Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 8: Sunday Highlights

The hot topic in the Big Brother 17 house was – to no one’s surprise – Vanessa. Everyone, including her closest allies are onto her and are just buying time until someone else takes her out.

Hello Kitty James
Hello Kitty James – Source: CBS All Access

Vanessa is becoming aware that something is up because, as she says, everyone is treating her like a pariah. But don’t get too excited, there are no plans on backdooring her this week. Liz and Austin are too afraid she would blow up their game if they turned on her.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, August 16, 2015:

10:30 AM BBT – HGs are up and around. Vanessa and John are out back.

10:50 AM BBT – James and Meg chatting about the game and past decisions like not taking $5K and Clay quitting for Shelli.

10:55 AM BBT – HGs enjoying their cinnamon buns from Big Brother as voted on by Feedsters.

11:30 AM BBT – Becky sharing a lot of #BeckyUpdates on her past travels and adventures.

1:20 PM BBT – Vanessa chatting with Steve but getting frustrated with his lack of responses. (It’s a slow day.)

2:05 PM BBT – Austin mentions how he didn’t watch BB16 and now regrets it. (He was a finalist and didn’t make it so he refused to watch.)

2:40 PM BBT – Liz wants Austin to make sure John feels good about them and to promise John Austin’s vote. Austin says he’ll talk to him. Shortly after Liz makes a similar request to Julia.

3:10 PM BBT – Liz and Julia discussing Vanessa. They’re done with her, they say.

3:15 PM BBT – Vanessa shows up and starts complaining to the twins about Becky. Vanessa wants the twins to know they can trust her.

3:25 PM BBT – Vanessa wants to keep John next week, but says James and Meg need to go. She also admits she threw the DE HoH competition.

4:35 PM BBT – Julia is very upset about Liz letting Austin give her hickeys. She reminds Liz this is shown on TV.

5:45 PM BBT – Photobooth is open again and the HGs are enjoying it. Vanessa stays alone outside. (She might be stressing Veto ceremony.)

6:45 PM BBT – HGs playing in the pool having contests with the inflatable shark, Gronk.

7:15 PM BBT – Becky asks Liz if things are still on track. Liz assures Becky not to worry. (Becky should worry.)

7:40 PM BBT – Liz updates Austin on her talk earlier with Vanessa. They make plans for dealing with Becky and letting her know later this week. They’re keeping in mind she could return later.

7:45 PM BBT – Austin says they’ll blame everything on Vanessa. He wants to think of ways to lull Vanessa so she’ll throw next HoH comp.

7:55 PM BBT – Vanessa is freaking out to Steve that everyone is treating her like a pariah. She wants to know if she’s going to be a renom. Vanessa says she feels all alone. Steve says he tries to hang out with her. Vanessa starts complaining about Steve and how he acts around her. Basically, she’s being a jerk.

8:00 PM BBT – Liz knows Vanessa is out there talking to Steve in the backyard. She wants to go break up the talk. Julia wonders if Liz would even consider a BD of Vanessa this week. They’re not really considering it, but just discussing the idea.

8:05 PM BBT – Austin tells Julia if he were HoH this week he’d just go ahead and BD Vanessa. What??

8:10 PM BBT – Steve went to get Austin and tell him they need to calm Vanessa and pay more attention to her. They come out and join Liz with Vanessa. Everyone tells Vanessa she’s great. They like her a lot. They’re her friends. And they’re definitely not looking at ways to get rid of her. Definitely not.

8:15 PM BBT – Becky is worried. She tells Meg she’s not getting the usual assurances that everything will be okay. She asks Meg to listen out for info.

8:25 PM BBT – Liz, Juli and Austin discuss Vanessa. They say they just have to keep pretending to be her friend even though she’s “off her rocker.” Austin says if Vanessa is tired of the game she can hit the button and go home.

8:42 PM BBT – Steve tells Johnny Mac not to leave him alone with Vanessa.

9:15 PM BBT – Booze delivery. They got three cans of beer and two bottles of wine. The twins get loud and annoying over it.

10:10 PM BBT – HGs drinking and just talking about this and that. Liz asks if Jerry from Big Brother 10 is dead (no he isn’t).

