Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 13: Saturday Highlights

Plenty of gaming going on Saturday in the Big Brother 17 house, but this time it was with a deck of cards as the Houseguests past most of the day with naps and card games.

Vanessa awaits her next move on Big Brother 17
Vanessa awaits her next move on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Naps, drinks, more naps, and cards is what passed the day away for these Houseguests. They’ll be doing more of the same for a few more days before Wednesday’s season finale.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, September 19, 2015:

10:15 AM BBT – Houseguests are up and starting their day.

10:30 AM BBT – Exhausted from their morning stretches the Houseguests lay back down for some much needed rest.

2:00 PM BBT – Houseguests have risen from their slumber to discover the backyard is open.

2:20 PM BBT – Steve is building with the Lincoln Logs and using weights with the project.

2:30 PM BBT – Big Brother asked Steve to stop construction and disassemble his Lincoln Logs project.

2:40 PM BBT – Steve and Liz discussing round 2 comp. She couldn’t figure out the “Bustin’ Moves” competition question. She claimed she wasn’t there until Big Brother voiced in and told her she was there for it and it was the competition she won for HoH. Steve is surprised they talked to her during the competition and gave her a clue.

2:51 PM BBT – Vanessa is out of DR and making herself some drinks. “Doses and mimosas,” she sings before pouring champagne and orange juice to combine with her muscle relaxers. (She did this the night before too, tossing back her pill with champagne.) Says it’ll send her right back to sleep.

3:15 PM BBT – Houseguests discussing dating and relationships.

4:20 PM BBT – Steve and Liz are discussing round two comp again.

4:25 PM BBT – Vanessa wants to know more about Rockstars. He indulges her and explains.

5:30 PM BBT – Liz and Steve chat about the political system, electoral college, etc.

6:00 PM BBT – Liz and Steve talk about his decision to split up the twins.

7:00 PM BBT – Houseguests playing cards.

9:00 PM BBT – Card games continue. Vanessa is there advising Liz and Steve on playing Gin Rummy.

10:00 PM BBT – Housguests received a gift of smores kits from BBAD. Liz thanks the viewers for their present. They’ll be making them in the oven.

11:00 PM BBT – More card games. Steve has gotten a lot better and is beating Liz.

1:00 AM BBT – Steve and Liz discuss if they’d come back. Steve thinks Liz would but he’d never do it again despite how important it was to him.

1:40 AM BBT – Liz heads to bed.

2:15 AM BBT – Steve is still up and pacing in the backyard. He’s rehearsing his F2 speech and includes how he had to cut Vanessa.

3:00 AM BBT – Steve turns in for the night.

Looks like Steve has a plan. If he can win round three then he’ll be cutting Vanessa. Steve says he won’t be Cody and make the same $450K mistake. Think he’ll get the chance to make this big cut? We’re a few days away from finding out!

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    • I love the picture for this chat. You have the two dummies playing games and my Beautiful Lesbian Warrior Vanessa with the pose just like Auguste Rodin’s “The Thinker”. Because that is what Vanessa constantly does that all the other dummies had a hard time doing THINKING. Not just one move ahead but 10 moves ahead. Just like a good chess player. In fact I’m now going to call Vanessa my Beautiful Lesbian Chess Player Warrior.

      • A warrior doesn’t constantly cry and live in a state of paranoia. She is no warrior, and I don’t consider her beautiful. She does play a mean game of chess.

      • It’s all part of the game. It’s all fake. She is a master manipulator, great liar and great thinker not a stinker like Steve and Liz. This game has been over for weeks. CBS should just hand over the 1/2 million. Even Julie thinks she is going to win. Wealthy people like Julie and Vanessa know how easy it is to beat poor people like Steve and Liz. That is why the 1 percent always win in the end. That is why Will won
        We are better educated and our network never fails. That is why my beautiful Lesbian is going to win. Think about it how many wealthy Lesbians work on CBS. We take care of our own. Peace out.

      • I don’t believe for one minute that her persona is fake. If it were, she would clue us in when she is in the DR, or talk to the feeders like Steve does. The rest of your comments are so utterly preposterous that they don’t warrant a response. I will, however, respect your right to troll.

