Big Brother 17: Vanessa Shuts Down Operation Save Jason

Jason Roy is facing his toughest Big Brother hurdle yet as he prepares for an eviction vote against Becky Burgess, but could a last ditch effort to save him work or will it fizzle as fast as it sprung up?

Vanessa Rousso controls the plan on Big Brother
Vanessa Rousso controls the plan on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

The votes are stacked against Jason which meant it was time to try a vote-flip plan that took him and his allies straight to Clay and Shelli if they had any hopes of pulling it off. Unfortunately for them, things don’t look good.

Overnight we saw Meg corner Clay and work on him on behalf of the Operation Save Jason plan. She was at least getting through to him enough that after thirty minutes of that they both went to Shelli for another thirty minute chat. Afterwards Chelli discussed and decided they’d still be better off sending Jason home, but they’d talk with Vanessa about the idea. It didn’t go well for Jason.

Flashback to 10:56AM BBT Cams 3/4 this morning to find Shelli sitting down with Vanessa in the HoH room to run through the current situation.

Vanessa was quick to point out to Shelli that by sending Jason home they were breaking up a 4-person alliance between him, Jackie, James, and Meg. If they sent Becky home they’d only be breaking up a side pair or two with any alliance deals she has with others. She’s absolutely right about that. It really wouldn’t make sense for them to keep Jason over Becky even from our vantage point of seeing all sides of the talks.

Vanessa considers Jason to be that side of the house’s strategist so by taking him out they can weaken the rest of his group. She always worries that Jason would be killer at any endurance competitions and they wouldn’t want to give him that opportunity.

Clay arrives at 11:10AM BBT and Vanessa begins anew. She loops through all the same talking points to catch him up. They discuss what to do about leading Meg and Jackie on to think Chelli will vote to keep Jason. Vanessa thinks that’s not a bad idea, but Clay worries it’ll just leave two angry players coming at them. That may decide to just remain vague with Meg on this.

Perhaps the funniest moment in this conversation is when Shelli tries to assert that John and Becky are the strongest duo in the house. They’re coupled by default in that they have no real allies in anyone else, but Shelli sure does hope people believe her story rather than paying attention to her and Clay.

Another noteworthy part of this conversation is when Clay lists out his preferred order of eviction for their opponents. Jackie, James, Becky, and John in that order. Vanessa questions flipping the order of John and Becky since she believes Becky relies more on John than vice versa and she might be lost without John. Clay also thinks Meg trusts them and will ride with them.

Any hope Jason had of staying this week was shutdown during this talk. I think we all knew Jason’s only possible path was through Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa even if it was a highly unlikely. Now we know it’s not going to happen. Jason will in all likelihood be voted out on Thursday, but at least he’ll be well rested as Jason is currently sleeping through his last full day in the house.


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  1. Hey, at least Jason tried. That’s more than Audrey did last week. Props for that.

    • Jason didn’t really try much. Meg put in 95% of the effort while Jason slept.

      • Still some time left. I think his best option at this point is to try and use a shock attack on Clay and Shelli right before the vote to try and trick them into voting to keep him. Maybe trick Becky into saying something. It is unlikely to work, but is not impossible.

      • Yeah, but as long as Vanessa’s running the show, it’s not going to happen!

  2. He’s going to give it one more shot I think, by telling Clay and Shelli that Becky told him she was targeting them. Don’t think it will work, but Shelli is already paranoid about Becky and John so you never know. Would think Vanessa will shoot that down to. Give Jason about a 5% chance to stay right now.

    • You cant give Vanessa a chance to shoot it down. Do it right before the vote by getting Becky to say something only giving clay and shelli enough time to talk to each other.

      • It’ll seem too desperate and Chelli will see right through it as a last ditch effort to lie. It has to be with enough time to get some corroboration from others but not too much time to get Vanessa in their ears.

    • Vanessa has not figured out she will be the target sooner than later. Shelli will get rid of Clay before the final two if she is there. I wish John, Steve, James and the rest would step up and play

  3. I hope Shelli and Clay will give the other side a few hints that Vanessa is the reason the save Jason plan is impossible.

  4. If either Shelli or Clay were to win one of the HOH positions next there’s hope that someone will alert them to the fact that Vanessa threw them UTB last week and placed all the blame for Jason’s ouster on them. They need to realize that Vanessa will never be loyal to them or any alliance.
    I’m hoping Vanessa is in big trouble next week.

    • Folks are idiots for not taking vanessa out. She runs her mouth to everyone and I don’t know how she keeps that big head of hers up right.

      • Don’t even get me started on the hat. IT’S SUMMER .. people are wearing bikinis… take the stupid winter hat off. Atleast put on a baseball cap. You just look like an idiot.

