Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 13: Friday Highlights

The Big Brother 17 final three spent the day lounging and awaiting the second part of the final Head of Household completion, which didn’t come until much later in the evening.

Vanessa reflects on her BB17 season
Vanessa reflects on her BB17 season – Source: CBS All Access

It was nice to finally find out which two players will face off in round three, and unlike last season, it’s still very much up in the air what Steve or Vanessa will do if they win part three. Suspense is a good thing.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, September 18, 2015:

10:00 AM BBT – Houseguests are starting to get up for the day.

11:00 AM BBT – General chit chat between the HGs. It’s going to be a quiet day.

11:40 AM BBT – Steve mentions he can still hear construction in the backyard. Liz tries to listen and gets a “stop that” from production.

2:00 PM BBT – HGs hanging around together chatting.

4:00 PM BBT – The ladies are sleeping while Steve paces the house. Yes, it’s that slow today.

5:50 PM BBT – Vanessa is leading Liz in meditation as Steve paces and studies. Vanessa’s meditation sessions are not very relaxing.

6:20 PM BBT – Vanessa tells story of her family and the impact of the Holocaust.

7:00 PM BBT – HGs discussing who will win America’s Favorite Player. Steve thinks it’ll be James. Liz thinks it’ll be John.

7:50 PM BBT – Feeds cut for the second part of the 3-round final HoH competition.

11:09 PM BBT – Feeds back.

11:10 PM BBT – Steve is happy. He won round 2 of the final HOH. Vanessa isn’t doing a great job at being fake happy for Steve. He tells Vanessa that the time difference between him and Liz in the comp was around three minutes.

11:15 PM BBT – Steve asks Vanessa if her pain medication is effecting her mood because she doesn’t seem very happy (ha). Vanessa says she’d be jumping up and down if she wasn’t in so much pain.

11:19 PM BBT – Steve talks about them letting Liz know that no matter what happens Liz is getting cut. He brings up Cody and Derrick telling Victoria last season. She tells Steve to tell her “much later.” Vanessa tells him she’s taking. Steve says he trusts Vanessa. Steve says he’ll be happy with the 50K.

11:25 PM BBT – HGs have all been told to head to the HOH room. They have no idea why and say this is new.

11:35 PM BBT – The final three are hanging out in the HOH room while BB does whatever it is they’re doing downstairs.

11:51 PM BBT – Steve explaining to Liz how they can gift things to other HGs, but can’t offer cash.

12:00 AM BBT – Liz and Steve discussing the comp. It was a crossword styled puzzle with a 90-min cap, but they each took around 30 minutes. Big Brother announces their HoH lockdown is over.

12:05 AM BBT – Steve says to himself that Vanessa might be on to him. Sounds like he is still planning to cut Vanessa at F2.

1:10 AM BBT – Steve heads in to DR while Vanessa sleeps. Liz is alone is upset over her performance.

1:30 AM BBT – Liz continues to cry alone in the kitchen. She’s disappointed in herself.

2:30 AM BBT – Vanessa and Liz have gone to bed while Steve scampers a bit more before going to bed too.

Well we still have ourselves a game, folks. Had Liz won that we’d be done and know our F2 and season winner. Liz shouldn’t feel too bad though as she’s likely got herself a ride to the F2 with either Vanessa or Steve. Now I’m just waiting for Steve to tell Liz about his deal with Vanessa which he might do just to mess with Vanessa. We shall see.

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  1. What is typically the nature of the final comp? I’ve watched this show season after season and just can’t remember.

    • The final two sit in between the living room and the kitchen where the will guess what a juror said. Julie will give the beginning of a statement and then give two answers, A or B, and then will choose which answer they think was specific to that juror.

  2. Nothing would surprise me at this point…I just hope steve beats Vanessa and takes Liz like he should but who knows with these players…even with Liz getting a sure 2 votes from Austin and Julia Steve should still be able to smoke her but if he takes Vanessa then I’m not sure how everyone will vote once the bitterness subsides or not

    • Vanessa is going to fight like hell to win that final comp. Does anyone know if that one plays out live?

      • Yes, it is always live. Sunday’s episode will be parts 1 and 2 along with memory lane at the kitchen table. The. Part 3 will play out live on finale night.

      • I know the R3 winner is final HOH and boots someone out but I don’t remember if the last evictee is interviewed by Julie? And it seems that the last evictee doesn’t have any time to commiserate with the other jurors … Am I remembering this correctly? I need a jolt of caffeine!

      • I’m not sure about the interview with Julie, but if I am remembering correctly, I think the last evictee joins the jury just before the final vote.

      • The last evicted houseguest usually just walks out and sits with the jury. Julie says something along the lines of “let’s see who was last evicted and who will be the last member of our jury.” Not very fair, but they know more than the jury being in the house until the end, so it kind of balances out.

