Big Brother 17: Operation Save Jason Goes Into Effect

After sleeping away most of Tuesday we finally saw Jason Roy wake up to the Big Brother game and decide it was time to do something about trying to stay in the house.

Jason Roy needs some saving on Big Brother
Jason Roy needs some saving on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Jason and his allies see a similar path to safety as I wrote about yesterday. They need to flip Shelli and Clay’s votes by making them paranoid about Becky and feeling the pressure to keep a falsely loyal player this week. Will it work?

Flashback on your Live Feeds (Free Trial) to 1:17AM BBT 7/29 Cams 1/2. The Houseguests are preparing for an early morning lockdown which makes them think it could be an endurance comp. Jason tells Meg and Jackie that he wants to use that potential as a reason to keep him since he’ll win the comp. Now I’m not sure why he thinks that’s enticing to the people who formulated his eviction, but it’s a keystone of the operation here.

Their first step is to send Meg in to work on Clay and Shelli. Once they’ve got a foothold with them then Jason go in to seal the deal. Listen again at 1:35 AM BBT as Jason details the plan: “Scare the s**t out of Clay and Shelli.” If that doesn’t work then they’ll try to scare Steve and John, but they know that’s even more of a long shot. Everyone agrees that Austin and Liz will never, ever flip for Jason as the “hate” him.

Through these talks they also feel certain that Steve is one of the flip flopping votes for Jeff (yep) and Liz was the other (yep) because she owed him for some previous event. Funny how they can figure this out but Vanessa can’t perhaps because Steve and Liz are on her “side” and she’s refusing to consider that someone close could betray her.

Jason points out another thing he could try is using what Becky has told him about her potential targets. She confided in Jason that she’d target Austin and Steve if she were to stay this week. Jason worries that having Steve and Austin in two separate couplings (Austin+Liz vs Steve+John) makes that too difficult to efficiently use against her to get the 2 votes.

To watch this plan in action jump ahead to 4:00 AM BBT Cams 3/4 as Meg work son Clay. Clay says he can’t go back on his word to Becky that she’d be safe as a pawn. Meg doesn’t let that stop her as she spends the next half hour getting in his ear about “what scares her.” Meg suggests Becky is a loose cannon that no one can predict what she’d do unlike a player like Jason who is a known quantity and a loyal one at that.

Move again to 4:30 AM BBT as Clay goes to wake up Shelli so they can discuss this with Meg. Shelli seems shocked that Meg wants to talk directly with Shelli which shows this was a smart move. Earlier Jason had said they need to go through Shelli and make it spread from her.


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  1. They need to drive a wedge between Shay and Liztin. If they can start a war between the two “couples”, it would serve 2 purposes. They can convince Shay that they’d target Liztin for them and it would force Van to choose. Shelli already doesn’t trust Austin, so it has a slim shot of working.

    • These people are not smarter than a fifth grader! They continue to make the same stupid mistake of trusting Shelli and Clay and every time they do it gets worse for them. Meg is such an idiot. They think Shelli is responsible for Jason going on the block and they go to her to try to convince her to vote to save him!!!

      And Jackie – really!!! Your closest ally in the house is Becky and you agree to a plan to vote her out? OMG, dumb, dumb dumb.

      There are plenty of opportunities to get at the alliance. They can tell Austin Liz doesn’t really like him and is using him. They can tell Shelli they overheard Austin saying he want to back door Clay. They can tell Vanessa, Shelli is throwing her under the bus and blaming the Jason move on her.

      Jackie and go to Austin and tell him his alliance was all for back dooring him as long as it was Jackie doing it and if Liz didn’t win BOB, they would be voting to send Austin home this week.

