Big Brother 17 Week 2 Veto Plans: Renom-O-Rama – Update

The Veto Ceremony is coming up on Big Brother 17 and the reigning Head of Household is facing an unfavorable situation. It’s renom time and that means someone isn’t going to be happy.

Meg Maley awaits the HoH's decision
Meg Maley awaits the HoH’s decision – Source: CBS All Access

As soon as the Veto competition was over the HoH was scrambling to prepare for the possibility of a similarly rushed ceremony. (Missed the results? Find out who won the Power of Veto.) Now that we’ve had a few days things have continued to shift and shuffle.

Despite Shelli’s request, John is going to use the Veto, and that means we’re going to need a renom. Her first plan was to put up Meg, but Meg had a better idea: no thanks. So then it was on to Liz who went along with it. Well, so much for that.

Austin lobbied Shelli to reconsider and she is now wavering back to her original plan of Meg, but she hasn’t told Meg that news. This morning Jason and Meg discussed the possibility and Jason warned her that she was his prediction for the renom.

Meg thinks she’s safe though and expects “someone like a Jackie.” I guess she means a non-factor kind of Houseguest. Shelli won’t put up Jackie or Becky though “because.” So now we’ll have to wait and see where Shelli settles.

This morning Liz and Austin talked about what deals she could offer Shelli & Clay to keep her off the block. Vanessa joined them and they are considering saying safety for Chelli until Jury if they keep Liz off the Block. Now that’s a better idea than offering another ridiculous alliance. Temp safety deal. Smart.

The Power of Veto meeting will either be Sunday and follow the usual routine of two days after Veto comp, or it’ll be on Monday and follow the regular season schedule of events. No word yet and the Houseguests haven’t mentioned any heads up from the Diary Room.

Update: Da’Vonne approached Shelli for a long talk in the Lounge. Flashback to 1:25PM BBT to listen in. Day promises Shelli she’s not coming after Clay or her. She asks her to please put Audrey up against her and let them battle it out.

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    • I would love Jeff to go up. That would be a win, win for me because I wouldn’t care who goes.

    • Does even Jackie know who Jeff is really loyal to???
      I’m almost hoping Audrey can persuade Shelli to turn on Jeff. Too bad nobody can believe a word A. says anymore.

  1. So Shelli has waivered between putting up 3 girls in the house Clay might find attractive: Meg, Jackie and Liz. I guess it’s a good thing Becky won HOH and they established a relationship otherwise she would have been considered as a nominee too.

      • not with these two…..not crazy about her…actually I am not crazy about him either. Hot but ….that’s it. I like James and Jason, and the Liz’s.

      • By reading these comments It’s surprising to find Clay still at the top of the popularity polls – so I’m apparently not the only one who finds him HOT!!! Now, if he would just listen to Shelli more and be a little less domineering…

      • In a way I can see your point. Clay just can not stop telling confidential information to anyone in the house that will listen and seems to be playing the BB game a little too fast and furious at times. Of course if he didn’t do this then a lot of people would complain that he’s just a worthless floater. Clay just can’t seem to win it would seem.
        But Clay definitely has Shelli’s back and she has his so I can see their reluctance to part ways when there doesn’t seem to be anyone else that would be as trustworthy. Since they’re both southern I find them so much easier to read so I would hate to see them go.

    • She hasn’t even considered Jackie. Others have mentioned Jackie and she said no she wasn’t putting up her or Becky. I wish she would blindside Jeff. Now that would cause drama. Lol

    • Wow, I hadnt looked at it that way. Good point. Maybe Shelli thought that Clay was secretly crushing on Day, too. :-)

  2. She needs to put up Meg..let that 5AM alliance (if they truly exist) decide between Day and Meg. If I were Shelli, I would keep L/J in my back pocket for now. But, I have a funny feeling she is going to go with L/J. I want Jeff to go very soon..he is a controlling slithering snake in that house..can’t stand him! I didn’t like him on TAR, either.

  3. (Matts Update)..Dayday asked Shelli to put Audrey up and let them battle it out….why the hell not?!

      • I know, most people would like to see that. But I don’t see how this is good for Shelli.

      • I agree I think its Shelli’s HOH so she has to do whats best for her and not best for us as an audience. Get out who you want out or your HOH was wasted.

      • Exactly. Audrey is not coming after Shelli. And as long as Audrey is in the house, there is somebody that the house want out before her.

