Big Brother 17: Steve & Johnny Mac Debate Vote Flip Overnight – Update: Morning Talks

Overnight we watched as Steve and Johnny Mac continued their debate in to the possibility of a vote flip against the Austwins to keep Meg in what could end up a big blindside if they pull it off.

Steve Moses stresses the vote on Big Brother 17
Steve Moses stresses the vote on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

With five votes out there and James solidly supporting Meg it’d take just two votes to change the plan and send out Julia, but above that it’d take some serious betrayals and a shift in the game for John and Steve in the final weeks of the season.

Yesterday evening we saw Steve alone in the HoH room pacing and talking outloud. Flashback to 5:25 PM BBT 9/2 to hear Steve announce that he and John will flip the vote. “Scamper Squad is over,” declares Steve. He says that he and John will join James to be the three votes. Soon after Steve says this Vanessa shows up and they have an hour long talk where Steve advocates for evicting Julia and Vanessa shuts it down, but will her words stick?

Move ahead to 8:28 PM BBT as John and Steve briefly discuss the opportunity. John suggests that if they keep Meg then they could work with her and James, or at least not be their top targets. Steve asks John if he wants to do it, but neither feel confident and both say it’s too risky to flip and vote out Julia.

The back and forth flopping around continues when the two meet back up for another talk at 1:30 AM BBT 9/3. John and Steve are alone in the bathroom and begin their talks again. John seems much more interested in this idea than Steve as he points out this could give them a numbers advantage in what looks like it could be a game of chance.

What John’s suggesting is that by eliminating Julia they’d pit 2 players, Austin and Liz, against 4 players, James, John, Meg, and Steve, in what he suspects will be a crap shoot. Steve questions if the numbers would really be any better. Well, they probably would for John since Julia, Liz, and Austin would put up James and John, I do believe.

John left and went on back to bed after agreeing they’d talk more in the morning. Steve, on the other hand, never went to sleep. He’s still awake right now (8:15 AM BBT) rolling around stressing the situation. All night Steve paced and spoke to the cameras. He said he didn’t want to miss this chance and lose the game by allowing the threesome of Austwins to stay together. Steve says he has to do what’s best for his game, he just doesn’t know what that is.

As for some of Steve’s final thoughts this morning as he laid in bed restless? “I don’t want to do it. I don’t want to do it,” said Steve to an empty room. I suspect he won’t. If this was just up to John then it’d happen, but the fact that Steve has been wrestling with this for hours and hours suggests to me that he can’t convince himself of the move. Soon he’ll have to admit to himself that it’s easier in the now for him to fold and follow Vanessa’s lead. Unfortunately for him that means keeping yet another F2 HG (Julia) for Vanessa and keeping a trio that won’t hesitate to cut him the moment they need.

We’ll keep watching to see what’ll happen in the daytime talks. You never know if the sudden realization of a Double Eviction will be the kick in the pants Steve needs. There are lots of possibilities and that’ll keep tonight interesting. Be sure to read Derrick Levasseur’s breakdown of tonight’s DE scenarios for some great insight to the action ahead during tonight’s show.

Update: Steve went to the twins this morning for promises that they wouldn’t nominate or renom him. Flashback to 9:50 AM BBT. Both agreed and they shook on it. Julia wouldn’t swear on her family and suggested the shake alternative.

Steve then went up stairs (9:53 PM BBT) and told John they should stick with the original plan to keep Julia. John agrees and says it’s all chance anyway and there’s no “right move.” The Flip is dead, folks.


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  1. This should be an easy game move for Steve and Jmac! It’s frustrating to see Steve make such safe choices in the house…if he really wants to win, he needs to be bold, flip a vote, and earn some game cred.

    • I’m not convinced he wants to win as much as he wants to stay in the house as long as he can. Steve is Vanessa’s puppet.

      • That’s even more reason to make the move now. He might lose the Austwit votes from jury, but won’t be a target for the next couple weeks.

      • Steve will be Austin and Liz’s MAIN TARGET if he votes out Julia!

        If JMac and Steve cannot evict Austin during the second eviction tonight, Steve’s game is in a lot of trouble and his move to take out Julia will basically be for naught.

        I think James and Meg will target Vanessa tonight. Everyone seems so certain that James and Meg will form a four person alliance with Steve and JMac because that’s what people want to believe, I’m not so sure.

        Austin can very easily spin this as a double cross by Vanessa, Steve and JMac. Let’s be honest, JMac and Steve were not on the block this week. Maybe Steve gets a pass, but JMac?

        James is suspicious of Austin working with Steve and Vanessa, but after the vote it will be apparent to James that the Austwins are not working with Vanessa and Steve.

