Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Who Won HoH Endurance Comp Last Night?

Last night on Big Brother the next Head of Household was crowned and with just five players left it in the game it was a critical competition to decide which side would take control of this week’s targeting.

Big Brother 17 Endurance competition in Week 12
Big Brother 17 Endurance competition in Week 12 – Source: CBS

Thing are about to get sped up though with a shortened sequence of events thanks to CBS moving up the BB17 schedule due to NFL next Thursday night. Get ready to adjust your schedule for next week to Tuesday and Wednesday with no episode next Thursday.

Another Endurance Comp rocked the Big Brother house and we covered it all in our updates below.

Big Brother 17 Week 12 HoH Competition:

  • 7:00 PM BBT – Feeds return with Austin in the lead.
  • 7:07 PM BBT – Vanessa has two & Liz just got her first.
  • 7:10 PM BBT – Vanessa, John, & Austin tied with 3 eggs.
  • 7:11 PM BBT – Vanessa gets a 4th egg & Liz gets her 2nd.
  • 7:13 PM BBT – John gets 4th egg, but Vanessa still leads.
  • 7:15 PM BBT – Vanessa gets her 5th egg. Halfway mark.
  • 7:16 PM BBT – Austin gets his 4th egg. Liz should quit.
  • 7:19 PM BBT – Vanessa gets 6th egg. This is hers to lose.
  • 7:24 PM BBT – Vanessa working on #8 when she drops & restarts on it.
  • 7:25 PM BBT – John starts on #8. He’s right behind Vanessa.
  • 7:30 PM BBT – Liz snagged the Luxury prize egg along the way.
  • 7:31 PM BBT – John and Vanessa are soo close. Van has slight lead.
  • 7:35 PM BBT – John must have dropped & is working on #9 again.
  • 7:37 PM BBT – Vanessa gets her 10th egg & wins HoH.

Just minutes after the Feeds returned Vanessa was already in full-blast crazy mode and hasn’t stopped yet. She’s nuts, but at least we get the entertainment of it!

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Nominations will be announced on Friday afternoon then Veto competition will be held on Saturday before we get anymore certainty as to who will be evicted this round. The HoH is safe this week of course, but this round we’ll have just two votes and that could require a tie-breaker.



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  1. So, it’s essentially 11 eggs needed in the slots to win. One in the luxury slot and 10 in the HOH slots. They just don’t all have to come from the same HG.

      • At this point I don’t know if JMac threw that one to Vanessa or not. Have to wait to see his DR confessional. But surely he could’ve beat Vanessa – but wait – I forgot about the Adderall…

      • wtf are you talking about. Van won that fair and square and ONCE AGAIN Jmac sucked. . All the excuses for his lame game make me sick.

      • Are you kidding? Vanessa is one of the most selfish, ego centric sociopath I have ever seen, in real life, or on a SCRIPTED-REALITY tv show, she’s gonna cry and beg John to let her win, because she needs yet another letter from her sweetie pie, uugh, whom she misses soooooo very much, “control issues”…

      • I am the only one that thinks Vanessa is disgusting!?! I hate the way she talks to the camera, manipulates everyone and lies to everyone. I just want to punch her in the face…repeatedly!!!

      • She is EXTREMELY annoying. I can’t believe the house guests didn’t evict her when they had the chance. Apparently Austin is the only one capable of seeing through her facade, but even he eventually succumbs to her whining and manipulation.
        She cries, lies, and manipulates her way to safety each and every week. She has her hand in every eviction and “scampers” her way to safety by playing the victim. Vanessa is a true machiavellian, which is disgusting.
        Worst, she doesn’t even need the money, so I have no idea why she’s in the game, aside from selfishness. Perhaps it’s to validate her worthless “education” in game theory.

      • Lol u sound like a dumb ass. She has been contRolling this whole game and that’s why she has made it this far. Ur telling me you wouldn’t do the same thing to win the game and 500k?? If you say no ur a god damn liar. Her game is flawless and she hasnt been caught this far a long. Players have only speculated but still she continues to stay in the house and win comps and not get evicted. So please tell me why are you hating? Bitch

      • ou have the IQ of Forrest Gump. LOL did you graduate elementary school?

        No, I wouldn’t do it, ignoramus. $500k isn’t worth my honor and a forever tarnished reputation due to some edited reality television show. I see where your priprities lie and your life must be a pathetic joke. LOL!

        Why are you living vicariously through someone on a reality show? Oh, that’s right, because you haven’t accomplished anything in life. You’re also becoming offended because someone made comments about an individual you don’t even know personally. LMAO! Your self worth must be lower than the last grade you legitimately graduated.