      • No, she throws tantrums at poker tournaments when she loses – says the players were cheating, the game was unfair, the atmosphere was inappropriate – whatever works at the moment. There’s nothing fake about her outbursts and playing victim cards. That’s just her.

      • I’ll back you on those statements. Read about a hissy she had at a game and DEMANDED to see a Floor Manager; when someone came over, she did her rant and wanted to speak to the FM; he said, that would be me … And he did not rule in her favor! Ha! It reminds me of a small child having a temper tantrum and there is no reasoning with that child.

      • Why did I have a feeling that she thinks she is smarter than everyone else? She’s probably done this all her life. Bet she was a bully too growing up. This is the only way she can have an entourage, she’s probably braggadocious, as well

      • I respectively like to say stop your real crying Phillie Phanatic because my Beautiful Lesbian Warrior Chess Player Vanessa is going to win the 1/2 million and celebrate with her beautiful girlfriend in style. You are just a Vanessa hater. Obviously, you think someone who is honest like Donny from last year should win every year. It just makes me laugh how everyone wants a fan favorite to win instead of someone who has played the game with dishonesty, manipulation, and just plain great lying. So why don’t you get your teddy bear, and cry in the corner and complain like the others how the game is rigged because your player didn’t win. Boo hoo hoo. Peace out.

      • You make it impossible to take your comments seriously. If you have nothing better to do than insult folks in forum and debate with some credibility, like folks have been doing here much longer than you have been around, then perhaps you should move on. I, for one, am done trying to make sense of your posts. *Ignored*

      • Ann Marie why don’t you start your own Beautiful blah blah blah blah vanessa blog and stay off of this one .Why would you want to visit here anyways .you are so much better then us maybe I will visit it when I rise to your level. NOT !!!!!!

      • My comment to you is in regard to your 3rd last Siemens … HUH? … Wealthy lesbians working … So one employment applications ask you to check a Sexual Preference box?

      • I was reply to someone saying how beautiful she was in America it’s call a the Thirteen Amendment, Freedom of Speech.

      • WOWSER ~ I appreciated all your previous comments, but this one tops them all. On behalf of all LGBTQ (who may or may not be reading BBN) thank you Margaret Suntz.

      • Thank you, Cuddles. I really love (and get a kick out of) humankind; we’re so diverse and fun and unique … Okay, I’ll shut up now. Quick question:have I been mis-citing LGBT and dropping the Q? I want to do what is right and respectful, not PC.

      • I’m really not an authority, but doing what is right and respectful in my eye, would be to include the Q. Thanx Margaret.

      • I fail to see how the “lesbian” part factors in, other than the fact that you relate to her that way. Will, who you say was the best player to ever enter the game wasnt a lesbian. People’s sexual orientation seems to have little to do with their ability to play BB and win, neither does their bank account. Education helps but only to a certain degree because slot of the comps are games of chance. I can’t think of a single college course that would make someone have the advantage in fingering eggs through chicken wire
        or slide a ball just right on a giant boomerang.

        Just my humble opinion.

        I think you are getting alot of enjoyment poking at the majority, here, who found Vanessa’s game play less than likable. I think the whole “Lesbian Warrior Princess” tag you put on Vanessa puts her in a small box. If you were truly a fan of hers or a lesbianWhatever works for you, I guess…

      • Julie Chen also said in her Live Chat with Jeff that Van is NOT owning her game! This is a sticking point with fans of this game. Mike Boogie’s interview with Rob Cesterino said the same thing; no game ownership … It just seems to denigrate a player’s character and gives no love / support to that HG.

      • So what Julie Chen is saying, Vanessa sold them the Brooklyn Bridge and somebody bought it hook, line and sinker. I just knew Vanessa was in with CBS. Called it a month ago.

      • You’re completely wrong about that. Vanessa is lucky that she was playing with a bunch of dummy. She would have never made it to F3 otherwise. Your chess analogy is completely off the mark, Vanessa always played with what was in front her, like a poker player. No vision of her next move. Just lucky.

      • Vanessa looks like she has just been told that you will be coming in third and that there is nothing she can say or do about it.

      • Wasn’t it funny when Vanessa was sitting at the table alone shuffling the cards and she suddenly realized Steve and Liz were out of ear shot. Then she hears production tell him to put on his Mike and suddenly she goes running and starts interrogation of what he was doing. What a piece of work.