        Would you rather move forward with two people who have claimed to have your back (Austin and Liz) who appear to NOT be working with Vanessa and Steve or two wild cards that may be working with your chief nemesis, Vanessa?

        It’s easy for us to see what’s going on, it’s not so easy for the house guests.

  2. They’re going to find out about the DE before the eviction vote, right? I do hope so. I’d love to see it all just confirmed with a simple nod between the two when they’re sitting on the couches waiting to vote.

    Just my wishful thinking.

    • I sure hope so I think that would convince Steve to stop being such a puss. I really do not understand why everyone is so scared this season it’s the craziest crap. Everyone that knew how the play the game went out first and were left with the castes models that know nothing

    • That would be best. I think last time they were told before there first vote, so if they do it again, it’d be great for that to seal JMac and Steve’s flip. I could also see JMac doing it and not Steve, which would put an even bigger target on JMac…

  3. Man common Steve, he has been claimed to be a ‘Super Fan’ but is afraid to make a big(not that big) game move, and is just following what someone else wants him to do. These people are pathetic and are just playing for Vanessa and the Austwins to win. Why vote out who those 4 want out and weaken the numbers that would go after them? They are completely clueless.

    • Figured I’d respond in this thread since it’s more relevant. I know he said he doesn’t WANT to, of course he doesn’t, but I think he knows for his and Jmac’s game going forward he NEEDS to. When it comes down to it I still see him evicting Julia tonight.

      • I hear you, but everyone has been paying it safe all season, and Steve is closer to the Austwins than JMac is and might not want to piss them or Vanessa off. At this rate he wont make it past the F5, so might as well take an Austwin with you, and if they win HoH during the DE could be in a great spot to get past the F4, but they need to make a move and not just help Vanessa out.

      • Steve has talked it out on the feeds. He said he told himself he would leave his integrity at the door. He said his gut tells him he needs to vote out Julia. He also said he needs to protect JMac and all the Austwins would go after JMac. He has been throwing up agonizing over this because he doesn’t want to be mean and go back on his word but he knows its best for his game. My gut is him, JMac, James, and Meg will make an agreement to vote out Julia and target the remain Austwins. Perfect scenario for him is voting out Julia, having James/Meg/JMac win DE HOH and eliminate Austin/Liz and then Steve winning 2nd HOH which he’s a fan of the 6/4/3 HOH down the stretch. I feel strongly that he’s going to make the flip happen.

      • OK, I don’t have the feeds, so only know what’s on here. I want this to happen, don’t get me wrong, just what is on here made me think otherwise. Thanks for the update. Agree with you 100% on that plan of operation for them.

        I also remember Liz saying she’d self evict if Julia went out, wouldn’t that be something, then for the DE they could target Austin/Vanessa lol.

  4. I really hope they flip the vote, but in the end, I am afraid we will see the same weakness in these players who are too afraid to shift the balance of power. What this cast needs is someone who isn’t afraid to take some heat for a while. JMac is kind of that guy, but I don’t know.

    • If they flip, get Hoh and vote out another it will be 4-2 in the favor, otherwise it’ll be final 6 with JMac and Steve on the outside, they just can’t see it. They are scared they will be out next week(or DE in this case) that they wont flip. They will be gone before the F4 anyway, might as well try to take someone down with you, and even maybe survive if you do. Just so pathetic.

  5. Even though it’s a smart move I hope it doesn’t happen, because Julia is the only one I like out of the Austwins.

  6. Go ahead Stevie pull the trigger!! I don’t wanna see Meg stay but her surviving a power move is fine. Vanessa will play both sides nd b safe.Let’s get ready to rumble lol

    • Since this is a chance HOH comp how about Meg stays and wins the the 1st DE and takes out Van. So Van goes to jury at Megs hands…oh the BB dreams.

  7. Steve and JMAC both need to grow a pair………and prove that they can think beyond what they are told to do by Vanessa……..IF they don’t take this opportunity now…..they will be gone with the DE.

    • Exactly. They aren’t making it past the F4 at this rate, so why not take an Austwin out in the meantime, and if you flip it enough with a HoH win during the DE they could make it past the F4, they need to look ahead and not just follow Vanessa.

      • yup, looks like it’ll come down to Steve, should be interesting. Tonight should be good unless Meg goes followed by James/JMac lol.

      • If Steve lets this opportunity go by the boards then he isn’t nearly as smart as i thought he was…or am i missing something here?

  8. Such a hard decision, well it is for Steve. I used to think he was weird but now I wonder i there isn’t something more underlying with him. This should be a open and close deal more so after Austin telling Vanessa and Steve he couldn’t get rid of Julia until a final 3. I know, Vanessa thinks she is going to final 2 with both Austin and Julia but her deal making may come back to haunt her later.

