Big Brother 17: Week 12 Veto Ceremony Plans

The Power of Veto Ceremony could be coming early with a Sunday arrival or sticking to its normal routine on Monday, but with the “surprise” eviction being taped on Monday it’d be best if we got ahead of the curve to take a look at this week’s Veto decision.

Vanessa does her best Munch impression
Vanessa does her best Munch impression at yet another renom – Source: CBS All Access

Veto was played out on Saturday with dramatic results that left the House scrambling to recover and pick a new course of action. After a long night of talks and debates between Vanessa and her candy committee there may be a plan.

John has the Veto now which we all know he will definitely use to save himself from the Block. There is no chance he’ll decline to use it. This will force a renom from Vanessa and she’ll have to pick from two allies.

Yes, this makes it four for four HoH’s that Vanessa has had to select a renom after every time one of her nominees has won the Veto and used it to remove themselves from the Block. No wonder she speaks of so much “blood on my hands.”

Vanessa has to decide whether or not to nominate Austin or Liz and she spent over an hour last night sorting M&Ms and Skittles looking for her best scenario to move on to the end. Then talking with Steve it sounded like she was being pushed to put Austin up before also having talks about using Liz. We heard loops of these same sort of talks with the other HGs too.

In a talk with Austin, Vanessa suggested she didn’t want to put up Liz since what she was suggesting was either nom would just be a pawn against Steve. Austin agreed that he could go up, but later worried what if Vanessa was letting him volunteer then would actually target him. It might not be up to her.

John spoke with Austin and told him he was ready to “do bad things” and that looks to include going against his former Rockstar ally, Steve. No matter who goes up, Austin or Liz, if John decides to work with the other then those two can vote against Steve and send him to Jury.

If Vanessa wants to avoid Steve going then she’ll need to decide whether it’ll be more tempting for John to vote against Austin or Liz. A split vote would then let her cast the tie-breaker and choose whether or not she wants to keep her F2 deal with Steve.

This morning Steve spoke with Vanessa and asked if she had made a decision. Vanessa confirmed she had, but didn’t specify. A few minutes later she warned Steve that he needed to work on John to make sure he had his vote locked down and suggested John was toying with the idea of voting Steve out. Not sure how serious Steve will take that suggestion as John has in the past suggested to others that he and Steve weren’t that close as part of their cover.

We’ll keep watching today to see if the Veto Ceremony is held and what happens. Results spoilers as soon as there is action on that front, but in the meantime, what do you hope will happen? Should Vanessa renom Austin or Liz when John comes down from the Block?

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    • I was just going to say if Vanessa could see that picture of her, she’d poop her pants… I doubt she can make it to the finale in the House, maybe from the Jury House, she looks chewed up & spit out in dire need of a vacation.

    • Vanessa will need to win a few more poker pots to buy her likeness. One sold for almost $120,000,000 in May 2012. Your real name isn’t Leon Black is it? lol

      • Munch painted more than one Scream and they are often stolen. There are sure to be some very good forgeries out there that she can get her hands on.

      • I kinda know a little bit about the painting because I bought a replica from Ebay (unframed) 2 years ago. Really cheap, but oil, better than posters..I think I paid $40.00. I still haven’t framed it lol…but I didn’t know that it fetched for that much. Beats Picasso’s

      • Nice find. I bought lots of Legos from Ebay. Maybe I could build a replica…a Lego Munch, an original.

      • Bbadboy, that made me smile. If I made a replica of me, it would definitely be a younger model. And if she looked more like you, I’d be a knockout. lol

      • It’s not bad. Oil in canvas for $40.00. Of course you need to frame it and have it stretched. That’s were you spend money. lol I can only compare it to lithographs/transfers/Posters of “scream”. A lot of these sellers have gallery. Check ebay and do research there. I have one that I framed “The Son of Man” from Thomas crown affair movie” Man with green apple on his face. I get a lot of compliment.

  1. I suspect she will try to avoid the split vote if at all possible. She never wants to appear to be the one bringing down the axe and if she has to vote in a tie-breaker, that is exactly what she will be doing.

  2. I predict that Austin will be the replacement nominee for eviction and Steve will be the one evicted two votes to zero.

  3. With the possibility of a blindside for the first time in weeks happening, I could see production waiting until the “surprise” eviction taping to have the PoV ceremony. If we’re getting HoH and noms episode on Sunday, that stands to reason we’d have to have Veto and eviction on Tuesday. I can see them wanting to make it special by having it be live. I know they normally do that with F4 down to F3, but this could also work.

