Big Brother 17: Steve Worries On Vote Flip “I’m In Danger Next Week”

Steve Moses learned about the new plan overnight to keep Liz and you can just imagine how happy he must be about that one. Now the paranoia of an outgoing HoH reign is setting in and Steve is starting to get suspicious of the other few remaining HGs. Well, just as he probably should.

Steve Moses curls up with worry on Big Brother 17
Steve Moses curls up with worry on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Last night Steve went to talk with Austin about this new development. Asking what he could do to stay in their good graces, Austin advised Steve to give his blessing and move along. Oh, and don’t forget to join us for a meeting with JMac to discuss what to do that that other Houseguest.

Yes, Steve’s turn as HoH really fell apart around him this week as his previous goal of sending Austin out the door was sunk after the Veto forced him to fall back to evicting Liz. But wait, cancel plan B. The Austwins worked Vanessa’s bluff to their advantage and now Liz is staying. That gives us Plan D (I’m skipping C because there must be something else better than this) which sends Julia off to Jury and keeps Liz, a very strong competitor, and her showmance with Austin intact.

Talking with Austin last night, Flashback to 2:11 AM BBT 9/9, we heard Steve do his best to try and smooth things out with his original target. Steve promised Austin he had never worked against him without first telling him what was happening. You know Steve is sweating this situation as he’s now missed both of this targets and neither are likely to be too thrilled with him.

There’s a quick mention from Austin about wanting to meet with him and John later to discuss how to handle Vanessa, though she isn’t named. Steve says “we all know who the threats are” and Austin won’t name her either with only “I think everyone’s nervous to say anything right now.” It’ll be interesting to see if Steve becomes too suspicious of Austin to work with him against Vanessa next week, if they get the chance.

Steve heads upstairs as Austin stays down in the bathroom to talk with Vanessa. Flashback to 2:16 AM BBT. In the HoH room Steve really starts to worry and says he’s in danger next week. He believes Vanessa is safe in most situations and he’s especially in trouble if it ends up being him versus Vanessa on the Block at the next eviction.

Watching on the spycam Steve sees that neither Vanessa nor Austin have left the bathroom and suspects they’re still talking. “They’re still talking? They’re STILL talking?!” as he slams something to the ground (a Mr. Goodbar?). Steve suspects Austin is telling Vanessa the same things he told him minutes earlier. “You son of a b***h!” exclaims Steve. I’m not sure we’ve seen Steve this worked up before.

Back to his worries next week, Steve fears he could be a top target even over Johnny. He backtracks for a moment thinking he might survive that (I don’t think so) and then fears John winning Veto and Vanessa going up (in the case of Austin or Liz winning HoH this Thursday). “If I’m on the Block next to Vanessa then I’m f**ked and I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it.”

What do you think? Is Steve in more trouble against Vanessa or John? I would have thought Steve’s chances of survival went up next week against Vanessa since John would more likely vote to keep him over Vanessa and then he’d need just one more vote from either the HoH or the other member of Liztin.

As for Liz staying instead of Julia, it’s not really that I think they’d have different targets but it’s a higher chance of one of them getting HoH over John, Steve’s ally. Julia would be easier to beat than Liz, based on past performances. Either way though, Steve may be right that next week is looking pretty dangerous for him.



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  1. The biggest difference is the perception that Liz is a bigger threat to win HoH than Julia. It’s hard to say either way really, but that’s not the point. The point really is that if Vanessa changes her mind, it likely means bad new for you, especially if you aren’t in on the change.

    You’d think anyone up next to Vanessa next week would be a good thing, but Steve is thinking like I have been in that even if she is up on the block theres a good chance she doesn’t get evicted.

    • I don’t think Liz is as big a threat as everyone thinks, john has thrown several comps. He threw the last 2. I think John is going to start winning, if he’s going to now is the time.