    • Austin saying that should have been a huge red flag for Vanessa. We know he isn’t getting rid of Liz, so that means he hopes to be final 3 with the twits, not Vanessa.

      • Ya, this would be a perfect time to get Julia out and have Vanessa claim it wasn’t her fault, she didn’t vote and wanted Meg out. Vanessa does have a F2 deal with Julia(and everyone else lol) tho if Liz is gone, so that is one reason she doesn’t want Julia to go yet.

      • I have no doubt that Vanessa wants to go to the end with Julia. Other than Liz, I don’t even see Austin voting for her in the end. That’s why its funny that Steve doesn’t realize that Vanessa wants final 3 with him and Julia, only to cut him and take Julia to the end.

      • That is NOT what Austin is saying.

        He told Vanessa and Steve that HE PERSONALLY won’t take out Liz and Julia before final three.

        He would not be opposed to someone else taking out Julia or even Liz before final three.

        If Steve does not flip the vote tonight, I believe Austin will throw the first HOH comp in the hope that someone takes out one of the twins.

      • He would still need to vote at least one of them out. After this next eviction, they only way they don’t out right control the votes is if at least one of the Austwits are on the block. Even if only one of them is on the block during the second eviction tonight, they still force a tie. After that two of them would need to be on the block to lose control of he vote.

      • Austin will not vote a twin out of the game until final three.

        He would advocate for himself to be put on the block with one of them before he will vote out Liz or Julia.

        Ideally he would like both of them on the block together.

        Why do you think he’s playing nice with everyone in the house (including JMac)?

        Austin wants to be the one they keep when he goes on the block with Liz! Austin has actually told James that he won’t fall on his sword for Liz AND he won’t play like a hot head.

        That’s as close as he can come to saying, please evict Liz for me, I won’t be mad, I promise.

      • I know he doesn’t want to be the one to put her on the block, I also know he would rather someone else do it for him but he DID tell Vanessa and Steve that last night. That is his words not mine. I do understand what he is meaning though.

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      • What? Why isn’t Austin promoting to Steve/JMac flipping to get Julia out now, it’s not like POOF it’s magic and she’s gone. Why isn’t Austin pointing out Julia favor Van game over their (Steve/JMac) game?

      • He is not going to outright advocate for Julia to be voted out tonight!

        Despite what viewers may think of Austin and Liz, I think Austin would like to have a relationship outside of the house with her.

        He won’t be able to do that if he is seen by Liz (who is watching the feeds AFTER THE SHOW) directly advocating for Julia to be evicted tonight.

        He has been as direct as he can be to James, Steve and Vanessa about how he is “stuck” carrying the twins to the finals.

        Steve has misread his signals. There is part of him that thinks Austin wants Julia out tonight during the first eviction. I believe that is an incorrect assumption on Steve’s part.

      • No one said he would “outright advocate” those are you’re words. I would say it would be discreet & in private, prefixed w/guys “this needs to be our bro’s secret” and I’m thinking what would be best for your games & mine.

        Reminder here: what’s Austin going to see of twins discussing them vs. Austin? You know this is a game but for serious money… Austin says to Liz “I thought I have a better chance than Julia to win US the money, me & you compete better than her and what about that car we just bought her?”

      • Nothing is in secret G-Man cameras are everywhere and all the players are wearing microphones.

        If he advocates for evicting Julia today (he won’t) he would lose his relationship aspirations with Liz.

        There is no need to evict Julia today.

      • Bull, so can you get access to when the LiveFeeds are down or can you not believe they can whisper?

        Like I showed you he can make up excuses and if all else fails go to Vanessa & let her script an excuse he can memorize to tell Liz. Plus I’ve heard women love DIAMONDS.

        You’re right no need to evict Julia today, if you want to better Austwins chances of winning. After today it COULD BE Austwins + Vanessa against 2… with Meg’s eviction & one of James or JMac or Steve leaving in DE. You need to wake wtpvideo this is going to be over before you know it. And if Van goes F4 w/Austwins she ain’t winning nothing.

      • Yeah but some fans still believe Vanessa is this genius BB strategist… yes, if they were playing the ‘crying game’. Zingo

      • She’s not a strategist because she doesn’t think long-term. She’s a problem solver! That’s why she’ll end up not making it to the end.

      • So you’re saying she’s fooled you? You probably think she hasn’t looked steps ahead to her being F4 with Austwins… but she asked Steve about his view on that possible scenario and even went to Austin & asked what would he’d do in that situation with regards to her. Sorry to disagree but she’s got things figured down to EVERY F2 she has set up. LOL!!!

