Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 12: Thursday Night Highlights

Once again Vanessa is Head of Household and once again is she on her quest to find reason after reason after reason to nominate people all while maintaining her integrity, because she’s got so much integrity and her integrity is important to her and you can’t ever take her integrity away from her. Integrity.

Will Johnny Mac be safe this week? Source: CBS All Access

And in typical Vanessa and Big Brother 17 form, it sounds like she’s going to do the exact opposite of what she should do this week. So read on to find out more.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, September 10, 2015:

7:37 PM BBT – Vanessa wins HOH and feeds cut.

7:51 PM BBT – Feeds have returned. Vanessa seems to already be stressing. Once again she’s won an HOH when she probably didn’t have to, but she said the video from her girlfriend made her compete even harder.

7:54 PM BBT – Vanessa starts looking for her reasons. She asks Austin what everyone was going to do had they won HOH. She tells him she doesn’t know what she’s going to do yet and that she has to fact-check some things first.

7:58 PM BBT – Vanessa grilling Liz on what Steve would have done this week, so she can build a case against Steve and have a REASON to put him up if that’s what she decides. She tells Liz that she heard she and Steve were considering putting her up this week. Liz denies it.

8:00 PM BBT – Steve tells Vanessa that Austin wouldn’t say who he was targeting but promised Steve he wouldn’t nominate him this week if he won HOH. Vanessa thinks that must mean she would have been the target. Steve also tells Vanessa that Liz agreed to the deal he offered her about breaking the tie to save him over Vanessa this week if Liz was HOH. She tells Steve she needed a reason to target Austin and now she has it.

8:12 PM BBT – Austin begs Vanessa to trust him as he reminds her they’ve been together since day one.

8:15 PM BBT – Vanessa is grilling John now. John tells Vanessa that Austin promised to not put him up. When John also tells her that he also did what she told him to do and told Austin that he’d nominate Vanessa if he won HOH, Vanessa say “I did?” She tells him she wishes she had it in her to throw a competition but she either gets too nervous or too competitive and has to win.

8:25 PM BBT – Liz and Vanessa talking. Liz tells Vanessa that Austin is bugging out. Vanessa says he should be worried. Liz tells Vanessa that was wasn’t going to stick to the deal that Steve offered her and adds that Vanessa was not her target this week.

8:29 PM BBT – Austin joins the conversation. Vanessa tells Austin what John told her and he says that John lied. Vanessa tells Austin that he has good incentive to put her and Steve up because they’re the ones most likely to win the final four veto. Austin says he believes she’d take him to final 3 so asks why would he ever target her.

8:30 PM BBT – Liz ensures Vanessa that she would have nominated Steve and John with Steve as her target.

8:33 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin and Liz she isn’t mad but she’s confused. She also says she must be the only one not making conflicting deals (WHAT? HAHAHA).

8:36 PM BBT – Vanessa to Austin: “You don’t know what it’s like to be me in this game.” Later she adds that it sucks to be me in this game.

8:58 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin she doesn’t want to target him and Liz. She asks him if he would throw the veto. He swears on it and tells her he will do whatever it takes. Vanessa now brings up to Austin that he’s had a lot of final two deals with people. He denies most of them.

9:01 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin that Steve just looked too comfortable before the HOH competition and it made her really paranoid.

9:14 PM BBT – Now Vanessa is telling Austin she wants to work with him and wants to make this work. Austin makes promises for Liz about throwing part one of final Head of Household to Vanessa.

9:16 PM BBT – Vanessa says she thinks Steve is being a rat and adds that she has no loyalties to John.

9:25 PM BBT – Austin reminds Vanessa that he and Liz are a physical pair while Steve and Johnny Mac are a mental pair.

9:34 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin if she puts up someone from both sides (Liz and Johnny Mac or Steve) he HAS to throw veto and says to make sure Liz will be ok with that.

