Big Brother 17: Vanessa Breaks Up Her Alliances From Inside Out

It’s been an interesting few days with Vanessa Rousso as the HoH for Big Brother 17 as we’ve watched her form a new, but questionable alliance while seemingly attack her existing ones. Vanessa appears to be looking for a change.

Austin is spoon fed Vanessa's latest plan
Austin is spoon fed Vanessa’s latest plan – Source: CBS All Access

Last night I couldn’t figure out what her endgame was as she told Austin the twins were interested in him while telling Steve something quite the opposite. The plan came full circle this morning, or should I say “full triangle”?

This morning in a talk with Austin, Flashback to 10:15AM BBT, Vanessa informed him that Steve was “butt hurt” over hearing Liz liked Austin, not him. Austin snickers at Steve’s foolishness that he could have thought Liz would like him over Austin. Here’s the thing: Steve isn’t interested in Liz nor did he think Liz liked him. Why would she do this to close the loop after telling Austin to go for the girls? Looks like she wants to break up one of her expanded alliances.

The “Get Jeff Out” alliance had Steve, Vanessa, Austin, Liz/Julia, Chelli and Clay. Steve seemed to be fitting in well with Vanessa, but that could be ending. Once Austin heard the story that Steve liked Liz but knew she liked Austin (no and no) Austin suggested that he didn’t want to work with Steve anymore because “no one comes between me and my twins.” Yes, he said it jokingly, but I think he was serious about be wary of Steve. Flashback to 11:05PM BBT for more of this talk.

Next on the list of fat to cut? Vanessa starts going through her concerns about Clay and Shelli. She suggests Clay and Shelli could be working with the other side of the house. Soon Austin is agreeing that maybe they need to watch out for them.

Along the way Austin starts to wonder if maybe Jeff really did bury the hatchet between them (I believe he did) and that Jeff was set up by others in the house. Before Austin can start to go much farther down the road of wondering if they should keep him Vanessa is quick to jump in and shut that down.

They both agree that it’s time to consider letting Clay and Shelli be targeted. Austin thinks they might be able to work with Jason to make that happen. Uh oh, Shelli & Clay. They better watch out and with Clay potentially willing to throw the comp thinking they’re safe then he could be in trouble.

Vanessa reveals another aspect of her plan. She wants to bring Audrey in to their alliance for a 3-person team here. Vanessa thinks HGs will fear Audrey’s social game, Austin’s physical game, and she’s not sure what they’d fear about her, but it’d all come together as the perfect trio.

So we’ve got Vanessa deconstructing the alliances around her and looking to form a new smaller, more controllable alliance with her at the center. Think she’ll pull it off? Good idea or a bad one? Discuss!


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  1. Not sure I understand her rationale for targeting Steve, if that is what she’s doing. He was the only one who didn’t have any side or sub alliance…his #1 loyalty was to Vanessa. She is also leaving too many trails back to her, a la Audrey…once people talk they will realize she is at the center of all this misinformation. Austin will confront Steve at some point about this, and they both will realize Vanessa is telling them vastly different stories.

  2. Steve actually did believe both Liz and Julia liked him and were flirting with him. He told this to Vanessa they had a crush on him, but said he wouldn’t go for it because showmances are bad for his game. I don’t think he had a serious crush on either of them or had any plan of pursuing them, so Austin can rest peacefully.

    • Vanessa reminds me of a scurrying rat. As long as that rat is nibbling in Austin’s ear, he can’t rest at all.

      • Yeah, she almost seems like she is on some type of medication — like Ritalin. No concrete evidence of that, but she seems a little wired.

      • It’s that poker mindset. Jeff and Austin have her on the rail and she’s ready to take a bad beat and bust out of the competition.

  3. I don’t think Vanessa will be able to pull off her shiny new plan. She’s told too many lies to too many hgs, hasn’t formed a stable permanent bond with anyone and demands too much from anyone she runs off her mouth to.

    • I agree one million percent. I would love to see her and Austin on the block together with Audrey as a backdoor option if one if them gets off.