        And, honestly, “hating” is a term Forrest Gumps use when they can’t think of anything intelligent to say. What a moron. Have fun in mommy’s basement.

      • One its a damn game it’s not a moral obligation it’s a game period if you take it personally then that’s on you its a half of million dollars

      • Woah, take it easy. Why do feel the need to insult me? Do you know me? If money is the reason for that, then go for it, but may I ask that you keep your insultive comments directed to someone you know, Thank You, and have a day.

  2. I thought Vanessa was going to throw it.
    At this point, I hope Vanessa loses and whomever will put her up or backdoord’ to win.

  3. Omg!!! Somebody please grow some balls and get Vanessa out!! How dumb can you be not to realize she is playing everyone and has been the whole season. She has had a say in every single eviction.

    • At this point it doesn’t even matter if they vote her out. She has made so many enemies that whoever is in the final 2 with her will most definitely win…nobody is going to vote her the winner of BB17!

  4. Now I think it might be best to let her win so she won’t be able to play next week. I think she will put up Austin and Liz anyway. (hopefully) and then John should try to win next week and get rid of Vanessar since he won’t really need her anymore.

  5. I thought the men might have a slight advantage in this comp since they have large hands and longer fingers.

      • True, a woman’s smaller hands are much more nimble but JMac obviously has great eye/hand coordination or he wouldn’t be a dentist.

  6. In a way, it’s good that Van Van wins this one, it means Vampire Dentist and Lil Stevie will be safe this week and next week they can fight again to make it to F3.
    Van Van will definitely target Liz.

    • All she has to do is win POV next week. POV is all the power, including who goes and who stays. That’s why she won tonight She can control the rest of the game now. Of course if she doesn’t win out she will most likely be evicted.

  7. I hope everyone hugged and congratulated Vanessa so we don’t have to listen to her bitchen. Don’t give her a reason to put you on the block people!

  8. John needs vanessa to win get rid of austin then him or steve win next hoh get vanessa out finall 3 liz john steve team john all the way

  9. I could see Vanessa putting up one from each side and telling them to fight it out and which one loses, she puts their partner up beside them.

  10. Would love to see the look on their faces when they find out how much money Vanessa has. That all they are doing are buying her another lambo.

  11. I really what John or Steve to win!!! I really dislike Vanessa!! But I will say this, she is the only one to have played the game like a game, she hasnt really made any big moves, but all the other houseguest have been scared to make big moves as well, ( which is crazy cause they should have been getting out all the biggest threats first.) So if the remaining houseguests let her continue to run the house and slide though to the final 3 or final 2 then yes as much as I dislike her she deserves to win just for playing the game like a game.

    • I agree. Vanessa hasn’t made any big moves but she is playing the game..the other houseguest are just cowards.. As much as I don’t like her if she makes it to the final 2 she deserves to win

  12. If Vanessa gets to f2 and it seems like she will., she’ll deserve the win. But I just find it very difficult to root for her. I think the fake tears are what ruins it for me.

    • I think Liz should tell her that Steve was planning to put her up or she will go on the block. The only reason why I may want Steve to stay is for john’s sake, otherwise goodbye Steve an Austin.

  13. I am happy that Van Van won. But to be honest I’m a lil mad that Vampire Dentist lost yet again. I hope he didn’t throw it by falling his 9th egg!!!

  14. Goodbye, Austin…………….you are/were the last obstacle between Vanessa and $500,000.00! Nobody 4 LATER!!!

    • Maybe Liz because it will look like she is targeting them and Steve and John will feel safe and try not to win.
      Maybe Steve because he will get really nervous and go to his room and not come out to play.
      No neither, don’t think any one is really a pawn this week. She’s scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

  15. Yeah and now she can’t play next week, I thought she was telling the other HG’s that she was throwing this one, stupid move for her. this whole cast is stupid to let her get this far, she kept saying “me” or “my” game, while Steve and John agreeing like sheep, they are playing her game and not their own. its been feeling shady for awhile, now its just obvious. didn’t expect any other outcome, just one more week and this facade can end.

  16. Vanessa has just announced that she is going on a fact finding mission before she makes any decisions. Let the interrogations begin…

  17. Well, throwing it to JMac ain’t happening, Vanessa won it… guess she has to pick a side now or why not let them pick who goes up, she’s being so diplomatic lately and then after PoV & re-nom or not, let the HGs OTB pick which ones goes & which stays… it is a democracy, majority rules, right?

  18. So everyone that thought it was too soon to get Vanessa out when they had the chance are you still thinking that? She’s going to win. I’m just praying if not her that Austin goes this week. And she’s already all paranoid again and looking for a reason to target Austin. Just put him up Vanessa. Your reason is you want him gone.

