Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 16 – Vanessa Finds a New Target

Despite a perfect chance to pin and take out Judas this week, Vanessa let Shelli and Clay takeover her Head of Household reign that left Austin safe and one innocent houseguest randomly targeted. Who who is Judas?

Jackie and Jason are upset following the veto ceremony – Source: CBS

The episode picks up right after Liz and James won Battle of the Block and foiled the backdoor Austin plan. Shelli is of course freaking out because Clay is still on the block and Vanessa is preparing herself for a “bloodbath.” She tells Jackie and Shelli that she’s sticking to the plan even though she did not want to be the one to do.

“How did that happen?” Vanessa asks. Cut to James who was supposed to throw the competition. James is ready to do damage control, even though Liz pretty much won the competition on her own. And Liz realizes that James wasn’t pulling his weight. So Austin and her are suspicious that something is about to go down. So they, of course, think there might be a plan against her since they all know about the twin twist.

Austin decides to go check things out with Vanessa. He tells her his concerns and and Vanessa tells him everyone is upset just because Clay and Becky are still on the block. She assures Austin that the plan is to backdoor Steve, which is what he thought all along.

But Austin wouldn’t know who was the target this week because he is distracted by his nominee with Liz. As we saw, he literally stole a kiss from her and she’s not into him. At all. And we could tell that even before she told us that in a diary room session.

It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Joining Vanessa, Clay and Becky in the veto competition are Shelli, via Vanessa’s houseguest’s choice, John and Liz. So Austin was not picked, but Liz was. So Vanessa is now worried about how to move forward with this plan. She’s not sure if she should tell Liz or just wait until after veto. Basically, Vanessa is starting to doubt the plan as a whole because that is what Vanessa does in this game.

After a quick Steve segment that is proof he’s one of the most pointless houseguests this season, it’s time for the veto competition. And they all have to dress like squirrels, reminding us how embarrassing this show actually is — not only to be on, but to watch.

In the end, it’s Clay who comes out on top and wins the veto, securing his safety for the week. So it should be no problem for Vanessa to move forward with the plan to backdoor Austin. Well, one would think. But again, this is Vanessa we’re talking about. And it doesn’t take long for her wheels to start spinning out of control and all over the place.


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      • I’m really not sure how that person hasn’t been removed from these boards yet. Nevermind constantly posting the same thing, but the offensive name they use as well.

  1. I fully expect James to vote to evict Jason. He’s so desperate to get in good with Clay.

    • AMEN AMEN AMEN…James showed his true colors when he voted out Da’Vonne…

    • I doubt it. He’s been with Jackie, Meg and Jason since the Jason backdoor and he wants to target Clay/Shelli. It’s sad that John think they’ve got his back yet Clay/Shelli just recently said they need to target Becky/John as a couple… yet they’re not a couple.

    • James picking Clay as his ‘date’ for the Outback dinner solidified that for me.

      • Trying to bribe someone with a reward usually, 99% of the time does not work. This has been done on Survivor practically every season and those receiving the favors pay those giving the favor by evicting that very person. It is better to use favors on your allies.

  2. Prediction for this upcoming week:

    1. Clay and Becky win HoH.
    2. Clay puts up Jackie and Liz
    3. Becky puts up Steve and James
    Steve goes home.

    • They wouldn’t be able to work it out together…they’d have to pull Clay and Shelli in to help them figure out who to put on the block. Geesh! No one seems to work well independently of Clay, Shelli and Vanessa so far.

  3. At the end of the show, the announcer said “an all new battle to crown A head of household”… does this mean that the battle of the block is over?

    • That was my exact thought! I was so excited so I think Julia coming in ends the BOTB and I couldn’t be more excited! Time to see some real Big Brother :)

      • I honestly hope that BOB ends when Julia comes in, wins the HOH, and then slams Austin for trying to hook up with her sister and sends him out the door pre-jury. Now that would be great!

      • They don’t need Austin anymore. They have the numbers to control the house after Jason comes in and honestly, the team of Meg, James and Jackie is just soooo weak.

