Big Brother 17: Week 8 Veto Ceremony Plans

Later today in the Big Brother house this week’s nominees will sit before the other Houseguests and plead their case to come down off the Block. The Veto holder is ready though and the choice has already been made.

Liz Nolan prepares for her next big decision
Liz Nolan prepares for her next big decision – Source: CBS All Access

There have been debates over the weekend since Saturday’s Veto competition and while there has been some wavering and contemplation things are set to go as planned during Monday afternoon’s Ceremony.

Liz holds all the power this week as both the Head of Household and the Veto winner. The PoV came down to her and Austin during the OTEV comp and I’d guess he let her take it to keep the pressure off him and make it easier on everyone to just say these were her choices and they’ll stay her choices.

Yesterday afternoon Becky came to Liz to ask if the noms were “frozen.” Liz confirmed and said both Becky and John would stay up on the Block. Becky is nervous that the pawn title could trade hands, but Liz promises her security. Remember last week when Becky gave Shelli those same assurances?

John has been similarly promised that he won’t be going anywhere this week either, but that’s actually true to their current plans. Of course Thursday night is still over three days away and we’ve seen a lot change in a short time this season on Big Brother 17.

The only change, if there was one, would be for Vanessa to become the renom. Liz has flirted with the idea but Austin has firmly pushed back against it. Things may have gotten even closer last night when Vanessa started to freak out that she was in fact about to be renom’d.

Flashback to 7:55 PM BBT 8/16 as Vanessa gets all worked up and tells Steve she thinks she’ll be put on the Block on Monday. She doesn’t trust Steve’s assurances because he held back the same info from her last week. When Liz spots Vanessa having this freak out she briefly contemplates pulling the trigger this week. Julia and Austin agree that it’s not the best choice here since they’d then have two opponents, John and Becky, staying this week.

Interesting side comment from Austin came after Liz left the room and went downstairs to try and calm Vanessa. Austin told Julia that if he was HoH this week then he’d go ahead and BD Vanessa himself. Consider he has a great deal of influence on Liz and could make that happen but has in fact guided her in the opposite direction is curious to me.

It’s almost like Austin wants to be the one to get her out himself. We know he hasn’t forgiven Vanessa for that near miss BD early in the season and this could be a slow boil plan, but the clock is ticking and opportunities are fleeting in the Big Brother house.

We’ll watch out for the official results later this afternoon for this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony spoilers, but for now we should expect Liz to pass on using the Veto and this week’s final noms to remain as Becky Burgess and John McGuire.



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    • You are absolutely correct……..seems like the HGs are sheep and lemmings. James and Becky have been the only HOHs attempting a major move, then the sheep/lemmings didn’t follow through. For me this season has been far too boring and predictable.

      • Predictable? Seems they have deviated from the original plan on every Eviction. Becky’s BD plan of Vanessa WOULD have been the biggest except for James screwing it up.

      • G-man, exactly….that would have been the BIG move and I would have loved it….but it was predictable that it wasn’t going to happen. I hope JMAC wins the next HoH.

    • Yup, Everyone is basically to scared/controlled by Venessa to actually get her out. Throw in they don’t want to be her target if she were to re-enter the hosue, no one will be going after her for a few weeks, she’s basically guaranteed final 6/7 at this point.

    • I don’t see how it’s a waste…. Liz can get rid of someone on the opposite side of the house, all while keeping the biggest current target alive for the next HOH.

      Seems like she is following the perfect plan this week for her own personal game.

      • I don’t disagree with you in that this would be a wasted HOH, however one this: If you were a houseguest, would you want to be known for the person who won an HOH, a POV, but never got much blood on their hands while riding the cotails of your showmance to the finals OR the person who made a big move and got out that big player (i.e: Vanessa)?

        Personally, in my opinion, it would be better for Liz’s game (not Austins or Julia’s) to get Vanessa evicted rather than Becky or JMac. Also only one person comes back from the jury and if Vanessa gets out now, its Shelli and Vanessa in the jury, not Shelli and Vanessa back in the house if Shelli wins her way back in the house. You got to play the odds.

