‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 12 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother spoilers today reveal what happened at the Power of Veto Ceremony where Vanessa was faced with a choice she didn’t want to make.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

After Saturday’s Veto competition we knew there’d be interesting discussions ahead and finally the renom was selected, but would it work out the way this week’s HoH hoped to see things go?

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 12:

John McGuire used the Veto on himself. Austin Matelson was named as the renom by Vanessa Rousso, the current HoH.

John was obviously going to use it and initially Vanessa might have thought it didn’t especially matter if she renom’d Austin or Liz, but after talking with John she realized he might not be planning to split the vote and give her the choice. John just might be ready to say goodbye to Steve at the next eviction. That’s got Vanessa worried and she’s working on Steve to stop it.

Speaking of the next eviction, we got an early Veto meeting this week because the upcoming elimination will happen on Monday behind closed Feeds and broadcast on Tuesday. We likely won’t get to view who won the next HoH and his or her nominations until Feeds resume on Tuesday night, so get ready to speculate away with us.

Update: CBS confirms, Feeds will be down Mon 9AM BBT until Tues 9PM BBT.

What do you think of Vanessa’s renom choice? It was either Austin or Liz, so the options were limited.



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  1. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, because there really isn’t a right move for John to make. Take his chances with the showmance that he could possibly beat if he gets to F2, or go with two people who would more likely take him there, but he couldn’t win against.

    • John could win over Van since he worked for it more and was likable too than if someone like Austin or Liz was standing beside her!

      • I don’t see how he worked for it more. IMO John beats Austin or Liz in final 2, and loses to Steve or Nessa in final 2. Therefore his optimal play here is to VTE Steve along with Liz. This gets Vanessa’s trust in case she wins veto on Wednesday, which will likely lead to her evicting the remaining portion of Liztin. This also builds the trust of Liztin in case they win Veto next week. This play basically guarantees him a spot in final 3 even if he fails to win HOH or Veto. We’ll see how it plays out on Tuesday

      • I don’t see how he can win it either but I don’t agree with your Liz statement she’s won 3 hoh and won a pov that her partner James was throwing to try and lose. Jmac had no hoh and had only win 3povs he threw 2 comps then was supposed to throw a 3rd but decided not to but then lost it anyway so led abs said oh yea I threw it lol. If he pulls out an hoh maybe he’d be able to beat them but as of right now I think he’s probably in last place out of the last 5.

      • I think John threw a few HOH comps….that one with the baseball cards was definitely thrown by jmac he needed one piece of the face and just stood there .

      • As a fellow Lesbian who like Vanessa left a dull husband for my beautiful girlfriend, words can not describe how proud I am of Vanessa. BB should end the game now. There is no way Vanessa is going to lose. I can’t wait to see her in the next BB Allstars. She played the came like a champion should play by great lying and manipulation. By the way her girlfriend is beautiful.

      • Being a lesbian has nothing to do with it.

        Who said he was dull. Sounds like she just realized she was not interested in men.

        I know men who married and had kids and left because they realized they were gay.

        Doesn’t mean they deserve the vote.

        Playing the game does not say you have to be a bully or mean to your fellow competitors.

        Lying is part of the game.

      • Yeah she is going to win it’s already decided. Vanessa has her own show coming up this is a way to promote it. It’s the year of the Lesbian I guess everyone is trying to make a statement.I however am so sick of Vanessa I would not watch anything she is in.I can’t wait for this big brother to end .I am looking forward to survivor.

      • I don’t mean any disrespect to Vanessa are anyone else, but good grief who could put up with that whine of hers, Day in and day out, it’s like a scratched record. “Don’t lie to me”, “don’t lie to me”, “don’t lie to me”. how about getting her out of there once and for all.

      • there is a way she can lose…she can be voted out….bahaha and people can be horrible bullys no matter who they do the tango with..

      • Well if you like her bullying tactics. Me I don’t like that game play. I hope she goes out third when she thinks she has the game won.

      • Vanessa is a great manipulator. I think the jury will see that in the end. It works in poker but not in BB – people see it and vote for someone else sometimes. Gameplay has nothing to do with it at times.

        Just my opinion. :) I can hardly wait till the finale!

      • Her former husband was a very charismatic guy who has since passed away. Who she loves now has nothing to do with him or her game play

      • I didn’t know that she actually mentioned him. I had been watching Vanessa and her former husband, Chad Brown play poker for years and he was very beloved by all.

      • I respect Vanessa’s control of the game this Season and think she deserves the win but in an All-Star season I think she’ll get crushed. The other players this season have been incredibly easy to control. In an All-Star season I think they’ll think she’s amusing, like a kid performing at a family party.

      • Sure, she is a good gamer. I really liked her for a while. That is until she back stabbed everyone in the house one at a time. You can play big brother and have the need to lie and back-stab on occasion, but she does it every week. I had huge respect for her game until she showed herself to be shady. Breaking an occasional promise is one thing, she broke all of her promises and her word is as good as crap.

      • OK I watch the live feeds and Vanessa tools her entire story to the twins. She said she married her best friend and that her marriage to him was wonderful the relationship was not dull at all she was just young and didn’t realize she wasaid gat until around 28. She told her hubby and her said he just wants her happy. She also said he is still her best friend and that the relationship hasn’t changed at all except no sex. In fact he lives with her and Mel. So where did you get your info that she levy a dull marriage? Or you just assumed her story was yours? Also I don’t think that makes her deserve a vote. Votes ate based on game play alone that’s why after the first season America was no longer aloud to vote because we voted on who we liked not who played best. Not trying to be ruse or mean I just

      • Her ex husband died July 2,2014. If she said all of that on the live feeds, it just goes to show how much she is willing to lie

      • Yea I guess so I think she might have mentioned her was sick or something but I agree I don’t like her because of how she lies and manipulates and not just game play type. Plus she grabs her head all confused whenever someone calls her out then just bawls crocodile tears till they just feel bad for her. The only reason I even commented was because the chick said she souls win caused she was just like her a lesibian that left a dull marriage

      • Speaking as a gay man, I can’t say I agree with you. I don’t think she has been playing like a “champion” in the true sense of the word. Though she has been playing like a winner.

        Sad to say, but my experience has been that the majority of lesbians I know personally (which are many) are not very personable. I know we gay men can be catty, but I would say generally are more “fun” and inclusive, while lesbians tend to be less tolerant, have either an air of superiority or chip on then shoulder (think Rosie Odonald.)

        And the fact that you think she has been playing like a champ when she has done nothing but bully the other Houseguests, play the gay card at every turn, and often engages in irrational rages just proves my point.

        Just my two cents worth.