  2. LOL. OMG. Vanessa does it again. Doesn’t really matter who wins HOH. It’s hers for the taking. She has muscled in (and they let her) on every single person’s HOH. I’m speechless. What the heck can you even say anymore? Steve is definitely going out that door. John has actually done less in this game than Steve, so Vanessa will probably want to take him to final 2.

    • Yup, exactly why I’m not confident even if she is on the block next week she would get evicted. I know you can’t exactly say she got her way this week, but she did this to herself, she could have just hammered home that Liz is a bigger threat than Julia and none of this would have happened. That being said, when she has a direct plan like this now, when she goes to Steve, there is no push back. If Steve says no, Vanessa will get mad and accuse him of not looking out for her game, and target him next week, and if they leaves Liz in, he’d already a bigger target, so Steve is in a lose-lose spot right here, and Vanessa just walks over everyone again.

      • Austin ain’t that spineless. He knows that keeping Liz in is better for his endgame than Julia.

      • Austwuss has repeatedly said he’s afraid of Van. He’s been a coward all season. Remember him crying to Van not to be put on the block?

    • At first I though nothing compared to the stupidity of last season. I thought how could nobody pick up on Derrick? I’m not saying he didn’t deserve it but he never looked frazzled once!!! After thinking it over I think you are correct for this reason. Derrick never looked overwhelmed with the exception of the bad news about his grandfather which was understandable. From the game angle he was in control of his emotions. Now we have Van who is a emotional mess that cannot stick to a plan. Unlike with Derrick, the house guests can see what she is doing yet they are allowing it. Best plan for them should be in plain sight. It should be obvious based on discussions being had. Band together for one week, eliminated her and then battle out the final four. At least they will know what is coming with her gone.. maybe

      • Ya, but they are all to dumb and scared to do anything. Austin has said it multiples times now that he is scared to do anything about her. He keeps wanting the other side to do it, but doesn’t realize that Vanessa is working with the other side(he kind of does now, but still said he was scared).

        Derrick was never frazzled, never let his emotions get out of control and never threatened anyone. He played a smart game and stayed out of the drama. Other than running the house, there games have been pretty much polar opposites.

      • What’s hilarious is that during her intro she said as a poker player she knows to keep the emotions in check. Ironically doing the opposite of what she said she’d do is working so far. I just want Jmac to win. He’s the most rational out of all of them all while being the biggest oddball. He seems like the only HG that truly understands how viewers perceive him. The others seem to have a warped (confused if your steve) view of themselves

      • Ya, Vanessa has used her emotions at every opportunity, crying, yelling, playing on others emotions like telling them it’s hard for her being gay in the BB house(Cuz ya know, she was the first gay person on BB ever). I get that what plan you come in with might change, but damn.

        JMac actually told his parents to stay off the Internet in fear people are saying bad things about him. He has a warped view, just int he other direction lol.

      • Hopefully they know he’s a fan favorite (Think Julie mentioned it). Hope they don’t read the anti-Jmac stuff though. He went in knowing it’d happen so he can deal with it; part of the deal. Hate for the families to deal with it though.

      • It’s hard for everyone. gay or straight. My wife told me to apply and I told her I would scale the wall and run free after a week. That’s funny about Jmac though

      • He lives with his parents and is in debt with student loans( a figure of 700,000 has been mentioned) how can anyone say Jmac doesn’t need it.

      • That is just horrible! ! He definitely needs the money. . I wondered why him being a dentist went on the show.

    • Yes, scared and dumb to get out Vanessa when they’ve known she’s playing all sides of the house.

  3. You put yourself in this situation Steve. Besides, why so upset? I thought you wanted out, and never wanted to be here in the first place? It’s getting hard to root for you, boy

    • What could Steve really have done differently? Put Vanessa? I mean I guess, but when she doesn’t go home he’d be her #1 target just like Becky was. And if she did go it’d just be the Austwins vs him and JMac. I’d like to know what you think he could have done to put himself in a better position. Vanessa is the one flopping around changing the game for everyone IMO.