      • At this point though, the numbers are still very important… In my opinion it’s too early to start picking off your ‘allies’ when the numbers are close to 50/50.

      • The simple answer is, Vanessa isn’t an allie, the house doesn’t trust her, let along Liz. You keep the HGs you can work with and even JMac and Becky are better than Vanessa (at least to me).

      • I think you’re confusing Liz doing what you would enjoy seeing more with what is better for her game. She’s not playing for your or my enjoyment, she’s playing to win the money.
        Vanessa is absolutely better to keep in the house for Liz. It gives them a number, which I don’t see how you can say anything other than that because they have been on the same side for the most part the entire season.

        It also keeps alive the main target for the other side of the house, where if Van was to be gone this week, I expect that Liz would be their main target due to her ties with Austin & Julia.
        I don’t know that you trust Vanessa, because she could go either way… But you know for certainty that the other side will be coming for you if Vanessa is gone.

      • Nope. I didn’t write it for my entertainment. Wow what a terrible jump that was. Beyond that, the only part of your entire comment that works would be keeping Vanessa for a target for the other side. That makes sense. But it the rest, nope.

      • I myself would rather be the one who got her out she is just 1 jury vote if Liz does get her out and goes to the end she would have all but 1 vote. IMO

  1. ‘Austin told Julia that if he was HoH this week then he’d go ahead and BD Vanessa himself.’ So Is Austin just saying that cuz he isn’t HoH and wants to sound like he’d be all big and heroic, but you know, ‘IF’ he was HoH lol. Or does he see it a game move and if he were the one to finally get Vanessa out that could be his signature move he could say to the Jurors if he were in the final 2?

    • It’s an interesting dilemma. He may be worried about her winning HoH next week and doing something crazy, but then he says while it’d be tough to be the one to get her out that the Jury would respect him for it. We’ll have to see what happens.

      • Ya she’s unpredictable, but ‘still a number for them’, at least so it seems at the moment. I think it’d be a good game move for whoever could get her out, but at the same time they don’t want her to have a second chance and come back and target them. But what’s a better option, get her out now and maybe she comes back and then targets you, or never getting her out and her still coming after you later? Guess it depends if you think she will ever target you, which she will lol.

      • Odds are not good she’ll return. Usually involves some physicality for the buyback. Most likely Shelli will win her way back in if anyone does. Do they really want Shelli returning while Vanessa is still there? For all they know, Vanessa will work with Shelli to target them. I know they can count to “3”. But could be Jackie returning. Like you said, even if Vanessa does – she will be the #1 target by everyone to hurry and send her back out.

      • Its funny because she is only a number for them if one of them is in power. If Meg, James or Johnny win HOH, she will throw the Austwins under the bus.

      • Vanessa may try to throw the Austwins under the bus, but currently she has no influence with the other house guests.

        She has been neutralized.

      • All it takes if for her to win Veto, or convince the people voting that she is on her own in this game, but those three have each other. Its not that far fetched to think she could pull that off.

      • I’m not sure about that FLdreaming. The other houseguests REALLY don’t like Vanessa and they don’t trust her.

        If James, JMac or Meg (lol, Meg!) win HOH she is primary target number one.

      • She has a way with words when she needs to. I think we have seen her talk her way out of a couple sticky situations. I also think that the Austwins will be taking a hit by getting rid of Becky this week. There was a safety deal promised for Becky not putting them up against during her HOH. And again, Vanessa wins Veto, then the Austwins are in serious trouble.

      • This is where the Austwins are too comfortable (for my own selfish desire). I don’t want them to be that doggone comfortable that they are letting the other side win HoH next week to take out Vanessa. The other side may decide Vanessa is neutralized, as you put it, and set their sights on the Austwins.
        I want the Austwins to worry enough to TCB themselves this week. But then, I’m selfish.

      • In other words, you want Vanessa gone this week so we can see the Austwins split up next week? Because if that’s what you’re asking for, I can totally get on board with that!