        I cannot believe that CBS bought her Bullsit to get on the show.

        Here’s egg in your face, CBS.

        Vomit, vomit, vomiting

      • I don’t think we should comment on her looks..We are born the way we are unless we pay to change our features. Please stick to commenting on game play only…. It,s a lot classier in my opinion.

      • My saying exactly. Did Liz just say BigB gave her a clue. If that is true, it’s not right. BigB didn’t want Steve to win. If that is true, SHAME on you BIGB

      • I think your obsession and your reference of Vanessa as
        ” my Beautiful Lesbian Warrior Vanessa” is a bit “stalkerish”… However, given her personality disorders that might be right up her alley.

  1. “2:40 PM BBT – Steve and Liz discussing round 2 comp. She couldn’t figure out the “Bustin’ Moves” competition question. She claimed she wasn’t there until Big Brother voiced in and told her she was there for it and it was the competition she won for HoH. Steve is surprised they talked to her during the competition and gave her a clue.”
    So, for anyone who says production doesn’t intervene … there you are. And this time, it’s out in the open. I wonder if we’ll see that intervention tomorrow night.

    • We’ll see Part 2 on finale night.

      It would have been likely that BB clued her in right as her turn have overlapped Steve’s 28-minute finishing mark. At least, that’s how it seems like it.

    • We know this from previous comps and from previous years. There is no doubt production intervenes the only question is why?

      They intervened in at least two other comps as well. Remember the BoB James was supposed to throw so Austin could be back doored. Apparently the HGs were getting nowhere with that comp so production had to give them hints. Then there was the Hide and Go Veto comp. After failing to find some of the cards Production was telling them what rooms to look in.

      I don;t think the game is fixed exactly, but I do think they try to manipulate the weekly evictions at times to try to keep certain HGs in the house longer. I think it was Amanda who alluded to this two years ago and last year someone mentioned production wanted them to keep Donny safe one week.

      • I think that was the week that Frankie just had to put on that really stupid play that no one wanted to do.

      • I think it was all on him as he never really cared for Donny to begin with and thought putting a show for BBAD was the best way to do it.

        Julie shot him down on live TV and his reaction was PRICELESS. :D

      • But I thought after one DR visit Frankie tried to change his mind and keep Donny but the play had already happened and Derrick wouldn’t hear of it. They had lost the chance to make another $5,000.00 and it was over for Donny.

      • Frankie probably didn’t get the hint on why they were given such a task because of his ego, which is good for us because he showed his true colors on the feeds after the live show.

      • There was one time back in BB15 when during Judd or Helen’s HOH week that there actually talk of getting a strong player out out. I caught the feeds (pirated for overseas peeps and in poor quality) and the entire conversation was blocked multiple times starting from when Elissa came in the HOH bedroom and she relayed something from DR before cutting to fish.

        The convo that aired on TV was heavily edited so there’s a certainty that production hinted to Elissa that she can’t do this “something” she was alluding to.

        Pure speculation though on my part on how it went down.

    • I can see Production “confirm to Liz that yes she was there, not her sister .. PERIOD!! But the follow-on comment was definitely a clue … Shame on you Production … That action is called cheating!

      • Agreed! It sounds like one or more of the “fairies” wants a Liz/Vanessa finale or doesn’t want to see Steve go much further. Contaminating the social experiment, that Big Brother is meant to be, seems kind of pointless…. Why would they go to such extremes to keep the HGs in such a sterile environment and then blatantly throw a clue out like that? A slip of the tongue or mistake of some kind? I fail to see how that action benefits the show or it’s ratings in any way. Perhaps it’s just a case of those in production making human errors.

      • Eloquently stated: first and foremost this is SUPPOSED to be a sterile / controlled environment; they get no technological media, no paper or pencil, no texts (other than religious script) and that’s it … Isolation. HOH reward is a personal letter and photos; there’s the HOH camera for a couple hours … Here ya go; feel lucky and they do with the camera That’s control. Maybe Production personnel start feeling like Stalag guards and they HAVE to say or do something. I am not a BB conspiracy therorist, or “Oh God it’s scripted” kind of person, but more and more events are beginning to add up. I just can’t get it out of my Mind that when Helen was on the wall (BB15?) there was a hand or something that touched her footboar or her foot! Maybe there is something called ‘Watcher Fatique’ and CBS need to switch out personnel more often … I want to believe this was human error, but it just keeps happening.

