Big Brother 17: When Are Final HoH Competitions Held?

The Final Head of Household of Big Brother 17 holds the critical power of deciding which of this season’s Final 3 will move on to finale night’s F2 and stand before the Jury to await a half-million dollar reward. We’re not there yet, but we’re close.

Update: Round 2 is underway as of 7:50 PM BBT 9/18. Results in a few hours.

Liz Nolan competes to win HoH on Big Brother 17
Liz Nolan competes to win HoH on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

So how does the rest of the Final HoH series of competitions go down and when can we expect more results? Let’s take a look.

Round 1 is over after a nearly four-hour long endurance competition gave Vanessa the first win when Steve slipped and Liz gave up her chance to a pleading Vanessa. Knucklehead. Now Liz and Steve will step back in to the HoH arena for the chance to win a seat at the last round.

Round 2 will be held in the next few days. Last season it was done on Friday night while the year before that it was Saturday night. Both years the results didn’t come in until 10PM PT as Big Brother may have wanted all the footage shot in the dark. I think that’s likely to happen again this year too, but as for what day, well the HGs just noted they could still hear construction noises in the backyard. It’s been on lockdown since Wednesday night so that’s been a lot of work and looking back to the last few R2 comps, it makes sense. These comps are massive.

Past two years we’ve had those massive wall climb themes with underwater and pyramids. Both looked awesome and imposing challenges so I can’t wait to see what this year brings.

Big Brother 15 – Round 2 of Final HoH: click images to see full-size views

Big Brother 16 – Round 2 of Final HoH: click images to see full-size views

The goal in BB15’s R2 was to order the season’s 14 evictions while BB16 required double the knowledge with ordering the final nominees of the week. The latter is more difficult, but not impossible and I’m sure Steve knows to study that. But since things have changed the past two rounds I’d expect a different topic this year too.

Steve and Liz have been studying hard to be ready and we even saw Steve help Liz study last night too. They’ll keep going over events and dates until it’s go time because what else do they have to do?? We’ll watch for the competition to begin and once that happens we’ll be sitting anxiously by our Feeds to discover the results.

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Once Round 2 is over the wait goes on. Round 3 won’t be held until Wednesday’s live finale on September 23, 2015 at 9:30PM ET. Then the winners of the first two competitions will face off in Round 3 which is likely to be Jury questions with A/B questions. The winner there will decide which of the F3 to cut and who will join him or her in the F2.

We’re getting close to discovering who will win Big Brother 17! Read Branden’s discussion on stats, strategy, and who should win it all. Who do you hope wins Round 2? Share your thoughts!



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  1. with any luck.. Steve will win the final HOH and take Liz to the F2. not that Vanessa hasn’t played a masterful game…. I would just rather see her gone.

    • I completely agree with you, that’s what I would prefer. But I don’t see it happening.

      Sorry to be a downer, but I figured out quite a while ago that this season is filled with disappointments.

      • Unfortunately, I agree with you. It’s better to expect nothing from these HGs than to end the season disappointed in their decisions once again.

    • I think she’s played a good game. However, if she thinks Steve will take her if he wins final HOH, she’s lost her mind. But Liz, I’m really not sure. I hope Liz knows she can’t beat Vanessa cuz I REALLY don’t want her to win.

    • Vanessa deserves to win, she would’ve been SO much more likable if she would’ve just owned up to her moves, and not cried so much. A girl hasn’t won since S13 so I guess it would be nice to see one win, but Liz just became unlikable after letting creeper Austin do those dirty things to her… smh
      Vanessa deserves it, so whatever, let her win, grats. We can watch Survivor and watch hopefully All Stars BB18 next year :P

      • They’ve been advertising on CBS for houseguests for BB18, so it doesn’t look like an all-star season. Maybe they’ll have a 19 and 20 and do another one then.

      • Nope. But we won’t know if they’ll be contracted for 2 more years until right before the start of 18.

      • Sadly, I watched the DUMBEST moves in BB History this year. I hate to admit it but they basically wrote Vanessa the check over and over. Her game was insane, but dirty as hell. I agree that if she took the blame for ANYTHING, I’d respect her at least a little bit, but she never has and plays the victim all the time and it’s just disgusting. I feel like this Season just needs to be put of it’s misery and that they get some good players in that house next Season. I am sure Survivor will be better (Let’s hope). I’d LOVE for the next Season to be All Stars. bring back Donnie, Meg, Jackie, Johnny Mac etc. would be awesome. Hopefully Season 19 will be All Star since it appears Season 18 is already being casted.