      • She has played an awesome game. I can’t stand Austin’s personality, but then I don’t like bullying, ego driven, delusional men.
        Not sure your marriage had any chance, if you judged your husband so harshly. And hers dull? No proof that her husband was. He might be a nice guy. She’s never said idt.
        You, well, it’s all just semantics. :)
        What’s dull to some may be exciting to others.
        You probably, just wanted … for whatever reason, to rebel the statis quo.
        Own it.

      • People like John so they want him to win. But that doesn’t mean he deserves it (and he certainly doesn’t, standing next to Vanessa) In fact I don’t see a scenario where John wins at all (if one of the Austwins is in the final two then he/she has two votes in the can already…that’s everyone’s fault). And I don’t think people in the house/jury necessarily see John the way you guys do anyway. Oh well, we shall see.

      • Yes we shall see. Being a high powered defense attorney and my partner being an ER surgeon, we don’t watch much TV. That being said the show we absolutely love is BB. It is so much like real life. We have a group of of 10 women who watch this show religiously when we can. I’ll say one thing Vanessa and her woman can join our investment group after she wins. She is the kind of person that makes one percenters like us even more rich. I hate to say it but manipulation is the game in real life. Vanessa without doubt is the best BB player in the history of BB. We absolutely love this season. She is by no means a bully. I believe the producers know this. I also believe she is helping our cause. Go Vanessa!

      • Vanessa cheated. Broke BB rules. Totally u fair if she wins….or bribery is forever allowed on BB !!! Yay go bribery !! Rich people can now bribe there way to a win….like Vanessa

      • Is this the only season you’ve watched? Because you’ve obviously not seen a season with Dan in it if you think Vanessa is the best player ever.

      • 100 times better than Dan. Dan was A Good liar. But doesn’t come close to the way Vanessa lied and manipulated. Why do you think wealthy people are wealthy? Look at former Vice President Cheney. He is a hero of mine. He fool the American people so he could get richer with Halliburton. Like Cheney, Vanessa is a great liar. Plus her and her girlfriend are one beautiful couple.

      • She’s no Dan. Nothing will ever beat the “Wake of Dan” or having someone use the veto on him so he can force Shane to be the replacement nom and then vote Shane out. Vanessa is just a bully and luckily for her playing the game with a bunch of dummies. She is a giant amongst ants

      • Your absolutely right, Vanessa is bully and just happened to be in the house with a bunch of idiots .

      • For you to bring up Chaney, and equate him to Vanessa, I applaud you, 2 sociopaths who show us what America has come to, ( lie, minipulate, and bully ) while harming everyone else around you…

      • Read my comment below. And you stating your an attorney and your partner an ER doc, have nothing to do with the dialogue on this board (and further proves my point below about lesbians). BTW, I an attorney of 23 years and my partner a CPA (again, not relevant , but it seems to matter to you.

        Also, while some speculate your not “real”, sadly I think you are, have met (and disliked) many of your type.


      • You are not a one percenter. One percenter r do not spend time chatting on these boards. Thank for the good laugh though. You are probably a law intern and your partner an ER nurse.

      • John has played the best game. He’s won just as much as Vanessa and did it without the help of an alliance. He also did it without bullying people. He won his way back in the house and just won the POV that saved him. He will have Shelli, James, Meg, Jackie and Beckys vote. That’s all he needs to win.

      • I know you want him to win and if you were in the jury house “YOU” would vote for him, that does not mean that those ppl you listed in the jury house would agree with you. And imho to compare his strategy of throwing comps, lying low, and doing what he was told to Vanessa’s, who controlled almost every vote to evict in the house, has a final three deal with everyone in the house and did actually win some HOH’s, a far stretch. I mean I get it: he’s the cute leonard-esque underdog dork…he’s adorable…doesn’t mean he deserves $500k tho.

      • Doesn’t mean they’d agree with you. Especially since most of them can’t stand Vanessa and her bullying ways that she plays the game. I think he’s played the best game and that’s not just because I like him. He deserves the 500k more then any of them.

      • Bribery hurts the credibility of the show for fans that watch and it is a shocker that she was not booted out for just that reason alone

      • Vanessa played the game with a hot head. She had no control over her emotions and cornered people and drilled them with questions. John played a pretty honest game and won plenty of POVs. He deserves to win it over Vanessa.

      • Thank you. Bullying and intimidation and just pure craziness does not make a Big Brother winner. Vanessa should have been voted out a long time ago.

      • I don’t think he has Shelli’a vote in the bag she was in an alliance with Van Austin and Liz with clay and Julia from week 2 called the 6 th sense. I don’t think he vote is as confident as your hoping it to be.

      • Shelli could care less about that alliance. They threw her under the bus over the Jason eviction. She loves John and she’ll vote for him if he’s in the final 2.

      • When Vanessa wins. You will all say how did she know. Being with a group of 10 Lesbian investors who all have done well in life. We recognize pure genius. This game is over. It doesn’t matter who Vanessa takes with her. Keep it up with your hopes and dreams. But logic always wins in the end. Plus it helps to be a manipulator. Any wealthy person will tell you that. God bless.

      • You’re probably right about Vanessa winning. Having said that, she’s not gonna win because she played a brilliant game…She’s gonna win because she’s surrounded by morons. These idiots would rather lose $500,000.00 than stand up to Vanessa and her scare tactics. It’s absolutely pathetic.

      • It all boils down to a numbers game this season…John didn’t have the numbers like Van did it seems. Doesn’t mean she played the best game. Just means she had a stockpile of minions drinking her kool-aid and helping her to stay in it! Had she been alone like JMac was after they cleaned out his alliance, she’d have been gone by the 4th week.

      • Actually when they showed the evicted HouseGuest’s in the jury house, they all seemed like they wanted John to win, heck Shelly even said she hopes John wins, Vanessa, personally has offended and lied about probably everyone there when she had no need to so I can see him winning but I honestly would like to see Austin win because he secured himself the whole entire game

      • I don’t think she really deserves anything at this point, she’s made as many stupid moves as she has good ones.

      • I agree. He’s basically played the entire game by himself. It’s real easy to get far when you have an alliance helping you get there. He’s won more comps then anyone except Vanessa. And he’s won just as many as her if you count winning his way back in. Plus he threw quite a few that he would of won. He was evicted and won his way back in. He just won the POV that saved him. And he did this all by himself without the help of an alliance. Just because he played a quiet game doesn’t mean he played a bad game. If he makes it to final 2 no matter who he’s against he deserves the win. He played the best game by far!

      • If jmac pulls out another win he might could win but as of now I don’t think he would unless they pull a bb9 abs throw the game play out the window and vote on pure feelings alone lol. Bb9 was the worst bb in history I’m guessing that’s why we never see any of them lol didn’t give the win to Ryan who deserved it because they didn’t like his fiance Jen lol

    • You have zero chance of winning if you don’t make it to finals, so it’s always better to try to keep people who are more likely to bring you.