9:40 PM BBT – Vanessa again listing reasons why it’s good for Liz to go. Austin isn’t resisting. Now Vanessa is listing reasons to Austin why John is too dangerous to keep around. Vanessa to Austin: I’m okay with $50K. Only person I can beat in finals is Johnny Mac.

9:50 PM BBT – Austin tells Vanessa to put up Steve and John and they’ll get rid of one of them and then take Liz out “next week” (there is no next week).

9:58 PM BBT – Vanessa explains to Liz that she’s going to look really stupid on TV for not putting up the showmance so they HAVE to stay loyal to her if she keeps them safe.

10:06 PM BBT – Vanessa uses Johnny Mac’s family doing air guitar in their video message against him as some sign of the Rockstars alliance with Steve.

10:08 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin and Liz she wants to do the right thing (which for some reason she thinks is keep them safe).

10:18 PM BBT – Steve tells John they need to stay close to Vanessa this week (too late, Steve, you guys gave her all night to change her whole game plan around).

10:33 PM BBT – It’s time for Vanessa’s HOH room reveal. Yay.

10:48 PM BBT – Vanessa brings up her integrity for the one millionth time this season and tells Austin that she’s had their backs all season and they’ve had hers. She jabs that Steve and John are acting awfully safe (BECAUSE YOU HAVE A DEAL WITH THEM, VANESSA).

11:02 PM BBT – Austin tells Liz to stop being so nice to Steve.

Things didn’t end here though as Vanessa pressed on for hours more. Read the second half of the report on the next page.


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  1. For those of you who have known me over the years, I’ve talked about this before, but it’s worth repeating. Back in 2001 I was living in Denver, I was working for Galileo Intl. Galileo own a reservation system for most airlines around the world. At the time, Galileo biggest shareholder was United. So the event of 9/11 hit pretty close to home.

    On September 11, 2001, I was on my way to work a little bit before 7 Mountain Time. Stop at Starbucks for a coffee and heard people talking about the plane hitting the WTC. When I got back in my truck, I turn on the radio and started listening to the info. I decide to turn around and went back home. Turn the TV on to CNN and just as I started watching, I saw the second plane hit the other tower. I watch for a while and I decide to go in the office. My boss was from Queens and had many friends in the 2 towers. When I got there my boss was watching this in his office on a small TV. We all sat in his office in silence listening to the coverage. When the 3rd plane hit the Pentagon, head office call, told my boss to send everybody home they were shutting down operation for the day. Went back to Starbucks for another coffee, where I heard about the 4th
    plane. Went home and sat all day in front of the TV and watch the coverage, alternating constinuously between CNN, MSNBC and FNC.

    In the following week New Era Cap start selling a line of cap with USA on them. I bought one and started wearing it every Sept 11 since then. I will wear it again today.

    There was a post going around on Facebook yesterday demanding that everybody keep silence between 8:46 and 10:28 AM eastern time by not posting to Facebook. Let’s do that here too as a mark of
    respect. Nerver forget 09-11-2001.

    • Cap, I feel your pain. I grew up in NY and lost 2 friends. One was a fireman who rushed into the North Tower as everyone was rushing out. I remember the heroes, not the cowards who killed innocent people doing their jobs.


    • We took our 15 yr old granddaughter to the memorial in June and spent the day going through the museum talking to her about everything and telling her to get and remain angry about it, and to never, ever forget what she saw there. She won’t. Our children need to remember and be aware.