      • Steve let himself get to this position. He stayed the loyal minion to Sithe Lord Crazy Train and this is what it got him.

    • Steve made the decision and knows Vanessa is close with Austin. Why be upset she’s speaking with him. Perhaps, he should have put Vanessa and Austin on the block instead of the twins. But then, we would have not had the scenes of a crying Liz, which was awesome.

      • Yes, but sending out Vanessa still left him at himself and JMac vs the Asutwins, not in any better spot than he is now. There mistake was not taking out Julie last week when they had the chance…

  4. Steve should know that he has the ability to talk to other houseguests and make deals. Not just Vanessa. If he really wants Liz out then he really needs to campaign for her to go. That means talking to Jmac and Vanessa and making some sort of deal. Throwing candy around gets you nowhere.

    • Eh, idk how much Steve can do. He can’t be HoH next week, JMac doesn’t care who goes, so Vanessa needs to please the other two in hopes they don’t put her up. He could campaign, but not sure there much of a point to it. If he tells Vanessa he wants Julia gone period, she will just say he’s not looking out for her game and then will use that to target him next week. What deal can he make with JMac and Vanessa that they don’t already have? While Vanessa on the other hand can try and please both sides.

    • It’s not enough to make deals at this point.
      Lie for petes sake. Lie, lie, lie, lie.
      If you put her on the block, she will be lying/whatever to stay.
      So you must not only put her up, you must lie, lie, lie, lie to ensure they vote her out. Instill the fear of death in them at the hands of Vanessa if she stays. It isn’t pretty and it isn’t a passive thing. You will work but I’ve done more for less (than a half a mil) so get to it, princess! (princess = Austin, Steve, Jmac, Liz) Lol

  5. Boo freaking hoo Steve. He could have gotten rid of one of them last week. Him winning veto or John winning HOH are his only hopes now.

    • I think Steve was going to be in this spot no matter what he decided to do last week. If he kept Meg and James in the game, they had no real intention of working with him to the end either; their exit interviews basically prove that. I suspect they would have teamed up with a remaining member of Austwins or Vanessa and look to take him out at F5 as well. Bottom line is people are worried about his ability in those final HOH comps and don’t want him getting to that point.

      • Meg and James were people he could have more easily beat. Meg was never going to win anything, and James would have actually gone after Vanessa before Steve and John. He got rid of them because Vanessa told him so. Now I wouldn’t be surprised if she got rid of Steve when she wins HOH.

      • Yup, just get out who Vanessa wants every week. Takes all the strategy out of the game and makes it nice and easy for her lol.

      • Julie: “Vanessa, was it as easy as you made it seem, to control the house to do whatever you wanted it to do?”
        Vanessa: “Why yes, Julie, it was. Easiest half a mil I ever made.”

      • That’s basically what it’s been all season. There are only a few HOHs I don’t recall Vanessa running. Even when she wasn’t running them, she still decided who went home.

  6. I have to say I don’t really like Vanessa but I am impressed that she can spin things so it looks like it was her idea all along (when it was someone else’s) or it wasn’t her idea at all (when it totally was). She’s very good at manipulation. It’s sad no one has REALLY caught on to her yet. That girl can talk her way out of almost any situation.

    • Yup, they claim to see it, just like they did a few weeks ago, but never act on it, forget it, and then just continue to do what she says. She has some mystic powers going on lol.

      • I would have thought her emotional outburst alone would have made her a target but apparently not.

      • Not when she uses them to instill fear into everyone that if they don’t step back in line she will have them be the next one sent out the door.

  7. I must live in fantasy land. does it not make sense to have everyone(minus van) get on the same page on getting van out next, then we get back to getting each other. if van comes off, then it is what it is. that’s a fair deal for the 4 left. as far as Steve thinking he’s in trouble, he is if JMac doesn’t win HOH. Vanessa wants him out, so they will want him out(Austin Liz/Julia) want him out bc he put them up. they were gonna put him up last time, but he won HOH instead, right?