    • I don’t understand why they continue to keep Vanessa in the house she schemes , conives people into doing whatever she needs. Do they not realize how much money is on the line this is life changing money that can make your life a whole lot better now that John has saved himself Austin renomed don’t know what she will do if it is a tie vote I think she would have a better chance at beating Steve than austin but well find out wedn evict.

    • Yea but it’s not really up to jmac this week he can either vote with Liz to keep Austin or vote for Steve make it a tie and then Van breaks the tie and keeps Austin so the better move for jmac is to go with Liztin and try make a deal rather than to give the tie breaking vote to van letting Liztin think she kept them safe yet again. It’s not like he’s the only vote that’s not until next week’s pov

  2. Do both of these guys feel safe? Steve seems to be sweating it a little. I hope Austin goes, but I’m unsure about the vote. As long as Vanessa doesn’t win HOH, hopefully she will be out the door come Wednesday night.

    • I would prefer for Austin to get evicted. I don’t believe Steve is totally in Vans pocket, but Jmac wants Steve out. Austin is the one that feels safe. He acts very comfortable.

      • The only reason that I would like for Steve to go is that it messes with Vanessa’s plans and head more.

      • So Van is the tie breaker. We already know Liz will vote out Steve! hahaha What a conundrum Van is in now! :-) I have a feeling JMac will vote out Austin since he’s been loyal to Steve more than Austin. Van will be expected to break the tie and save Austin who’s been loyal to Van more than Steve?

      • So far with Vampire Dentist, what you see is what you get from him. He’s not sneaky unlike other HGs. So unfortunately I think he would vote to evict Lil Stevie, unless Lil Stevie convinces him otherwise.

      • That’s what I thought about him. Pretty much straight shooter. I wished he was a lil bit more ruthless with his game. ..Right now he’s in the backyard with Judas. Jmac giving him advice on how to handle Van….no idea what he’s up to.

      • He believes what Julia told him regarding Van Van.
        So he has made up his mind about what to do next.

      • Probably getting Austin in trouble with Van because it’s usually Austin begging Van to keep him around…so he’ll report to Van once again about him and JMac’s deal in wanting Van gone and once again he’ll lie to Van about that! She just won’t fall for it again, though! hahaha

      • Some of the things he said last night though… he’s sick of everyone being so nice, he can do whatever he wants because these people already evicted him, etc. Maybe the dentist has decided to be sneaky. I know he and Steve discussed giving the illusion they aren’t pals anymore so Van will still take them both to F3. idk anymore… I just really want to see Austin go home because he’s a vile person ;)

      • He plans to blindside Lil Stevie, oh I feel sorry for the lil guy. But it’s not considered a sneaky move in my eyes. Being sneaky is to talk A but to do B, he has never done things like that.
        Anyway, I have wanted the Big Troll to get evicted since Day 1, so you can tell how frustrated I am gonna be if the Big Troll trolls his way to F4.

      • Hopefully Van will make Liz cry enough so after Van breaks the tie by evicting Austin Liz will just say screw it and self evict.

      • I think Van will be the one crying when she realizes she lost control of the game and someone ate all her ‘skittles’.

      • Yep. And for Lil Stevie also, coz he did mention that teaming up with the lil guy caused nothing but trouble for him (got evicted and a sure target for eviction this week) and partly (mostly) because of Lil Stevie’s other alliances (Scamper Squad for his eviction, F2 with Van Van this week).

      • Lil Stevie had nothing to do with that happening really…that was all Austin doing that and I think now will be the perfect revenge for getting Austin out once and for all..not just game play wise, but revenge as well!

      • Unfortunately he doesn’t really know that, only we know.
        Besides, Lil Stevie has defended him so many times.

      • Defended Vampire Dentist. Remember what Van Van mentioned to the Big Troll?
        The more Lil Stevie defended Vampire Dentist the more she suspected they were a couple hehehe.
        Clay Bae gay partners de javu all over again.

      • But he and Steve have plans of getting rid of Van if she doesn’t break the tie in evicting him over Austin! Van is a fickle one as well. She also knows that Steve isn’t that great at physical comps like Austin is and Austin could win HoH and put Van and JMac up if she doesn’t take the opportunity to get rid of Austin now.

      • More vile than Vanessa? Got this off Twitter, the ‘he’ I believe is JMac.

        Van: With you in the game, he always makes Final 3.
        Steve: Think so?
        Van: No, Steve. This is what you need to convince him of.

      • Seems JMac’s been saying for a long time getting Van out would be a big move & look good on your resume. Whether JMac or Austin or Liz get HoH & put her up it was his plan, I’ll vouch for him. So I hope he gets it and I would hope to see the 3 be solid against Van but we haven’t seen much of that this season.

      • Seeing JMac doing gagging motions whenever Austin kisses Liz prompts him to finally get rid of Austin once and for all, leaving a sad but also pissed off Liz behind…nothing worse than a scorned woman and all that jazz! Better for JMac who can beat her because her mind is all on her beloved!

      • I think he dislikes the twins more than the Big Troll tho.
        His expression while in HoH room and the goodbye message to Julia kinda confirm it.

      • Not as of this afternoon. I think he’s voting Steve out and here’s why. He told Steve Vanessa doesn’t care who goes so if he votes Austin out and Liz votes Steve out Vanessa gets to break the tie. Vanessa then votes Steve out. That leaves a very grateful Austin and Liz to Vanessa and very pissed off duo at JMac for voting him out. Like I said before John plays a very smart game. If he votes Steve out maybe they will be grateful to him but who knows. I think if he was sure Vanessa would vote Austin out then he would also but he doesn’t trust her at all.

      • Well, we finally disagree… if Aus/Liz don’t take JMac’s deal to evict Steve and then the 3 of them take out Van, they are crazy. In which case Van’s tie breaker is not needed but she’ll need help getting her jaw up off the floor. Doesn’t her ‘skittles’ tell her JMac’s in control?

      • But will Austin and Liz do this? They were the ones that wanted JMac gone. Now they’ll switch gears? I pray you’re right. But for now until I know for sure, I’m going with JMac trying to get to F2 on his own with or without Steve’s help!

      • Yep, we’ll have to wait… by chance did you notice which way BB was leading us to think it will go after tonight (Sunday)? Will make Tues that more exciting I’m thinking. Wait for PoV comp & all the scrambling after that happens… the power shifts to the winner of that comp especially when his vote can take it out of Vanessa’s hands… here comes the ‘skittles’, she’s a whacko, there’s no doubt.

      • Wow, we really think alike, Lady K. Sister from another mister? Actually, since my mom and dad were pretty straight-laced English people, that’s not very likely. Still, your posts are always right on the nose.

      • She will be eligible to play on Wednesday as it’ll be another HoH, Veto and Eviction? Bringing us to the F3 for the final week?

