Big Brother 17: Vanessa Works To Divide & Conquer Shelli & Clay

Vanessa Rousso never lets a good opportunity slip away and amazingly she’s turning two allies on the block in to a good opportunity. Well, for her, not them.

Shelli Poole shocked by what Vanessa Rousso tells her
Shelli Poole shocked by what Vanessa Rousso tells her – Source: CBS All Access

This afternoon Vanessa went to Shelli to assure her of her safety but to also warn her that Clay was gunning for her spot in the house. Pish posh whether or not it’s true. It’s Vanessa-ese.

Flashback to 1:40 PM BBT as Shelli and Vanessa slide in to the HN room where Vanessa makes her swear on her family to protect the words she’s about to pour out. Shelli’s getting scared, y’all.

Vanessa tells Shelli that Clay came to her last night and discussed how it looked like Shelli was going. Vanessa presents this in a way that it sounds like Clay was asserting that Shelli should be the one to go. More likely Clay simply expects that it’s Shelli since they’ve repeatedly been told she’s the target.

Shelli reinforces that view of Clay by saying she’s getting upset with Clay for assuming she’s going. He asked her to contact his family when she gets out and Shelli didn’t like that assumption at all. Shelli can’t believe Clay expects her to just lay down and die in the game.

Not to worry, says Vanessa. She’s here to save Shelli. Vanessa explains she’s locked down the votes and was able to convince Steve after a long and difficult road. “It took all day,” says Vanessa. Nah. It took a few mins yesterday as she told Steve what to do and he agreed. She says that Steve wants to keep her because he thinks she’s a threat and he likes having big threats around.

Vanessa isn’t done yet though. Remember how she doesn’t miss an opportunity? Well Vanessa points out that this morning Steve told her about forming a 4-HG alliance with Vanessa, Johnny Mac, and the surviving member of Chelli, but Vanessa says Steve wants that remaining member to be Clay because he thinks that particular 4-HG dynamic would be better. Wait a second. Didn’t she just say Steve was on board to keep Shelli?

Vanessa tells Shelli to be tough about JMac in front of Steve and not only that but she thinks the idea of that group is “dumb!” and accomplishes nothing. Vanessa says those guys aren’t even their allies. Heh.


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    • Can Shelli stay mum thru Thurs? Not sure.
      Hope not love to see a major blowup Btwn her, V so V will turn on her and flip the votes the other way.

      • I think she will (sigh). Would be some nice theatrics. It is actually kinda boring right now – I can’t wait for the HOH on Thursday and the next round. This one seems settled.

      • Shelli’s been throwing a pity party about having to leave and Clay is falling for it, hugging her and telling her everything’s going to be okay, but of course that was right after she’d come from asking Steve if he was still voting for her to stay.

      • I hope it boils her blood to think of Clay actually trying to stay in the game and she blows. I mean, really, how dare he!

      • I can’t believe Shelli is actually upset that Clay MIGHT be trying to stay instead of falling on his sword for her. I can see why Shelli is no longer married too…

      • I really hope and think she will tell/ask Clay on Thursday so that way she’ll be able to put everything together with little to no repercussion whatever it may be. She’ll be able to see if it’s Clay that’s lying to her or if it’s Vanessa. And I really hope she’s not so far down the Vanessa rabbit hole that she is taking her word over Clay’s. She’s clearly been fishing around asking or saying random things to him which is why I think she will eventually tell him before he leaves.

      • He ain’t leaving. Vanessa’s telling everyone to keep Shelli, but by Wed she’ll make up lies to tell everyone why Shelli should leave after all instead of Clay! Watch and see! I’m betting this is her strategy this week. And Shelli and Clay none the wiser in the meantime.

      • That certainly does seem like a plan she’d come up with but I think the only way she flips the votes is if Shelli starts showing doubt in her. Which is why I think Shelli will wait until Thursday to tell Clay. She can get him to stay controlled until he leaves and no one would be the wiser.

      • That’s Van’s plan for Shelli too! haha Then WAM, just like with Jason! Then James will owe her for that taking place too!

  1. Vanessa’s laying the groundwork and illusion that If Shelli does stay it’s all because of Vanessa. She wants Shelli to feel like she owes her. What’s sad is I don’t think this is Vanessa playing a game. This is Vanessa in the real world as well. If Clay stays Vanessa will try to convince Clay it was thanks to her….

      • Unless Shelli tells Clay what Vanessa said, in which case Clay very well could decide to blow her up to the entire house. Next thing you know, Vanessa is the target next week.

