Tonight On Big Brother 17: Special Eviction & HoH Competition

Don’t miss tonight’s special Big Brother 17 eviction episode on CBS at 8/7c when the Final 5 are knocked down to the last 4 Houseguests of the season and another player takes control.

Julie Chen hosts special eviction on Big Brother 17
Julie Chen hosts special eviction on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Yes, the BB17 schedule is shifting this week to Tuesday and Wednesday episodes, both at 8/7c, but no episode on Thursday night. If you don’t tune in tonight then you’re going to miss some big news.

Houseguests faced an eviction yesterday and the results of that vote are yet to be revealed, but we’ll soon know whether or not Austin or Steve was evicted. If Austin goes then that means Vanessa had to break a tie against him. If Steve goes then either John voted with Liz to keep Austin or he let it tie and Vanessa cast the deciding vote against one of her many F2 deals.

Tonight’s special episode won’t stop there though. Instead things will continue on and we’ll have a new Head of Household crowned with either Liz, John, or the surviving nominee taking over and locking down a F3 spot. That should wrap up tonight’s show at that point. Nominees and Veto will be part of Wednesday’s episode.

Feeds continue to be on blackout while we await tonight’s show and will then return after the west coast broadcast completes at 9PM PT (12AM ET). Once that happens we’ll see who was nominated (doesn’t really matter) and who won the Veto (very important).

What do you hope will happen on tonight’s show? Should Austin or Steve be evicted? What about the next HoH winner? Share your thoughts!


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    • Vanessa wins the hole game it’s rigged for the show bb is producing poker face staring vanessa

      • That what they said about Amanda and she didn’t win BB15. And then people accused the show for rigging the whole game for Frankie last year but he didn’t win either.

      • This rigging BS is not gonna stop, and eventually, people will be convinced that it’s true. Just like psychic’s “cold reading” they will get a “hit” after so many wrongs. It this case if Vanessa wins BB 17

      • First it was the tooth fairy, then fake Santa Clauses, now are you trying to say there are fake psychics? What’s next? Don’t tell me that Trump isn’t really a Republican? Let me down easy, Cyril.

      • lol. Psychics still fascinates me. Watched a lot of documentaries about them. Amazing Randi love to expose them. 3% of them are good. lol That’s low right. Are you voting for Trump? He’s surging like crazy.

      • People should really realize by now that If it was rigged then we wouldn’t have a jury to counter that in the first place.

      • I found it on Celeb Dirty Laundry and there were also headlines on poker sites but I couldn’t access them. Nothing confirmed. Just re-blogging rumors that she will have a show called Poker Face. Heck, they probably got the rumor from here. Lol.
        Didn’t see anything from CBS.

    • You missed nothing! Don’t believe one thing Dawn Davenport says. Click on her facebook picture above and you will see what I mean.

    • bc it talks about how John will vote tonight (which actually has already happened). Clearly he won veto and is off the block. Why it matters on a spoiler site idk.

    • I know right? Matt forgot to mention the veto comp we’ll also be seeing tonight that JMac won and Austin going up in his place! hahahaa

      • Liz and JMac split the votes and Vanessa’s head was spinning as she had to decide to break the tie, and she DID NOT want blood on her hands .. so, she self-evicted … Ha !!
        Now, if that really happened .. It would be a real shock, eh !!! :)

  1. I think something went amiss here. Tonight’s episode should also show the Veto comp that we know JMac won in addition to who was nominated in his place, Austin, which we know too. Then we’ll also find out who got evicted and hopefully the HoH comp that determined the winner of that bringing us to the F4. I hope they can fit all this into an hour show! There won’t be any sleep for the hgs I bet!

  2. Tonight (on the show) we’ll see who was evicted (Steve or Austin) and who won HOH and secured their spot in F3. The new HOH’s nominees and the POV winner will come on Wednesday, from what I understand. So right now all we know is going into the feeds blackout, Vanessa was HOH, John won POV, and Steve and Austin were on the block. Nothing since then has been made public yet.

    • But t.v. viewers don’t know who won the Veto like we do (JMac)…that wasn’t mentioned above that will also be included in tonight’s episode as well. It was a puzzle comp of some sort.

      • Right, they don’t know. But….if they’re on here looking for Spoilers, they would already know who won that Veto & who the re-nom was. No need for US to feel bad that they’re confused! Hahahaha

      • I hear that Liz whinned about all the puzzles cuz she is not good at them. She is a dumb person…..I can’t wait to see her leave the game…..He hope is that Austin leaves tonight…..Liz leaves tomorrow night……Steve leaves after that and then Vanessa and John fight it out.

      • If it’s down to Van and JMac, the jury decides. So it’s crucial to have the right person next to you whom you’d win over. If Steve, Liz and Austin are eliminated, you can rest assure JMac will win over Van, but Liz or Steve would not! That’s what Van is trying to avoid happening.

      • You think Jmac can beat Van? I hope so but I’m not sure anyone can beat her. So far, the evictees express awe at her and give her props. Maybe the koolaid wears off after being in the jury house and not exposed to her for 24 hours or more but I don’t know anything. I am – I don’t know. I don’t know. :)

      • CBS is likely just putting in the pro Vanessa segments they said. I don’t think Vanessa beats anyone left. Many members have said they don’t want her to win.

