Big Brother 17: Counting The Votes In Week 12 [POLL]

We’re flying in the dark here on Big Brother 17 as the Feeds are down for a 36-hour blackout, but we’re not going to let that stop us from counting the votes and taking an early guess at the eviction.

John is ready to let his vote ride on BB17
John is ready to let his vote ride on BB17 – Source: CBS All Access

Yes, even the Houseguests know they’re about to face an eviction and they’ve been working hard to prepare for those two votes to come on in to the Diary Room and make this week’s choice. Or maybe even better, for our entertainment factor, they’ll force a public decision and tie-breaker vote.

Austin and Steve are on the Block and Vanessa is the sitting HoH which leaves only John and Liz for voting. If you had asked me on Saturday night how the vote would go I’d have a much different answer for you than what I’m seeing now.

On Saturday night John went to Austin and told him he was ready to “do bad things” and that entailed turning on Steve, voting him out, and working with Liz and Austin to target Vanessa next. Yikes. That seemed crazy to go to the end with a showmance, but heck, Vanessa had been marching right along most of this season doing just that.

Then on Sunday that view changed when John revealed his plan. John explained to Steve that he needed Steve to convince Vanessa to try and convince John to keep Steve. Is your head spinning yet? John said if he proposed the idea to Vanessa to keep Steve then she’d think they were still working together and automatically vote Steve out in the tie-breaker. This way she thinks it’s her idea and he’s just going along with it.

Whether or not it works, I think this was a very interesting strategy. John may have been prepared to vote Steve out and roll with the punches if he couldn’t get Vanessa to come to him. He set things up to shift to Austin and Liz for a makeshift partnership against Vanessa as a plan B and then win his way out. Now that’s dedication to a strategy. It might be reckless, as we’ve seen from John, but it’s not stupid.

Sure enough, last night Vanessa came to John with a plea to vote to evict Austin so the vote would split and she’d break it in Steve’s favor. Or at least that’s what she’s proposing. Now is it possible that she did all this work to deceive John in to keeping Steve just so she could then flip it back and vote Steve out? Well sure, she could, but why would she go through all that?

I’ve been saying for awhile that Vanessa’s game moves have often been “unnecessary” and flipping John just to flip the vote back would certainly fit that bill. It’d also go against the smart game move of breaking up the showmance, but don’t we keep seeing Vanessa do the strangest moves over and over?

So yes, it’s entirely possible that Vanessa spent days working between Steve and John just to then turn things back against Steve, but I really don’t think she will. By voting out Austin at this point she gets to keep Liz for herself. Liz might not like it, but the closest thing she’ll have to an ally at that point would be Vanessa, not John or Steve.

Vanessa is also likely to believe she’s still got Steve in her pocket as another ally that’s closer to her than Liz or John, especially after John fronted that he was ready to dismiss Steve in this vote. This again positions Vanessa down the middle of the house as she did so well to arrange most of the season. Only this time I don’t think she has Steve quite as deep in her pocket as she might think.

As for Liz? There’s zero chance she’s voting against Austin. Steve said he knew it’d be rude to ask, but worried it’d be just as rude to not ask. So he did. It’s not happening, Liz explained. Done and done.

My vote prediction stands at 1-1 with Vanessa breaking the tie in Steve’s favor and Austin walking out the door. What do you think will happen? We’ll listen for spoilers and watch for Feeds a repeat of brief leaks like we got last year, but in the meantime we can keep discussing scenarios until the Feeds return after Tuesday’s special eviction episode.


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  1. I think Austin’s the smartest choice to evict. Say what you want about Steve and JMac being a couple but they’re not canoodling under the covers and that’s a much stronger bond worth breaking.

    Steve’s an easy to control plaything for Vanessa (suffering from battered mate syndrome) while Austin has his association with Liz so all the way around it seems the smart choice (for Vanessa) is to get rid of Austin.

    If JMac made this happen it seems like he might be smarter than I’ve given him credit for thus far. Better late than never I guess.

    Vanessa’s been juggling chainsaws for so long now she’s finally getting tired and I think JMac may have just squirted some baby oil onto her hands.

    • He had the chance to twice and didn’t. He said he wouldn’t evict her now either! So I think it’s time for Van to evict him! :-)

    • Agreed except for the fact that JMac’s been playing strategically from day one, and I don’t know what battered mate syndrome is.

      As far as Austin pitching JMac and Steve as a couple…Van didn’t buy that, she used that in hopes of this very scenario playing out.

      How can they be a couple when they have no after show “incentive”.

      Maybe I am giving everyone too much credit.

      • “Battered mate syndrome” just means someone who’s so used to being beat up or emotionally battered that they’re more-likely to bend to your will. The “couple” comparison was just using Vanessa’s words as a point of reference.