  19. I’m not surprised Vanessa won this one, she knew she’d be a target if she didn’t ! Hopefully she will target Austin and Liz and get one of them out !

    • But now next week, chance are she goes out. She need to win veto or chance are good she will be out.

    • It works out better this way. Hopefully Austin or Liz will be gone and it will be easier for Steve and John to get rid of Vanessa and if Liz wins HOH, I think she has a vendetta against her.

  20. I thought she was gonna throw it so she could play in f4 hoh I guess she figures she isn’t that safe after all..she must know everyone is onto her if Austin came in second and she has a final 2 with him clearly she doesn’t trust him or any of her f2 deals. This should tell the others a lot. If. Jmac through this then I hope he goes although for Austin he may have told van I hope you win so you can take Liz out for me cause I can’t. God knows who she will put up but she kinda screwed herself for next week she can’t play the next hoh and pretty much nobody but john wants to be sitting next to her in f2 she is in trouble next week so she will be looking for lots if safety deals for next week .

    • HoH doesn’t really matter to Vanessa next week, she will win the PoV next week and be safe. That’s all that matters to her now.

  21. Austin and Vanessa talking now. He may change her mind, but we’ll have to see.

    The downside of Vanessa’s HOHs – she’s known to change her target fifteen times before finally settling.

  22. Austin would be so jealous and probably mad if Liz’s luxury prize was a trip to The Bold & the Beautiful recording studio. I so hope it is.

  23. I am convinced without a doubt this 17 Season of Big Brothers was rigged to benefit Vanessa on her upcoming new show, Poker Face! I only hope that Julie Chen and CBS are conscious enough to know and understand that many of their loyal fans are not only disgusted but we feel Ms. Chen and CBS mislead all their viewers. I hope that many will Boycott, any future Big Brother programs for I feel we can never trust what we are seeing to be true. Don’t be surprised but Vanessa is a millionaire who bought her way in and is use to getting what she wants. And to Vanessa I hope no one watches your fake ass!

    • Boo hoo the mean girl is doing what she needs to do in order to win wah wah wah..

      Vanessa is awesome.

    • Do people still watch poker on TV anymore? It seems that has jumped the shark 5 or 7 years ago. Even if she does get a show, say on the CBS sports, it might be lucky to get a 0.2 to 0.3 rating.

      • She wins or loses, I won’t be watching. I am just enjoying how designed this season feels so far, honestly leaning towards scripted, I know from other forums they are getting a a ton of heat, glad to know not everyone are blind bandwagon fans.

    • Do people still watch poker on TV anymore? It seems that has jumped the shark 5 or 7 years ago. Even if she does get a show, say on the CBS sports, it might be lucky to get a 0.2 to 0.3 rating.

    • So if she gets evicted next week is it still rigged? Come on just because your favorites are gone the shows rigged.

    • Vanessa is controlling events,not sitting around reacting after the fact and wins comps. when the game is on the line,that defines a good player.

    • I found this game to be fair and she won it. Her egg did not fall while the others couldn’t hold on. John may have intentionally thrown the game. He has skinny fingers and could have held it longer.

  24. Important win for Vanessa,think at this point in the game she will dial back some of her emotion in order to take the best step forward,would not totally shock me if she put up Austin and Liz,Vanessa may be a roller coaster of a person but not dumb,has known for a longtime that she is the low man on that totem pole,really is a now or never moment for her.

  25. Final 2 prediction: Vanessa and Liz (because this is how DJ ‘Nessa wants it) with a 6 – 2 victory for Vanessa!
    – Steve doesn’t have the “8@LL$”.
    – John doesn’t have the “brains”.
    – Austin didn’t have the “backbone”.
    Nobody 4 NOW!!!

  26. John needs to be careful. Vanessa doesn’t like when the HGs tell her she did something wrong. she got mad before when he called her a bully. He needs to tell her what she wants to hear, stay low and win veto.

  27. John needs to be careful. Vanessa doesn’t like when the HGs tell her she did something wrong. she got mad before when he called her a bully. He needs to tell her what she wants to hear, stay low and win veto.

  28. Lol Vanesssa is nuts as hell. Vanessa is talking a mile of minute right now. Liz and Austin are almost begging.

    • They should be,both are in the line of fire but what did they expect..have been bad mouthing Vanessa to Steve and John all last week and as we all know no one in the BB house ARE capable of keeping a secret for over 15 minutes.

  29. Another week of Vanessa………joy joy…..if it’s true that the producers rigged this game I’m not going to watch next time….

    • Right when I saw the HOH comp I knew it was rigged for her, it was obvious she was going to win before they even started bc this game was built for her. I seriously give up, cbs is stupid for picking such a hated player to win.

