Good grief, Big Brother 17 Houseguests. I know we always get a lot of alliances but this seems ridiculous and with no end in sight as two more alliances form overnight on Big Brother.

Jason Roy on Big Brother Feeds

Jason Roy on Big Brother Feeds – Source: CBS All Access

No one seems to be holding any allegiance or loyalty to these alliances, but they continue to pop up, last a few hours or, if they’re really lucky, a few days, and then it’s on to the next one. One of these has potential while the other seems temporary. Oh, and one HG overlaps in to both.

Flashback to 9:50PM BBT 7/4 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial now) to find Jeff & Jackie, Shelli & Clay, and John in the HoH room discussing their trust in one another. Jeff suggests they need a seven-member alliance. Yeah, because 8 HGs is too many, but 7 is juuuust right, huh?

John offers up Meg and Becky as two additional alliance members, but Jackie doesn’t think that should happen. Just a reminder: Jackie is an actual Houseguest this season. Moving on they want to name their alliance but no one can settle on something worthwhile. They’ll come back to that later.

Jump to the sun coming up and we’ve got James, Jeff, Jason, and Meg hanging out in the backyard talking game. We’ve recently seen this crowd gathered together late in to the night, err morning so it’s natural to see them forming trust. Listen in around 5:45AM BBT for more.

While it’s nothing official, they do name themselves the “After Dark Crew” (ADC) once it’s pointed out the “Late Night Crew” was already used in a past season. This group discusses their four main targets: Audrey, Austin, Steve, and Vanessa. They decide to split up responsibilities and two take Vanessa and the other two take Austin.

So Jeff has his hands in a lot of cookie jars right now seemingly having learned nothing from Audrey’s methods just the week before. He’s in a good position of playing the middle of the field right now, but sooner or later someone is going to catch on and that’s rarely a good thing.

Which alliance would you join at this point? At this rate we could have three more by sundown and another two by the time it comes back up!


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