      • I would like to see that. Except I actually hope that Vanessa stays this week and gets put on the block with one of the Austwins. I love it when people regret their decisions within a week of making it.
        James regretted not pulling Clay off the block and putting up Vanessa next to Shelli within days of veto ceremony.
        James and Meg regretted not voting out Vanessa right after Jackie went during double eviction.
        I would love to see the Austwins regretting their decision this week while sitting on the block next week with Vanessa or at the hands of Vanessa.

      • bbadboy, I’m not sure that Austin will throw the HOH next week. Julia definitely won’t throw it.

        I think that if Austin wins HOH he will take out Vanessa. I think he doesn’t want Liz to do it this week for two reasons. One, the Austwins really have nothing going with Becky and two, because he wants Vanessa’s head for himself.

      • I keep getting the impression that Austin really does want Liz to BD Vanessa this week. It seems to be Liz who doesn’t want to do it.

      • I hope that whoever comes back in will team up and get out the Austwin/team so that we dont have to see them eat and celebrate anymore!

    • I would be very surprised if 1. Austin won HOH and 2. Austin put up Van. I just don’t think he’s got it in him.

      • I agree, i think it was just him trying to buy goodwill with Julia, doubt he would actually do it.

    • He’s telling Liz not to bd Vanessa to protect Liz in case it goes awry and suddenly Liz is being targeted. It’s just silly lovesick chivalry and has nothing to do with gameplay or rational behavior. We men act like this all the time…..throw things away that are in our best interest in order to please a woman.

    • I think in your last sentence you’re absolutely correct. The F2 sit there and, when he’s asked why he should win, his one sentence response would be “I got Vanessa out.”

    • Yep, acting big & heroic b/c IF he truly wanted that he’d be in Liz’s ear and not just to kiss it.

      Not saying it couldn’t yet happen b/c it could, just unlikely.

  2. The twins must be sharing a brain. Liz should step up and make a move.(on her own) This is a waste. Do something! or put your sister on the block, for God sake

    • I don’t know about sharing a brain, but they share a voice. And if I don’t have to hear it again it will be too soon!

      • I am with you on that one. I found one of them to be annoying. Now having to listen to both twins, my brain wants to explode.

    • Amen!

      My wicked step-mother had a whiney voice like that, and everytime they speak I get chills. Oh No, she’s back … It must be the Zombie Apocalypse!

  3. The house has a very limited time to get rid of Vanessa because right now, even with such a low amount of houseguests and even though lately she’s been playing in them a lot, there is still a chance Vanessa won’t be picked to play in Vetos to ultimately win it giving them opportunities to backdoor. Give it 4 weeks time after the returning juror and there’ll only be 6 left in he house making it mandatory for all of them left to play. And if she does win the next HOH it’ll still be another week before they can even think of trying to evict her, and that’s assuming Austin or the twins don’t ever win it before she’s gone cause the way this week played, we all know how that will turn out.

    • Yep. You’re exactly right. They wait too long and there won’t be any of the other side to do the getting out of Vanessa. Then they will have to do it. The fewer people in the house, the better Vanessa’s chances of competing and winning HoHs and POVs.

      And they run the risk of (bear with me here) that if the other side should win HoH, that they will gun for an Austwin instead of Vanessa. Just saying…It’s possible.

    • Yup, she’s basically guranteed final 6 right now cuz no will get her out for fear she could come back and target them. If she were to go she’d ahve liekly a 25% chabce to return and target you, or if you leave her in it’s just a matter of time till she targets you anyway and never left the house lol. They are just betting she will never target them, which she will.

      • And if Shelli comes back, she may work with Vanessa and Jmac to bust up the twins and then target Vanessa using Jmac. For all they know about Vanessa, if I was them, I’d be worried about her voodoo on Shelli, especially since they were “close” before.

      • She’d have to be back to back hoh which isn’t possible. No one trusts a word she says anymore. You can’t win without a partner and she doesn’t have one anymore. Even Steve has finally abandoned ship.

    • That may be why she doesn’t win. History shows that the ones that are too aggressive generally don’t win. It’s the low key ones that win.

    • Truthfully Vanessa problem right now that she’s unaware of she only has control over Steve, she THINKS she has control or influence over Austwins but doesn’t.