    • Thanks for sharing your story. I was at home that morning when I got a call from my father to turn the t.v. on. As I was talking to him, that’s when I saw the 2nd plane hit the towers. I knew then this was no accident. Once I saw a plane hit the Pentagon, I called my husband at work as he has no radio or t.v. there…he works for the Dept. of Defense and when I told him about the towers and Pentagon, he then contacted everyone on the base to gather them in another building that provided news coverage and shortly after they got word from the Commander, they evacuated everyone from the base, except hubby decided to stay in his car and listen to the radio. My children’s school was on lockdown. We live an hour from D.C., so you can understand how unsecured we all felt, not knowing what truly was happening in our country. Many parents panicked (don’t blame them) and went to gather their children and take them home. I felt that my children were safer at school than they’d be if I’d gotten them out of school amidst the erratic drivers on the road. Once the kids got home, we stayed glued to the t.v. still in disbelief this was ever a possibility, let alone a reality. It happened on a Tuesday as I recall and we held a community candle lit vigil on Friday for all the first responders and people this horrible tragedy had taken from us that unforgettable day. My children, hubby and I will never forget!

    • I hear you brother and feel your pain as well. That fateful day was weird to me as well.

      What a lot of you don’t understand is I work for one of the big three automobile manufacture’s. FORD to be precise, I work the night shift mostly and usually get home somewhere around 5:30 in the morning. I as in bed sleeping as normal when the alarm went off so I could take my youngest to Kindegarten. All I heard was planes, WTC and Pentagon, I remember somehow getting out of bed rally fast and having the blanket wrapped around my feet saying to my self “Those Bastards have done it again”. Even in my half sleep surrounding’s I knew it wasn’t an accident. Ford called off work for three days that week due to this. I watched the news for at least two straight days and was watching when the last building fell around 5 pm that day. I even watched the second Tower fall, all I thought was how sad it was that people had to die for no reason what so ever.

    • Thank you for acknowledging 9-11. As a NYC resident, I can vividly recall every minute of that day, and how difficult and surreal life became trying to navigate through the weeks, months, year to obtain some kind of “normalcy.” Other than the death of my boyfriend, which is 4 years tomorrow, I pretty much cried my way through that year. So many moments will always stay with me: strangely a beautiful blue sky, the smell of the burning coming through windows for days, my first meal in a restaurant (the first everything!), pictures of the deceased posted all around the city, first day back at work and military police all around, first visit to GZ. Many, many more..too many to mention. Even though 14 years have passed, the memory of this day is always somewhere in my mind.

    • It was a sad, sad day that I will never forget. I was giving a patient their meds and it came on the TV. I watched as you did the 2nd plane fly into the tower. Shortly after I made a phone call to my son and parents just to let them know I love them. I’m proud to be flying my flag today in remembrance of all those heros we lost. I’m proud to be an American.

    • Dear Captain, Dear JoniGab, Dear KSJB, Dear Lily, Dear LavandarGirl, Dear Eclectic, Dear Wrongway Willie:

      Thank you all for sharing your heartfelt memories of this day. As I read each of your entries, I wept and wept – still crying which is getting in the way of typing. I am sure there will be more stories as this day wears on.

      When I got up this Friday morning, it was just another hot Florida day – got up, had a cup of coffee and walked my dog. Then, I turned on the TV, and heard that this was 9-11 (fourteen years later). I guess I’ve been under a rock this past week
      [health issues], and then – like all of us, remembered exactly where I was when the tragedies of that day started to occur and would continue to occur … one horrific incident after another on that fateful day.

      It is said that we remember “Where we were …” regarding HUGE historic events of our time; (my mother – as a young girl – remembered where she was and what she was
      doing when she learned about the bombing of Pearl Harbor). I believe many of us on this site remember where we were when it was announced JFK was assassinated; when Neil Armstrong stepped down the ladder and placed his foot on the moon; when
      the first WTC tower was hit, then the second, then the Pentagon and [then, no God, not a 4th incident], the downing of United flight 93.

      Each year my prayers include all those affected by / left behind from the tragic 9-11 deaths. I also acknowledge those who lost their lives by inclusively saying: Thank you for your life on this planet and all that you gave us. I am so sorry you are not here now, but we will always love and remember your great
      heroism; [all of] you are beloved by many and remembered by all.

      I am not a “bible-y” kind of person, but for whatever reason I have always loved this Luke12:6 quote [as spoken by that old wise guy, Jesus]:

      Five sparrows sell for two coins of small value, do they not? Yet not one of them [i.e., the sparrows] is forgotten by God.