      • It’s been said that the hint to Liz happened after Steve had already won. IF that’s true, I don’t care so much. It didn’t affect the outcome.

    • It’s Big Brother, do you understand that term? George Orwell’s “1984”. BigBro is the final word, no one tells them what to do, they tell you what to do.

      Btw, Liz lost… you’d have more of a case had she won. But yes, they intervened. Gosh, hard to believe it took 17 years for that to come out in the open.

      And no, we won’t see it unless THEY want us to see it…

      • What ‘case’ are you talking about? I never said BB doesn’t intervene; I actually believe they intervene a lot, but are rarely willing to admit it. There are others, though, who disagree, and it’s for those people I made the comment. No need for the nasty response, though.

      • A case that THEIR intervening had any bearing on the result. I don’t have a problem with it, as I don’t have a problem with hints that stir things up when we need stirring up.

      • I wonder how many folks on this forum have read that novel? Gatica (the movie – think this is when Uma met Nathan) reminded me of The BB tale … The movie was ramped up with tons of technology and genetic identification but same basic concept.

      • I do too. It’s just that, it’s hard for Steve in recent days to be at his lonesome as Vanessa is always pinning him down to a corner so we never really get to hear his thoughts in his camtalking.

        He didn’t get his chance last week so hopefully, if he happens to win Part 3, he’ll be able to do what’s necessary to solidify a majority jury vote.

      • Yeah that’s true. But I think once Steve has made his mind up based on his own evidence (and other people solidifying it) then he can’t be swayed. Like its been a long time since Vanessa has been able to convince him of anything. He makes fun of her a lot which is why I never had any doubt. I just really hope he gets this round 3 win so we can see a complete meltdown by Vanessa lol!!

      • Reading about the aftermath of his R2 win got me a good laugh. I think Steve was seriously laughing on the inside seeing Vanessa re-resolidifying her F2 deal with him while denying she has a similar deal with Liz.

      • Lol right! I bet when she said something like “why do you need to win it? You don’t need to win it” (Referring to round 3). I bet Steve was just thinking “are you kidding me?! She’s still trying to convince me like I’d fall for it! Sure thing Vanessa!” LOL!

      • Her suggestion just gave him his fire power to do everything he has to do to win this veto else he’s gone. He is SO onto her crap!

      • Oh, forgot to mention, making this suggestion is just as stupid, low and devious as to have suggested to (who was it?) not to use their veto! Marcellus taught us that lesson. There was also a Blonde-haired imbecile on Survivor giving away his Immunity necklace at Tribal Council. Doing or even considering anything like this makes me place you in Kirkman’s group of TWDs – literally, walking brain dead!

      • She’s an idiot lol! I mean I know a lot of the HGs were pretty stupid but the ones she kept trying this crap on were the smarter ones. Therefore she’s the stupid one lol!

      • Steve’s problem was not that he didn’t “get” Vanessa’s game play, he just never had the guts to act on it when he had the chance, probably out of fear of retribution from her. Maybe now that we’re down to the bitter end he’ll find it within himself to do what he should have been doing all along.

      • Blair wich won’t back the f#/% off
        Hmmmm. “Beat it”. Damn. “Go stand in a corner”. “Just get off my back.”
        From All of us.

      • Just like we were saying last night, Vanessa can’t run the risk of leaving Steve and Liz alone long enough to compare notes, although there would be no real advantage to him clueing Liz in. Vanessa has to stick to him (them) like glue.

    • I want Steve to win R3 and evict Van – just because I HAVE to know / have to see her reaction! It would be PRICELESS!

      • Sorry Margie Vanessa has R2 won and we will be saying goodbye to a very attractive Liz. Sorry Liz you are beautiful but you just don’t have the smarts.

      • VANESSA did not win round 1 in my mind. She talked Liz silly, and Liz took the bait. Liz likes being lied to. Just think of what Austin will do to her because he knows how gullible Liz is.