      • Fingers crossed. I used to like Vanessa but feel like she’s overdoing it now. You know Shelli is going to talk to Clay.

      • I can’t imagine that she wouldn’t. I really hope she gets caught soon, maybe I’m wrong and Vanessa is amazing, but we haven’t really seen her confronted over her own lies yet. If she is, I have a feeling that she will crumble.

      • Vanessa knows this too, but if she can plant any seeds of doubt, she’s really not got anything to lose once one or the other goes.

      • And Shelli won’t be able to retaliate if she walks out that door on Thurs night. It’ll make for some great t.v. when she gets the shock of a lifetime twice in a week then has to talk to Julie! hahaha That’s what I want to see than a sullen Clay head there.

      • Her ability to invent unreal occurrences, precede to talk others into believing them, downright makeup lies on/about people with no regard to their feelings or how real personal issues could be affected in a negative way. Van appears emotionless at times, then overly emotional at others.

      • Right, maybe she’s all that. I think what she’s doing is BB textbook..maybe new. I can’t compare her game yet to any Vets. i wanna see her on the block and see if she can evade it….She’s playing the game, I like that.

      • June Song, BB winner guest on RHAP she said she has the “Junkie” kinda look and attitude. lol

      • I’m really hoping her lies about the HG being related are what do her in because as plausible as that is, it really is too far fetched at this point in the game.

      • Her reason to evict every body is “they lied to me” now I can’t trust them any more! And she lies, just to lie, I don’t want to see her win, I don’t want to see her in finale three, hell I don’t want to see her still there after DE. I’d just like to say bye b!t(h. Snake is an understatement .

      • Completely agree!!! I was so hoping that when James, Meg & Jackie were debating on if it should stay the same or BD Austin or Vanessa that they would choose Vanessa. Jackie was all about it but the more they talked the more they talked themselves out of it. I was so disappointed but not shocked since the 3 of them are completely clueless.

    • The sad truth is all of the great big brother players through history are probably manipulative assholes in real life. I don’t think Dan was just winging it the way he duped people and made them do things they didn’t want to do. Those types of skills are developed over years of practice. With the exception of Derrick because he learned his manipulation skills professionally, all the other BB greats most likely learned their manipulation skills in their everyday life.

    • I think it’s working too! Keep both of them campaigning at the same time as well as against each other. May the best person win in this Van war!

      • Omg why do you keep commenting EVERYWHERE!? It gets really annoying really fast

  2. She is so good that she can not stop playing the game. You got this Vanessa. Hope you get James, Jackie and Meg out next.

  3. If Vanessa keeps this up it will bite her in the butt. You can’t keep making stuff up and expect people not to repeat it to somebody. When you spew so much crap it’s hard to remember what you didn’t say and who you said it to. It will come back to bite her.

    • Well, it will be gone on Thursday. No longer 6 of them! But its remaining members may be even more odious to many, especially if they win HOH after going down a member

  4. van or snake in the grass, oh her lies, she will be found out , when that does I will do the happy dance

  5. I can’t believe Austwins will go along to keep Shelli in game. They have to fall in line behind her and V. Have they forgotten Austin was almost BD’d? It’s like them letting the twins in and letting the showmance stay together. You’re leaving in 2 HoH champs with Vand Shelli.

    • There dumb all of them except for jackie she is not so easy to convince. They will vote out jackie,James and meg. And Vanessa or Shelli will walk away with the money because they are so trust to Vanessa.

      • I’m hoping she wins the next HOH because she will be the one to put up Vanessa

      • Jackie is a lot smarter then people give her credit for. She has Vanessa’s number and along with James and Meg they know what she is up to. They said she was the head of the snake. The night before POV ceremony Jackie told James she would use it on Clay and put Vanessa up. Unfortunately Meg was scared and he left it the same. They know Vanessa is the one that has to leave next. The 3 of them had a conversation with Austin and the twins saying why would you leave the stronger player in (considered to be Shelli) when you have the chance to get her out now? Austin and the twins feel that Clay could come back strong so I think James, Jackie and Meg know there is a chance they won’t have the votes to get Shelli out. Of course that’s them listening to Vanessa and I wish they would smarten up. Jackie and Meg know one of them have to win HOH which I am hoping will be Jackie. I can’t stand Vanessa or any of 6th sense. Vanessa may be very smart with cards but she has been very wrong with so many of her assumptions of people. Now she thinks JohnnyMac and Clay are brothers because he cried when Clay was put on the block. I don’t get JohnnyMac, Steve or Becky. They seem to be playing an Andy type of game especially Becky. I agree with whoever said Vanessa is another version of Audrey. Just listening to both Clay and Shelli talk on the feeds a little while ago at this point I am just happy one of them is going. They both are such braggers and have this attitude that they are way above all the other players.