      • Yeah, I get that!!! But at this point they can say “SHUT UP, Vanessa” and or walk away. Actually I’d almost think she’ll be nice to everyone, nothing to gain personally but she’d probably like them to think about her expert advice.

        I can hear her saying “That wasn’t the real me ask Mel at the finale. I was playing a game and since I’m the Pro Poker Player I play hard. No, I wouldn’t say dirty… I disagree it wasn’t dirty”.

        Van: “Here let me get my ‘skittles’ out I’ll show you”.
        Steve: “OH YEAH, you can stick those ‘skittles’, look where we are Vanessa”.

      • How about a little boot in the a$$ as she walks out the door. LOL. I know I’m getting ahead of myself, it’s just that things could actually fall that way.

      • yes she does ,but these house guests are too damn stupid to say anything ,they all seem to think that they will split the half million,they should all think about being turncoats and start playing their own game instead of listening to lady cock roach

      • It’s very baffling that the only person who has had the guts to call her out is JMac, but he just goes along with her now to keep peace. I wonder if they think she is a fan fav and are afraid if they stand up to her fans wouldn’t like it. I’ve tried to think of every possible reason why anyone would allow this kind of behavior to go on and on.

      • So are they taping the eviction on Monday night, followed by the next HOH, which they will show it on Tuesday night? Then tape the nomination and Veto comp on Tuesday, then maybe the renom Wednesday around noon, then have the live eviction on Wednesday night?

      • I must have missed something here for I thought Wednesday night was gonna be a live HOH, VETO and then Eviction. Either way is OK as long as Vanessa is sent packing.

      • I have no idea, this on twitter from Big Brother Network…”Veto Plans as HGs prepare for an early Ceremony today in this BB17 week’s fast forward schedule”.

    • Who is it you think is being blindsided? Or do you mean just the house in general for the date of the eviction?

  4. Austin says the last couple of weeks will still matter to jury, but JMac’s a long way from locking up votes. “He’s Johnny Mac … are we gonna let him be the representative of our season? It’ll be absurd if he wins the game.”

    Like the Big Troll is a good representative of this season anyway.
    Good luck in the Bold and the Beautiful.
    Or try your luck in the Pansy and the Ugly … more like in your lane.

  5. 11:13 AM Vanessa presents the argument that the probability of getting to F3 is higher with Steve in the game than both of Liztin.

    At least Vanessa knows her numbers, probabilities and percentages. If it’s a Vanessa, John, Liz and Austin Final 4, and either Liz or Austin win the next HoH, John and Vanessa are obviously going up. If John wins HoH, it’s probably Austin and Vanessa going up. So Vanessa is in a lose/lose with Austin and Liz staying.

    Where as if Vanessa, John, Steve and say Austin make the Final 4, and either Austin or Steve win HoH, they are probably NOT going to put up Vanessa and just put up John and the odd man out. That’s why Vanessa is going to try her best to save Steve. Of course this is all a moot point if Vanessa wins PoV next week.

    • I would love to see Johnny walk away with the prize. After a whole season of (Oh, you’ve insulted me, Oh, you lied to me, Oh, I don’t need a reason, Everyone Vote this one out! Followed by, Yes Vanessa, anything you say Vanessa with a brown nose here and a brown nose there etc. F@%K You Vanessa!

  6. Wouldn’t have thought this until last night when Steve’s awful deal with Vanessa was made but I actually want him to go home this week now, him and Vanessa have a creepy Norman Bates type bond that needs broken. She needs to nominate Austin that way Liz definitely votes out Steve and John will join her. Adios Stevie!

    • I am not a hundred percent sure Liz would vote out Steve. I would give it a 95% chance of that happening but then again if she doesn’t vote out Steve, she is playing someone else’s game and not her’s.

      • Same as you, Austin would be in her best interest to stay but I am not sure she wouldn’t vote him out if given the chance. The way they have played this season anything can happen.

      • Okay, sure. That makes 0 sense. Maybe later, but not now. He’s the only one she trusts. Truly. They want final 2. Seriously?

      • Look at it this way, nothing in this season has made sense period. She can vote to evict Austin while John can vote to evict Steve, Vanessa breaks the tie and sends Austin out the door and Liz blames John to Austin before he leaves. The only thing it would matter to him is who he would vote for in jury. Liz can still be in the final2 with Vanessa and should she win HOH next both John and Steve are up on the block together again. This is all speculation at most and like I have said before, anything can happen in this season of non thinker’s. Just because she has a final 2 with Austin doesn’t mean she will take him to final 2. Look at all the final 2 deals that were made between all the player’s that are left in the house and how many of them have promised each other the same deal.