      • Conceded: if Van and Steve are final 2, V wins … But I suspect Steve will know how to manage $50k better than a Nolan … Gotta thank God for some small miracles, yet I’m not convinced V would take Steve. Since she can read people, I think she thinks Steve WILL vote for her to win and no love lost if she evicts Steve. He’s just that kinda guy that would say okay V, you won And I’ll vote for you.

        Now having said that, I just want to “opine” – since we’re all waiting out the days to Finale, that this wait period for us is like pre-game anticipation. For example – don’t know who is playing today, but I’m from the Midwest – so let’s say it’s the Packers vs The Bears. At pre-game both sides – the fans and players are snorting and yelling: like yah hey dare man, like don’t cha know, we’re gonna beat dare asses – and den bend a couple of elbows and down a few beers dare, heh, don’t cha know.

        The moral of the story, either the Packers or the Bears will win! We just won’t know what’s gonna happen at R3 and after R3 until it happens – we’re all just wagering our bets or our thoughts until it’s played out … Don’t cha know dare, eh? :)

    • I hope so too. I really want to see Vanessa’s reaction. I have a feeling she will be all over him demanding that he keep his agreement with her – even though she had no intention of keeping it herself. I would love to see Liz chime in and tell Steve Vanessa was going to take her to F2 instead of him.

      • I think if Liz would pipe up and say that in front of Van to Steve after R3, It would give him the courage and gumption to follow thru to evict Van.

      • Oh I can only wish for a blowup like that lol!! Austin’s was glorious lol but I hope Vanessa’s is 100 times better, especially because she expects Steve to take her. I think he’s even trying to make her have a meltdown by reinforcing their F2 to her constantly and trying to get her to tell Liz. All this is telling her he is taking her to F2 but nope… BLINDSIDE!! LOL!

      • Not only will all this “reinforcing” lead to an exciting response if Steve doesn’t take her to F2, but it probably helps make things a bit smoother in the house, since Steve has to live there with her until finale night….

  2. Even if Vanessa is cut at F2 by Steve, Vanessa has still received quite a lot of publicity about her possible new CBS Poker Face show. So maybe it will be a battle between Steve and Liz with Vanessa taking 3rd and a new series.

    • She’ll definitely on a poker show on Showtime (if it happens that is), placed very late at night so we won’t have to see her during primetime. :)

    • Matt (I think it was Matt) commented a while ago that there is no such show as ‘Poker Face’ on the horizon at CBS. He said there is no credibility to that rumor.

    • I have no idea who started this rumor but they obviously have need seen the popularity polls for the HGs. No producer is going to put a person on a TV show who is an unliked as Vanessa, especially since she is so unlikable.

      • I don’t know about that…. The woman contestant on one of the earliest seasons of “The Apprentice” who was so disagreeable in disliked by most of the viewers (can’t remember her name, other than it started with an O.) got slot of air play and even some kind of spin-off show for awhile. Passion is passion, whether it’s good or bad is Reality TV gold dust! We are certainly seeing more of Frankie Grande, (who has a show coming out anytime now)
        than I thought we would, even though I don’t care to suffer through anymore TV time with him. Vanessa getting a show called Poker Face sounded totally plausible to me! Thanks for setting that rumor straight….

    • CBS would out.themselves if they gave a show to a HG if it was planned and suspected as a fix. They would look bad as a network. Infact, filthy.

  3. Steve will be smart if he takes Liz instead of Vanessa I think he will get more votes if he take Liz I want Steve to win this instead Vanessa or Liz.

    • My Beautiful Lesbian Warrior Vanessa takes Steve to the final two it will be a clean sweep. The jury members will realize how smart Vanessa has been throughout the game. Oedipus, I mean Steve, will be happy to win $50,000 for his mommy. And John will win $25,000 which he will use for voice lessons. Sorry all Vanessa haters. She is going home with her beautiful girlfriend and make love in a pile of 1/2 million. Peace out.

      • Well we all have our dreams too. You could be right but then again, Vanessa HAS to win Round 3 for this to happen. We will find out Wednesday night won’t we.

      • Oedipus, Ann Marie? Really? There’s nothing wrong with loving your parents, and I’m pretty sure Steve isn’t doing it in the way you’re implying. Shame on you.