    • I swear I can’t believe these people are this dumb. It’s almost like some of these people are just there to be on tv to further wrestling and model careers. Probably not true but its what I have to tell myself to not freak out that these people could be the future of humanity.

      • Cummon now. Next thing you’ll be telling me is that some of these people are approached by casting directors & agents to be on the show instead of them being an accurate and real representation of the American population. I’m sure they all went through the same process of applying, sending in video clips, and going through interviews… lol… Yes yes I’m sorry to say this my friend, but it is in fact true that most of these people here are cast (not applicants) who are there to further their exposure for modelling and acting ambitions. They have ”casting parties” for those who fit the profile of what the show is looking for.

    • Austin knows that Shelli will always be a bigger target over him. And the twins trust that Vanessa can control Shelli if Shelli were to win HOH

  6. I don’t understand how so many people are still saying how great Vanessa is at this game, all I’m seeing is the next Audrey. She’s making up unnecessary lies and relying on people not comparing notes. That might be something you can pull off in the final 5, but we’re not even in jury yet and she’s doing this.

    • I’ve been predicting the Vanessa meltdown for weeks on this site. It will be epic when it happens.

      • The good thing about predicting somebody getting voted out of the house is that you stand a great chance of being right! In fact there’s only one way you could be wrong… :)

    • Vanessa’s controlling the game. She’s way better at this than any of them. She controls the action while always keeping bigger targets in her opponents crosshairs if the power shifts. It’s a treat to watch.

      • She is totally controlling the game, Jason was getting close to be on to her and she took him out.

      • If she were controlling the game as you suggest, wouldn’t James be putting up someone that wasn’t so close to her going into this week?

      • She’s got the numbers strongly in her favor in a game of numbers. Sure, she doesn’t have the power this week, but wait until next week when she starts picking off all of James’ allies.

    • Not hard when the other house guests are not using their heads. Just last week, Vanessa formed a new 8 person alliance including Jason, James, Meg, Jackie, etc. Also, promised the other 7 people in that alliance to backdoor Austin. Jason got backdoored and James the current HOH still likes and trust Vanessa. She promised
      James safety. How many lies does it take to be deemed untrustworthy? Vanessa can lie 100 times to their face and still they have no clue! Sad and funny at the same time. Vanessa is playing a terrific game when she can lie over and over again and still they do not have a clue!

  7. I’m just waiting for that moment where Vanessa has so much hubris that she tries to break up Liz and Julia. I really think that she might try it at some point, I’m calling it, that will be her downfall.

  8. Out of curiosity I just watched a few videos of Vanessa playing poker on youtube. When she does get beat, it’s by a player playing on her paranoia. I’m guessing after being on Big Brother her poker career could be over if her opponents watch Big Brother.

    • The matches I’ve seen where she gets beat is when she overestimates her hand. The odds are usually in her favor, but she goes balls to the wall when the odds are stacked against her opponent. As we know, that usually works, but not always. She’s doing something very similar here. The odds are in her favor, but a Vanessa or Meg win on Thursday and her game is over.

      • You must mean Jackie, not Van. But otherwise you are right, if Jackie/Meg wins, then likely will see Van and an Austwin up. Not Shelli since I think Van would get Shelli tossed. Only an Austwin will guarantee the votes for a Van eviction (with HOH tiebreaker possibly needed)

      • Well, Let’s all root for Jackie and Meg to see what happens next week. I’m sorry but I’m tired of hearing Liz whine; and apparently it’s a family trait.

      • Or let’s all root against Jackie and Meg next week. I’m sorry, but I won’t watch a season where James and Meg control the game. I want to vomit even thinking about that.

      • Those three suck, yes, and hopefully they’ll be out the door soon but I hope they manage to drag Vanessa out with them.

      • I love Vanessa, but she’s got a very tough road ahead of her now. I don’t foresee this working out well for her. If she makes it to the final 2, that lady deserves every penny of the half million.

  9. Now, Shelli owes Vanessa her life. Like a mafia don giving his blessing.
    Remember to kiss the ring Shelli! lol

  10. Okay, I’m gonna have to watch Vanessa’s diary room sessions because I have NO IDEA what is going through her head today. She seems to be all over the place again, and yet there must be a plan in there somewhere.