      • Right but they are the only 2 who are a package deal. One wins the other basically does. And all season they talked about how amazing it would be for a showmance to make it to 2.
        Obviously anything can happen, but I think at this point it’s your hopeful thinking.

      • Honestly I just can’t figure this group out. Like you said, what seems logical hasn’t happened for most of the game. Everything surprises me and nothing surprises me. Eye yi yi

      • if the term sh#t for brains applied to anybody ,its this season,s BB house guests because thats all they have had all season and it shows.

      • Liz is afraid she can’t win against Austin and she is putting Julia over Austin, so anything’s possible.

      • Quite the snake charmer indeed :D
        Hopefully Liz or JMac won’t slip up and let Vanessa know what they’re doing. I haven’t been over to JOkers yet so things might have already changed since last night.

      • Fingers crossed! And I want a zoom in on her face when she hears the 2-1 vote. She’ll get the message her goose is cooked. She won’t retreat but that look….

      • Sick of V having control every week whether HOH or not! Hope John sticks it to her this week! I hope she does not get tie breaker to decide who goes!

      • You may be right but as of now we really don’t know what they are thinking and we damned sure don’t know for sure what they will do.

      • Right now I want what’s best for JMac’s game. If JMac doesn’t feel he can beat Steve in the final HOH then I’m ok with Steve going even though I’d personally rather see Austin be evicted.

      • I agree! I wonder if Steve or Austin is going? Wondering if V is going to go with LIZTIN for final 3 or change her mind and keep Steve unless JOHN shocks all of us and votes Steve out with LIZ?

      • Me too although I have been catching up on live feeds not on tv from the 11th 12th and will watch the 13th game talk ones late tonight and tomorrow morning and see if I can report stuff by noon tomorrow! V and Austin are on to Steve and Jmac that they are close and lying to V and Austin to keep them guessing! JOHN is trying to work with Austin and even clueless LIZ thinks they are working together! V is rubbing off on LIZ with some suspicion and showing a few brain cells for once! She also is realizing she has to play her game and Austin needs to play his even if that means going against each other in the game! No one respects what Clay did at least in the house! Not sure what jurors thought? I think most fans were disappointed but he will have modeling offers and more! As for Austwins I hope they get NOTHING no offers for tv modeling commercials etc They are horrible mean fake arrogant human beings and yes you can learn this as this is what they truly are tv show or not! It is so obvious typical self entitlement and thinking they are better than anyone on planet! Anyone that watches the live feeds not on TV should know this without a doubt or is clueless! Back when Jason was evicted you saw her true colors as she was so disrespectful in her goodbye speech to him!

      • I don’t have the live feeds so thanks for all the info.
        What did Clay do in the house that no one respects? I liked Clelli and hated to see them leave.
        I read about the whole Liztin vegetable throwing incident lol. I think the lovebirds are getting cabin fever. Liz finally realized that Austin wasn’t going to fall on his sword for her so I’m glad to hear she’s growing a brain cell or 2 – there’s still hope I suppose.
        I’d rather Liz win than Vanessa if the producers are wanting a female winner this year. The twins are air heads that’s for sure and childish and immature at best.
        I’m so confused about what’s happening though, until I can hear the DR confessionals I have no idea who’s lying to who and why. I can only hope JMac makes it to the end at this point or the season will be over for me.

      • In the house not sure if jurors feel that way about Clay also? The way Clay layed down his game for Shelli and did not fight to stay while she was on the block with him! I don’t know anyone who respected that but did the gentleman like thing! I liked them but people wanted to work with Clay more! He was more liked but asked to vote him out which all the girls and most houseguests would have preferred! Shelli made some bad moves to lead her to being evicted the following week! James and MEG were really the deciding votes and should have gotten out V while they had a chance as Shelli had only Jmac as an ally! Steve Jmac and Shelli could have worked together and was one of the big disappointments this season! Would have liked them to go against V and Austwins back in week 5 and 6! I did not see the vegetable incident yet! Must be on the 13th feeds? Good news is V is teaming up with Steve at last moment without him knowing anything but big blindside of the season coming in about 18 hours! Jmac and V only know about this move! The rest of the house does not! AUSTIN will be evicted thinking he has LIZ and JOHN’s vote! John and V decided she will be tiebreaker and keep STEVE and DESTROY SHOWMANCE!! John and V made final 3! Maybe even final 2? John does not know V has final 2 with Steve also! Also only Steve and John knew that AUSTIN was real target last week until he won veto! Most of America think LIZ was number 1 target but she definitely was target number 2! Austin volunteers to go on the block after JMAC wins veto to be nice to LIZ and he may get evicted for it! YEAH!!!!