        It doesn’t matter if they have an after show incentive. They’re a “buddy” couple or a “working” couple or just “allies”. Whatever label one chooses to use they are indeed working together in some capacity.

        I disagree that JMac’s been playing strategically since Day 1. I know we could debate it for hours but the simple fact that he said he’d target Meg during his exit interview with Chen made me doubt his game skills.

        If I had to choose between him and Vanessa in an F2 I’d give it to Vanessa hands down.

        Just an opinion.

      • No it doesn’t. Not to me. How many showmance couples (whether it’s BB or The Bachelorette or whatever you watch) actually stick together and last? Very few.

        It’s a game thing. And I think in the back of their minds each one knows that.

        I think if any showmance cpl (who only met for the first time in the game they’re now playing) had to choose btwn themself and their showmance partner going ahead to the F2 would choose themself with excuses of their family or whomever needing the money. It’s possible but I find it hard to believe Austin would sacrifice himself for Liz and I’m SURE Liz wouldn’t do it for Austin.

      • I don’t think it does. Their incentive is getting further ahead in the game. That’s all the incentive they need.

      • I do think some of Vanessa’s behaviour has been consistent with abusive tactics. The gaslighting, the tears, the guilt… She may have gotten far but I hate her way of doing it.

    • I think your username pretty much speaks for itself at this point! If Vanessa chooses to evict Austin, Liz will know about it & target her! In fact, if Liz wins HOH, Vanessa’s going up & unless she wins POV, she’s screwed!

      • You’re right. It’s much smarter to leave a showmance couple together. She has absolutely nothing to gain from the jury by breaking up a power couple this late in the game. If she votes out Steve she still has Austin and Liz working together as a pair against her while if she evicts Austin she’s broken up a power pair and still has Steve and John to potentially rely upon to help her get rid of Liz. I wasn’t thinking. Apologies.

      • Following your train of thought, if Liz wins HoH and Vanessa voted out Steve instead of Austin, Vanessa’s on the block anyway. Liz will have John and Vanessa and Austin to pick from. She’s not putting up Austin. She could potentially ask JMac to throw the POV with the promise of making the Final 3 and that’s a very real probability that Vanessa is more than aware of.

        But if she evicts Austin and Liz wins HoH and Vanessa is put up again the odds are more in her favor that she can still control/scare/bully Steve into saving her.

        is it likely? Probably not. But if she has to choose between Austin or Steve staying in the mix it feels like Steve provides a bit more hope. Even if it’s just a sliver.

        And breaking up a power couple like Austin and Liz at this late stage of the game? That probably won’t register much with the jury respect-wise.

        I wasn’t thinking ahead. Apologies.

      • Vanessa is the best player strategically! Who cares what she did, said or cried! Look where she is! She’s played the best game, like her or not. She deserves to win!!

  2. I must say I can’t remember a taped eviction with this much uncertainty before…usually we know who’s going and the only spoiler is who won the next HOH. This one can certainly go either way, but I would agree it’s probably Austin leaving. She genuinely seemed to want Austin out after the veto, otherwise there was no reason to tell Steve that John was wavering and to make two pushes to get John to change his mind.

    Whether John truly ever wanted to vote out Steve is another story. I tend to give him less credit for his strategy than others…it often feels like he’s flying by the seat of his pants and has no idea what’s going on. But it’s possible his plan all along was for it to be Vanessa pushing the evict Austin plan and hide the fact that he and Steve are close.

    Sure we’ll find out in a few hours, but I think it’s 60-65% Austin is leaving.

    • JMac needed her to come to him. She told him she never expected to be between 2 showmances in the end, so he is trying to show he and Steve are not a F2. That way Vanessa thinks it’s her idea and she can tell Steve she saved him (as she has told Austin) and put a guilt trip if he wins HOH next.

    • I hope/pray you are right that V wants to keep Steve … I know V is terribly NDP but I hope the humanity in her heart keeps Steve. okay, I’m a sap and it kinda broke my heart when she didn’t give him a post-HOH hug. I know she said she hurt from the(egg) comp, but the hug was pretty much “meh”.I really, really, really want to believe in one redeeming quality in Van …
      Oh, look Toto, we’re going home!

    • I think John really did want to get rid of steve. The way he was talking and acting towards steve was a bit off. Jmac may still vote out Steve just to spite Vanessa, who knows? This is the guy that got evicted and said he would be gunning for Meg of all people…

      • My take on John saying he would target Meg was that he was being completely sarcastic. I took the question as silly, as anyone watching knew he would work for the Austwins demise. Am I the only person that sees his answer as sarcasm to a question with an obvious answer? His responses to Julie include, “whaddya want?”, “hey lady”, and “hey girl”. The guy is just hilarious.