  4. This could make me re-think giving her the Tofurkey of the Week this week – OR… it could solidify my choice

  5. Vanessa is crazy with a capital “C”. After that first night with her meltdown I thought ok that was one night. I really started to like her and thought she would go far. Now after this HOH my first instincts were right on. She’s NUTS! She’s another one wanting to make 50 alliances. What is with all these people this year. Haven’t they ever watched BB? I never thought I would say this because in the beginning Jason got on my nerves but now I hope he wins HOH. I like him so much more now that Da’s gone and he’s not up her butt.

    • “What is with all these people this year.” I, for one, believe most (not all) of them are very immature. They don’t know how to maneuver in the BB house. So far this season is ‘an accident looking for a place to happen’ ~ Jason is growing on me (at 1st I thought he was a jerk) although, I think, he repeats too much stuff indiscriminately. As of this minute, my favorites are John, Jason, Audrey.

      • You’re right very immature. All this jealousy Austin has over Liz is High School stuff. I’m starting to really like Jason but John is my favorite. And Audrey…..Lol

    • And the only reason I know most of this is reading this blog. The live shows make her look entirely sane. Making alliances and then blowing them up for no reason. If the detonators and bomb squad alliance names were not taken she could be an alliance of 1 with either name.

      • I wonder how the show will make her look now that she’s HOH. Anxious to see what kind of an edit she gets.

  6. This is a VERY dangerous move on Vanessa’s part.

    I think we can safely say that, while a major pro of having a house full of super fans is that they play the game from day 1, it’s also the biggest con so far. They’re all too eager to make big moves and are placing unnecessary targets on their backs too soon.

    • Is Vanessa really a successful poker player? Watching her “game” here really makes me wonder. A good poker player sits back watching for the tells of others, while not showing her own.
      If I had to describe her in one word, if would be HINKY!

  7. Horrible idea imo. Sooner or later Austin will hear or see that no the twins are just not into him. No one ever stops blabbing in this house. I guess I get her strategy given her background, go big or go home right? She’s playing a very risky game and its slightly possible it could work but I doubt it will.

  8. The jokes on Austin because Liz does have a crush on Steve and is actually kind of creeped out by austin

      • all three to be honest. She admits being into Jace, and you can tell she is into steve and jeff.

      • Liz wont say it but you can see she is starting to fall for steve a little bit as he continues to open up.

      • I just wish they would allow him to sing in the house and then liz would be all over him. He has a great voice.

      • I don’t think Liz is actual “into” anybody. She probably just wants to hit on all the guys and get close to them. Seems like it’s her strategy and a part of her personality.

  9. Vanessa spends too much time coming up with (non) plausible back stories. But I’m sorry, the twins need to go soon. That was done once before and it didn’t work. And their voices are like nails on a chalk board. Hopefully, next week, someone will get rid of Vanessa. Then get rid of the twins.

    • I would rather see Austin go. there is just something that I love about the unpredictable players LOL I would be curious to see what the other side of the house would do though. They have been very anti Audrey, and I wonder if that would change after this week or if they would go for Shelly, Clay, Van or Austin

      • If they were smart, they’d get rid of Shelly, Clay, Vanessa, or Austin. Unfortunately, they consider Audrey more of a threat. Which is why I think this is the lamest group yet. None of them can think for themselves. And this BS of throwing the comps is getting REALLY old and shouldn’t be allowed.

  10. Vanessa is playing too hard, like Derrick — but Derrick’s genius was that nobody ever really knew it. I think going overboard to get out Jeff (who cares about a player like Jeff so much in the third week?! Weird), she made herself a target. People know she’s playing hard very early, and that’s never good.

    • Nah she’s not playing like Derrick. Derrick surrounded himself in a strong stable alliance and called the shots from behind the scenes while he let his alliance members think they were running everything. One thing that Derrick knew how to do was keep his dang mouth shut. Vanessa is already trying to cause dissension within her own alliance.

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