Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Who Won Final HoH Round 2?

Big Brother 17 is one step away from revealing the Final HoH after tonight’s second round of the three part Head of Household competition. Two Houseguests faced off in their safety chance at the $500K and a seat in the finale’s last competition of the season.

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Julie Chen has the Big Brother spoilers – Source: CBS

On Wednesday night we watched round one’s endurance comp on the Feeds as all three of the final Houseguests gave a very impressive performance where they hung on for dear life, but after a slip and fall plus a convincing argument we had our first round’s winner. Who will join that HG on the oversized scales next week? Read on for the spoilers.

Big Brother 17 – Final HoH Round 2 Winner:

Steve Moses won! Congrats to Steve.

When Feeds returned (11:10 PM BBT 9/18) Vanessa, winner of the first round, praised Steve and we knew he had won round two. It was a harder version of the spider-web comp where they have to connect HGs and events. Another big climbing comp so I can’t wait to see it on Wednesday’s show. Steve beat Liz with a time of 28 minutes to her 31 minutes. That was close. Both agreed that was one of the hardest competitions of the season.

Steve wants to tell Liz like Derrick and Cody told Victoria last season. Vanessa doesn’t want to. She’s pushing back on that idea and thinks it’d be better not to do that. See Vanessa has deals with both Steve and Liz. She doesn’t want that duplicity revealed.

Are you happy with how things turned out? Share your thoughts below!

Heading in to this competition it looked like Steve needed the win to secure his spot in the third round and a win there as well to get to the F2. As for Liz, it seems like both Steve and Vanessa are aiming to take her to the end. A Liz win here would’ve lock that up for the ladies if she really was planning to take Vanessa with her. Who will Steve or Vanessa take to F2?

Now we’ll keep watching to see what happens with all those F2 promises. Will Steve and Liz compare notes and change plans before finale night?


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      • Nothing, really. But my opinion may be a bit bias because I didn’t necessarily enjoy the game he (barely) played

      • They’re pretty equal in comp wins (Liz has an edge at physical and endurance while Steve beats her in mental – provided he wasn’t throwing it). But Steve is a much nicer person than Liz – which is EVERYTHING to fans. You don’t get people to like you by insulting your fellow HGs every time they’re in a tight spot.

      • I wasn’t a fan of steve at first. I thought he was clueless. But I like his game. He made it to the end without making enemies by intentionally floating through the first 2/3rds of the game. At one point earlier Becky called him out and he gunned to get her out of the house because his whole game was to look like a floater for most of the game, then start winning comps at the end. Exactly what he did.

  1. OK, so at least Steve didn’t throw this competition, and hopefully didn’t win by mistake. Based on the kind of contest we see in R3 – if its mental – Steve’s chances could be pretty good.

  2. And we have to wait to watch r3?
    Should be fun. With a mental or a mental/physical comp, it will be a coin flip.
    Vans won lots of comps and shows good comp skills but Steve knows enough of game to make it interesting. Will be a good one.

  3. Very close – only 3 minutes difference. Wasn’t last year something like a 15 minute difference in the R2 comp? Well there may be more intrigue now with Steve winning – anyone could make F2.

  4. Scrolling through Twitter, it appears Steve wants to tell Liz that he and Vanessa are planning to take each other to F2. Vanessa, though, tells him to wait until the very last minute to tell her. What that should tell Steve is that although he may be planning to take Vanessa to F2, the reverse may not be true. This should be a huge red flag for Steve – and if he’d quit his giddiness and stop jumping up and down, he might just see that. Oh well, he has till Wednesday.

    • I think he told Vanessa that to see her reaction. He now knows for a fact that she is debating which one to take. He’s been planning to ditch Vanessa in F3 no matter who was left.

      • saying isnt doing. many have said, yet still she stands. I hope hope hope you are right and Steve is bluffing w his “taking Vanessa”. I am 100% sure Steve knows it would not be best choice, but somehow Vanessa can wipe their logic and reasoning away

      • Steve’s not a dumb guy. He knows he can’t take Vanessa. He’s been practicing his “Vanessa, I evict you speech” for the last several days.

      • oh great. that’s a relief to hear. I can’t put enough emphasis on how badly I want to see a “blindside face” on Vanessa.
        of course all this pendant on Steve winning last HOH.

      • Uh huh. And if Steve blindsides Vanessa in the final eviction, he will most certainly deserve his win. He’s made a lot of underrated moves this season, but that move would not be underrated. He’s played the game a lot better than people on this site are willing to give him credit for.

      • idk about that~~i love this site. sure there are several opinions. some go by hear say, some go by watching feeds, and some go w their gut. i am not willing to spend all my free time doing BB, and when i first started i goggled spoilers and checked a few sites out. this site, BBN is my favorite. He keeps his posts classy and respectful and all these discussion thingies are clean, for the most part. you would expect different opinions from so many people, but you are short selling this site bc i have read many great things on steve here. steve did have some questionable moves and some things just fell in his lap, and some were well thought out and executed. steve’s best chance at winning this game is if he wins HOH and takes liz. i think he would deserve the win over liz, but not over vanessa–as much as id hate to see her win.

      • I dont get why people have such an issue with vanessa. She played a good game and it is a game. Most deserving winner this season hands down and no this house is not stupid. Any if you actually know what it takes to play poket as a pro?

      • my main issue w Vanessa is how ugly and harsh she has been w hgs. that in itself would make me not vote for her, if I had a vote.
        I don’t like a rich person to win more money. I do not like all that crying/playing the victim, but that is part of her game and I’ve always given Vanessa credit on playing the game. if Vanessa makes it to F2 bc she won HOH, she should win. if she’s in F2 bc Steve took her, I’d still say she outplayed Steve. I just won’t like her winning. I prefer a non-rich and non-mean person win, if my choice didn’t get to win(I wanted JMac or James to win)

      • But, how do you know that Steve or Liz aren’t rich as well? Steve went to an Ivy League school and Liz and her twin got matching boob jobs for birthday gifts so it doesn’t seem that either family is hurting for money.

      • I don’t, but being rich and winning is not what prefer but it does not factor in a decision of who I’d vote for. game play and character effects my decision. that’s just how I roll :)

      • I don’t think it happens every single time, but generally the best game play involves shady moves. Which do you prefer more, good game play or good character?

      • shady moves are part of the game. you gotta go into it knowing you are gonna be lied to and played. Vanessa had bullying moments where she got mean, hateful, and ugly. as far as ur question of what I prefer r/t BB, it’s game play w character. in other words, if F2 hgs were close in game play, I’d vote for the one who I thought played w more dignity and w better ethics.

      • She did play a pretty good game, but she always forgot to make contingency plans for when her initial plan didn’t go her way-which is usually what happened. Then she’d cry and freak out and have to come up with something on the fly. You’d think she would have learned after the first couple of times.

      • Let’s hope that for him Practice will make perfect when come time to choose who to take to Final 2….after his tear fest Tuesday for literally handing over the Veto to Van he has to redeem himself by getting rid of Van in order to get those final votes from jury.

      • Those were the stupid ones that would say it, had the opportunity to do it but never did it, which were Austin, Liz and the Goblins. Steve never had the opportunity to do it himself. He always wanted to vote her out when he was given the chance but it didn’t happen. When she was against Shelli he wanted to do it but the numbers weren’t on his side. He was all for Liz & Austin putting her up so he could vote against her but they never put her up. Instead they threw him under the bus to her. Yeah, the are the biggest idiots. So yes, hopefully it all goes Steve’s way and we’ll get to see him evict Vanessa and her have a meltdown lol!

      • Better yet, I hope he doesn’t tell her and give us the satisfaction of seeing her blindsided. Wouldn’t that be fabulous.