  5. If next week, James is targeted by Vanessa….I think Clay should start to watch his back potentially because a girl thing might actually start to happen…just saying…Vanessa flips flops so much…

    • This is shaping up just like last year. The alliance has an order they want people to go and each week we will see their plan executed until there are just 6 people left.

      Idiots like Meg and Becky will continue to think they can work with Shelli and Clay right up until they are blindsided and evicted, just like the floaters from last year.

      I have no idea what psychology take over in the house but its not rational thinking.

      • My hubby keeps saying that this is a show where in practice it is much harder to see all this information clearly the way us the viewers see it since we get to see the majority of the conversations. I’m still on the thought that IT HAS TO BE OBVIOUS if you’re not the one choosing who is going up on the block that you’re on the OUTS of an alliance. whatever that alliance is, you’re out of it and you could be a target at any point. why is ‘that’ so hard to see.

      • So, is Meg gonna be the Victoria this season??? In seriousness, the battle of the block of the block also doesn’t help…

      • Omg, I loved Victoria! She always had a look on her face like she woke up in BB and didn’t know how she got there. Besides her alliance with Derrick, she never lied to or messed with anyone.

  6. “Vanessa considers Jason to be that side of the house’s strategist.”

    Well that’s truly embarrassing for the other side of the house.

    • Vanessa is wrong again, as usual. There is no strategist on the other side of the house. They’ve been lounging around like they’re on a party cruise.

      • Vanessa wrong i have never been more surprised in my life. According to Vanessa she is right about everything in the history of the world and has never been wrong.

      • Sadly, she can be wrong all season long and as long as she continues to be on the side of the house winning power, she doesn’t need to be right.

      • This is true! They’re the ones sticking it out with her and feeding her.

      • Feeding the beast… she is going to take the money and everyone is just following her to the slaughter house. I don’t get it. They are fools for taking her out. She is way to strong for them.

  7. Knowing Vanessa she could flip to voting out becky, then back to jason, then to someone not nominated because she gets confused, and back to becky. So with Vanessa “Unstable” Rousso as HOH anything can happen.

  8. Right now, I’m SO GLAD I’m not watching the Feeds….what I’m seeing about Austin & Liz’s conversation makes me sick to my stomach AND angry!!! They’re rude, arrogant, and BOTH of them need a rude awakening!!! Grrrrr

      • I just want Austin to find out liz is playing him for a fool and does not have true feelings for him. I want to see if he gets pissed a tries to take them out or lays down???

  9. In a way Vanessa is saving Jackie from a stupid plan made up by Meg. I now believe Meg is the worst player in this game. She is saving Jason because she likes to socialize with him and she is not thinking about the game. For her to think for one minute she can trust Clay and Shelli is just craziness. They are not going to stab Vanessa in the back for Jason. They have to face the fact that Jason is going home and they need to plan how to move forward without him. Instead of alienating Becky – which Meg thought was a good idea – they need to get Becky solidly on their side, then have work on JMac.

    I feel sorry for Jackie. She really has no one who knows how to play this game with her. Then again Jackie too is not too smart. She should have gone to Austin and have a conversation with him about why she was targeting him, reminding him it was not just her but his entire alliance was in on it – that’s why they felt safe to put Clay on the block. Let Austin know that the only reason the reconciled with him is because Vanessa wound up remaining HOH and she didn’t want blood on her hands. At least try to get Austin off her back.

    • Who’s Jackie? And Meg doesn’t trust Shelli and Clay. She is feeding them a bunch of lies to try and save lazy a$$ Jason.

      • They actually want to work with Meg. It’s Meg that doesn’t want to. To bad so sad cuz she’ll be gone soon.

      • Too bad for Meg then. I can’t believe I can’t figure out a fave player and it’s so many weeks into the season. I guess at this point i’ve given up on the ‘outsider’ alliance and could care less what happens to Jason/Meg/James, Jackie is the only one I seem to want her to be able to will her way into some alliance that keeps her alive but don’t see that happening if she doesn’t win/keeps HOH next week.

        All these players outside of 6th sense are lazy and on vacation. They didn’t come to play a game.

      • I agree I’ve never gone this far into the season without someone I really want to win. I like the way the six sense is playing the game. And I really liked Meg and Jason but they don’t play. I also love JMac so I hope he steps up his game. Right now I like Clay and Shelli. I know not that many people like them but I do. I think they’re playing the best game.

    • Jackie is alone in the game and the other side already got a whiff that she’s the new Jeff…trying to rally the troops. But she woke up a bit too late , not her fault though. I think she did what was smart laying low until she felt her target was off of her and specially after Vanessa gave her a reason to wake up with her switch from Austin to Jason.