    • No doubt she’s a complicated person who tends to overthink and over complicate things sometimes… On the other hand she also tends to be a step ahead of everyone else…

  11. My hope at this point is that Vanessa over plays this games, and scares Austin and the twins. Therefore they realize Vanessa and Shelli together would be too dangerous. Then the twins, austin, jackie, and meg vote Shelli out. Then Jackie wins HOH and puts Vanessa and Steve on the block. I would love to see James, Meg, Jackie, Liz, Austin, and Julia working together.

      • I bet you Vanessa could find a way to get Julia to vote out Liz. She would go down in the history books if that happened.

      • At some point the twins will have to turn on each other, so all Vanessa has to do is just wait for the time when it makes sense to raise that argument to Liz/Julia… There’s only one winner.

      • I’m not sure that would happen, but it does seem possible for Liz to maybe vote against Julia.

      • So would I!! I would also love to see Vanessa in a position of being in danger to go home. And I think the biggest chance of that happening is for Jackie to win HOH. She is good at sniffing out the liars!

      • It’s funny because I want the minority to win one more time….and that’s it. lol Just to even out the playing field

      • Taking Vanessa out would have left the house with possibly 3 alliances each about 3 or 4 people strong. I think that would have been far more interesting to watch that play itself out week after week.,

      • It could happen if & when the numbers get a bit smaller. Vanessa is surely thinking about how to get it to that point.

    • The positive outcome to the blow up over Jason’s backstab, would be that the whole house appears to have been woken up and are starting to play the game. True Vanessa, and I also give credit to Shelli for playing hard, have been something to watch. I hope to see more houseguests play smarter and alert. I’m not sure the alliance you mentioned could be formed because early on Liz showed and told us that she in not so many words—doesn’t care much for Jackie—It seemed liked a school girl thing? In fact, Jackie is on the top of Austin’s eviction list, but that’s why Liz wanted him kept in the game. She knew he would be good for her game. I Would like to see someone figure out whose doing the snitching or at least that Vanessa, Austin, Liz, and Julia have been and still are working together. We shall see.

  12. The key to know when someone is lying is that they talk WAY too fast and they don’t let the person they’re talking to get a word in edgewise. That way the other person can’t question them about contradicting statements. Baffle ’em with BS. Vanessa is a master manipulator. Good game technique. But I really think it’s gonna bite her in the butt soon. She won’t be able to keep her lies straight.

    • The next time Meg, James, Jackie of Becky wins HOH, I think we may see Vanessa on the block against Shelli. That will put the final nail in the 6th Sense coffin.

      • Unless Shelli is evicted this week. That’s what James wants. Vanessa needs to go and go very soon.

    • I can’t stand her, but her baffling with BS seems to be working so far. Too many of them are stupid – smart HG’s would have figured her out already.

      • That’s why we need good people like you in there to show us how it’s done! Then I can root for you on the site here! :)

      • Awww mom you didn’t have to log into your second account to say this to me. ;) Ok ok, no but seriously Sara, I’m always a combination of playful and imbecilic… just ask anyone. ;)

    • Well there are other signs also (and it’s unwise to rely upon one ”signature” of a lie), but yes you’re right in saying that one of Vanessa’s ”tells” is her talking fast and trying to dominate a conversation…

      • The biggest sign is to get the person to talk, and see which way their eyes are pointing. Depending on if they’re right handed or left handed, looking one way indicates that the person is recalling a story whereas looking the other way indicates that the person is creating a story. Interesting stuff. I recommend looking it up if that’s something that interests you.

      • lol… Guess I should probably tell you I’m a professional profiler (ask Cyril, Sharona, Lavendar, Capt, or any of the veterans on here about it)… I’ve had some funny experiences watching this show over the years… ;) And yes you’re right to say that one of the signs is their eyes – a LOT can be viewed about a person through their eyes which have more involuntary motions than people can control (it’s why people wear sunglasses at poker games)…

      • Oh no way. That’s very cool. Is your background in psychology? My job put me through training for 3 weeks with a former CIA interrogator because so much of my job is interviewing people and seeing when they’re lying or telling me the truth. It’s very interesting watching a show like BB with that training under my belt. I love listening to the pitch and speed of their voices too, especially Clay when he’s lying. He’s really bad at it. Shelly’s not much better. I think I’d probably know they were lying even if I didn’t know because I’m watching the show.

