Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 3: Wednesday Daytime Highlights

It was another quiet day in the Big Brother 17 house as Jeff has basically given up hope and Vanessa’s HOH reign is nearing its end.

Clay Honecutt reacts to a jab made by Audrey Middelton on the Live Feeds – Source: CBS All Access

But that doesn’t mean Vanessa has stopped playing the game. There have been a lot of subtle moves made by her lately, including today, that suggest she’s got a master plan going on inside her head.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, July 15, 2015:

9:35 AM BBT – HGs get their wake-up call and are finally moving around the house.

9:38 AM BBT – Jason and John say things with Audrey have cooled down. Jason says he’s over hating her.

9:58 AM BBT – Inside lockdown called. They’ll be stuck inside until Thursday’s live show.

10:05 AM BBT – Vanessa’s latest plans start to become more clear.

10:19 AM BBT – James is packing his bag in case he’s evicted tomorrow night.

10:30 AM BBT – Most HGs have gone back to bed.

11:05 AM BBT – Vanessa and Austin are talking about alliances. Vanessa thinks they should bring Becky into their side alliance. Austin says he thinks Shelli and Clay will eventually turn on them, especially if Jason wins HOH. He thinks they would throw Vanessa and himself under the bus.

11:25 AM BBT – Austin tells Vanessa he wants to test Clay and Shelli’s loyalty next week.

12:25 PM BBT Austin returns to the HOH room and is telling her he needs to talk to Liz. He’s talking about his personal life and how he’s had his heart broken before.

12:35 PM BBT – Vanessa asks Austin if he would be OK if Liz goes next week. He says he would have to be. They think the other side of the house would target Liz before them.

12:42 PM BBT – Austin is talking about how basically every woman in the house wants him and that his strategy is to take out all the guys.

1:00 PM BBT – And Austin continues to talk romance to Vanessa. He’s telling her stories of woe.

1:30 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin about her ex-husband dying of cancer after she left him for her girlfriend. She’s getting emotional.

1:31 PM BBT – Audrey and Shelli are talking about what is going to happen. Audrey says that she thinks James will go after Austin. She also talks about telling Jason that she wants to build confidence with each other. He told her that if he wins HOH that he won’t come for her. Then she talks about getting Jason out next week.

1:36 PM BBT – Audrey tells Shelli she would put up Meg and Steve with the plan to backdoor Jason.

2:30 PM BBT – Vanessa left Austin and Liz in the HOH room so he could talk to her.

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  1. It is beyond me why anyone would think it is a good idea to keep the twins safe. When it comes to the twins I adore them and want to see them play together but strategically for the other houseguests letting blood relatives come into the game???? They’re talking about being scared of Clay/Shelli two people who just met but they’re not scared of Liz/Julia who have been together their entire lives. Weird!

    • It does seem crazy, I think it comes from Austin belief of their affection for him will control the situation. Sadly there is no affection

  2. Vanessa’s got a ‘master plan’? And we haven’t heard it yet? That can’t be possible!

  3. Austin ~ 12:42pm BBT ~ All the little girls in the house want him!? What a conceited little boy!

    • I get so annoyed with the attitudes of the people they bring on this show. I mean it takes a certain type to want to be on camera 24/7 so some arrogance or conceited behavior is expected but when they start spouting stuff like that it makes me wanna kick him in his behind.

  4. Based on what Austin said, I hope a female wins HOH and 1 of them votes his butt out. Maybe not next week but soon. What an arrogant thing for him to say!

  5. Austin, Vanessa and Audrey make a great alliance. They can call it One flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

  6. Leaving her ex husband who was dying of cancer for her gf…… Wow, Vanessa is revealing WAY too much just to gain the trust of her housemates

    • Is that the correct order? I forget. I remember hearing about it pre-season. I thought she left him, then started dating her GF, and then he got diagnosed? Is that incorrect?

      • Tbh… i actually dunno. My point is that if I were in the house, this would be sth way too heavy to share with ppl u barely know….

      • She said either last night or today that her ex died of cancer not long after she left him for her g/f.

      • He was diagnosed in 2011, they separated in 2012 and she said she met her girlfriend 2 years ago.

    • Actually, Vanessa and her husband, Chad Brown, were married from 2009-2012 and Chad was diagnosed in 2011. Plus, Vanessa stated that she met her girlfriend 2 years ago so in 2013. She left him when he was dying with cancer but not for her girlfriend.

  7. Also, I think s16 Caleb just re-entered the house in the form of a hairy wrestler called Judas

    • Caleb, single: “I love Amber and I think she loves me.”

      Austin, TAKEN: “Every single girl in this house loves me. I’m just going to play them but, oh no, they better not even talk to another guy.”

      • Gosh, this is exactly what I wanted to add… after I typed this comment! I agree that Austin is being way creepier than Caleb ever was

      • Maybe…but Austin has never stared at another girl while playing menacingly with a knife like Caleb did. He was the creepiest and most genuinely scary guy I’ve ever seen on BB.

  8. After watching some feeds and reading Matt and Branden’s updates I think Van is going down Audreys road.

      • I need jason and james to win the next Hoh . Then i need them to nominate clay, shelli, vanessa, and austin as pawns with the plan to backdoor Audrey and then NOT. I will definitely tune in for that.

      • I’d like to see Jason and Meg win HoH and have Vanessa and Austin up and see how they duke it out! :-)

  9. This season makes my head hurt. I think I might buy stock in Aleve because I am going to be spending a lot of money on that stuff the rest of this Summer.

    • Wish I could take Aleve, but having one kidney won’t allow it. I have had to resign myself to buying stock in Tylenol PM..LOLOL

      • These guys are all insane…but it’s so fun to watch them! Great relief from the past two seasons.

  10. Anyone have any clue why every single diary room session of Clay’s ends with “for mine and Shelli’s game”?!?! I laugh every time because they literally met 5 weeks ago and he’s willing to give her the $500,000!

      • Hahaha, have you seen a picture of Shelli’s twin? After, Shelli said Clay looked like him I was like “ok, she’s joking” but she isn’t and it creeps me out!

  11. Austin is a big, gross, hairy fool – does he really believe young attractive girls like Liz would be attracted to him out in the real world? They’d cross the street to avoid him. Poor man is delusional.

    • Have to say I completely agree. Sadly, with that dumb hat, and awful hair/beard, he reminds me more of a clown than anything else. And it appears his ego is out of control.

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