      In other words, if God remembers even a small sparrow, He (and we) will never forget our beloved 9-11 heroes and those who died in the immediate attacks are our heroes too! As Eclectic said: … remember the heroes, not the cowards who killed innocent people doing their jobs.

      Signing off – United States Air Force Vietnam ERA Veteran. [I am an “ERA” vet; women were not allowed ‘in country’ during the ‘70’s with the exception of medical personnel – suggest watching ‘China Beach’.]

      • My story can’t compete with those that lost loved ones. But I trained dogs….Some of those I worked with were sent, some came back..most did not..

      • Hi Bunny: I know it’s been many days since you’re entry but I have to respond. THANK YOU for all you do for/ with our animals. They are our heroes too! They get PTSD, they are true and loyal, and they know what they are doing for us! They get injured, lose limbs, and they know this is their job! They are health companions for seizures; can detect cancer, lead those who can’t see thru the streets, and so much more. I don’t know how you let them go when training is done, that’s why I’m afraid to foster because I couldn’t let them go! Even as I write this, I am crying … Thank you for your courage and talent to do this!

      • Thank you, Margaret. Your words are very meaningful. Made me a little “farklempt.” I did watch China Beach!

  2. Ridiculous! I’m done with this fixed show. Bye . Hope cbs does better next season! #cyanextyear.

  3. At this point I am livid at both Vanessa, the best but my least favorite player, and Johnny Mac, the worst but my favorite player. Vanessa because her HOHs have always proven to be very tiring to watch and this one is no different. John because I constantly feel like I wasted a whole season supporting a player that probably doesn’t even deserve 2nd place anymore…

      • That would only be the case if Steve was evicted in place of John… A house with Shelli and without Steve is a very different house.

    • IMO John is not a bad player he’s just a good human being. His major flaw is that he trusts too much. When he talks with austin he believes they have a partnership so he won’t throw him utb same with Steve. He Geniuely believes they have his back. He was the same with clay and shelli. In his mind they were working together when in reality they just used him.

      • I agree he’s too trusting. He thinks him, Vanessa and Steve are working together and yet she wants to target him. If JMac won he was staying loyal to her and putting up Austin and Liz. Vanessa can shove her integrity right up her a$$

    • Vanessa is the best, but she should not have turned her back on Steve and john.does she think that Austin or Liz would actually take her to final 2? No way. Why not put up aust. And Liz and after Austin is evicted, Liz will have no choice but to work with vennessa and ashe will still have her main 3, johnny,her and steve.. if she put up Steve or john, she’s a fool. And it will hurt her game.immensely…
      but we will ssee

  4. Mac did something cool though. Vanessa pulled him up into hoh and pointed a gun at his head like she does and said “give me dirty sh’!# on everyone.” Translated do you know anything you want to tell me? He replied. “NO!. If your going to put me and Steve up, do it!” Translated I’m not playing your game, pull the fuc!*#n trigger, don’t just point it. Good for him. As for not defending his safety, he plays his own game. He knows about scamper squad and will try and crush veto.

      • Perhaps, but I like what he said. He’s not my fav. He’s a cool kid though. His game was to act uninterested and sleep. It worked though sucks.

      • Don’t think so, Johnny Mac is constantly thinking, never reacting to other crap going on in the house. He is not as dumb as Austin and Liz and I think just as smart as Vanessa, he just has a different personality. He is a smooth operator.

      • Exactly. He knows what he’s doing. His only downfall was trusting Vanessa. I think he will turn it up for the POV. I hope he wins it. You can tell by his DR’s that he is not stupid. He just doesn’t feed into the drama.

      • No one is as dumb as Liz/Julia…case in point…When steve asked if they knew who Sig. Freud was and they said yes…the guys that got bit by the tiger in Vegas…omg!!!