      • He didn’t do his goofy laugh after he said Meg though. So who knows. I really hope he was being sarcastic…

      • At that moment, being interviewed by Julie post-eviction, and getting his mind set to go compete in an expected, ahem, “endurance” competition? Stressing a bit I bet he was! Understandable if he was mad as heck, even. Most likely did not have the laugh in him right then, and forgot to say “just kidding” about evicting Meg. Instead of being snarky and saying to Julie, “Duh, captain obvious says go evict those that just caused my eviction! Are you stupid lady? Did you NOT see what just happened?”, he maybe went with the non-rude, non-caustic, non-confrontational evict Meg thingy. Both sarcastic, one much more polite!

    • This entire season has been a mystery. Every week the HOH would go back and forth over who they wanted out. I’d go to bed with a headache after watching the feeds at night for a few hours. Lol

  3. I can’t believe Vanessa is fine with being the tie-breaker and sending Austin home like this. For someone who has been so concerned with “not getting blood on [her] hands” she’s about to get her hands pretty dirty.

    • She has blood on her hands, everyone in the jury house knows this, she just likes to pretend that they don’t when it suites her.

    • It had to happen sooner or later. She’s a smart enough gamer to realize that. I imagine her argument will be “I had to do it for my game” which is a harder argument to counter against. I wouldn’t doubt it if she makes it to the F2 that all of that “I’m a victim” stuff becomes “I planned every single step along the way like a good game of chess.”

    • I agree. But she will talk and talk and talk and cry and stomp and yell her way out of it. Lol

    • Yeah but if she wants Austin out she knows that she will need to cast the deciding vote. No way Liz votes to keep Steve over Austin.

  4. That was my thought also . Jmacs not a dummy like people think. Let Vanessa do her own dirty work/.

  5. I’m glad there’s been something to read still. ty.
    I love that JMac is in this position. he is playing Vanessa the right way. I voted that Austin gets evicted bc that’s what I want. Vanessa could be playing John w this “keep Steve”, just so she can look good to Austin and Liz and make JMac look bad. either way, JMac is safe and I think everyone wants Vanessa out. hope she doesn’t win POV.

    • Remember in the beginning how they would tell him not to use his veto and how he was the pawn on the block almost constantly? I forgot about that until last night. I don’t get the meg thing unless he was kidding or maybe he thought he and James had a better chance together. I doubted johnny Mac for awhile but now I think you may be right, brilliant!……I just want it over now.

  6. I dont understand why your against Van setting John up to vote out Austin only for her to vote out Steve? It insures Van that Lizstin will evict Jmac in final 4 over her baring he wins HoH or Veto.

    This is Vanessa were talking about. She’s crazy enough to think of something like this.

    • This theory falls apart cause her odds go down…she can’t compete in HOH so messing with Johnny isn’t worth the risk. Why bother when it can do more harm than good? Why not keep everyone happy except the guy going out the door? Doesn’t make sense. Where’s the reason? Where’s the incentive? Johnny has proven that he can win when he wants to…better to be with him than against him right now. Then again, this is reality tv.

  7. Psychology…this should show Vanessa it works on her and she may want to seek out help after Big Brother…..good for Johnnymac!

      • It’s crazy isn’t it, that we are so invested in this. I feel like I know these guys better than my own family and friends…lol.

      • I know. I’m glad I’m retired because I spend entirely too much time on this show. It sure does pull you in. Lol. Glad survivor is only on once a week. I’ll be able to get back to my life.

      • Retirement’s great eh? I’m there too but this is too much like work! (I’m obviously a true Canadian…I say “eh” without evening thinking, eh?)

    • I almost peed myself after reading some of these comments, but other than that, haven’t seen any.

  8. Is it bad that I’m kinda rooting for Vanessa now?

    Idk, I hated her so much but now that she’s gotten this far I feel like she deserves it. I like John personally WAY more but his gameplay hasn’t been nowhere near as good as Vanessa’s…. Idk, I don’t like her but she’s the most deserving. So…

    EDIT: Although John has improved a lot so far! Don’t mean to discredit him by any means.

    • Unfortunately Vanessa has knowingly bullied and abused Steve knowing his “issues” (which he shared with her as if they weren’t obvious enough to someone who has issues of their own). If not for that I would be cool with her.

      • What is his issue, Murphy?
        You keep on alluding that he’s mentally ill, which I found very uncomfortable.
        For me Lil Stevie is a healthy awkward young man. He might be socially dorky or whatever but I don’t find him mentally ill or whatever at all.
        He’s quite a “sneaky” guy as he clearly states and many of his actions are an act.