      • Well then you’d be a step up on me. I think one of the things I learned later on in my career is that it is always safer to assume you don’t know something instead of assuming you know something. So if I were in the BBHouse, I’d assume very little and probably try my hardest to play the game more like Jackie who is every bit as observant and good at reading people as Vanessa, but she lacks the ability to express her thoughts in a timely manner in order to manipulate people around her (so I’d argue that Vanessa is a better strategist)… It’s cool you got to do a bit of training with psych profiles – and yeah I’ve actually got a background in education, psych, counseling and (of all things) public speaking. After years of working in various roles I started my own company where I travel around speaking to Ceo’s, managers, teams & even at large conferences teaching people about well… ”people”. There’s a lot of misconceptions about what makes a person a ”person” out there and it’s something I’ve become recognized as an expert in…

      • Now I’m wondering if I ever attended any of your conferences. :-) Probably not, but that sounds like a cool job.
        Those techniques aren’t fool proof. I’m guessing Vanessa has done something similar to the program I did, and we see her being wrong often as well. The people here aren’t giving her credit for the times she’s right, which happens more often than not.
        About your assumptions argument, I’d say that’s correct. The houseguests are making a lot of assumptions about twists that have been so off the mark. Like Audrey being America’s player. Or Clay and Austin being related. It’s slightly strange. Agreed on Jackie too. She’s not terrible at the game, and she’s the one of those three I think might squeak by. Meg and James no way.

      • you got it! And who knows? Maybe you have but I’m moreso based in Canada so unless you’re up in these parts there’s a good chance we wouldn’t have crossed paths… And really, when I’m the keynote speaker at a conference (or otherwise) I truly do believe that my greatest ”wisdom” (that people tell me I have) comes mostly from my assumption that I’m an idiot and that most of us probably would be better off assuming we know less than we do than assuming we know more than we do… I also need to keep being reminded of this because it’s easy to think that decades of training, experience, teaching, and studying people gives me ”more” than what others might be able to give to me, which is false. I have a LOT to learn from good people like you for example! :)

      • The Matlock method. :-) And Matlock always got his guy. Hubris and complacency will nail ya in the long run. Good points. You’ve been my soothsaying fortune cookie for the evening minus the MSG meal that precedes it.

      • I’m watching BBAD. Before Vanessa came into the room, they were discussing Vanessa. Meg and Jackie are onto her lies and manipulative ways. Jackie flat out said if she wins HOH, she’s putting Vanessa up. I think Meg would too. I think Vanessa knows this and she’s running scared right now.

  13. I think they still are! They’re just faking this because they know one of them will go home on Thursday!

    • I think Shelli cares far more about staying in the game than she does about Clay. She wasn’t willing to throw Vanessa under the bus to save the both of them and today she seems angry with Clay for not throwing himself under the bus.

  14. Was just on Joker’s Updates and Shelli mentions something about a reset, is she just speculating?

    • This week was basically a reset. Jason went home last week and there should have been 8 people to vote this week but now just as last week there are 9.

  15. Wow. Just—wow. Vanessa is quite the piece of work. I don’t like her; but you have to give the chick props for playing the game…

  16. The dummies are Austin, Liz and Julia, although Julia seems to get it. Without Shelli in the house Vanessa will never be able to take out Austin and the twins herself. With Shelli and Vanessa, they could keep the HOH several weeks in a row picking off on Austwin each week.

    Austin is not thinking long term. Vanessa is. Austin is worried about next week.

    But as it stand, James just needs one of them to vote to evict Shelli and Shelli is gone. Perhaps he can convince Julia to do it because she is leaning that way. Then Becky and JMac will vote with Jackie and Meg to evict Shelli. With Vanessa campaigning against Clay it could get pretty uncomfortable for Vanessa. I am dreaming of course. People in this house seem to do the dumb thing for themselves.

    • The other way to think about it is that Shelli has a much better chance of winning HoH relative to Clay. What they need more than anything is a friendly face in the HoH room. Shelli may be problematic in the long term for Austin and the twins, but she’s far less of a problem than having Meg, Jackie or James as HoH.

    • I pray she wins the next HOH and put up Shelli again if she survives this weeks eviction with Vanessa, the James team should continue to do that until those two are evicted from the house.

      • I don’t think Vegas odds makers would place a high probability of this particular outcome taking place. I’d say the odds of this are slightly better than me winning the Mega Millions jackpot.