  5. As much as I dislike her, Vanessa’s got this locked up. The rest of the houseguests basically handed this to her. Why don’t they just go ahead and put her name on the check? Honestly, I’m just ready for this season to be over. The entire house was comprised of idiots, with Van being the least stupid. I really didn’t like any of the houseguests, except James and JMac, and Jason. If Steve or Liz pull off the win, I will be very, very surprised. Out of the three, I’d rather see Liz win, but I just don’t see that happening. Oh well, maybe it’ll be better next summer.

    • Ita! For me this was one of the worst casts ever. I dont want van to win. My choice would be for steve to win despite himself. Not much to choose from for the win actually.

    • I’ve said before that I hope these people realize that being the best in a group of morons isn’t anything to brag about.

      I’ve never felt this strongly about someone on BB. No one has ever gotten to me as much as Vanessa. I understand that lying is at the core of the game, but preaching integrity and honestly to everyone and playing the victim when she isn’t is not okay to me.

      • That does not make poker players sound very good lol
        I would call it something more like desperation, but call it whatever you want.

      • She really brings out a special kind of anger in me and I think that’s true for many other fans too.

        I wonder if John revealing her pattern (about fighting with her and later getting evicted) was a mistake. Maybe once people knew that they were too scared to confront her. I also think a lot of people she worked with kept it too well hidden that they didn’t trust her. If they’d been more open about it then maybe people would have realized they had the support they needed to get her out.

      • I spent many nights yelling at the tv bcause all the houseguests let her intimidate them! She made me mad the way she manipulated all of them but, now that it is coming to an end I feel like vanessa played a hell of a game. I wouldnt be surprised if most if not all of the jury feels the same way. I would like to see her go but im sure if she has a chance to convince steve to keep her he will. I bet she will win the final hoh. I really would like to see liz at least take second. Van seems to be a typical person good at poker cause thats how you have to be to be any good.

      • I agree that she played the best game of the season but I’m not impressed. I really hate how she bullied and intimidated her way through the game. And if I may steal someone else’s words, that behavior should not be rewarded.

      • Actually i was very happy she didnt win. Did you hear her bragging to julie she is one of top poker players or something to thay effect. She’s loaded!! Uh Thank God it wasn’t her. Hehe

  6. Yay Steve! Now he has to win round 3 and evict Vanessa! Blindside!! Another notch on his belt! Better late than never.

    • If Steve wins round 3 of the HOHs and evicts Vanessa, he can claim, rightly so, that he took out the game’s biggest threat in Vanessa and deserves to win that $500,000.

      • IDK….you wait until final three to get rid of the biggest threat in the house…and that’s a “big move”? The only other “move” I can think of is his getting rid of Jackie during the DE (at Vanessa’s behest) who was hardly a “power player”. Despite the hate, Vanessa deserves this. But as in all things, we shall see…

      • It wasn’t smart to wait this long but if he evict her now then he can honestly say he’s the reason this season’s huge threat is gone. That’s more than anyone in the jury did.

      • Since he wasn’t given the opportunity before then yeah it makes sense he’d only be able to do it now. You also forgot he’s the one that put up Liz & Austin which turned into Liz & Julia. Yeah Julia left so not a big impact but that wasn’t his choice. He got rid of Jackie who actually was a big threat had she stayed and won HoH. And now if he wins and evicts Vanessa then he will have quite an impressive resume. Especially against Liz who only did what Vanessa wanted her to.

    • He did make mention of that earlier, but he is such a coward and suffers from mommy issues, I would actually be surprised if he did follow through with that plan.

    • I agree but the fact that he went to Vanessa and asked if they should tell Liz makes me suspect that he may still be under Vanessa’s spell. If he wins the final HOH and finally mans up and takes Liz, he’s deserving of the win.

      • He really needs to man up and grow a pair. At this point there is literally NO REASON for any alliances or F2 deals. Period. You win. You’re in.

  7. I’ve never said ‘this is the worst season ever’ but you know what? yeah you guessed it, this is the worst season ever. at least BB15 had drama, actually got non fans talking. this season really had nothing but a millionaire buying off everyone in the house, they should change the premise entirely and just make that their new lame summer show. lol I swear on the feeds this week, I probably heard crickets. from what I can gather from other discussions across the fandom. no one really cares for Vanessa but the bandwagon fans and the clueless who don’t realize how she was cheating with bribery for the past month and a half. with that said I’m all for her winning, just so CBS can get some more heat for it, they can be implored to make the appropriate changes for next season. Vanessa can be known as the winner of the weakest cast yet, she deserves that title for buying off her competition, sucks for production for allowing it, as long as they did. I hope they can make the finale interesting at least, for their sake. since many have already opted out.

    • Well the ratings seem to be doing okay, so all these complaining blah blah blah yadda yadda yadda would sound like crickets to the producers.

      • I won’t be watching another season for another millionaire to buy the game and win, simple as that and look around at the forums, most would be in agreement. either they switch it up or they will start losing viewers. they didn’t have the numbers they had previously.

      • The people who post in the forums are not necessarily indicative of the viewing public at large. Ratings this year are essentially flat, which is amazing for a show in its 17th season. Contrary to what you may believe, most are not in agreement with you.

      • With me? I was speaking about the overall experience with the live feeds and people not enjoying this season. otherwise you should really take a look around and see how many have found this season disappointing. not just on here. lol

      • My point is that if what you were saying was universally true, it would be reflected in the ratings, and that’s not the case.

      • They are lower than last years, universally speaking many are under the assumption this season was fixed, given the the fact Vanessa being the only rich contestant and the fact production did have to step in, shows that it was against the rules. but sadly they let it slide for a month prior, when she was up against Shelli on the block, if you had live feeds you would see some of the shady things she mentioned. but ratings don’t speak for the fact, how much its been a booring season, when compared to past seasons. but hey their loss. I was only watching for the drama. still, I want a breakfast with you someday. ;)

      • They are VERY marginally lower than last year’s. Like VERY marginally. From a network perspective, this is a giant coup that a show in its 17th season is effectively flat. The lifecycle of a tv show would have them down much more, so this is a huge victory for the network and the production team.
        There is a loud and vocal minority claiming it’s fixed, but make no mistake, the minority is a minority.

      • Really? I find that interesting TB, I would rather listen to you talk network statistics, its actually more exciting than what the feeds have showing all this month. still there should be no one making claims of cheating, it just makes the game feel diluted and the outcome feel tainted. shame really. so what do you enjoy most for breakfast? as for myself, it depends my mood really.

      • The more traditional life cycle of a show is what has happened with these singing competition shows. Look at the arc and steep decline on those. I’m shocked Big Brother and Survivor have lasted as long as they have with remarkably stable ratings. This is not supposed to happen.

      • “My point is that if what you were saying was universally true, it would be reflected in the ratings, and that’s not the case.” but yet, they are still down, for a huge network like CBS, marginal can mean millions. I just hope they don’t replace BB with a singing show, dear god no. why won’t you have breakfast with me. I’ll only listen OK? I won’t bite. even if you wanted me to.

      • That’s not the way the network or advertisers view the situation. Viewer churn is already in their models. Flat would be better than expected.

      • Ok, so no replacing BB with singing competitions? I just hope they learn from this season. and if they cast a millionaire, at least cast more than just the one? but you don’t have to play hard to get, its only breakfast TB.

      • Isn’t signing and quoting movies against the rules? Should all who sang been voted out or told to stop?
        Vanessa was the only rich person? You know this how?
        For one unless you are her financial advisor, you probably don’t know the truth of her finances, only what you read on the web. Being she has some sort of public background you get an IDEA of her finances. Any of the other guests could have made more money than her, but not in as public of a way as her.

