Tonight On Big Brother 17: HoH Endurance Comp & Nominations

Tonight on CBS we’ll see the conclusion of the latest Big Brother Endurance competition where four of the final five Houseguests compete for safety and the power to control who goes up on the Block in these final weeks of BB17.

Big Brother 17 Endurance competition in Week 12 - Source: CBS
Big Brother 17 Endurance competition in Week 12 – Source: CBS

When things left off on Thursday we had just seen Julia walk out the door leaving her sister Liz behind to compete against Austin, John, and Vanessa. One of those four became HoH and then went on to set this week’s initial nominees.

In addition to the HoH win, another player won a “luxury prize” sending two HGs out of the house for a break and leaving us with sixteen hours of downtime as the remaining three players napped the day away. Yes, it was a pretty quiet weekend compared to the past few, but things picked up on Saturday with a disruptive Veto comp. Only ten more days until we’ll have a Big Brother 17 winner. Isn’t that crazy?

Can’t wait for all the spoilers? We’ve got the results for the HoH comp, nominations, and the Power of Veto competition! It’s been a busy few days of high strung emotions so there is going to be a lot to catch up on in the next two episodes.

Join us back here at 8/7c for the Big Brother 17 episode and chat with us and other fans throughout the show before we race back to see what’s going on the Big Brother Feeds.

Big Brother 17 Episode 36 preview. Looks like we’ll have an extended bathroom break period:


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  1. Extended bathroom break indeed Matthew. I’m gonna need it. My stomach started doing back-flips the minute I saw those shorts!

      • I had a feeling there was going to be a picture of Freaky Frankie on here so I eased down far enough to recognize the volcano erupting on his head and I hit end quickly. I have no visual of the shorts, thank God. I have last years memory for recall, though.:(

  2. For your information, BB was schedule to start at 8:30 pm tonight (because of football). Well, look like, it will be on time, 60 minutes just started at 7:30 pm.

  3. Matt did you have to ruin my day by showing Frankie? I sure hope he’s not going to take up a lot of the show tonight. Guess I’ll be hitting my mute button.

      • Right. All this discussion and paranoia is ridiculous! Plus, she is so frigging rude. Do whatever the heck you want to do.

  4. Hahaha Vanessa telling Liz that Austin has too many deals. Like a final 2 with everyone left like you do Vanessa.

  5. Nope cannot do it! Just tried to give the show one more try but I just can’t stand to watch Vanessa anymore! She is lothesome, horrible person of not character and integrity! I pray they really pic real players next seàson. Those who really know how to play BB.

    • I agree completely. Now that I know Frankie Grande is on tonight, wild horses couldn’t make me watch it. Since we know what happened anyway, no big loss, but a big gain by not having to ever see Frankie again. Why would they put him on? Does Ariana have another CD coming out? Don’t they know he makes a lot of us want to GAG! Depending on who wins the next HOH and who the nominations are, this week will probably be my last this season. The idea of Austin, Liz or Vanessa winning the game makes my blood run cold. I’ll just come here for the final results, and either yell with joy or commiserate with everyone. Cowardly, I know, but that’s how this season has made me feel. First time ever.

      • Not cowardly at all, and no one should make anyone feel like they are not a true fan for making a decision not to waste their time with something that no longer is interesting or entertainment. I applaud you for it. Good on you, EnglishRose. I said a couple of weeks ago that if the Nitwit, a Twincompoop, and Vanessa were the final three, I wouldn’t watch anymore either. There is always a smarta$$ who says that you can’t be a true fan if you do so. I guess you and I will be the smartest true fans, because at least we won’t be bored. hehe

  6. i am confused. can somebody tell me why she wants to take the showmance instead of john who she could beat at finale

  7. Freaky Frankie??? Why don’t they just let that nasty man/boy fade off into obscurity? Did he win some title that I missed? Like maybe “Big Brother’s Most Nauseating House Guest”? ACK! Gonna be an annoying Live Episode tonight….. Breaking out the good liquor and taking donations of rotten fruit to hurl at the TV

  8. From the two choices we have, I don’t really care who goes home; I just hope that it was the best choice for Vanessa’s game.
    In a way, Vanessa will have a harder chance beating Steve if they make it to the final 2.
    If she were in the finals with Austin, no way would the jury vote for Austin, except maybe Liz. Julia would not vote for Austin.
    But I’m getting ahead of myself. They have to get to final four, then final 3 first.

    • I think Julia votes for Austin along with Liz, but that’s it. I hope John wins HOH next week and sends Vanessa packing.

      • At this point, if both the twins were in the jury house, I don’t think Julia would just do whatever her sister does. She likes Vanessa more than she likes Austin.

        Unfortunately, John has a great chance of winning HOH. If that does happen, I hope Vanessa can win the Veto. It’s no secret that I’m rooting for her.
        I don’t want John to win the HOH. I hope Liz wins. She’s less likely to have Vanessa as her target.

      • It’s not like he would win anyways. I think any of the other four have a better chance of winning than Austin.
        Hopefully, Julia would vote for whoever had the best game, and not because Liz would want her to vote for Austin.

  9. Man…. Watching the “Princess of Paranoia” figure out who to nominate makes my teeth hurt…..and I’m not ashamed to say I’ve had dentures for years!

  10. Wishful thinking: John wins HOH … nominates Vanessa and Steve … John wins VETO … doesn’t use it …Vanessa shuffles off to LasVegas. John, Steve, Liz = final 3.

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