Big Brother 17: Vanessa Tries To Delay Steve’s Reveal

Last night the second round of the three part final HoH competition was held and the results made sure we’d have an interested last few days of the Big Brother 17 season.

Steve Moses can barely contain himself
Steve Moses can barely contain himself – Source: CBS All Access

Part of that interest will be seeing how the Steve handles his deal with Vanessa and how Vanessa handles shutting down his alleged plans to tell Liz everything going on.

As soon as the Feeds returned we were watching Steve ask Vanessa if it was too soon to share the news with Liz that her chances were over. Flashback to 11:10 PM BBT 9/18 on your Live Feeds (Free Trial). While we’ve heard from Steve that he might not honor this deal with Vanessa he isn’t letting on to her just yet.

Steve wants to know when they should tell Liz. Definitely not now, says Vanessa. It’d be better to wait, she explains. A few minutes later Vanessa again tries to fake a little happiness and excitement for Steve saying her injuries from round one are keeping her from jumping around. Even hugging is more than she can take, but she lets him hug for a moment.

Steve is elated and Vanessa can barely manage a smile for his victory. Her lack of excitement is obvious to Steve as he asks her if the medicine she’s taking is impacting her reactions now. Yeah, it’s that transparent.

Vanessa again tells Steve it’s not the right time to tell Liz and he yields saying he trusts her judgment. She wants time to think it over and tell Liz “the way that will be most…” Steve offers “comforting,” but I’m guessing Vanessa is thinking “most beneficial to her game.” He references the way Derrick and Cody let Victoria know once the two of them had each won rounds one and two.

This was not how Vanessa wanted things to go down. She had helped Liz study and prepare for this competition so the two of them could go to Round 3 and lock down the F2 together. Now Vanessa has one more competition to win and if she doesn’t, I do think Steve is heavily leaning toward sending Vanessa out to join the Jury. That just might be the move he needs to win over the F2 votes, otherwise I don’t think he’ll even get to stand before them.

Vanessa tells Steve (Flashback 11:20 PM BBT) they should wait until at least Monday to tell Liz and the later they do it the better to avoid her campaigning. There are so many red flags flying up here and while Steve acts like he isn’t seeing them I do think he is and it’s likely reinforcing his drive to win round three and to evict Vanessa.

Jump ahead to 12:04 AM BBT 9/19 as Steve speaks alone in the back bedroom. “I think Vanessa is on to me so I need to back the f**k off with her… [inaudible] now I can stop.” So yeah, Steve knows what’s up. Think he’ll talk to Liz? I don’t think there’s any reason to do that.

It’d be great entertainment for us to see Steve try to tell Liz that he and Vanessa have been working together most of the season and have had a F2 deal the whole time. It’d directly conflict with what Vanessa has told Liz and shouldn’t surprise Liz in the least. But, what’s the advantage for Steve?

There’s no elimination decision for Liz and it could only fire Vanessa up even more to fight to win the last round. Unless something surprising happens and Liz gets sent to Jury then she won’t even have a vote should she be sitting at F2. Instead maybe we’ll see Steve continue to toy with Vanessa and press her to make the reveal herself for that awkward silence and subsequent explanations.

What do you think Steve and Vanessa should do here? Will Steve get Vanessa to tell Liz only for him to go back on the F2 deal just as Vanessa was planning to do the same? We’ll keep watching to see who reveals what in these last days of Big Brother 17.

As an added bonus, 11:27 PM BBT 9/18, Vanessa tells Steve he doesn’t even need to worry about winning round three. Heh. Nice try, Vanessa. Steve immediately tells her he’s not going to throw it. I wonder if we’ll hear more of those suggestions in the coming days.



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  1. Best case scenario, Van/Steve tell Liz she’s odd girl out, then whoever wins Final HoH takes Liz to F2. That loses 2 votes but better than 3 I guess… I’m to the point of wanting Liz to win rather than see those 2 conniving jackals win it all. Steve is just the lesser of two evils & Vanessa is pure evil.

    • How many times do I have to tell you all. The game was over weeks ago. The only chance of getting Vanessa out was with dummy James. Yet he couldn’t pull the trigger because frankly he really isn’t that smart. I hope you all enjoy watching one of the best manipulators ever to play this game and that is my beautiful Lesbian Warrior Vanessa win Big Brother 17 with a vote that won’t even be close against Steve the Clown.

      • Beautiful lesbian warrior? Are you kidding me? She cried all summer and bitched about how she’s too old for this and how difficult it’s been for her to play the game as a gay woman. She may have done well against these morons but that’s not impressive. Best manipulator to ever play? You’re as delusional as she is.

      • Thank you for setting that delusion straight. Vanessa is the biggest fake which has nothing to do with her statuses. I hope Steve will see that sending out Vanessa now will make Liz win as she avoided the drama, and couldn’t do any better. She was well liked and will likely get the votes she needs to win.

      • Final vote for Vanessa the Lesbian Warrior:
        Liz: Vanessa
        Julia: Vanessa
        James: Vanessa
        Becky: Vanessa
        Austin: Vanessa
        Jackie: Vanessa
        John: Vanessa
        Shelli: Vanessa
        Meg: Vanessa

        Sorry everyone. I know this makes you angry, but you all must face reality. I know this is not the result you want to see but the best players always play with deceit. Just like in the real world people who are really successful in life are the greatest manipulators. The people who lost just didn’t know how to manipulate. Steve got a nice $50, 000 for his mommy. John will get $25,000 for being America’s favorite. But Vanessa my Lesbian Warrior will walk away with 1/2 million. Plus she will do very well outside of the show. I would buy one of her autographed hats. Peace out.

      • Put Vanessa “The Cry Baby Lesbian Warrior” in a real game of BB with the real All Stars she would be first one out. No one should cry there way to the end.Sorry honey you are delusional.

      • I want next season to be all of the winners from seasons 2-17. Assuming Nessa wins on Wednesday that would make for 10 Boys and 6 Girls, to account for the disparity between genders, add in the 4 girls with the most competition wins in a single season. This would add Janelle obviously as well as 3 other girls that I can’t think of off the top of my head. 10 girls, 10 boys. Maybe start the season a week or two early, have no returning house guest twist, and 3 double evictions should equate to a full season. Any arguments about player ability would be demolished if Derrick, Vanessa, or Andy were to win the entire thing (Andy would be gone early tho imo). We would also see a season of Jordan and Rachel without their partners which would be interesting imo.

      • Don’t overlook the fact that the players from Season Two are 16 years older now, so they most likely wouldn’t play the same way, either mentally or physically. They say you can’t go home again for a reason. ;-)

      • Well we sure won’t have any African-Americans on BB #18, and that is sad! This program is the oldest Reality Game Show on CBS, and not one Black person has ever won, unlike on TAR, & Survivor…Smdh?!

      • My comment wasn’t “just” related to Day hun….It was related to the whole Big Brother Franchise?! The Casting Director cast African-Americans who do not know how the game is played, and have never viewed the show! Due to the fact that most contestants are “Recruited.” Drops the Mic, and walks away….bye Felicia….

      • Did you forget that the twins were recruited? Liz didn’t know the game & look where she is.
        I also think that any gender, religion or race can win this game. So please leave those 3 things out of the equation.
        Just becuz someone is African-American doesn’t mean that they don’t have the same chances going into the game.
        There were twists that threw everyone off.
        It’s a numbers game to begin with. And you have to align with people that you can ‘trust!’

      • I like this idea!!


        (How do you pronounce that? -lol)

      • I would love to have Vanessa in the house with Amanda. She would self evicted and go home crying to Mel. And who REALLY cares if she’s a lesbian, Ann Marie? I just love when they have to get their peacock feathers upas if we care. Vanessa went from puppeteer to BULLY. Wow that’s something for the Lesbian Warrior, hahaha, to be proud of. Sorry Jane I got carried away.

      • Vanessa is what I refer to as a ‘convenient lesbian’. When she wants to be married to a man, she’s straight. When he gets cancer and she decides to bail, she becomes a lesbian. Heck, why not? It really is always about her, isn’t it?

      • I can’t help but be curious…. have you been approached by any of the BB recruiters to play in an upcoming season?

      • Curiosity killed the cat. I’m going to wait a couple seasons. I don’t think the public could take two lesbians in a row winning Big Brother. I really enjoy Vanessa’s game. The only other two winners that I have real respect for are Will, the best player in Big Brother history and Dan. You have to remember Will played in a season where there was no Veto. Dan was great, but not like Will. For all the Vanessa haters, down the road you will end up loving her. I just see her genius, just like I saw the genius of Will.