    • Why feel sorry for jackie… am I the only person that thinks it strange out of 16 people to start wit she couldn’t make atleast 1 friend??? If she could stay out of a mirror to look at herself, while having a conversation, someone might pay attention to her.

      Ugh… annoys me. NOT to mention Liz constantly picking at her split ends on her hair. GET A TRIM… DAMN.

  10. I haven’t been a big fan of The Moldy Q-Tip but you have to respect her power in this game.

    It seems like Shelli isn’t smart enough to see that eventually she’s going to have to battle with her. Showing her all this respect and getting things cleared/approved seems short-sighted.

    JohnnyMac made a LOT of their early workings possible and now they’re already plotting his termination?

    It seems if Shelli was smart she’d consider defecting with Clay to their side of the board. With: Shelli, Clay, John, James, Meg and Jackie they’d gain superiority. No?

    Or am I completely wrong here?

    • They don’t need to defect. They are already running the house. And Johnny Mac is the stupid one. They put him on the block 3 times in 3 weeks. If that’s not a hint that he is expendable then I don’t know what else they can do to let him know. Johnny Mac continues to put all of his trust in Shelli and Clay and that will be his demise.

      Why the people cannot figure out that Shelli and Clay are a couple and out for themselves, just like Austin and Liz and Liz and her sister is a mystery to me. But then again, some of them are happy going to jury and not winning – just like last year. These people are ruining what was once a great game show.

      • I hear you but think defection is the key to becoming Queen of her own castle with minions who’re pretty easy to control.

        Right now Shelli is in second position (it seems) in TSS with The Moldy Q-Tip being in charge. Plus she has to clear things with Austin and Liz and soon Julia.

        If they defect now they stand a stronger chance, I think, in staying around a bit longer because if Vanessa is as smart as she seems to be she’ll make a move to split them up (Clay and Shelli) before too long.

      • James, Jason, Jackie and Meg will target Clay and Shelli even if they flipped and saved Jason. Jason and Meg already said they’ll fake being nice to them and then put them up. Smartest move would be vote Jason out.

      • BOOM! – Great insight, Lavendargirl. Thanks for the info. (If I had the feeds I think I’d be in trouble.)

      • No one here is a good player and you are right they are ruining the game. However, Battle of the Block has to take some of the blame. If battle of the block did not exist then they would not “have to” work together.

      • Yep, house would be more divided a bit more clearly without it. I hate BOTB because it creates a lot of cowardice acts. throwing comps to have no blood on their hands. There’s a difference between a backdoor plan and a coward’s plan.

    • You are right. The only issue is now Clay and Shelli have been put in a position where they have very little chance of winning. If they stay with Vanessa and the twins they are the bottom of the totem pole. If they switch to the other side they have a chance, but the chance is small as that group hates them. There best shot is to switch and hope it all blows over.

      • Sound logic. Regardless of whether or not they hate them, having two more votes on their side will be beneficial. I just don’t know if Shelli has the courage to break away though.

      • Austin and Liz are more loyal to Clay and Shelli now. Austin even said to Liz after Clay and Shelli fought for him he will be loyal to them until the end.

      • Well at least now that it looks like Jason is going home, I can now hope that Chelli do go up on the block next week. I was daydreaming yesterday a world where Jackie/Jason won HOH next and they put up Chelli, Vanessa/Austin. Oh Sweet Jesus it would make me finally tune back onto the show since I’ve stopped watching it due to the rewind/repeat rewind/repeat that is happening.

    • “The Moldy Q-Tip?”

      I have no liking for “The Big V”, but she is undoubtedly the best player in this particular game. Do you think her big meltdown at the beginning was a ploy to make her look week to the house?

      • I think first, but she took her chill pill and got to know the hgs a bit more.

      • I agree in this group of sad players, she’s playing the better game. After the game, her ego will think she is on the same level as Dan/Evil Dick which is such a false thought.

    • Is it just me or is Vanessa having siesures or something? She just freezes right in the middle of
      her sentences with a duh huh look on her face!!!! Is this for real or does she have mental issues? It’s really distracting!!!!

      • I’ve noticed the same thing – I think she just gets caught up in whatever was just said and her brain is doing frantic calculations to see how to integrate it into her plans. Kind of like a silent form of ADD.

    • I agree Shelli/Clay should be jumping ship now knowing that Austin/Vanessa/Liz are very capable of winning HOH due to Austin/Liz physical strength and Vanessa isn’t exactly too dumb so she can win the other comps and eventually they will pick out the duo of Chelli.