    • JMac is like the one sane person in a house full of alcoholics. I think he realizes how dysfunctional this whole thing is but knows there’s nothing he can do about it so he just tries to stay out of the line of fire. Might not be the best game strategy but I think it makes him the most likable and perhaps honorable person in the middle of this sh*tstorm.

    • 100% agree, finally somebody that appreciates Jmac game play. It may backfire on him but the most important comp is POV, whoever wins is in control.

      • I believe you are thinking of next week. This eviction there will be two votes and Vanessa would break any tie. So yeah VETO is important this week but that person won’t be in control per say.

    • I think he could’ve won that HOH but he trusted his alliance with Vanessa that he would be safe and that way could play in the rest of the HOH’s. I’m praying he wins veto and then wins HOH and puts her up.

      • I don’t know but if it’s Austin and Liz on the block then JMac and Steve control who THEY want gone. Vanessa probably wants Liz gone because she doesn’t have a final 2 with her. But Steve and JMac could make a deal with Liz that they are final 3 and vote Austin out. JMac could tell Vanessa you put me up so I’m doing what’s best for me. Screw you! Then Vanessa can’t play HOH and everyone targets her.

  5. Ahhhhhh I can’t take it anymore!! What is wrong with these people?!? Where did this cast come from, a sewer plant?!? They are so full of sh** they make my a** hurt! Who in the history of BB has played so dumb? I mean COME ON!! Everyone gets what they deserve and if Vanessa wins it all kudos to her however, she did not play this game with integrity! She can’t possibly know the meaning of the word since she needs to let everyone know about it all the time. Her big eyes meth looking face… I can’t stand to look at her anymore! Oh and her tears!! REALLY?!? Make me puke. And her fake scenarios she comes up with in her crazy head… Austwins picture with gay friend is sign to stick with her, Air guitar from family was sign for the rock stars alliance! She is delusional! DELUSIONAL I say!!!

    • Celebrity dirty laundry has a good article about the DR giving her insider info. How did she get off the block with Shelly when it was 100% all votes to eviCT vanessa and somehow Vanessa the most hated, caught lying the most, and flipping sides gets shelly evicted magically? What? Plus Becky had it sealed.

  6. Vanessa deserves to lose is she doesn’t put up Austin and Liz! I am sick of the stupid decisions week after week.

    • Same here. Why on earth didn’t they vote out Liz? And Vanessa’s paranoia and constant manipulations are exhausting. While she deserves the win because the others are playing so stupidly, I can’t stand her.

  7. Next year, I think Big Brother should add a feature called “Ask Grandpa” — get a street-smart retired person to live in the house but not compete. When any of the morons playing this game can’t figure out what to do (hint to this year’s dopes: YOU SHOULD HAVE EVICTED VANESSA WEEKS AGO), they can go ask Grandpa.

    • That’s funny but they should do that. This season should be called “say the right thing, do the complete opposite.” When it comes to decision time, they talk themselves out of doing what they should do. So dumb!

    • I want the job. I am 72 and have watched all since the beginning. My wife will tell you that I have always been right, when discussing with her. However, I would need my own suite: living room, TV, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen because they all were and are slobs. My salary would have to be $700,000 for the season.

  8. so far the target they start off with changes so maybe—-Jmac will end up NOT being the target!

  9. They’re saying the DR told her all the Intel about all hg’s at right time and flipped the Shelly/Vanessa vote. (Which made no sence) Vanessa was gone,hated,exposed, and worse, all to keep her in the mix for a tv show called poker face coming to cbs. There is a source inside cbs, now this is all specilulation. I’m no lawyer and wouldn’t bet money on it. But it explains a sh'”#! Load of things and ways she knew everything and was able to always so confidently corner people at the right moment. Also she was alone the entire time but somehow is golden?

    • Wasn’t the same thing said about Elissa & Rachel having a TV show? Some dumb fan starts that crap every year.