      • You are..don’t think she or he will have time to be interviewed by Julie as she’ll have to head to the panel where the rest of the jurors will be seated in the audience. She or he will get a very short amount of time to find out if at all who the jurors are leaning towards (if they say) then the juror questions get asked! After that, the winner will be announced after the votes are in.

      • yup, final jury member goes righ outside, and onto a stool next to the other jury members. this is why i feel that it would of been smao keep V around to f3, and kick her out at f2, so she didn’t have time to get in the jury’s head at the jury house.

      • Yep, R3 will be live. I hope Steve wins it too and takes Liz….won’t Van be surprised as all get out if that happens?

      • I agree, but he will go down in BB history for having finally gotten the better player eliminated of the three! Not sure if he’ll be that unfair, though!

      • I’m not sure. Steve’s game has been so quiet, but he does have some major evictions to his credit. On the other hand, Liz’s game has been one that looks like she’s been protected by the trouple all season, so ….. I don’t know. It’s a gamble either way. I suspect though, that Vanessa would eviscerate Liz’s game much more quickly than she would Steve’s in trying to convince the jury. Such a tough one.

      • Yea good expo. Is a tough one. Players are so dynamically different. A flesh eating virus, a puppy and a seal. The seal survived the shark waters and the puppy is inconsistent at peeing on the newspaper……

      • Yes its live and its a questions comp – or has been every other year. Its the comp where the two contestants have to give answers about what the other HGs said about things in the game.

    • Aj, besides this theory which I can get on board with, who will Vanessa bring? I’ve been off posts all night.

    • The one single thing that would make sence, is if Vanessas head jerked back, her mouth opened, three headed snake like monstrous tongue shot out snatching Steves head and suckling the blood out of it, like Benefit Del Toro’s “The Strain”. I’d buy that.

  3. Steve might be liz in round 2 but seeing as vanessa will ask him to throw the final, he’ll be left out of F2

  4. Ironic, though, that you win when you lose. That is in Liz’s case. Chances are good that both Steve and Vanessa are taking her to Final 2 which means at a minimum, a $50,000 pay day for her in addition to her weekly stipend plus prizes she might have won. She would have done tons bettter than anyone else on the jury house. Only question is who is going to win the 3rd and deciding HOH? Vanessa or Steve?

    • If it’s the numbers wall, I have a feeling Van will win that as it involves physical more than mental! Via live feeds it was a mental comp with a physical component. They were asked questions then had to unscramble letters to get the answer. Didn’t sound like the hanging comp like last year, where you had to put the faces next to who won what HoH, BotB and Veto each week.

    • I recall round 3 is live and its a questions/answers comp. I think its the comp where the two competitors have to guess what another HG said – or complete a sentence they said. Its not from what happened in the house its something they said after they left and were asked a question. This means its about knowing the other HGs. Honestly, I don’t expect either of these two to be very good at this comp but it depends on how easy the questions are.

      Vanessa thinks she knows everyone in the house but her theories were often very wrong. On the other hand, I think Steve knows more than he shows but its hard to figure out what he does know because for most of the season he didn’t give away any information. He just let everyone else talk.

  5. Why is everyone so certain Liz would have taken Vanessa to F2? If she did that she would lose for sure. She may lose to Steve but she has a better chance against Steve than Vanessa who would argue she controlled Liz the entire game.

    I admit, Liz is stupid but I think she would be able to figure out that she wouldn’t be able to beat Vanessa in F2. Regardless of what she told Vanessa we have heard Liz tell Austin and her sister before that she will not keep any more deals with Vanessa. And after Vanessa evicted Austin, why would Liz trust her?

    Its moot now but I think Liz would have taken Steve to F2 if she stopped and thought about it for a minute.

    • It is a moot point now, you are right. But I wonder if Liz would have actually taken Vanessa if she got there. That’s what we heard, but did she mean it? Not necessarily.

      • Liz wants a girl to win but not sure if she meant Van, though, because she knows Van won more comps than her. Steve won less comps against Liz? LOLOL

      • Hell regardless of who wins, it will still be a female or a female wanna be (Steve). I guess Liz get’s her wish after all LOL.

      • He may be but he was not mean spirited. What if Steve makes final two and give a lucid, mature speech completely unlike the momma’s boy he acted like in the house? What if his nerdy goofy act was all just a ruse to throw people off?

      • I agree with you. I’ve seen those “lucid” moments you speak of. I described Steve as the way I see him in the house. I stated early during the season that I thought he was playing a character that he probably rehearsed. But I still think he is part mischievous child that has very much enjoyed trying to deceive us this season. I think he has used the cameras for that purpose a lot of times. His pre-game interview was very telling.

      • Now why do I have to be an a$$? There has been small comment’s made that Steve may be gay (mostly by Vanessa) and he has even said he had a secret (yet we do not know what it is as of now). I make a small joke and you get all butt hurt over it. This is just a game and you are taking it WAY to personal. May Allah bless you in your time of need.