      • And when I say slightly better than me winning Mega Millions, that’s saying a lot considering I never buy lottery tickets. ;-) But yes, hot tubs and bottles of Dom Perignon for all on this site after I cash in on this imaginary ticket.

      • I’d gladly exchange my hot tub & bubbly for the chance to take a fun cruise next summer with everyone on this site – how fun would that be?!!

      • That would be an interesting affair. People from all walks of life, ages, education levels, careers, etc. all bound by a common love for crappy reality programming. I also sense some belligerent drunken conversations at the bar on the horizon.

      • Oh I don’t care, so long as people are willing to get on the dance floor, sing some bad karaoke, and let me occasionally win at table-tennis & volleyball, I’m a happy guy! ;)

  17. How did Austin got selected for this game is beyond me, this dude is the dumbest player ever in BB history, all that muscle and no brain acting like a tough guy yet can’t win any game for crying out loud, all the while begging and crying to Vanessa and Shell not to put him on the block for the wimp that he is.
    A big chicken sh.t, a big floater he rather spend his time chasing Liz and lifting weight instead of focusing on what he went to the house for, talking about a lost puppy then he just follow what ever Vanessa tells him to do, this dude is useless and he should have been bounced from the house last week instead of Jason.
    I also believe that he has tattooed all the brain cells from his head to the ink on his body if this ever make any sense, I am very upset the way this guy is playing the game, he took a spot which someone else with brain and purpose would have gladly use to make the game more fun for viewers.
    He irritates the crap out of me, his conniving attitude, talking about James, JMac and Steve as if he is way better than them, when he has won nothing but one Veto competition to save his butt.
    I hope Liz, kicks him to the curb to bring him back to earth, calling himself Judas to make himself look significant is nothing but a disguise shirred to hide his weakness and self esteem. This dude just got to go, period.

      • Thanks, EnglishRose, I am glad we the fans have this forum to vent our frustration and support. So far, I am not liking the way the vote is going to turn out on Thursday with Vanessa campaigning for Shelli to stay.

    • Austin is 1. Very successful. 2. Well educated. 3. Went into BB determined to win. Here’s the problem, he got snakebit by Liz, and #1-3 vanished because he is a red blooded American male that do what they do … lose his mind to a beautiful flirt. Good for you Liz. Sucks to be you Austin.

      • There you go again John, giving good observations and reasonable perspectives on life & BB! You keep this up and people won’t be able to believe this is ”reality” anymore!

  18. Vanessa is a gambler…that is what she does best …but if this blows up in her face, then …her whole game will come crashing down. ..this might be the epic nosedive of the season ..

    • God, I hope so. Along with a lot of others, I’m beginning to wish James had taken down Shelli or Clay and put Vanessa up.

      • I said this after the veto competition, so far, I believe this is the only wrong thing James have done by not removing Clay and putting up Vanessa.
        To just watch Shelli and Vanessa fight for votes from their alliance members would have been priceless to watch

      • I agree, but I think James was afraid of risking Shelli and Clay both staying. I think if the house had to chose, they might keep Shelli. Shelli would have herself and Clay campaigning for her. And Vanessa would be alone. So you would get rid of Vanessa, but have Shelli and Clay still together. Plus in James’ eyes Vanessa seems upfront and honest.

  19. I honestly would love to see something happen that makes Van and the others flip from Clay going to Shelli ! That would be shocking to Shelli and i would love to see the look on her face.!

  20. Vanessa is venturing into Audrey territory at the moment. Making up random crap for no reason. Does this chick know when to lay low and be cool? Shes acting like she just got done doing a line of cocaine or something.

  21. As much as we continue to see Vanessa “play the game”, the more I feel like she’s not going to make it to the end. As a gambler, she doesn’t know when to turn the mouth off. I just think as the numbers decrease, she’ll be caught and unwound.

    How many players have we seen in BB history that overplayed the game? And how many players shoulda won the season but didn’t?

    Vanessa will not make the final 2. She’s too loose with playing.

    • She is now acting like the new Queen of the house and I hope it comes back to bite her in her gigi.

  22. Have you noticed on BB After Dark it’s still all Sixth Sense in a week when SS is not in power? James, Meg and Jackie are all afterthoughts. You know those three must be boring people if even when they’re in power, the producers still refuse to air most anything they’re in.

    • I think this is because production tends to keep the camera trained on those whom they think are big ratings grabbers and those who will make it further in the game (you can get better start to finish footage that way)… Realistically you won’t see Meg, James, Becky or Steve getting much camera time for these reasons.