      • In other words, Vanessa would have been so much more likeable if she weren’t Vanessa. I agree with that.

    • I very respectfully disagree. While Vanessa’s game seems “masterful” on the surface, she violated every “unspoken” set of morals & rules that exists in the BB House. MANY of the people who have played since Season 1 would have made final 4 had they stooped as low as Vanessa “Big Bird” Rousso has.

      She is the most evil person in reality T.V. history. She has swore on her “Girlfriend” and lied.She has faked more tears than Eric Roberts (tenfold!). She has manipulated Steve’s loneliness and immaturity to mind numbing heights. She has tried to blatantly lie to Liz about Austin and was willing to tear a relationship apart just to get closer to the finals. She stated that Johnny Mac was “Mentally disturbed, Dangerous and violent and that she felt her life was in danger because he listens to Death metal”. WHAT? She is the craziest whore I’ve ever seen (and I’ve met a lot of them. I’ve dated a few too!). She used Julia to influence Liz CONSTANTLY. She has acted as though she is God and has the fate of everyone in the house in her hands when she is causing their demise and then acts as if they “owe her” because she didn’t send them home. That’s just premeditated evil at it’s lowest. She talks down to people so bad that I am shocked that someone like Becky hasn’t punched her in the mouth. Seriously.

      I can go on and on, but anyone who watches the BB feeds knows EXACTLY what I am talking about. A few years back, the Jury refused to give Dan the money because he did certain things (and they gave it to his lackey Ian instead) due to the fact that Dan “violated certain moral codes” and the things Dan said and did were not even 1/10th as bad as Vanessa.

      Make no mistake, I am far from sensitive and have a Very crude sense of humor and even I am disgusted by Vanessa’s behavior. It’s disgraceful and her mother should be ashamed to admit that she gave birth to that demon. If the jury awards her the win, it will change (and IMO…..RUIN) BB forever as it will have no boundaries and be more like a Cutthroat VH1 Reality Show on Crack.

      In the beginning, I picked Vanessa to win and even rooted for her the first few weeks, but she lost ALL of my respect and I believe that she long surpassed stooping low (even for a Reality Show) and that Karma will truly catch up to her for the truly EVIL, maniacal, psychotic and cruel things she did in the 3 months she spent in the BB House. I know a select few will respond to this and say “Vanessa isn’t THAT BAD! She’s just playing the game!”.

      I call BULL! Explain this…….. Why has so many people turned off BB and even cancelled their live feed subscriptions over ONE person? The reason is always the same “I can’t support anyone who is as evil as Vanessa!” or “Ugh! Vanessa’s still here? I’m done!”. I’ve seen it hundreds of times across the Internet over the past month or so.

      I truly loved this show and looked forward to it every year….until now. I am truly disgusted that someone like her was now screened for mental illness and that CBS would let the lovechild of Jim Jones & Wendy O. Williams (look it up) reside in the house.

      The bottom line is that Karma’s a bitch and so is Vanessa and I think it’s gonna get her GOOD down the line. Hopefully it’s at the hands of Liz and Steve next week.

      • I’m not so sure “evil” is the correct word – it may very well be; you could be right – but her method of play is certainly demented and diabolical. I’d also bet she’s exactly like this in real life, and that’s a real shame. I’m sure most of the other HGs have never crossed paths with the likes of anyone like her before – heck, I’m retired and I’ve only seen anything like it once or twice in my life. It’s just immoral to do something mean or debasing to someone just because you can, and that’s exactly what she does: (like the saying goes) – “everybody you can and the easy ones twice.” She’s just really bad news all the way around.

      • Very well put. I laughed when she said “I am nothing like this in my real life. I am very logical and unemotional!”. You know when Mel goes to the store, Vanessa interrogates her for hours crying and carrying on how Mel slept with the Produce boy and that’s why she took an extra 6 seconds to get home. I know the Psycho Girl stereotype and she is a DEAD RINGER! She says “me and Mel are inseparable”. That’s code for “I won’t let her out of my sight”.Not like this in real life? YEAH RIGHT!

      • Nah, she’s exactly like that in real life. A paranoid control freak. The kind of charmer everybody wants for a best friend. The thought is chilling.
        I wonder how much different the season would have been if Vanessa hadn’t been there. Who would have stepped up to take the reins?

