Big Brother 17: Vanessa & John Plan Targeting Austwins

You’d almost forget the double dose of opportunities presented to the Big Brother 17 Houseguests this week to take a swing at splitting up the Austwins as Vanessa and John are busy debating the best ways to take them out down the road.

John McGuire deep in thought and Fun Dip
John McGuire deep in thought and Fun Dip – Source: CBS All Access

Vanessa will be the outgoing HoH this week which gives her the perfect reason for why she won’t be able to get a twin out in the next round. As for this week, she’s sticking to the threat of them going up against a pawn like Meg for why it couldn’t happen yet. Now Vanessa is looking to John and maybe even Steve to cut the twins, but Steve is making Vanessa a little nervous.

Over the past two days we’ve watched Vanessa discuss with John some ideas of the best ways to get out the twins and whether or not their third ally, Steve, will be up to the task. Flashback first to 2:45 PM BBT on Monday (8/31) as John and Vanessa talk alone in the HoH room.

Along with confirming to one another they’re each other’s F2 deal (I think Vanessa will be the first to collect them all!) Vanessa is pushing for the best way to get Liz out. John says with Liz gone they can try a 3-point plan of each pairing up with another player. Vanessa can go to Julia, Steve can get Austin, and he’ll work with James.

John throws out a scenario where Julia could end up going home if Liz or Austin wins the Veto and saves the other. Vanessa doesn’t care for that much and redirects John toward the idea of putting up Liz and James as James is a strong competitor for the Veto which would reduce Liz’s chances of escaping the Block.

Here we also get a brief mention of how Vanessa is questioning whether or not Steve will be willing to pull the trigger on this plan. Vanessa says that if something happens during the Double Eviction, which they think is another week out, then she’s willing to do it herself and deal with the consequences later. Unfortunately we won’t get a chance to see if that’s true or not.


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    • Give him a break, he obviously has some sort of mental health problem. I think that’s what he admitted to Vanessa. We all have our stuff and I think it’s brave of him to go on a show like this…as long as he doesn’t win, it’s all cool.

  1. I think Steve is a little more than he let’s on, I don’t see all the feeds but there seems to be less and less of the “Mommy help me” showmance with the cameras now that his cats getting outta the bag.

    He’s still a bit wimpy around stronger personalities, but that has worked to his benefit thus far.

    As for the will he or won’t he, it’ll depend on if he is trying to play up the little puppy thing with twins or if he is actually smitten. I believe the former, he must understand the math when it gets down to 6 after Thursday.

    • I doubt Steve targets the Austwins. He will probably target James and put up James and Julia, unless he likes Julia or w/e in which case he’d put up JMac(I could see him being dumb enough to do that).

      Although I doubt Steve wins the HoH unless it’s a memory comp, but even then he could just throw it.

      • You might be right. I am surprised that Van hasn’t put this together fully. Steve is all about going after Austwins next week and not even considering VTE Julia. That makes no sense – unless something else is going on here…

        Kinda like how Austin is getting the idea that Van & Jmac are working together by how Van kept Jmac safe this week.

        I wonder about Steve. If he puts up James after Meg is evicted, then it really makes no sense. James would be alone at that point. It’s hard to explain – perhaps he is doing to just to prove his loyalty to Van, since I think Van really does want Meg to go to weaken James. Or maybe he is fixated that Meg would come after him to avenge Jackie and the 1st DE.

        Steve is an enigma now on what his end game plan is.

      • I definitely do t think he is getting rid of meh because of Jackie. Meg can’t win anything . He wants to keep Julia because he likes her and thinks she likes him back (moron).

        I actually think of possible Steve would take Julia to F2. She will be easy to beat for him . I think he wants to get rid of Meg to isolate James even more. Makes sense, still a waste though.

      • I definitely dont think he is getting rid of Meg because of Jackie. Meg can’t win anything . He wants to keep Julia because he likes her and thinks she likes him back (moron).