        Once Meg is out tonight, 99% chance that happens then Van only has James left to get an F2 with. LOL. If these other HGs were to compare their F2 with each other, Van’s a$$ would be grass.

      • Not really…she’s stated she only plays week to week and doesn’t like thinking too far ahead of herself. Now that the numbers are more favorable for her, she’ll begin to strategize…but that’s not been her forte in the past. Before she played it easier in order to prevent getting blood on her hands. She’s definitely not planned for a DE yet, but watch her scramble tonight to solve problems after that occurs! If she isn’t evicted that is! :-)

    • What’s so hard? 3 against 4… Van might even jump ship and make it 2 against 5 she’d figure that’s better odds, she’s all about odds.

      Of course w/Meg serving as cheerleader it’s more like 3 against 3 then were Van to jump 2 against 4, just being realistic… but Meg would be good for the vote, unless she goes rogue… LOL.

      • Yup yup and yup to your last few comments here lol.

        It’s like Austin is subtly hinting he wouldn’t mind Julia gone. He knows he can’t do it, but wouldn’t mind if the other flipped. I think he is really fine with it either way.

      • Vanessa is all about the odds and jumping ship. I really can’t say I blame her either. I think she is playing for the title and not the money. Once you got money, the title is more important.

      • I really do not see the downside to flipping the house. There is noting Vanessa can do about it and even if she wanted too the flip will make Austin and Liz suspicious of Vanessa.

        If Liz becomes suspicious of Austin and she aligns with Vanessa its even better for JMac and Steve.

      • Since you guys are all agreeing with me I have to say we’re all genius. LOL!!!

        Too bad Julia probably won’t go BUT the back-end of DE could be exciting if Steve doesn’t get HoH, after the last time he won HoH in a DE (his 1st & only) he probably still craps his shorts thinking about it… what a wimp.

  9. This is the perfect time to do this. If they don’t evict Julia, the only way the Austwits don’t have control of the votes for the rest of the game is if two of them are on the block. Even if one of them is on the block after this eviction, it would still be a tie and would come down to HOH to break it. They don’t need to tell Vanessa, since she can’t win the next HOH, and even if she wins the one after that, they have time to smooth things over.

    • If the Austwins win the HoH, Steve is going to find out why they needed to flip the vote. He may not go up but what happens if James and JMac go up and one wins veto? Then someone must go up and you can get it will not be Austin and the twins and Austwins have been very unwilling to put up Vanessa.

      At this point in the game I am betting Vanessa will not be a willing pawn. That only leaves Steve and you can bet Vanessa will be in the twins ears telling them all kind of dirt on Steve like she told James and Meg about Becky.

  10. Here is it in a nutshell.
    It is better for John and Steve to flip and keep Meg over Julia. 1. With
    Julia gone, there are 4 against 2 people in DE HOH instead of 2 against 3. 2.
    If James or Meg wins HOH, Steve and John are safe especially if they make a
    deal with Jameg for saving Meg. If Liz
    or Austin wins there will be Jameg on the block, or a combination of one of
    Jameg and one of Steve or John and they are safe. 3. If they get rid of Meg, there will be
    Steve and John on the block if James wins veto or Austwins wish to keep James
    as a shield. 4. If they keep Julia,
    Vanessa’s chance of surviving an eviction goes up while for both of them surviving
    just went down. So keeping Julia is
    protecting Vanessa, and not protecting themselves for sure. These two loggerheads don’t see that Vanessa
    is only looking out for herself and to hell with them. They are only there to protect her and carry
    out her orders….nothing else.

    • Very good point. They need to start thinking about their own game, well at least Steve does.

      • Vanessa says, “I have to do what’s right for MY game.”
        She said it clear as day. She shouldn’t have to say it but she did. Where is the confusion, boys? Where, where????

      • It’s those ‘crazy eyes’, it’s like she has them in a trance or hypnotized. She told Meg she’s had it the toughest in the House b/c she’s gay, you kidding me she makes life tough on herself without anyone’s help.

      • Yeah, she told that same thing to James too! She wants the pity! Man…..she is so annoying and she is such a narcissist!

      • So true!!! It’s hard to picture her as a charitable person but if she wins money & gives it to Children’s Hospital I’ll applaud her and say great acting.

      • For all the stuff about Meg not winning a comp, Julia is just as bad. But Meg hasn’t exactly finished last in all the comps. She’s come in 2nd and even last night she did find a Veto quicker than most. For the pure luck comps, who knows? :)

      • What’s that saying? Every dog finds a bone but you’re correct she could luck into one if she’s not evicted tonight. OH CRAP, no luck again!!!