      • Remember Dan played a good game in BB14 and lost to Ian who had a better social game. Vanessa played a good game (only bc people in the house are stupid enough to listen to her) but Steve and Liz both played a better social game

      • Dan deserved the win. He was out the door and in just 24 hours of solitude he hatched a plan to save himself, completely flip the house, and get to the final 4 where he convinced the HOH to put her SHOWMANCE ON THE BLOCK who he proceeded to evict, because otherwise he’d be going to Final 3 with a showmance. That kind of manipulation is what Social game is. Floating to the end behind Nessa’s coattails is not good social game.

      • Nobody freakin cares that she’s a lesbian!!! We don’t like her cuz she’s a whiny, crybaby who bullied her way through the game. She’s beyond annoying and it has nothing to do with being a lesbian. To put her name in the same sentence as Will is blasphemy!
        Ur comments sound like the ramblings of a lunatic…so I understand why you like her so much. You guys have ALOT in common

      • Will admitted to being a Schmuck. She is mentally manipulative in a way that makes everyone uncomfortable- in a abusive way. She is a bully. You can play the game with integrity. Or you can be a bully. She is no better than a school yard bully and I hate to see her rewarded for those tactics.

      • Evil Dick won being a bully and everyone would love to see him back. Admit it you loved his tactics.

      • I like your wording ‘…..Uncomfortable -in an abusive way!’
        That clears the bully perception for me 100%!!
        Vanessa has not played with integrity. I agree very much!!

      • Austin will convince Julia and Liz not to vote for take those three away. It’ll be a big iffy from John and Becky too, especially if Steve is standing beside her. It’s great to use those tactics in the big world, but this is a reality show meant to entertain, not piss people off.

      • Julia and Liz don’t care what Austin thinks, and neither does the rest of the jury. Just watch him trying to convince them that Vanessa played shitty. They weren’t having it. And you have no idea what you’re talking about. This is a reality show about manipulation and strategy, that’s what makes it entertaining. It is Survivor but indoors, and some of the greatest Survivor players of all time got their hands really dirty and pissed a lot of people off to win the game. Dr. Will pissed everyone off and is considered by many scholars to be the greatest reality show competitor of all time.

      • if liz gets evicted at f2, austin won’t have the time or chance to get in liz’s ear, because that eviction happens at the liveshow, and she goes stright out of the house, onto a stool next to the rest of the jury.

      • Right! This is all for ENTERTAINMENT VALUE!! Don’t watch it if you’re going to loose your character defending moral play!!

      • You do realize the reality of why people don’t like her, right?

        It has nothing to do with deceit, people eat that stuff up. Look at Dr. Will (the actual best mind you), Dan, Derrick, Danielle, etc. People dislike Vanessa because she’s a petulant child who stomps her feet in the ground and cries when she doesn’t get her way.

        She would wash out in any season where people actually had any level of courage. She couldn’t even handle when Becky very calmly told her she was up because she was playing everyone. If she were in an actual season where she would get called out in front of the entire house, she’d be evicted extremely quickly.

        If someone like Evel Dick were in the house with her, or just anyone in general who isn’t afraid to call someone out, she’d get exposed to the viewing audience for what she is… mediocre.

        If there ever is another all stars, she’s a first round boot, no question in my mind.

      • Right. If she was in the house with a bunch of gamers who don’t buy into the emotion crap, she’d dissolve and be gone in minutes. CBS literally stuck a shark wannabe in the tank with a bunch of goldfish. Put her in the aquarium with piranha and other real sharks, and she wouldn’t stand a chance.

      • The Goblins had their chance to take her out of the game, but she manipulated them into thinking Shelli was the greater threat. It took her two days to go from going out the door to having Shelli evicted unanimously. People say the same thing about Derrick, “he was on a season with a bunch of twats”. Of course they look like garbage when you have them paired up against a Game theorist/Poker Player with a fucking Law Degree or when they’re paired up against a former undercover cop. Dr. Will made everyone look retarded because he has a 176 IQ and is good-looking enough to charm anyone into doing what he wants.

        People make excuses, and that’s why I want BB Heroes vs Villains next summer

      • I looked V up on Wikipedia. She doesn’t have a law degree, regardless of what she might have said or implied. Here’s what it said:

        A poker player since the age of five, Rousso began serious poker tournament play during her summer break from law school. Rousso was in the top 5% of her law school class, but she did not finish law school. Now, excluding online winnings, she ranks among the top five women in poker history in terms of all-time money winnings.

      • Thanks for sharing. Ohhhh…. Does it also mention she’s a lesbian?? Ya…. PROBABLY NOT CUZ NOBODY GIVES A RATS ASS!! It’s got nothing to do with the GAME!!

      • The hgs couldn’t evict Vanessa because they didn’t know what to do with out her because they were not sure how to play. She led everyone around with a leash.

      • Van will walk away with the cash unless Steve realizes that to put her out now will win him those votes with a 7 to 2 vote. Yes van will vote for him just for having the balls and manipulation skills to put her out last min. Steve had watched and learned from Van, hopefully and will do just that. Go on with your bad trombone playing ass Steve.

      • Ha ha! Warriors don’t cry and hide for a day in bed when Becky puts her up. That was sad, weak, and pathetic. Only James’ stupidity of going after Shelli saved her crybaby behind. This crying and all day about Becky being mean to her was sad — it was coming from a woman with 4.5 mil in the bank, and a Lamborghini!!! Try having real financial problems, THEN cry. Not when you have a silver spoon in your mouth, Vanessa.

      • Hopefully Steve will have the nerve to vote her out & she will get nothing, which is what she deserves lol!

      • OMG!! SERIOUSLY? Vanessa is nothing more than a psycho who used her personality disorder to manipulate those people. It’s not like she applied some sort of strategy… She simply unleashed her mental illness! She isnt a beautiful lesbian warrior by a long shot! No offense intended here, but hasn’t she only been a lesbian for a short time? So, she’s not beautiful, she’s not a warrior and who knows how long she’s going to be a lesbian!

      • LOL! I didn’t think of it but that may be a perfect comparison! I think Vanessa is whatever she needs to be at the time.

      • I believe she stated that she could count cards. Heck, a deck is 52 cards, let’s do the math. That’s 3 cards to count for 12 of her personalities and 4 cards for the other 4. Even I could do it with that much help.

      • Didn’t Hecht admit to being bi-sexual? I don’t know … It is what it is but a person’s sexuality just isn’t a raisin d’être for all we do in life. I don’t care what your sexual preferences are if your mushing dogs in the Idiarod or playing BB but V thought it was necessary to bring it into her gameplay. I still don’t get that!

      • Not until after she split from Ellen D. She really hurt Ellen. Had Ellen known Anne was bi-sexual, she wouldn’t have dated her.

      • If I wasn’t trying to be good today, I could name someone. But I’m trying to be good, so I won’t do it. Please don’t ask me again, though. lol

      • Come on folks…. Who wouldn’t want 1 or 224 of The Lesbian Warrior Princess’s beanies? Hell, mortgage the house if you have to! Just imagine how valuable they will be when she runs (and is elected) first lesbian president …other than Bill Clinton, of course…. or first Lesbian Pope! We all know it’s not a matter of “if” but “when” right? Face the facts people…..Time to start gearing up to buy all the Lesbians Warrior Princess stuff we can get our hands on!
        JeanJeannies innocent look #358

      • I will be first in line to buy the Vanessa The Lesbian Warrior hats. What does former President Clinton or the Pipe have anything to do with the Big Brother discussion. Can you explain?

      • Maybe something from Austin that rubbed off on her. Or maybe Austin’s shoes. They have to still be in that house somewhere.

      • Oh I know, she’s trying hard to look cool with how she dresses, I hate when she wears that black cap sideways too. Sorry overall I just don’t like her.

      • Thanks so much for bringing back that Munch Scream image :) many weeks back, “the girls” we’re talking about their styles; V said hers was Stefani-like. Well, okay, but it’s still “meh” in my non fashinista opinion. I do like V in the hard brimmed hat but the beanies look like something my 13 yr old niece made for me as a Xmas present and when I opened it, I said, TY honey, it’s lovely and in the back of my mind I’m thinking “Ugh, how do I get rid of it?” I wonder if she has a pair of crystal-studded suspenders for Finale night? Each to his own, but the knit caps are UG-A-LEE!

      • Vanessa has those droopy, sad looking eyes. I think she looks like an old version of a Precious Moments figurine that my Mom has.
        I’m sure you looked great in the niece beanie!

      • I thought it was rather an insult to Gwen Stefani when she said that. Gwen dresses much classier when she’s in public!

      • Anybody remember the kid on the Fat Albert cartoon show? The one who’s eyes peeked through his stocking cap??