      • A two vote buffer would be nice. They needs Austin for at least another vote or two. I’m guessing he’ll be the first target even before final 6 when V, C and S realize they need to break up A and the twins.

      • It’s still a much smarter move for them to eliminate James, or even Jackie, who are both on to what’s going on and are capable of winning competitions, as well as spreading incriminating information throughout the house. Those two should easily be on the hitlist before Austin, from the viewpoint of the Sixth Sense.

    • Unfortunately they said that last week and another previous week (I think the Gronk week). There will still be 2 HsOH.

  4. At this point BB should stop the game and just tell Jason, Meg, James, Becky and Jackie to go home then restart the game with the alliance and their minions. At this point the next 4 or 5 weeks are going to be a huge bore. We need to get to when the alliance starts to eat its own. Then it might be more interesting for us viewers. It will be good to see Austin and Liz battling Shelli and Clay while Vanessa eggs both sides on.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. These floaters have got to be the most clueless bunch or spineless. Which, I’m not quite sure yet. I’m ticked not because I root for them, but just to have a change up in the game. I like tactical moves, but sadly, there’s really none in this season.

      • Its just boring to watch the power go down its list of who to evict and in what order while the targets continue to believe they have a chance to work with the alliance – right up until they are evicted. Its just like last year and BB really needs to do something to keep this from happening. Perhaps a twist or two to make a power shift happen every couple of weeks. Maybe throw in a Diamond power of veto for the underdogs. Somethin, ANYTHING!

    • It is shameful the way these house guests like Jackie, James, Jason, John, Steve, Meg and Becky have been playing. Practically, all of them catering to the Sixth Sense Alliance and doing their bidding, snitching on each other, voting against each other. They are all cutting off their own throats and cannot see it! Pretty sad and pathetic. Mike, in last season’s survivor had all his allies turn against him because he found out they were targeting him and he confronted them about it. He was all alone yet, fought to win each and every immunity challenge and he outlasted everyone in the end!
      I wish these guys would atleast, try very hard to win HOH, BOB and POVs and not throw it away as told by Vanessa, Shelli and Clay. Then, nominate the other side starting with Vanessa, Shelli, Clay, Austin then, the twins Liz and Julia. Danielle Donato, who is not my favorite Big Brother player, will atleast, go down fighting and take as many of the other side down before, she gets evicted. That is the attitude these players need to have.

  5. I’m still creeped out by that Austin sneak attack kiss on Liz. I do have a little sympathy for Austin though because she isn’t making it clear that she doesn’t like him and even though she doesn’t like him touching her she still lets him do it to an extent and then laughs and says “I hate you” or “you’re gross” but it’s not coming across as dislike but bashfulness.

    He’s not as bad as Caleb from last season though because Amber made it clear she was not and would never be interested. Well, anyway I’m ready for Julia to be in the house full time!

    • I agree about Liz. She makes it look like she likes him. She is leading him on so whatever happens to her I have no sympathy. Her sister warned her.

      I wonder whats Austin is going to do when he finds out she doesn’t like him?

      • I saw that and its why I am wondering if she really does like him but is too embarrassed to say so because he is not really the caliber of guy she is used to dating.

      • Who knows? If Austin were to change his Sasquatch look to something more attractive Liz might start liking him even more.

      • I’m a guy, and I’m straight, but I think if Austin cut his hair and trimmed his beard, he’d probably be a pretty good-looking guy lol. Then again, that’s a look of a wrestler, and some girls like that look.

      • There’s one thing about it, Austin certainly wouldn’t look worse if he got rid of the facial hair.

      • I’m actually scared for her and him too, to be honest. He was telling Vanessa this one time that before he met Liz he was dying inside or whatever and that once he wanted his ex-girlfriend to see how much she hurt him so when he was in the ring he got hurt intentionally and that he wanted her to see him like that. He also said he would commit suicide if Vanessa didn’t let him get to jury with Liz. It’s just weird.