  4. Wouldn’t it be better to get her out now so she goes to the jury and comes to the realization that everyone is on to her game? If she ends up being the returning player they could get her right back out the door because she’s alone and can’t play the game she has been playing. She’s fairly good at comps but if you notice everytime she loses she saus she threw it. I don’t really believe that. I think if she were to go now and comes back they’d be able to beat her in comps and shed be gone again for good. And theres always the chance shes not the one to come back and they end up getting rid of her for good now and Liz gets the feather.

    • Yes, but these players are all idiots. They are too scared of her, and don’t want to be her target if she were to return and win HoH, or lie and throw them under the bus and convinces people they should be the one going home, cuz from we all know even if they don’t like or trust Vanessa, they will for some reason still do what she wants. These people arn’t playing with logic, they are playing by fear.

    • And if they get her out now there’s a bigger chance she won’t return if the return comp is an endurance one, which it tends to be, in which case Shellie will win over her and the other jurors cause she’s an endurance powerhouse. But these people don’t think that far ahead so…

      • Plus chances are JMac or Becky may provide more competition for Vanessa in the Jury House as far as getting back in the House.

        The thing is sometimes when you WANT IT SO BAD the stress of it gets to you when competing… staying loose & sharp are the keys to winning.

  5. The comical thing about the Austwins wanting to throw HOH to Johnny next week, if he does win and then Vanessa wins Veto, one of those three will be going out the door. There is even a strong possibility that he would nominate at least one if not two of them before veto is even played.

    • True dat! He said before he’d target the Austwins. Who do they think will go up if Vanessa wins HoH next week and not HoH? Someone run the numbers for them please.

    • NO… that would be hilarious, I really would be ROFLMAO. Austwins are in control they need to BD Vanessa that would add fodder to your reasons you deserve to WIN, even just claiming you had a part in that move. Plus why throw an HOH and put your fate in someone else hands? HGs are dwindling as to who you can put up.

  6. All season I have talked about how dumb these HG are and for saying that I have had quite a lot of feedback from feeder friends, stating how great this season’s HG are and how it could have been great. I will go as far as agreeing to the later.. yes it could have been great.. but because these HG are so dumb….. and to prove my point.. Liz and her oh-so-gross guy that won’t stop touching her, are now fully informed as to how sketchy Vanessa is and Liz has the veto power to do something about this.. once again she could be b/d’ing Vanessa, only this time it would be a sure bet she would be sent to the jury.. however, it appears they would rather “not get any blood on their hands” and wait until next week so that “hopefully” Johnny Mac, who they have reassured is not going anywhere, can win HOH and do the dirty work himself. It truly is summer camp for these twins and at what point will they realize this? They have already made jury, do they really think they are going to win this thing? No matter who finishes F3, I can’t see them being one of them.. but then again I guess if it boils down to Austin or a twin winning–Austin hasn’t done ANYTHING but smother Liz the entire summer so .. oops sorry a little puke in my mouth that I had to force back down.. almost as gross as Austin and Liz are.. once again Thursday can’t come soon enough…

  7. I also don’t think anyone is really “afraid” of Vanessa at this point. Everyone is on to her game and wouldn’t believe what she says. I think the real reason Austin, Liz and Julia won’t put her up is they are still playing a numbers game. As long as they play nice with Vanessa she is still a vote on their side. If they send her packing this week and Johnny Mac, Becky, James or Meg win HOH, they are going on the block and someone will be leaving. If they keep Vanessa, she will be on the block and they are save another week, if someone does end up putting them up they still have Vanessa as a vote. They will keep Vanessa until they no longer need her vote. Austin wants her to through the HOH this time not only because he wants to be the one to get her out (which I don’t think he would follow through on) but so she can’t turn on them before they turn on her.

