Big Brother 17: Vanessa Puts A Target On Johnny Mac

With Clay Honeycutt all but evicted from Big Brother 17 at this point it’s time to start looking ahead and Vanessa Rousso is ready for that. Next target on the horizon? Watch out, Johnny Mac.

Vanessa Rousso on Big Brother 17 - Source: CBS All Access
Vanessa Rousso on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Talking with Steve Moses this morning, Vanessa shot down an idea of the two of them working with Shelli and John to form a new alliance. Why? JMac wouldn’t be around much longer.

Flashback to 10:10 AM BBT as Steve updates Vanessa on his overnight talks with Shelli and Clay. Steve suggests the best thing right now could be a new subset alliance that includes the two of them plus John and whoever lasts in the Chelli duo. Steve thinks it’s a great idea because Shelli and Clay both like John and John likes him. Done and done, right? No thank you, says Vanessa.

Vanessa says she’s worried that alliance would be redundant and short lived since John is being targeted. Steve is surprised by this news and asks who is going after John. Well, no one, but let’s not answer that question, right Vanessa? Instead Vanessa suggests there is a lot of concern over John being a floater and if he doesn’t win an HoH soon he’ll be out the door.

Yesterday Vanessa got Steve riled by telling him that he’s considered a floater so he’s sensitive to the topic when it’s brought up this morning. He asks Vanessa who is seen as a floater and she gets curt with him saying she’s already explained this. John, Becky, and Steve are seen as floaters to the house, according to Vanessa who also sees Meg as a floater, but admits no one else agrees with her.

Jump forward a few minutes to 10:16 AM BBT. Vanessa starts to set up the rumor that John and Clay are brothers or cousins. Steve tells her about Project DNA and how that worked. Vanessa continues saying there’s a strong bond between Clay and John, stronger than one between Shelli and John. She says Clay volunteered to go up last week to protect JMac which she thinks is strange.

Steve questions the idea saying they’re hiding it well if related. He mentions they don’t have the same accent. “They live in different states, obviously,” explains Vanessa. Ahh yes. Obviously.

Perhaps sensing she could extend this rumor out another week since Clay is already on his way out the door, Vanessa adds that John and Meg might be related too. Good grief. Yes, she’s probably trying to make others paranoid, but she cries wolf so much I don’t know why anyone would give weight to ridiculous ideas like this.

My suspicion here is that Vanessa is nervous about John staying behind and seeking revenge for Clay’s ouster. When Steve mentioned Clay and Shelli supporting the idea of teaming up with John Vanessa wanted to know if it was Clay or Shelli who suggested it. Steve said both of them.

Vanessa knows John was crying on Saturday after Clay and Shelli lost the Power of Veto competition. Like the rest of us, she probably thought that was odd. I’m crediting it to the copious amounts of wine for the comp spectators, but she may think it’s something deeper than that. Either way, John could be in trouble here and Vanessa is not an enemy you want.

There are plenty of targets for Vanessa right now, but she’ll want to pick and choose. Given the chance I think she’d sooner go for Jackie or James, but this John discussion is an interesting one and could raise him on her priorities list.



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    • Oh so do I with a passion no has the balls to stand up to her! I wish someone would get some balls and take her on! i want her gone so badly!

      • What?????…go against Vanessa???.. This guy has no game, no social influence and listens to all of Vanessa’s lies….you joking…he will just target James and Jackie… I can’t….you just lost credibility…

      • Just no…Steve is the biggest waste of space…he will do the “easy” thing…

      • He will, if he doesn’t win HoH. He’s wanting to team up with JMac and Becky now.

      • And go where…because Becky and John is actually considering going with James, Meg and Jackie…. I don’t think Steve would ever…

      • Me either, but who really knows what Steve will do…I’ve noticed he follows the power of the house.

      • i am wondering something about Steve and i was wondering if he does have Asperger’s because he doesn’t read people very well and he doesn’t read social clues very well either!

