Big Brother 17: What’s Going On In There? Blackout Continues

The Big Brother 17 Feeds blackout continues today as the remaining Final Four Houseguest are preparing for their next competition and tomorrow’s live eviction.

Big Brother 17 Final Five Houseguests
Big Brother 17 Final Five Houseguests, but not for long – Source: CBS

Yes, only four players remain in the season. Can you believe it? We’re down to the last eight days of the BB17 summer and someone is about to win a half-million dollars, but it sure won’t be the Houseguest who left last night.

There are still no reliable spoilers since the Feeds went down, so we don’t know for sure whether Steve Moses or Austin Matelson was cut from the game, but I’m sticking with my previous projection of the Liztin showmance coming to an end. We do however know what to expect as far as progress from inside the house once things are back up and running.

Following the “surprise” eviction which wasn’t really a surprise for the Houseguests, the eligible three players competed for HoH with Vanessa watching from the sideline. We’ve seen these set up in the past as a divided circle with the three players stepping back and forth for true/false or before/after type answers. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a repeat of that sort of competition in tonight’s show. (Yes, there’s a show Tuesday night at 8/7c. It’s not live, but you definitely want to watch it.)

Once we have a new HoH the nominations will need to be held but keep in mind these will be inconsequential other than finding out who is HoH because they’ve just guaranteed themselves a spot in the F3. The real decision maker this round is the Veto.

All four players are likely currently preparing for the Power of Veto competition later today in the house. That comp will not be part of tonight’s show, but once Feeds return at 9PM PT we will quickly gather details on who won Veto and what that could mean for the decision ahead.

The Veto holder will be casting the sole eviction vote this week unless the HoH also won the PoV. In that case the HoH would be deciding who to cast the vote in his or her stead. But now we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The Veto Ceremony won’t happen until Wednesday’s live eviction show (8/7c) and we’ll be able to discuss plenty more on those expectations once we get tonight’s results from the show and the return of the Live Feeds.

As for the chance of Feed leaks, it happened last year for about five minutes just before noon BBT so let’s keep our fingers crossed. When that happened we knew for sure FG had been evicted and Derrick was HoH. The HGs were then preparing to compete for Veto. I’m extremely anxious to find out the latest results, but it might not happen again this year. We’ll keep watching and alert you to any developments. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and our Email Updates to get any news.

While we wait, be sure to cast your vote for who you think was evicted last night and who is your favorite HG this week. Share your thoughts and let’s get ready for tonight.


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  1. Dawn Davenport- What’s your agenda? This is the second post from you that mentions John is gay. You know this, how? Who cares? Why do you even bring that up?

    • steve is not gay. I don’t know about John, but I just laughed when i read that post. As if…..
      In this day and age, nothing that is gay is ever hidden! We all know that. I guess maybe cause it’s a slow day this is what we are talking about.

      • Frankie put moves on all the males in BB16 even Derrick. I believe that if he could have bedded any one of those guys he would have and made sure the camera caught it all. I don’t care for showmances straight or gay. I didn’t see any events/moments that I thought Steve & Jmac were a couple.

      • They are not a couple, geez, just because they were friends in an alliance people jump to a romantic relationship? If you watch the feeds you would know they are not even gay. Not to mention, whether they are gay or not, is not anyone’s business, and has no relevance. Go J Mac

      • Didn’t Steve say he could go through life without seeing a nipple? He’s pretty young, he may be gay and not know it yet. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

      • Good point. At his age all I could do was think about the opposite sex, but I wasn’t really socially awkward either.

      • “…Could go through his life without seeing a nipple”. Lol, even if he said that, it has nothing to do with sexual preference. Men and women alike, have nipples.

        Have you ever watched “Meet the Parents”?

      • Maybe he was talking about Austin’s nipples he probably gets tired of seeing them everyday all day long even at the dinner table he doesn’t have enough respect to put on a shirt.

      • Steve was talking about women’s nipples in the context of the conversation about why men can show nipples but women can’t. At any rate, Steve could be gay and closeted and no one wants to come out on Big Brother. I have no idea.
        Unless he talks about it I don’t think it matters.
        Austin openly talked about being with men. It’s not that big of a deal if someone is comfortable and out, if they are not out it can feel like a very big deal. At the very least Vanessa though he might be and in one of her only sincerely sweet moments offered to talk to him about it in private. That is the only reference I saw to Steve being gay on livefeeds

      • In this day and age plenty of gay men and lesbians are still closeted (especially young folks who are close to parents who might not approve). We don’t know if Steve is gay or not. You don’t know and I don’t know. We know he’s not out and he’s not talking about being gay on the show. That’s all we know. If a person is closeted (and I’m not saying Steve is) people adamantly trying to “defend” them from “accusations” of being gay isn’t helpful.
        Whether Steve is or isn’t gay isn’t really relevant to the game. That’s really all that matters.

    • Well in johns bio he mentions girls and relationships so I don’t think he’s gay and who cares any how

    • NOW I’m curious.

      V did accuse JMac of being with Clay, though I don’t recall seeing a denial.