    • Except for Vanessa, the house is divided. If one of the Austwins gets put up, 2 of them do (by the other side). Who do they think the other side will put up against Vanessa? They can’t risk putting up Steve against her because Austwins could chicken out and vote out Steve. One of them will have to go up as a pawn/insurance against Vanessa if the other side wins HoH. And if Vanessa wins POV, then another one of them goes up in her place and we’ll have 2 Austwins OTB. The numbers won’t matter.
      If Vanessa goes up, she goes home this week for sure.
      Next week – she might not go up at all. The other side may surmise it’s in their best interest to throw up a couple of Austwins OTB to even the score. I wouldn’t play those odds right now. That’s asking alot of trust from the other side after you send home one of their players this week when you could have easily, guaranteed, teamed up on Vanessa.
      Unless there is an Austwin and one from the other side OTB at the same time, I don’t see where another number matters. I don’t expect to see that mix OTB this or next week. It’s either a pair from the other side or from the Austwins OTB next week. Next week you won’t have to “count the votes”.

      • bbadboy, you’re thinking from a perspective of getting Vanessa out as quickly as possible. That’s not in everyone’s best interest.

        For example in your scenario if Vanessa gets evicted this week, Austwins are in far greater danger of going on the block than if Vanessa stays.

        If Vanessa leaves, you have one side of the house with Becky, JMac, James and Meg. It’s very possible that two of the Austwins will be on the block if one of those four win HOH.

        If Vanessa stays, the “other side” of the house has James, JMac and Meg and all three are gunning for Vanessa. There is NO WAY that Liz should backdoor Vanessa. It make ZERO sense for the Austwins to execute a back door on Vanessa.

        In fact, if the house wasn’t so dead set against Vanessa, it would be advantageous for the Austwins to keep Vanessa next week as well.

        Remember, JMac, James and Meg are all targeting Vanessa next week. With Vanessa gone Becky, James, Meg and JMac may very well target the Austwins.

        This is a a simple and very safe play for Liz, keep the noms the same.

      • Really don’t see how more people don’t understand this.
        I guess people think that since they want Vanessa gone that it’s in everyone’s best interest that she goes.
        But as you know, that is simply not the case.

      • Makes zero sense to me to throw away your advantage at the number of votes, especially when you’d be getting rid of the top target for the other side.
        Keep your numbers leverage, and keep their main target.
        Can Vanessa win Veto next week and keep herself safe? Absolutely. But it’s not gonna matter who wins veto if the ‘Goblins’ have 2 spots on the block, and the 3 Austwins to fill it.

    • Bingo. Right now you have four to four and Steve. Next week Austin and the twits will still have Vanessa so you’ll have four to three and Steve. Hatred for Vanessa doesn’t overcome the numbers, you win the game with the numbers.

  8. If the Austwins were smart, I know that’s a big if, they would make a deal with Meg, James, and Becky to target Vanessa this week and Steve next week. Then one jury member will come back in and they all agree to take that person out. That gets them three more weeks. As I see it, if James, Meg or Johnny win HOH next week, the twins or Austin are going on the block with a plan to BD Vanessa. If Vanessa wins HOH or the plan changes, one of the three of them will be going home.

    • Agree 100%. For all the Austwins know, with Vanessa on Front Street, if the other side wins HoH, they might put up a pair of Austwins and not Vanessa. If she is a BD option (and she may not be), she could win POV and if she uses it, the 3rd Austwin goes OTB.
      Yeah, make a deal to buy this week and next week from the Austwins and even a third week. Whether anyone keeps it is on them. BB baby!

      • By them getting rid of Becky this week, they are showing the house they can’t be trusted. Up until that, they seem to have pretty good reputations in the house. I could see Vanessa using them going back on their word to Becky as a reason one of them should go over her next week.

    • That’d be a genius idea…… IF you could count on someone keeping their word.

      Not so sure I’d be that naive if I were in the house.
      As James said, you get to decide which checks you choose to honor.

  9. Vanessa is on the verge of a mental breakdown…. I truly don’t think she can handle this much pressure all the time.

    • She hasn’t turned to the camera and said, “50% acting”, has she?
      Vanessa may be the only one who can beat Vanessa. Her flip out may get her BD’d this week if she shakes up Liz just before ceremony. If she doesn’t, whatever you think about her, she’ll live to fight another day.