      • I shouldn’t assume but Steve is exhibiting almost all of the behaviours for Asperger’s, which is a lot more than social awkwardness. I could be completely wrong but it is my opinion like any of the other opinions on here. I have done a ton of research over the past few years and I have also worked in the mental health field and am coping with my own (but very different) mental health issues.
        I am overly sensitive to it and should have just left that out even though I truly believe this is heavily influencing the course of the game. Steve is very self aware and I think he is awesome for challenging himself. Again, my opinion.
        This is a game not a psych class or experiment so I shouldn’t have gone there. I should have kept my thoughts about this to myself but it is hard to do because I think it is a huge factor in how this is progressing.
        I just think he is brave for coming on this show and am horrified at the ignorance displayed by some of the houseguests. Oddly enough all the decent houseguests are gone except for JMac. That is partly why I like JMac so much because he is respectful.
        Sorry to have gone there. Didn’t mean to ruffle any feathers. I know I always say too much.

      • First of all, even if he has Asperger, he must have known the consequence of it when he joined a bloody lying cheating all for nothing game like Big Brother.
        And why others should treat him differently just because he has Asperger if they had known? Like when the HGs were afraid to nom Audrey because she’s a transgender?
        You have mentioned it before where you work and what you have and I understand that, but to assume he is what he is and keep going around and telling people about it based on your assumption, well … it doesn’t sit right with me. I am sorry to say this, this is not an attack on you personally, I apologize if I have come strongly to you.

      • It’s all cool. We all have a right to our opinions. I don’t really see the difference between voicing my opinion about the possibility of Aspergers vs others voicing theirs about Austin’s scruffy looks, Vanessa’s paranoia or the behaviour of the self entitled twins. We are all characterizing based on what we see.

        Steve is not playing the sympathy card…if he was he would have been telling everyone all his woes. Of course he knew what he was up against, that’s why I called him brave. It’s a risk he took but unfortunately no one could have predicted how aggressively Vanessa would have used him as a whipping boy.

        As far as Audrey goes, she didn’t even make the jury so her transgender wasn’t as much of a factor as I thought it would be.

        Just to be clear I don’t expect anyone to treat anyone in a special way regardless if whether or not they have any differences or problems either physically or mentally. I Just don’t think people should treat people like sh#t just because they can.

      • Van Van has been treating every one the same, not only Lil Stevie.
        That’s her gameplay or her true self, we never really know, do we?
        Same thing applies to every HG.

      • You have a right to your opinion but I have never seen Van so rudely dismiss anyone the way she does Steve or order anyone else to get her water and stuff. That’s fine. I think we’re done here.

      • I’m glad you did! Like Luki3n, I just thought he was quirky and I was pretty tough on him but I feel differently since you pointed this out. I do hope bb is aware in the event that he has trouble when this is over.

      • Steve seems to be self aware which makes me think that he already has systems in place at home, but yes hopefully BB will be on board if needed. Lots of people have mental problems and the ones who do best are those who get diagnosed and get treatment…it’s not an excuse for a behaviour, but a reason. Glad you took the time to comment. Acknowledgement from others is helpful too. I’m sure Steve will read the comments people are making when he gets home and I hope he gets some positive reinforcement. Lecture over…lol! Cheers!

  9. Vanessa and Steve should seek professional therapy once this game and is over and done with, they can’t handle any kind of confrontation and have this unhealthy need to please everyone or feel emotionally cradled. I don’t find it entertaining at all, next season BB? don’t look for cast members at the mental health clinic, please get some actual gamers! I would take ruthlessness and strategy over this sesame street crap anytime, all the time.

  10. Don’t care who gonna be evicted, it’s 100% sure that the next houseguest that win the next HoH comp gonna put she on the block (well, I’ve my doubts about JMac); if Liz wins, John & Vanessa gonna be on the block, if Austin (in the case that he survive this eviction) wins, again, John & Vanessa gonna be on the block, if Steve (if he survive) wins, Vanessa & Liz gonna be on the block. Maybe Vanessa gonna finish in the 4th place.

    • It’s clear that we are watching two different versions of this show but at this point it’s a crap shoot.

      • Honestly with this remaining contenders I don’t know what could happen, maybe Vanessa gonna make a deal with someone of the other contenders for reach the F3.

      • I agree! This is what I really like about this season. Since they voted Julia out, I could potentially see a scenario where any of the people left in the game could win. Derrick played a brilliant game last season, and the Brigade in s12 was a brilliant alliance, but it made it that you could see the winner a mile away like dominos falling. This season has been so up in the air a lot of the time and it makes it fun to watch. Steve was talking to himself about cutting Van at final 4, and if he stays, I think there’s a very good chance Van will go unless she wins the veto. She is going to be on the block no matter who wins.

      • From the moment JMac so obviously gave Steve that HOH (he just stood there with one piece left waiting for Steve to take it) things got really good. Those twins had to be split up, their allegiance to each other was unshakeable and why not let Steve do it? It got good from there in my opinion (and Meg and James being gone was a bonus…their kindergarten shenanigans were so annoying).

    • Noms don’t matter during F4 week. HoH gets to F3. Veto winner gets to F3. If the veto winner is not the HoH, the veto winner decides which of the other two go home. If the HoH is the veto winner, the HoH decides who gets the single vote to evict.

