Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 6 – Audrey Gets A Reprieve

Big Brother 17 is only in its second week and we’ve had a season’s worth of drama. Audrey entered the game full-throttle and has really made a mess of her game and since she didn’t win one of the Heads of Household spots during Thursday’s live episode, she’s surely going to be the main target this week. Or is she?

Da'Vonne confront Audrey during Sunday night's Big Brother 17 episode - Source: CBS
Da’Vonne confront Audrey during Sunday night’s Big Brother 17 episode – Source: CBS

Sunday night’s episode picks up right after Shelli and Becky won the HOH competitons. Everyone is immediately in agreement that Audrey is the clear target after all of her antics during the past week. And since most TV-only viewers haven’t been made aware of what Audrey has been doing on the Live Feeds, we cut back to Audrey starting a rumor that Vanessa is part of an all-girl alliance. Which then cuts to Audrey telling Vanessa that Da’Vonne started the rumor.

So let’s jump to Vanessa, Audrey and Day in a confrontation about the situation. Day goes to “rally the troops” for a house meeting. So we’ve got Day, Vanessa, Jason, Meg, Jeff, Shelli, Clay James and Audrey all in the room while all of Audrey’s lies have been exposed. So Audrey finds herself with her back against the wall. Remember this all happened before the HOH competition.

Jumping back to the house after the HOH competition, there are a lot of people that feel like Audrey should be the target, but with Shelli as one of the HOHs, that might not be the case. Day is actually pretty certain she will find herself on the block this week.

It’s time for Becky and Shelli to do that thing that BB never intended to be something that happens every week of Battle of the Block: The two HOHs always working together to look at one solid target. So Becky brings up the obvious target as Audrey. Shelli agrees that she doesn’t want to keep Audrey in the game but there’s some clear reluctance on her part.

But we all know the Alpha males always control the game of Big Brother as long as there’s some girl in power that wants a showmance with one of the alphas. So right on cue, Jeff and Clay meet up and discuss the fact that Audrey won’t be coming for them so they should worry more about Da’Vonne this week instead of Audrey.

Audrey senses all of this and shows up and promises them along with Meg that she promises them that she’d never come after any of them and that if they want to give her any kind of chance, she’d take it and work hard to prove herself to them.

Clay takes his target to Shelli and it take almost nothing for her to agree that Day should go home this week. And just like that, Shelli’s HOH becomes Clay’s HOH. Showmance if full effect. So the next step in Clay’s HOH via Shelli is to get John to go up with Day and throw the BOTB competition. John doesn’t want to be the pawn, but he’s sort of forced into it and agrees to it. Keep in mind, that John knows Big Brother but he’s acting like he doesn’t so him agreeing to this is part of his strategy.

At the nomination ceremony Becky goes with Steve and Jason, thinking Audrey will be a backdoor option, as nominees while Shelli follows Clay’s plan of putting up Da’Vonne and John.

So Audrey didn’t go up on the block. And Day and Jason both know that the plan has to be to break the two of them up. So only Becky seems to be left in the dark.

The houeguests are surprised with the Battle of the Block competition later that same night. And BB continues to milk the Kathy Griffin Ginger Fever idea with a completion I don’t think I can even explain to you, so I’ll just tell you the outcome.

Da’Vonne is so bad at the competition that John doesn’t really have to throw it like Clay and Shelli had asked him. Jason and Steve easily own the competition and win. So Becky is dethroned, Shelli remains HOH and Day and John remain on the block.

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  1. Yeap. Was a good show. Will be pack again on wednesday with the BB Takeover (sponsored by the new Kathy Griffin show). What ? No Oxyclean.

  2. Audrey is clumsy. Too many hgs are on to her lies and tales. I really hope she gets bd’d Thurs. Let the chips fall where they may …

  3. Glad we got to see the audrey drama today.

    be interested to see what goes on wednesday’s episode with not much happening since botb so far.

  4. Just one question. Is John really a dentist? He
    seems so hyper, it’s hard for me to imagine him doing that job. All the
    dentists I’ve ever had have been calm and kind of soft-spoken. Well, I
    guess it takes all kinds.

  5. This group has about 2 weeks to catch on to Vanessa, then it’s game over She’s made millions manipulating the best people manipulators in the world and she is a level 6 thinker I’m shocked Day doesn’t recognize her from her interest in poker and at least one HG should remember her from the last Super Bowl where her face was all over print, TV and social media repping GO Daddy dot COM I would put the odds of her winning at 55% on day one and 70% now

  6. The BOB was novel but confusing ~ props to Jason and Steve. I felt sorry for Da’V ~ certainly not her finest hour!

  7. Conspiracy theory: last season production knew that Caleb would sit out BOTB competition, so they made a game where it was easier to maneuver the ball doing it by yourself. This week production knew that John would throw competition and had him and Day share a huge t-shirt and have one of their legs tied together. Seems fishy especially since Becky was targeting Audrey and Shelli targeting Day.

    • Production knew Caleb would throw it but they never expected him to actually sit out a challenge. A competition cannot be redesigned at the last minute because it would take weeks to do so. Frankie’s adrenaline rush and Donnie/Zach’s lack of coordination is what sealed the deal for Frankie to win.

      Caleb could have easily just used the ropes to stop Frankie from getting their ball faster to the top hole of the apparatus and instead of sitting out.

  8. No, don’t bother to recap the most boring competition ever. It’s not worth remembering.

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