      • Maybe where she adopted her style of dress… She looks more like a tall version of the Fat Albert cartoon kid than she does Gwen Stefani, that’s for sure!

      • OM.g! Now I’ve got another mental image of this mad woman. It would behoove her to wear that Fat Albert hat at Finale … Oops, now I’m being mean!

      • The green, acrylic, cheap hat suits her personality and enhances the fake crying, poor me, you don’t understand how hard this is for me ad nauseum!

      • She’s decided to be a lesbian coz no guy can deal with her dramatic, control freak, psycho attitude. I swear if I was guy I won’t be attracted to vanessa esp she cries every 10 mins.

      • Can you imagine the hell her gf goes through? Ten minutes late getting home? Plus VaMESSa already freaked that she might not have a gf when she goes home…mmm mmm mmm paranoia will destroy ya!

      • That’s just a Vanessa manipulation tactic for people to care about her. She takes advantage of people. Cannot believe CBS let her be a part of the show. Bet Vanessa threatened CBS with a lawsuit. We are not privy to the behind the scenes conversation.

      • I agree. She is unemployable, with a personality disorder.(Borderline, Hysterical, Narcissitic combined) That is why she is what she is, a mess, dangerous, She needed to be screened more carefully as BB lost credibility. I feel sorry for the normal. Liz will win if Steve puts out Vanessa at this time. If he leaves her alone, she will not win, he will as she is so revealed at this point. Her game is nothing more than jumping over people while the rest were trying to remain decent in their climb or demise.

      • My assessment exactly! I won’t be surprised if we read about her again one day. I don’t say this out of dislike for her… It’s my opinion after observing her behavior. In other words,whether you like her or not, she is what she is.

      • You’re a fuckin weirdo! I’ve read soooo many of ur comments and they’ve all made me nauseous!! Vanessa is where she is because she was placed in a house full of push overs and idiots. If she were to play the game with people like Derek she woulda been long gone.
        Now let’s get back to you. I’m not sure why you feel it necessary to constantly mention that ur a lesbian. If you and Vanessa are a sampling of what actual Lesbians act like then I Thank God I’m a heterosexual.

      • Gloria so nasty. Don’t knock it until you try it. It might stop your anger issues. Vanessa my Lesbian Warrior will not only win this year. She will win the next all-stars.

      • IDK about that. Another All Stars season would be a huge toss-up imo. I mean you have huge heels like Vanessa and Evil Dick that could prove to be an extremely powerful duo. You got Derrick whose strategy would be out in the open but probably has the ability to get by anyway maybe by teaming with Dan. You still have floaters in Andy and Jordan. IDK if Nessa would win but she could definitely cause some havoc

      • Do you post for followers. I don’t. You kind of open the door to why you post. I feel bad that you have this need to have followers. I post to just throw out facts. Like Vanessa will be the first BB USA Lesbian winner. That Vanessa played a great game of manipulation and lying. She in my opinion is very beautiful and cunning. Finally, it will be a clean sweep of votes for her. Can’t wait to see her win the 1/ 2 million and win another on Allstars. My girlfriend and I will be celebrating like crazy when she wins if you know what I mean. Peace out.

      • Why not? Neither would win against Liz. Makes sense for Steve and Vanessa to be in the finals.

      • Vanessa beats Liz in the finals. Liz gets the guaranteed 2 votes from her womb-mate and the guy she’s going to dump on Thursday, but Vanessa is a Lawyer and can talk circles around Liz to a jury of their peers. Combine that with the fact that if Nessa wins the final HOH she will have the most comp wins this season and you have a perfect case to make to the jury. If Steve for whatever reason takes Nessa she could be looking at a perfect game tho

      • I think we discovered she ISN’T A LAWYER as she QUIT school!! Perhaps she was outed by her classmates for being a crybaby back then? Maybe she realized that she couldn’t deciet intelligent people & ran?!!

      • Yep, Steve would have a better chance to win against Vanasty than if he took Liz who’d already have a guaranteed 3 votes including Vanessa’s and maybe, just maybe the other two from James and Meg. Van would lose those 3 votes, which would all go to Steve. Steve only needs 2 more to win over Van!

      • She hasn’t played a good game. Everyone else merely played a crappy game. In any other season, her crying and bullying antics would have had her leaving the house very early.

      • They give alcohol to the players every season, stop fucking making excuses when heel players win.

      • I’m going to try to put this as simple as possible, Big Brother is about winning 1/ 2 million not being America’s favorite and winning 25 thousand.

      • It was Becky and Shelli that blew the chance to get out Van. Becky told Shelli she was safe so Shelli strutting around like the Sorority Princess–even snarling at James when he would walk by. If Becky would have told Shelli to suck it up and make a deal with James and the Goblins not to go after each other until Van, Austwuss and at least 1 twin was out we would have had a different game. Shelli tried that but it was only the night before eviction and she tried to keep James out of any deals–just wanted Meg/Jackie. This season sucked because of Shelli/Clay and their belief that everyone loved them.

    • Why don’t I see that he’s as conniving as Van is? I think he’s just excited he made it this far and if he wins R3 comp, he should be proud that he is able to make the decision whether to take Van or Liz.

    • I’m totally with you. I wish it wasn’t the case, but I do want Liz to win. Steve is Vanessas little evil minion, and my opinion of him has only gone down as the game has went on. She has some talent in manipulation, and she can read people, but besides that her game really did balance on emotional outbursts (guilt) and using other people to get what she wants by lying, and bullying.
      Is it Survivor yeT? :)

    • What has Liz done to deserve a victory? She had the advantage of having her sister’s assured vote, poverty Undertaker and still wasn’t able to accomplish anything.

      • Lot of Comp wins. Aligning with the most manipulative player in the game, the other power couple, and gaining control of a gigantic target in Austin. The comp wins she got were no cake-walk either

    • Actually if Steve takes Liz isn’t he down by 3 votes? That is If Vanessa is allowed to vote it would be Austin, Julia & Vanessa. And Liz would ONLY need 2 more votes to Win $500,000.

    • She already has Julia and Austin’s votes on lock. If Vanessa goes out to jury, I think she will have hers.

      • I think she will as well, but I don’t know if it will even be needed. I feel like Meg, James, and Jackie will vote for Liz to win with Austin and Julia. Steve caused Jackie and Meg to leave and as recruits they will probably be bitter about it. James, although one of the actual applicants this season, will do whatever Meg does. Liz probably wins either way.

      • I don’t think Liz would get Van’s vote because she’ll still be miffed that Liz didn’t win that comp against Steve!

      • For a few seconds, but she knows she’s a millionaire, so she’ll feel she won already just getting to F3. Something all the hgs didn’t know about her.

  2. From what I’m feeling, it apears steve will axe V. Even vice versa. G’s scenario is molten gold. Let’s hope we all grt.a huge solid nugget with that idea. But reverse psychology is critical still.

  3. Steve was crying about throwing the F4 POV that Vanessa won and how that move just lost the game for him. He even apologized to his mother for it. So I think that is ample evidence that Steve will send Vanessa packing if he wins the final HoH. Plus Steve’s reference to Derrick and Cody was meaningful. Cody took Derrick F2 and lost! I think Steve is fully aware of that and know he cannot make the same mistake. Cody and Derrick were close but Steve and Vanessa are not.

    There is no reason for Steve to tell Liz anything at this point. And even if he does Liz cannot react until she knows who wins the final HoH. Once that comp is over and if Steve wins, its up to her to reveal her F2 with Vanessa and how Vanessa promised her she would evict Steve if she had won.

    • Steve did not throw that final POV..he just didn’t know the superfan is going to throw any comp this late in the game. Plus. that last HOH comp with the questions is a complete well did you know the HG’s? The jury members could even throw a wrench in their answer by not giving a true statement just to intentionally throw Steve and Vanessa off. If Steve wins this whole thing..he will probably pee his pants on stage and then call out for his mommy..that whole “mommy” thing this season was ridiculous. Plus, he sleeps with a stuffed teddy bear!

      • He said: I blew it. … (Not I threw it). Then he cried about what a disappointment he must be to his mommy.

      • Everything I was reading made it sound like he threw it. That is why I was so surprised he would have done that.

      • Don’t matter what he said. Did you watch it. John and Vanessa machine gunned all in those buttons inate and your or they are trying to say he, standing there dumbfounded is a blown not thrown. If he didn’t throw it ladies, I’ll eat craw. Whatever the hell that is.

      • He basically threw it to her in a round about way when he knew the answers and could have beaten JMac and Van!