      If i were them I’d tell Vanessa what she wants to hear and I wouldn’t tell Meg/Jason (anyone) that I’m voting to keep Jason until 30min before the vote. Then Clay and only Clay talks to John and tells him the plan and John will just vote with them. Then Shelli should still vote with Vanessa, this leaves confusion as to who the 2 turned votes were. Now This way Vanessa can’t undermine the plan. The 2 votes can easily be pinned on Austin/John or Austin/Steve. Austin because well Judas and John/Steve because they are allowing themselves to be pawns but you can easily create the fear that they’re bigger targets then they thought…and now the Vanessa side can become more paranoid about who their real threat is.

  11. I’ll be honest, I have very little sympathy for Jason and quite frankly I’m glad that the “other side” is getting spanked for their stupidity. They’re just flat out allowing Van and crew to steamroll them because they’re weak and/or can’t keep their mouths shut.

    It seems like the only person that has any guts on that side of the house is Jackie, and that’s kind of pathetic.

    • I have to agree with you. Jason sat around laughing it up with Meg for 6 weeks doing nothing but talking about anything but game. Its a wonder why anyone thinks he is a threat! so now he is going home and Meg was better off not playing because he logic is ridiculous.

      Jackie needs to stop worrying about how Vanessa feels and just assume the alliance is out to get her and every one of them. She needs to convince Becky that its just a matter of time but that Becky is not going to break into that alliance. She will be backstabbed just like Jason. Then Becky needs to work on John who is also an outsider being used by the alliance. But it will never happen because Meg, Becky, Jason, James and Becky are just not smart enough to get ahead of Vanessa and Shelli. In other words they are pretty damn stupid.

      • And seeing no gumption from Jason has now made me change my mind about him. He’ll go if there’s no twist to save him, which is the only way he’ll be saved.

      • There was no way to save him anyway. These people are underestimating the alliance and the bond between these people. And it is incredibly stupid of them.

        On the one hand they think Shelli is responsible for putting up Jason. On the other they think there is not a strong alliance with Vanessa. How can Shelli convince Vanessa to put up Jason if they are not working together? How can the want to save Austin, after all of his lying, unless they are working with him and Liz too. They have to stop assuming what they want to believe is true and start thinking about the reality of their situation.

      • You would think that now they’d be saying “it’s looking like Audrey was not lying.”

      • Gumption … Let’s see … Jason lives in his mother’s basement & is a stock boy for minimum wage.
        The kid is not stupid, he is just lazy. I’m surprised he made the effort to apply to be on the show.
        Yes, I think it’s safe to say he has no gumption.

      • Gosh, then what exactly gets you on the show besides looking cute on Tinder? Being ‘gay, transgender, blonde/big boobed, past amazing race contestant, poker player, wrestler, very socially awkward…
        I’m none of these things so I guess I’ll pretend to be a socially awkward lesbian.

  12. Why oh why do they all go running to Shelli/Clay and Beagle Girl as though they’re the designated room mothers (side note: why does she always wear that hat – it’s been over 80 degrees in L.A. for ages – just don’t get it)? Why haven’t Shelli and Clay been recognized as prime targets like every other couple has been? It’s usually the kiss of death. Plus, the fact that Beagle Girl does nothing but sit around with her big doggy eyes and play the game 24/7 should make them realize she’s someone to be reckoned with. Why are they all playing into their hands? What a weak, sorry bunch of contestants this season. It is getting a lot more interesting, but I want to see them all wake up to the fact that they need to keep their mouths shut and play for themselves. Not sorry if Jason goes home – I used to be a supporter but, especially after listening him talking to Becky on BBAD last night, I think he’s an unpleasant, resentful, whiny little boy. He was going on and on about how upset he was that people who just lay around sun-tanning will be going to the jury house and getting $10,000 for it, and he’ll be going home with nothing. All I ever see him doing is lounging around, smoking cigarettes. Get off your lazy butt, Jason, climb up out of the basement, go back to school, and make something of yourself. You could have played the game so much better – that’s why you’re going home with zero.

      • So true. P.S., I forgot to say I can’t wait for Austin to win HOH and really stir things up.For me, that will be the only good thing about him escaping eviction.

      • Austin is going to go after Jackie – BORING!

        Which is why Jackie needs to go talk to him and tell him what really happened this week and how his alliance, especially Clay and Shelli were all gun-ho the get him out until Vanessa wound up being the HOH. Then they chickened out. But Austin needs to consider whether they still really trust him or whether they will take the next opportunity to get him out if they can.

      • I’d love to see her do that. If he’s smart, it will change his whole take on the game.

      • Ummm it wasn’t Clay and Shelli wanting Austin out it was Vanessa. She made that deal with Jackie when just the two of them were talking. I’m hoping Austin targets Vanessa and Jackie. Clay and Shelli are the ones that got Vanessa to change her mind about Austin.