      • Steve said he loved his mommy but not in a Sigmund Freud kind of way … He’s cognizant that his familial love does NOT fall within the way the majority of us relate/express ourselves about our family or family members.; ergo he is aware of the Oedipal/Electra theory espoused by Freud and he is saying he does not fit within the confines of that theory! (Which of course went WAY over Julia’s head!) And I believe he knows he’s not Oedipal due to his self awareness on this topic.

      • Well, Vanessa hasn’t a chance with me rooting for her… go Vanessa ,you can do it girl. LOL… reverse, reverse, reverse.

      • 50k can help pay off college student loans which I’m sure Steve will have difficulty paying off if he’s not F2 once he finished uni soon.

      • If I read one more time “My beautiful (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) Lisbon Warrior” I’ll surely barf, and I hate barfing! !!#!!!!###

  4. this BB has been the wimpiest ever.
    Can you imagine dropping Evil Dick and his daughter into this group.
    Like a shark feeding frenzy.

  5. This season has been the most frustrating season EVER!!! They should have just given the money to Vanessa WEEKS ago since she was in the house with a bunch of fruitloop dinguses!!! smdh..
    AND WHY THE HECK AREN’T LIZ AND STEVE TALKING??? It’s not like there is TOO terribly much that Vanessa can do to them at this point and they may as well find out how shady she has been NOW versus later but then that would be WAY too sensible!!! GAHHHHH

    • It is in Vanessa’s best interest that they not compare notes and reveal to each other than Vanessa has an F2 deal with them both. That is why she is sticking so close to them – so they never have the opportunity to talk with each other.

      • Although Steve may have probably saw right through her that she had a deal with Liz so I guess he knows that he needs to win Part 3 to get finally seal Vanessa’s fate.

      • True. I don’t think it’s in Steve’s interest to compare notes with Liz at this point, especially had Liz won Part 2.

        Once this all comes back to Vanessa, she’ll straight up deny it and turn things against Steve.

      • Wasn’t it Steve who asked Vanessa if she had an F2 deal with Liz, and her response was, “those words never came out of my mouth.” Everything’s semantics with her …

      • I guess this is why Steve got a bad rep on Twitter being Van’s “lapdog” just because he always say yes to her during their conversations. He and John knows that if they say the wrong thing to her, she’ll use their words against them and come up with a “reason” to justify her action against them.

        And we all know Steve was almost a victim of that and he congratulated her in the DR for it.

      • I agree. If it gets back to Van she will go on her rampage; I think she’ll give Steve verbal beat-down that will completely unhinge him mentally for the R3 comp … Whatever action she takes, it will be ruthless and Steve will be on the receiving end of that stick!

      • That could be something Vanessa would do, a verbal beat-down sometime before R3 comp… good thinking and not beyond her.

      • Vanessa has Liz trained. Wonder what she’s going to feel like when she finally realizes what a doofus she’s been.

      • If I may paraphrase Brian5150 from an entry yesterday: Liz is a banana brain and a puppy busy piddling on her training papers! No, she can’t seem to figure out anything when it comes to this game unless V or Austeeeeen-uh explained it to her.

      • I know, I know!! I have just been waiting for that kind of excitement all season and it doesn’t look like it will be happening. They have no one to blame but themselves for such awful gameplay but it’s good for Vanessa in the

    • Oh they know how shady she’s been. It was her plan to back stab her #2 aliance.member since day 2. That happened in front of Liz and Steve knows Vanessas dark. Fastforeward to day 92 and now she has two new #2 aliance members. Ironic? So they have, as aliance partners every reason to trust her right. Hahajajha……chick’s acenine(sp), hardcore.

    • What would be the point? Liz isn’t playing in the final HOH. They are both taking Liz to the final two. Steve would be dumb to tell Liz he is taking her because he knows it will get back to Vanessa. That will be Vanessa’ s justification for cutting him. You know she always has to have a reason.

      • Once Liz ran back to Vanessa that would just give Van more incentive to beat Steve in R3, and Steve doesn’t need that. He’s better off just saying nothing to Liz.

      • Koko has another entry below to Princess Barbie, and I say to that again: yep, yep & yep, but that makes me sound like a small yapping dog .. Ha! But Yep, we are sooooo on the same page!