    • Ya, cuz your fantasy land doesn’t have Vanessa in it scaring everyone into keeping her lol. As for Steve, yes if JMac doesn’t win HoH he will be Vanessa’s target and unless he wins the PoV at that point will likely be evicted.

    • With the chance of Vanessa winning HOH or POV next week it would be unwise for any of them to mention her name in any shape, form or fashion right now because Vanessa will be interrogating everyone non-stop until all plans are confessed.

    • That would be a great deal for Steve, because he can’t play in the next HOH, and maybe pretty good for JMAc too, but a very bad deal for Austin and Liz. The final 4 veto would determine which pair (Steve+JMac, or Austin and Liz) would have the advantage in the final 3. That veto is always a memory puzzle where Steve has a huge advantage over everyone, so if either Austin or Liz gets HOH, they should gun for Steve, not Vanessa.

      So Austin and Liz should make that deal in case JMac wins HOH, but then go back on it and target Steve if they win HOH.

      This is the brilliance and the danger of Vanessa’s game. All season long Vanessa has played very aggressively and played many sides, but has always kept around bigger targets than her, so that it is still the correct play to gun for those other targets and not Vanessa. However, keeping around bigger targets leaves you with all the strong players left for the endgame, which isn’t usually what you want.

      • but I do think van is just as big of a threat at that memory comp as Steve is and if he’s already gone, Vanessa is gonna target Austin/twin

  8. If Vanessa keeps Liz and she wins HOH,i wouldn’t be surprised if she betrayed her and put Van on the block.theres no reason to keep Liz,knowing she knows about her secret alliances/deals.

    • Her reason to keep Liz is to prove she is ‘good on her word and has never done anything bad to anyone’ and to keep Austin, Liz and Julia happy in hopes they would still vote for her int he end, and wont be mad and target her next week. It’s not so good competition wise, but since she said she would do what the twins want, she’s doing what’s best to get votes and to keep herself ‘safe’ next week.

  9. If Austin is able to pull off his plan he might deserve to win for outplaying Vanessa and beating her at her own game. He also outplayed Vanessa when she planned to evict Austin but let Austin talk her out of it, hurting her game.
    Reading this article I have to agree with Matt that Vanessa talks too much for her own good but just can’t seem to help herself. Sort of like Devin last year Vanessa can’t stop playing the game to her own detriment.
    There’s hope yet that Vanessa might be going to the jury.

    • Yes, if BEGGING is high on your list of great strategies. LOL… OMGosh, he did everything but kiss her behind begging not to BD’d.

      Totally agree on the talking too much & add on to that “too fast”. Her motto has to be “Game… play hard… 24/7”. She’s learned that from playing poker which also taught her how to read tells.

      Funny, reading a book (Patterson – “Truth of Die”) has a quote “Poker is a game of lies”.

      • Love your very appropriate quote “Poker is a game of lies”
        Now we know why Van has been so successful at that game.
        But really, you have to admit the Austwins plan of forcing Van’s hand was successful and deserves a little bit of respect.
        I’m positive the DR will point out to Vanessa that keeping Liz is really bad for her game so I won’t be surprised if Julia does stay.
        I’m feeling sorry for Steve though.

  10. I missed the Chinese dinner and was shocked the HGs weren’t happy with Panda Express… that’s a treat for me about every 3 mths, garlic chic-can & crab rag-goon-ah. And the cooks at the one I go to all speak Chinese and the food is all good. I pray the chicken is chicken though and not anything else.

    Long story short… China Beach, American Nurse buys a puppy and starts talking with a friend… never mind.

  11. The best for Steve it’s that John win the next HoH comp, in that case it’s obvious that he’s not in danger.

    • Yeah, and I hope BB production has a comp planned that would be in John’s favor. They usually try to get the fan favs as far as they can, but so far this season, they’re involvement has been minimal.