      • Late night on feeds Steve had a nervous breakdown, talking to mommy, saying sorry I threw that, mom, Vanessa GOT IN MY HEAD, and repeated multiple times he THREW it. Not blew it. Didn’t you ever hear Steve say “that was 50% acting”? He’s been in theater. Although in the comp I don’t see how it was genuine that he wouldn’t keep trying and think while he was moving like everyone else. Plus he knew every day like the back of his hand (studying on feeds). He would not admit that he threw it in the DR because it IS a total embarrassment for a superfan to throw final 4 veto. But he was safe (HOH) and the only casualty was John. It wouldn’t have come out had he not freaked out later in the evening.

      • I am ‘stood’ corrected, but the TV version and his first snivelings sounded like I blew it. He couldn’t see V and/or what she was doing between the petitions during the veto comp … But, okay, thanks.

      • He threw it. He did. And it was the biggest blunder besides Julias. He knows that sht inside, backwards, frontwards, reverse, sideways and upside down. He looked dumb trying to throw it like hmmmmm with his finger in his mouth. It was awful.

  4. Steve is a smart kid. He wants Liz to believe she’s not going to the final 2 so that she doesn’t prepare a speech. He has every intention of taking Liz if he wins and is maximizing his odds of beating her in the end.
    Anyone who says Steve has not played this game hard wasn’t watching very closely.

  5. I knew Steve was on to her. He knows better. Oh please oh please Steve win round 3!!! I want to see Vanessa’s face when he says she’s evicted!!

  6. lol.Steve wants to know when they should tell Liz..Vanessa..”Not now” (subliminal) “I wanna stab in the back” …”Ok I’ll give you a hug” (subliminal) “I wanna choke you”…red flag Steve..I hope you get it. lol

    • I think he’s got it… lets say Steve wins, jettisons Van… does anyone think she vote sSteve the winner? I tend to think NO (though she’d expect his vote the other way around), so that would mean 3 votes for Liz from the get-go. Liz might win this thing.

      • She might…..regardless liz has austin, julia, meg, james and the ones who discussed being sick of a guy winning. Shelly, wasn’t it…

      • But it was Liz that sent James to jury, that one is a hard one to call for him and Meg. Those two being so close and all. Shelli wasn’t in that Austwin deal and she could easily vote for Steve. The rest is still up for debate too.

      • I agree with you if Liz is in the final 2 with him. If it is Vanessa and Steve (his biggest mistake if he takes her), I see Shelli voting for Vanessa over Steve.

      • I really think that’s a toss up for Shelli but that she’d ultimately vote for Steve because she’s been rooting for him and Johnny Mac the whole time. So if one of them is still there she’d still vote for them regardless of who they’re standing next to. I see her voting for Vanessa if she was next to anyone else other than Steve.

      • The only one i see voting for Vanessa is Shelli. She keeps talking in jury house of how she thinks Vanessa did so well. I see all the others voting for anyone but Vanessa, because she stepped on all of their toes. Some one said it earlier, you do not reward bad behavior.

      • I agree that you don’t reward bad behavior. But I also see what Shelli is talking about and I’m sure the others see it too. She’s saying Vanessa deserves to win just for the fact that no one else would get rid of her and that she’s the reason most of them are in the jury house to begin with. I’m sure she’d completely agree that Vanessa played dirty, she saw it firsthand but that doesn’t take away from the fact that if you left her in there this whole time then you deserve to lose. So if Vanessa takes Liz there could be a chance of Vanessa winning just for the fact that Liz left her in the game when she had a chance to take her out.

      • Sorry, do not agree. I am not easily manipulated into that way of thinking. Bad behavior does not get rewards. The reason for letting it continue does not deserve punishment. It continued for many reasons, fear, love, manipulation, trust, and when you are not sure which has a hold on you, as these players were not, it is probably better to err on the side of caution. That fear or trust is on the part of the other player. Think of a bad marriage, people stay because they feel they have to try everything possible to make it work. There are promises made that want to be believed. The element of doubt is a powerful motivator and that is what Vanessa used to control everyone around her.

      • Ye but austin and james and meg are tight. Tighter than the show and feeds showed. They have like wants.

      • You think so?..Steve vs Liz., I’s probably 50/50.It would be interesting to hear their argument to the Jury, but I don’t think any of them can beat Van.

      • With a Steve/Liz F2 it is a toss up but I think Steve’s speech/argument is what will win him votes and the $500,000. Overall Liz doesn’t have much of an argument. All her moves were for Vanessa. The only thing she can say is that she kept Austwins safe so long with her comp wins. That’s not much.

      • All of Steve’s moves were Vanessa’s doing as well. The only reason Steve is still in the game is because he forgot to write an extra 0 on his blackboard

      • Yes his being there is a fluke but he is still there nonetheless. No his moves were not Vanessa’s. He got rid of Jackie because she’s a Goblin who was against his alliance. Then he put up Liz & Austin, that for sure was not Vanessa’s doing. She only supported it because she didn’t want to do it. If she had been the HoH she definitely wouldn’t have put them up even though that’s what needed to happen. I think that’s proven with the fact that she chose Liz & Austin over Steve & Johnny Mac. Steve has been playing his own game and using his alliance when needed but he never relied on only Vanessa and didn’t let her run his HoH’s like Liz & Austin did. That’s why Austin is so bitter, because he let her run his game and he doesn’t want to admit it.

      • Like I said there’s 2 votes Van is not getting whether Liz is there or not and if Liz leaves that’s 3. You need 5. I’m rooting Vanessa. REVERSE-REVERSE-REVERSE.

      • lol..Maybe this reverse thing might work. Ok..I’m rooting for Vanessa..REVERSE! REVERSE! REVERSE!

  7. I think Steve should annoy the heck out of Vanessa before telling Liz about the F2 deal he’s had with Van since week 2 to where she’ll be forced to reveal it to Liz or he will. Whether Steve does that, who knows! He tends to chicken out at the last second just as Van tends to change her mind at the last second.

    • Why annoy her, he can’t be sure (even 99% isn’t sure) she’s about to stab him in the back like he plans to do to her. LOL!!! His ploy worked, he knows she’s thinking of taking Liz. Vanessa’s probably mad at herself for not thinking of it… Steve outplays her with stuff like this.

      Like he said “I think Vanessa is on to me…”, btw, he should have said ” on to me & mom”, meaning Van’ll realize he intends to take Liz too. LOL… this is so funny, 2 schemers trying to out-scheme one another.

      Meanwhile Liz is crying and not knowing she’s going F2 and with that happening could win the whole darn thing. LOL!!!

      • Liz isn’t a noodles dish. She. Plays too. She’s been playing since Jeff week 3. Angling, keeping alies close and adapting. Btw, Vanessa may be voted against for the exact comment above. Stwve did NOT lie and scheme and backstabbing his way to the end. Vanessa did. Austin is or will rather make that Argument to jury. Keep in mind

      • Totally… the Jurors would have a case of a grudge against Steve or Van, maybe not so much against Liz. She’s got a good chance in my book… and I tend to think she doesn’t realize it b/c she doesn’t see getting F2.

      • Now I want to see him annoy the living crap out of her… LOL… no not really, that like something she would do. I think he’s got a good idea what her play will be if she win the final against him.

        I’d like to hear Van’s plea if she goes F2 w/Liz to get Austin’s vote, just to cancel out Julia’s vote… NEVER MIND, that ain’t ever happening… getting either of those votes.

      • He takes Liz, he’s down 2, maybe 3 from get-go. Going F2 w/Vanessa, he might win just b/c HG don’t want Van to win or flip a coin.

  8. My view is probably not very popular, but Steve spent all season being treated like the lame duck houseguest….. From that awkward confrontation in the early part of the season when Jace
    ran him into the ground, to the HGs treating him like the simpleton eavesdropper. Everyone counted Steve out. The way I see it, he saved his best for last! Anytime this season he has had to vote someone out or put someone up, he treated them with kindness and respect. He always stressed that his decisions were strictly game move inspired and not personal. He went out of his way to comfort anyone in distress. Yes, there has been some manipulation in his game play. Name even 1 past season winner who didn’t use a certain amount of manipulation and misinformation to make it to finale night! That’s the name of the game, folks! Steve has gotten himself to the end, all the while being the most socially awkward player in the bunch. I think Steve has done a fine job getting himself this far. When he chooses Liz instead of Vanessa, I’ll be on my feet cheering him on! When he wins it all, I’ll be satisfied that the best player will be taking home the half MIL! I hope he takes his Mom on a nice vacation…..

    • He did have a strategy and stuck to it. He’s very bright, clearly. He used what he had, like a tourtis sp, uses its hard shell as a shield. He over played some things, made some mistakes but was always playing, always in the game, thinking. I respect that. There things against his choices which played out but he deffinately had a plan.

    • Mid-game, I don’t even pay attention to all his idiosyncrasies. All I see is his game play. He’s a strategic player.