        I actually think of possible Steve would take Julia to F2. She will be easy to beat for him . I think he wants to get rid of Meg to isolate James even more. Makes sense, still a waste though.

      • Hope he can win all the physical comps if he does take anyone to F2 with him, something Julia cannot do. Steve even said he didn’t come on the show for the money, but for the experience. He’s surprised he’s made it this far, though.

      • I definitely dont think he is getting rid of Meg because of Jackie. Meg can’t win anything . He wants to keep Julia because he likes her and thinks she likes him back (moron).

        I actually think if possible Steve would take Julia to F2. She will be easy to beat for him . I think he wants to get rid of Meg to isolate James even more. Makes sense, still a waste though.

      • I think Steve’s end game is final three of JMac, him and Vanessa and take out Vanessa before the finale. I’m not sure how he views his path to getting there, but I’m pretty sure that’s his end goal.

      • He did mention that. He would choose Vampire Dentist over Van Van to F2.
        Not sure what his logic is, but he has a stronger chance to win if he takes Van Van to F2.
        Against Vampire Dentist in F2 the votes could 5-4 or 6-3 (plus Van Van’s vote) in Vampire Dentist’s favor.

      • I think most of the jury knows Vanessa has played the best game. Even the ones who don’t love Vanessa will admit that, and Steve is in awe of Vanessa’s game play. If it’s his choice who to pick, he’s absolutely dumping Vanessa, which is by far his best play. JMac isn’t great at the game and Steve knows it.

      • He was planning on taking Meg or Julia to F2, but since change his mind to John. I believe why he changed his mind is he thinks he can win against John who was evicted and returned. He believes the jury won’t reward an evictee the win. For now, the little soldier is obeying Vanessa’s orders.

      • I don’t think he would win if he was with Van in the end, though. He hasn’t won any of the physical comps that JMac has. Van would now like to have JMac with her in F2. He would win, though, if that were to happen and I think Van would be okay with it. If Van does have any say and can win another HoH and/or veto, she’d probably take Liz with her in F2 (if the twins are still there) and they would vote Van to win, but not anyone else sitting next to her due to a bitter jury. I don’t see Austin going to the end at all, nor James and JMac (unless Austwins regain power two HoH’s in a row like last two weeks). Why none can see the best move is to split up the twins now while there’s a chance, I have no idea. Vanessa practically handed Julia to them on a platter, something she wanted others to believe was her only option.

    • His Mom is an avid BB fan. He did mentioned his mom was auditioning for BB6. So all the talk about “I need my mother now” is more about what her mom will think about the gameplay rather than “mooooooommmmmm helppppppp moiiiiiiiiiiiiii”.
      He’s more than meets the eye, that’s for sure.

    • I knew werido steve was acting ever since I saw his interactions with Julie Chen on eviction nights. It drives me nuts how he turns on his little boy voice when he says “hi Julie” “bye Julie”. I suppose he thinks that’s going to get him AFP.
      If Vanessa wasn’t brow beating him/Austwins making him think he’s their friend he’d probably wouldn’t be such a wimp in this game.

  2. God, how can this people think is better to target Austin and the twins when they will be 3X3 and one free agent (James), than now that they can be 5×3 and 5×2 in the double eviction?? Why, in gods name, Vanessa thinks that is possible to hit the austwins “next week” when she will not compete for HOH, making the plan only possible if JMac ou STEVE win the HOH?? (and if James win, she will be probably the one going home)

    The lack of logical thinking in this people is unbelievable and mesmerizing!!

    • It’s the exact same logic the last two weeks when the Austwins kept saying we will get Vanessa out ‘next week’ and ‘next week’ never comes. I’m right with you on getting out Julia then winning the HoH and getting another out and being 4v2 (if they got out Vanessa) 4v2(if they throw Vanessa under the bus and she has to team up with the remaining Austwin after the DE if they got 2 of them out) or even 5v1(if the actually work with Vanessa). Either way it makes so much more sense for them to vote out Julia, except for Vanessa’s game, and isn’t that all that matters to everyone in the house?