      • JMac has to win HOH next, even though Vanessa could probably talk him into putting Steve on the block instead of her or Austin.

      • John need win the next HoH comp, if Austin (and inclusive Vanessa, honestly I don’t trust she at all) win the next HoH comp, John and Steve gonna be in trouble.

  12. They ALL need to vote out Liz. If Austin thinks the other two (or even one) are voting out Julia he could pull a Judas and cast suspicion on Johnny and Vanessa. Of course he needs to be absolutely sure that either John or Vanessa actually does vote Julia out but nothing on BB is ever absolut(e) except maybe the vodka. Would love, love, love to see them all vote out Liz and have Austin blown up. Never would happen though…Austin is nothing if not relatively intelligent and a real gamer.

    • This is Austin not Stev. John would vote Liz out Austin will vote Julia out

      • She’s fudkdd now she has to turn coat again. All she wasn’t was to blow a hole in austwins hull. She would have loved to sink it but now that a austin and liz will blow her out of the water since she exposed her location she has to make them happy so she still has 2 sides to play

  13. What?!!!! John’s going along with this? What possible benefit is it to John to keep Liz? If John and Steve voted to evict Liz, and Vanessa and Austin voted to evict Julia, it would be a tie and Steve would get to choose who goes. Am I wrong? I was starting to think this bunch maybe had some intelligence, but not any more. What a bunch of idiots. Why would Vanessa agree to this? Who cares what Austin thinks – he’ll be in the minority if Liz goes home.

    • There are only three people voting: Austin, Liz an JMac. Steve doesn’t get a vote because he’s HOH and their cant be a tie with three people voting.

    • John may be a decent guy, but he isn’t to smart at this game. He originally wanted to get rid of Jullia anyways.

    • John wants to appease because he doesn’t want to repeat tge trend of re-eviction. He’s riding the Vanessa wave right now.

  14. 3:05 PM Steve “I am Vanessa’s Cody. Vanessa is Derrick and I am Cody”

    More like Vanessa is Derrick and Steve, Austin, John, Liz and Julia are Cody!

  15. I am so done with both Liz and Julia. Seeing Liz with Austin disgusts me. She is only using him to get further and it is working. Venessa needs to go as wel. She has to be the most two faced person on the show. Hope Steve or Johnny Mac wins

    • I am not a fan of Austiz, but for some reason, I think there are actual feelings on Liz’s part. I think Austin had plans for a showmance before he entered the house. I think he is under the impression that a showmance would help his chances of getting offers for other things after the show. I’m not sure if he has real feelings or just is willing to do whatever is necessary to make sure that this showmance lasts until the end of the show for the sake of opportunities he has convinced himself will result from Austiz. I may be reading them both wrong. I guess we’ll see afterwards.

      • He deffinately did not want a showmance prior to the show. He feels it is “terrible for your game”. It just happened. Not that ypu could have known. Girls have that effect ja-know

      • Can’t say to the second part but the first part, yes they devrloped. She feels “safe, praised, loved, honored, laughs all day, and he’ll never hurt her…so it’s that vs, bad kissing, and whatever else she wishes he was different. She’ll take the attention.

      • No but I know alot of other humans. I have eyes, a brain, and common sense And if it is real, as Bob Dylan said. they’re “idiots, babe and it’s a wonder that they still know how to breathe”.Also, Liz is in marketing and Austin is a product that he’s trying to sell in every way possible on this show.

      • WHAT are you saying???? He’s talked about ‘being a romantic from day dot! He got into bed with anyone who would let him. He has control over these things, as does anyone. I’m sure the ‘I love you’s are ‘I love you the most out of these 6 people and because you let me grind up on you’. THAT dude is an opportunist! Don’t believe the hype!

