Big Brother 17: Audrey Emerges For One Last Hurrah [PICS]

We’ve passed the final night of Audrey Middleton on Big Brother 17 as she’s all but been evicted at this point from the game. After days of hunkering down in the Have-Not room Audrey emerged for one last round as a fun Houseguest.

Audrey Middleton in disguise on Big Brother
Audrey Middleton in disguise on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Audrey’s antics polarized Houseguests to either stand against her or with her as a lightning rod to protect themselves, but she was never ever dull, well not until the past few days, and that’s the Audrey I’d rather have her go out as.

Flashback to 9:40 PM BBT to find Audrey emerging from the Storage Room announcing “who is ready for a takeover!” She has the blonde wig on and is carrying the placard from storage as part of her costume to make it look official.

“Sister!” Audrey says to Julia who gets up and runs over. “I’m the other twin.” Of course everyone knows about the twin and Audrey was the last to be included in discussions, but it did seem like she was perhaps making a subtle jab at exposing it just in case others weren’t sure.

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Across the room you have Shelli squeal-yelling “Oh my gosh! What’s happening?! This is soooooo exciting!” Okay, settle down, Shelli. It’s just Audrey goofing around. The Houseguests are happy to see her back outside the HN room and even more so to hear her talking after 3 days or self-imposed reclusion.

After goofing around with Julia and pretending the SR card says something everyone laughs and goes back to their regular conversations. Audrey then hangs around but hides behind the partial wall watching the other HGs before wandering back to the HN room. Well, it’s better than nothing and at least she got to have a little fun.

If you want even more Audrey goofing around then rewind 9:20PM BBT Cams 3/4 as Audrey jumps up from her dentist chair and starts to sing and dance their Big Brother musical. Seriously.


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  1. She should sit with Julie Chen with that ensemble, With the hood and sun glasses….like a Uni-bomber.

    • I can’t wait to see what Julie has to say. My understanding though is it will be scripted.

      • It will be..she said on the feeds that there is already “a series of questions” all ready for her..I am sure she has had practice in the DR.and Julie will go very easy on her and she was told by production that the audience will welcome her with open arms!

    • Has Audrey threatened a lawsuit or something..the way this girl is receiving special treatment right now is ridiculous..ativan or not!

      • The viewers (mostly feeders) have a lot of questions. I hope Julie addressed it by asking her the proper questions.

      • I don’t wish to be cynical but I can’t see Julie confronting Audrey about her many mistakes.

      • She has to be on more than Ativan…the side effects aren’t that bad (I mean, they’re not great but wtfe) for her to be acting the way she is, nor to be treated with kid gloves. I bet she’s the last TG on this show…

      • Okay I take it back after reading a FULL list of side effects…maybe they should just let people smoke!

    • As she grew, she learned that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone off is a piece of cake.

  2. Matt B. Thank you so much for the time you spend on these fantastic updates. I only get to watch the regular episodes this year, due to demands of taking care of hubby, and rely on your wit and powers of observation to keep me up-to-date on what’s happening. I love being able to log onto this page and constantly find something new and interesting to read. You’re the best and I don’t know how you keep it up. Many thanks!

    • I ditto that! When I miss an episode first thing I do is read Matt’s blog,he is the best at recapping the night, it’s as if ya never missed anything! Thankyou Matt, your hard work is greatly appreciated.

    • I agree! You are the best Matt B. I love being able to check in here to get the real scoop :)

    • Love you EnglishRose and I still remember all the fun we had last year. Stay strong and God bless you and your hubby.:)
      Bless you too, Matt and the gang..

      • Thank you, KSJB, love you too, lady! Really enjoy reading your hilarious comments and your down-home sense of humor.!

  3. Music, getting at least 7 hours of sleep, and/or cuddling on a nightly basis can help women be more patient and optimistic.

  4. Did Austin rat out Clay, Shelli and Vanessa about the twins and them already knowing?

    • Austin told Jason about the twins and what Julia’s name is. He also told him his plan to get Julia out asap, so that he can have Liz to himself at the jury house.

      Jason thought that the twin’s name was Angela, who happens to be another sister. Jason ran and told Meg, and then Shelli and then Van. Shelli told Clay, who suggested telling Julia. Van and Shay are po’d @ Austin for doing this without consulting them first.

      • LOL I can’t even stop laughing at how “telephone-ish” that became…it’s worse than high school in that house.

  5. All Audrey talked about last night was how doped up she is on Ativan. That is a common drug for treating bi-polar disorder. Very possible she was having a depressant episode the last few days and now seems almost manic.

  6. Forgive people ~ even those who are not sorry for their actions. Holding on to anger only hurts you, never them.

  7. Now I can definitely say since we now know she was faking her self-imposed seclusion that she needs to go for sure! This game is not suited for her to play! :-)

  8. Am I the only one that sees the irony of having the “Sixth Sense” group and Audrey basically being a “ghost”? And Audrey’s blonde wig/Single White Female show was freaking creepy as well. And to continue with the creepy vibe this season: We have twins ala The Shining. Austin ….well being Austin but he spouts mad hatter personality transformations with his Judas angle. Shelli could be a Stepford Wife. And Jason is kind of like Pee Wee Herman running through it all looking for his bike. I mean the next take over should be by Stephen King.

  9. Gonna miss her antics but am excited to see who the new HOH’s gonna nominate for the BOB !

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