    • It’s been said that Austin has a girlfriend at home so you shouldn’t feel sorry for him

      • I know he does and that’s not what I’m feeling sorry for him about. I feel incredibly horrible for his ex-girlfriend whom he called a princess in a castle pre-season and I feel incredibly bad for Liz for his creepy obsessiveness and forced affection but I also feel a little bad (it’s the tiniest sliver) because even though she hasn’t said she liked him in that way she hasn’t dismissed it either which is playing into his creepy obsessiveness even more which isn’t Liz’s fault because she knew Austin had a girlfriend and tried to stay away but he won’t stop but still using someone when you know he’s going around saying he’s in love with you is also not okay.

  6. I was anti-Austin’s infatuation with Liz until I saw the way Liz was leading him on. C’mon, Liz. You have a funny way of showing you have no interest in someone. Any reasonable man would assume you were into him acting like that.
    I’m Team Austin on this one.

    • What Liz doesn’t realize is that Austin looks like an idiot now and that’s going to stick with him even after he leaves the house. I have to believe his girlfriend left him a long time ago and she probably laughing at him now knowing Liz thinks he’s disgusting.

    • I don’t mean to be offensive but I think Austin should know to stay away by the difference in appearance and that they are a decade apart from each other in age. It’s kind of creepy if you think about it.

      • What’s wrong with an 8 year age difference?
        And I think Austin’s a lot better looking than Liz quite honestly.

      • It’s not a matter of one looking better than the other but rather in the complete difference between the two of them. They are EXTREMELY incompatible.

      • Sometimes opposites attract. Wasn’t Sandra Bullock married to a biker dude covered in tattoos? Not really our place to impose our own aesthetics onto other people’s relationships, or in this case, lack of relationships.

      • She’s not acting like she doesn’t like him. Austin is rationally reacting to the way Liz is acting towards him. I don’t see the delusion you’re referring to.

      • How is he delusional? They’re in bed laughing and giggling and when he kissed she kissed back.

        I get that he’s big and imposing but her giggly response to it was ANYTHING but terrified or disgusted.

        I thought he was kind of creepy too (based on posted live feed recaps and comments posted) but now I’m not so sure about that.

        I’m 100% sure that the BB team and CBS would be ALL OVER it if they thought there was a potential problem they could be sued over.

        I suspect they’ve already checked with her numerous times during her off-set time.

      • I don;t see how CBS or BB can be sued. If Austin was stalking her and she was resisting or complaining they would liable if anything happened. But as far as they can tell she is leading Austin on. Plus, we have no idea what production is saying to her. For all we know they have asked her if she has this under control.

        Her sister already warned her. What would be justice is for her to get evicted as the first jury member. Then Austin would get himself evicted to be alone with her in the jury house. How uncomfortable would that be?

      • Did you read the whole post, Sir? I clearly stated that I think they’ve (Producers/CBS) already talked to her to see whether or not there’s any reason for concern.

        But this is America where people will file a law suit if you look at them incorrectly.

        I’m sure the BB contracts are 40 pages long and have all kinds of “No suit” loopholes but that doesn’t mean people won’t file them for the sake of press with the hopes of generating bad press so that CBS settles out of court quickly.

        Lawsuits happen every day.

        As for your “justice” comment. That’s a bit unsettling to read.

        It’s a game.

      • Isn’t that exactly what Austin said he wanted – to dump Julia before jury and then get evicted with Liz to jury so he could be alone with her there? And Liz’s reaction was that she’d be afraid to be in the jury house with Austin because she thought he’d try to have sex with her?

      • In her mind, she’s playing a game and using whatever it takes to win, but not in Judas world. He wants her…we’ve seen this before in BB.

      • I know you’re right. It makes me sad when I see a fellow female do this. Let the guys be the jerks. We as a gender need to be better than this!
        It’s making me really uncomfortable to watch, and my heart is starting to go out for him.

      • I understand what you’re saying, but after the game, they’re all good….well, not sure about his girlfriend. lol

      • To be fair, there have been a lot of male jerks on BB who showmance a girl until the final 3 and then leave her flat.

      • I’m pretty sure Prince is referring to Krista due to the fact that Erika was not evicted from BB7, she came in 2nd place. Either way, Boogie never banged either of them under the covers. Maybe hand stuff

      • Yup the power of attention (to manipulate others) has been used by both sexes and will continue to be used… It’s one of the reasons why these people are cast. I’d like to see that change, but lets face it, most people want to see part-time models & actors bounce around the BB House gossiping, giggling, laughing, crying, making alliances and then breaking them… We’re voyeuristic in this manner.