      • I’ve noticed that too and asked if he could be Autistic or on the borderline of the Autism spectrum. He did graduate from Cornell, so hard to say.

      • Perhaps he’s ‘gifted’…….gifted people tend to have awkward social behaviour as well. Similar to aspergers or high end of autism. I work with students with special needs & often see gifted children.
        I’m rooting for Steve to go further. As far as winning the game? No! I don’t think he’ll do that. I’m not sure that playing the game & watching & knowing the game have any similarities. Jason didn’t know what to do either & he was a huge fan.
        Making your own moves as opposed to watching a player make moves are totally different.
        My thoughts!

    • In a fun way, right? She gets you to want to hate her. That’s smart in the BB house if you ask me.

  1. Yes! JohnnyWack will be on his way out soon! He’s a buffoon who’s done nothing all season but suck up and say stupid things in the DR and laugh like Elmer Fudd. CBS please don’t interfere: send him out! He’s the most boring “popular” BB houseguest ever!

    • No that would be that ignorant hick that everybody loved last year, Groundskeeper Willie or whatever the hell his name was.

    • But he’s won 2 Vetos when he had to and threw 2 BotB for those in power. He almost won the last HoH comp, he being one of the 3 left after 2 grueling hours. What has Steve ever done but be a floating snitch? I’ll think differently of Steve if he actually wins HoH and puts Vanessa up on the block!

      • Plus he’s the runner up in the squirrel POV to Clay. He’s smart, that’s for sure. Never underestimate him.

  2. I can not wait for when she gets put on the block, the feeds will be exhausting that week.

    • Vanessa has and Audrey-like capacity for mind warping and emotionally over-wrought game talk. Please, somebody take this emotionally unstable control-freak out of the game!

      • I thought that long ago, Vanessa is like Audrey… Audrey wasn’t calculated enough, she just went straight in, Vanessa thinks a little before she speaks and speaks, then talk, and talk some more…

    • She needs to be blindsided…not put on the block at first. You can’t even hint to her about going up, or she’ll bring shame upon them all…she knows way too much about each one. DE will be the best time to get her out.

  3. I really want Jackie or Meg to win HOH this week. Vanessa can’t control them either. And put Clay and Vanessa on the block and let them fight it out for POV and HG votes. I am so sick of the Shelli’s whining/crying, Clay looking like a puppy and Vanessa just being Vanessa. I would love to see all three gone and sitting in the House wondering what happened.

    • If Clay is miraculously saved, he could join the outsiders along with Vampire Dentist and Becky. That’s 6 people against 5th Sense.
      Exciting time. But a big IF.

  4. My hope is that Johnny Mac will win HoH. He is smart enough to know that the greatest threat in the house is Vanessa. She has decided or manipulated every eviction of the season.

    • Unfortunately he listens to Becky who is to strategy what Rube Goldberg is to efficiency.

      • Becky just told JMac that the need to work with the James Gang now. Wonder how that’s going to pan out, since J/J/M don’t trust her anymore.

      • It’s got to be through Jackie…Jackie and Becky are close…so, Becky needs to start building trust game wise with Jackie…. That is a good start…Becky also needs to completely sell the other side out too…

    • I don’t for a second think JMac would nominate Vanessa. He still wants to be in with the cool kids and will nominate James/Jackie.

      • Hard to say. We’ve never seen him in any position of influence or control yet. Once we do, it’ll be interesting to see the choices he makes and whom he listens to…

      • I do agree with you, but JMac better get on the ball to show me a little somethin’ somethin’ because my support for him is diminishing daily.

      • He & Becky just had a secret meeting. She suggested that they work with J/J/M now. So, maybe there’s a glimmer of hope!

      • Hope it happens or else they are dead meat… And I don’t mean James and them….I mean Becky and John…Becky and Jackie needs to start talking now if this is gonna happen…

      • Well that will only last as long as J/J/M have power. If one of them don’t win HOH I don’t see that happening.