11:35 PM BBT – Steve tells John he should be safe this week and it’d take a big flip to make that change. John worries the Goblins will go unchallenged now that it’s just the two of them. They wonder how Austin will handle Liz and Julia’s obvious F2 deal.

12:50 AM BBT – Austin wants to throw the HoH to JMac so he’ll BD Vanessa. Austin also promises John he’ll survive this week’s vote.

1:10 AM BBT – James and Meg think they’re playing for second place and that wouldn’t be too bad. They agree that Steve needs to go.

1:25 AM BBT – Meg doesn’t like lying to Becky about her impending doom this week. James doesn’t think it’s so bad since she didn’t tell them everything either.

1:30 AM BBT – Austin relays to John that Vanessa threw the DE HoH because she felt good about her position.

2:50 AM BBT – Austin reminds Liz they need to start faking friendly to Vanessa better so she doesn’t keep getting paranoid.

There were back and forth contemplation overnight for just getting Vanessa out this week, but it won’t happen. Noms will stay the same on Monday and Becky will likely go on to Jury unless there’s another revelation and shift of plans.

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  1. 1:10 AM BBT – James and Meg think they’re playing for second place and that wouldn’t be too bad.

    SMFH…. Play to win!! Not for second. Also they talked about not wanting to go after the twins. This is what will cost them the game. Once Vanessa goes, James is next.

    • “Once Vanessa goes, James is next.”
      You are correct, but James doesn’t see that. James’ best move it to team with Vanessa to take out Austin and Liz. But James is not too sharp, so it won’t happen.

    • You forgot: “They agree that Steve needs to go.”
      There you go, go after Steve. During that time whats left of the 6th sense will cruise to F4. These people don’t deserve to win.

      • The obvious targets to me are Liz and Vanessa. How can these people not see this? Is it really as simple as us knowing everything? Or are they really this stupid?

        I just… I can’t.

      • It seems pretty clear to me. Vanessa is the master manipulator and I don’t even know how Liz/Julia have made it this far without a week of serious concern of being evicted!

      • I don’t see JMac getting all crazy EVERY TIME he’s on the Block. Becky seems worried but not crazy being on the Block. Then look at Vanessa, her Alliance is in control and she’s CRAZY as a loon.

        Just figured it out, Vanessa’s concerned all the stuff she’s done is going to come back and bite her and I think she’s right.

      • How can it bite her if her side is too afraid to put her up and the other side is dull as dirt?

      • They don’t trust her and 3 is more than 1 (V) or 2 (V+Weirdo) last time I looked. Actually it would be 4 over 1 b/c all Austwins have to do is threaten Steve.

      • I thought James was alright as a player, but he seems to be getting more and more stupid… It was him that blew up Becky’s game by not voting Van out when they got the chance.

        And now Steve is their target? Totally hopeless! He and Meg should just hold hands and go to the jury house together…

      • Yeah, James really blew that up and if I was playing I be pissed. That beyond a doubt may turn out to be the biggest mistake of the game… what a dunce… they should make James wear that tin-foil thing he made on his head like a Dunce-Cap.

      • I like James and Meg but they are WAY to oblivious… If they are comfortable with 2nd place and taking out people who won’t impact their game, than I agree with you that James and Meg don’t deserve to win.

    • Bye James.

      It is for a reason that James is not going the direction we want him to and that is because the HG do not know what we, the viewers know.

  2. This is hilarious, Jmac told Steve that they should throw the next HOH, Now Austin is going to throw it to Jmac.

    Just watch, Vanessa is going to win the next comp and throw one of them out the door. Idiots.

    • That’s exactly what is going to happen, and you know what, as much as I like JMac, they will deserve it if they throw the comp.

    • Do you think Jmac really will throw it? I can’t imagine he really would. Maybe he’s just saying that in front of Steve? I hope!

      • He’s closest to Steve and Becky in the house. I’m pretty sure that Jmac and Steve have a legitimate F2 at this point. Pretty sure he’s serious, and he’ll probably be evicted next week if he is.

      • I don’t think John is serious. Steve… well, who knows?

        I think John has to realize he’s basically odd man out and bottom of the totem pole on both sides of the house. Even if he’s not a target, he’s a pawn. So if Steve isn’t winning HOH and Becky is gone it is in his best interest to blow up an alliance and try to find a position of power in the house.