      • I’m just curious. Who said they didn’t want Vanessa to win? Jury Members? I missed that. I’ve seen where they give her props. Maybe they won’t vote for her but if they’re giving her props right after they’re evicted, then I find it hard to believe they’ll vote “bitter”. Maybe. We’ll know in a few days! :)

      • I wouldn’t tell them that though. I’d tell Austin/Steve NO ONE is beating Vanessa in F2. Lie if you have to, say that this one/that one said if she makes it to the end, they’re going to vote for her.

      • I have two granddaughters (sisters) who got into BB last year. (I have watched it since Season 1) This year one of them reads all the spoilers and the other doesn’t want anything to do with them! It’s hard when the 3 of us are together!!!

  3. Whether its Steve or Austin with Jmac & Liz, and Vanessa not able to compete for HOH, they should make the big move to take out this biggest liar. She has more blood on her hands then they realize

    • If Austin is survives, Liz might take a shot at Vanessa but if Austin leaves, and Liz wins HoH, Vanessa should be safe for F3.
      Honestly, I just don’t know anything anymore. I give up. Just show me already. Wow. Lol. I don’t know. I’ve been wrong so much. Wow.

  4. Even if Austin stays that is not necessarily bad news for Vanessa,Steve would be the bigger enemy if he won HOH,still risks for Vanessa but her odds are a bit better with Steve gone.

  5. I’m bored at work, why must there be a blackout?!!??!?
    On a side note, I think whoever is dressing Julie Chen this season needs a new job. Is it just me or have her clothes this year been worse than ever? Yuck

    • Last Thursday she was dressed like a teenybopper in January. Made me hot just looking at her. Maybe she should dress more like the 45 year old she is instead of the 20-somethings she’s interviewing.

      • The colors look weird on TV, the top the other day that flared at her hips. She is an attractive lady with a good figure. Surely she has veto power over what they are choosing due to her connections. yikes.

      • Yes, that outfit couldn’t decide if it was a dress or pantsuit, and turned out to be one hot mess. It looked like a geranimal outfit for a tall two year old.

  6. I think it is best that we don’t see anything. I like spoilers, but this show has gotten so boring that little surprises are welcoming.

  7. I think JMac wants to go to the end with Austin and Liz. My hunch says he votes out Steve. I know, there was that reverse reverse reverse strategy. Guess he just used it on me.

    • Who knows with this silly cast. For all we know John may have voted out steve just to spite Vanessa. I wouldn’t even be surprised Vanessa found some way to convince Liz to vote out Austin.

  8. Vanessa pretty much overplayed the game to a win…they all gonna vote to keep her…if Austin goes that is…

  9. “Tonight on Big Brother 17: Steve has a nervous breakdown, JMac uses reverse-reverse-reverse-reverse psychology, Vanessa pulls her strings, Austin struts around in a delusional state searching for his balls, and Liz wines-UUHH, and Julie dresses 20 years too young for her age.”

    Oh yeah, and all that other stuff.

  10. Please take out Vansessa next. I want to see her crying to Julie about how unfair it all was and swearing on Mel she was playing honestly

    • I’d love to be in the room when she figures out that she is seen as a villain by the vast majority of the viewership.

  11. Vanessa has a net worth of 4 million big ones! She doesn’t need the money the bitch is just greedy imo

    • You realize that it’s not about the money for Vanessa, don’t you? She has repeatedly said that she doesn’t really care about the money, she just wants to win the game.
      I’ve heard on numerous occasions though that she doesn’t really have that much money anymore…and even if she did…so what?
      There’s no rule that states that you have to be poor to be on Big Brother or that it’s only for people who need money.
      It’s not just about the money.

  12. Don’t believe anything that Dawn Davenport posts. “She” has been posting that John is gay for the past couple of days which has nothing to do with anything. Btw, click on “her” Facebook picture above and take a look at “her” Facebook page.

  13. Whoever wins HOH, I hope Vanessa’s safe with them. Liz is the one most likely to not target Vanessa. John I think would target Vanessa in a heartbeat even though they have an ‘alliance.’
    If she is targeted I truly hope that she can win the Veto. She’s almost at the finish line.

  14. Woah, Austin was pissed! That was a true blindside…but Vanessa had to do what she had to do.
    I don’t necessarily think Austin is right when he says no one will vote for Vanessa if she’s in final 2. She’s played the best game. The jurors are privy to that. Despite personal differences, they just might give her the win.
    However, I hope she did make the right decision in evicting Austin over Steve because that might affect who she makes final 2 with (assuming she makes final 2). But we have to get to final 3 first…can’t wait for tomorrow.

  15. The best eviction thus far! Austin is SUCH a jerk! His speech was too much. I feel lighter. Like I can enjoy the rest of the game. Having to watch a showmance and twin combination survive this season was really too much.

  16. Need to go back and watch the show from Tuesday. John stepped off the beam one time when he went to hit the buzzer. He should not have won.

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