      • I like that Shelli is thinking smart and strategic and looking out for herself. I don’t need a group consensus from an alliance.

      • This could backfire on Shay, but not likely. By the times Aud is gone, so much water will have passed under the bridge, avenging Day will be the least factor.

      • You’re right it’s not because #1 Audrey is not after Shelli so why give her a reason and #2 Da will stay and Audrey will go. Not good for Shelli. Regardless of what Da is telling Shelli she wants her gone. She’s just blowing smoke to save herself.

      • Absolutely. I wouldn’t trust Da for a second. Shelli’s put Da on the block, which was a pretty brazen move to start with, IMO. I’d have definitely gone for a back door with someone like her. But now that she’s put Da on the block, mama Da won’t forget that. Gotta make sure she goes!

      • No!..They battle and then she wins. She wins the call from Kathy, she wins, HOH, she wins

      • Even a date with David! But I think if she’s up she will go and then Da will go after Shelli.

  4. Everyone feels like Liz and Austin and Clay and Shelli are so great. Liz quickly forgot that it was Da who kept her from being put on the first week. Cooked slop for them when they were sniveling and whining. Also everyone doesn’t see how quickly Austin dropped Jace didn’t even try to campaign for him at all. But everyone only sees how upsetting Da is , people are so weird..

  5. Shelli to Da’Vonne, who happens to be on the Block headed for eviction: “Being HoH is hard.”

    I’m hoping Shelli, Clay, and Audrey are the next three evictions in no particular order.

    • I’m with you 100%! Shelli and Clay won’t last. They’ve already made themselves targets by being the “couple” in the house.

    • I don’t agree. I have absolutely loved Da since her pre season interviews and I thought she was someone who could go far in this game… which is why I respect Shelli and Clay’s decision. Davonne is gunning for them sooner rather than later, and if Davonne stays this week, she can potentially go far in this game because she is a very smart player. So shelli has no reason not to target Da

  6. Wow what an idea, offer safety instead of an alliance, I mean only took them 2 weeks to realize safety is what people want generally speaking.

    • Haha exactly no one is interested in a five minute alliance. It’s being safe off the block that brings interest to people

    • But nobody believes anything. You could offer safety and turn around and get HOH and backdoor the person you promised safety to. This season sure is a guessing game with five million alliances and everyone throwing everyone under the bus. I can’t remember a season ever bring played like this one. I don’t care who gets HOH it’s a guessing game who they will put up. Usually we as viewers have an idea. Lol

      • Thats true and they have reason to doubt. Remember that 1 year, I forget the guys name, but he let a girl win the HOH competition and she said he was safe if he did it but she nominated him and he left I believe. I always think of that when promises are made. I sort of like that this season is a guessing game and different.

      • Are you talking about when Janelle won POV in all stars and Dr. Will thought he was safe and she evicted him? I’ve watched all the seasons a few times and that’s all that I can think of.

      • No they were in a cage of some kind as I recall and the guy was of middle eastern decent if I recall right. Ugh this is going to bother me until I can remember.

      • Oh yea that was Kasar. He got to get back in the game and she promised him safety and backdoored him. That was the season Maggie won. They came in as duos.

  7. I understand that I guess, but if he wasn’t loyal to him who is he going to be loyal to ever?

  8. I think Shelli should put Meg up because it would make Day

    work harder to stay in the game. Audrey is a bigger target than Day is and Day knows it which is why she wants Shelli to put Audrey up next to her. Shelli I think is doing the right thing in keeping a huge target in the house at this point because Shelli became a target the minute she won HOH. I have always said HOH is both a curse and reward.

    • It doesn’t matter who she puts up against Da, if it isn’t Audrey she will have done ruined her game and put a big old target not only on her back but Clay’s as well. So far, the only one’s who really want Da out are Audrey, Clay and Shelli. The rest would like to see Audrey gone but she has to play the game her way and what is best for her right now. Just a shame, no matter what she does it will come back to bite her either way.

  9. Shelli will be dumped as soon as Clay .Austin and Jeff don’t need her just watch

    • Clay is smitten with her. I think he has her back until the end. And hopefully Jeff will be going soon.

    • Don’t think so. Shelli is making her own moves. She’s a very smart player.