      • There’s an eviction on Tues and another on Wednesday, so who knows if another HoH comp will occur…I forget how they did the finale..was it Final 4 or a Final 3 left before doing all but comps to get to Final 2 and the winner? I’ve slept since then! But I do know Tues there will be an eviction and Wednesday is a Special Eviction night.

      • I think F3 comp will be all 3 competing and the loser will be the Wednesday eviction. There can’t be a F3 HOH. With 2 noms who would vote?

      • You mean one of the remaining 3! hahaha Final 2 then goes before the jury to see which one will be voted to win BB!

      • All three HG’s complete in F3. The winner of F3 HOH decides who goes to jury and who they take to F2.

      • That was a discussion between Austin & Vanessa today:

        Vanessa promises Austin she’ll never scumbag him. Austin says they can tell the Jury they never did that to each other.

        Vanessa: I have your word that if it’s me, you and Johnny Mac in Final 3, you would never scumbag me?

        Austin: No. Absolutely not.

      • OK .. So she’s going to ‘scumbag’ Steve instead .. See earlier comment I made about Our Ms. Scumbag

      • Yeah, but Van & Aus never scumbagged each other but she pretty much scumbagged almost all of them in the Jury House. According to Van “you” can be evil but she never sees her ways as evil. LOL. She’s wacko.

    • Vanessa is HOH now, so I don’t think she can compete in the next HOH competition. Things change when it’s close to the end, though.

  3. It doesn’t even matter any more. This season sucks. It’s the worst season in Big Brother history. All the good people are gone. I would rather watch the jury house than the BB house.

  4. Austin or Steve. I don’t care who goes, since neither of the two are planning to put Vanessa up on the block.

  5. This is old, but can someone please answer my question about Wednesday’s episode regarding Vanessa. Was she really supposedly looking out for the Austwins when she gave Julia that shitty advice, or was she making a strategic move and then lying and crying about it and saying “I’m not an evil person”? I’m really confused. Vanessa is very convincing when she cries and she made no comment to the audience about that move, so it’s hard to know her true intentions. Please someone clarify this for me, and THANK YOU.

    • It’s Vanessa, she’s just looking out for herself and thinking strategy. She uses those crocodile tears far too often, easy to tell she’s faking it.

      • The people “good at this game” aren’t evil; they manipulate and lie – that’s expected – but they don’t intentionally try to hurt, try bribery and show the other HGs disrespect by talking down to them. Vanessa is a lousy player and most likely a nasty human being, and doesn’t deserve to win.

      • “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Voltaire

    • Vanessa left her husband when he was dying of cancer. She doesn’t look for anybody other than Vanessa.

      • I think they remained friends, she spoke at his memorial service.

        Maybe he cut her loose b/c of his cancer so she could go on w/her life or maybe their fought & didn’t get along or she met her gf and switched teams. -OR- maybe it’s none of our damn business. LOL.

      • True..but she did talk about her marriage on BB and why they separated. For me, I really didn’t care one way or the other! :-)

  6. I think JMac already has F3 locked up, but keeping Liztin in and possibly having them there with him is a terrible game move. Better chance of Vanessa or Steve taking him to f2 if he doesn’t win that final HOH

    • Steve already said he’s taking Vanessa to F2 so losing Steve is better for him so Vanessa will be Austin and Liz’s target.

      • Steve has also already said he’s taking JMac… Lots has been said, we’ll see what actions are taken

      • Instead of fighting Vanessa at her game, Steve appears to have started playing it. And because of that, they both deserve to get evicted.

      • He swore on his mother to take Van Van to F2 over Vampire Dentist yesterday. I think that pretty much overrules what he promised to Vampire Dentist. But hey, anything can still happen in this whacko season!

      • I’m under the belief, that as a superfan, and a huge Dan fan, he knows he can and would be willing to break that promise, even if it was on his mother. Who knows…

  7. Vanessa is the worst HG in BB history. If I was in the BB house with her acting like that, I would throw her off the balcony.

    • I can’t believe how big of a pushover Steve is. Just sitting there last night taking the verbal abuse from Vanessa. I would have done something to get me kicked out of the house already if she tried to talk to me like that.

  8. If Vampire Dentist votes to evict Lil Stevie, he’ll be stuck with a showmance and Van Van. Unless he can persuade the showmance to vote out Van Van (which is unlikely, unfortunately he doesn’t know that), he’ll be the target in F4.

    If he votes to evict the Big Troll, he’ll be stuck with Van Van, Lil Stevie and Lizzie. Lizzie will definitely stick to Van Van and Lil Stevie will also (which I think he has come to conclusion hence his insistence to work with the showmance). So it means he’ll still be the target in F4.

    As much as I hate losing Lil Stevie and hate seeing the Big Troll strolling to the final week, I think that could be the best scenario (for Vampire Dentist’s game and chance of survival).

  9. Vanessa always goes through her psycho routine and figures out scenarios. Didn’t she realize that since she can’t compete in F4 HOH, she may well be 1 of the noms?

  10. I think John should vote to keep Steve in order for Vanessa to get the blood on her hands

    Oh great, now the phrase has gotten in my head. DANG IT!

    • Personally I would also like to see Vanessa have to tell one of the noms she is sending him to jury since both of them are so confident she will save him lol #teamjohnnymac

      • Either way Jmac is going to need to work hard and win things…he might not be safe otherwise

      • Van told Steve she would keep him safe and assured him she would not do a “scumbag” thing like that to him; that is,tell him he’s safe but he really isn’t. She said something similar about “scumbag” in one of her marathon litanies with Austin. If Van breaks the tie, well then “here’s looking at you, scumbag! (Note to V fans: I am only using HER words, not mine.). On the flip side say she does break the tie,her new moniker will not last long; NOTHING sticks to her.

  11. I would have thought if Vanessa is planning on keeping Steve, she would have put up Liz instead! I think Steve is going tomorrow.

    • She did think about doing that once, but then decided it would be better for her if Austin had the possibility of being backdoored. If she can just get both Liz and JMac to vote Steve out, she won’t have to get “blood on her hands”! I just don’t see JMac making it that easy for her.

      • Neither do I. John has played his game and not her’s at alI love how he has played the dumb one this season. He may have very well out played them all but time will tell soon enough.

      • Being “dumb” is his gameplan anyway. I watched his interview with Jeff before entering the house, that’s what he said.

      • If he gets Van out and with his Comp wins, and can explain his game adequately with the Jury. He has a chance to win it.

  12. Oye, Austin telling John he’ll throw the next HOH if John keeps him. Don’t fall for it!!!!

  13. These people are stupid. I have nothing to say about it except I can’t wait until survivor starts. I might add the only one I would like to win is Johnny Mac. Can’t understand why these people are so gullible to do everything she tells them to do and they listen to her!! WHY!!!!!!