    • The house…the house buys all of her lies… So she is actually doing a good job….

      • Not all the house. James, Meg and Jackie has figured her out just like people figured out Andy two years ago. The problem is they do nothing about it. Its like they can’t help but want to work with her – like with Derrick last year.

        If Jackie or Meg wins HOH next, it will be Shelli and Vanessa on the block or a back door on Vanessa After Shelli and Liz go on the block. They will justify this becaue Austin is going to betray James with his votes this week.

      • The difference last year was that Derrick was very subtle and when he influenced nominations, he did so in a way that made that person feel as though it was their idea. Vanessa is too in your face and reminds me more of Amanda.

      • Amanda was quite racist and evil, as annoying as Vanessa is…she hasn’t said any of those things…

  5. I hate Vanessa. She needs to go. She’s the most hated player of all time. I hope wins who actually deserves the money. Not a multi millionaire.

    • if she plays the best game, she deserves the money. It’s a game show, not a charity.

      • True, Gellie, but there is nothing wrong with not wanting someone to win when they already have money. Yo, I totally agree with you.

      • Technically you didn’t ask anything.
        Welcome to a discussion board, where people discuss things with one another.

      • I agree. As much as I do not like here I cannot support othe rplayers who play a lousy game – and all of them are playing a lousy game. Vanessa is full of herself. She is paranoid. She is irrational and is not gifted with super pwoers like she thinks she is, but she is manipulating people in this house so easily – just like Derrick. Everyone is afraid of her even though its just her.

        I give her credit even if I hope someone realizes she is the most dangerous player in the house. I would love to see her on the block begging for her life in the house. But I do not believe that is going to happen. Shelli is this year’s Cody. Steve is this year’s Victoria. Austin and the twins are Caleb and Frankie.

      • I wish everybody would quit bad mouthing Derrick from last year. He did play with a little integrity. He did not bad mouth people behind their back. He was very mindful of what he said.

      • I think Prince was comparing Vanessa’s smart and manipulative gamepay to Derrick’s.He meant it as a compliment but I disagree with it. Vanessa would be a lot more like Derrick if she didn’t freak out every five minutes about every decision she was going to make. Derrick was so calm and able to think things through without letting panic consume him.

      • Derrick did call Nicole Franzel a liar multiple times to her face and was very mean to her. Barring his alliance from talking to her to isolate her. Again, that is overkill as Derrick and his alliance had the big majority and you had only Nicole, Hayden and Donny on the other side.

      • TThere is no comparison of the two. That was last year. This year is so different. The HG’s are different. They may be decent people outside the house, but I hope the way they act inside this house is not a sample of what this country has got to look forward to. Im having a problem with this self centered narcissistic bunch of people. John is they only that doesn’t seem to be wrapped up in himself. I love the show but they need to choose a more diverse group to interact with each other.

      • she has zero balls!!!! doesn’t deserve to win anything all she does is talk endlessly.

    • She’s not at the top of this list, but she deserves to be on it …

      thetoptens dot com/hated-big-brother-us-15-players/

    • I remember Tarzan of Survivor fame. He looked like a bum in Survivor but, it turns out was a multi-millionaire plastic surgeon at that! Looks can be deceiving. He did not win Survivor. Even the hated Russell Hantz, I read was making a lot of monies on his oil investments so, he was doing pretty good although, he did not look much on Survivor as well!

    • Really? Cuz I’d want the person willing to play ‘the best game’ to win!! Who cares how much money she has. She just wants ‘bragging rights!’

    • Yeah. Reminds me of last year when Frankie said that Donny would not get afp bc America wouldn’t like him. I loved it on finale night when he didn’t win. His face was hilarious

  6. Oh Bruh-ther! Vanessa! You, my dear, are worse than the Grinch. You’re like an old, slimy banana peel and I wouldn’t touch you with a ten and a half foot pole!