  2. It’s sad because I know that Vanessa should win, but I really don’t want to her to. A while ago I would have said I was rooting for Steve, but after throwing it, I’m all set. So that leaves Liz, who I’m not crazy about either, but I’m amazed she’s still here and that’s something. Either way I can’t stand Vanessa, and her cocky- bully behavior. I’m rooting against the “best,” player.

    • Reset Plot Twist! The jury house is now the finalist house and the finalists,are in the jury! You’re brilliant Kesha!

      • I thought of them doing that a month and a half ago. LOL. Amazing how people that don;t know one another think alike when a show is full of the most unlikable Finalists to date. I was hoping so bad that the twists this Season would include that one.

    • I am pretty sure that even Victoria is calling this years cast “A bunch of idiots”. That statement can stand on it’s own.

    • I am confident he will take Liz, but with Steve you never know. He could chicken out at the last second.

      • This is why I don’t want to watch! I might wait to hear who wins and if it’s Steve or Liz, watch it later. I’m just so over Vanessa!

      • Sadly, Liz will be dumb enough to take her “Mommy” Vanessa and be shocked when she loses. When Liz gets home and watches the shop back, She is going to be truly mortified at how bad she and her sister were played by that Psychopath (Vanessa).

    • I dont think it matters who Steve takes he won’t win, Steve is a coward, He needs to go to jury so he can pull the knife out of JMACKS back, JMACK had his back and he throws the veto to Vanessa, knowing Vanessa will evict JMACK, Steve is no super fan just a crying coward.

      • I agree, after Steve threw the veto to let Vanessa win I really lost interest. So now I am just rooting for anyone but Vanessa. I am hoping Liz remembers what her and austin talked about on Vanessa having a f2 deal with everyone.I hope she picks Steve and if its Steve to pick then he picks Liz.

      • Are you certain he through the comp? Just cause he said he didn’t, doesn’t mean he did. Just saying.

      • You know how I feel about ‘she who shall remain nameless’, but I don’t think SWSRN manipulated that one. JMO.

      • I’m pretty sure he didn’t throw it, especially after watching it go down. Even with the edit, it looks like he just got confused. Most of us were in agreement that night that he didn’t throw it, he just got too stressed out thinking he might have.

      • After re-watching the veto comp a few times, where before I thought he didn’t throw it, I now believe that he did. I think he wanted JMac gone and didn’t want the blood on his hands. He and the other HGs have talked about the applause JMac gets when he’s evicted. Steve thought JMac was a twist. I believe he was afraid to be in the F2 w/ JMac and that he would lose to him. They all thought he had jury votes. JMO

  3. I’ve been a fan of Steve from day one—quirks and all. I hope he makes it to F2 and takes Liz. He’ll win for sure. If he takes V, she’ll win it for sure. I’m just so disappointed with the game play this season. It was lukewarm—interrupted by the boiling explosion that is Vanessa.

    • I wish Steve’s name was JMac in this scenario! hahahaha And knowing Steve was a superfan, I wished I’d have seen him play a better game than he has. Other than that, I like him, quirks and all, just not his gameplay! :-)

    • Steve knows the facts of BB but he doesn’t understand the game. I believe he’s somewhere on the Spectrum. Van asked him and he said he’s never been tested but it was possible. He has many of the signals. I can’t believe BB cast him with a shark like Van who spotted his weakness, exploited them and has emotionally abused him all season.

      • I’m not going to go so far as to say CBS knew the kind of shark V is…BUT, if she actually asked Steve if he was ‘somewhere on the spectrum (meaning autism—possibly Asperger’s)’ it proves my point that V hones in on weaknesses and uses that to dominate and humiliate. She’s humiliated Steve time after time. I promised I wasn’t going to talk about that woman again, but reading that she actually ASKED Steve about ‘the spectrum’ in-freaking-furiates me. You don’t win BB by being Sister Theresa, but you sure as heck don’t need to win by humiliating. Period.

      • Vanessa had 16 targets this season. Steve was just the easiest. I’m sure CBS knew all about her. They recruited her, after all.

      • Did they really recruit her? She kept saying how badly she wanted to be on BB and the Amazing Race. I assumed she was a super fan.

      • Heh, I’d like to see her cry her eyes out on Amazing Race. My family still jokes about Rachel crying and whining “the Amazing Race is supposed to be fun and good!”