      • I don’t think keep Julia is the best thing for Vanessa. austwins are an inseparable bloc, Vanessa is 4th in this alliance and always will be. If she sends all those 3 to the jury, that leaves her with two duos, whoever win HOH next is the one who she should go with and only have to win one HOH to go to F2. Keeping this pathetic alliance with Austin and the twins, if Steve and JMac are not able to get one HOH, that leaves Vanessa locked in the “Austin’s Angels” now she have to win 2 HOHs in a row to get to F2, because noone is taking her to the final.

        Vanessa may think is better to keep Julia, but thinkig in a logical way, is not!

      • I think she wants to keep Julia so A, she can stay on the Austwins good side to they will vote for her if they aren’t in the F2, B, she has a F2 deal with Julia and Austin and doesn’t want to burn either of those bridges, C, keeping those three keeps the biggest target off her. With Julia gone she moves up the totem pole for who people might target, so she needs the three of them to stay to be a bigger threat than her going forward.

      • Exactly what I Think.. The only person that gains of gettin out meg is Van, NOBODY else (except maby meg lol)

  3. Just on jokers:

    Tue 8:15 PM BBTAustin
    to Steve: “It doesn’t matter which one of us(he or Liz) wins it. If we
    are going to be together, we will both enjoy it.” NT – jellyfisher

    Austin is really into Liz too much and wants life after the show with her. I started to think he might do the hinky vote to blame on Steve – but no way if this is what he is thinking. He knows he could never get away with doing that & Liz seeing it & them being together after the show.

    This actually may be his achilles heel if someone can exploit it. He says he won’t fall on a sword for her, but his emotional attachment may prevent him from making a move that he should make that would be good for his own game at this point

    • Oh, Austin. Of course he was never really interested in winning the game. He said on BBAD at one time that winning would be extremely difficult and all he wanted was to get to jury so it could help advance his entertainment career. Maybe that’s changed now that he’s getting closer to the end. Or… maybe not that he’s found Liz.

      • I think he’s probably HURT his career if anything with this show. He looks like a wuss instead of a big, bad wrestler. A petty, stinky catty wuss!

    • Lol if he wins Liz may stay around long enough to get some of that money. If she wins (god forbid) he will never see her again.

      • Nope. She’ll split it with her sister, since she’s family because she can’t ever split it with Austwit!

  4. Well when van tells john she wants the austwins to go did it cross johns mind to say well you have one on the block against a very weak player which would be a waste of ur hoh so why not flip the vote and take Julia out now meg aint gonna win nothing but if Julia stays she may win comps. Further more why is James agreeing to work with her so easily he should make a deal you keep meg and if I win hoh I will then work with you and so will meg

  5. Liz told Julia she will self evict if Julia is voted out. Agghhh. Get rid of Liz somebody. Van is using John yet again because she just doesn’t have the guts to break up Austwins. She will get rid of John as soon as she can when he’s not needed. John is not this great player as most people keep saying. I don’t understand why Julia is now telling Liz that James is one of the mean people. I don’t think that’s true. They are the mean people. I’m voting for James for AFP who served our country for 6 years, and makes only $20,000 a year. My vote was originally for John, but he is wearing thin with his goofy laugh and screaming DR. I like him, but I don’t want to give him AFP anymore. I hope he goes far in the game, and we all know James is the next to go if he doesn’t win HOH.

    • James could win the veto again too, which would make things very interesting if Steve or the Austwins toss him up on the block. Point well taken though–he’s by far the most vulnerable of everyone left.