      • Lol…TBR78, I’ve seen a lot of your comments and have agreed with pretty much all of them. You seem like a really good and intelligent commenter.

        But “Let the guys be the jerks, we as a gender need to be better than this”…? I’m not sure if you were kidding but if not, that seems a little bit odd of a thing to say.

      • Actually I’m quite proud of her to say this (even if it’s against me as a male)…. She’s quite right in saying that if men (like me) can’t get our act together, the best solution isn’t to be more like men, it’s to be the stronger sex and not be like men. (i.e. ”Let the men be jerks, we need to be better than this”). And I’d say the same thing: ”Men, let’s pull up our socks and stop the nonsense we’re doing, let’s be better!”

      • Fair enough, I see your point. But I still think that was kind of generalizing men. There are women out there who aren’t so great either in regards to being jerks. It’s on everybody, regardless of gender, to be better. This made it sound like “Let them be jerks but let us do better”. I think don’t let anybody be jerks lol.

      • Well said. Although I am less sympathetic to him because he’s not wise enough to see himself being manipulated – just like the best way to stop a bully is to eventually stand up to them (and remove their ”power” of causing fear), the best way to stop somebody from using their ”good looks & sexuality” is to simply stop taking any interest in them. He has the ability to stop giving her that power, but he chooses to give it to her…

      • Matt, I’ve enjoyed your posts here regarding Liz, as I couldn’t have stated it anywhere nearly as well as you, but have the same impression. When Liz’s(not voiced) body language is saying, “Please don’t do that”, Austin still tries to take it further. I’m not sure if it is a lack of understanding women, blind adoration, or both. I can see subtle things she does to put him off, but then she’ll do something to pull him back. If I had to absolutely choose which I had more sympathy for, it would be Austin, only because his emotions are involved. Liz is not going to be hurt emotionally.

      • I feel a little bit sorry that Liz is “using” Austin, but that is what BB is about, right? However, he is creepy, especially when he says the “Judas” stuff. He really seems serious about Liz and wanting to be alone with her. He is certainly big enough to overpower her (or any woman for that matter). And since he was so hurt by a previous relationship, and he said he is willing to give up the MONEY$$, then he will be really devastated when he finds out that Liz is not “into” him (or so she says). He keeps saying that he is/has fallen in love with Liz. When or IF she rejects him he will realize what a fool she has made of him in front of everyone watching! It is a creepy/scary situation.

      • Very true my friend. Liz is trying to have her cake and eat it to. She likes the flirting and the control aspect of her relationship with Austin (and yes she like any sane and reasonable person likes the attention) – BUT – she doesn’t want the imagery or the title of being a couple so she tells other people that she is repulsed by him… I’m sure you’ve seen this with people in life (as have I many many times) where people want to try and sell themselves as all things… I can’t remember her name from BBCan Season 1 but she was flirting with TWO guys at once and telling each of them how much she didn’t like the other one and felt ”trapped” by the other. It’s a power game where ”good looks” become the weapon of choice…

      • I’m not sure I’d agree that 8yrs even describes an age difference (unless we’re talking abut somebody in their teens, which of course isn’t the case here). And as for him ‘knowing’ to stay away… How would he know this? I’m really surprised that more people on here haven’t come across people like Liz in their lifetime (I’ve seen many like her) who say one thing to somebody (e.g. ”Eeeww that guy/girl is so gross I wish they’d leave me alone!”) then switch their story to actual person (e.g. ”Wow I can’t believe how well we connect to each other and need each other.”). Liz is a professional model and master manipulator. She spends her evenings at nightclubs trying to flirt and schmooze with talent directors & casting agents this is what she does… I’m not saying she’s a bad person, I’m just surprised once again that people on here are so easily quick to only listen and watch HALF of what she says (and believe it to be ‘true’)….