      • Oh wow, so a millionaire enters a competition, with the goal of winning money, surrounded by those less fortunate and said millionaire promises gift packages worth 10k and to take their earnings from BB to a poker table to double it for them. sounds like a bad joke, which it is. this season has been a joke. for anyone who supports a millionaire winning, the joke is really on you. the rest of us really don’t care, I was only watching for the drama. it was fun at times though. :)

      • I’ve noticed, but its fun talking to sheep. helps me count them, late at night too. nothing like a good discussion before bed. ;)

      • thank you! I have been saying the same thing for quite a while, just because people on here are expressing their dislike of this season (it’s definitely not one of my favorites lol) and their dislike Vanessa mainly, and other hgs does not mean every single viewer dislikes Vanessa or is this season! This “group” is a very small percentage of viewers! So, I totally agree! And, on here people, (well some people) read word for word on what is going on in the house whereas most just watch the shows! and maybe read a bit of spoilers but do not coming here and read all of the Vanessa bashing or BB insults because they think it’s rigged lol…
        A LOT of people wait for the episodes to air, they don’t want to know what happens until they watch it so, I’m sure Vanessa is extremely liked b/c the viewers / fans ate not being tainted and are not taking things out of context and are not reading a bunch of lies or people’s opinions. They are seeing it for what it is! A GAME the watch 3 times a week and that’s it! They don’t care to do what we are doing lol and I will still continue to defend Vanessa forever!

      • Tina, I missed your comments. they are so long and lovely, I also adore how you protect Vanessa and how she can do no wrong, in such a anti-Vanessa board, I find it refreshing and nice. I wish your insight was available to the house earlier in the season. I think they would be intimidated by your loyalty and it would of been fun to see Vanessa protect you or throw you under the bus, like she has done with everyone. yet still they are good little sheep. it could be the meds! ;)

      • hardy har har! I already said I could never go on a show like this! lol :-) but, if Vanessa threw me under the bus then I would deserve it for trusting her! Have we all not learnt by now that you cannot trust anyone in the Big Brother house?
        ♡♡ silly silly adults! letting one adult control the game! by manipulation yes and intimidation yes…..
        oh wait, my bad! It’s the drugs she is on that make others do what she wants! And wait, it is the new CBS show that makes others do what she wants! Oh wait it’s because they’re all scared of her! Seriously! When are these “adults” going to take responsibility and accept they are adults and they don’t need to let someone take away the new big shiny red toy??!! Maybe it’s time for them to grow up! just sayin :-)

      • Half of what’s written about Vanessa on these forums has been proven false anyways. The hatchet job some of these people are trying to pull on her is both comical and infuriating. My favorite is how every time she wins a comp, she somehow cheated or production handed her the win. Uh huh. Right. Or this new show on CBS called Poker Face that she will host. One small problem about that rumor is that there is no show on CBS called Poker Face that is in development. Oops!

      • I never felt she cheated or production fixed/rigged anything. I do feel like she was not playing a game when she lied and manipulated people, especially those who trusted her. Anytime she saw any relationships building, she cast an element of doubt into that relationship, confusing everyone and looking at the odds, they were on her side. No one really knew anyone. I did not like her tactics, but she was conniving.

      • Adderal IS a performance enhancing drug. As such, and since production literally fed them to her, it is cheating by ANY definition. A mental/social game being played on a mental/social enhancing drug is NO DIFFERENT than a pro sports player on steroids.

      • Adderal is also a heavily controlled drug that can only be prescribed by a doctor, and the doctors are under strict guidelines per the DEA. She was prescribed the medication by a doctor who believes she needs it. I don’t see what the problem here is.

      • If this isn’t clear to you then there is no way to explain it to you. You just don’t see it from my perspective and that is fine. Morally, you are fine with it and that is fine also.

        We will agree to disagree I hope.

      • Considering my brother takes it and has taken it since his teenage years, I know a lot about this drug. You can’t get it unless a doctor determines that you need it. Would you say the same about someone who is depressed who is on Paxil if that helps the person’s social game?

      • I’m not sure about that. I know several people who watch only the CBS show and they all dislike Vanessa.

      • lol and I get that! But I two know lots of people who just watch the show & they like Vanessa. it works both ways it goes both ways

      • Even Chenbot’s hubby Les M (Head of CBS) said in an interview that this season they made 5 or 6 mistakes in casting this year. This from the man who defended the cast on BB15. So it’s not just the forums that know what a hot mess this season was.

      • Even if a reality show is doing badly, there will be die hard fans watching it, just because of loyalty. I used to be a loyal fan of DWTS but, got fed of the fan voting which was being abused by fans who vote for their favorites even if they are the very worst dancers. It ruined it for me because the celebrities take the time to learn to dance and I feel it is unfair to boot out the better dancers in favor of the fan favorites. I have stopped watching a long time ago.
        Unless, the next Big Brother is an All Star, I probably will stop watching as well. I am in the minority I am sure but, there are a lot of good shows on TV to keep me entertained.

      • Instead of All Star why not have some fun and have a season of 1st evictees. Or 3rd evictees–remember Jeff saying the assholes go out 3rd. Oh god I’m the asshole! Or how about a season those voted out in the DE? These would be players who know the game and could make it fun.

      • 5 or 6 casting mistakes in a cast of 17 sounds like a smashing success. Remember those seasons with 16 casting mistakes?

      • Everyone has their favorite. You obviously hate Van. I think she has played the best game this season and deserves to win. However, unless you have real evidence, keep saying the game is rigged for Van to win won’t make it true… How about hoping Steve wins the final round and decides to take Liz to F2? That is a lot more realistic…

      • Come on now, I don’t hate the manic poker player. I actually liked Van, she was hilarious when freaking out over nothing, she provided the feeds with drama and meltdowns, it was all good. but when bribery came into place, i was hoping she would leave the house. but now its just a season that feels tainted and questionable. I hope Steve stops being a good little sheep and actually makes a move. who knows, he may pull off an Ian Terry, as for more realistic? I don’t know man, those mommy issues though.

      • Didn’t production immediately shut Van down when she offered money to other HGs? Let’s just enjoy the last week of the season and not be bothered by things that we don’t/won’t know for sure.

      • Then people would find a way to complain about Steve winning. The modus operandi here is to complain more so than anything else.

      • I know… Let’s just enjoy the last week of the season. Rooting for Van to win, but I’ll be okay with Steve winning too.

      • I think I’m now rooting for Steve to win but would be ok with Vanessa. Vanessa had it way too easy. I’d prefer someone who had to try for it.

      • It would be, but I think the odds are definitely in his favor. If he were in the final 2 with her.

      • Would be juicy though. Maybe he’ll say, I’ve been working this whole summer for Liz ‘ s love. Please give the money to her so that I can have my true love forever.

    • This season has had much more drama than season 16 which i also enjoyed very much because we all knew about 2-3 weeks in that Derrick was going to win BB,zero surprised..only my second year and took me a bit to settle in with the new bunch but actually nice contrast to last year. I just accept what is offered to me contestant wise and go with the flow,in other work with what you got,never going to be perfect but what really is in life?..nothing.

    • Wow, I didn’t know anything about the bribes! I haven’t been able to watch the live feeds this season, and I probably wouldn’t have cared to if I could because I just didn’t care. I already didn’t like Vanessa, but I thought she was playing a good game strategically. But offering bribes is outright cheating, she should have been kicked from the game, not just “spanked”.

      • I know right? it was a fun while it lasted, but when bribery was brought into place, by the only millionaire this season. I knew it would change the entire landscape and it wouldn’t be the BB we all knew and loved, so basically that is what happened. sucks some people had to go home, before production shut it down.

  8. Both Steve and Vanessa deserve to be the F2 and that’s going to be an interesting match-up. Hopefully these two frenemies won’t take clueless Liz to the F2, coz what has she done really the entire season besides being mean girls with her twin and in a gross showmance with a fame-seeking troll? Yes she has won a few comps based on pure luck and some determination, but is that enough at this stage?