  7. Vanessa is a nut! First everyone was a twin (she was almost convinced that she was a twin, I kid), now everyone are cousins.

    • Next everyone are siblings and then it will be everyone are dating…and then everyone are kissing cousins etc…she doesn’t stop….

  8. Okay, now this is interesting. Vanessa is taking an enormous risk by confiding in Steve about JMac being a house target. IMO Vanessa is testing Steve’s discretion. She knows JMac is in good with Becky, so if Steve tells JMac, Vanessa’s alliance will hear about it from Becky. She is trying to set up Steve to give her a reason to nom him. She has already made a promise to James that he and another are safe if she becomes HOH, so she needs to find others with a reason to evict. Of course if she and her alliance don’t win HOH, she is for sure going to get nommed. Never a dull moment with Queen V!

    • Vanessa is too emotional a player to plan something that intricate. She mostly reacts and over-reacts to things. You are giving her too much credit.

      • You may be right, though I keep remembering how she always looks for a solid reason to justify a nom so she can explain it to the other HG’s, like the Jason nom (It was what the house wanted) when we viewers knew it was her idea to get rid of strategic Jason so that his alliance would ‘crumble.’

    • She doesn’t really have to stick to her word with James because he already did not stick to his word. She can always use that “I can’t trust you because of last week” thing.

  9. I think targeting him is a bad idea especially with Jackie James and meg in the house. Vanessa can make a deal with John and he will be loyal where as Jackie Meg and James can’t be tamed.

  10. I don’t know if we should read into this… But Vanessa seems to be targeting a lot of the men….boys might wanna watch out and take her out… Just saying…

  11. I’m also guessing she needs a reason for targeting the people she wants gone…so she just make up lies….now she has a reason to get rid of John….

    • That is overkill at this point. Vanessa has the votes of Shelli, Austin, Liz, Julia and snitches John, Steve and Becky so, 7 or 8 sure votes on the Sixth Sense Alliance without even spreading rumors. Steve and John if they are even a tiny bit smart should join up with James, Jackie and Meg and tell them about the Sixth
      Sense alliance.

      • Unfortunately, Steve knows nothing but lies…and John is with Becky.. Who is a rat…

      • She may fear that Clay will advise John not to trust V. And to go with James or Austin over V? IDK. I was surprised she was considering him this early.

      • Unless she wants to make a girl thing this year….she might be thinking… A girl has never won against a guy in the final…maybe I should get rid of guys…. Let’s start with the floaters…because they are the easiest targets…

      • Could be. I would see her winning (today) based on play alone over all the guys. I was thinking she would take Steve to F2 (assuming he doesn’t take out anyone/as many as her).

      • She will eventually take him out as soon as jury is confirmed at some point…she wants the vote…

  12. Just goes to show the power wielded by Vanessa in the Big Brother House. Steve should have an inkling by now that he is dispensbile like a a soiled tissue and his usefulness to Vanessa is about over. Now, Vanessa is going to evict the floaters and they are so happy to vote to evict each other as she wants without question. lol

    • I am certain Vanessa wants to take Steve to final 3. He is Victoria. She needs his vote which she thinks will be dependable.

      • Steve won’t get to the final 3…as soon as jury is confirmed, Vanessa won’t need him…

    • Just goes to show unaware Steve is…really??? This guy buys whatever Vanessa tells him..really???….this is the representation of the superfan this year???…we are doomed…more like the Kathy Hillis…

      • Super fan is a most over used word. Those who proclaim themselves as super fans play the worst like they did not have a clue. The real super fans do not broadcast it but, use their knowledge to win the game. Like Ian of Big Brother and Cochran of Survivor, two geeks who are extremely smart and won because of their knowledge of the game.

