be HOH this week….Liz/Julia need to win HOH NEXT WEEK (plus Austin will plant himself in the HOH room)!

  12. And the award for best floater (as of tonite) … drum roll … Jackie! Runner up … James.

  13. So now everyone has forgotten about Audrey? How serious is the final two of Vanessa and Audrey?

      • Noooooo! I like Vanessa I just think Vanessa had HOHitis. We will see how she acts once she comes downstairs. I definetly don’t want to see her paired up with Amanda….err I mean Audrey.

      • lol. She hasn’t changed. Paranoia is building up in the house because of the 4 votes. Vanessa is on a mission of finding them…she’s not going anytime soon. She’s playing hardcore….I don’t mind. Big personalities is good for the show.

    • I think she’ll be used until 6 or 7 then she’ll be gone…She’s a vote right now. One thing she does have going for her is the role of villain…IF she makes it to final 7 she’d be well advised to start being vocal & evil again (people WANT to take a villain to final 2)!

      • Vote for which side? Nobody knows how she will vote. Hope it doesn’t come down to a swing vote. But then again she might vote for herself. Lol

  14. Jason, John, James and Meg might as well get on the nomination block now. I’m going to be sick :(

  15. After the HOH comp, when Julie was asking hgs questions, did anyone notice Clay’s teeth are sparkling just like Shelli’s? She’s sharing her potent super duper tooth treatment with her sweetie.

  16. Oh great, another chance for a Clay HOH errrr I mean Shelli HOH. Not to thrilled with Liz/Julia being in the HOH with Shelli because I am sure either Austin or Clay will try to run it for her as well.

  17. Unmmmm!! I haven’t been following the spoilers this week so help please!! :)
    Why did Liz (Julia) vote to evict James?
    Is the alliance of Austin, Vanessa, Clay, Shellie & Liz/Julia still strong?
    I know, or at least I read that Vanessa, Austin and Audrey are in a secret alliance now?? Anyone else included in that one?
    With Shellie or Liz/Julia becoming HOH, do we know who their targets are?
    & what’s going on with Austin? He has something for Liz/Julia? But she is not interested in him?are they still in an alliance? And does either of the twins like someone else in the house?
    who do you think Shelly’s targets will be this week? as well as Liz’s?
    thanks (in advance) for the answers! just easier to ask this way instead of trying to search all over the place :)
    PS. anything major I missed? aside from Vanessa breakdown and Austin being pissed off because Jeff and Liz were in bed together?!did not Jeff and Meg have something going?
    if it’s easier, you can email me the answers as I don’t know exactly how this chat works. will I get notified if someone replies? Okay stupid question because obviously I won’t know the answer until someone replies lol my email address is

    • Hey there Christina/Tina….Yes you’ll be notified on here the moment somebody responds. So it’s never quite so easy to respond to a question on what’s going to happen because things change really fast this season… There are some ”secure” relationships, but I’d argue that even within alliances people are shifting around a lot still… You can definitely count on Clay/Shelli & The Twins being together (they seem like a solid 4). You can also seem to count on James, Jason & Meg being together (but I feel they still don’t fully understand the dynamics of who’s in control)…

  18. Oh no. Not Freaking Shelli Again!? x_x; Liz/Julia KICK HER ASS PLEASE!!!. Bye Jeff. I miss you already.

  19. They can’t afford to lose another member. They’ll be against power players Judas/Van/Chelly. plus sub-members. I was hoping for a power shift tonight, to be honest….we need a “take over.”

  20. Smh!!! The other side the house which includes Jason, Meg, Jackie, Steve, Becky James (he’s iffy) and John, need to band together and stick together against Clay, Shelli, Austin, Vanessa and the twins!!! They had the votes to keep Day and Jeff, but they all get afraid of who’s in power for the week and end up splitting their vote. The other side may have won HOH, but the other side of house have the votes to overpower who the current people in power want out.

    Basically the same people have been in power for the past 4 weeks and it’s about time for a power flip. They’re reasons for why they want someone evicted is for stupid reasons and mostly because “I don’t like them…”. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like them, it matters about if you can use that person get you further in the game.

    For an example, last season Derrick knew how to work the game. He didn’t just take a player out because he didn’t like them. He observed and saw how he could possibly use them with going further in the game. The same people in power have been using the same formula since the beginning of the season which is put up 4 pawns which includes John and then ask him to throw the Battle of the Block and after the veto, put up the person they want out or pit two people against each other and by now the other side of the house should’ve caught on to that.

    They went on about how Jeff is the male Aubrey well how about you actually get Aubrey out first!!! Because they’re just going to let her slide by until before they know it, she took them out and she’s in the finale 2.

    Austin is playing by his emotions on who is he thinks Liz is flirting with and Vanessa went overboard on her HOH emotionally and last night on After Dark when Clay didn’t say he was “100%” against Jeff. Smh!!! Come on. Bottom line, Clay, Shelli, Austin, Vanessa and the twins are feeling way to comfortable in the BB House and it’s time for the other side to shake things up.

    • In total agreement…is time for production to send in a twist that can flip this house…we need more excitement.

  21. I am really beginning to get tired, or I should say, exhausted, with Vanessa. She seems to carry around this sense of entitlement and claims to know it all. I usually have at least two players each season that I really cheer for and hope they win..season was Jordan and Jeff, season was Frank..season was Helen..season 16..Cody..this season, I can honestly say for the first time, I have no favorite.

  22. Big potential for a boring week because the same crew will be in the HOH room all week no matter who wins that fan favorite BOTB.

  23. Please someone give Jeff some antiperspirant. Seems like it will be a boring week so I am almost hoping for a takeover, but something worthy this week and not lame.

    • I’m surprised how the men in the house don’t seem akin to use deodorant on a live show. I mean seriously…I don’t want to be dead-caught seeing my wet armpits showing through my shirt.

  24. Can we have a real HOH comp please? Give me endurance. I miss the old comps where they would be competing almost all night, promising safety between the last two. These T/F comps are for the birds. I hate they give easy in the beginning and then when it’s the final 4 they make a little more difficult. At this rate, it’s easy to become HOH for Shelli & Liz (yawn). Just a lot of things piss me off…I’m tired of comps being thrown, I love JMac, but he needs to stop and realize these dummies are using him, ban with the other side and try to get the other idiots out. Vanessa, she might have one, but she seriously is a puxxy…there was no need for staged fights and shxt against Jeff, just put him up and stop acting like a douche, BB requires you to get a little blood on your hands. Last but not least, who the f#ck is Becky and Jackie? These two are boring AF. Maybe Becky should start playing her game instead of saying, “I’ll vote with the majority and vote Jeff out.” Which leads me to stop voting majority! Get your own brain and choose who will take you far in this game & realize the idiots who are working together.

  25. Can someone please explain why Liz voted to evict James and not Jeff yesterday? I think I missed something..Thanks! :)

    • “Liz” was caught flirting under the covers with Jeff….by Austin. So Liz and Julia don’t agree with each other or the alliance……..I’m really hoping when they are both in the house things will get more exciting!!

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