      • I hopeyour right. I’m choosing to believe your pov but one or two DR things slip to other HG it feels like at times. Dono

    • Oh come on. Every year, the same thing. The same rumors that the game is fixed. Why is it so hard to give credit to someone playing a good game? Love her or hate her, she is good. And she hasn’t been “alone” this whole game. She has forged many an alliance throughout the season.

      • Yea well its just an article. Conspiracys suck. Hope ur right. I’ma ignore it. But can you explain the Shelly vote? Blew reason.

      • Not unlike any of the other bizzaro world situations that have occurred this season, or seasons past.

      • Yes. They made a bad decision. They were played. They’ve been played all season. Why does that have to be a conspiracy. This cast has not proven to make wise choices, so why not the Shelly vote?

    • Did you read the alleged “letter from Jen” to Austin on the same page? The letter is hilarious anyway, whether real or not.

  10. The article pops up under big brother season 17 september 11th latest updates on google. It’s down the page under celebrity dirty laundry.

  11. Ok… I’m finally ready to call it. This is the worst season of Big Brother. I just… I can’t…

    I don’t really care for most of the HG’s, the ones I liked, aside from John are out of there. And none of them are playing a smart game. Not even Vanessa, if she allows Liz and Austin to stay together.

    • I’d deffinately keep austin and liz over John and steve. In fact John and steve are tight. People think the way ypu do because they hate liztin. But there are 2 couples left so the showmance means zero. I’d trust my control and manip skills on my long trusted friend austin and liz who wants Steve dead for sureee. In fact it’s dumb the other way. Sorry

      • Then she should split up BOTH the duos. Put up Austin and Steve. If one of them wins POV, put up the other half of that duo.

      • Good thought, however then she splits the Atom. In other words guarantee 2 person loyalty or piss off both couples. Yea, maybeee she can sell the guest that she was so confused and didn’t want to b in this position and so sad so she is letting them duke it out but I think Steve john, liztin would feel pissed and betrayed she didn’t pick a side.

      • Then she is giving the game away. Big Brother is based on pissing off people. The only question is when to do it.

      • Well 1 of the 4 is going home so at the end of the day one duo will be split regardless who she puts up. That being said if she puts up a duo to start she won’t piss off both duos and won’t risk one member of the due using POV on the other. She will then control which duo loses a member as she is the tie breaker. So why she can’t choose exactly which duo member goes she is nearly guaranteed to breakup whichever one she chooses.

      • Brian, good call yesterday on Vanessa not throwing the HOH.

        My first thought after Vanessa won the HOH was she will target Austin. However now it looks like she will target JMac and Steve.

        You are right about there being no difference between the “showmances”. There is no difference to Vanessa between JMac/Steve and Austin/Liz.

      • I think Vanessa may be having a problem with projection!

        She is attributing all the crazy in her head on to everyone else. LOL

        Love Vanessa or hate her, an objective viewer has to admit that to this point, she has played the best game in the house.

      • I’ll give you that… it really isn’t a great situation for her either way. I realize she’s in the middle of 2 groups of 2. And that really just goes to show that she really shouldn’t have won this HOH, because she’s screwed if she chooses the wrong two-some to align against this week.

        But if you think she can manipulate Austin/Liz, I think you’re mistaken. She probably has a better chance of working with John than anyone at this point. As much as I like John, he’s really the biggest floater left.

      • Good thoughts, and rt about Jmac. I don’t think she can manipulate Austin at all. He’s got her number but plays the woos. He will bury her first chance he gets. But in her head, if you can buzz saw through that intelligent maze of madness, she thinks she can suck more trust out of liz and aus. Remember they never put her up and did her bidding as well as kept her safe several times. She knows Steve is on to her and needs to take her out to win. John will back steve. So she can manipulate Jmac for sure, your rt but Steve wouldn’t allow him to. If that makes sence

      • I’m pretty sure John and Steve’s alliance is nothing like the sexmance of Austin and Liz. They are gross and should be eliminated ASAP!!!