      Was that V’s way out outing JMac on national tv.

      As a gay person herself who arguably might have had to struggle with society re her sexual preference, I thought she would be more tolerant and understanding (and Descrete) about his situation.

      And the worst case scenario, if she just made it up and accused falsely, knowing the societal connotations it could entail, we’ll that would be even more deplorable.

      • I just think that was Vanessa being paranoid and John didn’t deny it because he saw it as ridiculous. Remember John was one of the first to figure out Vanessa’s freak out on houseguest as a way to get them out.

      • Vanessa said a lot of things; Clay is a twin, Austin’s mother sent her a secret message through a picture of him and his gay best friend, JMac’s family sent a secret message in the playing of the air guitar, she is Ms. Cleo the physic, “call me now” because can tell when someone is lying, and a number of crazy things. Vanessa is paranoid and will say just about anything.

      • While it’s true that most of that is not true, it’s not crazy to think it could be true. Clay could very well have an identical twin. How would the HGs know? A family member could send an HG a clue in a photo. Again, we’d have no idea if they did. They don’t have the same information we have. I don’t think Vanessa is paranoid, I think she likes to play out all the possible scenarios of a situation which is why she’s still in the game.

      • She was just trying to get under JMac’s skin, but Jmac did have a serious case of Hero worship when it came to Clay.

      • Vanessa didn’t accuse them of being gay she asked if they were gay and suggested they might be as an explanation for why Clay would willingly take the blame for something John did.

      • I read something yesterday that she wrote about John being gay. I am suspicious about her motives. Can’t imagine why she keeps harping on it. Maybe John dumped one her younger sisters and she’s mad about that!! Lol!!

      • You might be right Haley….it is strange that she seems so focused on her opinion of John being gay. I don’t see what it has to do with anything as far as the game of BB goes though. Go Jmac!

      • Maybe she’s trying to sabotage JMac’s chance of winning AFP…otherwise who cares if he’s gay?

      • A possibility for sure, Foxfire! Or maybe she thinks we’re voting for “Who Is Straight and Who Is Gay?!” Lol!

    • Society now a days is much more accepting of Gays,Bisexuals and Transgenders and i am so proud of that but if John was gay, we would have known because people are so much more open about there sexuality !

      • We would know that John is gay if he’s out. Let’s not pretend that folks aren’t still closeted. People come out every day, famous people and non famous people. I have not reason to believe John is gay but I have no reason to believe he isn’t either. I think folks should accept that they don’t know either way and leave it be.

      • You would think that with Jason saying he was gay and Audrey saying right up front she was transgender, others in the house would have stated their preferences as well. Whether they did or whether they didn’t – who cares. The HGs had no trouble voting Jason out, but with Audrey they had a problem voting out the first transgender HG, and Vanessa has plainly said since she’s gay, she wants a girl to win. I think that attitude is inappropriate. Sexual orientation shouldn’t play a part in how one plays the game.

  2. Hoping John wins both HOH and veto, none of the others are trustworthy. John is by himself, Vanessa has all the remaining house guests spooked (into taking her to the end).

    • J Mac is the only one who knows how much Vanessa lies and makes things up. Every time she goes to the other house guests and tells them some crazy lie about what someone else did or said, they are all shocked and appalled and believe her and now they want that person out, all based on what she told them, every single time, even when she does it about them. They are so gullible. But, J Mac acts like he believes her but knows she is lying. He just comes across as clueless with his nervous laugh and voice. He is in final 4 and got there by being a totally likable guy, and by winning veto comps when he needed to save himself. If he would have won HoHs he would be gone by now, because he wouldn’t be able to play the clueless, nice guy. Go J Mac

      • I didn’t see them warning Clay? I only saw Jmac do that. Must have missed it. Anyway, I was just commenting about Jmac anyway to go with Curley.
        I know Jackie & Jason were wise to Vanessa and Jackie gave her props (in JH). Gonna be hard to beat V in F2. Hope the others realize that for real before it’s too late (for their sake).

      • If Austin was blindsided and is gone, he could be PO’d enough to really bad-mouth Vanessa in jury, and that could be the pivotal point in the jurors’ decision. Just imagine the hurt he’d feel if he’s been her lapdog all season and she simply just turned on him. It would be especially delicious if he’s followed out the door by Vanessa.

  3. Don’t know why they even bothered to show BBAD this morning, as I suspected that Production wanted to try and fool us to thinking that it was real time, while it was probably taped during the day, during the blackout …
    They were all pretty well sleeping, and lots of shots of the goldfish and lights, etc …
    Though, they had Vanessa walking around the House alone, at one point she grabs the bag of Jenga blocks, sits on the floor, stacks them up, then goes back up to the HOH Room and lay in bed …

  4. My very unreliable crystal ball tells me that Austin walked out the door and Steve won HOH. If this is true I see both Vanessa and Liz sitting on the block Wednesday night.

    DISCLAIMER: My crystal ball has been wrong before and all of what it tells me is pure speculation. No other dreams were hurt in this prediction.