        Julia was pissed when she DQed out of the Sprint comp that Austin won for HoH, she said that was HER’S TO WIN. lol… okay Julia, you were barely the fastest female.

    • You’re right, though if Julia goes, it’s more like 3 against 3 w/Meg’s role being cheerleader unless you see 5 HGs falling down & not getting up & Meg crossing the finish line… that equates to 5 HGs get brain-freeze in Q&A comp, Meg get 1st question correct or the 2nd one correct after she answers wrong on the 1st question like the other 5 HGs. Surely she can guess correctly on 1 of 2 questions.

      • Even though Meg doesn’t win she is still a body and a vote on their side. Votes are useful at this stage, every single one counts!!!

      • It’s 3v3(If Vanessa sticks with Austin and Liz) during the DE, but it’s 3v2 for the HoH since Vanessa can’t play, its a crapshoot for HoH so even Meg could win randomly so 4v2 for the Hoh then vote one out if Austin/Liz don’t get HoH sand it’s 3v2(again if Vanessa stuck with the remaining one or it’d be 4v1) in the house(assuming we don’t really include Meg lol).

      • Yeah, I think I forgot about Van can’t play so the real count is 2 against 4 if Julia were evicted… I’ll count Meg b/c it’s probably a comp she could actually COMPETE in. LOL.

      • Even Meg is capable of winning DE HOH since it’s a game of chance. She was doing well in practice yesterday.

      • Exactly so it’d be 4v2 for the HoH and could take out Austin/Liz/Vanessa if they got HoH, can’t believe they are debating this and don’t see it as the logical choice. To bad the 4 off them can’t get in a room together to talk it out with all the paranoia and interruption form the the Austwisn lol. Even if Austin/Liz get HoH they are basically in the same position they were in before. Steve is really the only one with anything to lose, but he’ll lose in a week or two anyway so might as well try vs just rolling over for Vanessa and the Austwins in a few weeks.

      • I thought it should be an easy decision to make for Steve, but he’s literally making himself sick thinking about it. He threw up about 3 times this morning thinking about flipping. Poor little Stevie. The fear of Vanessa’s rage is giving Steve a panic attack.

      • He can be sick over in the Jury House for all I care, he’s a gutless wonder calling himself a super fan of BigBro… REALLY???

      • Weak, wimpy, spineless man-child. Works for me if he’s sick over in the JH. Hope there is a supply of Pampers there.

      • Pampers, that’s a good one. LOL, he needs to go to a Cowboy Ranch and learn how to man-up, he’s pitiful… and calls himself a super fan of Big Bro.

    • I think we all would. At least it would be an exciting 15 minutes before the next HoH comp and DE. This is actually hte perfect time to do it too. Take out Julia first then in teh DE take out Vanessa and leave a 4-2 advantage over the Austwins. JMac and Steve would have the votes with Meg and James so they only have to win veto. Also, JMac and Steve would easily win every mental comp while James and JMac can win the physical comps.

      To me this is a no brainer and the best move for JMac and Steve. They can take out James at final 4. Then Meg at final 3 – or go F2 with Meg.

  11. Jmac will end up leaving and it will be because Steve was so blind. The only chance of this not happening is for Steve to win the second HOH and James to win the one after that. Unless, of course, Vanessa convinces Steve to put John up.

    • JMac also told Steve he didn’t think it was smart to flip anymore this morning. So JMac and Steve came to a decision together. No matter how it shakes out, it was a team decision.

      • No, I think that was a good move on Jmac’s part. Agree with whatever Steve wants, because if you don’t, Steve will run and tell Vanessa. Put the decision in Steve’s lap.

    • When speaking out loud, Steve has stated that he realizes that Julia staying is what Van thinks is best for her game and Steve knows Meg staying is best for his. JMac knows this, also. Obviously Steve and JMac don’t have their best interest either.

  12. If Steve & Jmac don’t vote out Julia, I hope that Liz wins HOH and puts them up next to each other on the block. They would deserve it for being so dumb.

    What is Steve’s problem with voting out Julia? He is either just too nice for BB or really not as much of a BB expert as he makes himself out to be.

    If the Austwins win HOH, they are going to be putting you (meaning Jmac/Steve) anyway. Jmac especially knows it. So why not go for it?

    • The twins will put up JMac and James and the house will vote out James. If James wins veto again then the Austwins will have a big problem because they have to put up Steve, which they promised not to do or Vanessa. Vanessa will never agree to go up on the block. She will flip on Steve and out everything they have talked about to avoid going on the block at this point in the game. Vanessa knows it will only take 2 votes to get her out and James will be one of them. That means if Austin votes against her, and he might, she goes home. That’s why she will never agree to go on the block.