      • Who else can they convince???..they were trying to get rid of Austin and Liz this week…Vanessa wants Jason out and can’t vote anyways… Steve is as relevant as a rock and John won’t against Becky…

      • I just do not understand why Jason, Meg and James cannot come up with these great ideas….they seem smart enough to figure these things out……I just don’t get it…

    • I hope that Jason stresses to Meg that she needs to keep reiterating to Shelli regarding letting Becky go home and now throw in Liztin couple split before Julia comes into the house. Because once Julia comes in, the plan to get rid of Austin will go into effect and that will piss off Vanessa’s game plan since she has convinced him he and the twins are not her target (numbers game to her).

  2. They have figured out the votes for Jeff, no one else has. They need to use that information! Van would not be happy and it could cause some issues with Austin and Liz, I can’t see him being happy that his love went against him and voted for Jeff. And if all else fails just start spreading lies. Make things up and make sure Steve hears and can relay the info.

  3. This is just like BB10 where Keesha and Libra flipped the votes against April’s wishes to save Memphis and send home Jessie. Chelli needs to go against Vanessa’s wishes and save Jason. To be completely honest, that would be better for their game because the whole Sixth Sense alliance is falling apart so theyve got better chances with Meg and Jason.

    • Shelli and Vanessa trust each other like sisters. There is no way Shelli will go against Vanessa. This was a bad plan by Meg and it only proves what a bad player she has been and is. She is trying to save Jason for emotional reasons and that is never a smart thing in BB. Now she is going to drive away Becky and Jason will still get evicted.

      • I completely agree. If Shelli won’t go against Vanessa, then get them both on board. I think Meg knows what she’s doing.

    • Meg could tell Shelli they (Meg/Jason) “have” James/Jackie and they don’t know about Meg/Jason’s F4 with Shelli/Clay so Meg/Jason will focus on targeting Austin/Steve (i.e. not Shelli/Clay) if Shelli/Clay save Jason and they can promise safety for Vanessa, too, “if that’s what Shelli wants for now”. Since Shelli was concerned about James/Jackie coming for them.

    • The reason why Keesha and Libra succeeded in flipping the house is because they had a swing vote. It will be a lot harder for them to get a swing vote especially since they need two instead of one.

  4. Problem with this for Jason is he is in a group where Becky, John and Steve are not. If you Sheli and Clay bring Becky in they can keep being strong with Becky and John going after James or Jackie. Meg can skate by a little longer since she just figured out this is Big Brother and not summer camp. She is going to take a couple weeks to get acclimated into the game.

  5. These people are so f-ing stupid. This plan was never going to work and now Shelli is going to use it to drive a wedge between Jackie and Becky! Why does Meg continue to think she can work with Clay and Shelli? How stupid is she? Do they not realize that Shelli and Clay are close with Vanessa and would not go against her? They made that clear when they said it was Vanessa’s decision to put Jason up and they had to go along with it. Earth to Meg!

    They need to give up on saving Jason. They need to worry about what happens after. They need to solidify their own group instead of coming up with ways to divide them. By working to save Jason they are pushing Becky away. Brilliant!! Now when Jason goes home, they are down, not one, but two people! Yikes, what morons. Meg is acting out of emotions and not thinking.

    And frankly, if I had to choose between the two of them for game play, I have more faith that Becky will win something than Jason. Just because Jason won the first endurance comp does not mean he will win all of them. The first week a lot of people throw it because they do not want to be HOH.

  6. I don’t think Jason will stay, but glad Meg is starting to work…you see Meg’s crew is mad Clay and Shelli for their role of putting Jason up and Clay and Shelli know that if they flip, Vanessa will be mad too…so, they will have two sides coming after them if they keep Jason, but its worth a shot…I just hope that this is the beginning of Meg possibly getting the Sarah Hanlon effect and now that some of her allies are gone… Jeff, Jason etc…she really starts playing the Sarah Hanlon type game….I think it’s possible…

  7. “Judas” needs to be exposed….doing so would pretty much explode the Sixth Sense alliance, and it would make for some fun viewing.