      • Negative. He did not want a showmance. He’s a shy guy believe it or not. He hasn’t experienced certain things. If I was in that house I’d seek attentions but remember things do change when your locked in a hotel for a week then straight to house for 3 months. Perhaps some points you make about opertunities are valid but not vindictive

      • I’d never put myself in that house. Being an opportunist is, by definition and implication, is vindiction vecause you stand you wind, the literal Latin root of the word. And I’m sure that having someone to cuddle with has to take the edge off being in there. So, there are advantages to a showmance in that way. But for Austin’s career, game, and, even, personally, Liz is a good opportunity.

      • I praise the courage to all the contestants for having the balz to no longer hide behind the curtain and expose themselves to this.

      • I know. I don’t know if it’s courage or ego or ambition that makes them do this but it seems really awful. I’m a fan but I don’t watch the feeds and rarely get through an entire episode. Alot of these people on the show are gamers and what they pull on each other is fairly transparent. The theory is so interesting, though. They are so many different components that go into the outcome that it’s endless interesting to speculate and talk stuff about. Like a game of pool; the ‘if and then’s of it all is what interests me. The relationships are the draw.

      • The opportunity is in the result and the end game ALWAYS. Austin stands to benefit way more than she does from being with him. Eventhough they are doing EACH OTHER, she’s the one being called a slut and a whore. I mean, she annoys the piss out of me but that’s just archaic and cruel.

      • Believe me, he’s also being criticized in a huge way. I don’t think Liz is a slut, girls are girls. Expecially in thier hormonal 20s. Let them live. Trash the scarlet letter people, it’s the 21st century. Girls get to have fun too, now. Sorry guys, or judgmental people.

      • Why, thankyou, sir, for giving us the right to have fun. Girls are girls? What the eff does that mean? Oh I’m SUPER judgmental… It’s great. Someone has, LITERALLY, created a flying car and Google has a fleet of self driving cares zipping around L effin A while black woman in America are still making $.68 for every dollar that a man makes and Planned Parenthoods around the country by Congressional legislation is PROOF that there is a double standard…so, no, we DON’T have the right to have fun in the 21st century. Top to bottom, literally.

      • Wooow. Your all over the place. I said girls should noT be judged for having intimate fun. Fuc’! Relax, now.

      • How does he benefit more? He’s highly intelligent, in fact she likes that about him and can only benefit from some mental injections. She wiser than Sigfried but by how far. Yikes

      • I don’t think he’s HIGHLY intelligent. He has an advanced degree and is extremely manipulative (his weak mind games cracks me up; his whining with Vanessa the week they shared the POV was classic ‘I’m going to flip it on you, now, oh, that didn’t work so now I’m going to make you feel bad for me. Uh oh, now I’m going to just act like I FELL into betrayal’ guy crap). He could have a degree in underwater basic weaving from University of A-hole tech, for all I care; proof is in the pudding and his tastes like bull… drop the mic!

      • I hear ypu, I do. I just.know as far as intelligence goes hes smarter than all of them. I.know this as a fact. When a plied to the dynamic of the game, you try it. Shi#!, it’s gotta get messy in there on levels you or I can’t imagine.

      • It’s, LITERALLY, tattooed all over him! You know, the metaphor of a thorny rose…it’s part of his contrived, overly simplistic, and tired ‘conflict of good and evil’ bit that he does for his wrestling persona.

      • Maybe you’re missing something here, Brian, with your sarcastic comment. This is a Big Brother website. We say what we like and your comment added ZERO.

      • Wasn’t directed at you. Apologies just tired of all the negative I read not just about them but everyone. Seems like the dominant drive behind the posts. Never watched BB before thus yesr. I hate reality shows for this reason. People place ignorant people on stage to be destroyed. It’s like 6th grade in adults. This show is cool though with all the comps and perks.