    • Steve is a decent and polite guy. Anybody notice he was the only one to yell out to Austin as he left (like, good luck or bye Austin) and he began to clap for him many seconds before Austin opened the door to the studio? If nothing else, Steve is a good sport and has a kind heart.

      • Thanks Margaret…. that’s exactly what I mean. That kind of kindness and decency seems to have fallen out of fashion. It would be refreshing to see someone like Steve win the big prize. I hear slot about how John and James having done so well in the popularity polls, but I also noticed that Steve was consistently in the top 5.

  9. LMHO that Vanessa told Steve that he didn’t even need to bother winning the last part of the comp. Steve should’ve have told her it was her turn to throw the comp.

      • Seriously, that was arrogant, yes nervy. What I heard is, “I really think you are a dumb MF”, Steve.” (Vanessa’s words)

      • I started a big fire up at my parents, to burn some old papers, receipts, etc., and some small tree limbs. That was kind of fun. I’m taking it easy the rest of the day and will try to behave myself, like you. You’re such a great example!

      • You always seemed to have fun with your chores. I can’t even wash my car. lol hey, I know I wont see you in Survivor Fandom ;_; ….BB18?

      • Can’t wash your Lambo? Water shortage???
        Life is what you make it and I usually find a way to have fun. I’ll be watching Survivor, as always, and getting ready for upcoming BDs and holidays. We’ll see what life has in store before BB18 rolls around. If time is an issue, maybe I’ll skip the show and just read BBN. lol I’d really miss you guys.

      • On Survivor? Nobody yet..I have to look at all the players again…I remember there are some players I like from the cast.

      • I need to go to the website and do that. Foxfire mentioned her favs in a post earlier. I remember them being introduced at the end of Survivor last season, but too much time has gone by for me to remember that.

      • Hi Cyril: don’t mean to be an uninvited guest to a party, but if so, please tell me … Do you have a favorite / good Survivor forum? I don’t know of any. I’d love to see you and a lot of other folks on this forum at Survivor but don’t know where to go.

      • Hi Margaret, You like BBN..then you’ll like SurvivorFandom dotcom. Run by our good guy here in BBN. Matthew Boyer…see you there.

    • But at least he had presence of mind to say he wasn’t going to do that! I almost think we would have been disappointed if Van HADN’T suggested this … Then we would have known she was off her meds!

  10. I try not speculate or read too much on where the Juries vote is going to go until I hear their opening statement/closing and the Q&A from the Jury…I don’t think it’s a slam dunk for any of the 3 players.

  11. Just throwing this out there….. Since when is it a weak character trait for a son to be proud of his loving relationship with his mother? In my estimation, any man who does NOT love and respect his mother makes a poor partner in a relationship. Further, I think it shows courage…not weakness for a man to openly speak of his desire to make his mother proud of him and publicly profess his love for her on a televised forum! Just my humble opinion

  12. As much as people have been talking about a potentially bitter jury (well, a bitter Austin, really), it makes me wonder how Vanessa will vote should she get sent to jury. For some reason, I think she would be a very bitter jury vote.

    • I think so too, and with her rep with convincing people to do her biding she might be able to convince the jury on who she wants to win

      • She won’t get the chance. She’ll be shuffled out of that house and onto the stage with the rest of the members with no time for chitty chats with anyone else.

      • And I suspect she would also be quite upset and teary eyed. I’m not sure she would have much composure at that point.

      • That’s what I thought too. And – not sure – but if voting order goes by first HG evicted, 2nd, etc., then she still has to sit there with her mouth shut -that is she can’t sway / spew anything that would influence anyone because she’d be the last to cast her vote. Then she can vent when it’s her time to vote, but it won’t matter – other than putting a sour note on a celebratory occasion.

    • That is a joke, do you really think he would have taken Vanessa over Liz ??? Also he had better do something about his temper if he plans to keep Liz. Quite frankly i am worried for her safety.

      • I doubt he would. But I’m not questioning that. If Steve has the opportunity to send Van out, I think he will. My question is about whether Vanessa will be a bitter jury member if she ends up there.

      • I dont think she will. She will accept that her time has passed and vote for whoever has her ousted for being more conniving. She plays poker for a living and has to be a good sport. She may be good, and won lots, but reputation of sportmanship is important if she is to continue. No one likes a bad loser.

      • From what other people have posted about her poker playing though, it sounds like she is kind of a bad loser at the table too. I’ve never watched any of it, but those who have had said she does not cope well with losing.

      • One of the more reasons she’s taken a break from poker and started DJing for the past few years was because of the bad reviews she’d gotten for her sour sportsmanship.

      • Fk-$n kidding me rt. Guys a teddy bear. This post is bewildering. If I was backstabbed, and the only one I’d light her up. He ran his hands on his head in dissapointment/disbelief, got up said u can’t win, u don’t have the votes, I knew it was to good to be true and kissed liz. Then walked away from the 3 people who hanered his backside. Pushed the door open harder than most and was totally normal. Where is your thought process stemming from? Are you fantasizing? The drama you wrote is silly. Give me examples of a scary guy..

      • Example of scary guy. AUSTIN, obviously you didn’t read Julies post where she stated she didn’t think he was going to leave! All i am saying is that I hope she is very careful.

    • Well she was planning on being pretty bitter that time Becky tried to send her home. Constantly threatening with Jury votes.

    • I could see her being bitter and playing that card to sway the jury against him. I’d prefer to see better player win (no bitter jury) but if she is and sways them against Steve, let it be another lesson learned for next years cast.

      • The good thing is she can’t sway the jury because they will already be sitting there in the studio and if she is evicted by Steve she just goes and sits with them and has no opportunity to speak with them. It’s the absolute best time to get rid of Vanessa, lol

      • I think that she gets to ask a question before the voting, if I remember correctly from past seasons. But, thankfully no time to talk to the jurors.

    • She’ll make an excuse and say she was in an alliance with Liz also so her jury vote is not bitter. No one in there knows 100% that she and Steve made a real ongoing final 2 deal, except for the fact that simply because she’s made F2 with every other person in there LOL

  13. Despite my expectations for a very lackluster finish to this season, I’m finding the uncertainty right now kind of great. I love not knowing how things are going to go.

    • That’s how Van likes things. Question now is, if Steve takes Liz, will she bawl like a baby as she did when JMac won that one Veto?

      • I’m thinking if Steve wins R3, V will RUN over to Steve, hug the crap out of him and say: OMG buddy, WE did it, WE are going to final 2! I’m thinking this might be the last mind game of hers that could work on Steve. If he truly is taking Liz, then I hope he doesn’t lose his resolve if she pulls this stunt. And if Steve does evict her, I’ll bet he’ll get one more tongue lashing from her while she stands at the voting podium.

    • Pretty much nothing. Vanessa will just use anything to look like the victim. She even blamed BB production when she lost a comp because they didn’t give her her medicine at the right time. Or like when she said she was literally scared JMac was going to physically hurt her. Vanessa is like a walking pity party.

  14. I would love to know what they are saying in the Jury house. If all support hard game Vanessa has played, or Vanessa got all of them out even when not HOH talked other hoh into it. Then revenge is sweet they have last say. Hopefully Steve will tell Liz now so blows up Vanessa lie to both. But yet she got upset if others lied to her.

  15. Respect to my boys from Seinfeld but as the great George once said “it’s like hitlers last days down here.” And they’re closing in around the bunker where Vanitler’s hiding.

    • Love it… “Jerry, just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.”… that’s why Vanitler would say she didn’t lie or just say “I never said that” and truly believe it.

      • Hahahaahahaa. Yes. And I rember. Too good. The expert. And in fact you are doing a sienfeld shout out by choosing “the opposite” last week. You said any time u want V to loose she wins so now you root for a win. Key….

  16. Yall remember, LizzeyarduuaahHH had a handicap coming through the season. Her twin. Also she developed a showmance. Then evil (lol) austwins somehow magically ruled the world for what seemed like ever. They did it with calculation, lizzs winning, austins intellict and julias social game. I call, “credit” where it’s due.

  17. Let’s just get this over with. As long as Vanessa doesn’t win or even make it to final 2 I’ll be satisfied. Between Steve and Liz I could care less who wins. So much for an exciting season. The biggest season of twists. What a joke. Bring on Survivor and TAR. Hope next season is an allstars season.

    • The joke may be on you w/TAR… maybe Aus/Liz or Liz/Julia or Clay/Shelli or Vanessa/Mel or JMac/Becky or James/Meg or Jason/Meg or Audrey… you get the idea. LOL.