    • How exactly does Steve deserve to be in the F2? What has he done all season? Liz WAS part of a twin twist and used it to her advantage. The others weren’t worried about her showmance because she told them all the time she was just playing Austin. She avoided being a target despite being in a twin twist and a showmance.
      Every move Steve made was either orchestrated by Vanessa or was just him taking the way with the lowest risk. Steve was basically floating through the game.

      • He took down the Goblins and he took the first shot at the Austwins. Those two facts are enough of a resume for a potential win.

      • He evicted Jackie. That’s not impressive.
        And taking a shot at Austwins isn’t impressive when a) there are only 5 people left and 3 of them are Austwins b) you don’t even get your primary target out c) only get Julia out

      • Although I thought it was off-base at the time. I now see that it was a good move. Jackie was apparently the only gobblin who had a brain for the game, after she was gone it was one flubbed move after another. Sorry James fans, he was a nice guy, but a mastermind he was not.

      • Highly underrated move. I defended it at the time and everyone told me I was bonkers, but it’s more clear than ever that it was a good move.

    • It’s because she doesn’t deserve it is why whoever wins final HoH should take her. Sitting next to her should be a guaranteed win for either of them. She may not deserve 50k, but not taking her would cost either Steve or Vanessa 450k.

  9. Vanessa needs to wins the final round,there is no sure thing going on here like with Derrick,highly likely he would take Vanessa at this point but one never should leave things to chance..Vanessa trump card is telling him I will vote against you and so will Julia and Austin and there is no way Jackie will either and most likely Meg neither,so all Liz would need is one more vote,that alone should be enough to scare Steve.

  10. Think this show will go on for years more,for one..does not cost much to produce,so makes money period..and say what you want about BB but this show will outlive American Idol,a series that use to garner over 30 million viewers like clockwork and was referred by industry insiders as “Death Star”,but BB will be back for A 18th season and Idol will not.

  11. Vanessa is a crappy player, but this season she is the only one playing the game, i will give her that.

  12. Ready for this season to be over. I want to see Vanessa blindsided so bad but she will win because the cry baby and Liz don’t have the balls to do it. No matter what if Vanessa makes final 2 she will win because she’s played the best game.. She’s rich anyways and don’t need the money, if the house knew who she was she would of went home week one. She shouldn’t even be on the show in my opinion.. Her and her hats need to go lol

  13. Love it! If Steve wins and takes Vanessa then For the first time finally a woman is going to win over a man. That’s history in the making, even if Steve is a 9 year old stuck in an adults body

  14. Good boy Steve, you have been my fav since day 1, if you win the next comp I know you will make the biggest move of the Summer and evict Vanessa

  15. How can BB award an AFP prize when the voting has been down for days and was supposed to be open until September 21st. And the arrogance of the CBS website nit to even address the problem. I know there is probably 95% chance JMac would win AFP, but how can they just give it to him with basically only one and a half days of voting before the website broke. I find it hard to believe that CBS has not been able to fix it in over 3 days. What is really going on? It’s not fair.

    • Yes, it’s strange. I was looking forward to seeing JMac get AFP but I bet they will postpone it because of the website glitch. Can’t believe they can’t correct this problem. They’ve been running this AFP competition for years on their site, so they should have this down pat. The whole season has been weird. They promised a BB twist each week and that lasted only a few weeks. Seems like they can’t get their act together.

      • Few days ago a glitch occured. After people voted and went back to the website the next days following, it would continue to say they had reached their daily 20 vote limit. It resulted in people not being able to vote anymore.

      • Exactky GG. How can they make up for the 2 days when people were unable to vote. The vote will possibly be a little tainted. I had no trouble voting this morning.

      • Why is it tainted? People who want to vote for all candidates are locked out just the same. I don’t get what the big deal is.

    • I don’t, the guys often ban together and dominate, not just the physical comps, but the social game as well. And then they pick off the girls one by one. The girls rarely ban together – actually, have they EVER? I know there have been some strong female pairs in past seasons, but I can’t really remember any strong all female alliances that lasted. Usually just talking about an all girls alliance puts a huge target on your back – because there’s always the girls that run straight to the guys and tell them all about it.

  16. Steve now needs to beat Vanessa so that, he is guaranteed a Final 2 slot and the power to choose who to bring to the Finals. It would be super dumb to bring Vanessa to the Finals. It would be better to bring Liz. If Vanessa wins, it would be hard to say who she will take to the Final 2 although, I am guessing it might be Liz. Remember she saved Liz rather than evict her, more than one time. That speaks volumes, no matter what Vanessa says.
    Actions speak louder than words.

  17. We all know Vanessa doesn’t want it told to Liz .Cause she can’t guarantee she will win comp.And until she’s Hoh she don’t want it told.Cause she’s planning on blindsiding Liz cause she’s always said against Steve she would lose.Which I think its still up there on which ones in jury would vote for whom.

  18. i honestly dont care who “wins” at this point….its gonna be Vanessa in the end. its been known all season.

  19. Simply put… if Steve wins the final comp..sends out Vanevil…he has won…by just taking her out he will win no matter who would have been up against him in the F2….it is the trophy prize of this season…and will look good on his mantle…if he doesn’t continue his “mommy dearest” syndrome.

    • Totally agree, if Steve takes out Vanessa he locks up all the non Austwins vote and he may even get Vanessa’s out of respect and win 7-2. Of course if that happens I fully expect Vanessa to come out whining to Julie about how Steve betrayed her and how she played with such integrity and other such nonsense. I honestly am fine if Vanessa wins, she has played the best game this year, but I just want her to own her game in the end and I’m afraid she won’t and will be full of excuses. These next few days will be interesting, I expect her to bring up the swear on his mom to Steve about 3,000 times, just hope if he wins he doesn’t fall for it.

      • Well said..I hope if she gets in front of Julie she doesn’t continue her BS…what she might not realize being in the house so long…everything she has done and said is on tape for all to see…even the jurors when they review this season will hit their heads against the wall and say…how were we so stupid to let her get away with it….it’s best for her to own up to her game and simply say…had to do what it took to win the game….she would earn everyone’s respect that way.

      • The only way you would see that with Julie is if she isn’t in F2. The fanfare they come out to after the winner is elected prevents all but maybe one sentence to be said.

        Which is what I find to be irritating about this whole thing .. there should be more time to talk after the winner is selected.

      • Not sure how long the live feeds are available through the archive after the season ends. I don’t think they’re available for too long. Does anyone know for sure? Matt?

    • You got it right. Taking Vanessa out will get you the vote IMO of just about everyone in the jury except Austin and Julia. I think the other jury members mind thought SHOULD be Steve got rid of Vanessa. Money shot $$$$$$.

  20. I have always been a fan of BB since season 1 and will continue to watch every summer, but I can honestly say I really don’t care who wins. No big theories or any thing profound. It’s just kind of “meh” now, so I don’t care.

  21. These 3 are the most undeserving of the entire season. if Vanessa wins I will never watch a an.

    • How are they not deserving? Essentially Vanessa and Liz ran this Season. And Steve was a floater who supported Vanessa,then ultimately started making big choices. It’s more than JMAC can say,he never made big choices. So as this Season may not have been the most entertaining,no one can say these 3 didn’t play the game

    • Most undeserving? So, Jeff, Audrey, and Clay would be a more deserving group? I dislike these 3 finalists as much as anyone, but they are probably 3 of the more deserving people.

  22. Not sure what is going to happen at this point but no matter what Vanessa stills deserves to win this based on her controlling the whole game,for the most part made things happen vs. reacting after they happened. Vanessa for the win.

    • Very true…but the winner has to cross the finish line and that hasn’t happened yet…Vanboozul may get a cramp just before she crosses and lose…this could be Steve’s game to lose.