    • But it guarantees Jason will be evicted and make James, Jackie etc bigger targets…

  8. It’s too bad that there is such a wide discord between Jason and Austin/Twins … Imagine, if Austin/Twins flipped and save Jason, which would really only leave Vanessa, Clay and Shelli, possibly going into a double-eviction week ??

    Both Austin and Jason should realize that they were the backdoor targets of Vanessa/Shelli/Clay and, as was the Twins from their initial Sixth Sense Alliance … Good enough, to justify flipping, right? Based on Vanessa’s standards… Ha !!! :)
    Even after Jeff told Jackie to NOT Trust the other side, she goes and makes a deal with the Devil and got bit, and, now is a tad p*ssed that it had backfired … At least, as been said, may have woken her up, in the end of the 5th Week …
    At this point in the game, really don’t care who goes or stays this week, now who the power house is .. Just hoping that the other half of the House awakens finally and starts playing the game .. We, the viewers, need Drama for the next 2 months .. :) :P

  9. It makes for a good article but nothing will flip, Jackie will just get more exposed to Becky. The stronger competitors are on the other side.

    • I’m not all that sure about that either…some do perform better than others, but it depends on the type of comps too. Clay has only won one comp and either threw the others on purpose without anyone knowing or performed badly. Time will tell. We all saw he’s not that great at endurance comps and OTEV comp is coming up soon and Jason could prove to do really well in that and help Clay out in it.

  10. The plan has no shot, the company is just planting this story so you sheeples will have a glimmer of hope. The sheeples inside the house have already decided to get rid of Jason, so deal with it!!!

  11. It may not be good to anybody’s game if Jason were to stay BUT it would definitely be good TV

  12. seriously i want Becky to stay because she is doing so far so good in this season and she need to win next HoH with someone not from #sixthsense and then they have to go for liz julia and austin and van and they can trust clay and shelli if they promise to keep them in this game to naturally power swings to other part of the house and next person have to be Austin to go home….

  13. I just listened to Van/Shelli’s convo regarding Jason staying. Vanessa has the most compelling argument on why Jason has to go vs Becky. It’s unstoppable, That’s all I’m gonna say.

  14. Jason needs to forget about clay/shelly and move on, those two are never going to have the stones to openly defy Vanessa this early on. He needs to swallow his pride and work on Austin, Austins already proved that he’s willing to move without checking in with his allies and the man is obsessed over liz, start with “hey did you know vanessas original plan was to have liz stay on the block?” and go from there.

  15. Speaking of flipping, why can’t the author of this piece quit flipping between spelling her name Shelli or Chelli?? It’s Shelli – learn it!

    • When they write ‘Chelli’, it basically means ‘Clay and Shelli’, but just putting both names together because they’re a couple. It’s like fan names for pairings and stuff. So, it’s done on purpose. It’s easier to write ‘Chelli’ than write ‘Clay and Shelli’.

  16. Jason needs to go…..He’s lazy and needs to stay a cashier and live in his momma’s basement…LOSER..

  17. Jason is playing like he’s still a fan watching the show…from the sidelines. Glad to see him strategizing now, but it’s a little too late. No doubt persuading Shelli is the right move, but between now and the eviction tomorrow, I just don’t see it happening. However, he is definitely stirring the pot for future weeks to come and wisening up Jackie, James and Meg.

  18. It feel like this is a bad horror movie from the 80s… Watch out, Vanessa has an axe but instead of running away Meg and Jason decide to take a shower (together no less). Austin is Austin so instead of using a gun, they decide to challenge him to arm wrestling. Meanwhile, Jackie and Becky decide to dance around in bikinis.

  19. Austin sure is acting like a cocky bad a$$ now. Quite different from his groveling demeanor of a few days ago. I cannot wait for him to find out all the nasty things America and Liz have said about him! What an A-Hole!!!!

  20. BB17 got interesting Sunday, now they’ve turned it back into a boring mess with putting Jason on the block.

  21. *Operation Save Jason Goes Into Effect* Hmmm, does that mean Meg, James, Jackie, Steve (?) are going to actually play the game?

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