    • Seems like it, doesn’t it. She was safe this week or should be and yet she as PARANOID as ever. Seems she could have relaxed and just kept her ears open & just been on-guard. She’s wearing down mentally and can’t seem to turn it off, she’s going W H A C K O ! ! !

      Look for a meltdown, it’s coming soon.

  10. The only thing that would save this season from being the worst ever is if John stays…wins HOH and boots Vanessa right out the door.

    • Johnny or James has to win this next HOH. I would include Meg, but that’s not likely to happen. If Austin, Julia, Steve or Vanessa wins, its going to be another boring week.

    • Totally disagree that this is the worst season ever!
      Hell, you never know until the last minute what is going to happen, these people are all over the place. It’s Great! LOL

  11. Everyone is on to Vanessa’s game. But if I am not mistaken, isn’t this the second time that everyone is on to Vanessa’s game?

    • Yes. She is very good of making someone else the target. I won’t be surprised if she does that to the Austwins or Steve next week. She could use Steve getting Jackie out as a shield against Meg and James. She could use Liz getting Becky out after making a deal to keep her safe to shield herself against Johnny. Who knows if it will work, but it just might.

    • Not her Alliance, did you see the part where Becky fills in the Austwins in the HOH room? Didn’t appear any of them were acting, they seemed shocked. It’s a NUMBERS thing, until they have the number w/o V they’ll keep V… she suspects it or knows something’s fishy.

  12. I think that maybe they should single HOH to begin with and then do the double HOH’s later in the show, maybe starting week 4, by that time folks have gotten to know personalities better and MAYBE the exciting ones would be left INSTEAD of getting out people that would make it interesting ???and maybe alliances would last longer and not so many flip flops/floaters ???

    • If they don’t want to get rid of BOTB all together, I would like to see it more randomly. Each week no one knows if there will be one HOH or two.

  13. Has anyone else notice how proficient Vanessa is at, at asking clarifying questions when she interrogates the other HG’s .. Noticed that, in particular when she was talking to JMac … Using phrases like … “How did you .. ?”, “How can I help you … ” , “.. did you mean, that …?”, “… I am sorry that you feel that way .. ” , etc ??
    In previous instances with other HG’s, eventually the person may had (in)directly agreed or at least confirmed with Vanessa that her allegations were somewhat correct, while JMac never did, and literally responding to her with the same question back at her .. Ha !!

    Basic psychology 101 and/or if you have ever had a session or two with a Pyschotherapist and/or an interview with Law Enforcement (at least from watching all the NCIS, CSI, etc type tv shows/movies) ???
    In the past, the other HG’s would respond to her level of aggression, while JMac last night’s episode just bit his tongue as he appeared to thrust his side of his head into the pillow … which, resulted in infuriating Vanessa, as she stormed out to the HOH Room to throw him under the bus as being an evil, and dangerous person with anger issues … Ha !!!

    • Ya that encounter was strange. She started out by saying something like ‘Do you want to know how I think you can improve your game’, how can he do that Venessa, by announcing his undying support and loyalty to you? Then she got mad and was about to cry when he said he dosn’t like it when she gets mad and cries lol. Then she immediatly runs to the HoH room and starts telling the Austwins stuff, and calls it suspicious when he comes up to talk to them, but she thought it was totally fine that she just did it. She’s so dilousional in this game. I honestly want to know if she beleives her own lies.

      • I hope (at least), JMac is smart enough to cringe when Vanessa asks him a question like “‘Do you want to know how I think you can improve your game?” My instant reaction was “why in Heaven’s name would Vanessa want to help me improve my game? What’s in it for her???”

      • Ya exactly, why in the world would someone you aren’t alligned with tell you how to impriove your game? Then she gets upset when he’s basically telling her how to improve hers(stop crying, getting mad, and bullying people, although that’s her game and it’s working so w/e). I just cant get over the fact of how delousional she is, how she thinks everyone owes her, she hasn’t wronged anyone, getting rid of her would be the worst thing for EVERYONES game. It just blows my mind.