      Steve needs to think this through. And he should have asked the twins, if they do not put him up and they need a replacement nom, who would it be?

      • If the flip goes through, I don’t think the Austwin will have a problem putting Steve OTB along side JMac or James if either of them win Veto!

    • Steve wanted a Showmance/No-mance with Julia, from what he stated in the early part of the Season .. Though, suggested that he would make his move in the Jury House, rather than in The Big House ???

  13. I didn’t expect much else. As much as I like John and Steve and would like to see them make it all the way, it doesn’t mean that I’m blind to what’s going on inside the house or the pull that Vanessa seems to have over everyone. Really, all this did was give production what they needed for the classic fake out that they give the TV-only viewers.

  14. John and Steve seem like nice guys and I want to like them but then they act like idoits. They are clearly smart why can’t they use their brains and see they need to vote out Julia.

    • Vanessa has castrated John and Steve has battered spouse syndrome. That’s why. Any question of why always leads to Vanessa.

    • Steve is clearly no Ian. Ian had a mind of his own Steve worries too much about what Vanessa thinks.

      I get JMac, He is not as safe as Steve because JMac has no idea whether to trust Vanessa.

      If Austin wins HoH, I think JMac and Steve are going to find out where Vanessa stands, especially if James wins veto.

  15. Steve gets frightened easily, he is very afraid of Vanessa. JMAC, James and Meg need to tell him right now that James and JMAC are voting Julia out tonight and they will report to Vanessa that the second vote was Steve’s…they tell him if he doesn’t get on board with them, he will have to face Vanessa’s wrath. After he finishes puking, he will agree.

      • I think JMAC is just responding to whatever Steve says..because Steve reports everything to his Master, so JMAC wants Steve to make the final decision, but if he doesn’t, this plan might work as long as they do it just before air time.

      • I tend to think JMac has asked Steve about flipping and Steve’s too afraid… but just think JMac/Steve/James/Meg vs. Austin/Liz for HoH in DE, Van can’t play. Come on Steve, for an educated guy he’s pretty stupid.

      • I still think the real Steve is in hiding, not just to the HGs, but to the cameras, too. If we have the whole picture of Steve, I’m going to be surprised and very disappointed. Mostly disappointed that I felt he much smarter and more strategic than he has portrayed himself to be.

      • Yeah, it’s sad I agree and just think the surprise & disappointment could go even further in the wrong direction and he’s ACTED smarter & strategic than he’s really is.

        I tend to think he might a too private a person to be playing this game, for being a super-fan he is pitifully lame and will be embarrassed when he watches this all in replay. As a super fan it would seem he would have played closer to a strategy of a former great player but it could be it’s beyond his capability b/c of his social awkwardness.

      • Hey K, did you get my reply to you a couple of days ago…re: the burning bush? This is the last time I’ll be posting on BBN. There’s someone who is intent on attacking me. I won’t mention his name—Isaiah Burgess—but I WILL reply to any of my friends who post a comment to me. I know you’re busy…I hope you were able to read my reply. Take care, my dear K!

      • I haven’t read the threads or my Disqus notifications in a few days. I just read Joker posts from last night and today right before I went to pick up my grandchildren from school and this one thread that I commented on. But I’ll make sure to read it tonight if I get the chance. I do not like what I am hearing about you being attacked. Did that happen on one thread or more and can you tell me which ones? Please, please don’t stop posting. You, Sharona, are a breath of fresh air, unlike some posters who have no sense of humor. :)

      • The latest one was Sept. 2nd—BB17 recap: Episode 31–Vanessa Continues Playing ‘Too Hard, Too Fast’…the first time was on Aug.28th, BB 17 Spoilers: Week 10 nominations. The first time, after he insulted me, I went to all of his comments and made sarcastic replies…if he called me a name, I’d tell him how funny he was…last night, though, I had to get off of the site before I exploded. I’ve flagged every single one of his comments. I’m surprised that his vile comments still remain, while other (harmless) comments have been removed. He has taken the fun out of the game for me. If I see his name, I won’t post. If I don’t see his name, I may come back as my old goofy self! It depends. I definitely don’t want him to ‘win’. I’ll talk to you soon!

      • Hey Sharona, I feel your pain. I took up for you in a general way, and you upvoted my comment to Mr. I.B. troll. You are such a sweet and witty person, and you need to stay here and take up for yourself. You have lots of friends here that will continue to take up for you, too. Keep up the good comments, because I love what you contribute to this site. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Mr. Burgess comment on this thread. Hopefully Matthew has done something about keeping him out of this forum. Keep up the good work, lovely lady!

