Big Brother 17: Who Went Home Last Night? Live Show Recap

Last night on Big Brother we found out who went home and who moved up to take control as the new Head of Household competitions were held. We could be in for an exciting shake up on Big Brother 17!

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17's live eviction show
Julie Chen hosts Big Brother 17’s live eviction show – Source: CBS

Jace Agolli faced off against Jackie Ibarra for the votes from their fellow Houseguests with thirteen decisions to be made. Once the vote was revealed we were down our first Houseguest and are ready to move on to more exciting events.

Kathy Griffin arrived on the Big Brother 17 set and I was expecting Zingbot to follow after seeing multiple reminder appearances by the ZB this week. Seems early, but who knows with this BB Takeover Twist that is going to keep us guessing each week.

Julie confirmed we’ll get the eviction, Twins Twist reveal, and 2 new HoHs all crammed in tonight.

The Big Brother Twin twist has been revealed. Yep, just like we told you on opening night, it’s Liz Nolan and her sister Julia. No kidding.

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Big Brother 17 Week 1 Votes:

  • Jeff votes to evict: Jace
  • Da’Vonne votes to evict: Jace
  • Jason votes to evict: Jace
  • Audrey votes to evict: Jackie
  • Steve votes to evict: Jace
  • Julia/Liz votes to evict: Jace
  • Austin votes to evict: Jace
  • Meg votes to evict: Jace
  • That’s it. Jace has been evicted.
  • John votes to evict: Jace
  • Clay votes to evict: Jace
  • Becky votes to evict: Jace
  • Shelli votes to evict: Jace
  • Vanessa votes to evict: Jace

Jace Agolli was evicted 12-1 tonight from the Big Brother house.

Jace takes the news very well and hugs are all around. He heads outside where Julie reveals who gave him the sole vote along with the Twin Twist. He’s shocked. So yeah, Jace is not eligible to return.

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Once we get through the eviction vote it’s time to crown two new HoHs. Earlier today the HGs drew numbers which they believe will be used to pair or order them for the two separate comps, possibly in lieu of a gender divided arrangement. Also, the HGs were given sneakers and told to wear athletic gear so get running for some fun!

But first, Kathy Griffin arrives to explain her BB Takeover. A phone will appear & Kathy will call in to the house. The 7th call will give the receiver a special prize: safety votes nullified for 3 players. Yikes.

Big Brother 17 Week 2 Head of Household Comp – “Ginger Fever”:
Houseguests must pick up pieces of a puzzle and assemble it on the other side. First to finish is the first HoH. Second half of the HGs compete next.

  • HoH 1: Becky wins! She beat out Steve & Vanessa who had an early lead.
  • HoH 2: Shelli wins the second HoH!

Congrats to both Shelli & Becky on their HoH wins.

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch the live fallout from the HoH comp. Join us on there with the Feeds’ Free Trial & see what the fuss is all about. Audrey knows her back is against the wall and even an HoH win won’t guarantee her safety as this week’s main target. Now that should make for a crazy week of action, right?



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  1. Alright, let’s get this show on the road. I can’t wait. I want to see this twin twist confirmation.

  2. Not sure which would be worse, Kathy G. or Frankie. That will be a good time for a pee break.

    • Ugh, tell me it’s the most twisted summer of Big Brother ever and I’ll officially have to nominate it ”Worst Episode Ever!” (done in my best comic book guy voice)… ;)

      • I hope this relationship between her and CBS fizzles out and there will be a season soon, preferably the next one, sans Griffin.
        Are there a lot of voices inside your head, Matt? LOL

      • I’m good with all the voices, I just want the ones that keep telling me about a twisted season full of twists will one day stop! (And yes that would definitely include the likes of Frankie, Kathy Griffin, and any planning team member for Big Brother over the past 7 seasons)! ;)

      • I’m still thinking about the singing Hillbilly voice, now the comic book guy voice…. I’m anxious to see how many voices you can do this season. I’m thinking you are a man with many hidden talents.

      • Yes most of them are useless, but a man of many talents indeed! ;) And yeah we should figure out just how many fun character voices (or characters themselves) would’ve better fit into this season’s cast! Everytime I see & hear John I keep thinking: ”This is DEFINITELY Bobcat Goldthwait’s son!”

  3. I can’t wait to see the HOH comp. I sure hope if it’s not done it plays out on the feeds. Also can’t wait to see what kind of edit Audrey gets.

  4. We have flood warnings and severe thunderstorms coming. I hope my power doesn’t go out.:(

  5. Geez Jace stop crying you would have stabbed somebody in back at some point you just got stabbed first it’s Big Brother and not Romper Room.