      • I agree completely. Asking someone a question like that is beyond rude and cruel, and was obviously only done so she could use anything he told her against him. She might be intelligent and her game may have got her to F3, but the fact remains- she’s a despicable, predatory creature who lives to exploit people.

      • If she wasn’t playing the game of BB do you think she’d prey on some one and exploit them for no reason?

      • I’m all for making people happy by most any means, but I’m also not as gullable or an easy victim to someone who wants to convince me of things I am not comfortable with.
        People should be more upset with the “victims” of Vanessa for allowing their grown asses to be victims than they should be with her for doing it.

      • I don’t think he’s ever been exposed to anyone the likes of Vanessa! Neither had I at his age, and I might have been taken off guard and offered to go on the block just to get out! lol To a person who has, like Vanessa, been through a life coach experience and now thinks what they learned is: how to get your way by manipulating situations to your benefit, I would simply say, “Sorry you feel that way.” and walk away from her silly crying, whining, bullying and temper tantrums. Yes, I know it might mean eviction. lol

      • Personality, mental & social health issues abound on reality shows I’m afraid… Heck even us commenters get a little whacky, inconsistent, and downright hard to understand (or maybe I’m the only one). ;)

    • I with you on Steve fandom. I just really like him. Maybe because he did come off as a total weirdo at the beginning and I tend to appreciate the total weirdos.

      • Me too! I like Steve because he IS that way. I have a friend that could BE Steve. Highly intelligent. Rhode Scholar. SMART guy. But, he is quirky. Like me. So, I adore Steve…teddy bear…his love for his mom…his camera talk—love it all.

  4. Now I see why Vanessa is choosing not to study with them since she gets to sit out this next comp! I hope it’s not this particular comp, but the next one and Van doesn’t win and get the choice of who to take with her to F2! :-)

    • Well, heck, when you’re always the victim, what else do you have to talk about besides yourself?

    • That thought crossed my mind as I was reading Joker’s Updates. She doesn’t compete in this next round so I am not sure why she is talking about her aches and pains. She does like to play mind games, so you never know with her.

    • She started the anticipation of injuries about 17 mins. Into the comp! I have yet to see the multitude of bruises she talks about nor have I heard Liz say she has seen them.

      • Vanessa said she could go “10 more hours”, well she may have been dead at that point if you listen to all her “injuries” after 4 hours.

  5. Austin would be happy to see Vanessa walk out of the house then knowing
    that Liz is in the final maybe he thinks that Liz will give him some of the money.

  6. Since I can’t stomach the bimbo or the sketched out barn kitty, I’m left with the geek and his Mom.

  7. If Vanessa wins I will never watch BB agian. Are these people dumb or what? You may think Vanessa has played a good game but how can you say someone who has cried and more or less bullied her way through needs to win!!! She has rode everyones coat tell. She is a floater, and liar it’s that simple. If Liz or Steve win HOH she needs her ass kicked off. If they don’t they are more stupid than I thought.

    • You are absolutely right, Vanessa did nothing but bully people the entire game and if that didnt work then she cryed her fake ass tears to get them to feel sorry for her, if she wins it will be one disappointing season.

      • But Vanessa has integrity. Remember? She only mentioned it ALL the time. I truly believe she needs some help after the show.

      • As long as it’s tinalee…at least tinalee is truly sweet and doesn’t try to IMPOSE her feelings on us over and over and over and over and over and over again, about ‘she who shall remain nameless.’

      • BTW, my brother has season tickets…I’m going to BEG him to take me to The Big House at least once this year.

      • You did NOT just say that to me! LOL! I’l debate just about anything—and do with (usually) civility…but when it comes to the Spartans and the Wolverines, the gloves come off, my friend!

      • I’m closer mileage wise to the big house and spend lots of time in A2, but this is Green territory on the field and in the court.
        With that, my other half has two degrees from Perdue or as they are known by Per-don’t, she even knows to tread lightly on the Green and White.

      • My entire family did their undergrad work at UM, but we married outside of the Blue Blood Line. My two brothers married State women and I was married to a UNC grad. That made for some TENSE moments during the basketball season— especially in the early 90’s. We divorced…so all is good again!

      • Hooray for divorce, sorry.
        I’m too part of the ever growing 50% that can’t hack it so get out.

        Doesn’t take away from the Green being better than the blue lol. My neighbor just retired after 37 years at the blue school, so I often get to gloat to him of how the Green is better!
        Back on tooic… Did you hear big brother is in tonight?