      • I wanted Clay to stay instead of Shelli too and I think he could’ve done well without Shelli. Even though Clay said he thought Shelli could last longer than him I think athletic Clay was sick of being cooped up in the BB house, probably couldn’t personally relate to most of the people once Shelli left and didn’t want to be around them.
        I haven’t kept up with Clay since he was evicted so I wonder if he’s being true to Shelli :D
        Clelli leaving certainly ruined Becky’s game and JMac has barely survived since.
        Liz criticized Austin’s cooking and he threw his veggies at her for being rude. Can’t see Clay doing that either.
        Are you resigned to a Vanessa win? I’m rooting for JMac but the F4 is going to be vicious. Let’s hope he’s very lucky in the comps.

      • I agree with you! I think he would have liked to stay but without Shelli he did not really care even though he would have been well liked by most people! I think all people in the house liked him and could have made allies alliances too if he wanted! I recently found out he was recruited at a LAKERS game for Big Brother! I like Shelli but she had some PS moments in the house and acted very immaturely her last week or 2 in the house! She took Clays shirts from James and James said that added to her leaving over V! Dumb on her part! All she had to do was ask instead of asking twins to help get shirts back from James like vultures in the have not room etc! I agree because Clelli Jmac Becky James and MEG and Jason are the people I liked in the house! V annoys me but I don’t think she is as bad as she makes out! She definitely does stuff she shouldn’t but atleast she has stopped crying lately as manipulation tool! Jmac was sick of it and told her weeks ago before he got evicted! I did not like when Clay fought with James his last week when James took him to the dinner in gthe backyard over MEG for the OUTBACK STEAK dinner etc! He should have respected his game move as Clelli and their alliance were going after James for like the previous 4 weeks! He was right to put them up! Clay acted like bully his last few days to James and I lost a lot of respect for him! Don’t know what any of the jurors are doing outside except back to their normal lives? Go JMAC all the way! We should have biggest blindside of the season tonight!!! JMAC and V only know this or people who watch after dark feeds that they are saying they are keeping Austin and will send Austin to jury as V wants to work with Jmac and STEVE for final 3! Of course it may be V JOHN and LIZ? We shall see! Jmac had really great strategy for V changing her mind and making sure she got blood on her hand if Steve was voted out! Saturday night around 9:30-10pm is when they went over this great plan! They were supposed to confirm next day which I am about to watch now!

  7. I wish I could decipher John’s decision. I’m really curious to see what he does. I actually think it’s in his best interest to keep Austin. I think the three of them should go after Vanessa next nomination. One of them has to win HOH..

    • One of them will wim HoH… Austin/Liz/JMac with Steve gone & Van not eligible to play (let hope something doesn’t change to let V play) then we play she doesn’t win the next PoV and we can say good-bye to the Poker Player, she done busted.

      • Yeah that’s what I meant by one of them has to win, because it would only be the 3 playing, If steve stays he won’t get rid of her. John has to know this.

      • Yeah, I thought you might have got too excited with the chance Van wouldn’t have any chips left in the game and forgot she couldn’t play. LOL. Good God, I hope she doesn’t & there’s no unexpected thing happen to save her.

      • *Gag*. Lets hope they somehow don’t change it and make that possible because the very thought makes me sick

      • I know, but I don’t think anything strange will happen though you never know for sure until someone walks out that door and we know they’re not coming back now.

      • Yeah I’d be afraid if Jmac won HoH and put up Van against Liz and Steve won POV,
        He’d save Vanessa and send Liz to Jury.

  8. it’s so aggravating. A constant internal struggle. I cannot stand Vanessa, and her mood swings, bullying, and incessant manipulation of everyone, but (and it’s a big but) she deserves it more than the others.
    Please, make it easy, kick her out at 4. I just want them all to step up and get her out. The fact that after this long they still believe her bullshit, and allow her to dictate everything is just damn embarrassing. I mean, when she talks to them she even says whats best for “her”. It’s always about her road to winning.
    Does no one care?

  9. As much as I hate to say it…it’s best to get Steve out. Nobody will win against him in the final 2. But is now the right time? Idk…

    • Definitely right time. Best move for John. Only person it’s not good for is Vanessa.
      Please, don’t give in!

  10. The new twist this year should be that the fans vote for who the final 2 are out of the final 3…….. Just imagine!! Jonny-Mack baby! All the way!! Just gotta get that cry-baby out!!! Then it’s clear sailing!!

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