    • Ok, I have to post.
      I recognized Van on day one, shocked none of the guests did or if did, didn’t call her out.
      Lie,cheat,steal. It’s a game, personal feelings and in some cases personality is left at the door.

      Only sketchy thing I’ve seen as just a show watcher, was Van on the block last time she was.
      Julie when announcing the vote count…. Again I’m just an average watcher… Julies line is always “with a vote of # to #, so and so you are evicted from bb house”. However on Van vs whoever , Julie said vote is and then said Vanessa you are safe/not evicted. Sorry was weeks ago but Julie didn’t use normal words at eviction. I don’t recall Julie ever saying someone was safe/not evicted instead of what she usually says.

      Sorry, I’ve been team Van cause I recognized her and she has played the game of bb in the way that has her dominating the players. Good or bad, its about the win.

      First time posting on a board, so apologies for long rant.
      If anyone makes sense of what I meant, find the eviction notice of what I’m guessing was Beck when vs V on block. Julie didn’t give usual speech.

      • Great post. I am a Van supporter also. She is playing the game. I used to get upset when a player in the past would lie and not keep a deal. Til someone said bit is part of the game. More than anything Van is winning comps and this keeps her in control

  30. Interesting, cos she won’t be able to play next hoh and win to secure place in final 3. This season is awesome cos its so unpredictable.

  31. Incentives…a no brainer…Liz and Austin will always take each other…with JMac and Steve it’s a crap shoot.

  32. Liz took the luxury…that’s incentive enough. It will get Austin mad so may as well put him up there too.

  33. Not sure why Vanessa wanted to win this one! Assuming the deal with Austin and Liz was “good”. She would’ve been safe if anyone else won the HOH. John would go after Austin and Liz. While Liz and Austin would target Steve and JMac. Vanessa wanted it from both ends and got it! She was in a good spot to throw it. Now she can’t play for next HOH, but you can bet your ass she’ll win veto because the producers want it that way…

  34. RIGGED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Notice how Vanessa was just the right size for this competition?

    • JMac’s dentist hands were perfect for this one. He let her have it and will save her next week and take his chances. That is my guess…they have worked quietly together before…he let her have the letter from Mel last time and as long as keeping him doesn’t hurt her game (which is doesn’t) they both go to final three.

      • Yup same as last time when he let Steve win. I think whenever John sees that he and either Steve or Van are the final 2, he’ll let them win so he can be safe AND be able to compete next week! Pretty smart move from John I’d say!

      • I lmao with those guys in tutus!
        Really thought Steve was going for it because he knew to focus on one spot as he spun…just like a ballerina.

      • With adrenalin racing I think being skillful with dentist hands is more important that a bit of pain for the gain.

      • If he thinks he’ll win against Vanessa, he’s in for a rude awakening. He’ll kick himself for not taking steve.

      • The F3 is all about competition vs manipulation. If they pick wrong for the F2 then that’s another matter. I am simply saying that JMac and Steve would do well to take her to F3 vs Liz or Austin. This is actually getting tedious. It’s a game.

    • Come on now! Just because you don’t like Van, it does not mean that the game is rigged whenever she wins something… At least be realistic and hope that your favorite takes Van out instead.

  35. This is the best thing that could have happened for the viewing audience. Everyone who whined about nothing happening couldn’t see this coming? Please God, let pot ball be dead.

      • Now that’s true! Don’t think Austin and Liz will keep her safe…they even said they wouldn’t agree to her conditions.

      • Either way, Vanessa gets put up on the block next week. Better for her to put on the block Austin and Liz with Liz being the target this week. She will have a better chance winning the POV against Johnny Mac, Steve and Austin next week.

      • Austin is a good contender if he can adequately explain his game to the Jury..Vanessa should target him first.

      • At least he won’t giggle like Jmac or cry like Steve.
        But he will need to put the black ponytail beard holder in, the white one is too distracting.

      • At least he won’t giggle like Jmac or cry like Steve.
        But he will need to put the black ponytail beard holder in, the white one is too distracting.

      • If Jmac did throw the Comp to her, a trust has been build up right there. They may honor it…Dan G will have no problem stabbing you in the back at this stage of the game if he knows he can’t beat you in F2.

  36. Ok, this week Vanessa can send Austin or Liz to the jury house, and she can’t compete for the next HoH reign, so, the good side of that is that she could be evicted the next week. So I hope see Steve & John in the F2.

    • It seems Vanessa may take Austin’s deal and vote out John or Steve instead. This is no different than what has been happening from the beginning. They say one thing and change their minds mid week and again before eviction.

      • I don’t see this happening. She wanted Liz out this week and since that didn’t happen, she’s ensuring it happening now. She helped them this week by voting Liz to stay over Julia.