      • Let us just go with this season, we have Audrey and Jason being super fans. Audrey did better between the two and Jason was “non-existent”. For someone who is supposedly a super fan, you would expect a bit more from him, trying his hardest to win HOH and POV. Strategizing and spreading lies to mislead people. Read the alliances and establishing good alliances to get further in the game. He just floated pretty much and did not even call out Vanessa and Shelli if he knew anything about them which he probably did not too. Even blowing someone’s game on the way out would show you knew how to play the game.

  13. I just hope that Vanessa doesn’t win HOH since I am not sure I can listen to her whine about blood on her hands 1 more time. I wish she’d just sit back and relax instead of acting so oddly paranoid.

  14. Wow – Shellie tells Vanessa she is pissed that Clay is not trying to stay!! OMG How can anyone be so callous? Apparently, Clelli is not the love affair we thought. Queen Diva Shelli thinks Clay should lay down his life for her, a person he met just 6 weeks ago!

    Clay’s real mommy is going to spank him good when he gets home.

  15. Now we can only hope that Vanelli (love that to whoever came up with it) self-destructs over the next 24-36 hours and the Austwins get wise to their evilness. I don’t think counting on Steve, Becky or even Jmac to turn back the house will help in this case. I also don’t believe Vanessa can hold it together very much longer. She has gone from paranoia to pure psychopathic evil. The way she played Clay in the bathroom then laughed to the twins the second he walked out was like watching 2 different people. None of the former poor pitiful Van was there….

    • Austin is cowering to Vanessa like an elephant to a mouse. If Austin would get his head out of his butt he would realize that he and the twins could take control of this house every easily this week simply by getting rid of Shelli. She is Vanessa’s muscle so to speak. Without her Vanessa can never dominate the house every week. It is in Austin’s best interest to vote out Shelli. It only helps Vanessa to keep Shelli.

      • I go back and forth on what is truly best for Austin (and the twins). But the key problem with them is that they are followers. I think you lined it up pretty well in another post – using a chess analogy. Austin is a pawn and the twins are bishops to the king & queen (Vanelli).

        They haven’t shown a lot of game on their own and when it comes to staying with Vanelli or flipping to james/Jackie/meg (which they would have to do if they defy Van this week), I think the twins, & Liz in particular, will make the choice. Many reasons they lean to Vanelli, just a few:
        1. Liz has said she hates james many times.
        2. The throwing of the BOtB by James when Liz was a target
        3. Jackie was the HOH who put up Liz and was having James throw. With the intent being BD Austin
        4. Vanelli (& Austin) got both twins into the game.

  16. It’s kind of obvious to me, Vanessa wants so badly to look like this master strategist to the point that she’ll try to manipulate people over things that are completely pointless. She comes up with all of these idiotic and ridiculous theories, basically throwing everything at the wall in the hopes that one of them sticks so she looks like a genius.

      • Hmmm, I’m not so sure she’d identify herself as trying to be like Derrick. I think she’s just using her best weapons (people reading & strategizing) to her advantage…

      • The problem is that she isn’t that good at reading people, half the time she’s right, half the time she’s wrong. At that point it’s just guessing.

      • Vanessa reads faces as a poker player – not people. She does not trust her first instincts – that hurts her

      • I said a while ago that she was trying to be a Derek. But – Derek did not only align with one side – he was friendly with everyone and know one really knew what he was up to…. Vanessa has all her cards on one stack and she is not liked by everyone. JohnnyMac might be closer to a Drek “type”

      • John is Derrick????… Hahahaha… He has had a hand in nothing so far…has not made a single real move and has no allies…lol…

      • Not Derek but a Derek type- like able – both sides talk to him – Derek slid through by not making enemies – little to no blood on his hands. His hand was in throwing BOB more than once and winning POV to save himself. Vanessa is to aggressive to be Derek.

  17. JMac is the winner this year. If anyone else wants to win they have to take him out. He’s the biggest threat in there.