    • Throwing HoH’s when it’s this deep into the game? SMH.
      I question when they say after the fact that they threw it. I can’t imagine this deep into the game that throwing these competitions makes a lot of sense.

      • Bare in mind, he’s ON THE BLOCK. How can the thought of throwing comps enter your mind when you know that you have at least one person that wants you out of the house?

      • Sorry… I wish a ‘reply’ would go under the previous ‘reply’… though it does show you Thanked Jake if looks like you Thanked me.

        So you’re WELCOME… just joking.

      • Well, it’s not like he hasn’t gotten off the Block in the past. I like his line the last time he won POV… “Since I’m not using the POV on myself, I chose not to use it”. Of course that’s what Steve wanted him to do and he honored that request… plus JMac thought Steve MIGHT re-nom with Becky.

      • You can’t rely on winning the POV every time, Frank Eudy and James Rhine tried that… it didn’t work.

      • Just because Austin isn’t doing what you want him to do, doesn’t mean he’s spineless.

        Austin SHOULD be a giant target, but NO ONE is talking about putting him up. He has played a very good social game.

        For Austin’s game, it would be best to keep Vanessa this week and NEXT. However, the house is beginning to push more and more for Vanessa’s eviction. Austin can’t be thought of as protecting her, so I think reluctantly, Austin will help get Vanessa out next week.

      • I hear you, but I still think he’s spineless. He recognizes Vanessa is a threat, but won’t risk winning HOH to put her up. I have yet to see him make any big move in this game and more often than not hear him expressing fear of making moves.

      • When you are WINNING, why would you rock the boat?

        Who is targeting him? Austin along with the twins are currently in the best position in the house. And with every eviction, no matter who is evicted, the three of them grow more powerful.

        Vanessa has been neutralized. Austin is using Vanessa as a shinny object to distract the other house guests from the growing threat of the Austwins.

        I know many people won’t like this comment, but currently Austin is playing the best game in the house.

      • About the time you think Vanessa is neutralized is when she’s at her deadliest… I know when you’ve cut the snake’s head off you can still get bit. BD her a$$ out of there and vote her out right away if she gets back in… that’s assuming you want to win BigBro not come in 2nd.

      • In order to be deadly in this game, you have to control votes. The only vote Vanessa controls is her own. No one trusts her and no one is going to work with her. She has been neutralized.

        Dead woman walking.

      • I hope your right… but if I was playing I wouldn’t turn my back on her, she’s always scheming. They MAY be able to surprise her but she one of those that ‘senses’ thing… she’s safe for NOW but she’s still paranoid b/c she feels something ain’t right. CRAP… and she’s right!!!

      • Well he isn’t using his BIG BRAIN, wait, maybe that is his big brain. If Austin were to push for Liz to BD Vanessa then I’d change my mind and give him props for playing smart… he’s pretty good convincing people to do things when it’s what he wants. I mean HOW THE HELL did he get Liz in a Shomance?

      • LOL G-Man!

        I think Austin would like to get Vanessa by HIS hand. Also, the longer Vanessa stays in the house, the longer the focus of the other house guests stays off him and the twins.

        Given his own preference, I think Austin would like to keep Vanessa for at least two more evictions (this one and next week).

        However, he can’t be thought of as keeping her safe, so she will most likely be targeted next week.

        Despite what may observers think, as long as Becky is evicted, this was a very good HOH for the Austwins.

        They have shored up support with the Goblins and Johnny Mac.

        At this point, even if one of the Austwins is on the block with Vanessa, can you envision a scenario in which JMac, Meg or James votes to evict anyone other than Vanessa?

      • Nope, they’d get rid of V… talk is Austin (not Austwins) might want to be the HG that gets V evicted, it might win him the game. Hell, it might win the game for whoever evicts her.

    • I agree Jake… and it would be Poetic Justice… at that point I might even start rooting for Vanessa.

  3. I think the booze deliveries are hilarious. Why not one bottle of beer and half a bottle of wine?

    • They’re already half off their rockers sober, so when alcohol comes they all go stark raving mad. And they are loud, annoying drunks. Enough for me to turn off BBAD when I see it happen.

  4. Okay James, which would you rather have to deal with? One Ian Terry (Steve) or the ENTIRE FRIENDSHIP ALLIANCE?!!! (Austwins and Van).