      • Well, if you recall, that’s how Derrick played the game last Season .. using reverse psychology .. Though, with his Law Enforcement Training, he was a wee bit more subtle about it .. Ha !!!
        Derrick was able to deflect the other HG’s who had valid cause/evidence that he was guilty, but, after turning things around, he actually got them to apologize to him for even thinking that he may have done them wrong … Ha !!!
        Vanessa, on the other hand … is playing to win at All Costs … making it personal, perhaps, but, so far she has survived well, having not been nominated despite the other HG’s awareness of her …
        Would you rather have her sitting beside you at F2 or a floater like Meg ? Wonder how the Jury would vote ??

      • Her deception technique is fascinating to watch sometimes, but she met her match. JMac was not buying her bull s**t..Jmac following her in HoH rm. was great…” Girl! I know what you’re up to”

      • I wish they’d showed more of what I read about him interrupting her talking to Steve by walking into the room and smiling big and saying, “Hi, Vanessa – How is it going?” etc – Just overblown jovial interaction with her. I would like to have seen him doing that to her and her flat footed.

      • That was the topic from RHAP last night. They left a big chunk of Jmac/Van convo. Her claim “she hasn’t done it, when she has” ..The edit will make her look like a fool.

      • I loved how she was like ‘OMG did you see that, we just talked and he came up here, that’s so sketchy’ You mean… Excactly what you just did Vanessa? She is so delousional she can’t see the simpleset things she is doing, just accusing everyone else of lieing and manipulation.

      • I agree, I wish when V asked if she could have a few minutes, he had said “no, not if I need to defend myself”, then looking at Austwins say “I’m guessing she’s discussing our convo downstairs so I’d like to be here to tell my side of the story, is that okay with you guys?”.

        Of course being on the outside makes that an easy call… but he should have taken a chance that’s what was going on… I think he said ‘something’s fishy’ so he suspected it. Sometimes you have to follow your instincts.

      • Vanessa studied game theory. She is def using a psychological approach. She also recognized that JMac was not going to be

      • Oops. Apologies. It hit send my mistake. What I meant to say was that Vanessa realized that JMac was not going to be malleable and she was not going to be able to work him, so best to dodge and run.

      • She doesn’t give up easily.

        Btw, once you hit ‘post’ can’t you still edit, I can.

  14. Although Vanessa’s potential of winning BB has come down, I don’t think she’ll be evicted, even next week. She already feels that her relationship with the twins are drifting away, I won’t be surprised if she takes the first shot on the Austwins, given a chance. She’s on the edge all the time and not fun to watch, but understands the game…also I want the Austwins to be annihilated.

    • The HGs don’t realize that whatever Vanessa is worrying about potentially happening is exactly what they should do. If she’s worrying about becoming the renom, Liz should BD her. She’s pretty much already used up many of her excuses and whines from last week, so maybe this week it would work.

      • If Austin wasn’t in her ear, I wonder if she would have the guts to renom Vanessa.

    • Ya I’d love for an Austwin to go home next week at the hands of some shaddy sh*t from Venessa, just like Jackie went home after not voting out Vanessa lol.

      • Yeah, can you picture him walking out of the House for Finale with an audience & he’s dressed like a WRESTLER (no shirt) and talking like Hulk Hogan.

      • That would be sweet!!! But she’d need to get some numbers from somewhere or at least think she had some numbers.

    • I completely agree. Once the Veto is not use, I expect Vanessa to start talking to others about how strong Austin and the twins have become as a team. And its true! As much as I want Vanessa to go out the door next week, the fact is, the game will be over if the twins and Austin are not broken up pretty soon.

  15. Now that the house is all on to Vanessa, whoever gets her out becomes an instant hero and has a very good chance of winning this game. Unlike Clay, Austin thinks of only himself first, and wants that honor for himself, instead of giving it over to the woman he says he’s falling in love with. If Liz would BD Vanessa, this season would be hers to lose. Seems Austin is the only other HG who realizes that. However … a bird in the hand … Liz is HoH, not Austin. If Austin doesn’t become the next HoH, his rationale becomes a moot point. At that point, he can go down the tubes and take Liz with him.