  23. As a long time fan, I was a little disappointed in Vanessa’s take on the show. She seems to think she has to justify her nominations with some kind of manic fact finding mission ever y week. Even when she’s not on the block. The

    • Vanessa is a game theorist and recruit. So she understands general game theory, but not big brother. Her strategy for justifying nominations is very annoying and unnecissary, but makes sense knowing that. Rich people make the show interesting. Any extra diversity I see as a benefit. Vanessa was terrible to watch, but that was based on her as a person. We would all love to see Will play again although he won’t (he doesn’t even watch the show) and he is wealthier than Vanessa.

  24. Awful season, sick of all the crying. “Ooh, Vanessa might cry or be mad if I put her up…” I won’t watch any show she may host. Don’t like hunters, but hope James gets the 25K.

  25. It all is up to the final HOH and if steve wins and takes V he deserves to not win, If he wins and evicts V the , it wil be interesting, Dizzy and
    foolish, against each other in the final two.

    This next comp, is one of a social understanding of the other house guest, steve isolated himself from the group for a large part of the game, V stuck with her circle and if the questions focus around those then she will win, lets see what questions are asked, steve does not have a good shot, Unless he observed more than we think,
    But anyway , who ever sits next to V will not win, she has played the game , since day 1 not day 60 ,

    this is Vs dream, to sit next to steve in final hoh, LIz more than likely could have won it, steve is going to be iffy, And if V is on meds to help her focus, it should be V who wins this. Unless she makes a dumb guess

    Derrick and V both played exceptional games, and if it plays out like last year and v can convince steve to take her to the final two if she does not win final hoh , she will be the second one in two years to convince a hoiuse guest to throw away 500grand,

    No matter if you like her or not, V played this game and took it serious from day 1, her moves were all game and thought out, no friendships, no girlmance or showmance , If she sits in final two , she should win every vote,
    But as game if steve wins ,he needs to boot her , look at liz and say join me up here and tell V get stepping, that is the only game move to make at this point,
    And V will respect it, since it is a game and of all people ,she knows , that backstabbing and makeing false deals is what it is all about,
    IT will be intersting, to say the least,

    If next year they bring back battle of the block they need to twist it, the two HOHs go into seperate rooms, nominate, no talk no plotting, If not they could even throw a twist in that, one where each HOHs noms are switched , and given to the other, then another where one from each hoh noms are switched,
    Make it a season of new twists, Have another twist called the trio, where the only ones playing veto are hoh and the two noms, and who ever wins can have them stay the same or the winner is the one to nom, the replacement,
    keep it moving for the first 5 or six weeks, Do not let them have a shot of really plotting since they have no idea what is around the corner until the day of,
    Do a twist of pandaros box and if opened , a guest from a previous season returns, And is crowned hoh, and replaces the current one, before noms are chosen, or if chosen the new hoh changes them, And let no one know what is going on until they are gathered up and boom the hoh and the hew hoh comes in with his or hers noms,
    That would really shock them , And do this live and this way no leaks and no peaks,

    • Maybe no twists next season. Twists ruin the game in my opinion. Although I like the veto many people wish it was back to just HOH no veto like the early seasons. My suggestion would be comps for HOH and veto. Have a comp for have nots again. 1 pandora’s box that doesn’t affect the game (something like britney’s in season 12). Nothing else. Most importantly a more diverse cast not just in race, but age, religion, socioeconomic status, etc. it makes it far more interesting seeing how different people play. And the thing that bothers me the most bring back the key wheel. I want to see them sweat as keys are removed one by one.

      • Well, their weren’t any twists this season, except for the twin twist. I think the veto is crucial and adds excitement to the game.

      • Twin Twist, Battle of the Block, BB takeover, returning house guest. There were many that aren’t part of the basic game. BB takeover was cancelled quickly, so whether that should count as a twist I’m not sure. But, BotB is a twist and returning house guest has just become common. I agree with the veto when it was added fully I thought it was great and should stay have never thought differently.

  26. Steve or liz are STUPID if they take vanessa to the F2. I do not think they will win against her. I have disliked a reality TV person as much as I dislike vanessa. After seeing her play and all her NASTY crap online. I just do not like her. No way I want her to win.

      • sweetie, you edited your post. however, most of it still needs work. please, when you go back to school and learn to make correct sentences, please let me know!

      • Amber… f*** off!!! If I wanted you to critique on my comments, I would have asked. I tried to be kind with my original come back reply, and you just won’t have it. So let me get down to your level for my final response.

        And yes I did correct the ONE word that I missed in my original comment. I’m sorry that you didn’t have the common sense to know what I meamt. OR does it just make you feel better about you self to point otherd mistake out. GOOD FOR YOU!!! I hope you feel better.

      • Lol Amber. I’m not sure what your obsession is with my comments, but at this point I just find it too funmy. I’m guessing you have nothing better to do??? Anyway, if you follow me I suppose you could see all my post. Also you have a lovely day and maybe go for a run or a nice walk to clear your head. It might be just the thing to help you with your (what seems to be) nasty additude. Oh hey… maybe get laid??

  27. This could be the most tragic ending in BB history if the Queen Vanessa gets outed at final 3. Praying for her to win and take out Steve.

    • As opposed to Steve pulling a Cody and taking Vanessa so he loses to her? If you accept Vanessa’s dirty game play is part of the game then why is it tragic if Steve wins HoH and sends Vanessa to jury?

    • Why don’t Van/Steve both fess up and say the winner takes Liz, she’s not Victoria but we know they want her F2. They jettison each other – NO BLOOD. If anything it’s a big nock for Steve & a super-fan nock for Van.

  28. Way to go Steve, he’s forcing Van hand, if she doesn’t agree to tell Liz before the final comp then if Steve wins he needs to pick Liz and use that as his reason. If he’s not forcing her hand then he got his head stuck up there too far to get it back out.

  29. LiZ is clueless. If Steve wins HoH the first thing Liz needs to do is tell him about the F2 Vanessa made with her and how Vanessa swore she would evict Steve if she won. But, like so many others in the house this year, Liz will never realize that is her chance to make F2. She will have a stupid clueless look on her face while Vanessa tells Steve about Liz making a deal to evict Steve if she won HoH.

    This entire cast of characters treated this game like some kind of summer vacation with the exception of Vanessa. Vanessa’s game was sloppy, crazy and overdone but compared to the rest of the house it was like a Lion among lambs.

    If there is a BB18, I hope BB gets more than 1 or 2 Lions in the house. this season was pathetic.

  30. What good game has steve played that’s right nothing but playing vanessa game the whole season if steve wins bb17 he will become the worst winner in bb history and that’s a fact jack

    • BB15, Andy. Granted, between him, Spencer, and GinaMarie, there was no good winner there. Still, that was by far the worst season of BB to date.

    • thank you thank you thank you! It’s refreshing reading I am NOT the only one who sees it how it really is! :)

    • SOOOO TRUE!!!! in regards to Steve playing Vanessa game all season! if it comes down to Steve and Vanessa as final 2 & Steve wins then that would be a travesty!
      I think Steve will not take Vanessa to the end! I think he’s smart enough to know better, sadly! She deserve to win however, if she doesn’t win the third comp then it is what it is!

      I would rather see Steve take Liz to the end then Steve take Vanessa and Steve wins! make sense?

      it is so refreshing reading things like this! :-)

  31. I can’t wait till they hear on finale that Vanessa is worth 4.3 million dollars , won’t they all be pissed if they give her the bucks? For all we know Vanessa has probably told Steve to throw the 3rd round so she can take Liz.

  32. If Van gets to F2 she will win, think about it, she promised “money” to the majority of juror members, now you as a juror with no chance for the money wouldn’t you vote for her? I would.

    Think about it, Van may look at those bribes as an investment, she gives 100k away but will get 900k in return …not a bad investment after all

    I don’t undesrtand why she did not get reprimended by BB for doing that!