      • Not this season. It starts Friday. But I’d like to see a few of them on next season. Just not Vanessa!!! Lol

      • Rachel and Brendon were interesting to watch when they were on TAR. Every time Rachel had to exert a little effort or something didn’t go smoothly for her she’d cry and whine and act exactly like she did on BB – like the victimized poor-me brat. Even Brendon on a couple of occasions on TAR just finally said, “Rachel, stop crying.” It would be interesting to watch Vanessa on TAR. I bet she’d be the exact same person as she’s been on BB.

    • Yeah CBS really needs to explain why they broke their promise of the season of twists. It is like they just gave up at about week 4.

  18. The only thing to look forward to now is for Vanessa to flip her wig when she goes out in 3rd place.

    • Yeah and that’s not even guaranteed at this point. But I’m … cautiously optimistic. It’s a new feeling for me lol

  19. Wow I’ve never heard so much bitching in my life! Face it the reason you guys are all pissed is because you knew Vanessa was going to win it not even half way thru… no real surprises and most of your favorites (weak timid players) getting voted out early. Next season you’ll see more intelligent people, players in better shape, and a lot more manipulation.

  20. Vanessa is many things but stupid is not one of them,she knows Steve will never take her to the final two and when you think about that has been the case for most of the season,at the critical times Vanessa won at the right time to save herself,final 4 perfect example and this is no different but Steve will be making a fatal mistake in picking Liz over her,never a good road to victory when the other one sitting next to you would already have a 3 vote margin with just 2 more to win this whole thing(Austin,Julia,Vanessa),so if Steve wins HOH he needs to clean his glasses in order to see he is headed down a road that leads to certain defeat and at least with Vanessa he would have a fighting chance,maybe not a good one but at least a chance,the other way leads to nowhere.

    • He doesn’t really have a chance either way. I think getting rid of Vanessa would be more out of spite. Spite is a powerful motivator.

    • Just curious – not being confrontational – how does V know Steve won’t take her? I’m not a feeder so maybe I missed something. All her F2 deals with Liz and Steve are to hedge her bets to ensure either one will take her. I believe she seriously believes it’s her in F2 and nobody else so help her God!

      • She knows Steve feels zero loyalty toward her,Vanessa of all people knows game talk when she hears it,he thinks this one game move would give him the win and Vanessa will never pick Steve either,so they are both guilty.

    • I’m not sure I agree with the “3 vote” thing if Vanessa gets the boot. As much as she’s been so emotional throughout the season I like to think she’s a player at heart. I think she might respect the decision from a strategy point. (But it wouldn’t be the first time I was wrong if I am.)

      • After getting this close she will never vote for the person who just cost her 500,000 after controlling the game for most of summer,just will not happen..a fresh wound like that needs time to heal and there is simply not enough time for that to happen after such a blow.

  21. Have no real favorite this year vs. last summer,really liked Zach but knew early on he was too much of a lose cannon to go very far,at this point do hope Vanessa wins the last HOH,would be a fitting end for the person who has more or less controlled the game decides the final two standing.

  22. I think a key is that, if Steve is sitting next to Liz, he will have won another HOH, and I have no confidence in Liz’s ability to present her case.

    Vanessa will, quite obviously if you’ve been watching, out talk whoever sits next to her.

    I do think Liz will take Van to final 2, for girl power or to make sure the one who sent her sister packing has no chance, whichever you prefer or both.

    It will be delicious for the twins to know the little brother they looked down, took them both out but still gifted them 25000.00 apiece.

  23. I actually think that Steve has a better chance to win against Vanessa than Liz. I think Julia, Austin, Jackie, Meg and possibly Vanessa would vote for LIz. I think Shelli, Julia and Liz would vote for Vanessa while Austin, James and JMac would vote for Steve. Not sure about Jackie and Meg.They didn’t like either of them but could be swayed by James. Although I like James, he is sexist and I don’t think would vote for a female over a male. Both Steve and Vanessa can argue their comp wins. Steve can make a better case that he played the game more ‘cleanly’ than Vanessa — he didn’t back door or blindside anyone other than the double elimination which by its nature is unexpected.

    • While part of me agrees and would prefer to see someone who really needs the money win it, another part of me feels like, this is Big Brother, not a charity. Dr. Will didn’t exactly need the money, but he was a great player and a pleasure to watch.

      I don’t think whether or not you need the money should be a factor, but whether or not you’re actually here to play the game. I’m tired of people just looking to launch their modeling/acting career, I want players who know what big brother is all about and are coming to PLAY.

      • Yup. Can’t disagree there. The diversity of wealthy and poor is a good one to have on the show – but let’s get some truly poor people then (people who live paycheque to paycheque). I’d like to see some good honest dialogue happening between real people. :)

      • I’m not disagreeing about financial diversity: Jason was making $20k/yr and is still living in his parents basement. There was a good diversity of incomes, per se … Becky is an Ambercrombe middle manager (my guess, a pretty decent salary – with traveling to other countries – probably about $60K plus a crap-load of traveling expenses); others probably a decent middling income of $30-50) … I may be shooting to high since I come from an engineering industry where new grad start at $35K … It all depends. If there are folks with moderately high incomes, how do they leave that behind – it all depends on your employer. If there is someone living hand-to-mouth and they have that one or two precious jobs, how do you just quit that … Well, maybe you could for -at least the BB weekly stipend, but I’m wondering if a single parent in this situation could leave everything to play BB? Just pondering. The good dialogue can develop between the right types of casted members regardless of income.

      • Diversity of any kind is important including income. I think that they actually need more wealthier people. Not all millionaires, but really spread out the incomes, so you get some differences. This year you only had Vanessa and John as the wealthy people. I am around this young age group, I am 23, so based off of my salary and work experience and my friends salaries and work experience I can make a guess. My industry and location could throw it off a little, but should be a decent guess. I would say Vanessa and Austin very hard to tell could be a lot or very little huge fluctuations for both. I know both are wealthy Vanessa from herself Austin from family I believe, but their occupations are so odd you don’t really know yearly income. John will make around $90-100k as a newer dentist. Jeff, Audrey, and Becky are probably around $55-60k. Meg around $40-45k, yes she is a waitress, but she is in New York where waitresses will make almost $25 an hour. Shelli and Liz are probably around $40k. Julia probably $35k. James, Jackie, and Jace $25-30k. DaVonne and Jason around 20k. Steve and Clay are $0 as they are students. Could have some income, but I won’t count it. Just my guesses based on their occupation, age, and location.

      • Vanessa may be a great player but I absolutely don’t want Vanessa to win. I didn’t watch Big Brother until Season 16. I’m hoping Liz wins. Vanessa is evil and Steve is just weird.

      • And Liz should win because she falls in between those 2 things? We award mediocrity now?

      • Lol while I also find Vanessa unlikable, I wouldn’t call her evil. She’s just playing the game. Too often people confuse the game with how someone would act in real life. And I think Steve plays up being “weird” to make himself appear like less of a threat. Liz is actually the only one of the final 3 I don’t want to see win, because I don’t think she really played the game as well. She won comps, but her strategy was to basically do what Vanessa or Austin told her to do.

        I also got into Big Brother in season 16! Did you go back and watch the previous seasons? I did, all except the first season because I couldn’t find a good copy. If you never watched the old seasons, I highly recommend them, they were a lot more exciting, in my opinion.

      • How do I go back to the other seasons to watch them? Do they sell them or are they online to watch?

    • I’m all for millionaires playing, just make it absolutely against the rules for any type of bribing, because that particular misstep by production certainly changed this entire season and made it less fun and strategic, feels almost like the fans of strategy and drama were cheated, only Vanessa cult followers seem to not understand that part. their problem though.

      • Then why play the game? Let’s just decide at the start who we feel sorriest for this year. — is it poor people, uneducated, males, females, lesbians, transgender — and give them the prize money.
        It’s a game and whoever wins, wins whether they need the $$ or not.
        Just not Vanessa or Liz :)

  24. Courtesy of Joker’s: 3:00 PM Liz asks Vanessa if her pills make her lose her appetite. She says no, just loopy. Is it just me or does this sound like a great beginning to an ABC After School Special?

      • Oh my gaaawd! The twins would not sign off on your choices, Matt. The Olsens are not young enough, not pretty enough, and not famous enough for the Nolans. Oh, and most likely not smart enough either. Off the top of my head,I can’t think of anyone worthy to fill those shoes. Might just have to turn them into animated cartoon characters. Maybe two little scampering squirrels. They are kind of cute and supposedly very smart animals. They could be Alvin and Theodore’s GFs. Do chipmunks and squirrels go camping together? They could have some little squirmunks.

  25. So Steve is taking Van to final two ? Guess thats better than Liz going. cause if she wins then Judas will be bragging up the wazzoo!