    This is pathetic, Vanessa is going to win by default because everyone else is just too stupid to understand basic math.

    • I think james gave up along time ago. He’s just having fun in the house
      Isn’t he the one who said that he just wanted to make it to the jury house?

      • Yep, James is thinking unlimited sandwiches, relaxation and not playing any games… especially mind-games b/c that just wears him out.

  5. James is SO annoying still holding a grudge about Becky not telling them everything back when she wasn’t even 100% on their side. I hope next week Jame’s backdoored and Becky beats his ass at the returning Jury competition. I’m done with James.

    • Yeah… James just plays way too personal of a game. That’s why Vanessa is still there. That’s why he’s getting rid of anyone on the outs with the other side who he might conceivably have a chance of working with!

    • I’ve never liked James and now I absolutely loathe him. He is waaaay too concerned with what’s being said about him and who did what to him to even bother really playing the game. When he put up Clelli it was only because he wanted revenge. It had nothing to do with actually making a “big game” move. If he really wanted to make a big game move he would’ve went after Austwins instead or went ahead with the plan to BD Vanessa. But instead he was all about revenge. Yeah he’s one of the top contenders, if not the top contender, for dumbest HG. Meg is riding his coattails for that as well.

      • Yeah it seems like James is fighting really hard… to out-dumb Meg! It is going to be a close race!

  6. They had the chance to take Vanessa out all ready they didn’t now they are panic .

    • Not panicked enough apparently with some throwing the HoH, some talking about Steve needs to go, others Let’s not BD Vanessa this week, etc. It boggles the mind. Wow.

      • If a bunch of them throw it or if whoever wins does not nom Vanessa, they may just all deserve to watch Vanessa take the whole thing. I mean, Vanessa has house guests running scared. They all know her game and yet are all still terrified to put her on the block. Maybe she does deserve to win this thing.

      • If they all do throw next HOH & Vanessa wins it, I think you’re probably right. She may not deserve to win the whole thing except by default b/c of everyone else stupidity… all except Becky, she’s the only one that had game & guts to go after Vanessa, damn that James.

      • if the non-Austins keep eating their own how do they think they are going to get them out…Vanevil is the immediate target…what about the 3 headed snake…are they going to get production to vote them out?

      • Vanessa has been neutralized. For all of the other house guests, the most dangerous entity left in the game is the Austwins.

        The problem at this point is that only one of the Austwins can be evicted in any given week. And as far as the house guests can see, the remaining two will be coming after anyone who was part of the eviction plan.

        Of course by doing NOTHING about it every single week, the other house guests inaction only make the Austwins stronger after every eviction.

        The brainless house guests should no longer be targeting Vanessa, they should be TEAMING UP with her!

        It’s in Austin’s best interest (and the twins, who I really don’t think have any plan or clue) to keep Vanessa in the house as long as possible. Vanessa is a bright shinny object that keeps the other house guest attention off the REAL threat to their games, the Austwins!

        I know most of you don’t see it, but quite honestly at this point in the game, AUSTIN is far and away playing the best game in the house.

        Vanessa may be smart enough to see what’s going on, but who is she going to be able to working with? No one trusts her!

        Right now, the Goblins are happily thinking THEY are working with the Austwins and are targeting Steve!

        Johnny Mac happily thinks HE is working with the Austwins and is targeting Vanessa.

        Vanessa is depressed and Austin immediately rushes in to try to lift her spirits and make sure she feels like part of the group. She is targeting the Goblins.

        Steve is a wildcard. I’m not sure who he would target if he won another HOH. Probably the Goblins.

        Right now the Austwins are in a great spot. Why should they rock the boat?

      • I totally agree on this, Austwins are in the best position in the house and the fact that no one sees this is astonishing. I still maintain that they should have taken out Van last week, but that’s over now, they had their chance and now there’s bigger fish to fry.

        If I’m someone like James, the target order would go as follows:

        1. Liz: You take her out, you eliminate the glue that connects Austin and Julia. Seems pretty clear-cut to me.

        2. Vanessa: Despite her being blown up, she’s the only viable competitive threat of the 3 remaining. Not to mention, if she makes it to the end, she’ll probably win.