  11. Heres my hoped for ending. Austin gets booted out this week. Liz next eviction. JMac or Steve end up in F2 with Vanessa out the door just before the $$ prizes. JMac wins, Steve 2nd and James AFP. Want to see Liztin and Vanessa go home without any prize money. Not saying it will happen but that’s my dream scenario

    • I’m down with that except for the James part but it seems everyone who’s been voting thinks stalking and lame, repetitive attempts at humour and childish behaviour is something to reward. He was funny for about 2 minutes. What does he have to offer?

      Since Johnny can’t win everything I think it’s too bad that Steve isn’t in line for AFP but he is no where close. James? I’m almost embarrassed to be sharing the same platform as those who think that James is someone anywhere near deserving of the title. I would take Vanessa over James and that’s saying something.

      James? Really?

    • They all go home with some dough. It’s on a sliding scale depending how long you made it into the game. (It’s not crazy big money but they don’t go home penniless.)

      • I believe they get a stipend of a grand a week. So jury members and F2 should get $13,000 each.

        But… those who walk or get expelled get NOTHING. Not even a plane ticket home.

      • I wonder if jury gets the cut too. Because it would suck to not be able to go back to normal and get paid and still be stuck there lol.

      • All the HGs do. it’s a Network show with few costs and a lot of ad money coming in so players get something. It’s not a ton of dough (see other replies saying $1k per week you’re in the game) but they get something. If it’s $1k per week and you’re the first one out you get $1k. If you make it to the second week, $2k. 13 weeks, $13k. They’re not buying new homes but they’re getting something! If you make it the full 98 days (I think it’s 98?) That’s 2352 hours. Divided by $13k that’s: $5.50 per hour. So it’s not a ton of dough but a check for $13k is hard to shake a stick at. (Escpecially when you’ve been housed and fed on their dime.)

      • Thanks, Cap! The math’s still right regarding the hours (14 weeks is 98 days = 2352 hrs.) but the extra $1k bumps the hourly rate to $5.95 per hour if you make it all the way to the end.

      • Yes, it’s a stipend. The last few years the amount is up to a $1000 a week. Jace got $2000. Anybody that make it to jury will get $14000.

      • That’s right. And it’s on top of any other price money. I heard Derreck talking to Cody last year on the feeds, and he was saying just that.

    • Correct. It’s $1K per week you stay in either BB house or Jury. So the F5 are each guaranteed at least $14K because 98 days = 14 weeks. Also, Becky won $10K in two different comps.

    • Agree completely except James doesn’t deserve AFP. If I have to see that idiotic stupid visor of his one more I’m gonna scream.
      I do concede that unfortunately James will win AFP if Johnny is in final 2 and not eligible for it himself.

  12. Why would Liz berate Steve for approaching her about the vote? If he didn’t she would call him out on that. It was a no win. I think he respectfully and appropriately conceded to her personally that he wouldn’t get her vote but it was in the spirit of the game that he speak to her. He couldn’t have handled it better. She is such a pig that she couldn’t shut her big yap but just had to find something to bad mouth him about, just for being Steve. I don’t like to say this, and I don’t very often, but I hate that biaaaatch. She doesn’t care what she says so why should I? You’ll get yours babe. Karma.

    I vote her ALF…America’s Least Favourite. Take that home to nana.

    • Steve handled that just fine. And Liz – she has so much to say that shows how ignorant and uninformed she really is. And Austin – every time anybody says anything to him he comes back with “well, we *have* to run that by Vanessa …” What the heck is wrong with the two of them? Just think how life would change if those two got married and moved next door to you.

    • You know what reading this, an idea hit me, Steve is the houses ALF. Like the red furry alien fr the show who just wanders around doing his own sht.

    • It’s possible. Look around you – are there bars on any windows near you and do you have a guard at your door? If not, then you’re either sane or you’re mentally ill and no one but you knows it yet. Or you’ve just been watching Vanessa too long.

      • That’s good; you seem perfectly sane to me. I have acquaintances walking loose in society who I think are a lot closer to the edge than you or I are. I think retirement does it to us. Ya think?

      • Perfectly sane…lol. My friends and family would die laughing. My daughters are annoyed with me because I got blacklisted from making comments online in our local newspaper. I have been using this as therapy to practice self restraint. I think I am doing well…but next week, who knows? Retirement is good but too much time to get into trouble.

      • Well, that’s true; we do have too much time to get into trouble. The problem is, we’re too old to enjoy most of the trouble we get into. I have to LOL about the newspaper – my husband does that – reads letters to the editor or commentaries and fires back a letter of his own disputing everything the writer has said. He hasn’t been blacklisted yet, but sometimes I have to question why not.

      • Mostly I was calling out the newspaper itself and of course they don’t like looking stupid. I cancelled my hard copy subscription and told them if they didn’t want to hear from me, I didn’t want to hear from them. So there!