  37. Vanessa I think will get targeted next week when she cannot play for HOH. If she was smart, it should be Austin and Liz on the block with Liz as this coming week’s target. If she puts up Johnny Mac and Steve up, Steve probably gets evicted, leaving Johnny Mac, Liz and Austin for the next HOH and 2/3 chance that Liz or Austin wins the next HOH.

  38. Awwwww ya lol Vanessa won… Now to see who she targets, and who FINALLY realizes they’ve been played by her the whole time, but they probably still wont understand lol.

  39. Although I don’t really like Vanessa, [Johnny is my boy !]..I think she is by far the best player & therefore should win !!

      • I definitely think if Jmac survives this week and wins HOH next week and Vanessa is evicted then he will win! at this point, I think whoever is able to get Vanessa out of the house will have a good chance at winning because what else can they say to win? Lol
        Vanessa is the best player and has been the best player all season ♥

      • Joni, good comment, but J Mac may be put up this week…if Vanessa is smart, she’ll finish off Judis & the twin, but Johnny could be a replacement ????

    • How do you know that JMac hasn’t been playing Vanessa? I think he is. I think he’s the best player no matter what. There’s a certain amount of luck involved besides the scheming so it really can go any way at this point.

      • If he makes couple big moves, and be the one to evict Vanessa, that will put on his pedegree for the Jury.

      • Absolutely! Jmac is very likeable and super funny! If he makes some moves and get Vanessa out, if he is in the final two he should win! And the same can be said for Steve!
        at this point, I think whoever wins HOH and gets Vanessa out will have a good chance of winning

    • it’s so refreshing to read things like this! she is the best player and always has been! Granted she has not always said or done the right things, you can’t fault her for playing a good game! yes, it was fairly easy for her to do because of the lack of gameplay from others but again, you can’t fault her for that either lol

  40. Strategically I’d target Liztin.
    They are a strong duo in the house.
    Austin’s Angels are pretty much dead anyway.
    Putting up Johnny Mac and Steve is risky at this point

  41. I hate BB, THIS SEASON SUCKED!!The players are sooo wack, either way, Vanessa will get blood on her hands. They all play so stupid

    • they all played so stupid? I do agree with you that this season sucked! It was very predictable however, I believe Vanessa is not stupid lol in fact she is brilliant! I know there are a lot of people that dislike her however, she has played a very good game. Yeah, it was pretty easy for her lol but you can’t fault her for that! she went in playing hard and she will go out playing hard! there was no stopping her :-)

  42. Well DR already told Van that the time schedule was moved up. Then steve went and filled them in on all the details. Can anything be a surprise to the houseguests anymore?

  43. Peeps, why keep Steve over Austin? Steve beats her in Jury (period) Austin Liz might not. And that’s the INCENTIVE. End of story. Wtf, right.

      • Ye + last week he was creeping around hoh room saying he can’t trust Vanessa and more. He knows she’s the next hardcore threat. Which tells me Vanessas spidey scenes rear that from him.

      • Its just more obvious to her that Austin is a threat I think. Steve may go in under the radar. Vanessa seems to be two steps ahead of everyone and she so far has bent everyone to her will. Steve will go if he raises his head.

      • Respected. I just don’t know why Austin or she thinks Austin is a threat to her. The next comp in most likely mind oriented suited to Steve. You believe Austin would win jury votes over her? I just don’t know.

  44. Vanessa knows America loves Steve n John. She knows the jury will too. It’s two couples left with her in the middle and of course the vamp wins. Now dump Steve and use liztin to advance. Then, we’ll see.

  45. Vanessa needs the money like another hole in her head, she has already won 4.7 M in Vegas playing poker, let one of the other HG’s enjoy some of the wealth, she doesn’t need it!!!

    • I am team Vanessa and always have been however I do agree with you. I always want to see the winner being someone who really needs the money, deserves it and will spend it wisely! I don’t think so even make it to final to but if she does, and wins then one thing people can be reassured in knowing that Vanessa is very involved with charities! And I know, because she is such a giving and kind person that a lot of the money will go to charity and, that is definitely a good thing but I totally get where you’re coming from.

    • Only reason not to….if the oposing partner of each couple wins veto, she’s burned one side and it was out of her controll. In this case she has points to keep one side or other. Yes your choice can work if Vanessa can sell to both sides I didn’t want to choose so one from each. But liztin would be pissed anyway. So she’s a control freak and will choose one side 2 votes.

    • Be really cool to see. The fact that “The Blair Witch Project”, won is interesting because it was the one person inbetween 2 sides. John wins, by Liztin, liztin wins, bye Steve or John. Hmmm Blair safe in the middle. Where did she find the treasure map before the season. Better stated the building plans and psychological hg profiles.