        3. Julia: I know this might sound stupid, but think about the jury. If Austin goes, you know that Liz will grab him by the nuts and make him vote for her sister, that’s 2 automatic votes that Julia has if she makes it.

        4: Austin: Though you’re right, he’s probably playing one of the better social games in the house, he hasn’t won a competition since week 3 and even that was a game of luck, his chances of taking you out are relatively low and he doesn’t have as many guaranteed votes in jury (the twins might not even vote for him), he’s been relatively inactive and thus making his F2 speech pretty weak other than “Hey, nobody wanted to target me for like, a realllly long time.”

        Just my two cents

      • Excellent analysis…my views exactly…they should be working with Vanessa now..she has the shrewdness to get those Austwins out…like you said they are worried about her…but their real threat is the AUSTWINS!

  7. Just watching last night’s episode and I realize this comment will be a little old, perhaps, but JMac blew it when he had that convo with Vanessa about not liking when she cries and yells at people. He is right to have said it. It was all true, but man, he forced his name onto the block at that point. He should have known better, knowing how Vanessa plays.

    • I think he is setting Vanessa up at every turn. No one should be throwing an HOH at this point in the game. Vanessa is a little wacko..but..she is playing the game..pretty well..she just needs to stop making alliances being her alliance’s backs!

    • Really, think about it… Vanessa went up and told LIES about her convo w/JMac, it didn’t matter what he truly said or didn’t. He wasn’t to blame for putting himself on the Block, he didn’t ‘force’ anything.

      I wish when he walked in on V’s convo w/Austwins in HOH he would have stayed there and confronted V and acted & said everything just like in his convo with her prior but he blew his chance, though it’s not like him to be confrontational.

      • I so wish that as well. That totally would have been Vanessa’s strategy if the tables were turned.

      • If JMac had half the ‘balls’ Vanessa has he’d had a good shot of winning this thing. LOL!!!

  8. Can you just imagine what Mel goes thru on a daily basis? After seeing Vanessa manipulate everyone, I’d be running for the hills, if I were her. As for Steve, I have always thought he is somewhat mentally challenged.

      • Gotcha! Yup, I always wonder what family and friends are thinking watching their loved ones on BB. I’m sure they sometimes cringe.

      • Gosh, I would love to hear what Mel (V’s GF) has to say about Vanessa’s play at this point. Go out and search on ‘Vanessa Rousse & Mel’ to see a pic… and try to guess who the dominant one is in that relationship.

  9. The twins wouldn’t even be in the game if Vanessa & Shelli hadn’t helped them survive. Austin wanted Julia out and Vanessa protected her at the risk of almost sending Austin home…. how quickly they forget.

  10. James and Meg are being idiots. JMac is not aligned with them, Becky is aligned with them. Why not let Becky know what the plan is so she can atleast try and figure something out?
    Maybe Jackie was the brains of this operation and Steve made a good call getting her out.


    • Jackie was definitely the brains of that operation, although she was not a great player either.

      • Yeah. Jackie was the brains of that operation… and if she’s the brains, you’re obviously screwed.

  11. OK, time to say something totally controversial. The only one who is good at this game is Vanessa. Don’t get me wrong. I’m no fan of Vanessa’s, but at this point, with everyone waffling and (potentially) throwing comps to avoid nomming her, then why even draw this game out? Unless Steve is secretly a super genius player, and unless JMac stays this week and is fibbing about throwing, just hand Vanessa the money and let’s get on with our lives.

    • In agreement…I guess we’re just hoping a miracle happens and they figure out who’s going to win this game..if they don’t start causing some sh*t…they are a done…like you said…I think if you’re going to go out…do it with a bang…at least you will be remember for something!

      • I really don’t want JMac to go out, but I also feel if anyone is going out with a bang, it will be him.

      • I think JMac or Becky might have a good chance to get back in the House over Vanessa if it comes down to that. With our luck it’ll be Jackie though. CRAP!!!

    • What about Becky? She’s smart and a lot calmer… she handles Vanessa better than anyone and had it not been for James’ paranoia about Shelli, Vanessa would have got the BD courtesy of Becky, that was a good plan. And JMac’s not bad either and much more funny to follow than Vanessa.

      I wouldn’t hand over the money to Vanessa quite yet… we haven’t had an Eviction go as ORIGINALLY PLANNED yet… Vanessa’s paranoia may get her on the Block yet, maybe not this week but next depending on new HOH.