        Is it any wonder that I’ve been divorced twice?

      • I could get started on newspapers, but I won’t, because I have a slanted perspective: I was a newspaper reporter outside Chicago after I graduated from college. Suffice it to say print media in general isn’t doing so well these days because of the internet – and deservedly so.

      • That’s why I cancelled, they need every subscription they can get these days. Gotta run…more tv to watch before I go to bed. It’s 1:30 a.m. already. I can’t believe how long I’ve been doing this…lol. Bye…

  13. I have a spoiler. On twitter, I found a leak picture of Austin in a limo leaving for the jury house:

    twitter dot com/DarkSharkRanger/status/643598818676748289/photo/1

  14. That one is pretty good, but I think it’s photoshop:

    twitter dot com/EARTHDOGBB17/status/643619285831696384/photo/1

      • If Austin goes, it will be interesting to hear the audience reception he receives. He’ll probably say “Judas is use to booing and jeering, no problem”. Maybe he’ll ripoff his shirt if he’s wearing one. Also I’m sure he’ll be shocked… well, at least he know he’s good for America’s Favorite. NO, you say, what the hell?

      • Well CBS is beyond that point… seems we’re heard jeers in the past so maybe they will have figured a way to avoid that respond. We won’t hear boos w/Steve but could with a Austin eviction.

      • It taped I know but I think Matthew mentioned an audience would be there with Julie plus she’ll interview the evictee, I wouldn’t bet my house on it.

  15. I have wanted V out from day three…she is a snake on the grass. My heart wants Jmac to win, that said, if those idiots don’t get her out then she deserves to win.

    • Oh My Gosh she to me is a real disturbed person. Has anyone noticed how freaky creepy weird she gets when she wins hoh?And it shows Austin talking out to us u might say saying I am so tired of Vanessa getting so paranoid every time she wins ,well he’s not to tired b/c He Won’t Get Her Out! Wait until he sees what a fool she made out of him.Judas isn’t showing me that he is any of a bigger badass than little ballerina Austin !

    • Well said, I feel the same. I respect how she played her game, but have no respect for what style of game she played.

      As for JMac he’s got a chance if he wins the last 2 HOHs, he can then argue a couple of those 2nd place finishes were part of his social strategy.Otherwise, he’d need jealousy in the jury to get Vanessa, or dislike of the remaining Austwins to win. As good as 4 POV wins is, it’s not enough on its on, at least to me. Best defense ever means nothing if you don’t score some points.

  16. OK guys I just got through watching bbad from last nite and Vanessa calls johnnymac upstairs telling him that she’s like f#$%ing like ready to make a big move and like she like said like for real dude r u on board ? Do u think johnnymac is going to like u no trust her and to quote James What The Hell?????

    • Johnny will do what he wants to do regardless of what Vanessa says or promises. He is collecting information that he can use for his own game and to use against her. I think if JMac makes the F2 and makes his final speech (regardless of who he is up against) the jury will be gob smacked at how he presents his case…that in itself will get him the win.

      • Yes I totally agree .I know Shelli was on his side when they came back to play to get back in the game .I also think James would have his back &we all no Meg but if Austin has a say so no way

  17. So am I the only one who thinks it would actually benefit Vanessa to be lying to John? Basically, if he splits the vote, it gives her the power and makes it her decision, which I imagine in her mind would appeal to jury members. “Because the vote was split, I was forced to make this decision, one that I never wanted to have to make.” I think that if I was a jury member, that would actually make her case stronger…

    • Yes but all through the game she has constantly made comments about not wanting to get blood on her hands which its coming to the point where Ya Got. To !

      • That’s my point. She has spent her whole game avoiding that, which she thinks will make it harder to make the case to jury: I think she’s actually crazy enough to believe that people don’t actually know she was behind everything that happened this summer, so she needs to use this moment to actually get blood on her hands to have something tangible to show the jury…

      • Ok yes I get it but believe me they all know so I hope that is her thinking.I am sorry but I don’t want to see her win especially since I heard she was in the house bribing & telling the other house guest she would give them x amount of money if she could just win the title b/c she didn’t need the money to me that’s messed up and she should have been removed from the game.At first I heard as a rumor and then I personally read it To me that just shows what a wacko she is .Who would want the title just to have it if it wasn’t earned? What The Hell???

      • She’s sitting there smiling big spewing standard bs, saying to Mac, “a blindside would get us points in the jury, right, right” still smiling. Jmac nods 5 times does his hallmark “ggeehhhu.” Laugh all the while thinking. (Thought bubnle) “your hoh bcych, how am I getting credit? I told you I want total power next week and steve out. “. Her con here is weak. It’s nothing he wants. He should trademark the mac laugh. It grew on me.