      • Karlene, thank you so much for your very kind and very sweet reply! I decided to NOT let the bullies win—and went on last night’s thread. I wasn’t going to comment—just read the comments and watch the show. As soon as I started to make a comment, Mr Burgess showed up. Fine. I didn’t read anything he had to say. Then the OTHER bullies came out to play, using absolutely FOUL language in their attacks against certain women. So, I HAD to say something. I made only a couple of comments, but the two mean-girl bullies (who are probably 12 year old BOYS…or pseudonyms for other accounts for Burgess. The language is too similar to his). Anyway, I’ve had so much fun on the BBN, but it’s no longer fun. I cannot believe Matthew hasn’t addressed any of the TERRIBLE things…I understand not being able to police every single comment—but c’mon! I don’t have time for such ugliness. Again, thank you for your kindness—I DO hope to return…but if I see any of those ‘people’, I’m out. Have a wonderful day, Karlene! You brought a well needed smile to my face! :)

    • Good idea and if he doesn’t want to do it call him a fraidy cat or scaredy cat. He’d probably just say “I know I am”.

  16. Should Julia survive, and just happens to win HOH .. it would only be fitting if she did a payback and Nominate Vanessa and James .. and, should one of them win the POV then renom with John / Steve …
    She could argue that James was “targeting” her and her Twin and tell Vanessa that it was a tough decision and that she has to do what is best for her own Game .. while comforting her that, she is just a pawn, while James is the primary target, and has their votes to stay .. as she/they are afraid that if she put up another HG, then there is a risk that Vanessa would flip the House … Ha !!! :)

  17. Van is in a pretty good spot right now if every body becomes more focused on targeting the Austwins and forgets about her.

    • Unless they start comparing notes, which may happen if JMac winds up on the block, especially against Steve or Van. They better how James does not win veto and take himself off again.

      Worse, if Austin wins HoH and puts up Steve and JMac. I don;t think Austin will put James straight up. Then Steve and JMac start dumping to Austin again just like they did last week. That means Vanessa will be outed for wanting to take out the Austwins.

  18. This guy Steve is an idiot. They all all why keep SOMEONE who has no intention of any loyalty to anyone . Vote out Julia please. SOMEONE grow a pair.

    • Steve is an idiot. He figured out last night why Vanessa wants to keep Julia in the house. He is suspicious Vanessa wants her for final 2. Steve also said he had no intention of going f5 with the scamper squad. Intellectually Steve has figured out what he needs to do. But he is so afraid of everything he cannot summon the courage to do it. To me, this makes him as bad as Meg in this game.

  19. If Steve doesn’t flip the vote he doesn’t deserve to win. He even said to himself last night that this is the move he’s been waiting to make, he has to make it. Then he cried and threw up. No Big Boy Pants for Steve. Just run home to Mommy Crazy Train you loser!!

  20. I wonder if when Steve and JMac find out its a DE if they will take flip the house knowing that the Austwins will not have time to realize what really happened. If Austin or Liz inw HoH for the DE, just do what Andy did to Alyssa when Judd won HoH. Tell Austin that Vanessa was responsible for the flip, like Andy told Judd Alyssa was responsible for his first eviction. Judd didn’t have time to figure it out and he put Alyssa on the block and she was evicted.

    Steve knows this game but he is unwilling to do anything with his knowledge. This has been a recurring problem in the house all season. Its like when Da’Vonne figured out the twins twist and instead of using it to her advantage told Jason who blabbed it to the entire house. Imagine if Da have used that to essentially blackmail the twins? She may have lasted a little longer.

  21. The worst part about not flipping is it means another cowardly act will follow. Everyone is afraid of putting anyone up except James who is the odd man out. So if James does not win HoH he will be the second player evicted tonight – unless he wins veto again. My guess is he won’t. Then it gets interesting – finally.

    I think Austin is going to get a very rude awakening next Thursday as he will be everyone’s target after James. Even Julia will vote out Austin at this point.

  22. Wow! ~Claps slowly~ Congratulations Steve! You just made one of the dumbest moves this season! -__- and you call yourself a BB Fan! You had a chance to change the game and ensure your spot in final three but that chance just got up and it walked away ^_^… Scratch that it BB Skedaddled away :D

  23. BB ….where did you find these people????? This is the first time since season one that almost every HG has been more consumed with being a TV whore than actually playing the game, most people play to win and do what is best for their game or get them to F4. Forget what Vanessa wants, if you want to win you have to evict the Austwins and Vanessa, if it don’t start tonight then your game is doomed, I’m talking to James, JMac, Steve, and Meg.

