‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Ceremony Results

The Power of Veto Ceremony spoilers for Big Brother 17 this week are in with the latest results revealing who will face eviction on Thursday’s live show.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

Control of the game was concentrated in one alliance this week which made decisions and planning much easier heading in to today’s meeting with few surprises in the outcome.

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 8:

Liz Nolan decided not to use the Veto on either John McGuire or Becky Burgess leaving them both on the Block to face Thursday’s eviction.

There was a little debate over the past few days as to going ahead with targeting Vanessa this week or not. Aside from her loose cannon behavior, it just didn’t make sense for the Austwins to do anything about her just yet. Though I can only imagine how many times we’ll hear “I should have renom’d Vanessa” over the next few days.

If the vote were held today then Becky would be the next member of the Jury, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

Liz, Julia, and Austin all feel more comfortable with John sticking around and being used to go after Vanessa. As for Vanessa, she’d probably like for both of the nominees to go this week, but Becky has been a top target since she was almost BD’d. Either way, she’ll just be happy she didn’t end up on the Block again this week.

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    • I agree. These HOHs, and nearly unanimous votes, have been some of the most chicken sh!t players since BB began. Maybe JMAC can create some excitement!!

    • JMAC wins HOH and here is what he should do. 1. Right off the bat put up Austin and Vanessa on the block. 2. Short of Vanessa winning the VETO, have a plan in place to remove Austin from the block. 3. Replace Austin with Liz as his first choice, Julia as his second choice (depending if one or the other wins the VETO). Reason behind this is simple, with Liz on the block both Austin and Julia will vote to evict Vanessa. If Austin is on the block, both Julia and Liz could evict Austin and partner up with Vanessa (a strong chance of that happening). If Julia was on the block, both Liz and Steve will vote to evict Vanessa over Julia with Austin being the wild card and Steve being the wild card in any other form for Vanessa to stay. There will be only 5 votes next week and the HOH will need at least three to evict Vanessa. Any other scenario would result in a backlash of Vanessaitis against any HOH that would dare put her up.

      Vanessa wouldn’t be a player to come back since it more than likely will be an endurance comp and the two strongest player’s in those are James and Shelli. But I wouldn’t rule out Becky or Jackie winning to come back in the house and send one of the Austwins home. This is the time they need to start thinking about votes from the jury house and none of them is.

      • Johnny Mac threw this HOH to Steve! He had it won but figured this would be better for the both of them especially if endurance comp is next! Jmac was walking around with only 1 block left i believe and was waiting for Steve to finish and ring buzzer! He could have won a lot more comps

        but was trying to stay low on the radar! He said he wants to win next HOH! I hope he wins!

      • I really hated to see John throw that HOH to steve…I hope he wins next HOH too. Now that the Austwins are on to Vanessa and her final 2 deals with everyone, if she doesn’t win HOH and/or veto hopefully she’s the next one out the door….with John as HOH.

      • I think it was best for Steve to win but it also makes him a target of 2 or 3! Hopefully it is endurance comp because otherwise yes John should have won the HOH! We shall see how many jury votes Steve loses with this move but you have to put Austwins up or you never make it to final 2! You need atleast 2 of the 3 gone plus Vanessa! I doubt the twins will understand and forgive him because they are so bitter against anyone doing anything mean to them but it is part of the game! Austin put him up twice! Austin was the real target this week but he won VETO! It was not LIZ! Only Steve and John knew this was the real plan as I don’t think most of AMERICA know this! You only catch this on after dark feeds! We shall see what they show on tv tonight? Liz should be gone and the Austwins set trap now to see how Vanessa votes and will use this to come after her! Also they said they will tell John too! Of course I don’t believe really anything they say they will do but maybe depends on who wins next HOH and veto? I am ready for SUNDAY night as tonight LIZ should go as she is the only person V did not have final 2 with for obvious reasons!

      • the Austwins need to be broken up. if anyone besides them wins HoH they should put two of them up and if one comes down replace with the other one. Either way you have to break them up before it’s too late. Steve, Vanessa and James need to make a final 3 alliance.

      • One problem with that though, Vanessa doesn’t like James and James don’t trust Vanessa. Other than that, yeah taking out Austwins should be priority bu how high up the list I don’t know.

  1. Such a stupid week, with weak players getting rid of weak players and no power moves, Vanessa still in the game even? yeah boring and if this coming week is a repeat of this week, its safe to say I may stop watching til V is packing for jury, because at this point just hand her the check now, spare us all the bullshit.

    • I wouldn’t call Becky a weak player….. I think she’s very much a threat to the Austwins side of the house.