    • Since the opposite of what I want to happen has occurred most season, sadly I predict Austin left (yay), but Liz won HoH, put up the boys, V won Veto and will vote out JMac.

      • I think in that scenario, she would actually vote out Steve. She’s proven that she can beat JMac in a physical comp and she believes that Steve is her only true intellectual competition. Also, she isn’t giving JMac enough credit for his game play and would likely drag him into final two, hoping for the easy win.

  5. Steve has twice, that I saw in BBAD, alluded to a secret that he has. He mentioned to Meg that he wanted to tell her when the music was on because he trusted her and he mentioned to Vanessa his secret as if he had told her. Does anyone know what this secret is?

      • Well, he did say in the first week that he would have liked to make a move on Julia this Season, but later suggested it would be better to do it in the Jury House ..
        But, since he nominated the twins and, inadvertently evicted Julia, as HOH … a Fat Chance of that likely to happen now … Ha !!!

  6. No feeds but BBAD was on and I watched a bit and it was unhelpful and beyond boring; i watched Liz put on make up and then hope into bed w Austin and Steve and Jmac trying to figure out how to do tie dyed t-shirts (maybe, art therapy because these peoe are cracking up in there).

    • Now that you mentioned it, I was driving the tractor out of the basement garage door and noticed the concrete pad there was wet. Well what do you know? The outdoor faucet was leaking. I wasn’t sure whether I had enough diesel to mow my entire yard and also needed some 50:1 fuel for my weed eater and gas blower so, gosh darn, I just jumped in my old 4 wheel drive Dodge Dakota and went to town with my overalls on. I usually change before I go to town, but sometimes you gotta’ go with the “flow”. So I bought my diesel, my 50:1 fuel, and the packing for my faucet all in one trip. Yard looks great and no more leaks. That’s my story on this slow, slow day.

      • I’m trying to picture all these. Can I spend a day with you driving around town with your 4 wheel?. lol Sounds like fun!. Can you bring a shot gun with you?

      • lol Hermes!..Is it the blue croc? ..How’s your day going? Excited to find out who will win BB17?..I hate this BB blackout.

      • Yes the “Blue Jean” color to match my overalls. You know I’m FOS about that.
        Been busy, but I’m winding it down. Just helped my husband get his shower( he can’t get certain areas since his surgery). He got all sweaty outside supervising all of my work.:(
        Hope you had a good day, Cyril. I may not be as enthused about JMac as I once was , but I REALLY hope he gets HOH and takes out Vanessa.

      • Don’t wear yourself out K, don’t want you falling asleep during BB tonight.
        I’m going to take it easy and watch Miss Marple movies on TMC. She’s a hoot.

      • Feeds don’t return until 12 midnight here. I’m not going to try to stay awake, but I probably will be.
        Miss Marple….Is that like the series that was on PBS, I think, for awhile?

      • I’ll probably watch BBAD.
        I was watching the 1960’s old movies starring Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple on TMC today. They’re great and I love that kooky actress playing her, Margaret Rutherford.

    • I am all “leaked out” from looking for leaks!! I don’t get why the black-out is still in place until the west coast sees the show tonight. How is CBS going to stop people on the east coast from using twitter, facebook, texts etc so the west coast “can be surprised!!!” It makes no sense to me.

  7. Would like to see Vanessa reach the final two just for the sure drama aspect that it will have on the jury house,her jury speech will be the “event” of the season,no telling what she will say..but tune me in!

      • Liz will see Austin in 2 weeks so it doesn’t matter. She wasn’t going to split the money with him. I think she’ll be fine with him leaving if Vanessa works with her. Personally I’d like to see her on the block and John as HOH finally.

      • Will Liz be angry at Vanessa IF Austin is blindsided I wonder?
        If so I’d like to see her join up with JMac too.
        I’m sure Liz will survive 2 weeks without Sasquatch :D

  8. Am I the only one who thinks of Bobcat Goldthwaite when I watch J-Mac’s diary room segments?

  9. Okay…. I have refilled my trusty Tennessee sipping whiskey and am restocking my big cardboard box of rotten fruit to chuck at the TV. I believe I’m ready for the Not Live Eviction show tonight. Passing the bottle around for any early sippers…… Grab some fruit and I’ll see you all here at 8!

    • JeanJeannie, you aren’t drinkin’ Tennessee shine are you? I think that stuff would gag a maggot. Hmm, never thought of chucking fruit at my TV. I’m too lazy to clean up the mess. :)

  10. I don’t understand this, “The Veto holder will be casting the sole eviction vote this week unless the HoH also won the PoV. In that case the HoH would be deciding who to cast the vote in his or her stead.” why wouldn’t it be the HG not on the block voting instead of HoH?

    • That’s what the text says. Whoever wins Veto will be the person not on the block and casting the sole vote. If the HoH wins PoV, the HoH gets to decide who the person casting a vote is going to be, therefore who will “cast the vote in his or her stead”.
      It’s a little confusing, because they made it sound like the HoH gets to decide who leaves

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