    • She was leading him on a LITTLE bit but most guys would get the hint. Yea, she probably should have gotten out of the bed and been a bit colder towards him but when he’s midway through working his game on her and she gets up and randomly starts talking about a dog on a poster, it’s fairly obvious she’s looking for a subject change. They’re both at fault imo

      • Again, she’s fully aware of what she’s doing (and he should be fully aware of what’s happening but he isn’t)… I feel very little sympathy for either of them. She thinks she’s very clever in leading him on, and equally clever in telling others she has no interest and is worried about him. Two different stories creating two different groups of people who want nothing more than to ”save” Liz. On a purely game play level people should be impressed with how she’s managed to pull people (including posters on this site) along…

      • Absolutely agree with you, Matt. She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing – using his attraction to her/feelings for her protect her until her twin comes into the game. At which point, I fully expect her sister to slap sense into her & make Liz realize that he’s expendable (because he is at that point). Julia can’t stand him & I imagine she’ll be pissed to find out he got saved!
        On a game level, she’s GOOD – the fact that it took until yesterday for ANYONE to figure out that she was one of the hinky votes to keep Jeff should have told us that!

      • That seems to be the inevitable course of action. It’s also possible they keep him for just a bit longer because together they’re a power of 3 people (and Liz is obviously smart enough to string him along until they no longer need him to get the twins to the end)… She’s not the nicest or most moral person, but she is playing this game pretty hard.

  7. They take out Battle of the Block and watch this season get resurrected and interesting again, it wouldn’t be a numbers game anymore, simply a matter of actually playing to win on the house guests part. this all house alliance crap is getting old and BotB only works if everyone is playing, take it out and we get the BB back we all love and enjoy. they killed off Takeover and BotB needs to follow kindly in suit.

    • I think it would have been more cowardly to go through with the plan to bd Austin. BDing Jason was far from cowardly.

      • It was cowardly for Vanessa to put Jason on the block. It was cowardly of Vanessa for not putting Austin on the block.

      • I agree. I was not cowardly but depending on how things play out it may have been stupid. If a miracle happens and the other side wins both HOHs her alliance is going to lose a key player no matter what and if the othe side is smart they can blow up the alliance altogether by pitting the love birds against each other.

      • It’s a question of odds. The odds are not in favor of the straggler alliance winning three consecutive HoHs. She ran the numbers as she is prone to do, and realized that the risk/reward is in her favor. It could blow up in her face like you say, but it’s not likely to. And if it does, as a poker player, I’m sure she’ll accept that fate.

      • People are not playing cards. The odds are determined not by outcomes but by the competitions themselves. You cannot calculate the odds of someone winning like you calculate the probability of a certain card being drawn from a deck.

        All it takes is one competition with Becky and Jackie winning or even Jackie and James and Vanessa could go home. In any case, someone from their alliance would certainly go home. This was a very risky play by Vanessa – although the house has determined its Shelli’s fault more than Vanessa’s for some reason.

      • I’m saying if you assume an equal likelihood of any person winning a competition, the odds are heavily in her favor because that’s not likely to happen three consecutive times. Once you factor in the straggler alliance’s track record in competitions, it becomes even less likely. But even if you’re assuming equal likelihood, it would be (5/11) * (1/2) * (5/9), which is a pretty low percentage. And she’s set it up that she wouldn’t be the target if her alliance did lose the first 2 comps. All in all, she should sail deep into the game.
        Edited to say that the percentage calculation is even worse than my numbers because I forgot the previous HoH can’t compete the following week. The numbers are pretty close to impossible for that to happen.

      • And I am saying it is not an equal likelihood because some players are better at certain comps than others. If it was an endurance comp who would you favor? Jason appears to be exceptional at those comps. James has a low center of gravity so comps that require balance could be favorable to him. Vanessa is good with numbers so those comps favor her.

        The last veto comp was tailor made for Clay. If that was a thinking comp, I do not think Clay could have been the other players.

        There are very few comps that are pure luck. They all take some kind of skill even if its just getting to throw a ball off a platform far enough to reach the number bins.

        The point is Vanessa has no idea what the next HOH comp will be and therefore she cannot calculate the probably outcomes.