      • Clay and Shelli were in on backdooring Austin. Shelli has never trusted him and Vanessa would not have agreed to back door him if Shelli and Clay did not go along. Remember Clay was on the block? Because they all planned to let James throw the BOB. It was only after the planned failed and Shellu heard from LIz that the house wanted to get Clay out that Shelli changed her mind about Austin.

        It is a fact that Clay and Shelli were on board to take Austin out of this game.

        And btw, the plan to get Clay was a lie. The house was not after Clay. Liz made that up to save Austin. As soon as Shelli hears something like that her major paranoia kicks in and she flip-flops.

        I hope Austin back doors Shelli.

      • I didn’t say they weren’t in on it. I said in the very beginning it was just Vanessa and Jackie figuring out who to put up and who to backdoor. Vanessa is the one that wanted Jackie to stay HOH so she could backdoor Austin and Vanessa would get the “No blood on her hands” that she’s always crying about. And nobody ever said they were trying to get Clay out. That conversation started way before the POV with Clay and Austin in the bathroom just talking about it and if they would turn. Then Vanessa brought it up to Shelli and Shelli said she was wondering to because they didn’t look happy after the POV.

      • Austin will pull the trigger before the Chelli’s if he has the chance…hey he’s get his harem to protect!

      • It goes back to the blood on the hands thing…keep the status quo and get one of the 2 out….neither one has put any element into the game….so pick a straw!

      • But it seems as though HG’s have played around with hair color in the past, so why not dye it? Perhaps she’s just not someone to mess with her hair a lot.

      • Mommy must have pulled her pigtails a lot, so she fears this from others wanting to do her hair?? hahaha

    • Don’t know what it is…but it could be the beagle girl is putting all the rest of the players in a trance with those eyes!…a state of stupidity.

  13. By doing this, it’s official: Vanessa doesn’t care about anyone but herself!

    • I am no Vanessa fan but I wish more people in this house had that attitude. Right now they are giving the game to Shelli, Clay, the twins and Vanessa.

      After they evict Jason, I can almost see Meg and Jackie running up to Shelli asking, “Oh, Oh, can I be next? Can I be next?”

    • That’s been well established during her lengthy cry that first week.

  14. BB should call a time out and allow someone like Dan G. enter the game to coach Meg, Jason, James, Becky and Jackie on how to play. I am thinking in 5 minutes he will liven this game up a bit.

    If Vanessa asks Jackie who her targets are she has to say quickly and firmly, “Austin and Steve are still my targets but I realize I have to win HOH if I want that to happen”. She should tell them she has to respect Vanessa’s HOH and she will still respect the Dark Moon Alliance. She cannot waiver or stutter. She can say she knows Austin is coming after her now after what happened so she needs to get him out before he gets her out. If they ask why Steve she can say because that’s a safe play considering no one in the house trusts him.

    • I have never understood the whole “respect the HoH” and their wishes, once PoV is over, the HoH power is truly over, no changes can be made. AND they can’t compete the next week. Screw the HoH once PoV is over. Who cares what they want.

  15. Aren’t the live feeds so tantalizing today??? Watching chess matches!!!! More to come!!!!

  16. I guess the other shoe has dropped and thank god for that let me reiterate that bagging groceries is not a bad job it’s good honest work and he can work his way up to the top bagger at his store but it’ll so nice to not see him be so squirrly.

  17. all I can say is Thank God he’s leaving, all he does is whine all day anyway, when he’s awake that is

  18. Even if you don’t like them (and trust me, I DON’T), it’s hard to deny that Shelli and Vanessa are the best players at the moment. Both of them keep winning stuff, both of them can pretty much send out whoever they feel like, they both have a reputation in the house of being trustworthy (despite being two of the biggest liars) and they can both do all of that while somehow not ending up being the house’s targets.

    Only downside both of them have, which I believe will lead to their respective downfalls, is both of them get very paranoid very quickly. Eventually they’ll just have a meltdown in front of everyone, and that will finally get everyone in gear to start targeting the right people.

    Austin was decent at first, and I had pegged him to go far, but ever since he “fell in love” with Liz, his game has just imploded.

    • Shelli is a house target now and Vanessa soon will be. It is like you said they get extremely paranoid and will collapse.

    • But it takes a special kind of stupid to trust people who are obviously in an alliance. Do the HGs not see how Shelli is with Clay? or Austn with Liz? couples used to be targets – for a reason!

      And how about the twin thing? They figure it out and instead of doing the smart thing and evicting Liz, the welcome her sister into the house so Austin, Liz and Julia can now be a power triple! I mean the dumb play this year exceeds last year by a mile. Shelli and Vanessa are the two smartest people in the house but that’s not saying much. If I hear Meg say, “we can trust Clay” one more time I am flying to California to smack her upside her head!