  24. Steve is so socially awkward and he thrives for attention from the others in he house. Vanessa, I think, is aware of his awkwardness and uses it. She bullies him, then she takes him under her wing and then he feels obligated to her. He is so obligated he can’t play his own game and he can’t see or do what is good for his own game.

  25. All I want from this DE is for James/JMac to come out alive and swinging. That would be amazing

    Best F2 duo.

  26. If James or John don’t win anything tonight, it’s a guarantee that one of them will be going home. Steve is probably going to throw this DE after what happened last time.

    • Most definitely. Steve doesn’t have the balls to go for the Austwins and he isn’t their first target so he could throw it with less risk than JMac.

      • James has to know that he is target numero uno after Meg. He is the only safe option to put up without the alliances of 3 upsetting each other.

  27. It makes one wonder if Steve is worried about the backlash if he votes out Julia, based on his previous experience when he sent Jackie pack’n.

      • That’s fine. I sure hope the DE veto comp is not a question comp so that James has a chance at winning.

        If Steve is so afraid/anxious to the point of vomiting over voting for someone who he didn’t even put on the block, I will hate to see what happens to him if hes faced with evicting Vanessa.

  28. I think something is seriously wrong with Steve,like legitimately. And it looks like the game will come down to The Twins vs Austin and Vanessa

    • Steve acts like a person who has been severely bullied or abused in his life. He’s so afraid of making an enemy that his anxiety is making him physically ill.

      • Mine also. In order of most disliked to least most disliked: Van, Austin, Julia and Liz. The twins are mean-spirited brats!

  29. Whatever happens, tonight is going to be Amaze Balls. I am hoping Julia gets voted out (c’mon Steve and JMac, there is not much time left to play the game!!) and JMac then wins HOH.

    • I agree. If they chose not to take this opportunity, it is game over for them. I hope all you have just written happens tonight!

      • I agree too, but it ain’t going to happen, Steve is the bottle-neck and someone needs to wring his neck.

        Actually the best part could be IF the HGs really don’t know it’s a DE. If Steve or Vanessa left I wouldn’t cry but Vanessa might, did I say might?

      • I knew I was hoping for too much. No one is playing this game. They should have flipped the vote to get Julia out and if the twins were smart they could have backdoored Vanessa. Oh well, there is always next season.

  30. They need to flip the vote. Weather it not they do. If James, Steve or john win hoh, they need to put the twins up on the block. If one comes down put Austin up and vote hom out. If all else fails back door Vanessa.

  31. I want john to win I like him the most. But I guess Vanessa has played a great game. I see likley that Austin and Liz will be final two and Vanessa will make it to final 3 unless a miracle in the vote flips tonight. And these people wske up. Get the Austwins out then Vanessa.

  32. So even if jmac and Steve don’t flip, does anybody else think that Austin might have the devious mindset to still throw a vote to evict Julia and then blame it on one of jmac or steve?

    • I don’t because he wouldn’t want the chance to mess it up with his new gf Liz. But I wish he would vote Julia out.,.. He wanted to do that in the earlier part of the game. If Steve won’t flip I see john voting with Steve. I wish they just flip the votes. They need to take this chance to break the Austwins up. Only if they knew double eviction tonight. They would be great voting julis out and then either Austin or luz out or even Vanessa.

    • Steve is a wuss and he needs to see his life through all of our words and once he see himself for himself he will figure it out. He gonna cry for a long time atfer he see how he was Vanessa puppet she pull their strings but she controlling like the puppet you put your hand in the rear A##.

  33. All the BB houseguests are stupid. This season is so boring, be bold and stop saying it’s “too risky” are you kidding me? Do you not want to win, I take it as a no.. So just let the big boys win (Vanessa, Austwins). Steve shouldn’t even call himself a fan. Ugh, it’s so irritating to watch.

    • Could not agree more about Steve, he should be ashamed to call himself a fan much less a super-fan.

  34. I say get the twin out tonight then put Austin and Vanessa up on double E and who ever wins from their I’m happy with it. Vanessa have no chance of getting house votes from playing well no one in the the house cares how well she played, they will look at how many lies she told.

  35. Steve you’re an idiot….
    Jon why didn’t you push harder for Julia?
    You know she’ll come after you right?

  36. A twin is going to win this, and it’s going to be torture watching the narcissism pay off. I’m not sure why the rest of the house is relying on chance to determine outcomes. They’re focused on two moves ahead instead of the move they’re on right now.

  37. I am really disappointed with Steve. For a supposed Superfan he is totally blowing his chance to make a move that will make sure he is remembered as a good player. He is going to be remembered as a weak puppy that was pushed around all summer by Vanessa.

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