        Like I said, we will have to see how this plays out but if two of the others win this week and Vanessa gets evicted, then her decision will have been a monumentally poor one.

      • Don’t worry, I hear and understand what you’re saying. ”If all things are equal” (because we don’t actually ”know” what comps are coming up which means that Vanessa is wise to play the odds instead of playing the ”possibility” game). :)

      • Exactly, to Prince’s point, it could be any competition. For instance, be as perverted as possible, in which case James wins no contest. But for the sake of running odds, you have to assume something close to an equal likelihood. It won’t be perfect, but it’s the best you have to work with. She also has the benefit of being in an alliance with people who consistently win everything, so there’s that too.

      • True. The reality may (and probably will) be different than the odds dictate (which again is Prince’s point) but yes for the sake of just calculating odds, all things must be paired down to lowest common denominators (i.e. taking things out of context)… ;)

      • I fail to see how Vanessa putting Jason on the block was cowardly. To be honest that doesn’t even make sense to me. I don’t just disagree, I actually don’t even know or see what you’re talking about. No disrespect intended.

  8. What language was Vanessa speaking on the camera? I just can’t stand her and those lonely eyes of hers. I love what jason said that she’s a scumbag bitch.

  9. When James picked Clay instead of Meg aka the Taylor Swift look alike according to James. I was like meh bum kisser !

    • James is weak! ! He votes against his alliances all the time. No loyalty at all. He wouldn’t even pick Meg to have a steak dinner, really? ? He picks Clay, what a slap in the face..

      • Vanessa chose Becky, who was on the block. I would bet James, seeing this, had the same idea to let Clay join in, as he was also on the block. It really could have been that simple; being nice to who was potentially in game danger. Just like James was nice to Audrey, making her food when she was hiding away.

    • Gotta love Meg making herself out to be a complete whore in that DR clip. I tried to find a nicer word. I struggled to find one. It’s 2:30 am.

    • ….and if he picks Meg, then he’s called a pervert (not necessarily by you, but by others on this site). At the end of the day he’s doing what he thinks is best for his game, and whether that works or not, is really nothing we can control. I like James, and unlike so many others on this site who seem to know the perfect way for him to play this game, I must admit I don’t know what I’d do if I were in his situation of being in a house where the dominant alliance keeps winning competitions… Would I try to appease them and hope I last long enough to become the ”swing vote” when they get lower in numbers? Or would I try to fight against them at the risk being one of the first people voted out by them when they win yet another HoH? I honestly don’t believe it’s as easy as people think.

  10. Meg: “Don’t come cryin’ to me when Clay doesn’t put out, James!”

    I wouldn’t put all of your retirement money on that bet, Meg.

    Just sayin’.

  11. I get that people don’t seem to like The Moldy Q-Tip and I’ve been in that camp too. But after watching her reasons for not betraying Austin I’m starting to drift a little more central.

    I like Jason (as entertainment) more than I like Austin but Jason doesn’t mean anything to her game at this point and with 12 players left after Thursday’s eviction (counting the twin who’ll enter at some point) it might just have been smart play to keep an ally close.

    Maybe it’s just good editing but I can’t find fault with her choice.


    • I think in this BB house it really doesn’t matter because the other side of the house is so weak there was very little risk. However, Vanessa laid it all out tonight for Shelli when she said that breaking her deal would send the other side of the house after her. It would also expose the alliance and put them all at risk.

      I think once she made the deal with the other sides and shook their hands she had to follow through or at least tell them she wanted to change plans. Perhaps putting up Steve would have been a better idea than Jason who is well liked.

      we’ll have to see how it plays out but if by some miracle two of the others win HOH, It could be bad for her and her alliance. Then it will become obvious it was a mistake.

      I think Vanessa is a lot smarter than Shelli so if I was her, I would go with my own instincts and not listen to Shelli and Clay who are not really looking out for what’s best for Vanessa.

    • It’s not the editing. That’s what happened. Vanessa backdooring Austin would have been silly to the millionth degree. She made the correct decision. No question.