    • How??? What winner worthy things has he done…???… Personality doesn’t count…

      • Always found a way off the block, zero blood in 1st half of game, and now he will start playing to win. (I hope)

      • Key word: hope….so nothing winner has been done….get an alliance and we will talk…

      • Personality does count when it comes to how adaptable and how well one blends into an alliance. Now mind you it’s not all that counts of course, but it does make a difference…

      • ? The alliance that is in control right now and keeping him around because he’s managed to blend in with them…

      • He doesn’t have an alliance…they are keeping for his doormat status ..he is totally sucked into Clay and Shelli’s ass…

  18. Vanessa’s rumor mills of seed dropping lies, are going to come around and bite her in the butt eventually. She’s going the way of Audrey with fables and fibs about HGs

    • Audrey’s style could have worked if a. She was in an alliance and B. She never got defensive. Vanessa hasn’t made those mistakes.

      • Will see, Audrey had more composure, Vanessa is a emotional time bomb that will explode soon

  19. If the other HG’s buy into her lies they are dumber than I thought. If they don’t vote Shellie out they are all but done for. I don’t get it, so were back to the drawing board again w/ Vanessa, if she would team up with James they could go all the way. She is not to be trusted and I can’t see why the others can’t see that.

    • Vanessa is gonna find a way to make people to believe her….she will stage another fight with John this time and accuse John about being related to Clay and throw him under the bus, get him put up and everyone will vote him out for being a liar….Vanessa’s game…right there…

      • Vanessa may attempt this ploy to get rid of JMac…not sure the HGs will believe her. Also, Shelli will be there to refute it, perhaps claiming that if Clay and JMac are related, she would know. Maybe this is wishful thinking. JMac is my fav.

      • Shelli can’t refute anything that is if she is still in the house after this week… Clay won’t be there to defend himself which means Shelli’s number 1 now would be Vanessa, so I think Vanessa can convince Shelli of anything after Clay is gone, especially when John is the one trying to defend himself… Who would Shelli listen to…john or Vanessa???…Vanessa…

      • True. Yes, I meant next week, assuming Shelli is not evicted on Thursday. I was thinking that Shelli would act as though she knows Clay very well and would have told her. Unfortunately Shelli will listen to Van.

      • I was gonna say a joke…but I’m just going to cut to the chase…Clay is one big closet case…

      • You know I was thinking that too but I don;t want to go to far with that. I don;t think he would have thrown himself under the bus for Shilli if that was true.

      • I agree. I do not get the live feeds, but from what others here have suggested, they have not even kissed. So weird to me.

      • maybe he wants to stop this on TV and just go home because he doesn’t like it..but some of his comments about loving the manly voice and loving when men talk to him like that were suspicious to say the least..

    • I dislike Vanessa, Shelli, Clay and Austin – although it depends on the Austin James conversation today. But not because they are playing the game its more about their personalities. Vanessa is so full of herself and she is so full of you know what most of the time. Shelli just thinks she is so entitled and now what she is doing to Clay is unforgivable. Clay was ready to throw himself under the bus fhr her and she repays him be getting pissed off at him when Vanessa tell her Clay is campaigning to stay? Clay for brooding around like a pouting child and also for feeling indignant that anyone would do to him what he did to them and Austin because he is creepy with Liz the way he has his hands on her every minute of the day like he is holding her down so she can;t get away. Also Austin for being such a wimp and letting Vanessa bully him around. Austin! Grow a pair!!!

    • She’s a snake. She lies to everybody, but if anybody lies to her they become a target. She uses everybody, and when she’s done with them they become a target. She needs to go. Soon.

      • That’s not her fault. That’s their fault. Look at Shelli and Clay. She threw them under the bus to James and yet Shelli and Clay are mad at Austin for not helping them sell their stupid plan to put up Steve.

        Austin too. Vanessa was going t back door him for a couple of really stupid things like his Judas vote which didn’t matter at all and telling Jason about Julia when everyone laready knew. He should be thinking if I can get back doored by my own alliance for such trivial things what am I doing in this alliance in the first place?