      • Yea well its the same as far as Steve may not make out with Jmac or vice versa but the Rockstars are bringing thier asses to the finals while burning down Vanessa. So in game format discussion it’s exactly the same choice paradigm. Id say tasteless not they are gross. Peace.

    • She’s an idiot if she keeps them together. I’m really tired of this “I don’t want blood on my hands” nonsense. This is Big Brother!!!! The best players ALWAYS get blood on their hands.

    • Vanessa is has only made it this far because of the stupidity of the players and luck. Since Becky put her on the block the only people to win HoH have been her, Austin, Liz and Steve – all members of her alliance who would not put her up.

      Vanessa should have been gone a long time ago when Becky told them what kind of player Vanessa is and the Austwins never should have been allowed to last this long. Blame Vanessa for allowing the twins to come into the house in the first place.

      Strategy-wise, its been a pretty bad season all around but someone has to win and Vanessa is playing more game than the rest of these idiots. Although, she does overplay it most of the time.

  12. Notice how Vanessa never gets grilled the way she grills the other house guests? Worst bunch of BB players ever.

    I can’t stand looking at Vanessa anymore. This season is shaping up like BB15. The most unlikable person in the house is probably going to win.

    And BTW, JMac doesn’t care if he goes up because he knows he has to win veto anyway to be safe. Also, if she thinks Austin and Liz are going to honor a deal like she gave them then she is stupid too. She basically asked them to throw the game to her. If they do that they may as well go up on the block and get evicted.

    • Liz’s face when Vanessa was making her demands was priceless: “Are you freaking kidding me?”

      • Can’t hide that. And she tried to tell Austin “I could read Liz that she didn’t like my idea.” Doesn’t take a genius after that snarl contortion liz made

      • Vanessa’s over-the-top demands are just pissing people off. I don’t know who will go home this week but whoever stays will be gunning for Vanessa – all three of them. At least next week we will see someone other than her as the HoH. But its all about the veto. All we can do is hope she doesn’t win it next week because then she should go home.

      • Yes the demands are completely unnecessary. Those deals hold no weight at all (um hello remember your forced deal with Becky). She seems smart so she would have to know it’s unlikely they would be honored and likely just hurting her?? It’s far fetched but perhaps she is forcing the issue to get a read on the responses she gets like in poker? Poker players do pride their ability to read people. But I guess it’s much more likely shes just paranoid and arrogant lol


  14. Why doesn’t Vanessa make a deal that she’ll never go up on the block ever & everyone must take her to F2. Her deals are out of control. She is annoying

  15. Vanessa to Austin: “You don’t know what it’s like to be me in this game.” Later she adds that it sucks to be me in this game.” LOL, no Vanessa, no one knows how it feels to be a crazy nut. Does she ever wonder how it feels to be the other house guest with her in the house…stressful!

    John is, does it matter what I say? You are going to twist it around so I will just nod, silly grin, and you can do whatever you want with that.

  16. I’ve never heard someone defend “I’m not an evil person” more than once. And the time I did it’s cuz the person felt guilty they did something evil. I was 12. She’s said it a dozen times. Thanks for the conformation. Oh but great gameplay.

  17. It makes me sick that Vanessa wants to target Johnny. Like what in the hell is wrong in her brain?!?! If she gets out either Liz or Austin then she’ll have 3 people taking her to F2! Liz and Austin are obviously taking each other, is she stupid now?? And if for whatever reason she did want to keep them she should target Steve! I’m done watching, this show is so fucking scripted it makes me sick and I am not watching anymore. NO REAL PLAYER WOULD EVER MAKE THE DECISIONS THIS CAST HAS!