  6. The only one who’d be going after Austwins at this point is either John or James.

    John wanted Austin out since Austin evicted him.
    And James wants to avenge Meg

    • If James wins HOH, his nominees are Steve and Van. 100 pct sure–and the Austwins would probably freeze the moms if any of them won veto to save themselves. Van goes out if James can get Liz on the block next to her–and he’s the only one left in the house with the cojones to try this, assuming Steve saves himself with the veto

      • If Julia goes out this week then I think Liz would be the bigger target next week to further isolate Austin

  7. If Vanessa can get in his ear during the DE, then Steve more than likely would do what she wants. His last HOH decisions were at least partially based on things Vanessa told him, after all.

  8. Vanessa and Steve planning on targeting James. I hope James win DE HOH and sends Vanessa’s ass out. Steve should grow some balls. Play your own game idiot!!

  9. Steve will throw the hoh. Remember him talking to the camera after he won hoh during 1st DE saying he screwed up his game by winning? He has to feel safe with austwins and John and James is going after Vanessa or austwins. He’s smart enough and knows the game well enough to know he shouldn’t win. Another reason is he may want to win next hoh instead….

    • Nope. Steve will try to win and put up James and Julia as a pawn if he does. In that scenario, James is gone unless he wins veto. If he does, Steve tosses up someone else big who won’t get votes as a bigger pawn. The original pawn–Julia–is sent packing

  10. 9:32 PM 9:18:53 More yelling with megaphone can be heard and a lockdown is called. Austin and Liz have joined Meg/James/Jmac at that time -LiZinTeXaS
    9:25 PM Yeller continued & other HGs go out there & DR immediately calls for inside LD. Yeller yelled ‘Austin wants Julia out’.JMac, James, Meg decideNot to tell what they heard before lockdown was called. Then we got FISH -jaguar3

    From Jokers

    • Jeez. That’s crap. How are they not able to stop this from happening? Didn’t this happen last year too with Derrick being a cop?

      • It did happen last year but the people yelled that they loved Zach and that America hated Frankie. I think I read then that the BB house is on the edge of the lot and there are people living just a few blocks away. You would think they would have someone patrolling for that though.

  11. Please, please, somebody take Austin out on Thursday. He thinks he is so hot and is marketing himself like crazy (as are the twins but to a marginally lesser degree). I think being on this show has damaged their reputations since there is no audience for annoying and icky. It would be perfect to see Julia out then Austin out on the DE. Not only would it be a great game move but a humane way to end this madness. I would love to see Liz turn on Austin and then get taken out the following week. Then we can let James have his fun and take out Vanessa. Would be fun to watch V think she has a shot. The rest can monkey around and see how it goes as long as Johnny wins.

    • “since there is no audience for annoying and icky”

      Sadly, I think this statement is untrue. Just look at celebs like Miley Cyrus, Kim K, Justin Beaver, Kanye (to name a few)

      • The people you mentioned, and many others, already had established a celebrity status before the ick factor really kicked in and most offered some sort of talent (singing or whatever). These are average Joe Blows who seem to think that making out on reality tv or showing muscles and tattoes make them any different than anyone else. And Justin “Beaver” really?

  12. Vanessa telling Steve and Austin that Johnny Mac is always with Meg and James and that he’s acting weird.
    Why the heck would she do that to her new ally? She will only have steve left to fight the Austwins if he gets evicted again. Just when I start giving this woman credit…

    • Vanessa ALWAYS does this to her supposed allies. The woman doesn’t have any true allies because in her mind she is ALWAYS a team of one. She is one effed up human being. I just wonder if she is capable of sustained sincere relationships on the outside of BB. I kind of doubt it. Sorry, Mel.

  13. So they heard the megaphone yeller say “Austin wants Julia out”.. They are thinking that Austin would vote Julia out and try to blame it on Steve.. Now wouldnt it be great if James, JMac, and Steve vote Julia out and Julia goes out on a 4-1 count!!! Then it would be obvious Austin voted her out and ALL HECK would break out!!!!!! That would definitely get me excited about this season again :)

      • Sadly I know it wont.. But man it would be great!!! When did it become a let me tell you all my moves before it happens game. There is no surprise at all anymore :(

      • Idk, I’ve missed a few seasons here and there, so I don’t really know when it started. I haven’t really enjoyed a season since 6-7.