      • She is a threat, but only because she made a power move, along with James, everyone else has yet to prove anything but showcase their weakness and herd mentalities, this season is filled with sheep, looks like Becky is going home. that’s if Vanessa doesn’t tell them to get rid of Johnny first.

  2. Smart move by the ‘Austwins’….

    Keeping Vanessa keeps the numbers game in their favor, and it also keeps the primary target for the ‘Goblins’ in the game.

    Had they decided to BD Vanessa, then you could guarantee that a member of ‘Austwins’ would be going home next week if J/J/B/M won the HOH. Now it will still be possible if J/J/M wins HOH, but they will still have a decent shot Vanessa goes home instead of one of them.

    • Ya it makes sense, it’s stupid overall, but make sense for them. Gets a threat out of the house, but still leaves JMac and James gunning for Vanessa. They want players that will target Venessa and not target them, but not too many good players that it will be too hard for them to beat if Vanessa were to go out next week. Plus it shouldn’t really upset James and Meg, so they should be OK with them.

  3. Much as I like Johnny Mac to win, he would only end up doing the dirty work for those non-deserving house guests benefiting from his HOH. That would be James and Meg. I would rather Vanessa’s alliance win the next HOH then, put up James and Johnny Mac on the block if they want. Maybe, James gets sent to the jury house. I think James deserves to be in the jury house more than Becky and John who tried to remove Vanessa from the game. It is a travesty for James to still be in the game while, Becky and John get evicted before him. Let Vanessa and her alliance vote him out and send him to the jury house. If he wins and makes it back fine. If not, so much the better.

    • Ya, all the Goblins are clueless, without Jackie feeding them bad information, they take as fact, they don’t have a direction, even if it was the wrong direction lol. Austwins shudda brought in Meg/James or Beckey/John and teamed up, got rid of Vanessa, and still had the numbers. Then from there the other 5 should all team on the Austwins lol.

      • Actually as much as it pains me, I will do you one better: Getting rid of Shelli was the best shot James had that week; what he will come to regret most, I think, is that he did not take down Clay and put up Vanessa beside Shelli the week before. Had he done that, Shelli would have gone home. Clay would still be there but without her. Then last week Becky could have put up Clay (instead of Shelli) against Vanessa or maybe even an Austwin to ensure Vanessa went home. Vanessa got them to save Shelli (as did Clay do his part) since she (V) was not on the block against her. I know we see/hear more than they do but wishes, wishes, wishes.
        To me, that is when the ball started downhill: When Clay went home instead of Shelli.

      • Which is one more reason James should be in the jury house. He just gets in the way of others trying to get out Vanessa. He bought maybe, one or two weeks tops for saving Vanessa but, blew up his game, as well as the games of Jackie, Becky and John in the process. I am not counting Meg as she does not have a game. At this point, it is almost over for James and John, Vanessa’s alliance just needs to win 2 more HOHs back to back to finish the job!

  4. JMac for the win, next HoH..I hope Becky doesn’t throw him under the train…i mean bus.

  5. And that’s what you get Becky … miss Van as your target when you shoulda looked at the bigger picture to begin with and gone after an Austwin. Serves you right.

  6. It doesn’t matter. Each of them know that Vanessa is responsible and they will try to get her out if any of the goblins manage to win HOH. Steve should throw the comp since he is a weak human.

  7. There’s no “element of surprise” with any member of The Austwins in charge. We know none of them will be put up so it feels bland all the way around. We need someone else to win HOH this week and mix things up a bit. I don’t care how annoying Vanessa is, that 3-vote block is pretty powerful right now. Next week (if at all possible) put up both Liz and Julia and if need be, bd Austin. Otherwise next week means they have 3 votes out of 5, right?

    • Yeah, I know. Everyone spends an entire week thinking about the bigger threats and making big moves, then when the time comes they chicken out, and make an easy choice (Becky, jmac etc.)

    • James will lose this game if he doesn’t wake up. He is making friends with the wrong people. I doubt Steve will ever betray Vanessa. Austin and the twins are just a threesome pretending to be in an alliance with others. Austin is not stupid and that’s why he needs someone on his team since Liz will never betray her sister for him.

      • I do think Austin is the one running most of the game.. He will let someone else take out the twins (Julia).. James told Meg last night that they have to break up the twins after Vanessa.. So I hope whatever jury member comes back gets on board to do that.. I think their more dangerous then Vanessa at this point

      • Who is he to make friends with? They all want him gone, including John. He can only trust Meg.

      • He is the leader of the goblins and the only one who is able to win HOH if Becky leaves. Austin and Vanessa know this.