    • Ahhh….but that’s the key. Vanessa is not a “real” player. She has been placed in a cast of extremely weak players who BB knew she could use her bullying antics as well as her manipulating skills. It’s no secret that CBS is using Vanessa to promote her new show “POKER FACE” and I wouldn’t be surprised if they are also using Austin to help her win as a way to bring his dead wrestling career back to life..[not gonna happen]. It was obvious when Vanessa started trying to bribe some of the cast with money if they helped her win and other money offers, and instead of being kicked out of the house for bribery, the DR [in her words] “spanked” her for her shenanigans. I’m so done with this pathetic show but will come back and vote for JohnnyMac for AFP!!!

      • Does that put Derrick in same category as last years cast was not much better?
        He led the sheep to slaughter, as Vanessa has done.
        I missed CBS or other sources on confirmation of Vanessa’s new show. Can you link me to said confirmation please.

      • only Derrick did not bully, intimidate, bully, threaten his way to win, he kept his integrity!

      • After watching BB17 no one will watch “poker face”. She’s such an ugly person inside and out, maybe that’s just the persona they gave her but it isn’t flattering or making me want to watch more. If John had a show after called Dentist Diaries or something random, that I would watch bc he’s hilarious and a good person!

  18. If Vanessa thinks that she can go to the final three with Austin and Liz and if one of them wins they will take her to the final two then she is a fool. Her only chance there would be to win HOH at the final three. I personally don’t want her or Austin to win . Austin should have gone long ago . Liz has really made herself look slutty the way she has been so easy and thrown herself at Austin. She must have really low and bad tastes in men .

  19. Ugh. More hunting for “reasons” to nominate. You don’t need a reason other than you’re trying to win the game!

  20. Well, if that competition wasn’t made to order for Van I don’t know what is! With her looonnnnng fingers, and having already won one competition exactly like that, it makes one wonder. I really hate when BB favors one houseguest over another. Just let the chips fall where they may, but BB won’t do that and never have. Pretty much like most reality shows. Ok, my rant is over for now.

  21. so i read that a BB17 cameraman has leaked that CBS wants Vannassa to
    win because she has a show coming out on CBS soon? this season has
    really been the worst. If Austin thinks he is so great he has a rude
    awakening coming when he gets out like Franki did. Liz reputation is
    ruined for the way she has just rolled over toward austin too many
    times. does she not realize the cameras are running? Julia is just plain
    stupid. I havent figured out steve’s problem but he is right behind
    julia in the stupid phase. Jmac can be annoying but at least he has been
    waking up to the others stupidity since clay left. and i am not even
    going to van’s faults that would take all day!!!

    • Vetos are now more important than ever to win than HoH’s. I hope JMac wins them all from here on out and Van is evicted next week!

    • You totally misread Steve. He is very intelligent, but he’s also very quiet. I also think you misread the perception of Austin. He may not be loved, but I really don’t think he’s hated either. And Liz? Well, one week after BB is over, no one will remember her, so I think her reputation will be just fine. JMac’s dental practice will thrive and Vanessa, even if she doesn’t win, will go back to the poker tables with a bit more fame in her pocket.

      • Heard she’s going to school for DJing! She’s taking a break from poker…she stated this sometime this season!

  22. watching vanessa is totally disgusting. she’s a digusting person like austin and liz. steve is weird. and jmac is probably the most normal.

  23. Had to turn the feeds off last night. Vanessa was giving me a headache. If she talks about her integrity one more time I’m going to blow up my iPad.

  24. What’s up with the other HGs, they can’t win when it is crucial to be able to evict Vanessa, they might as well just hand over the check to her because she is eliminating each and everyone of them the way she wants. Frustrating, this is what happens when they had the chance to have evicted her long time ago, Austin begging like a little bitch with no spine, Steve lost in yonder, Liz slut’s her way in and out of Austin’s peccadillo, so far JMac seems to be the only one who has a clue as to what is going on except he has to win games and stop throwing the competitions. Ahggggggggg

  25. After I thought about it, this is probably I very smart if she can hope that either Steve and John win veto. I think her real plan is to get out Liz or Austin. But she can’t say that because Liz will be bitter. So she has to act like it isn’t her fault.

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