      • I think it happened when they started filling most of the cast with recruits instead of people who want to actually play this game and know what it’s about.

  14. Maybe its just me but I think its easier to get out Austin or Liz if you get out Julia this week. At least the twins are broken up. I know Vanessa doesn’t want her to go but shes not voting. If Meg goes its a waste. At least if Julia went it would be somewhat exciting. I will believe it when I see it for someone to break up Austin and Liz. I think they are all talk.

  15. They have the chance this week and they are dumb for not taking it. Guarantee one of the Austwins wins HOH this week and they walk to the finals.

  16. I will glad when this season is over, my head has been hurting for a few weeks now because of all the non logic thinking in this game. They all pretty much see the same thing we see now and are still afraid to pull the trigger. Well all of them but James. Why don’t BB just throw the money in the air and who ever grabs it first wins so they can quit putting us through nightmare of a show already.

    • Ahahaha. I feel and hope JMac is now awake and can see the logic James is discussing with him. Let’s see what JMac does with that. So far he’s not discussed it with Van, Steve or Austin.

  17. i thought i read that steve was cam talking the other day and said he would put up liz and austin if he won HOH.

    • I thought that Steve was gonna make a “pass” at Julia earlier in the Season, but later said that he would probably wait until they were both in Jury, however ??
      So, perhaps, a potential double-nuptials with Liz/Austin and Julia/Steve in a year or two?? Ha !!! :)

  18. Just curious on whom is playing whom with this Vanessa and John so-called Alliance ?
    I could see John, finally realizing to just agree with Vanessa and/or another offers of an Alliance, in this Game to survive … remembering what happened to Becky when she refused to negotiate with Vanessa while she was HOH …
    And, Vanessa, once again, keeping her Alliance Closer (Austwins) while keeping her nemisis’ closer (John) … something that Vanessa can use as ammunition should one of the Austwins win HOH this Thursday ??
    If anyone, think it is Steve that would be more loyal to Vanessa than John would/could ever be .. but, who really knows … Though, Steve has been shown to have moments of “turning on the light switch” over the last couple of weeks … And, suspect that he may be just “sandbagging” his weaknesses a bit and is about to finally play the game, albeit the final 3 weeks .. which is what really matters, eh !!!

    • I’ve been thinking all along that John has just been “yes-ing” Vanessa – patting her on the head and then he will do what he darned well pleases. Now, though, I am starting to fear she has really gotten her hooks into him. Soooooo want him to have those eyes wide open so he can make his best moves!

  19. When Steve talks to the cameras at night he was saying he is putting up Austin and Liz if he wins. He knows that three have to be broken up. I hope James wins because he’s the only one that will put Vanessa up. She has a final two with everyone but James and Liz. Then I hope JMac wins the second HOH.

  20. I agree steve is a whimp,he hated Becky n had a chance to put her up n didn’t in the last double eviction,and same old Vanessa trying to get people to do somthing that she already had the chance to do like putting up the twins,they don’t know it’s a double eviction this week,I’m going to love the look on her face when they find out and she can’t play,lol.

  21. Can’t wait to see the look on Vanessa when she fi ds out its a double eviction and she can’t play but she would know that if she had watched some of the seasons instead of just watching season 10,but there are alot of rookies this year I hope Big Brother dose better next year at picking out house guest.

  22. Everyone is currently playing for third or forth with no real end game strategy. This is a season of wasted opportunities and lost causes.

  23. Good to see JMac coming alive towards the end and I hope his strategy is successful. At this rate JMac would have a good chance of winning if he does make it to the finale. All he has to do is stab Vanessa in the back and take James to the finale.

  24. This years players are the dumbest I’ve ever seen! Vanessa has gotten EVERYONE out and yet no one targets her? Is this game rigged or something?

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