    • Austin is also good at the game and Steve may be a super genius player though I doubt it but he is also a good player. James is good but not on their level.Becky is only good at staring down trains and being a hippie Liz, Julia and Meg not very good.JMac is good at getting people to like him but not much of a BB game player.

      Vanessa is more of a boss than a bully. She means no harm and takes no pleasure in others discomfort. She’s thinks she’s right about everything so everyone should just do what she says. She also has a bit of entitlement which is understandable since when is the last time she had any relationship with people with a middle class or lower class economic background? She’s socially awkward but not in the same way as Steve. She’s used to running errands in her Lamborghini and stopping for gas and having to give out autographs (in Las Vegas)

      I think she’s brilliant and I like her a lot

    • Totally agree,she is a flawed person but that makes her even more human as she engages in face to face combats on this show,like someone who is fearless,win or lose go down swinging. James will go down because he can’t find his way out of the kitchen long enough to actually play the game like a real contestant.

  12. Someone needs to say to Liz that if she gets to the final 2, if she takes out Vanessa now, she’ll win jury because she took out the best player in the game, the one who had her hand in everything. Liz would be their hero. If Vanessa stays another week or two for any reason, i think she’ll win big brother.

    • They need to bd Vanessa now, otherwise they are just handing her the $. She will win because she played the best game by manipulating everyone though I don’t like her and the way she has treated people. The problem is no one wants to get blood on their hands and hopes that someone else will do the dirty work.

      • They don’t want to evict her prior to re-entry to the game to ensure she doesn’t come back

      • I agree with that but they need to take the risk in my opinion, they still would have the numbers on her and hopefully they just vote her out again… but what a bad week she’d make for them with all the yelling & bullying.

      • I just don’t think that’s a good reason. There’s no guarantee she’d come back into the house. You have to get strong players out when the opportunity presents itself.

      • We know this but their fear is ruling them. Not sure how I would act if I was surrounded by a bunch of ___________ (you fill in the blank)!

      • Hard not to agree with you… her mistake is probably trying to make a secret alliance with everyone in the House, well almost everyone. You can not cover all your bases doing that, people talk and that’s why she having to deny/lie, deny/lie, deny/lie… “I didn’t say that…” and she gotten really bad making stuff up, look at her description of her talk with JMac that she gave to Austwins in the HOH room, the one where JMac followed her up there. She’s saying JMac was raging at her and had blood in his eyes… oh man he’s nuts. So far from the truth it’s ridiculous.

    • I agree with the Liz part but I tend to think Vanessa will self-destruct before it’s over… even with JMac/Becky on the Block and her Alliance in control she’s thinks “THEY are out to get me”, just super-paranoid. She may go from the BigBro-House, skip the Jury-House, go directly to the Nut-House do not collect $200.

      • It’s funny but she truly has a 6th Sense… maybe it comes for playing Poker… and she’s good at tells, that one time she told James “you’re lying to me, you’re giving it away that you’re lying”… notice if he doesn’t wear sunglasses more often. LOL… especially when talking to V.

    • Agree,if she survives for another 2 weeks she will run the table on BB,not a doubt in my mind,she looks pretty safe this week but the week following will be her next big test-she dodged DE so no one should count her out just yet.

    • Someone like Becky needs to let a rumor loose to Vanessa that the whole house including the Austwins is out to get her out. Vanessa will surely go nuts and give the Austwins reason to BD her this week. But Becky needs to hurry because the veto ceremony is coming up soon.

      • Her crying is an act. Remember when she cried week 1? That was to get sympathy so she wasn’t evicted the first two weeks. Now she is crying again how she misses Mel because she senses everyone is on to her BS. She’s lucky everyone in this house is so stupid or she would have been gone a long time ago.

  13. They need to get rid of Liz to break up that power group. Julia doesn’t like Austin and when Liz goes so does his will in the game. This season’s cast is the worst group.

  14. James makes the game too personal… So Shelli and Clay took out his ally Jason, he put them up for revenge. Shelli took back Clay’s shirt, he put her up and voted her out. Again for revenge. Now he makes Steve his no1 target to avenge Jackie… He has no consideration as to how these moves will affect him and his allies moving forward… Van is still there, his alliance is being picked off one by one, and he totally blew up Becky’s games and she’s going to the jury house this week.