      • Shelli and Clay both play with their emotions, Clay wants Day out because he is threatened by her after their confrontation. Clay is a big baby, and Shelli will do whatever he wants. lol

      • Not according to the feeds I watch. Da has told numerous people she wants Shelli gone. Shelli is making a smart move by trying to get Da out. Everyone keeps telling her to put Audrey up but she’s not listening. Why? Because she’s playing her game not the rest of the houses game.

      • I watch the feeds also Lavendargirl. Shelli isn’t as smart as you think she is…why would you go against the house’s wishes for Audrey to go on the block? If she had done that she would have been the hero of the house with no enemies. She is putting a target on her back this week with her decision…not a smart game move considering the opposing choice she could have made. She is following CBS’s wishes, and she gets to help out her BF in Clay in the process, lol. Why do you think Becky was dethroned this week??? Becky wanted Audrey out! lol Shelli is playing CBS’s game by not getting Audrey out this week, and it will cost her in the long run.

      • Audrey is not coming after Shelli. And as long as Audrey is in the house, there is somebody that the house want out before Shelli.

      • But my point is, Clay and Shelli both don’t trust Audrey either! They trust her so little that they aren’t even talking game with her any longer. lol Point is, they are going to get rid of Audrey, so why not go with the house’s wishes and earn no enemies than to risk putting up someone in their own original alliance and ticking off half the house at this point. Clay is only using Shelli to get rid of someone he was threatened by and he will drop Shelli when it is no longer smart for his game, which will be soon. lol Shelli isn’t playing a smart game imo. Each to their own opinions! lol

      • Well I’ve been watching BB since season one and I guess you don’t understand good game play. A good HOH does what’s best for their game not the HOUSES game! Da is after Shelli so why wouldn’t she get her out. Yep real smart move she puts Audrey up to please the house, Audrey goes and Da wins HOH and puts Shelli up. Yep that’s a real smart move.

      • I’ve also been watching since Season 1 also Lavendargirl. Day originally didn’t want Shelli out, or Clay for that matter…they were all in the same original alliance, lol. Day only stated that after the confrontation that she and Clay had. Jeff was in at the beginning of that confrontation as well, but he and Day cleared the air, and Jeff asked Clay to do the same with Day, and he tried but Day didn’t trust Clay, but they all still worked together to get Jace out. Hence they were all on the same side. lol So why take someone out of your alliance so early? Not a smart game move. Going against the wishes of the house, when so many people are still in the house makes you more enemies…not a smart game move!
        I do understand good game play when I see it! Playing with your emotions ISN”T good game play. Going along with what CBS wants isn’t good for your own game. That is just what Shelli is doing…it is going to earn her more enemies, when she could have had none if she had put Audrey up!

      • Graple, I agree with most everything you said(I don’t know about the CBS thing just yet) and I made the same points yesterday, just not as well as you have. I think there is a time to vote with the house and a time to do your own thing. I think it would be as funny as all get up if Audrey is the very one that causes the demise of Shelli. Who knows what Audrey will do at any given moment? I now hope Shelli goes before Audrey.LOL Strategy is just that and none of us think alike all the time.

      • Too late. Now you can watch Daytona. It’s rain delayed and should start around 10H00 PM

      • Watching tonight’s episode Da’ was the first to become disenchanted with Shelli, due to Clay entering the picture. Since Da’ and Shelli were in an alliance at the time that would make Da’ responsible for breaking her word to Shelli first. Da’ will still continue to come after S. so I think Shelli is making the smartest move for her game by removing an enemy while she has the chance. Too bad things didn’t work out with their alliance.

      • Exactly! Why don’t some people see that? You don’t keep someone in the house that’s after you if you have the chance to get rid of them. I could just see her keeping Da then next week she wins HOH and goes after Shelli and Shelli is talking to Julie next week. You know what the first question Julie would ask? Shelli why didn’t you get rid of Da when you had the chance.

      • Thanks L. and that is exactly what tonight’s episode showed us. The minute Shelli had Clay Da’ wanted her gone. Meanwhile I guess it’s ok for Da’ to have Jason???
        I wish you would go over to the ew dot com, BB recap that just went up and look at all those ridiculous comments about what a great player Da’ is and that Shelli is stupid for not doing what the house wants.
        I would love for you to give them a dose of reality if you have the time.

      • Oooooh I’ll have to think about that. Sometimes I get too fired up when I’m debating someone and I don’t want to get into an argument. Lol but I might go check it out.