  20. Johnny Mac in trouble ? Not surprised. Van is full of paranoia of who is coming after her next . please get her out soon.

  21. I like JMac, but it’s started to dwindle a little bit when he started crying over Clay losing the Comp. Why would you show that to the HG’s?..and America. Do it in DR. I hope it’s some kinda of a strategy, he can explain in DR. To me it’s odd………..I don’t think they’ll buy Vanessa’s.(cousin bull s**t theory)

    • Do you think JMac will vote to save Clay? Becaueif James can get Austin and the twins to give him 2 votes, the two he would have gotten had Liz been on the block that would be enough to get rid of Shelli.

      • I’d like to think that Prince, but Clay is like in the Titanic ready to die for Rose. He’s not doing anything to save himself in the game. I have no respect for that kind of player. He should start apologizing on feeds for thousands of BB applicants.

  22. Give it some time and maybe, just maybe this other side will finally figure it out this week. Team up with someone like John and get that HOH and go after Vanessa and Shelli if she stays.

    • It might be too late. James had the chance this week to put Shelli vs. Vanessa on the block and blew it. I seriously doubt anyone will have that chance again. Most are playing a “no blood on MY hands” game and are thus too afraid to make a big game move. Lastly, I am not certain that James will survive this mistake long enough to have another chance to do it.

  23. Vanessa is smart like a fox. If she protects and takes these floaters or someone like Austin to the end guess who wins. These folks better wake up and catch on to what she is doing or she will be cashing the big check.

    • She is not taking Austin. too big of a risk. She is going to try to take Shelli and Steve and she will dump one of them when she has too. If Shelli wins too many comps Vanessa will take her out but if its close between her and Vanessa she will take Shelli to F3. Shelli is Vanessa’s muscle in the game.

      • Vanessa will take Shelli till the later part of the game. Watch our for Meg who is going to be the pawn in Vanessa’s game. She is going to be number 2. Why Meg? For one, she is not a threat, has won nothing, done nothing so, sitting next to her, they have to give Vanessa the $1,000,000 check and a unanimous vote to boot!

      • I agree completely. Actually, Van needs to start to think of ways to break down Austwins. Not right away, but the plans need to be put in motion – likely trying to get the otehr side to do her dirty work. If any of the 3 makes F2, then 2 jury votes seem already decided against Van and for the surviving Austwin.

  24. Don’t be foolist. Shelli is starting to show her true colors. She is gently rolling Clay under the bus here and there.

  25. Vanessa n shelli must go let fans pick who leaves and who goes on the block. Let me give them the news and I will tell them America does not like u.

  26. As things look at this minute, Vanessa has an 80% chance of being HOH next week. Since James can’t play, Shelli/Clay, Austin, Liz, Julie, Steve, JMac, or Becky winning would basically be putting Van in charge. The only two she definitely wouldn’t be controlling is Meg and Jackie.

  27. Vanessa going after JMac is EXACTLY what the “other” side of the house needs, because JMac has been with Becky/Clay/Shelli all along — not the James, Meg, etc group. This would be a dumb move for Vanessa, and a good one for James’ side.

  28. I like Jmac, but he’s hopelessly in the Clay/Shelli grouping. Its hard to root for him because I despise the side he chose.

  29. Vanessa embodies the old saying: “If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit.” She’s used both but as yet no one has called her on it.

  30. James’ huge huge mistake of keeping Clay on the block and not putting up Vanessa could end up becoming the turning point of the entire game.

    I am tempted to already congratulate Venessa now.

    It isn’t that she is a Derrick and playing a perfect game– it is more that the rest of the HGs are downright unable to play this game with any skill whatsoever.

    • Putting Vanessa up would have been a huge error. You’ve already pissed off Shelly and Clay by nominating them. Taking one off the block and then voting Vanessa out would leave both Clay and Shelli in the game gunning HARD HARD HARD for James, Jackie and Meg. Vanessa would need to be nominated with a floater or with a twin.