  14. All the talk about this show being rigged for Van Van to win …
    How about the show being rigged to prevent Vampire Dentist being evicted this week to prevent the hated showmance and Van Van threesome in F3?
    Imagine if Vampire Dentist were evicted on Tuesday and on Wednesday Lil Stevie’s turn to go to the Jury House … there’ll be riots on the street hehehe

  15. I dunno .. I like lanky and pale Vampire Dentist better hahaha
    Not sure about reddish and buffed guy he has become now hahaha but good for him tho :)

    • He’s done nothing but kiss Van’s arse this whole season and fingered another’s…something JMac hasn’t done! Have not liked him this whole season because he hides behind the skirts and was too much of a coward to get out a more power house player….which was a girl! LOLOL

    • Well … what can you expect from the guy who thinks America loves him to death. He even wonders how many youtube tributes to Liztin. Gosh, how could people love this couple really boggle my mind.

    • Wouldn’t it be nice to be watching when some of these HGs get an idea of exactly how they are perceived at sites like this?

    • Austin is not popular,delusional maybe but not popular and has zero judgement,his early bromance with Jace resembled a old Carol Burnett Show skit.

    • We all thought Frankie wouldn’t go far after last season…I went to the VIP chat he conducted and seems since he was on BB, his life has changed for the better than had he not. Said he’s also changed his attitude and “what not to say” since then too!

    • Hey Cyril…haven’t checked in with you this season. Just might be the biggest bunch of blockheads ever!

      • I have just a few questions, do they still think it’s too early in the game to make a big move? Or, will Vanessa say “do the math” one more time? Or, will she ever get “blood on her hands” from orchestrating the demise of virtually everyone who has left the game?

      • You know what’s going on. You are watching the show right? .Ok, Do you like this or Amanda’s season?

      • I think I like Amanda’s season better because she at least got retribution for her bad behavior…and I am kind of a vengeful sort. How Vanessa has bullied her way through this group baffles me. She is merely Audrey 2.0 with her game play. Don’t these people figure stuff out? And why is Austin such a wuss? Anyway, every season has its ups and downs and I’m usually not happy with the winner, so it won’t surprise me…I’m not sure I want any of the final five to win…

  16. Vanessa,The Twins and Austin ran this season. Any of them winning is sad,but likely. I cant say John or Steve deserve it,they’ve shown independent life only to aimlessly follow Vanessa. First time,I’m not pulling for anyone to win. Add Meg and atleast one half of Clay-Shelly. I’ll go with Clay to this group. And I’d be willing to reset the show,and watch all the others play this show the right way.

  17. Watching BBAD last night was kind of painful. Vanessa talked to JMac for an hour and all he did was say: “Uh-huh” and “Yeah” every once in a while while she sounded like a blender or electric pencil sharpener. It honestly got to the point where I was thinking: “For the love of God PLEASE call him to the DR to get him out of this.” From JMac’s position though (with no outsider’s perspective like we all have) maybe Steve really IS a threat to him due to the Twin Split move. In a season with not many powerful ones made, from the inside it must seem like that’s a pretty powerful move that’s worthy of respect from the jury. I hope he votes to boot Austin but this year nothing’s clear at all. I think we forget sometimes that inside they’re kind of working blind (compared to us.)

      • I think “blind” is a fair word. What I’d love to see is an option down the road to only pay for and subscribe to one player so we (the audience) could only see/hear what our chosen player is being told/experiencing. I know it’s probably not probable logistically at this point in time but maybe with chest high body cams (that wouldn’t have to be worn in the shower or wc obviously) we’d get the chance to experience it like the players do. (It would certainly make these board discussions a lot more heated at times I’ll bet!)

    • I’ve yet to see it since returning from roughing it this weekend…well part of the weekend. It rained so damn much yesterday that we ended up confiscating the last remaining cabin rather than having our tent site washed out!

    • Everyone seems to be working blind except Vanessa. How does she seem to have so much insight yet the others don’t.

      • I suppose that was smart. I don’t like Vanessa AT ALL. But she seems to have been the only one truly invested in winning this game from the jump.

        Steve had potential but he is just too spineless and needy for acceptance to have dominated this game.

        I’m rooting for John now, but I have never understood his position in this game.

      • Hmmmm not sure about Julia in that category, but John and Meg, yes and even James was. Too bad the others saw that about them and got them out when they could. Or they just had bad luck all around than JMac has had!

      • Not sure about GrandMeg and James tho … they are not dumb or playing dumb, they are like that really, gullible.

      • Had they kept more in tune with the majority of the house rather than ignoring them, they probably would have done better!

      • Actually when she said she was all alone there’s some truth in it. Nobody would catch her if she falls.
        Even Lil Stevie would probably catch Vampire Dentist.
        Clay Bae/Shelli
        Vampire Dentist/Becky
        The Big Troll/BroJace/Lizzie
        Vampire Dentist/Lil Stevie

  18. They can fan dance all they want but Steve is a goner,just no way he will survive this week,Vanessa will go with the flow and not rock the boat,that happens next week when all of them will be reaching for the same remaining life jacket left in the boat.

  19. Watching Vanessa talk to JMac on BBAD last night was fascinating. I’m beginning to think she’s some kind of android that’s been slipped in with human contestants. JMac was hysterical, he just sat there listening with a little bemused smile on his face. The one thing that surprised me though was when Vanessa asked him if he had thought about the impact on him of who stayed and who went home. He said, “no”. How can you be in the game and not think of that? Of course it takes a certain type of thinking to be able to analyze things like that, and maybe JMac was just being cagey. Getting back to Fembot Vanessa. You can actually see her almost reading a script in her brain. Her eyes go from side to side constantly as she organizes in her central processing unit, and then she reassures herself by stopping and saying, “OK”, takes a “breath” and off she goes again. She’s programmed with the ability to look humans straight in the eye, smile genuinely, say, “trust me, trust me”, and proceed with plotting their demise. Diabolical. Very clever, CBS.

    • Fembot…hahahaha! I like that description of her which sums her up in a nutshell! Or just a nut…can’t decide! LOLOL I can’t wait to watch BBAD now and see for myself. John doesn’t play as emotionally is all and that’s why he doesn’t think about the ambiguity of it all like Van does! :-)

    • One of Vanessa strengths is the ability to not only focus on the moment but do so while considering the larger picture,that is crucial on BB.

      • Sometimes I think she “overthinks” about the coming week than the bigger picture. She’s been lucky the bigger picture has worked in her favor for the most part! :-)

    • Whoever stays or goes doesn’t really matter to Vampire Dentist.
      He will still be No. 1 target come F4.

      • I hope not! Not that I don’t want him to win it, but I prefer him to at least reach F2 so James can win AFP.