      • Are you watching BBAD? It’s all fun and games until Vanessa rounds up her people and plots her takeover of the universe. The other houseguests are playing with a hula hoop and Austin and Vanessa are drawing their roadmaps and execution schedules for the other side. This game is amazing.

  23. Alright BB nation, we are done with ringers and done with undercover cops and poker high rollers brought in to destroy regular folks. No more recruited hotties or insiders. Please go to college campuses and get smart, attractive 20 year olds to play in the coolest summer camp ever. BB is now corrupt … Wise up and give a collection of deserving young people a shot at 500K. The appeal of BB is that a kid can get rich over summer vacation, not a 30 something high roller who earns millions fleecing tourists in Vegas.

    • Sing it brother! I’m right there with you! I’ve been saying for the past 6-seasons that we’ve strayed really far from the original purpose of the show which is to watch everyday people have a shot at 1/2-million. People that NEED the money like Frank down the road with 2 kids & a mortgage, or Samantha a single mom with two jobs and part-time studies, or Bill the retired construction worker who doesn’t have enough of a pension to live off of… Don’t get me wrong, I like to look at the young hot bodies as much as anyone, but after a while I get really ticked off that people continue to think that this show is about the money for these people, when in fact it’s only about the exposure and the money will probably just go towards a 3rd home, a massive keg party, or somebody getting bigger implants…

  24. Hey gangs, I have enjoyed tonight’s chat, BBAD is on and I want to try and catch the rest of the show, so I will see you guys back here tomorrow, good night everybody.

  25. God Almighty guys, V has brought a gun to a knife fight. I know you hate her. She deserves your hate, but for the love of God recognize V is unstoppable with this group of great people totally unequipped to take on a person who should be cast in an ‘Oceans 11’ movie.

      • Apologies to the BB world, I am a V fan. She is just a that damn good at this game.

      • No apologies needed for me my friend – as you know I’m totally on board with you in admiration of Vanessa. I don’t think she’s the nicest person in the world, nor the most moral, but she IS pretty good at being a spin doctor. If she doesn’t get hired by a political candidate for PR after this then the world really is changing! ;)

    • I like Vanessa and her gameplay, which is saying a lot considering her attempt to target my favourite player, John. But I do think you’re giving her too much credit, and kind of inflating it a little bit. I don’t hate her at all, even if I have disagreed with some of the things she’s done, but honestly she’s not even on Derrick’s level (not yet anyway) in my mind, let alone someone like Dan. Granted, we’ll see at the end of this season where she stacks up. I think Vanessa is trying to be something amazing but perhaps trying a little too hard. Her paranoia runs rampant sometimes, whereas Derrick and Dan were impressively calm throughout their respective gameplay. I don’t think there was a good enough reason for doing what she’s doing right now to Clay and Shelli, I don’t feel the risk is worth the minimal reward and thus it isn’t a smart gamble.

      So far this season though, I’m not arguing she’s the strongest player.

      • Yes. You are right. In this moment now, V seems unstoppable. But Gheesling and Derrick carried it the end. As for V? Time will tell.

      • Agreed. I’d up-vote your comment but I’m commenting as a guest and it won’t let me lol.

    • But then we’d lose the demographic of NYC watchers who want to see their beloved party girl who’s ready to get busy with somebody! (I think Kastings was hoping for more ”action” from Meg as a flirty & fun party girl, but within this group of people she’s more recessive and more emotional)…

      • Gotta ask. Meg walking into the HOH room, with her posture … shouldn’t she be wearing the dinosaur costume from last season?

      • Something tells me before this show, she’d walk into a room and have a lot of guys thinking she was a lot of things (but ”Barney” isn’t one of them). ;)

      • Becky has very strange posture too. I think hers are tight hip flexors that are pulling her torso forward and her butt out. She needs to stretch those puppies. I’m guessing she’s a runner. Austin needs to stretch that lady out.

      • Ha! Funny I thought that too (that Becky is a runner who probably shouldn’t have ”changed” her body form because it’s obvious it is working against her biomechanics)! ;)

      • Becky is definitely a runner. She’s even said so herself, that it’s a strong suit of hers, which I heard once on BBAD. Also, in the squirrel-themed Veto competition she mentioned that Clay is stronger but she’s a better runner.

    • She’s the next one I most want gone. She was just “ok” to me before but in the last few weeks I’ve really grown to dislike her.

      • Meg is this season’s Victoria but with a more likable personality. She is perhaps the most clueless and feckless and pointless contestant I’ve seen in this game in any season I’ve watched.