    • Ya I asked that question up top, seems like he realizes whoever takes her out can use that as there big reasoning why they should win if they make it to the final 2. However waiting for it to you(Austin) puts himself and others at risk of being a casualty before(or if) anyone can get her out.

    • It is hard to say about Austin .. as it is a double-edge sword for him, as it relates to Vanessa …
      If I recall, he has a love/hate BB relationship with Vanessa, in that he promised her his BB Soul when she did not backdoor him and, as long as she is in the House, she will likely be the main target in front of her …
      On the other hand, if he is seen as the one to cause her eviction .. he would lose a vote, in the House and most likely in the Jury House, as Vanessa could/would spew a lot of lies with the rest of the Jurors with 5-6 weeks remaining in this Season …
      Having said that, by keeping Her (safety) he could/would argue that his loyalty was to his original Alliance from week 2 and had done certain things to protect his alliance, arguing that he put his game as a secondary to his alliance … ie. protecting Sixth Sense Alliance, Protecting Liz (Twins), Protecting Vanessa, etc …
      And, I suspect that if ever Austin, Vanessa and Steve would get together (if they haven’t already) to form another Trio Alliance … they would be very strong … So, yeah, Austin has positioned himself quite well in the game .. as, he no longer appears to be on the radar ??

    • Gee, now all he has to do is win an HoH.
      yes, I know he did win one, but it ended up not counting, so in my book, the guy is a big fat zero.
      Plus, I am starting an online petition for him to have to wear a shirt, at least 60% of the time!

    • I don’t see that. Austin is thinking only about Liz. If he was thinking about himself he would realize they are not taking him to F2 if they win the last HoH. I don’t think he cares.

      Every one in the house SHOULD be thinking only about themselves. This is not a team sport. One person wins. One person comes in second and everyone else loses.

      This game is no longer Big Brother. The HGs are all afraid to lie and back stab. They don’t plant rumors and sow suspicion any more. They are so concerned with their word and integrity. Who cares? That’s for real life, not BB.

      I know Vanessa is doing some of that, but she does it too much and that got her caught. There are ways to slip rumors into the house without directly saying anything to anyone. Boogie and Will were great at that. No one in this house seems willing or able to do it. That’s why the game appear more boring this year.

  16. I cannot believe that no one sees through Vanessa’s antics….SHE is the one running the house this Season and no one gets it…well, some do, but those are the ones that can’t or won’t do anything about it. I was so happy when she was on the block…thought she was going to go and then WHAM…she stays and is back at her same crap.
    They better get her out soon or she will win…. and that would SUCK!

    • She is not going to win. Right now the entire house is on to her antics and there is a good chance she goes to jury next week.

      I think the bigger problem for the house is Austin and the twins. The later it gets in the game the more likely one of them is going to win. They are getting to the point where they will control the votes and all it takes is to win veto and they can defeat everyone else.

      I expect Vanessa to mention this to the rest of the house next week if she goes on the block.

      In the meantime, the silly fools in the house are targeting each other instead of the Austwins. James is after Becky. JMac is after the goblins. Steve is after Becky or who knows.

      Of course these things change based on who is HoH but right now the house seems to be thinking only one week at a time and losing big picture.

  17. I also think Austin likes to look tough so he said it trying to be the strong guy. I don’t know that he’d have the guts to actually do that.

  18. Everyone thinks Van is runnin the house but to me she’s in pure survival mode. Her time is over at final four at best, unless she wins key comps or survives while each side (Austwins vs Goblins) takes casualties.

    I think, at the moment, the Austwins can book the win. Has anyone even contemplated taking one of them out? Not yet from what I can tell, they’re all focused on Van. The rest need to wise up. But it feels like when they do, it’ll be too late.

    • I tend to agree plus why would she be so paranoid if she’s running the House? And why be out there stirring up stuff and making enemies?

  19. Big brother needs to get its act together and put in new ppl that don’t suck !! What a waste of 500k ! Vanessa please go home already I can’t stand listening to you whine like the btch you are! At least I don’t have to see Shelly and her huge teeth anymore that’s a plus.

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