  6. Love that I’m getting a BB treat this weekend with three evictions happening today until Saturday, each from three different BB’s around the world. :D

    • Yup only a couple more seasons to go until the title of ”Most twisted, twisting, twists of Big Brother twisted summer twists with twistier twists than ever!” Takes up the full hour! ;)

  7. Wow, we’re barely into the show past half the hour. Looks like lots of happenings later tonight.

  8. WHat ????? Audrey vote to evict Jackie. Is there some twisted twist in this.

      • True, subtlety has never been a man’s strong suit…. But on the positive side it’s really easy to know when we’ve stopped playing tic-tac-toe in our heads and started thinking about either food, sex, or power again. (Ugh, we really do suck don’t we?) ;)

      • No, Matt…it’s perfectly normal. However, a gentleman wouldn’t say, “Her boobs are bigger,too.” A gentleman, such as yourself, Matt—would have found a less lascivious way of putting it.

      • Awww, thanks Sharona I’ve always appreciated your giving me the benefit of the doubt… Shamefully I admit that I’ll sometimes say things the wrong way. The polish on any armour I have has long worn off.

      • Matt, you’re fine. We all say inappropriate things. And quite honestly ‘boobs’ isn’t really offensive to me. It was the tone in which it was posted. Does that make sense? I’m all for silly innuendos…they can be much more funny (and dirty) than coming right out and stating the obvious. It was Troll boy’s use of t*w*a*t that I found HIGHLY offensive. I, of all people, admittedly say the absolute wrong thing at the absolute wrong time. It’s a gift. And that’s all I have to say about that! Have a great day everyone!

      • I LOVE men! If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be here. The different perspectives are amazing, although concerning at times. My husband keeps me in stitches and aggravated all the time. Makes life interesting.

    • I thought their side hair was kinda shorter on one of them ~ and I think one has a throatier voice.

  9. Amazing season !..Cool characters in the house., and oh Julie Chen..what a pro..Always loved her news like approach to her delivery,

  10. Jace is going home and you can tell the difference with Liz and her sister. One has a part in their hair and other doesn’t. I’m surprised that the tranny is the only one that noticed a twin may be in the house.

  11. Now, I am afraid they are going to blame Austin..because we all know that Audrey will lie about her vote.

    • Depends. Think James would prefer to make an Austin eviction happen next. Can’t be HoH but Jason can, right?

      • Colonel, you need to learn some manners. I find the ‘t’ word you so ignorantly used, HIGHLY offensive. Learn to be a gentleman, or go to another site. If you refuse, I’LL go to another site. Most of your comments have been offensive…and if they haven’t offended others—well, y’all should be ashamed.

      • Thank you Cuddles! I’m not going to leave…especially over some knuckle-head. I’ve had a flare of my Rheumatoid Arthritis, so I’ve been laying low. Then tonight, the first post I read is from Troll Boy. I’ve been in a lousy mood ’cause of the pain and I let this guy upset me. Tonight was a great show, wasn’t it? Looking forward to being with all my friends again soon!

      • Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I was reading all the comments posted during the show. Sorry to hear about your RA flare. I don’t get them often, but they sure do hurt (very distracting). Yes, I know, it’s bothersome when these obnoxious trolls decide to descent upon us. I try to just click on flag immediately and then erase their rude words out of my addled brain. Yes, it was a terrific show ~ as usual much too short ~ I could have done without the extra time KG took up with being interviewed by Julie. And, to top it off, 2 women HOH’s ~~ WOMAN POWER!

      • Man Cuddles…it sure is reassuring to know i’m not the only one who doesn’t appreciate KG’s sense of ‘humor’ (I read your comments about her in an earlier post). I don’t appreciate humor that is garnered by being mean-spirited.

      • Just up to check mail and have breakfast and saw your post. And that would be ‘Woman Cuddles’ not Man… TYVM!! That’s what I don’t like about her too (being mean-spirited). Did you see the New Years Eve show with her and Anderson Cooper? She was all over him making sexual remarks and innuendos, cursing and embarassing him to no end. The 1st time I saw her, I didn’t care for her hurting others to TRY to make a joke. Like you, I just don’t don’t like her! Gonna get breakfast, then go back to bed. Late nite with BBAD, I’m exhausted. Later Sharona ~

      • Sharona, I read your post this AM and wanted to wait until there wasn’t so much traffic on the thread. I did realize that you were MIA and was wondering about you. RA is not a nice condition. I have a sister that has it and lupus. I have seen her suffer during flare-ups. Hope today was a better day. Seriously miss your wonderfully witty input when you aren’t around. Saying a prayer for you. God bless. :)

      • Thank you so much for your kinds words, K. I have Lupus too and between the two (RA), I’m really not doing well. Sorry I was in such a crappy mood last night. Hopefully, in a couple of days I’ll be back to my usual smart-ass self! This season is so much fun, I can’t wait to enjoy it a little more. Keep up the prayers! :) Talk to you soon.