  26. Those who get the feeds, I’ve been trying to stay away from everything but finally caved. According to Joker’s Vanessa hurt herself during one of the comps and is on pain pills complaining about being done. I’m assuming (hoping) this is awesome trickery? Does anyone know?

  27. I don’t think true big brother fans just want to see the “nice guy” win. We want to see someone that has really worked for it. I want Vanessa or Steve to win. Liz hasn’t done anything in this game. Now whoever goes back on there deal and takes Liz should win. And if Vanessa gets Steve to actually take her to final two we should all bow down to the master because that would be quite the feat.

    • True, the super villains also make the show interesting… Some people hated season 15 for the despicable character qualities in most of the cast, but I for one found it funny that it was a season of mostly villains – definitely something we don’t see a lot.

  28. Would Van vote for Steve if he sent her to the jury? If not then Liz has 3 votes, plus a 4th vote that Van will ensure happens lol. That should be enough ammo for Van to convince Steve that he has to take her. So he’s screwed either way lol.

    • I think she would. I think she respects the game as a player. If she enjoys chess I think she’d appreciate that. According to a search they went to 9 jurors in Season 15 and ever since then it’s been 9.

  29. I thought that ll of the competitions were done already.
    Steve winning means nothing until the final comp. Vanessa is not taking him so he needs to make himself win. I can;t stand him, but he is the only one to get Vanessa out since I like her even less. Liz will get at least two votes and hopefully Shelli and Becky vote for her as well.

    • Actually if Steve takes Liz isn’t he down by 3 votes? That is If Vanessa is allowed to vote it would be Austin, Julia & Vanessa. And Liz would ONLY need 2 more votes to Win $500,000.

      …HOWEVER, IF (work with me here…)

      Steve wins final HOH & has the BALLS to take Liz to F2…I’m thinking (hoping) that Steve gets Kudos (votes) from the jury just for taking Vanessa OUT since NOBODY else had the balls to do it…right Austin(Liz), James(Meg) !!

      • I actually think Vanessa will give Steve her vote. He was her puppy throughout this whole game so she may consider that.

      • Just being evicted a few moments before after getting so close to the finals Vanessa can taste it and Steve kicks her to the curb and then turn around and vote for him..maybe on “Fantasy Island” that might happen but not on BB.

      • You are correct, but Vanessa and the rest of the Jury will discuss who played the best game regardless of their bitterness and then decide. Steve did compared to Liz, but they were both horrible players so she could still win.

      • Why would Steve get Kudos for taking Vanessa out because “NOBODY else had the balls to do it”? Why would it take balls to take her out now? The reason nobody took her out before was because they didn’t want to deal with her going forward…that no longer applies! Why didn’t Steve take her out before when he had the chance if she was the biggest threat? Sorry, no can do…your argument is null and void.

    • Liz may have Austin and Julia’s vote but she NEVER made a decision on her OWN…Liz doesn’t even know how to play BB!! She (Liz) was jut a puppet for Austin and Vanessa.

      • I know this, but I can’t stand Vanessa or Steve so I don’t want them winning. I was just wishing that would happen, but I know it won’t.

      • I can’t stand anyone in the F3 either but trying to consider the least of all evils. REALLY wish viewers could call a “DO OVER” and start with another group of REAL players (or ALL-Stars).

  30. I know this is older news but I just read an interview with Les Moonves in Vulture that was pretty cool. As a Network President he’s a pretty big cheerleader for CBS so when he says:

    Vulture: And yet you’re still involved on a micro level with a lot of decisions. I’ve heard you still play a role in signing off on the cast for Big Brother.
    Moonves: By the way, this wasn’t a great year for casting on Big Brother.
    Vulture: Early on, the cast seemed pretty promising!
    Moonves: I agree. Usually you have one or two disappointments. I think we had five or six disappointments. [But that’s] Another discussion.

    it provides a lot of hope. For those of us who were disappointed with this year’s HGs if next season isn’t an All-Star season (which it might be in order to re-invigorate interest) I think the next time we see all new HGs they’ll be vetted a lot more to make sure we don’t have another season like this one.

    There are no guarantees of course (CBS and the Producers have a pretty good record thus far I think) but at least we know if the President of CBS seems to be aware of and concerned about HG choices, we’ll hopefully have a much better group of players next time out.

    • That’s what I tell other regular watchers – not to give up by not watching next season! So I plan to be back again for sure! I’m too curious not to!

      • I would expect a much better cast next season. They will put a lot of effort into making sure it is enjoyable.

      • I wouldn’t count on it…the ratings are good even though not Emmy material…and we’re certainly giving them a lot of attention…you know even bad attention is attention.

      • The ratings are down this season compared to last year. Not an earth shattering amount but they’re down across the board.

      • No one said they weren’t good. When you’re up against no new programming anywhere else it’s not hard to have good ratings. This season they’re averaging 240k less viewers (per week, per ep) than they were last season. Networks pay attention that because it affects how much they can charge for ads. When ratings drop, they’re aware.

      • They need to throw away the cookie cutter. Stop with all the 23 years old who are in school or just got out of school and stop recruiting lookers instead of players. I don’t mind watching an EVEL Dick play the game. Its better than watching Meg sleep all day.

      • While I agree they need more people in their 30’s and 40’s, it’s kinda, sorta, hard to get people in that age group that can leave their job for 3 months. It so much easier to cast people still in college, or who just graduated or people in their mid to late 20’s who work in retail, or bartend, or waiters/waitresses, or work in a coffee shop.

        It’s not like Survivor that is filmed in a month or The Amazing Race, that can be filmed in less than a month. I can see employers maybe allowing someone a month off to film a reality game show, but not three. Sure there are exceptions, like John’s boss, allowing him to take 3 months off, while others cover for him at the dentist office.

        I just feel it’s hard to cast for BB with potentially a 3 month commitment. Sure you can have people who are self-employed like Vanessa or someone who works in IT for themselves who can just stop what they are doing for 3 months.

      • No way. You can’t tell me there aren’t a lot of Boogies out there. Why do you limit it to just 30’s and 40″s? Do people lay down and die after age 49? You said it yourself…self employed, IT…as well as the arts, writers, homemakers, people who take sabbaticals, early retirement, entrepreneurs, seasonal workers, the list is endless. Explain why they stick in a token “average person” who doesn’t last…and opt for slim, attractive, young houseguests? It’s obvious, that’s the slant they want BB to take and it’s a shame because we will continue to get top heavy hormone junky contestants…and it’s not because that’s all they can get. Unbelievable.

      • No. This is a huge country full of dumbashes that would sell their soul to have a camera pointed at them that was NOT on a selfie stick for once. Don’t ever underestimate the vanity of the average American.

    • I’d imagine casting is a tough process. How someone acts in a casting interview is not necessarily going to tell the casting people how they would play the game once the cameras are rolling and the pressure of the game mounts.
      I wonder which 6 he was referring to? Here are my guesses: Audrey, Jason, Meg, John, Jeff, and Clay.

      • I didn’t think about the names but your post just made me grin because I think they’re probably dead on (with the exception of Jeff. I’d substitute Becky for Jeff.)

      • I think they LOVE Van because a good villain does wonders for ratings. She wasn’t a loathsome individual who committed crimes against humanity, but she was a unifying force for the audience to root against.
        Jace I never even though of. I forgot he existed.

      • The problem with Van is the same problem they had with Andy. Its true people will tune in to see the villain get what he/she deserves, but if that moment never comes its like a bad ending to a movie.

        CBS will be happy if Vanessa loses and the audience is happy with the result.

      • I have no doubt they love Van. She was the villain and played her part well. Polarizing, conning, perfect in the game, but the story goes the villain lose in the end. lol……………..or win?

      • Vanessa wasn’t a wrong cast choice, they just didn’t have enough right cast choices. They ended up with a bunch of monkeys who were more interested in pot ball and groanmances (and selling themselves) than playing BB. To be honest I don’t know how Vanessa and JMac could stand it in there which is why they spent a lot of time on the sidelines. Really too bad about the maturity level this season.

      • Watching his one week again for fun the other day, it struck me as odd that nobody put him through a wall.

      • Take John out of that list and replace with Liztin (a two for). Actually six is being generous…Austin and Jace need to go as well.

      • Oof. Personally I think Liztin was a lot better than John. I know that’s not the popular opinion, but for me personally, it’s true. I did not personally understand the point of John whatsoever.

      • I wonder if you are a male because Liztin are foul mouthed and needy but attractive in a sleazy kind of way which appeals to guys on a surface level.

        As far as John goes, you either get him or you don’t. He had a strategy that was unique. Remember, John would have been in F3 if Steve didn’t forget a zero. John saw through the Liztins and was unimpressed whereas Steve was smitten which may cost him dearly. It certainly cost Austin.