      • Yeah, but I think I’ll skip it. I already know who won the comps—but I’ll definitely be there later this week!! My oldest brother is great friends with Jim Harbaugh…not that that has anything to do with anything—–just thought I’d brag! LOL! Listen, they’re both great schools with great teams. Blue just happens to be better. It’d be great if they actually WERE better than Green this year. We’ll see. :) Maybe Jim can bring back the magic. Enjoy the show tonight!

      • HA-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!! Oh my GOSH, bitzi—that made me laugh SO HARD!!!! I didn’t think any one would even get where I was going with that…so glad you did! LOL!

      • The nameless one trolled me for days on disqus, that is why I rarely comment, I have been on here for years. I am very disappointed with some of the new commenters this season. This forum has always been fun, never any discourse or personal attacks. This year I have been called names, as have others, and have seen many disgusting comments.

      • Couldn’t agree more, bitzi. I’ve been called words a woman should NEVER be called and I’ve seen tinalee called those same names. I really was going to stop reading and commenting—and did for a couple of days. But my good friends here reminded me not to let those people win. Last year was so much fun! I’m exhausted from arguing—so I choose not to any longer. The point never gets across anyway…and when I try to be kind in my responses to ‘her’, she thinks I’m being sarcastic. So, there you go. It’s great to see you here…that you didn’t let them win! :)

      • Not sure I heard Tinaless say she was a sweet quiet woman (maybe she did?) I read her repeatedly saying that she knows Vanessa personally and finds that the edited (and artificial environment of the BBHouse) has made Vanessa’s character seem different… Heck I don’t expect most of the houseguest’s ”personas” to be the same as their ”character”. Similar yes. But the same? No.

    • Why do so many people say “I’ll never watch again”? The next group will be all different people, and we can only hope that they will play a better game. A lot of people say lets bring back the old rules. I didn’t watch till about six years ago. But the last few seasons stunk. I thought this season was much better than last year, but when they handed Van that answer of what day did Frankie reenter the house, fixed kind of entered my mind. I’ll be back next year, sorry to say I get hooked easy.

      • I watched season 1 and kind of fell away from watching. My friend suggested I watch again and when she told me all about Pandora’s Box, the Diamond POV, and other twists, I got excited. Of course when I started watching again in season 15, they haven’t had any of those. So if they don’t start bringing some of that stuff back and don’t get rid of the stupid BOTB, I may stop watching.

      • You’re right I saw Pandora’s box and the diamond veto, long ago. How can we get them back and dump that whole BOTB crap. GOOD CALL! Listen up BB we want BB back!

      • It’s been pretty much a twist-less season, with the exception of a couple of lame BB interruptions (I honestly can’t remember what they called them) early on. No pandora’s box, no crazy tasks, no real rewards, etc. I barely noticed the have nots this season. I think BB production may have fallen asleep for three months.

      • I’ve watched from season one, never saw a feed once and only seen after dark a couple times.
        With that said, this is also first time on a bb forum and didn’t join until a week ago.
        I’ve never once said I give up on show.
        I don’t watch much TV, don’t have cable. I look forward each summer to watching BB and as little as I may be invested in the past nearly 20 years, I’ve yet been turned off enough to not want to watch again be it good or bad.

        I’ve read people in past couple days say they were done with show and went as far as saying they were done with this site and yet hours later they were posting.
        I guess I don’t look at it in same way others do, I don’t care who wins and I don’t like one player more than the other for simple fact I know nothing of them other than the 3 hours a week I see them for the couple months of my summer.
        I find show to very predictable, but it won’t cause me to stop watching or enjoying it. And as of now, I still enjoy the show enough to watch it when it when it airs and not let it have any affect on me.
        If people feel that they are so deeply “invested” that the show causes them emotions that they don’t enjoy then maybe them stepping away from watching is a good thing as well as much needed thing for them.

        Now you all can push me off the soap box.

      • This is the first year I have stayed up during after dark, and given this season, I feel too much valuable missed sleep and time was invested where it shouldn’t and somehow, I need to redeem the time.

      • I can understand wanting time lost back, but without sounding like a total a$$ , you could change station at any time.
        If you are willing to sit through the show and such, then frightfully you don’t have the right to want your time back.
        I want the time back that I spent with my ex wife, but I was the fool for staying with her so I can only blame myself and don’t have right to ask for it back.
        Said it not try sounding like an ass but I’m sure I failed.