  19. Let’s say 6th sense gets to the final 6, who does Vanessa think is going to take her to final 2?

    • Doesn’t she have Final 2 agreements with a few different people? (Or am I wrong about that?) Not that an agreement matters (see S16 as the dumbest move ever by Cody) but if she can use individual agreements as leverage points might that not play a role in helping her shift votes one way or another as numbers begin to dwindle? – What do you think?

      • Liz and Julia will take each other. Clay and Shelli will take each other. Austin will take Liz. No one will take Vanessa regardless of deals made. I don’t even think Steve would take Vanessa if you factor him into a final 7.

      • I see what you’re saying but think about last year. Cody had an agreement with Derrick and took him over Victoria. Had he taken Victoria he would have won the $500k soundly.

        Regardless of emotional factors/relationships I think last year’s bonehead move will be a large thing this year. (If they’re even aware of it, that is. They might not be at all.)

        Beside the Twins none of those other relationships are real or genuine. They were formed in the house. And I think that come the last week when there are 5 or 6 of them left they’re going to start doing some mental math trying to figure out who the Smart Pick is to take to the Final. Not the “loyalty” one. No?

      • I have a feeling clay wI’ll cut shelli loose when the time is right for him. Shelli is playing dumb… she let her heart get involved and that is going to cost her 50k.

  20. Since when do players not do their own campaigning “in conjunction” with their allies? He needed to go in there with Chelli and pledge his soul to them forever and ever and add some spicy sauce to the you can’t truly trust Austin and therefore Liz, meaning your alliance is starting to crumble come give me your hand and we’ll form a new one. Also, they could’ve sold Vanessa as a too strong player that will turn on them eventually. Gawd this season sucks.

  21. I am really tired of people suggesting Jason hasn’t tried. If any of you have watched BB seasons in the past, it is the quiet HG that waits until the last minutes before eviction that make it work. If you can be the last one to speak to the person in charge then odds are you are going to have their vote. Yes Meg and Jackie have been doing a lot of the leg work to keep Jason and yes, even James by acting the way he typically does makes it seem like they are already throwing in the towel in trying to save him so this works well for Jason. It does look hopeless but there is always a chance for some sort of miracle.. if not, odds are good that the swing of power will happen this week and HOH will go to James, Meg, Jackie and if that happens you can count on some turmoil. If it doesn’t happen then the season is over and we have a very boring house with a bunch of dumb HG scratching their heads, wondering why they now are faced with not just one power couple (Shelli and her Son) but the Twins which come as a package deal with this lug of a guy named Austin so you might as well call that a triple threat. Oh, you can bet that the current side in power is going to regret keeping Austin in the game at that point!

    • There was never a chance to save Jason by making a deal with Shelli and Clay and that has only exposed Jackie as a backstabber to Becky who will be staying in the house. Becky will move closer to Clay and Shelli now and that takes the rest of them down to 3. Then it is hopeless.

      The onyl way to save themselves at this point is not to go to the alliance and beg to be part of it. They have to work to break up the alliance and let Shelli, Clay, Vanessa or Austin and Liz come to them. I think Shelli is the most paranoid person in the house so the first thing to do is plant it in her head that Austin is coming after her and Clay. Feed that rumor to John and covertly to Steve and let them take the rumor back to Shelli. The sit back and watch the house blow up.

    • Soooo hope you’re right!!! Today has been the most boring on the feeds and the boards!!!!

  22. Vanessa is playing for Shelli. She is doing what Shelli tells her and so is Clay. Shelli never wants to go on the bloc and be a pawn. Vanessa and Clay do her bidding and she keeps her hands clean. And she believes she is America’s sweetheart. She even believes she and Clay are the “couple” I wish two from the other side would get HOH and put up Liz and Clay against Shelli and Vanessa. If Veto is used put up Julie. Someone would leave. Austin is useless. He only votes against the house when there is no way the target will not get saved. Some Judas!!

    • My take is that Vanessa is playing for herself and letting others believe she is doing what they want, thereby deflecting the blame.

  23. For God sake some new house guest have to win HoH i am sick of seeing same people Running the game. Becky Meg Steve JohnyMac James Jackie come on guys win something and Kick some ass

    • With the BOB, it doesn’t matter if Jackie/James/Becky win HOH, Clay has already said he’ll have his side throw BOB so they can remain in power. BOB needs to end.

      • It doesn’t matter. You can try to throw a BOB, and still win. Like when Caleb sat out, and Frankie won it by himself.

  24. Why feel sorry for jackie… am I the only person that thinks it strange out of 16 people to start wit she couldn’t make atleast 1 friend??? If she could stay out of a mirror to look at herself, while having a conversation, someone might pay attention to her.