      • Agreed lol. You described her pretty much exactly how I see it in my head. People were comparing Victoria to Jackie, and while I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a fan of Jackie, she’s much better than Victoria. Meg is closer to Victoria but as you mentioned, with a more relatable personality; less vain, less generally odd, I guess. I know she’s likeable amongst houseguests, but I for one don’t like her in pretty much any regard. She really is useless, and I try not to say that about players in this game. I couldn’t stop shaking my head at her crying when she was put up as a complete, utter pawn. Crying that she was “being targeted”. Don’t flatter yourself Meg, you’re a waste of an HoH week for just about everyone, and that’s why you’ll go far in the game…sadly.

  26. Vanessa is playing an absolutely perfect game! I will be shocked if she doesn’t win the money.

    • I agree. I don’t like her but she is the most serious about the game and clearly way ahead of everyone else in the house. Too bad about her personality though.

      • She has been my favorite since the beginning. I loved watching her play poker and play this game

      • She WAS playing a perfect game. She’s getting a bit messy now. I wish the twins or austin would tell her to chill and stop talking so much.

    • I like the fact she is playing the game. I don’t understand people’s thinking of wanting her out. I like Shelli also. I feel she was playing the game. I have a gut feeling that either Meg Jackie or Becky will float to final three. Maybe all three.

      • I agree with the first few things you said but you are crazy if you think that’s gonna be the final 3. Jackie is going Thursday if she doesn’t win HOH, more than likely. I could see Meg getting third place but none of the others. Either Vanessa and Steve or Vanessa and a twin final two is what I would predict.

      • I hope you didn’t think I wanted them to be final three. What I ment is they are going to float and float. The others are going to have targets on their back. I hope the six or (5) sense sticks together. I have more respect when a alliance is made and kept.

      • I do like your picks for the final. At this point Vanessa is playing a good game. The key word is she is playing. And because it is only the halfway point, maybe others will wake up!

  27. The entire house except Steve, JMac, Shelli and Clay are in the HOH room platting the double eviction if they have one. Jackie is making sure of the vote for the Shelli eviction and Vanessa is obviously uncomfortable talking about it I don’t think she thought it would come up.

    Frankly, the BS is piled knee deep and its getting deeper.

  28. Vanessa seems to be more dominant now than ever! Haha. I blame it on James for not realising how dangerous Vanessa really is and totally missed out on a golden chance to put Vanessa up against Shelli. Now James, Meg, and Jackie are going to follow Clay out of the house!

  29. I am really starting to like Jackie. She is very courageous. She brought up the Shelli-Clay vote in the meeting with Vanessa to put everyone on the spot, especially Vanessa and Austin Then Vanessa comes back in the room with just Jackie and James and she tells them she promised clay she would save Shelli so she cannot vote to evict her. Jackie asks her, would it be easier to put Shelli on the block next as everyone agreed? Vanessa had no response. It was priceless. Vanessa finally says, good point.

  30. Vanessa is really an overthinker. It’s a good and bad thing. I bet she’ll have some new conspiracy tomorrow morning and then one more right before eviction. I just pray for a miracle that some how she changes her mind about Shelli staying. Maybe she’ll think the twins and Shelli are in a secret alliance because of their sorority

    • Right now it looks like Shelli is going. The twins seem to want to work with James and the gang although they like and respect Vanessa.

      But I agree. Vanessa overthinks everything. And when she makes a deal, she immediately starts looking for a reason to break her deal and blame it on the person she is stabbing in the back.

  31. Pointless sounds about right. I kinda hope Shelli does talk to Clay about this. I guess we will see who she trust more depending on what she does with this info.

    • Agreed! I hope they wake up before the vote and boot Shelli. Nobody in their right mind wants her in jury, right?

  32. Hey guys, am following the show from Germany (not having LF-access sucks) but I just can’t figure out the HGs “daily rythm”, when are they actually awake? I’m getting more confused every day. And oh, yes, Shelli has to go.

  33. Vanessa told JMac and a twin the story of her ex husbands’ death. It’s more horrible than anything you can imagine. She is one tough broad and when you add that to her resume she must be going nuts being with these children all day everyday.

  34. Vanessa needs to know when to leave well enough alone,one can stir the pot only so much before it finally burns,if she had followed through with BD Austin a week ago they would not be in this present mess,again she just could not leave well enough alone,her worst enemy is herself,turning simple game plans into war games are self defeating and eventually will lead her to undoing.

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