      • hmmm. Don’t recall that. Just relieved to hear someone saying, don’t watch if you hate it so much.

      • And that is all I meant with my comments.

        As to telling you to love me… Was a play on a houseguest telling everyone what to do.. “Julia challenge Austin”
        Some people just wanna do what others tell them to.

      • Ah! Got it. Sorry. Super late here, perhaps a little too much vino, and really tired. But man, I gotta say, I do grow weary of the “I’m done with this show”/”Vanessa is a bully” stuff. We get it. Now let’s just deal with what we got or truly quit watching.

      • Yep Random Guy, true fail. My expectations are higher than yours. Don’t do mediocre. Do not accept Vanessa ‘ s shenanigans and certainly not from network. When you have watched for as long as I have, you can be disappointed. I am allowed.

        Stop B.S banter. Slide out the window already.

        You took me therr.

      • I’ve watched from season 1 and can probably count on one hand the total episodes I’ve missed.
        Sure im disappointed that last few seasons haven’t equated to years past, but Vanessa nor others who did stupid stuff past or present isnt enough for me to say I’m done or entitled to some sort of compensation cause I think show could be better. I also am aware the grass isn’t always greener on other side.
        Instead of saying “I’m done watching” would people rather not have the choice to watch, by the show being off air?

      • Exactly!
        So instead of feeling you wasted time, lost sleep etc, turn the station and watch the “plenty of good quality stuff” instead.

      • That’s your choice.
        Maybe you can get CBS to write you a note asking your employer for time off cause you need to make up some lost sleep because you didn’t have the better judgement of turning your TV off.

      • You know what, your trying to take me some place where I do not want to go, Vanessa.

        First, I’m a retired adult.
        Secondly, I am not one of the house guests.
        Don’t get me started.

        Bye Felicia!

      • Tried taking you know where Bob.
        You said yourself you felt owed something for watching the show. They need to redeem you for your lost sleep.
        You have no one to blame but yourself, so why ask for compensation from someone other than yourself?
        Since you are retired, than you should have plenty of time to rest. Turn the TV off and take a nap now and then.

        Go ahead and be offended, be upset and angry, but one last time you choose to watch. If you don’t like how it makes you feel or how it affects your life, tune out.

      • Your nuts.

        First of all, go back and read my note.

        I don’t expect anyone but myself to redeem the time lost. I do not rely on anyone.

        Stop trying to beat some dead horse.

      • You’re… As in you are.
        Ok so redeem your time by turning the TV off.
        Dead horse is no where to be seen, but the high horse you ride is quite evident.

      • Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

      • Typed blah, used repeat word.

        He won’t go away no matter how many different ways I asked him to.

        Moreover, he types a book.

        So much for brevity.

      • Go away?
        You’ve stated you “have to watch” , stated that “soon it will be over” and more of the same dribble. Is a CBS rep holding a gun to your head telling you that “you have to watch” as you claim you have to do.

        All I did was state the obvious and suggest turning the TV off or changing station if a simple tv show causes you so much displeasure. My advice was meerly a suggestion of help. It’s not my fault you take offense to

      • Off topic side note… When you used your “repeat word” option, why did your device CHANGE the word from Blah to blah?

      • People who only watch the TV show don’t get to really know who the house guests are. So of course you don’t really care and won’t stop watching.

    • This is why we need people like you to show us how it’s done Vicki. I’d love to have somebody from here get on the show… It’d be interesting the see the comments that come out.

      • I’d never make it in that house! Being the person I am, I’d want to read what people wrote about my ‘brilliant’ game play—and I’d have a nervous breakdown. I’ve been pretty vocal about my feelings about V, but even if she read what was said about her—I’m betting she’d be just fine. Much as I CANNOT stand her game—she HAS played the hardest. And whatever the outcome, I know I’ll be right here next season.

  8. Some people (i.e.: Steve, Liz, Vanessa) are like clouds ~ once they disappear, it’s a beautiful day ~~

    • K, you are too funny! I wish I had half of your wit. How’s the hubby feeling? Are you remembering to take care of YOU, too?