      • You were just saying what many were thinking. After I posted to you, I went back to the thread that everyone is posting on currently and the guy is back and is using a couple of other names making some rude comments again. Better you not have to read that crap. You’re a kind-hearted, sweet lady, Sharona, that’s very obvious. Feel better.

    • I think Audrey will become the one everyone want to keep so they is always somebody everybody want out.

    • Provided the houseguests are completely in the dark in order for the twist to be that effective.

    • Don’t celebrate yet, Audrey got the special power. believe me?

      • Nothing is for sure. This will throw the biggest monkey wrench there ever was.

      • I think the momentum of the show will only get better if Audrey stays. lol It sounds crazy..but you know.

      • Well, she be the one that everybody want to keep, thinking she will keep the heat off of them.

      • Also most of the players are relatively smart..That strategy should be considered.

      • I just returned from my scheduled break. I was relieved, mostly that I missed KG.

  12. Oof, I hope we’re not in for another season of unanimous votes like BB16.

  13. Nice win for Becky. It’ll be interesting to see what she does with the power this week.

  14. From all guys to all girls. Did that ever happen last year, all girls winning HOH?

  15. Lavandergirl. I am not a troll but my sister is a little person. How dare you state comments about trolls or anything in that similar nature. You use your dog as an avatar which shows that you are ashamed and embarrassed to show your real self. I am comfortable with ailments and my glucose issues that I can function with no setbacks. Anyone that supports this ignoramus is just like a Pharisee in the Temple with Jesus Christ. You will burn in Hell with the imbeciles. As soon as someone disagrees with a comment, you and your fiendish friends have to act like spoiled and childish bastards. Flag that you skank. I have flagged your comments you pig. I’m out. The nerve of you and the nerve of the fake
    BB fans.

  16. I have no doubt Shelli will want to evict Davonne. I suspect she will use someone else as a pawn to ensure davonne is evicted so it looks like Jackie may go up again. But I think she will back door Davonne because she doesn’t want to deal with hearing her complain all week. She might initially put up Jackie and maybe James. But I’m sure Clay is very happy that shelli won as he has he can control and manipulate her. I suspect once BB is over Clay and Shelli will not last long if it all. At 23 I doubt he is ready to settle down.

  17. So far this “Takeover Twists (on steroid)” are working. It’s unpredictable what’s gonna happen….anything could happen.

    • No way you can predict what will happened with that. A t least not at this point.

    • I predict that the phone will ring randomly the first six times, and then Grodner will time the phone to ring the seventh time when Audrey is the only one within arms reach of the phone.

      I also predict that everyone will “go with the house” this week, rendering the Takeover twist a complete bust.

  18. I’m so happy for Jace having such a ‘wonderful 15 days’ in the BB house. May the rest of his life be filled with lots of balloons and fireworks!

  19. Big Brother screwed up the Twin deal. They should have allowed NO contact for the twins before switching. It would have been much more entertaining watching the twins have to assimilate back into the game and not knowing what the other twin actually said or did. Big drama, too. It also would have been an actual challenge to the twins. How hard is it that they look exactly alike AND they get to catch up with each other before switching? Boring and easy. Well, atleast they are both SUPER hot and we will get to watch to of them!

    • That’s a gamble that production does not want take. It is already difficult as it is for Liz/Julia to absorb the info the other is giving for such a limited time.

  20. Nominations are tonight. I guess they are moving everything up a day because of the holiday. Not much planning time.

  21. Clay needs to slow down! If he isn’t careful he could be the next Audrey. He is talking a little too much and long.. Shelli and Jeff are both trying to shush him but he just keeps vomiting words.. Less is more Clay!! Be careful..

  22. I never understood why women have to go in and say they are the prettiest. The twins do look more alike than I originally thought but they have small differences in their hair and I am sure other areas I did not notice yet. So I am still not expecting this to work long term, although I have been wrong before. Twins or not all mannerisms have to be the same and its hard in 10 or 15 mins to recount all that has happened so I am expecting 1 to slip up.

  23. Anyone know where the other twin that isn’t in the game is kept since houseguests aren’t allowed access to the outside world?

  24. Jace is cute, but he has an obnoxious personality. I am glad he left. No muscle alliances this season. The geeks will rule the house.

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