  31. My completely unrealistic hope to fix the balance of the house for the second half of the game:

    DE week next week and Shelli and Venessa are both tossed. Then Austwins and Jamegkie duke it out with Steve, JMac and Beckie as wild cards.

  32. Oh my God…Shelli really does have to go now. Right after she asked Steve to vote for her to stay, she went to Clay and told him she feels faint, then went and sat outside the bedroom and started crying, making sure Clay heard and saw her. He came and began to hug her, throwing her the pity party she was wanting.

    • Shelli is evil! Shows she does not care about him. I understand she wants to stay and should try to get votes; however, manipulating Clay in such a way is unconscionable.

    • If I were Clay’s real mother, I’d be wanting to get my hands on that jezebel (using definition of “shameless or wicked woman”) about now.

  33. I don’t know what all the hate here is, she’s playing a really good game and people hate her for that? ( this coming from a jMac fan)

    • I say things about Shelli and Vanessa that might sound like I ‘hate’ them…but I don’t. Not really…only in the game. I think that’s how most people feel when they post negative things about the HG’s. We’re just reacting on our primitive instincts…at least I am!

  34. It’s smart for Vanessa’s game to start putting a target on John – there’s no way he gets to F2 and goes home with second place. However, I’m not so sure production’s gonna be keen to get rid of this season’s favorite HG. Though, let’s face it, the fan favorite tends to be the DE victim every single year.

  35. Right now: After James DR session. He gathered all the HG’s to the living room, he’s about to read something..and BB stopped it….then fish..

      • It’s a tiny leak on their part. Anyway, it’s from a BB card that he has to read.. Maybe an announcement?..who knows?..Feed id back..I have to listen to convo.

      • What’s happening now, please? I hope BB hasn’t come up with some kind of twist to keep Shelli and Clay.

      • From just reading, there is nothing going on except talk about what kind of food they are getting.

  36. I like to watch world series of poker on tv occasionally. What pisses me off the most is, why a person (Vanessa) who is actually a millionaire on Big Brother….I haven’t heard anything about playing for a charity or anything.

  37. oh come on vanessa. just shut up already! i hope whoever wins next week, gets her sorry butt out of there! i am so sick of her.

  38. Seriously? I thought Audrey was worse, this woman is worser! Don’t you dare go after my vampire dentist … (if I can insert a fuming cat emoticon here)

  39. Vanessa has done well up until now but she’s starting to talk waaay to much. She’s playing way too hard when she doesn’t need to at this moment.

  40. BB nation is now divided. Do you hate Vanessa as a cutthroat player or a fan of Vanessa for her laser gameplay? At the end of the day we have to make a decision. Does she deserve final 2 of not? I th

    • It isn’t so much that Van is a good or bad player for me. It is more about the rest of the house being such awful players that makes me smirk slightly at all of this,

  41. Been saying it all week but it still blows my mind that James passed up on the golden ticket to the finals that would have come out of taking Clay down and putting up Vanessa.

  42. Steve sucks. Useless player. Just another Ian who just puts himself in an alliance of smart players and has them do gameplay for him and if he wins people will praise him. I hate people like Steve.

  43. It’s turned into the Vanessa show. Houseguest s need to get it together and target Vanessa out the door now. Hopefully they can do it quickly and efficiently. But the house has hard time keeping secrets.

  44. I want Shelly to go home because I wanna see if clay an Meg will develope into something while Shelly is at home watching!

  45. I also like Johnny Mac and his family said he is playing low key on purpose. He better step up his game though because he will find himself out the door. I can’t stand Vanessa, at first I liked her but she does seem to spazz out when she is upset or caught up in her lies. I’m glad James had the balls to separate Shelli and Clay. They really were running things for far too long. Becky is a pathetic waste. She’s like the high school girl who runs around telling all the gossip she hears, hoping to fit in. This HOH is so important and here’s Hopi g Meg or Jackie wins it.

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