    • Deliberate bold face lying to JMac at this point makes no sense. She can’t play for HOH next week and she is now seeing him as a very strong opponent. There is no need to lie to him. She can’t influence the jury if she doesn’t make F2.

      • Does she really view him as being a strong opponent though? Last I checked, the houseguests pretty much believed anyone but JMac was going to win every competition. If they don’t believe he’s going to win competitions, why would anyone be afraid of pissing him off? Especially since he has no reason to trust anyone anyway because literally every one of them sent him home not even three weeks ago. Why would anyone ever expect him to trust them? And if they know he reasonably can’t trust him, why not just lie to him some more?

      • If Vanessa considers Liz and Austin as stronger competitors than JM or Steve, she would want them gone and out of her way to F2, wouldn’t she? It would be in her best interest to go to F3 with two weaker players. But that’s all in her perception of who is weaker or stronger. JM might actually be a very strong opponent, but Van wouldn’t know that yet because he’s just beginning to show all his cards.

      • I think she found out yesterday. Hopefully it won’t matter because hopefully she gets booted out next time around, right behind Austin.

      • Yup. The poker player is getting played. If this works out for John – and he becomes the first evicted HG to ever come back and win the game – that would be quite an entry in the record books.

      • It was that last conversation between Johnny and Vanessa that I think shed some light on just who JMac is. Before that I would have agreed with you but now Vanessa sees what a formidable opponent he is…something Steve already knew.

  18. To me this season has really not been near as fun to watch b/c nobody wanted to make big moves except James and he was very vocal about it but u see where that got him. And I truely wanted to see him win it.

    • That and the fact that everyone runs and tells everyone else what they just heard form someone. All season long the players have learned some information that they can use but instead ran that info up a flagpole. No one knows how to play the game anymore. Since when to lying and spreading false information becomse against the rules in BB?

  19. If Johns plan is to avoid the 2 vs 2 in the next round which Vanessa may be trying to achieve, his best move is to eviCT steve and get Austin and Liz with him to eclvict a powerless Vanessa. John has the amination to share with Austin. I think he was coning her con. He said clearly he wanted Steve o I T since he beats John down the road.

      • I feel Vanessa is guarenteed final 3 with Liztin. She is uncertain about Rockstars. She knows Austin and John have been talking, after all Austin told her what John said about final 3 and her having no power next week. (Idiot). So mrs. Paranoid went to work on John trying to smoke screen, bend and break his new found potential future relationship with Austin. After all (that would be out of her control, god forbid) so she invites John up and says let’s blow up Austin. This way John agrees and, 1. That eliminates the chance it’s 3 vs 1 (vanessa next week) and 2 puts her in control of the voting, if it worked today. If she convinces mac to vote against Austin, she tells Austin “see you can’t trust him, moving forward” that’s a win. 2nd. “Ypu owe me I saved your life”. another win. And to b honest Lukei, I’m exhausted personally, just coming up with those scenarios. I’m sure there’s some more cons in there but I don’t have Aderol like she does . If I did I light ypu up with 3 more invisible cons she has going. Lol

  20. He just did the reverse reverse reverse reverse reverse psychology on Van Van so she would think keeping Lil Stevie was her idea which was actually his idea.

    • No! Good lateral thinking but she isn’t programed to listen to anyone. Nor would she let anyone take control from her mind. She wanted Austin the first discussion they had, but if you watched she held back. She wanted John to say it. He told her steve because Steve beats him. To back that up further he went to Liztin 2 days before and discussed hid plan.

  21. I feel Vanessa is guarenteed final 3 with Liztin. She is uncertain about Rockstars. She knows Austin and John have been talking, after all Austin told her what John said about final 3 and her having no power next week. (Idiot). So mrs. Paranoid went to work on John trying to smoke screen, bend and break his new found potential future relationship with Austin. After all (that would be out of her control, god forbid) so she invites John up and says let’s blow up Austin. This way John agrees and, 1. That eliminates the chance it’s 3 vs 1 (vanessa next week) and 2 puts her in control of the voting, if it worked today. If she convinces mac to vote against Austin, she tells Austin “see you can’t trust him, moving forward” that’s a win. 2nd. “Ypu owe me I saved your life”. another win. And to b honest Lukei, I’m exhausted personally, just coming up with those scenarios. I’m sure there’s some more cons in there but I don’t have Aderol like she does . If I did I light ypu up with 3 more invisible cons she has going. Lol
    (A repost)

  22. I’m wondering if Vanessa is setting JMac up to vote against Austin so she can tie break in Austin’s favor, and then hide behind JMac since he’d be the target for that afterwards (assuming he’s not HOH, of course). Steve may have a touch of Stockholm Syndrome. I really hope Vanessa doesn’t win. She’s just pulled the emotional woman card too many times to win my favor. Not sure if anyone else has already expressed these views in the comments — I can’t see them all on my phone, but I hope either Steve or JMac wins (now that James is no longer an option). I just love the idea of a super fan winning at this point, and Liztin are gross, together or separately.