        John played Vanessa at the right time and he scared the crap out of her from day one…that is good playing in my opinion.

        Sadly, I don’t see a clear winner in this group because the best player should be well rounded.

      • Female here. I never said I loved the twins, but I understood them a lot better than I understood John. I didn’t love their game, but I at least understood what they were doing. John I didn’t get at all. Nothing was making sense to me there.

      • Female…good, you are open minded then. I apologize for stereotyping you…someone I don’t know. We just disagree.

      • No need to apologize. It’s a forum where people can politely agree or disagree. :-)
        I will add that I would want nothing to do with the twins in real life and would probably be friendly with John if I knew him socially. I was referring specifically to how I viewed them as game players, not how I viewed them as people.

      • I saw what JMac was doing right from the beginning in part because of his DR comments. I think he was one of the most strategic players ever, maybe because I am a bit quirky myself? I wouldn’t have been clever enough to think up a strategy like JMac’s and I respect that. You don’t see it that way and that’s fine. I can’t see that the twins played any sort of game at all but depended on each other and Austin for votes. I do give Liz some credit for winning some comps but she didn’t do anything with those wins on her own. I don’t see them as even adequate game players unless you consider being genetically bound and sexing around as game play. No matter, the world will keep on turning.

      • Nope. No appeal. They are very UNhot because of Lizard’s annoying attitude and Julia’s utter lack of brain cells.

      • As a young male Liz and Julia physically not even taking into account personality i did not find as attractive as the other house guests.

      • I know Jace from his bumming around Venice.

        He literally annoys everyone and is not we’ll liked IRL, either.

      • I think the twins for sure. Huge disappointment. I also think Jeff and Jackie were a mistake. Jackie was okay but Jeff was not very good at BB. Meg and Austin were mistakes too, along with Jace. Austin and Jace were only interested in TV air time.

        I bet he doesn’t think Clay was a mistake. Clay was there to take his shirt off and attract the girls and I think he did. Plus, Clay’s mumbling segment on the show was hysterical, one of the entertainment highlights of the season.

      • I don’t see how the twins were disappointments. They lasted long enough for both to enter and outlasted most everyone. Them being recruits, I think they fared better than expected.

      • They are not necessarily disappointments due to how they played the game, but more how the twist played out. CBS was hoping the twist itself would be a hidden shocking moment, but this season it was found out right away and no one cared. It basically ruined the whole twist.

      • I expected more leadership from Clay. Sure didn’t expect him to give up so I’d agree he was a disappointment compared to what one might expect.

      • Jeff was certainly good at masturbating under a blanket and then rubbing his ummm.. stuff.. on a twin.

        Since I cannot ever unsee that, neither can you. ;)

      • Agree with most of those names 100%. Meg being a recruit and having RA, I’m not sure how much they could expect, except for maybe more street smart so/cunning.
        I’d add Jackie to that list just because they brought her in from TAR.

    • I read that article too. I’m glad they’re aiming for better casting next season. I just don’t agree with some people ranking this one as the worse season in BB history. BB alumni doesn’t agree with that They like the first and the end part of the game.

      • By far not bottom 5 seasons. It’s middle of pack. Last year was no better than this and the year before is something most try to forget or have forgotten.
        Not a top 5 season but not the worst of past 5.

      • I was not a big fan of last year due to the overwhelming power of the guy’s alliance that steamrolled through the season so easily. But they had some energetic personalities that provided nice distractions. I suspect that’s what Moonves meant. There was an awful lot of sleeping late and doing nothing in the backyard this year.

      • Come to think of it, they do have interesting characters that season..Beast mode/Frankie/Zack ..and omg Christine. Victoria?…..Now I’m curious how the “BB Purists” rank this season…

      • EXACTLY! Zach Attack insanity? Christine flirting so heavily with a model when she’s married? Caleb being crazy about Amber? Frankie being crazy about Frankie? Donny? F’ing DONNY?! – They were all super colorful personalities. This year…”meh.” It’s okay. They’ll be great next season!

      • Agreed, they lack the personality and energy of last year.
        The predictably factor as game goes was about the same as last year. Like the first half of the guests went out via backdoor.
        As game play goes this season didn’t fail, the low level of entertaining events was lacking-players too.

      • Was predictability the same? I seem to remember things I didn’t even think were possible happening all season. Steve nominating Jackie and Meg in the double eviction? Vanessa escaping eviction on the block with Shelli. The surprise eviction of Austin. Last year we had nothing like that from what I remember.

      • Ok first half of season predictable…
        I don’t get feeds or AD. But after week one I pegged each vote and even called the several backdoors. I had even had the Van non eviction nailed. I didn’t get on here till week or so ago. So I saw most first half very predictable and without spoilers or feeds. After that, I was a bit shocked by some of it but still had the predictability of Vanessa doing Vanessa and having each week go her way, up till a week or so ago when I started on here, the Vanessa show was predictable for me.

      • That’s fair. Things breaking in Vanessa’s favor was predictable, even when it should have been unpredictable. I’ll buy that. :-)

      • I didn’t foresee Vanessa telling Julia to challenge Austin, but I wasn’t surprised that she did it. Just knew when it started that end result was gonna be lacking enough shock to disrupt the game.

      • There were some very unpredictable moments but people get caught up on their first impressions and sometimes won’t let go. I think the last few weeks have been spectacular. Again, I’ll say it, the pot ball crew made me insane (could be an age thing).

      • I agree. I think that had there been no Battle of the Block we would have seen a different, more interesting game. But then again who knows. Hopefully, they don’t bring BOB back ever.

    • I did like Ian Terry and loved his upset win, hopefully a bitter jury happens again, its always entertaining to watch. ;)

      • I would consider Dan the BB master, he is easily in my top 3, but I did enjoy the bitter jury and upset win they gave to Ian, it was the blindside that ended the season. Dan played masterful but got the shaft and as you would say, it was a classic burn. lol I think BB14 was the last great Big Brother, I just wish I was around at the time. only good times.

      • Besides the fact you had some batshit ladies running around the house, you didn’t have a entitled whiner buying everyone off. I’d prefer to watch racist idiots trying to be relevant, than a neutered house full of sellouts and fame whores. at least they made themselves look stupid every week, not just in the DR.

      • Love the way you write…couldn’t agree with you more. She definitely was the only HG with balls this season…

    • I’d rather be locked in a phone booth in the middle of the desert (during the hottest day of summer) with Vanessa when she hasn’t taken her meds.

    • I just want Steve to win HoH and evict Vanessa. After that I don;t care if the ants in the kitchen win.

    • We’d probably be saying the same thing if Shelli got here in her stead. Who knows? I think they had ample time to get rid of her after Shelli was gone and they chose not to.

      • Shellli was mildly tolerable.

        I think had they evicted Vanessa when Becky was HOH, the house would have flipped on Austwins. It would have been Becky, Meg, James, Jackie, John and even Shelli against the Austwins with Steve in the middle and leaning towards the Goblins for safety.

        By the time Vanessa had a chance to play her way back into the game, I think at least two of the Austwins would have been gone.

        we’ll never know.

    • If she’s in the F2 against Steve I think she gets 8 votes to win. If it’s against Liz I think she gets 6. (+/- 1) I think jurors give it to the better player even if they’re unliked.

      • I was saying the same thing until Austin got evicted with no shoes on. He was really pissed and he still seemed pissed when he got to the jury house. Meg and James already said they would not vote for her and though they may have calmed down a little Austin could stir them up again.

        There have been bitter juries before and this could be one of them. If Austin and Julia don’t vote for Vanessa all its takes is James, Meg and one other person. That could be Jackie or even Becky.

      • You’re right. There has been a bitter jury in the past. I just think most jurors calm down. Austin was pissed because it was only a few hours since he’d been booted. A jury gave Rachel Reilly the win and she was outwardly, openly hated. Vanessa made moves behind the scenes. That’s all I’m saying. Who knows? She might not even make Final 2.

      • Well, Dan lied to everyone to get to the F2, some say he played a genius game but got one vote. I just don’t care for Vanessa’s emotional outbursts and manipulation. And only Shelli seemed to be impressed by her.

  31. When is the final show down among the F3? I want to see the sucking up for trying to get picked for the last F2 spot. That would make for more interesting reading than Steve’s poop, Vanessa’s sore neck or Liz’s anything.

    Can’t wait to see one of them skiddle-da-da.

    • I would love to see Steve win the last comp and the HoH just to see what Vanessa does. You know she will immediately get in his ear about how she was going to take him to F2 and he has a deal with her.

      Its going to look like the scene in Trading Places when the Duke brothers lost all their money and Mortimer was demanding that they turn the machines back on!