    Ugh… annoys me. NOT to mention Liz constantly picking at her split ends on her hair. GET A TRIM… DAMN.

  25. Dr. Will Kirby is the only player that ever really go the game. He did not win HOH or a Veto. He was nominated week after week, especially by Hardy. He wore T-shirts that said “I am probably lying” And he was never voted out. He played his game and had a great time doing it. Everyone thought he would be easy to beat. But he won because he simply out played them all and laughed the whole time. Now they play with fear and let a couple of people run the game and the house, like last year, votes together. Boring!!

    • I said something similar last night. This is why he is the best player ever and best character ever. It is also shocking to think that in season 7 he may have played better than in season 2.

    • That’s why Dr Will is the best player to have played Big Brother bar none. He set up the All star season for Boogie to win.

      • So true and he said that going in to All stars. On his original series Hardy put him up over and over and at the same time, enjoyed playing with him. There were not all the twists. It was a game of skill and manipulation. In early years the votes came down to one vote some times. .It seems the skill and fun are gone

      • I would have to disagree, best BB player ever is easily Dan the man Gheesling, he made it to final two twice. Dr. Will may have set up Mike to win in All-stars, but he didn’t actually win it himself. the way Dan played BB14 was masterful and gutsy, I have yet to see anyone have a grasp on the house, the way he did in that season. sure Will comes close in winning BB2, but he didn’t make final two ever again.

      • Dan is a very good player and I would put him close to the top but Will is the best. No he didn’t win all stars but that’s because he set it up for Mike to win. If he wanted too he would have one all stars. Will has only played twice. Season 2 was also a lot different from Dan’s first season. I say while technically he didn’t win all stars himself the person he set up did. Now that takes skill. Remember he never won a challenge and was almost always on the block.

      • I know what you’re what saying, but to be nominated that many times and still last is impressive, but Dan was able avoid that by actually manipulating, Will was honest in his approach of being a sleaze and a liar, the people knew his game and he was kept in the game as a target off their backs, however Dan actually played the game and fooled people, he didn’t need to be honest. if anyone has more skill at deceit and lying, I give props and where props are due and Dan is truly the man of Big brother house. Will was a chess piece for weaker players that underestimated him. Dan was never at their mercy and when he was, it made for the most polarizing BB moment ever, the funeral. ;)

      • Dan’s funeral was impressive and one of the best moments of big brother. Will did manipulate the other houseguest. He would tell them he was lying but they still believed him. The other houseguest were his chess pieces. That’s why they called him the puppet master. I think we agree Dan and Will’s skill and cunning make them the 2 best players. We just disagree on which is 1 and 2. A case can be made for both as we’ve been discussing.

      • I know, I love our opinions. they make great cases, I just give the nod to Dan, because by all accounts he should of also won BB14, but most people in jury went on personal feelings and not on strategy, so he was cheated from that. let me also remind you, that he is also the ‘only’ player in BB history to win his season which was BB10 in unanimous fashion, nobody else. not even Will was able to do that in the season he won, granted Will was a puppet master, but he played with a careless attitude in BB2, Dan was more strategic in his approach in both seasons, if Will made final two in All-stars I would be in agreement, but “if he wanted to win all-stars, he would have” is still in theory. Dan > Will.

      • Also since season one was such a cluster F No one had any clue how to play the game so Will made the template that has been used and refined to this day

      • So glad someone realizes that besides me. IF Van wins she would be second best then Dwight then Dan

  26. I’m sad to see jason go ONLY because I think he is funny and I felt sorry for him when he snapped he just layed around and wasted his chance in the house. For someone who claims to have dreamed about being in the house for years, why would he just lay around and not play the game very seriously. Sorry young man… you will never get out of the basement if you don’t get up a fight to make it.

    • He just started playing the game yesterday. Liked by the viewers, but to me, terrible social game.

  27. Jason’s existence in the BB house consisted of sitting around smoking,dishing on other houseguests and trying to impress others with his knowledge of past BB seasons. He even tried to take credit for realizing the twin twist, when in fact it was Da’Vonne who told him about it. He had no gameplay which is why his lame, “super fan” ass is going home Thursday. Very disappointing, I actually had high hopes for him.

    • He tried to take credit until the other day when her realized that was not such a good plan. Then he started telling everyone it was Da

      • It was something I could have gone all day without. It’s kind of like a bad car wreck I didn’t want to look, but I was out of control.

    • I’ll pass too, but I actually think Liz likes Austin and has all along. I think she lied to Vanessa and Shelli when she claimed she didn’t really like him because she was protecting herself until her sister comes in the house. I think she was hiding the showmance for fear that it would make her a bigger target once she, her sister and Austin are a threesome.