      • CBS is not telling her what to do. And “The House” doesn’t win the game one person does. And I thought you watched the feeds? If you did you would know that after the confrontation between Clay and Da they kicked Clay out of the alliance and brought Jeff in. Jeff wasn’t even in the alliance. And how are they taking someone out of their alliance when there is no alliance anymore. There’s been 20 different alliance since then. Shelli is playing smart.

  10. I just don’t see how the Kathy Griffin twist is going to change anything with the votes this week, since they are still in the “vote with what the HOH wants” mode. Doesn’t make any sense at this point, later in the season it might would but now? I just don’t get it. lol

    • Yep it probably won’t be a big deal this early. Good idea having it later in the season. It probably would have a bigger impact.

  11. Look like the BB God will be good to me tonight. I thought I would have to watch the show tonight at a late time because of the Nascar race at Daytona. Well, the race is in a rain delay.

    • We had golf and it finished late but they cut to another show already in progress so it’s going to be on time. Is this the thread?

  12. I really think Shelli needs to renom Meg … Not because I do not like Meg ..I love her but if she really wants Day out Meg would honestly be the best person because even with ” Last Laugh Take Over” I think Meg would still stay over Day because she is liked by everyone she doesn’t come off as a threat and she is staying under the radar plus Meg and Day seem to be in alliance together so I think that the HG will end up voting out Day because their hands will be tied and they will have the choose and it no secret that Day is a bigger threat If Liz is the renom… And the takeover twist falls into the wrong hand than it will completely backfire for Shelli plus I really want to see this twin twist ride out so we can see the HG reactions when the twist is revealed!! Who knows what will happen. It doesn’t seem like Shelli is making her decisions on her on and seems like she is letting everyone influence her decisions and will most likel screw up!!! Here is to hoping it all works out and Liz/Julie will be safe!

  13. I think there were some interesting things on the feeds today, for instance, Shelli and Da talked ; but I don’t think Da was able to convince Shelli to put up Audry next to her. Liz and Shelli confirmed that Meg was going up. Which I think is going to shake up the house because Shelli does not keep her word. Not to Meg or Becky . Shelli also expects people like John to do things that I don’t think she would do herself.

    • I hope Shelli or Clay go home next week. Can’t stand their showmance. It’s worse than Rachel and Brendan from the previous seasons.

  14. Does anyone else think Clay looks like Zack Morris from Saved By the Bell!?!? This has probably already been discussed. If so. Sorry. But it’s funny. Zack had Kelly. Clay has Shelli :)

  15. I’m sorry, but I don’t get how getting Dae out before Audrey is best for Shelli’s game. They are thinking short term instead of long term, which in some respects makes sense in certain cases, but in this particular scenario in the long run they’re going to wish they had of taken Audrey out when they had the chance. If she got away with it before, she’ll get away with it again. Have they not learned their lesson from Dan or Frankie for that matter? Dae’s target going into this week was Audrey, not Shelli (or Clay). But they let that one argument scare them into getting rid of her. possibly putting a bigger target on their back than they think at the moment.

    • So they keep Da and next week Da wins and evicts Shelli. How is that smart? Audrey isn’t a threat to Shelli but Da is. You get rid of someone that’s after you when you have the chance. And leaving Audrey in the game keeps the target off everyone else.

      • Day’s not good at challenges and not likely to win HOH so shes not really a threat. And you can’t trust Audrey to stay loyal to anyone but herself. So Shelli is putting a target on her back. Not only is she annoying half the house shes in a showmance which people like to get rid of.

      • They’re not the only pair. There’s Da and Jason, Jackie and Jeff, Austin and Liz. And anyone can win HOH. Sometimes the comps are a crap shoot. Like I said numerous times you get rid of someone that’s coming after you.

    • If you can get Audrey out this week, you can get her out next week. Like you said, everyone wants her out (except for maybe Production). Shell needs to get Da out now while she has the chance. Why would they evict Shelli next or not evicting Audrey? Since they want Audrey out, they will come after her not Shelli.

      • Because Dae isn’t clocking for Shelli and Clay. They are still spooked from that one argument between Clay and Dae and that’s pennies compared to the bigger threat at hand. Dar hasn’t won any challenges, doesn’t have that big of a draw within the house, and has proven who the real wolf in sheep’s clothing is. Maybe if this was later in the game, I could ride with this plan. But now? It’s asinine. I’m just saying…

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