    • This is isn’t a morality contest. Vanessa is REALLY the best gamer in that house right now (being that Jmac would’ve been gone save the twist and Steve is panic attacking it through the season and has been on the block more than Vanessa has).Also, Austin and Liz has used EACH OTHER! Austin uses this dumb Judas creation to compartmentalize the dirt that he does and, initially, went looking for a showmance. He even VERBALLY said that he wanted to make it to jury with Liz so he could sleep with her. I don’t even watch the feeds and saw him say it before Julia even entered the house.

      • If Vanessa really was the best game player she wouldn’t have backed herself into a corner. Making all those deals and manipulating everyone was fine up to a point. Fewer people in the house means fewer distractions and people have more time to think and focus. What happens if she wins HOH tomorrow? If she throws it she is at risk of backlash from Austin. He’s no dummy. If she doesn’t win HOH tomorrow she goes home. If she does then she made two mortal enemies. She blew it by opening her big mouth and telling Julia to pick Austin.

        Every gambler knows that the secret to surviving is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep. She pushed her luck. She knew when to hold ’em but didn’t know when to fold ’em. She went one step too far. The only thing that can save her now is a wild card.

      • ..and a lot of luck, She’s been a good player, but I agree with you, She is in danger zone right now.

      • She bets HIGH, I’ll give you that bit the Austwins are very suggestible and Vanessa may have over estimated her own powers this time. I hope not (really, I can’t deal with the stupidity of Liz staying) though I see her logic; she has trained them to ride this seesaw of ‘we make a deal. I screw you over. You realize it. We make up & I earn your trust with some gesture’. I wonder if they’ll learn from it… I don’t want them to but, whoever doesn’t, will have lost themselves any chance of staying longer than Van at the very least.

  16. Should be interesting to see who goes home next week because for the most part this week doesn’t matter… Personally I’d like to see Liz go simply because it creates more potential mixing of partnerships between Julia and others…

  17. Looking at F3, Liz would take Julia, Austin takes Liz and so does Julia; basically if Liz stays in she can make it very far- perhaps go all the way. Get rid Liz and everything changes b/c the other two may not take each other, they would take the person they can beat.
    As for being scared of Van, if you’re too chicken to make moves, then why are you in the house? HG need to grow a pair

  18. Julia is so dumb she can’t even act without Vanessa telling her what to do. Why the heck would they try to get rid of Liz over Julia?

  19. I know that this is unrelated but does Julia look like a latina Lisa Kudrow circa ’95 to anyone else?

    • Whoever she can control vesus someone she can’t, I think, working both ‘sides’ left. Steve and Austin, maybe. Steve will win her twin favor and Austin will make sense to Jmac as being a game move. The twins will probably get over Austin leaving easily enough. If Julia stays (fingers crossed), she final three, no matter what. I don’t think that she controls Jmac, not completely. I think he’s just dealing with her rollercoaster of a game which, is game, in and of itself; once he gets his footing, he could beat her in any comp & wld win the game the whole thing, eventhough she has worked her butt off. And, if Steve gets past his anxiety & fears, he can take her down. I hope he does. He has the right idea but she pushes his underdog button; I think she’s worked hard but her treatment of Steve is beyond cruel. I get why but it’s upsetting to watch. I won’t mind if he’s the one to take her out. That’s the ONLY aspect of her game that has pissed me off: her bullying and subjegation of Steve. Too far.

  20. These HGs have a nation of us BB nerds shaking our heads in disbelief… atleast Jeff Probst is coming, with his tropical local & all-stars, to cradle us out of Austwin induced PTSD.

  21. Good. Steve should go. Vanessa and Steve are the most disliked by me and need to go on the block. I hope she throws the comp as she had mentioned.
    I think Austin will try harder to win HOH and he will put Steve and Vanessa up on the block.

  22. Next HOH should be between Sasquatch, Liz and JMAC. Vanessa will throw it to play in F4 HOH. If Vanessa is one of the noms next time, look for the script to have her win POV. Mark my words.

  23. What was so great about Meg that has you so upset she is no longer in the house? She was just a useless floater

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