    James is emerging as the worst player this season in terms of game strategy! At least Meg knows she sucks and doesn’t care and just wants to have fun.

    • I agree. He is not thinking game. The move to evict Shelli over Vanessa was a disaster. She took Clay’s shirt from him and he overreacted. He thinks he can trust Austwins because they treat him well, but he ignore that as a 3some in the game they are going to win if no one takes them down.

      James is also very impressionable. Someone says something to him and he changes his entire game. Vanessa told him about the generals and he completely turned on Becky – even though Becky is better for his game than Austwins and Vanessa. And, why does he believe everything Vanessa tells him anyway? Sure Becky lied about the Generals, but Vanessa shook his hand and promised to back door Austin. She broke her word and never even told James she was going to do it!

      I like James for his personality, but his game play is horrible.

    • James putting Clelli up, although it might have been personal, was a smart move. Breaking up a showmanship is good game. As far as voting Shell out over V? I don’t think it was personal, she was pretty forward about the fact that James was her target. She could have humbled herself and given him a week of safety and Van would be gone. She was wanting revenge for Clay. Although Meg has not won any competitions, I don’t think that calling her dumb or useless is fair. She has been with James since week one, that’s loyalty, and she did finish 2nd in the comic book comp. I hope that James does win next HOH, because he could put the nail in Van’s coffin and he would have the 2 biggest HOH’s this season. Imo

    • Can you imagine if Meg is F2? Rachel Reily will hav a heart attack. And I would be there right beside her. I am rooting for Van and if Sheli comes back, they work together and they are F2

  15. Have to agree with JasonTran below,James is stumbling around in the dark and not even sure if he won HOH this week would really matter,just doesn’t understand the game very well,more serious about eating than anything else. Meg is this year’s Victoria but unlike her she does not have a powerful protector like Derrick,Meg is more or less taking up space and James is not a dot behind her, To be a real force on this show you need a strategy and that side of the house doesn’t even know how to spell the word. Liked Jason but he had no real plan except performing for the camera,fun no doubt but not a game plan,better suited for “The Real World” on mtv or something,just not here. And Becky took a shot at a big target and missed,fatal for her game,now she is the target..they have no plan or real clues about this game,putting on lipstick and eating pizza only gets you to the jury house,not the final two standing.

    • Becky should have gone to the Austwins with the entire story about Vanessa last week. I think Austin was already on the fence about Vanessa but the twins weren’t perhaps if they had known what Becky knows they would have changed their minds and Vanessa would have gone out the door instead of Shelli.

      I believe had Vanessa been evicted Steve would have thrown the HoH and Jackie would still be in the house. The Goblins are bad players and I have no idea why Vanessa fears them.

      • Totally agree,the worst players..they can’t put one collective thought together between them..all they really know how to do is walk around in a daze and cry in the bathroom on each eviction night.

  16. Zack was my favorite last summer,he was the “show” for me but was glad Derrick won,he truly deserved the win and money..have no favorite this season but as this wears on beginning to pull for Vanessa for the title,base that on two simple facts,has by far been the most interesting contestant period,love or hate her one can’t take their eyes off her when she is in the picture,her mere presence commands attention and also due to the fact Vanessa has been the most proactive player of this house,good or bad at least her approach has not been lazy like most of the others,the “others” sit around in the rooms waiting for someone to come by and tell them what is going on in the house instead of making the effort themselves.

    • Agree On the feeds l generally will watch her be by herself thinking rather that watching the others drone on about nothing. Listening to Liz talk game makes my ears bleeeduh

      • Totally agree,even when she sleeps is more interesting than anything else the others are doing which amounts to very little,never seen so many boring people in one place.

    • If Vanessa went to law school and she’s like any of the attorneys I worked for, she thinks she’s in a house of morons and has to do all the work. She sees them as inferior and she’s exhibited a superiority complex.

  17. What are these people thinking??? Just back door Vanessa’s happy a$$ and get it over with!!!

  18. BB17….should go on record as the dumbest ever, most boring HGs ever, nastiest player ever in Vanessa. Most crazy about alcohol, the screaming has got to stop, most potty mouth…did I leave anything out?

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