  46. YES! I’m so happy Vanessa won! This was a critical one to win! But I hope everything goes in her favor. I hope she wins the POV!
    I’m thinking that the best one to take to final 2 with Vanessa is Austin. I think the jury’s more likely to vote for Vanessa than ineffective Judas.

      • I don’t think he’s been that effective. He hasn’t won that many competitions. He hasn’t manipulated people like Vanessa has and subsequently gotten his way. (Vanessa has gotten her way.) He’s not as persuasive as Vanessa! He thinks Judas is a great character, and I love hearing him speak in the DR as Judas, but he’s no Judas. Vanessa’s game has been more effective; even if she wasn’t my favorite, I would not deny the great game she has played.

      • You just “get your way, by avoiding the block 12 times (big brother record) beat Derrick at 11. Keeping twins and a forbidden showmance safe til the final 5? If you don’t think that guy is doing his form of manipulation at a exceedingly high level, well than there’s nothing I can say to change your mind. But wow he ran things in secret for months now with Vanessa 1 step ahead.

      • Oh and won Veto with 6 hg against 1 odds, and is the only player to call Vanessa out on a lie and make her admit it in hoh room on live show. Lastly he has 3 hohs

  47. yay! Vanessa pulls off another win :-) she deserves to win! She is played a good game, not a perfect game because she has said and done some not so smart things however she is most deserving to win! granted it’s been fairly easy for her because there has not been a lot of gameplay but you can’t fault her for that lol….I’m really happy for her! She wants this so bad! and I know a lot of people do not want her to win because she has money, I also feel that way. I always want someone to win who is not only deserving but also in need of the money and will spend it wisely (like Derrek from last season!) However, keep in mind Vanessa does a lot of work for her charities and I know if she wins, a lot of that money will go towards those charities!

    • Man, I sure wish Vanessa had more fans on this board! She’s too good! I love her game-play. Yes, she’s lied numerous times, manipulated everyone in the house, had a hand in almost every eviction, but that is what’s supposed to happen in the game. Yet people fault her for doing what she has done.
      The object of the game is to be the last one standing. Vanessa deserves to be the last one standing.

      • It’s just cuz she BULLIED people. People hate Bullies more than anything. And when confronted became a liar who used tears and her soul to defend herself. Oh and her loved ones. That’s why.

      • What you consider bullying and what I consider bullying must be two completely different things. I don’t think she’s a bully. The house-guests are to be pressured by other house-guests. That’s the name of the game.
        Who said she couldn’t lie in the game?!? All the winners have lied NUMEROUS times! All the winners have manipulated their fellow house-guests!
        You remember Matt from season 12? Though he didn’t win, he was a part of the successful Brigade alliance. He lied and created this huge story about his wife being sick, thus garnering sympathy for him from the house-guests. Lying about that sort of thing is despicable. Vanessa hasn’t done anything of the sort.
        In the game of Big Brother, one HAS to lie and manipulate…or did you forget that the object of the game is to be the last one standing?

      • With respect Jasmine, I never watched this show before this year. That is good info you gave me about the brig aliance and I dislike that very much. The reason, if I can explain I hate the type of bullying is Steve is a good kid, clearly and she put him into a hyperventilating panic attack. She bullied James as well. I’m the type if she came at me that way I’d say, “Back off!” So intently she’d potentially wet herself. So where you say it works for the game, ok. It’s just I don’t like it. So good points to you. Last I dislike people saying they are not Evil people. She stated “I’m not an evil person”. When in conversation have you ever said that prob not. You suggest….things your not for no reason when that’s exactly what you are or why offer that defense I don’t tell people “I’m not a liar” I know thier first thought is this guy must have lied to alot of people.

      • I don’t consider her a bully, I consider the rest of the house (other than Jmac) just down right childish and stupid.

      • It’s gameplay, not bullying! Here’s the difference: gameplay is using oratory, manipulation and misdirection to win a game designed for those tactics. A bully, on the other hand, would be a jerk who gets online and says how vapid and stupid your comments are, while saying your picture of your sunglass covered face makes you look like a cheesy, creepy would-be child molester. That’s what a bully would say, not a game player.

      • I can get on board with the game play tactics you suggested. I’d have to let go of the gut feel of her moment with steve. You are missing the fact that bullying…in fact is forcing negative energy in another’s personal space, or face and backing them into a corner. We’re both right a plied to game play strategy and what I stated. As for the poor example of a bully stating “the glasses, 4 judgments all negative and using molestation as an example? Insecurity is the least of your challenges. Seriously. Where’s your head at…
        But thanks need to change the picture anyway. Lol

      • BB8 Dick Donato. If he think what Van is doing is bad you should watch a couple YouTube clips of him. He’s the ultimate BB bully.