    • Yea. Most likely a set up for the future, since she knows mac wants to team up wth Liztin. I detailed it below.

      • Thanks, Brian. I’ll have to hunt for your post on this. This is my first season watching Big Brother, and I think all of the people suck, but it’s addictive to watch the dynamics play out. I’m probably going to go back and watch some past seasons so I can get a better understanding of things. Are the people always such caricatures?

  23. Just trying to get a feel of the Vanessa hate…….. I have to say I’m not a fan of hers or her game play and I have been wanting her gone for many weeks. But there are so many on here calling her a bully and yet some of the same people loved Evil Dick. I didn’t like Evil Dick, either, and thought he was a much more in-your-face mean bully. How can you hate Vanessa and yet love Evil Dick, it doesn’t make sense to me.

  24. Having stuck an F2 Deal with Austin since Day 2 and more or less with her original Sixth Sense Alliance, I would be surprised that she would turn her back on them at this point in this game, as this whole “Loyalty Card” of Hers is her only saving grace to argue to the Jury .. in lieu of jumping over the Darkside of JMac and Steve that had been her sworn enemy, until supposedly a couple of weeks ago …
    Then again … This could be a Big Move … but, after making Austin swear on His Love for Liz, his family, dog, cats, and whatever to be true to Her in bringing her to F3, etc … she could lose a few Jury votes from her Alliance ?? But, may gain, as well …
    In the F3 three part HOH Challenge, I think her odds are better against LizTin vs JMac/Steve ??
    Anyways, should be a fun episode tonight … Ha !!! :)

    • Of course. She’s playing mac to bust up his recent talks wth austun. And for next week destroying thier trust.

    • Mac n austins trust by coning mac to vote against him. This way austin targets mac liz targets steve and she cruises.

  25. Taking out austun isn’t a big move vs steve. It’s dumb. And john won’t get credit, SHE will. She’s hoh. But she still tried to sell it to him.

    • Wrong. Everyone in the jury house is impressed with Austin, and could care less about Steve. Taking out Austin is the much bigger move that will impress the jury house.

  26. Why would she do all that??? Because it would be genius…think about it, van gets jmac to vote out austin liz will vote out steve leaving her to break the tie and vote out steve…therefor any deal jmac may have had with liz and austin dies as he voted austin out..and van is guaranteed a final 3 pick as she cannot play in the next HOH. It would be a guarantee for her…if jmac were to vote with liz to evect steve…then she is still left wondering what kind of deals the 3 of them may have especially if jmac votes out steve who he has been working with..van will know they have something together and there is no way she makes final 3 unless she can win the veto, but thats a lot of hope to pin on one comp. It all comes down to that final 4 if austin does get voted out and say liz wins that final veto i still see her taking van along with jmac because she just hates steve too much for getting out julia..and if steve goes then for sure if austin or liz win it they take van…especially if van is successful in getting jmac to vote steve out then she breaks the tie in austins favor..(i hope jmac see’s through van’s talk with him trying to get him to vote steve out) if steve stays he would take van for saving him..if jmac or van win the final 4 veto i am not sure at all who either would take…now if van does screw jmac over with this next vote getting him to vote austin out then van sends steve packing then jmac may not bring van..but other than that senario i have no idea who each of them would take..

  27. Vanessa always does the opposite of what we all think she should do, so I believe Steve is out the door. Although I think Austin is a way better choice to be evicted. I hope I’m wrong!

  28. Please for once let’s make a ballsie move ,everyone this season has been to chicken to make big moves,my question is why commit for 3 months if your not going to play the way the game was meant to be played,I am kind of bored this season.

  29. Vanessa should evict Steve. If she wants to avoid getting 4th place, than she should evict Steve. Evicting Steve can greatly improve her chances at the final 4 mental competition veto. She isn’t playing in the next HOH so she needs that veto in order to survive. If not I can see her getting 4th.

  30. Fully agree with you, but then, there IS the oft-repeated erratic-move-Vanessa that you speak of, so it is possible that in looking for a “reason”, she has once again overplayed this week and is intending to vote out Steve anyway. I’m not a Van-fan because of her overplay, erratic moves, and her special math abilities where everything adds up to a thousand percent or a million percent. Her odds calculations/conclusions show her to be much less math oriented than the “Mathematical Genius” that many of her fans give her credit for being. She HAS played better (or rather, talked more) than anyone else in this season’s line-up, but not unlike Derrick’s season, her success is due more to the failures of the rest of the house. Never trust a fast-talker, and Van is certainly a fast-talker.

  31. The smart move would, of course, be to get Austin out but, everyone is so afraid of Vanessa, theyre likely to do what she wants. Im so ready for Austin and Liz to be split up. Hopefully he will go yo the jury house and take a much needed shower.

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