      • oh here we go again lol…… She did get reprimanded but not for “bribing” she got reprimanded for talking about money. That’s it, that’s all! :-) :-)

    • First of all you need to redo your Math & secondly, when did she “bribe” HGs??
      Yes she talked about money (splitting it) because she doesn’t care about the money, she cares about the win! It’s in her blood to win however it’s not in her blood to cheat! in there “down time” sure is talking about Poker & telling HGs they can “stake” her IF they wanted to! She’s not “bribing” them, she’s just talking about something she knows a lot about and is really good at! So big deal, she is telling them (in a conversation about nothing) that if they wanted she could help increase the $500,000 winnings!! why is that so wrong? She is OFFERING to help them!!! Who cares? what the winners decide to do with their money is completely up to them! They are adults! They can say no if they want to lol….. Or is this “bribing” in regards to Vanessa telling Julia when she put her up as a pawn that if she went home she would give her $10,000? Again, something totally blown way out of proportion! She was simply reassuring her & telling her if anything went wrong she would give her $10,000 and she WOULD give her $10,000 because she is a nice person and she would feel horrible if Julia went home as Vanessa’s “pawn!” She wasn’t bribing” her!! Vanessa was NOT saying go home now and I will give you $10,000! As if! First of all why would Vanessa want to win that way? She does not want to win by bribing people to leave! And secondly, if Julia was stupid enough to take $10,000 to leave the game then she’s an idiot! $500,000 or $10,000, you do the math (oh wait, maybe you shouldn’t lol just kidding) this was completely, completely, completely blown out of proportion! And taken out of context! It’s like you saying to a friend, “I am so sure that you will get “the Job” (for example) and if you do not, I will be completely shocked and quit!” You are simply reassuring your friend, you are SO confident they will get the job so you say that. WE ALL have said that to friends!
      “I bet you a million dollars” OR “IF I am wrong I’ll give you a million dollars” The ONLY difference is, you probably would not quit your job however Vanessa WOULD give Julia $10,000 but that’s only because Vanessa is a good person! it’s not because Vanessa was “bribing” Julia LOL & yes production told Vanessa to stop talking about money but not because she was bribing people lol… It’s because she was talking about money!! That is it, that is all!! & that is a fact!! IF in fact she was bribing people and whatnot, she would be breaking the rules and therefore would be kicked out!! That whole conversation was completely taken out of context!
      Again, these HGs are ALL ADULTS & can do whatever they want! They do not have to listen to Vanessa but they do lol I don’t know why! She is just playing a remarkable game like many others have in the past like Dan, Dr.Will….. Just because these adults listen to her, & did not evict her when they had many chances to do so id not is not her fault! She’s just playing the game, and at times yes I agree she has daid & done some questionable things but put me in a house locked away from family / friends, life in general, phones, computers and what not for 24/7 for OVER 3 months, I know I would say some stupid things! They all do! They are being filmed 24/7, do you expect these people to never say anything wrong? You have never said anything you regretted?
      The problem is, Vanessa has been running the show therefore the game has been very predictable and in my opinion not a very good season so, people (viewers) want to blame someone and Vanessa is their target! The hgs have not made a lot of big moves, most of them acted as though they were at summer camp and just happy to make it to jury so they can continue their vacation! Most of the hgs have not been very entertaining this season and if things went differently in the first month and vanessa was evicted early on & people like Jayce, Jason & Da’vonne (even Clay & Shellie) were still in the game, obviously it would be a very different show to watch and might be a lot more entertaining! probably would be! So people are going to dislike Vanessa and they are going to never agree with anything she says or does because people want someone to blame!
      BB never knows what is going to happen each season either….. I can guarantee you “$10,000” they thought Audrey would go a lot farther than she did! No one ever knows! it’s just a game! A reality TV show game and people need to remember that! vanessa has never been racist or sexist or deliberately evil to anyone in the house and I think she is just being unfairly targeted as a villain because everyone wants a villain!
      sorry for my long Reply lol

  33. ALL Season lots of you have been putting down Vanessa and that’s fine! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion :-) I recently read someone say Liz was bullied during the first competition by Vanessa & therefore jumped down!!! this person did not reply back to me to explain to me exactly how Liz was bullied however, I also have not read the back and forth conversation of that game!
    HOWEVER, I ask you all when does Liz (& even the other house guests Steve included) start taking accountability for their own actions? And when do we as fans of the show stop blaming Vanessa for other adults choices! last time I looked there were no children in this game. liz is a grown adult and can do whatever she wants it makes no sense to me why she would give up and jump down only because she felt bullied! if someone was doing that to me, it would only make me stronger and I want to beat them more! but all of that aside, I cannot for the life of me imagine an adult letting themselves be bullied where they could possibly lose $500,000 because of this.
    The word bully is thrown around so easily, was it not just intimidation? And that’s part of the game is it not?!! Yes! Do I agree with it? No! (But like I said several times, I’ve never go on the show lol) what does that say about Liz (and the rest of the house guests for that matter) Liz could have stayed up there & continue to fight the fight! she could and shut up try to win to get to final to herself! instead, it is say that ONCE AGAIN Vanessa used her” magical fairy dust” and controlled an adult! it’s just another reason for Vanessa to win! Liz gave up!
    honestly, when are the “”ADULTS” in BB house & Jury going to take accountability for their own actions? & stop blaming Vanessa for everything they do or have done! these people are adults!!!! Seriously! I just don’t get it! they all are allowing or have allowed Vanessa to take away the “brand new shiny red toy” from the all!!!
    & when are some people on here going to stop saying vanessa is being a bully and see it for what it is, she’s playing a game! intimidation, promises, lies, deceit! Yes! That how this game is played! a lot of people don’t like that but come on, it’s the way reality TV show games nowadays are played! They cannot be played how they used to be because everyone knows what to expect! So if people are believing “I swear on my …….” then that’s their problem! How many times over the years have we heard that before and it be a lie? (I am NOT saying I agree with it but it’s a fact!)
    stop blaming CBS b/c NO there is not a new game about poker and Vanessa is the host lol and stop blaming Big Brother production because these people all entered the game to try and win $500,000, they are not paid actors! They are common people like you and I for the most part! And really, stop blaming Vanessa and applauded her! because people have caught on to her weeks and weeks ago yet they still let her “control” their game!!! I’m just so frustrated reading all the negativity and BS about Vanessa! these “ADULTS” did not and do not have to listen to Vanessa! they chose to on their own accord! Vanessa does not have magical fairy dust! She is NOT cheating. it is in her blood to win, she wants to win! It’s more about the win then the money! do you honestly believe Vanessa would be happy winning this game by cheating?!?! Obviously not!

  34. for those of you who are not going to read my long comment lol… In short, I am saying when are these adults in the game going to take responsibility for their own actions and choices!? When are people going to stop blaming Vanessa? these adults are allowing Vanessa to take the brand new shiny red toy away from them! these adults have minds of their own and could have said no! These adults are not being bullied, they are being played! These ADULTS caught on to Vanessa weeks and weeks ago yet she is still there! Liz handed Vanessa the first comp, that’s even more of a reason for Liz not to win the game! As far as I’m concerned, Liz handed $500,000 to either Vanessa or Steve because she did not try! She did not fight, bleed, sweat, cry and on and on and on to win that first comp!

  35. Game is fixed for Vanessa to win. She hasn’t played a good game. It was meant for it to look that way. Producers filled vanessa on everything the hole game. She doesn’t deserve to win. Steve should win. It’s been a waste of time to watch. Really james should be at the end. The producers and vanessa made the other house guests look stupid. And made a mockery of the show.