      • Ok, I didn’t know you were a BB newbie. But yeah the guys nickname is “Evil” and he was downright cruel on his season.

      • I’m intrigued. There’s a cool dynamic to this game and funny comps. I’d crush evil people. Some people are passive, like this season. That’s why I’m so hung up on the bully thing. I can stop it without making others fear me.

      • Man, I know a lot of people don’t like this season, but I. AM. HOOKED. on this season! I’m seriously going to be in mourning when it ends two weeks from now.

      • I guess that makes us the outsiders around here. Not only do I like this season but I like Vanessa as well. And I’m glad I’m not the only one rooting for her to get the win!

      • At least you knew where evil dick was coming from. He didn’t go behind your back, he went to your face and I respect that.

      • That worked for Dick, but do we really believe Van could pull the in your face thing off? She’s doing what’s necessary for her to win and that’s what I respect.

      • Don’t you have anything better to do than attack someone you don’t even know personally about their opinion of a reality TV show….Don’t flatter yourself thinking someone would actually stalk you.

      • Bwahahahaaa now that is the funniest thing I have read on here all season! I have never, ever once attack anyones personal character! In fact, you are being the biggest hypocrite of all by even mentioning those words! you have to be kidding me!
        You are constantly commenting on things I say, not to mention you have “attacked” Vanessa personal character & mine many many many times and you do not know her or me!!!!! TOOOO FUNNY!!! you do know this is only entertainment! Not real life right?!
        And here you are again, back at it! Do yourself a favor & do NOT comment on my posts because you are making a fool of yourself! I would expect more from someone your age, this is a game and entertainment!. Beat it!

      • I’d REALLY rather I didn’t! Lol….. You need to not take this so seriously, you do know this is just for entertainment purposes right? And we are talking about a reality TV show game, you do know that also correct? You really need to “chill out” for lack of better words and not “sweat the small stuff!” Life is too short, why get all worked up over someone you don’t know?!
        I really did not mean for this to get so personal and I certainly I’m not attacking your character, so you really should just calm down and stop replying to my comments that are not directed at you! It’s all good, it’s entertainment at least for me!

      • Your the one making a big deal out of it’ I don’t need or want your young advise about life. Move on…

      • Bwahahahaaa OKAY ♡♡♡
        I am moving on, I moved on after your first response! It is IMPOSSIBLE TO ARGUE WITH STUPID! ♡
        Moving on……
        P.S. I AM NOT a hypocrite therefore, I just wanted to make it CLEAR that I am not calling “YOU” stupid!
        IF you don’t get what I mean then I can’t help you lol xoxox ♡♥♡♥

        Okay……NOW I am REALLY moving on…………..xo

        ;) ***Christina***

  48. Kudos Van!! I tend to go for the underdog,but this chick owns this game!! Even if she doesn’t make final 2,still the best player in there by far!

  49. She’ll probably wrestle over the decision, talk to all the voices in her head and decide to keep Liztin because it’s still too early and she needs a bigger target to stay… lmao, Van is playing for third place, dumb moves recently klilling her game

  50. So now that Miss Poker won the ALMIGHTY HOH who do you think she will she put up❓
    And who might go to the Jury House❓

  51. Johnny Mac scored some hard points with me by telling Vanessa 1. I’m going to give you a run for your money in the final 4 veto and 2. Vanessa prodded him for ammunition she could use to stab people with he responded “NO! If you want to put me and Steve up, Put us up! Good for you John.

  52. I suspect Vanessa will go after Liz and Austin. They are a solid duo. JMac and Steve are not as solid a duo and neither has a guaranteed vote in the jury house. We all know who Julia will vote for. I also think she would be more nervous about sitting next to Austin at F2 than Steve or JMac. I think she would ideally like to sit next to Steve, who she probably perceives as not a strong player.

    • She says she’s putting John and Steve up. Last 4 hours hasn’t changed and told both John and steve. Her reasoning is trust stronger with Austin/Liz and some math logic 50% vs 33% which couple will take her to final 3. 50 is Liztin. How she came to that is beyond my skills.

      • I don’t see either Austin or Liz taking her to F2, particularly given their recent awareness about Vanessa. Mind you, Vanessa doesn’t know that and perhaps is thinking that they will honour the deal she made with them over keeping Liz. Maybe she is also gambling on the likelyhood of more intellectual challenges and sees her chances as better with A & L.

      • Good thoughts. Rember though she said “I can read Austin, always”. So she’s overlooking his strengths. Also incentives aren’t the only thing to pay attention to. A person’s past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior. In her mind Austin is a scared, loyal sap who will bend and allow her to control him. She’s in for a suprise. He’s good at holding in his emotion and motives. Great call telling Julia not to blow Vanessa up in BR post Veto. Quick thinking and he is manipulating her. In Vs mind Liz will do what Austin says.