      • That would have been true at first before she made the deal. But once she shook all those hands he basically set herself up as untrustworthy. It was also a signal to the rest of the house who the alliance is.

        We will have to wait and see if this wakes up the other side of the house or not. But if they start playing and winning, this move will have been a huge mistake.

      • I’m not arguing otherwise. The mistake she made was the initial plan with Jackie to throw the comp and backdoor Austin. I’m baffled as to why anyone in TSS thought that was a good idea. Vanessa is very lucky to have had Liz talk sense into her, because she nearly made a huge mistake that would have been difficult to recover from.

      • I agree she should not have made the plan in the first place. But her instincts were not wrong. Austin IS an untrustworthy player. He IS Judas. That is his game persona and I doubt he is going to drop that since it appears to me he wants to make a career out of it. It reminds of Zack Rance. His alliance was going to back door him and then Caleb talked them out of it because Zack was still a number for them. But a few weeks later they realized Zack was a bad player and bad for their games so they evicted him anyway. I can see Austin messing up Vanessa’s game. Vanessa should go with her instincts and not let Shelli and Clay talk her out of her initial plans. Vanessa was right when she questioned Shelli and Clay about changing plans and keeping Austin. She took all of the risk while Austin, LIz, Shelli and Clay got the rewards.

  12. Wait so Julia coming in would that still be one single vote with Liz or does she get to vote alone?

  13. They need to get rid of Vanessa. Quickly. And then Austin. Preferably during a double elimination. Bang. Bang. Just like that. Vanessa’s becoming BB17’s Derrick, with everybody treating her like she has everyone’s best interest at heart. And … watching Austin with Vanessa acting all weepy like a 12-year-old girl made me want to lose my supper.

      • That’s true, she’s not. But the HGs are treating her like she’s going to save them all in the end, and we all know she’ll eat them alive as soon as the opportunity arises.

    • Derrick didn’t make waves and he played everybody. What is similar to last year is the non-alliance players are all clueless.

      But I agree, like Vanessa saying getting Jason out takes the leader or key strategist away from the other side (which to me is silly when referring to Jason) but her point is still valid – you take Vanessa out and the Sixth Sense alliance falls apart. I just do not see Shelli/Clay working well with Liz/Austin. I don;t think any of them are as smart as Vanessa.

  14. i know this is big brother but van talk with meg james and jason to get rid of Austin what the hell and then she don’t have guts to get rid of him so she target Jason knowing that he knows the real plan was for Austin to go and Again Austin thinks that Steve is going home so she is in trouble if and only if Jason and Austin fill one another one on one.. Van need to go Bye

  15. What on Earth is wrong with the author talking about a “completely innocent nominee”. This isn’t a court of law, it’s a gameshow. Jason wasn’t put up because he committed a crime, he was put up because he’s not part of Vanessa’s alliance and he’s a strong player. Guilt and innocence don’t factor into it at all

    • You’re guilty of stealing my heart, B-rizzle. (But maybe no coffee after noon time tomorrow.)

      • Vanessa also pegged Jeff as a strong player, due to his “social game being awesome”. I think she’s riding hunches and instincts, as opposed to thinking anybody’s a strong player based on what they’ve actually done in the game, because Jason has done very little, and really nothing past his early HoH and co-BoB win. She just thinks he’s the other side’s main strategist and without him they’d be lost.

        To be fair though, based on what they’ve actually done in the game, the only ones that can be considered strong players are John, Vanessa herself, and maybe Shelli.

      • Obviously not physically strong. My 10 year old cousin could probably beat him in an arm wrestling comp. He’s a smooth talker and he is well-liked. That’s dangerous in Big Brother. I mean, did you see the way he kept his cool last week when he was talking to Shelli and he managed to completely change her mind? I mean, not that it’s difficult to get Shelli to change her mind but it was still impressive on his part

    • Branden’s (the author of this article) brand of writing can be entertaining, but also opinionated. He describes himself as a “tell-it-like-it-is writer”, but I think it’s more of a “tell-it-like-I-see-it”. Which is fine, I’m not trying to knock anybody for adding their opinion to their writing, but it does sometimes seem subjective.