      • No she doesn’t like him and has made that pretty clear. Although she is leading him on and wants him to stay until she can get rid of him. This showmance is more one sided than the howie will showmance from season 7.

      • I think her actions with Austin are a little too natural. Maybe she’s embarrass she likes the guy but I think all that horseplay is just a little to easy for her. Perhaps she has me fooled too, just like Austin. In any case her behavior is hurting Austin in the game and at home.

  28. I cant believe we have to watch more of that revolting Judas. So disgusted at Vanessa right now. Visions of Van and Judas on the block together!!

  29. Jason is as good as gone from this point on. The only thing Meg,Jackie and James can do is gain power next week and take out the rats.

  30. Omg! My internet was down for almost 4 hours, I see all I missed was more nail-biting chess tournaments!!!!

  31. When will Vanessa realize she’s being used by Clay and Shelli? Get Johnn,James,Steve,Jackie and Meg together and sacrifice Beck and save Jason. Then go after Ken and Barbie and guilt Vanessa into voting with them. Clay and Shelli need to go

  32. I have no worries that Jason will be safe. The Minions from Despicable Me are coming to save the day. It is confirmed. Sit back and enjoy the live show tomorrow. Jason will have his revenge. Vanessa will pay dearly for her actions. Time yours.

  33. Vanessa needs a rude awakening. Same with Chelli. What’s up with Steve being happy that Becky is in misery? He’s the real creep of the house. Dude, you arer not watching this at home. You are in the game. Start playing.

    • Steve is a bad version of Andy from BB 15. Steve creeps around the house keeping tabs on everybody but he doesn’t have the social game of Andy. But pretty soon they won’t need votes and he will be gone.

      I am hoping Johnny Mac comes to his senses soon because his time will be up in a few weeks too..

  34. This game is shutdown for atleast 5 weeks. The other side of the house has no chance and will be picked off one by one, and the setup of the BOTB by CBS makes it impossible to attack the alliance even if the other side wins one HOH. Maybe if they wion both HOHs, but this group has proven too mentally dull to take advantage of this, and will simply be manipulated by Vanessa or Chelli to do as they suggest in hopes to gain some favor, which they may be “promised” (but it will be BS and they will not get it) from Vanessa/Clay/Shelli. Maybe if BB killed BOTB right now (they wont) there would be reason to tune in before September. The only wildcard for drama in the next month is if self-proclaimed Judas turns on his allies. This is possible, since he calls himself Judas and his alliance is too uneducated to realize that terming yourself Judas means that you will turn on your allies and kill them (ask Jesus).

  35. Can’t blame Meg for Jason leaving. It takes a while to fully acclimate yourself back into reality. Especially since she just realized she wasn’t at summer camp.

  36. Has Clay ever talked about himself in the singular when it comes to playing the game? Even in the DR he says “us” and “we” like clearly he’s here to play for Shelli!

  37. Jason may be sitting on the block but he’s not gone yet. By Thursday he may have more votes than he could imagine.

  38. The plan should have been to lie to Liz and Austin and say that Liz was the target for the week BEFORE the backdoor Austin plan which is why James threw the BotB. That would have just forced that line and put Liz and Austin in a paranoid position…then they could have proposed an alliance to take down Clay and Shelli. Sure, it’d blow up but Liz and Austin would never know FOR SURE who was telling the truth and they’d have to make a decision. Austin would die for Liz so making him paranoid the house wants her or him out before jury could’ve caused him to make another stupid move. Plus, Liz /Julia is a wildcard in that they’ll throw a random vote if it’s in their best interest. I think it would’ve have a better chance of succeeding and at least would’ve left that alliance with seeds of doubt for weeks to come.

  39. So in BB after dark, there is someone possibly a producer telling some of the guests that they are not allowed to talk about production. This goes on constantly.
    I think it was Jason and Becky who were talking about how the producers told the guests what item of clothing were allowed in the house and how they have a specific image for each player and want them to dress accordingly,
    Jason said that the producers were expecting him to say something bad or act up in the diary room after he was nominated and when he didn’t they seemed upset. Becky and Jason seem to know the game pretty well and whomever stays hopefully will do something about Vanessa.

  40. Jason being put on the block was the reality check the “other”side of the house needed for weeks they have been laying around as if they were on a vacation and not playing a game hopefully now we will see some real action I would love to see 2 alliances battle it out like season 6 with the friendship alliance and the sovereign 6 alliance

  41. Don’t understand why they had to get Vanessa’s blessing .. she does not have a vote as the current HOH, and cannot compete in the next HOH, being the exiting HOH …
    Not that I care less if Jason stays or goes .. he should be the one getting off his sorry @$$ and fight for himself, and not sending Meg to do it for him .. Geesh, Dude !!

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