  53. I was sure that julia was going to be there , boy was I wrong, but it is big brother, With V winning this it puts her right in the middle of crazy town, she has deals with both sides,
    I think the only ones truly on her side are Jmac, steve, Austin is judist, and has his devil woman,
    And in no way would anyone want to be sitting next to V , they will not win,
    If V goes to final two she is the only one who could win,,Unless austin, but this HOH is one that can either send you packing or keep you safe, I do think she will nom, one from each side, this way it does not look like she is picking sides, that would be smart,
    BUt as we have seen , these players really are just strange in the way they think
    It will be a nail biter to see who can or will survive, if whe puts up one from each side that truly would be a great pov to win one side can bring down the other,
    I do think the only one she has a chance with to make it to final two with is Jmac, They made plans not to look like they are working together, so far so good,
    with two evicts coming a day apart, she has allot to deal with, lets hope she uses her head,

  54. So I hear through the grape vine that Vanessa is playing to put up Steve and JMac. Could she be thinking of a renom situation? Gambling on it being a more intellectual challenge for veto and renoming either Liz or Austin? This would kind of make sense to me.

  55. I suspect she more scared Steve wil make another strong move and put her up if he wins. He’s mumbled about it last week in hoh room. She already knows Austin and Liz want to missile John and Steve. But then why is a her target. Idono

  56. I knew she wouldn’t throw this hoh. Just put up Steve and Liz, one from each side, and see where the chips fall after pov.

    • That sounds fine, from a certain standpoint, but if both sides were unsure of her loyalties before, that would just seal the deal. It would give either side a chance to completely save their alliance from eviction, and would show that Vanessa is obviously just playing it out to see which one comes out on top.

      She needs to pick a side, but what I worry about is that she may realize that the Jury votes would be better if she kept Liztin (I think), but her chances of making it to F2 are much better with Steve & Jmac. In the end, I would think as a smart move she would put up Liztin, but we’ll see.

    • If she put up one of each, like Liz and Steve, and Austin wins veto then she has to renom John, which is worst case scenario, she needs to decide which pair she wants to break up and put them both up together or risk the other pair going up without her say.

  57. I’m not going to be able to watch another week with Vanessa in the house,hopefully next year will be better,I’m done.

  58. Van put herself in very good spot. Put one from each side up, with Austin as target.
    Convince Lipz and Aztin that Austin is just the pawn with Steve or Jmac as main target via backdoor.
    Veto goes to either side, she can still target Liz if Austin is off block.
    If Austin leaves, she’s easily able to make Liz believe that since guys had vote’s, it was out of her hands. If she does have to be tie breaker, then game on and let the slaughter of the lambs continue.

    • If she put up one of each, like Austin and Steve, and Liz wins veto then she has to renom John, which is worst case scenario, she needs to decide which pair she wants to break up and put them both up together or risk the other pair going up without her say.

    • Austin isn’t as dumb as he appears. He wouldn’t believe it for a second, considering she’s the “game expert”, and he knows that putting up Austin against Jmac gives Steve the chance to win the veto to save Jmac, leaving the last 2 noms his most recent targets.

      She needs to finally pick a side and get blood on her hands. It’s the final 5. She’d have to worry about 1/4 people holding a grudge. Oh well. Also, Liz and Austin have a strong bond, with both of them having a “decent” chance of winning. I’d put my money on her putting Liztin up. Hope it doesn’t flop lol.

      Now, she’s been playing these guys all season, but if she can convince them that she’s in an alliance with them AND can put them up in a dangerous pawn position, kudos to her, but I wouldn’t have any hope left for the people remaining.

    • If there is a tie breaker vote, how about letting we viewers break the tie!!! Lol! Just a fantasy on my part!

  59. The funny thing is that whoever she puts up it only leaves 2 votes. So if the voters split their votes 1 to 1 Vanessa will be the deciding vote and she WONT be able to say “no blood on my hands”.

    • With her possibly being the tie breaker, if votes split, its same scenario as winner of the veto in final 4.
      That veto is a powerful chip when down to 4, and this hoh tie vote could be same power position. Blood spilled now, limits it to only two votes at jury who are bitter with her,and those two are next two out the door.

      • Not. Sure with the Hoh and two on the block that leaves only one voter.that’s a good place to be in because it would be the final vote..right. The dollars are just within reach and decided by jury. At this point Van will have to really pull out her paranoia and whisper in every ones ears what they should do. Of course she can play the “you did me wrong card”, and cause a argument so she “looks” in the right and maybe that person goes out the door.