      If he happens to see this comment, please know that I mean this constructively, and not negatively. I appreciate some aspects of your writing, and you and Matt do a good job of maintaining this website.

  16. Apparently, Clay was sleeping in a normal bed as a have-not, Shelli washed her hair with warm water in the sink and Shelli and Vanessa were writing dates on heir fingernails with nail polish???? Shouldn’t something be done?

    • The Clay sleeping in a regular bed thing sounds like a penalty needs to be dealt out but as for the Shelli washing her hair in the sink, I think that’s just funny. It was hilarious when Will did it in BB7

      • Right, but because they gave Audrey a penalty vote for breaking the rules they better give one to Clay for doing the same or else it’s just blatant disregard for the rules and yes, they do it all the time but still. I’d like to see the king and queen falter a bit.

      • Did you see this first-hand on the feeds? Where was he sleeping?

  17. That episode drove me crazy. Can Austin just leave his glasses on OR off?!! My god he used that move too much. And Vanessa, lay off the black eye liner. You look like a raccoon.

    • If those are the things that drove you crazy, you might be watching the wrong show.

  18. When are the floaters going to stop kissing Shelly, and Vanessa’s _____!

    if they had the guts they could join together, and flip the house, but I guess there’s a reason their called floaters.

  19. James,Jackie, or Meg better win HOH, because I can’t stand the Shelly and Vanessa show any longer!

  20. No one humiliates Judas… because Judas humiliates himself enough as it is.

  21. I think James solidified that he is up Clays butt by taking him to the Outback dinner! I think he will do anything clay tells him to do! I just cannot believe how dumb the other side of the house is in regards to not playing harder, not recognizing a strong alliance and for pretty much just laying around the house and being told what to do and listening! I think people like Meg in the house are not playing the game, they are just enjoying the experience and going along with whatever! this is season 17! Did they not watch other seasons? You have to play hard! and they certainly are not! It’s soooo easy for the people who are actually playing the game! Way too easy!!! It’s so predictable! As for Vanessa not putting up Austin, I think it was very smart of her not too! It’s not like Jason would ever have her back, often would! smart move!
    Side Note, does anyone (I mean any of you) know ANYTHING about Austin’s “girlfriend?” (ex clearly)
    has she been talking? does anyone know where to find her online? I would love to hear what she has to say and I am curious on how long they were in a relationship prior to him entering the house!

  22. What ever happened to that special power they gave Jeff in a previous season. We need to flip it so the strong alliance gets burned a little then it will get interesting and maybe wake up the others.

    • No no no. That was the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen on Big Brother. I’m a fan of Jeff’s, but giving him that special power because he was popular was absurd. It completely ruins the integrity of the game. Jessie’s alliance was dominating that season whether fans liked it or not. He was doing it fair and square, and production throws Jeff a bone that completely flips the house.
      Jeff did nothing to deserve that power and Jessie got screwed. I hope that crap never happens again. Instead of getting production to flip the house, how bout the other side of the house actually wins something.

  23. I guess that James, according to Meg, for not picking her for his Outback Date, will not be “Getting some of Meg…” anytime soon .. Ha !!! :)

  24. During last night’s show, did anyone else notice with Steve’s DR session/monologue that he sounded a bit creepy? Was he trying to be humorous or evil in his delivery ??

    • I think he was trying to be humorous AND evil but much like anything else Steve does, it just came off as pathetic.

  25. Matt Boyer, will you PLEASE remove the person who has the offensive name and posts “Team Audrey” constantly. I don’t mind the team Audrey part; anyone has a right to their opinion, but the user name is downright ridiculous. There are many on this sight who are getting sick and tired of this person. To the “Vagina” person, why don’t you just change your user name. You sound like a pervert (don’t know if you’re male or female), but either way, you sound sick in the head. And yes, I DO hide your comment each and every time you post (as you suggested earlier), but it’s getting tiresome. Again, change the user name and post team audrey ’till the cows come home!

  26. Choking to spare Austin was the best move for Vanessa’s game at the moment. He’s basically the Zach of the Sixth Sense alliance.

    And am I the only one who thought the astern and his camera buddy segment was adorable?

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