      • You are so much more witty than I will ever be. I’m having back issues(I know you can relate) so I’ve not been in a good frame of mind and letting it show. I hope you are doing better. My goal for today is less is best. Sweet of you to ask, hubby is good, but very anxious about starting therapy next week. Take care, Sharona. :)

  9. V has played the game, she has the two people she needed, she is like mommy dearest x 10. and liz and steve are perfect for her, easy to control and easy to scare,
    Who ever wins this next comp , lets hope steve does, but if liz does , I hope she can win the final hoh, and then backdoor v , that would be great to see the expression on her face,
    V is a master mind of thought and reading these fools, She wanted liz over julia for one reason , austin was more concerned about hide the weenie, than game, and V understood that he and liz would only want to cuddle, Julia was not that easy to win over, as we may think
    she got rid of austin on the fact that liz is dizzy and has no thought concept at all, and Jmac was not one to call her mommy dearest. and would boot her in a heart beat,
    V is the one who did all the thought on game play, her two best plays were getting julia to pick austin on that pov,comp and booting ausitn, and still dizzy lizzy has no idea, of what is going on around her, without austin she is nothing, She threw one of the most important comps , that is dumb since who is V really taking with her if she wins the final HOH,

  10. I wish I could get a time machine and replace Jace with myself and influence events so Vanessa gets to be the first one out then self evict and return to the future

  11. In the past the final HGs have asked for a deck of cards to pass the time. Wonder why we’ve seen no card playing on BB17????

  12. The waiting is killing me ! I just want to see who the winner is ! Also i am so excited for the premiere of survivor !

  13. This is my first BB season ever and probably the last. What the hell did I watch all summer…The Vanessa Show! Is this how BB works? One person basically running the whole show…how is that any fun to watch! I’m sure there were great seasons before or else there wouldn’t be 17 seasons. It was boring and predictable. I guess I just happened to watch during the worst season.

    • That’s not how BB is supposed to work. Normally a week or so into the game you start seeing a division between leaders and followers, but no, there’s not supposed to be one belligerent leader and 16 lemmings.

      • Yes last year it was much different. It was just 15 lemmings and a polite leader leading them to a long walk off a short cliff.

      • Different leader? Yes. Same pattern? Yes. Same type of personality? Nope… Like it or lump it the past few seasons (as is the case in BBCan also) there’s a new trend of people voting with the house and one dominant leader behind it all…

      • You’re right, and it’s annoying – and way too predictable. Nobody wants to step on toes, but stepping on toes is exactly the point of the game. Too bad nobody knows how to play (or really wants to play) anymore.

      • Just a different way of playing… the game always changes every few seasons because players adapt their approach. A couple more seasons and we’ll see something else. One of the reasons we probably see the ”voting with the house” over the past couple years in reality shows is because most (not all but most) of the contestants are now talent & casting party folks. Can’t have it both ways. If all people want to see is young hot bodies instead of old chubby men & women, you’re going to get the results of what young hot people do…they group together and try to be ”insiders” at all times.

  14. Seems there is a big difference of opinion on this season. At Joker’s forum, a lot like it. It wasn’t as bad as BB15, but I couldn’t get into the cast much this year – so BB17 wasn’t one of my favorites.

      • Oh you’re just saying that because this is the worst season for commenting ever! And see what I did there? My sentence was the worst sentence ever! And this next sentence? Well now it’s the worst sentence ever! ;) (Yes, we’ve had a lot of that this season)…

  15. CBS has fixed voting for AFH, sort of … now they don’t stop you at 20 votes, so it appears they are letting us make up for lost time. ;-D

    • thanks for posting this. I gave up on them after contacting them twice and trying over and over. Going to make up for lost time.

    • I couldn’t even register to vote! I kept getting a “missing field” message even though everything was filled out. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see Audrey win afh!!

  16. I would like to see one of the rules from season one put back in the game. The one about how if you were HOH you could not tell anyone who you were going to nominate. This makes everyone campaign. Now they just say “a & b” are being / not being nominated,(right after HOH comp) and everyone goes back to bed except “a & b”. Wait till the ceremony. The same with renoms. Then maybe HG’s would stop throwing the comps. I know it’s part of strategy, just prefer to see everyone play the game. Just wishing. Lol.

    • And I wish that they’d go back to season 1’s approach to casting REAL people who aren’t models, actors, professional athletes, and/or minor celebrities… It’d be nice to see more ”Donny” types in there who genuinely deserve a shot at (and want to fight hard for) the money at the end…

    • Just think about sex life in general. That’s what he did to her. First she didn’t like it (or so she said), but then she started liking it (or so she said). Now he’s in love with her and who knows how she feels.