    • I don’t think Liz would ever have taken Steve, based on her personal feelings about him. She seems to really, really dislike him.

  6. With the nature of this season and disappointment after disappointment after another disappointment I expect Vanessa to win round 3, which is terrible.

  7. It seems like Vanessa takes pain pills a lot, or at least wants one often.

    I really hope Steve pulls out that last win. Come one, Steve, you can do it!!

    • BB gave her muscle relaxers…not sure those are considered pain medications. Steve needs to capitalize on that like she’s capitalized on his weaknesses most of the season!

      • Oh sh# now she’s mixing meds, an aderol musscle relaxer coctail, on an already unstable.psyche. take covER

      • :) so u know, aderol is basically speed. It enhances the mind like a seudo limitless pill. That’s y V talks in your face 120 mph for an hour and u can’t get a word in edge wise giving her a literAL edge. And why during pot ball her eyes are bugged out staring blank at the wall because she’s coming down. Notice the trend….she pops the Aderol and rhe mass scheeming begins for hours, that’s y she’s pissed when DR won’t give her a fix when she wants it sometimes. Another gaming advamtage. Google it

      • Ahhh, for some reason, I’m not sure what she takes, but I thought Adderall kind of made your mind clearer(therefore more relaxed) so you could concentrate on tasks. My bad, I thought it might help her concentrate in the bathroom, too.:D

      • Your right too, but a lot of people say they are ADD just to get the rush high from aderol. The come down is anxiety. I’ve taken it like 6 pills in my life and only a half at a time and I felt sharp, great talkative and time breezed by at work. Then I felt anxiety later lm I’m only sharing my experience

      • No, I didn’t know. Thanks for info. I had heard others say they felt her meds give her an advantage.

      • Some people take Adderall for weight loss but I am going to be professional poker players take it when the compete even if they are not ADHD.

      • I’ve heard the same thing. If you actually do have ADHD, it calms you and helps you keep a clear mind. If you don’t have it and take Adderall, it’s like being on speed. You have a ton of energy, very talkative and upbeat, feel like you can take on the world. But you crash hard, ans I bet that part really sucks. I’m not even going to try to guess what happens to her. Obviously it’s not my business. I just thought it was strange that there’s been a few times recently that she’s said she wants/took pain medicine. I thought they were only to be given for severe pain.

      • Why would BB giver her anything other than Advil? If Vanessa is sore because of the HoH endurance comp that doesn’t require muscle relaxers. It requires rest and Advil.

        Prescription muscle relaxers would seem a bit much for someone who could hang on for “10 more hours”.

      • She also wanted a pain pill during her period. I was diagnosed with PMDD and I don’t require a pain pill for my periods. It was strange.

      • I think she was ready to drop at any second and just told Liz that so Liz would take the deal. She said something similar to JMac about lasting another hour and a half, but he wouldn’t take the deal she offered. He slipped and fell.

      • I guess it depends on the muscle relaxer that was given. They are for pain, yes, but they are not a narcotic. She’s mentioned a few times, that I can remember anyway, her wanting a pain pill; after a comp earlier this season, during her period, after the Round 1 HOH comp. It just raised a red flag.

      • The only thing Steve can do now is win round 3 of the HOH comp. No more convincing is necessary. Winning round 3 is all that matters now.

  8. I think it’s a little insulting that the writer of this article is so dead set on Vanessa winning that he makes this arrogant comment “If Liz had won we would know our F2 and the season winner.”
    It’s that not black and white.

    • I agree its not certain that Liz would have taken Vanessa to F2 had she won, but it is not arrogance on the writers part. After all we have seen how easy it was to manipulate the twins all season. Liz and her sister are clueless and never know what to do. They just asked Vanessa and/or Austin. So it is understandable of the author of the article assumes Vanessa would just bark an order at Liz and she would obey – just like her sister did when she picked Austin in the veto comp.

      • Can’t stand Vanessa but I’m pretty sure she’s going to win this game as she has struck fear into everyone. The HG’s have passed on every opportunity to get rid of her while doing exactly what she asked them to do. I guess winning $500,000 was not as appealing as staying off her radar. Since nobody else was really playing the game I suppose she deserves the victory, but I don’t like the way she did it, nor the spinelessness of her victims.

  9. Nice picture of Tom Petty

    On serious note, who’s the dude in the reflection of Toms…errr Vanessa’s glasses?

  10. Liz loves her sister,her sister leaving the house was the worst emotional moment for her of the season,Austin leaving barely made a ripple with her compared to Julia’s exit and do any of you think she will pick Steve the HOH who put her on the block,well..think again,will never happen-for Liz loyalty to her sister runs very deep and plus she can’t stand this “boy” with his mommy issues.

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