      • But it’s John I want to hug closer in my memory banks than I do James. I like James, just not that way, though! hahaha

      • the lanky and pale one or the reddish and buffed one? hahaha
        anyway nice talking to you.
        I need to go scampering or dead fishing soon.
        Not sure which one is better to do.
        Where are the M&Ms when you need to make decision???

      • You mean, “not in that Seigmund AND Freud kind of way”. :). Priceless! (MasterCard really needs to use that as on of their bylines)

      • I know a lot of self-centered people who live in a delusional bubble. It did not work out well for them in the long term scheme of things in their life. Big chips on their shoulders too tend to become burdensome than had they just owned their mistakes and changed how they viewed life with a more logical, secure and sensible demeanor! Crap, going to get off my philosophical soap box now and leave it as “stupid is as stupid does!”

      • OMG, I just read about Vanessa ‘ s father and was shocked to read that he had a hand in the downfall of a senator whom I thought would make a great presidential candidate. I’m floored.

      • Keep in mind he’s from France. France doesn’t like our country’s politics! LOL Plus he’s loaded from his inventions and chess championships. Money talks! Must have rubbed off a bit on Van who was caught bribing some hgs to sway them to do what she wanted, which BB forbids!

      • I had an epiphany this morning. The reason why the house guests are so bad this year is because they reflect the personalities of production this year. ZINGGGGGGAH

      • Did you see the love letter Austin sent to his girlfriend Jen? If mot, Google it. Make sure that you have a barf bag by your side.

      • Couple comments are pending and unposted. One was stating Vanessa ‘ s game plan, the other was the reference to the material I found on Vanessa ‘ s father

      • Gotcha! I saw those already after they were posted. Yeh, we can’t talk about family members of the BB house guests. But can’t recall what you stated about Van’s game plan…hmmm. Sorry bout that.

      • I agree and he knows..will do his level best to shift the target to Vanessa but his efforts will prove futile.

      • I don’t think so unless Steve stays and Austin goes. I think Vanessa, if she win POV will vote out Austin or Liza to break them up so they cannot take each other to F2.

        I think Austin will also take out Vanessa because he knows he cannot beat her at F2. Same with Liz. If they are smart they will get out Vanessa and if not Vanessa then Austin. They are the two with the best stories to spin for the jury if they make it to F2.

    • I am sure he thought of it and just didn’t tell her because if he admitted to having given it any thought she would grill him on what he wants to do and I think he wants her out next.

  20. He plays dumb quite well. Not one person knows how much knowledge he has of BB history! He’s kept pretty mum about it the whole season! :-)

  21. What I’d love to see is an option to only subscribe to one player so we
    (the audience) could only see/hear what our chosen player is being
    told/experiencing. I know it’s probably not very practical at this point but
    maybe with tiny clip-on, chest-high body cams (that wouldn’t have to be
    worn in the shower or bathrooms obviously) we’d get the chance to experience it exactly like the players do. It would certainly make for some interesting/passionate discussions on the boards.

  22. John must pull off at least one win next week,if not he will be next,just no way getting around that,he can talk plots to the others until he passes out but will do him no good,just look at Steve this week,he is promising the moon to Vanessa but will not save him,same applies to John,this late in the game the kill or be killed instinct takes over,nothing else matters.

    • The only way JMac goes home is if Austin and Liz have a major brainfart. Vanessa is going on the block no matter who wins HoH and if she wins POV she will vote out Austin or Liz. If JMac wins HoH then Austin or Liz still go home. If Vanessa is on the block come voting time, she definitely goes home.

      No one wants Vanessa to be there at F2. They all know they lose.

  23. Austin tells Liz he’ll make good TV with his speech and he gets to be romantic by going on the block for her.

    Yup, I am sure I just vomited a bit.

    • And looks like he’ll get a friendly audience to walk out to, if he is evicted. I don’t think he will be though.

      • Really? I don’t get the sense he’s hated to that extreme. Surely people are not going to boo him.

      • He is easily the most hated house guest and will get booed badly for a similar reason to Christine. He had a girl friend going into the house and cheated on her in front of a national audience. If your dating someone just break it off, don’t go into the house and have her and her family watch as you cheat on her. The audience will hate him.

      • Christine was married to a kind of nerdy/weird guy and hardcore flirted with a pretty boy model. Austin might be disliked by some people but I don’t think he’ll get the same response Christine did. (There’s a double standard for these things but even at his worst, he wasn’t married.)

      • But if Austin gets evicted this time,
        They’ll record his eviction;
        Won’t be live.
        So I think in that case,
        He’ll have a friendly audience.
        Whomever gets evicted this time…
        Should get a friendly audience. :)

    • So delusional! Austin and Lizzz-ah having post BB engagements, fans loving them … Urrrp! Oh excuse me I think I’m trying to swallow a hair ball – and I don’t even have a cat!

  24. Are any feed watchers catching John’s conversation with Steve right now? It is comedy gold. John told Steve. “you need to convince Vanessa, to convince me not to vote you out”

  25. 3:32 PM Johnny Mac tells Steve that Vanessa is being cocky, assuming she’ll automatically win the F4 POV.

    Of course John, didn’t get the memo, Vanessa has already won, you guys are just playing for second.

    • I don’t think Vanessa beats anyone if she gets to final 2 which I also think is unlikely. From our point of view she has played the best game, but from the jury members there are and what they will think she can’t beat anyone remaining.

      • Maybe the jury will have a change of heart once they view the video of her gaming or coercion, manipulation, and intimidation.

  26. Maybe Jmac is taking their distance act up another level…. Oh who am I kidding of coarse he isn’t

  27. It’s really hard to predict who is going home, but if it comes to a split vote, I think Vanessa will keep Steve. As someone said a day or so again, she has a soft spot for him (no matter how oddly it sometimes manifests itself), and I kind of think she is trying to get into him the 50K position.

    • Of course she will keep Steve, she has crunched the numbers and knows if the Final 4 is Austin, Liz, John and herself, she has a 100% of going on the block next week. Which I realize, isn’t the end of the world, since the PoV is really the prize next week, but you know what she did the last and only time she was on the block.

    • I think it’s her plan to keep him and break up the showmance at this point. But she has to be careful which of Liztin she keeps.

  28. Steve could self-evict unless he gets his act together. He’s really being childish. He must be use to some serious babying.

    • I don’t think he’ll self evict, although not watching the feeds. I hear it is not good. But maybe BB will be good for him in the long run, to sort of learn a bit of independence from his mom.

    • Perhaps it is not babying from his mother, perhaps he is just not used to this type of situation.

      think about it. He is a trombone player (Bandie), he is in Engineering in college – major geek field.

      Now he is tossed into an arena where you have “popular” and manipulative and some successful people.