    • He molested her…but she’s not going to complain about it until 30 years from now. At least that’s how people do it nowadays :-/

  17. I am curious to see how Vanessa does in the final HoH comp. She claims she was in the heads of the HGs so we’ll see based on her answers. On the other hand, she was not the most sociable person in the house so I wonder just how well she knows some of the HGs.

      • We do not know what she takes but I suspect she is taking Adderall. Adderall is a brain stimulant that is used to improve concentration and focus. If she is taking this drug then it will certainly help her in certain mental comps. But a comp that requires her to give an answer about what another house guess may have said requires insight into that person’s personality. Adderall will help her focus to get to an answer but it cannot help her with the insight into another person’s personality.

      • Indeed.
        I think someone is really hung up on a house guest and asked the question strictly for a negative response.
        My guess is her meds are for thyroid problems along with lupus.

      • This was discussed two years ago when Aryn was taking Adderall and many people felt it was not fair. Some people suggested it was like an athlete who takes steroids or HGH to improve physical performance.

        I think the answer is it depends on whether a HG needs the drug to minimize the symptoms of ADHD or whether the HG is taking normal but takes it to gain and advantage. We have no way of knowing if Vanessa really suffers from ADHD or if she is taking Adderall.

        I thought she mentioned something about it during the feeds a while ago but I cannot recall.

      • You don’t even know what she’s taking so how can it be hard to believe why she’s taking it?

      • You must be lonely tonight. Haven’t had anyone harass me like you.

        Where are you from?

        Do you have spouse, children, dogs, cats?

        Or, are you in school? School of hard knocks?

        Wad about to go to bed, but now you have my brain Rev ‘ ed up

      • Harass?
        Seriously, someone who finds majority of your statements to be a)contradictory, b) without merit and c) false or just made up ( such as used repeat, but it repeated a different world)
        is harassing you because they see the inconsistent statements and comment on them, that to you is definition of harassment?
        My personal matters are my worries not yours. So don’t ask unless I am foolish enough to bring them up on the internet.

        You simply said you had to watch the TV show as if someone was forcing you to watch, you stated you never would watch again, yet claim you watched, said that you needed redemption for your lost time. I simply suggested if a simple TV show has this much effect on you, then maybe you should consider watching less or none of it.

      • Hey Random Guy, I just wanted to apologize for my negativity last night. I don’t think you’re nuts and am sorry I said that.

        Was just striking out for personal reasons.

        P.S. I do make stuff up. LOL

  18. I really hate vanessa’s guts but it’s looking like that b!tch is going to win. Ugh. No wonder I’ve been skipping episodes. This season sucked & consisted of a house full of dummies that either had very little to zero game play, were too cowardly to make big moves or were too weak minded and consistently allowed someone else to dictate who went home during their own hoh. **sigh**

  19. Another comp taking an extraordinary amount of time. I recall a couple of other comps where production had to help the contestants with hints because the comps were taking too long. Remember Hide and Go Veto? Production was telling them what rooms to look in as the comp went too long. And of course Vanessa was claiming she knew where James card was all along thinking no one would figure out production told her to look in the living room area.

  20. I hope Steve wins sends Vanessa home have it be Steve and Liz making it be the last 2 ,then Steve winning the Big Brother 17.

  21. It dosen’t matter who Liz goes to F2 with (if she is the chosen one), because she will win $25,000 regardless, cause she won’t win against Steve or Vanessa. Steve MIGHT have a chance to win if he picks Liz for F2, but Vanessa will win for sure if Steve picks her for F2. Even though Vanessa may be the most hated, for her crying, manipulating, bullying and yes, possibly being rigged to win, when the fog clears , the jury will, even though, hating every minute of it, award Van the $500,000 (that’s if they think with their minds and not their hearts). Will be interested to see jaws drop, when the jury finds out Van is a multimillionaire with her own reality show being promoted by the same people who own “Big Brother!” Quite a gong show!

  22. Vanessa, i hope she wins the final hoh but i am not sure whether she should takeLliz or Steve to F2 if she is fortunate enough to score the big win.. on one hand, Liz is who she has wanted in F2 but she would lose votes from Austin and Julia. Steve made F3 and won a few comps, he has the home boy thing going but frankly i don’t like it… I think her best shot if she wins is to keep Steve, and hope her alliance with Austwins will work in her favor along with the others seeing the wit in which she manipulated the house. The twins do not care much forSteve and i think ultimately though Austin is peeved they will convince him that it was game play

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