    • just curious why you think it’s fixed? Because vanessa is winning a lot of things? And previous seasons this has never happened before? Are all the seasons fixed? Personally, the way I see it and no disrespect to you however, clearly some people dislike Vanessa and to each their own but, because people dislike her & because she is still in the game these people that do not like her don’t give her any credit where a lot of credit is due! And it’s just easy to say it’s fixed! I have watched every season since the first one (as well as Big Brother Canada,) there have been people I have not overly liked who has made it to the end and won however, I still respect there gameplay (if that is what got them to the end!) I do not draw unrealistic conclusions based on my feelings! I will be the first to admit that vanessa has not always said or done the “right thing” however, I respect her as an amazing player of Big Brother! I respect most of her game moves whether or not they were right or wrong, I am NOT blinded by hatred therefore I do not take certain situations out of context (like many have done,) I do not see her as this terrible person some people have painted her out to be, a crazy lunatic! And so many people say “you can see how crazy she is just by looking into her eyes” SMH….. so because she has large eyes and makes a lot of facial expressions when talking she’s crazy? If viewers watched Vanessa play poker on TV or interviews with Vanessa you will see she is very expressive with her face and body movements! assuming she’s crazy because of her eyes is ridiculous! But, I’m getting off track because I know you never said that lol at least not on your comment lol
      God’s honest truth is Vanessa is one of the nicest people I have ever met! she is very down to earth, friendly and to be honest with you a little shy well not sure but a little quiet! But super super friendly! I do believe big brother who was not a good idea for her! I do believe it has gotten to her in negative ways therefore she is not being her true self all the time. the Vanessa we all saw for the first few weeks is the real Vanessa! She plays a game for a living, she has it in her blood to want to win! but, I can promise you cheating is not how she would want to win! Not at all! So, Vanessa being involved in a scandal with regards to Big Brother cheating, the game being fixed is completely not true! These people are not actors, they are real people just like you and I except for Vanessa plays poker for a living and is I guess somewhat of a “celebrity” (in the poker world!) she is extremely intelligent! & that is what is getting her through this game. sorry, I tried to keep this short lol but I went off track. I mean no disrespect to you or anyone else for that matter, but I just wish people could see this for what it really is and it’s just a game amongst adults! and that’s a fact :-) again sorry for the long reply

      • yes, because this drug is only used for that purpose! And yes of course production is going to allow someone who does not need this drug to take it to enhance their performance! And of course, no one is going to say anything about it because the game is fixed! Smh! I just cannot believe people would throw out such horrible accusations at someone! They know nothing about!
        & look at Vanessa, she has not lost one single competition! Crazy! Must be the drugs! Oh wait, she has lost competitions! Weird! I wonder why! sorry, no disrespect to you at all I have enjoyed our friendly debates but, this is big brother! Its not the Olympics or football or hockey or even bicycle racing (okay lol bicycle racing is not the right term but my mind is blank right now haha) Lance Armstrong! You know what I mean lol this is big brother!

        I am curious though, why do you think CBS/ Big Brother would risk completely tarnishing the reputation and allow Vanessa to cheat? Why? What is their benefit? What do they gain by it?

        Apparently so many people “dislike Vanessa” and are “not going to watch anymore big brother this season” (as of weeks ago at the very least) therefore would it not benefit CBS/Big Brother to have the “villain/cheater/buller/briber/con artist” evicted? With Vanessa being gone would it not bring back all those viewers (from here at least) that have said they are “not watching anymore??!!”
        it makes no sense whatsoever why they would allow obvious cheating! no sense! They have nothing whatsoever to gain by Vanessa being in the house! She could have been evicted 2 months ago and the whole dynamic of the season could have been completely different! Apparently “this season” is not very good, quite boring and predictable! (& I agree) therefore would it not be more beneficial for CBS to change up the game? It just makes no sense to me whatsoever! And, people making these horrible accusations with absolutely nothing to back it up is outrageous and VERY, very wrong!
        in my opinion, with all due respect :-)

      • so is it fixed as in “production knows she is taking an enhancement drug that she does not need for medical reasons?” or is it fixed as in she does need that medication but it also helps her to enhance her performance? or is it fixed as in BB spoke with Vanessa prior to her entering the house & told her they were going to give her this “drug” to “enhance her performance” and for her to follow some sort of script? or is it fixed as in everyone else in the house is told what to do and is told to listen to Vanessa and do everything she says? just curious! And I’m also curious on how you know these facts you are sharing? I am just really interested on how this exactly went down and how viewers seem to know this is a fact? I personally feel like I have been completely and mislead for 17 seasons & I think I should alert the media as to CBS allowing contestants to take drugs in order to “sometimes” win competitions! I think the fans should know the truth! **insert sarcasm**
        but truly my non sarcastic question is, I would really like to know how you know this? for a fact?
        WE have all been misled for 17 seasons! Or, is it just this season? Or is it just Seasons when “certain hgs” that fans may dislike are making it farther in the game then some of us would like??? or is one season reality, and the next season is fixed and the next season is reality and the next season is fixed? is there a pattern of some sort?
        OR is it just that some viewers/”fans” do not like that someone they want gone is kicking ass and taking names! So these people call foul?!? Fixes?!?! Cheating?!?! Hmmm interesting! And the plot thickens!
        I picked the last one!
        with all due respect! So, if you do have some concrete facts, I would love to read them!

      • Invade been watching since day 1. Remember first season it was on 7 days a week and America voted person off? Now that would be a way production could cheat. In the last 5 or 6 seasons, only Rachel was the only person I was glad that one. Jeff and Jordan are the nicest people, but did Jordan do anything spectacular that warranted her to win? Or Jeff to win AFP? They sat in the backyard the whole time. Did production fix it for their wins? And lastly, even though she did not win, I could not stand Britney in her season. She was a crud and nasty player. And her midnight “show” Britney was crud and nasty and pretty much bullied Rachel behind her back. And yet, America loved her. I like her now that she has become a mother and wife. Esensually Brit has grown up. Yet people here are not fans of Vanessa because she is playing the game like 99% of how other HGs play. Go Vanessa!

      • I think every season people on here will find a “villian” & if that person goes far then the game is fixed! People just can not accept what is!!
        the game could have went completely different if people like Jason and Audrey and Jeff and so one stayed, it’s just the way things play out! a strong alliance was formed quite quickly and the rest of the house didn’t even notice because they were too busy acting like they were at summer camp and just happy to make it to jury!
        all the stuff I am reading about the game being fixed and there is more and more talk about it being fixed as the days go on honestly just makes me laugh! It’s ridiculous! But, if it makes people feel better assuming then so be it! There’s nothing I can do to change their minds and, at the end of the day I can care less!
        this is the first year ever that I have been involved in group discussions like this regarding the game and it was entertaining but now its just getting ridiculous! I’m not saying these people that are saying this are dumb or narrow-minded however, just because things are not going their way and just because Vanessa is able to control so many people does not mean it is fixed! And that is a fact! Why would CBS/BB risk their reputation for Vanessa? As if! As if they would feed her drugs lol….. All I can do is shake my head and laugh.
        again at the end of the day this is merely simple entertainment for me anyway! Others do seem to take it very seriously but I have a life! I might check back in next year / season and play along but I will not go through another 3 months of useless conversations! I have enjoyed talking to alot of people on here regardless if we have felt differently about the game and / or Vanessa and those people have been mature and friendly and that’s what’s kept me around! reading some of the comments though are just are ridiculous!! & it seems to be getting worse and worse by the day! I think this is the first year ever I will be happy to see over! shut down the haters regardless of what happens! All the negativity is gross, I hate negativity! I could not live a life with so much negativity in my heart and mind! some people you see take this ALL WAYYYY to seriously!! but aside from those people, it’s been fun :-)

      • I don’t like her because of her game play. When the producers give her Information just when she’s about to get voted out I find that it’s not a fair game to others. When stebe found out that the producers was fixing vanes as game he was not happy. I’ve watched every season this is the first time I could really tell it was fixed. Sorry she doesn’t deserve to win. Just my opinion

      • and that is fair enough! Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion :-) but I have yet to read actual facts. Just because people assume she is getting answers and assume it is fixed, it does not mean it is! Without facts it’s a useless debate. I honestly want someone to give me actual facts because if this is what is happening then I would like to know as a fan and viewer! I would not be happy! But no one has given me real, true facts! Only speculation, you know what I mean?