      All his experience is most likely being in the background in both high school and college social situations.

      I am sure being in a field in college with others of like mindedness gave him courage to do this as he probably found a good set of friends.

      However, that is totally a different set of people with different mindsets than the people in the house.

      He is doing well in my mind.

      Don’t hate on Steve. He is growing up and realizing a different world than he is used to.

      • Steve chose to be there. The pregame interview was very telling about him. If you haven’t seen it, you need to. Honestly not hating on Steve, I refuse to be an enabler for his seemingly childish behavior. He is the one saying over and over that he is done.

      • You’re probably 100% right about his not being personally well suited to the game but if he’s as big a superfan with encyclopedic knowledge as he is he should have known about the possibility of people like Rachel Reilly, Amanda Crazyman and Evel Dick being in there with him. (I wonder if his Mom might have tried to talk him out of going at some point.) He seems far too fragile to be in this environment all alone.

      • Do they have a doctor that could give him something for anxiety? I hope atleast John will have the presence of mind to transcend the game and talk him down.

  29. Possible outcomes for John next week depending on who is evictioned – 1) if Austin goes home, then it’s Van/Steve vs. Jon/Liz and if Jon doesn’t win HoH he is definitely going home next week or 2) Steve goes home giving Van no choose but to play with John against Austin/Liz giving John his best chance of making it to “Top 3” without winning HoH (Van is a bigger target next week then John). Watching Steve “Tweekout” over possible eviction is just to fun! Nobody 4 REAL!!!

  30. Ok watching Steve freak out is actually kind of making me feel like a bad person, I don’t know if I should enjoy it or relish in it, I just know I like it and that’s what he gets for not playing his own game and trusting Vanessa, let it be a reminder for anyone who doesn’t play their own game, they end up just getting played themselves.

  31. Know what BB is missing – the drama. craziness of Jersey Shore. This is all too tame. Can you imagine if BB = Jersey shore with voting out? Well actually they kinda did.

    Need more drama and less laying in the hammock and playing with small candy.

    And a cast who can take it.


  32. John has played an honorable game and if he lines up w/vanessa & Steve, he would stand a chance of being f3. If Austin stays, litzin will work together to take John out if Steve goes. The problem is that Vanessa has f2 deals with all of them, and she’s a good liar and manipulator. I hope she doesn’t win period. I hope it’s Steve and John who make it to F2. John needs to vote Austin out.

    • Vanessa has a final 2 deal with everyone, but no one has one with her. Austin and Liz take each other. John and Steve take each other. For Vanessa to be in final 2 she has to win the final HOH. Then looking at the jury I don’t think she beats anyone in final 2.

      • I think she beats everybody if she gets to F2. So far, I’ve seen almost every juror give her props. I don’t see them being bitter.
        I could be wrong.

      • If Van is up against Liz or Austin, it will be an almost sure win! But Steve and John can definitely give her a run for the money, and those are the F3 I’m hoping for!

      • Steve swore on his mother’s life he would take Vanessa to f2, I really don’t think he’s lying about that, so I think it’s best for John to send Steve home this week and break them up.

  33. As an aside, has anyone read anything official (not rumors off of boards) explaining why there was no America’s Team this Season? We had all that speculation about overhearing Production talk about James being America’s Player (or something to that effect) but nothing ever came of it. This season’s been so slow it seems like having an America’s Team might have worked nicely. (Especially if the audience had voted in opposing players from different groups.) Any official word why that never happened this season?

  34. If I were in John’s place, I would vote to evict Austin and force Vanessa’s hand to find out who she is loyal to. Then try like hell to win the next HOH. Vanessa will have to go on the block, if she chose to keep Austin put her up against Liz.

  35. Okay, BB fans. On Sunday’s episode when Vanessa and Liz went disguised to the Ariana Grande concert, did Vanessa look like Courtney Cox from her days on ‘Friends’ and Liz looked like Kylie Jenner from ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’? That’s what I saw.

  36. It cracks me up how Vanessa says I didn’t tell you to do that to jmac…and he is like omg is she crazy…hahaha. that chick is nuts and I wouldn’t trust her even out in the real world. She would probably sell a family member if she had to. That chick has no morals. She is unreal in how she tells people…oh you lied to me oh you are going on the block…reality check vanessa it’s called a game and you been doing that to every single person in that house. Just looking at her and hearing her voice and her BS she comes up with makes me want to throw up. Everyone is so chicken and doesn’t want to call her out and stand up to her. Wish I would have been in that house. Get some backbone people and put that bully in her place. Just in my opinion. Haha

    • And the comments about: “Well – I’d be freaking out, too, if I had all these side deals!”
      To Liz
      About Austin.

  37. If the F3 are John, Steve & Liz I have not problem, I’m not rooting for Liz, but between she, Austin & Vanessa I prefer she a little bit.

  38. I think John has a chance of beating everyone except maybe Austin because yes Vanessa and Liz played a very good game this season, but personally they are very rude and mean and I think that your relationships in the house are just as important as your comp wins, and I know that vicious people have won but they didn’t personally attack someone behind closed doors for reasons other than game wise so yeah lol Austin hasn’t done it but he’s just as annoying as them but I would vote for Austin and John over any of them

  39. These are the stupidest people I have ever seen on this show. They let Vanessa run this house and is not because she is so smart the others are so dumb. They had more chances to get Austin. Vanessa. Liz and Julia that did not want any blood really.. Idiots

  40. I am so tired or her crying and expecting everyone to tell her the truth but she is the worst liar there is. Gets others to do her dirty work and then lie about what she had done. Go away Vanessa

  41. Okay, so the leaks are probably going to happen again this year, just like they do every year. My only hope is that the leaks are legit – don’t tell us that Austin was evicted when it was actually Steve just because you want to mess with us (whether for malicious purposes or not). Let’s keep it nice and clean, folks.

  42. I keep seeing people state reasons why Vanessa should win but I have some opinions of my own on that matter. I will agree that for the most part Vanessa has played a better game than most others in the house this season. One thing that irks me to no end is seeing people say she is one of the best players ever. That statement bothers me so much because most of the house guests this year have been complete and utter idiots (to put politely).
    Sorry for all the people who love James but lets use him for an example. When he got evicted, he told Julie how much of a threat he was but didn’t seem to realize that Julie actually called him out on it by saying he practically did nothing all game except sit back and relax. Then there’s all the times that Meg was on the block against her own alliance and yet everyone who claimed to be teamed up with her wouldn’t vote out Meg and try to keep someone that can actually win competitions for them.
    Those are just some examples but there are far more and yes, I may not have used the best ones. I do want to talk about Jmac though since I see so many Vanessa lovers dissing him stating he hasn’t won an HoH so doesn’t deserve to win but that’s not true. He does deserve to win just as much as Vanessa if not more.
    Sure he may not have won any HoH’s but then again, you don’t need to win HoH’s to win Big Brother as previous seasons have proven like Dr. Will Kirby who never won a single HoH or Veto for that matter. If you don’t know who he is, you’re watching the wrong show. But if you are looking at competition wins, he has won a Battle Of The Block, the competition to get back into the house and 4 Veto competitions. He has also had next to no one batting for him this entire game and has made it this far pretty much on his own accord so to say he does not deserve to win because he’s done nothing or has not won a single HoH is completely asinine in my opinion. People also do need to remember that this is a social game and Jmac has not pissed off or betrayed as much people as Vanessa has which is another aspect to look at. Well that’s my two cents. Take it or leave it.