      • So I assume if Steve wins R3 then Vanessa would be ready for her & Steve to inform Liz that Liz is odd-girl out? LOL. “Come on, Steve it’s time to tell her”.

      • Since R3 is live, I suspect (and said this before), V will RUN to Steve, congratulate him and say something: You did it buddy; WE’RE going to F2; it’ll happen so fast that Liz will be in the middle of standing up from her chair and smoothing down the front of her dress! I’m just not sure how much time there is between announcing the final HOH winner and stating the formal eviction – is there a commercial break? If so, then maybe that’s the time Liz is told. However, WHO will tell her – Van? Come back from commercial break, Steve begins his eviction speech, Liz begins to rise from her chair and VOILE -Van is evicted. Well that’s my fantasy about the whole situation.

    • If Liz were to talk to Steve or Steve to Liz, and Vanessa wins the HoH should could use that against one of them to him/her home.

      Liz knows Vanessa will take her to F2 over Steve so at this point there is no need to talk to Steve. If Steve wins, then Liz should immediately get in Steve’s ear about how Vanessa had a F2 deal with her an no matter what Vanessa told Steve she was not taking him to F2. Of course she would probably have to shout over Vanessa to say all that since I am certain Vanessa will not be farther than 3 inches from Steve’s ear from the second he is crowned final HoH.

  6. Oh Vanessa—mixing alcohol with muscle relaxers? Why didn’t production say something? That is a DANGEROUS combo.

    • It would probably be a huge problem if she had too many of that popped out mixed with alcohol. Hopefully production is monitoring closely.

      Unless the pill in question is very strong to trigger something potentially fatal then that’d be BB’s fault for letting it happen (since they’re the ones clearing medication before handing them out to HG’s).

      • Doesn’t matter if it’s one drink with one pill. Extremely dangerous. And if production condones even THAT, they’re incredibly irresponsible. How do they know how she’d react to that? She most likely has done it before—thinking that it’s OK to do it again—but you never know how your body will react. Stupidity all around.

      • Absolutely agree! This is not about fans hip or anything else – this is that WE all know: do NOT mix drugs and alcohol – no exceptions! Production is responsible for not calling her out on this and not retrieving the remaining wine since she’s done it before this latest dosage.

      • But they put a stop to Steve playing with Lincoln logs & a dumbbell. Nutso, isn’t it? Maybe Van had to sign a release to get the alcohol.

      • OMG, G-man: it’s a divine revelation … Steve was intermixing Lincoln
        Logs and Jenga pieces … OMG, that’s aberrant; socially unacceptable, policatical incorrect, sexually abusive, psychotic, murderous, slanderous, filthy, coveting, …. And even worse than mixing prescription drugs and alcohol … jeez, this should have been self-evident to all of us. Guess we’re just a bunch of dummies born yesterday … GEEEESH!

      • That still doesn’t make it any less dangerous or CBS any less liable if anything bad were to go down because of the combination. What did Vanessa do to herself in that last Como that warranted giving her muscle relaxants?

      • Me thinks she may have an undisclosed problemo. You are correct in that Steve nor Liz asked for pills. I think she’s trying to give Steve a false sense of an advantage when in actuality, this may be all a game, and production is her cohort.

    • Right that her problem right now she needs too get High and she can’t so just like everything in her game play she is PLAYING production as well.

      • Yeah. I’m pretty vocal about my dislike for her, but I’m actually concerned about the drugs and alcohol combo. What is wrong with production?! SMH.

  7. Why did production ask Steve to stop playing with the Lincoln Logs? Anyone know? Seems kind of funny (funny ‘ha-ha’…not funny ‘strange’). At least he wasn’t mixing alcohol with pills.

    • I wondered about that, too. Why give them the Lincoln Logs if they were going to ask them to stop using them the way they were intended?

      • Maybe Steve was trying to write a “secret” message to mommy or the viewers? Remember a few seasons ago, someone (Rachael?) came back into the house during a Pandora twist and she left a message in pretzels on the HOH dining table? Well, Steve’s a fan and he’s bored out of his gourd, so maybe he was just futzing around for us? Otherwise, I think the Production call out was weird!

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