    • Has not played a good game? must not be watching the same show,she has a hand in every move and eviction even when not the HOH,that is a sign of someone playing the game,the others all looked liked deer caught in headlights..Steve deserves to win?,he was afraid to go to use the restroom without checking with Vanessa first.

    • Totally agree. You can tell that the other contestants were paid to lose, paid to not say anything about it for 3 months (without slipping up even once), paid to keep Vanessa in the house, and paid to make her seem like she is playing a really good game. It’s totally fake that Austin was mad at being sent to the jury house…. Anyone who doesn’t think these things is crazy!

  36. Do any of you honestly believe that the final 3 all think each other does NOT have final 2 with each other?
    Super FAN Steve should know damn well at this stage in the game, all of them have final 2 deals with each other, Vanessa extremely intelligent, no dummy! She should know and well Liz, she’s watchedBig Brother before LOL
    I don’t think it will be any big secret if Liz tells Steve she had a final 2 with Vanessa……
    who do you think will win if:
    it’s Vanessa and Liz?
    Vanessa and Steve?
    Liz and Steve?

    My guess ….. we all know Julia and Austin will vote Liz.
    but, do you think the jury will be smart and pick the winner they think truly deserves to win? Or will they be all offended after they have their talks and vote based on feelings?

    • I totally agree with you the scary part is so many jury members are not BB fans. So I think they will vote emotionally and not logically. Personally I feel Vanessa deserves the win hands down. The only thing we can hope for is Dr Will be at the jury house and point the knuckle heads in the right direction.

      • LOL no doubt! I did not know most of the jury are not big brother fans?!
        I thought the people who at least applied to be on the show were fans!?
        I would assume if they hadn’t already, once they knew they were going on BB they would catch up on other seasons, past seasons! I have watched every single episode of every single season since the beginning as well BB Canada however, I am no Superfan! I have a hard time remembering who even won the previous year lol even though at the end of every summer when BB is over I am sad and will miss those people lol… But I soon forget!

      • I feel like I am looking in a mirror when I read your post. From what I understand, many of the houseguest are recruited and are not applicants. I also have watched every season. But I admit, since I have been on this site, and watching after dark, I can go without watching the shows on tv. This is only my second year of watching them live. I haven’t watched any shows or AD or the feeds in weeks. I want Vanessa to win, wish Steve wasn’t in there and John was. By the way how does a person like myself watch BB Canada?

      • hehe that’s funny :-) I have all the big brother after dark shows recorded! 61 episodes LOL….
        Aside from reading the Big Brother network website and a few other spoiler websites throughout the years (because I have no patience and I know the answers are there online so I have to find out lol)I don’t read or watch any of the feeds. many years ago, I can’t even remember what seasons we subscribed to watch the feeds but they were just too boring. we would have them on in the background while I play poker. from what I gather now, these feeds now are advanced and you can see the diary room conversations and what not, I guess!? At least that’s what I think because people talk about it all the time…. but I have a life and I do not have the time to watch this stuff so I just hot on the web sites and check it out and sometimes read these comments, but I read far less comments then I used to! It’s useless! It’s pointless! So I just reply back to people and move on :-)
        I don’t know how you can watch Big Brother Canada. there have been three seasons, they are on during the winter :-) and they are very good! I expected them not to be as good as the regular big brother, I thought it would be low budget but the house is super nice and its just as good! they actually have tons and tons of twists (a few I have not agreed with!)
        I have a Google box hooked up to our TV so we can watch pretty much anything. since getting it last winter I have watched Sons of Anarchy, orange is the new black, Breaking Bad, Wentworth, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and a few more! That’s awesome! Watching seasons back to back to back to back to back :)

        Maybe you can google it and see it online? I really don’t know but it’s worth the watch :-)

  37. Adderal IS a performance enhancing drug. As such, and since production literally fed them to Vanessa all summer, then it is cheating by ANY definition.

    A mental/social game being played on a mental/social enhancing drug is NO DIFFERENT than a pro sports player playing their physical game while on steroids. In fact, there is a massive lawsuit against the NFL by former players on this very subject of being fed pain killers and steroids as policy, for example.

    • hey, I’m not disagreeing with you! This drug has been all over the news for years and years and years however, this drug is also used for medical reasons! so all I’m asking is please show me your facts! not speculation or what you are perceiving as cheating because Vanessa is being “fed these pills all summer” but actual facts!
      please do not reply back with you can see it in her eyes, her crazy eyes! Or she doesn’t respond to the drug properly! I honestly want proof, facts! Because, without these facts, you are just speculating therefore you are throwing a lot of BS into the wind and seeing where it sticks! Accusing someone of cheating when you have no knowledge whatsoever of their mental history, you do not have her medical records do you? And, to add…. Accusing CBS/BB of “feeding a hg all summer an enhancing performance drug” is a pretty big accusation!!! The problem is, if Vanessa was well liked, nobody would be saying this! So many people would be agreeing with me however, for reasons of their own, some people dislike (or even hate) Vanessa therefore anyway to try and make her look bad, anyway for them to try and fathom how she could possibly be playing such a brilliant game when they do not like her, they will find, makeup and / or agree with others that feel the same way!! of course haters are going to hate! And haters are going to spread bs, is human nature!
      again, I do not know if what you are saying is fact or fiction however until someone shows me her medical records and / or can prove to me that this is a true fact then I am going to believe what I want to believe and I am going to continue watching BB, cheering on Vanessa and watch her play the game fair and square!
      And I know you are probably just going to say that you do not need to prove anything to me, and that’s fair enough! You do not! But, I think it’s very wrong to make these types of accusations and assumptions without any facts whatsoever!
      I was not a fan of Frankie last season, but I didn’t through BS into the wind to see if I can make him look worse!! vanessa is going to have to deal with the consequences of some of the questionable things she has said and done throughout the season, that’s on her! But to be accused of taking drugs, cheating and bullying is outrageous!
      (and of course I say this with all due respect because I do enjoy our friendly debates! ♡♡ )

  38. Curious, I just had a thought I wanted to throw out there to you all! (lol I know, when do I ever NOT have anything to say! Lol)
    Frankie, from last season! I do believe he was probably in the top 5 of previous BB HGs that were not very likeable!?!? And because of his sister he was clearly “recruited” however, he did not make it to the end! & he clearly was not given “drugs to enhance his performance” so why not? If so many people assume Vanessa is given drugs (not for medical reasons) but strictly to “enhance her performance” why wasn’t Frankie? He but is much more of a celebrity then Vanessa is, so why was he not allowed special treatment? Such as drugs and having the game fixed so he wins! Why where all the hgs in his season not told what to do? why did he get evicted?
    what makes Vanessa so special? Why is she more special then frankie was when Frankie is the brother of Ariana Grande? a much much much larger celebrity then Vanessa will ever be! seriously, I want to know what you all think :-) why is Vanessa after 17 season of BB Plus 3 seasons of BB Canada the only HG to have the game fixed to benefit her? Why?

  39. I can’t stand Vanessa and I just don’t understand why she keeps getting passes from these people. I still say this year had the dumbest houseguests ever.

    • I can not stand that woman. She needs to burn in the depths of Hell with the minions of Satan.

  40. Just think Wednesday is it so we will not have to watch it anymore now
    we can start watching SURVIVOR AND AMAZING RACE I can wait can you all.

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