  43. I really hope John votes to save Steve. I think he could be Steve in the Bonelli but besides that money is not as important as friendship. You didn’t see Derek turning his back on Cody, or Dan turning his back on Memphis. Great. I would lose all respect for john if he Does not vote to keep Steve.

    • Derrick didn’t turn on Cody because he had no reason to. If Cody had been a threat to his game, Derrick would have cut him quicker than you can say “Traitor”.
      That said, I think Austin is a bigger threat to his game than Steve, so if I was him, I’d evict Austin.

  44. No Vanessa, Eric Clapton’s son died falling out of of a window…not cancer. And furthermore, Vanessa he had a pretty solid career prior to Tears in Heaven. D’oh!

  45. It will be up to Jmac to ensure to split the vot and make V decide, and she had better worry, SHe even made a statement to steve who ever sits next to Jmac would win, DUH everyone in the house sees that, Austin and liz must understand by now that steve or Jmac cannot win over them,
    She needs to wake up.
    Does Jmac really think that he has a chance if he votes out steve, I do not see Jmac voting to keep austin, but dumb moves seems to be this years theme,
    The best move so far was when V talked Julia into playing against austin in the POV , that was priceless, it was a win win win for her game, Her target was ausitn, but a twin was just as good, then to blame it on everything in the world, and they bought it hook line and sinker,
    It is going to be interesting to see who goes, I still think steve has a 98 percent chance of leaving, could be wrong but this year is full of hide in the shadows and not make moves, let someone else do it, V is famous for that,
    maybe this time she will not be afraid , and do what is good for her game not austin and Liz ,a team that will never seperate no matter what,

  46. Gay or straight has absolutely nothing to do with the game. Van is doing what they all do, lie cheat, and even steal a heart to win. Many have played and few found fame. Sorry Austin.

  47. After watching last night’s show, it seems Vanessa is jumping on the
    “Watch Me Waste My H.O.H. Opportunity” bandwagon. And, just as I thought, she puts up the decent part of the household for eviction and leaves the ones who are sure to back-stab her in the house. For a while I thought she might be a decent strategist, but I think she has dropped the ball this week. Her mistake was picking Austin as the replacement and not Liiizzzzz-Uh. I have never been so disappointed week after week as this season. These contestants have no brains or backbone. Why are they worried that someone might get mad or not do what they are told to do… um, this is supposed to be Big Brother? Remember? The only people being stabbed in the back are the fans in my opinion.

    These people cannot perform any actions on their own. I have never
    seen B.B. contestants like these… crying, whining and fussing over normal game play decisions. These people get angry over another
    person just having a thought. It’s the same thing, over and over.
    “How could you… ” or “Don’t lie to me…” followed by a crying fit.

    Case in point: It was atrocious that Liz had the pomposity to cry last week when she was nominated for eviction. How dare anyone actually play the game and do to her what she has done herself to others… un-frick-n-believable. To Liz (in her own dialect): Wwwwaaaahhh-uh!!! Oh my ggaawwwddd-duh!! Grow uuuuupp-puh!!! (If Liz and Julia are even a minuscule example of today’s youth that will run our country tomorrow, we are in Really. Big. Trouble.)

    I am not sure I am even going to watch Big Brother next season. This season has been nothing short of ridiculous.

  48. I wouldn’t say Vanessa is a smart player and playing a heck of a game, she’s just playing against a bunch of idiots. It’s like watching an adult play a game with children. She’s got stones – I’ll give her that “for me to do this I need the following 3 things to happen…”. and they all fall for it. My biggest problem with Vanessa is she’s a hypocrite, she has deals with all of them but her reasoning for all her noms is the deals she thinks they have amongst each other. With Vanessa – it’s all based upon who tells her the last lie before she does what she has to do. CBS should just give her the winning check now and her new show that she will be hosting and end this horrible season and move on to football.

    • It was so exhausting watching her last night. Who does she think she is questioning them like they are her children.

  49. I love how Vanessa talks about making a big move…now….its not really a huge move when you only have three people to choose from……a huge move would have been to take out the twins or Austin weeks ago….for such a smart person Vanessa is a complete and total idiot sometimes…i think these people must really go crazy in that house and lose all brain function. Common sense went out the window

  50. Vanessa needs to go. Why don’t they get her up on that block & vote her out? I don’t understand why they are so stupid to keep her. Anymore when she starts talking I just leave the room. I am so tired of her ruling the roost and I just don’t get why they can’t see what she’s doing. Vanessa is in it for Vanessa only and no one else. they all need to grow a pair or two and stop being such a scaredy-cats. Do I have anybody on my side of getting rid of Vanessa?

  51. I think John could win over any of them, making easier for him to get to final 2 would eliminate Steve the brains and Vanessa. They are more powerful than the showmance and not as loved by the jury

  52. V has another master plan rolling in her head, if she can get Jmac to VTE austin, she nows that liz will vote steve, she will turn around when she boots steve , and tell austin see you cannot trust Jmac, Or she gets a pair and votes out austin and then tells steve and jmac we are good right,

    We all forget about poor liz ,dizzy lizzy, she is all about lust for austin, she blames steve for julia going home, Dumb ass, it was V who did it, IT was Vs plan to have julia pick austin,for that pov comp.( great plan by the way,)

    I hope Jmac does not vote out steve and lets V come to grips and make her think real game, do not make it easy , Austin has to be livid, with being up on the block , him over liz how dare she do that,
    , Austin looked right at her and said in her face, I say what ever it takes to who ever it is ,it does not mean its true, and liz admitted to the same thing, Is V really that dumb, and did not hear it, Steve is the only one who told her the truth , and she went after him,
    Jmac is playing with her head big time, gotta love it, he understands her type of crazy, HE is also playing with her head, let her deicide who he votes for, He is setting her up. to make her more crazy,
    It should be done by now, we will not know anything until tommorw , dang it,

  53. just for clarification…vanessa left her husband while he battled cancer, and did not attend his funeral..her porn star girlfriend mel means the world to her and I hope she finds peace…i’m rooting for vanessa

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