      • Exactly. Even if they had Steve (which they won’t) it would be a tie and go to Liz.
        After she goes (or he) then they can only hope a “good guy” returns from jury.
        Personally, I don’t like returning jurors but if they are going to do it, I hope it’s a “good one”. :)

      • In this context whomever is going to help them. Obv in James’ case, it would be anyone but Shelli. But that also depends on who else lands in Jury.
        Jackie would be ‘good’ for him. Becky would be ‘good’ for him. Shelli – not ‘good’ for him.

    • I agree but everyone is to stupid to realize that. Nobody even mentions the Austwins.

      • If we are going to concede the game to Vanessa, then next week let’s just start in on LIZ (if Jmac, James or Meg wins POV)!
        Take that, Austin “It’s too soon to BD Vanessa” and Julia “Let someone else do it”!
        That would be checkmate anyway without Fortune intervening because if Austwins lose Liz, they’ll run back to Vanessa like children (IMHO) to take revenge, brokering whatever deal with her they can.
        Yeah! Light the torches, grab your pitchforks! All hail the queen! Aye yi yi yi yi (smh)

  8. Why oh why didn’t they take out Vanessa last week?!? “Austin’s Angel’s could literally control the entire vote next week!! Those stupid Goblins… I swear, Meg is more useless than Victoria.

  9. these people are so STUPID !!!!!!!!!! Vanessa is RUNNING that house….if they don’t get her out SHE WILL WIN !!!!!!!!!!!! idiots…….

    • I’m sorry but I don’t think Vanessa is running the house anymore.. Shellie and Clay were her true alliance.. When she lost them she realized Austin has the twins.. She hasn’t been talking a lot of game with them lately.. I truly think Austin has the upper hand in this game now and he knows it.. Most people in the house want Vanessa gone and he is taking advantage of that

      • she wants Becky out and she convinced Liz to put her and john up. She is relaxed this week since the twins and Austin are on her side.

      • Week 1 I didn’t give Austin a thought about lasting past the halfway point. I figured if he aligned with the guys that they would still take him out around Week 6. I honestly thought in the first half that he was a “sleeping comp giant” who would suddenly start winning every comp after Week 6.
        He showed me. Lol

      • Yes he does have the upper hand right now…and keeping Vanevil in there will deflect the attention….the non Austins are bunch of clowns with no direction…they are chickens that peck each other…and austin see’s that by the convo’s he has with them…one thing tho that he can’t forget…Vanevil knows the math and 3 against 1 does not equal jackpot in her books…if she’s kept in…she’s capable of flipping the house to start dismantling the Austwins…she has to if she want’s to win.

  10. BORING and PREDICTABLE! I DESPISE Vanessa and it drives me crazy that none of these people are listening to Becky and getting her out ASAP. Look at what happened last week? Vanessa has to go. All I heard was Austin and Liz saying “Next week when we get Vanessa out!”. DUH! You still could have BD’d her and it wasn’t even an option? Liz believes that she is too tight with Vanessa to BD her so they will let someone else do it. What she doesn’t realize is that if she gets to the final 2, NO ONE will give her the money b/c she didn’t have the guts to get any blood on her hands and get “Psycho Satan” Vanessa out. So Liz just blew it in my opinion and when Vanessa wins HOH next week or manages to talk her way into staying in the house, they are gonna feel stupid. Ask Jackie, Meg & Jame…., they didn’t listen to Becky either and where is Jackie now? It is apparent that unless someone in the house gets “Vanessa is a Narcissistic, Manic Depressive, Manipulating Psycho” on their forehead that they will keep falling for her crap. Even if someone did that, it seems they’d still ignore it and move on. I loved the cast this year until the last week and watching them make the STUPIDEST moves in BB HISTORY (Yes. HISTORY!) has made it not enjoyably in recent days. I wait all year to watch the show and it sucks that the predictability of this past week seems to be the start of a trend in the BB house. Hopefully something shakes up the house soon and i hope to GOD that whatever it is leads to Vanessa’s demise.

    • Haha yep, these people are idiots, they keep having chances, they keep making deals with Vanessa and she keep betraying them, and they don’t fell like doing anything about it. Yes she’s a number, until she turns on you, and she will. As much as I’d hate to see Vanessa win, I love seeing there reactions when they realize Vanessa has wronged them. And they they do nothign about it.

  11. Even after hearing the truth, liz STILL put up who VANESSA wanted. Becky tried to warn her, but Liz checked out on day one. I dont even understand anymore…..maybe vanessa actually deserves to win….but I dont want her to. She’d just gamble it away.

    • I’d hate to see her win, but love seeing the reactions of people when they realize she screwed them, cuz the are too dumb to realize it int he moment.

      • Yeah, they are frustrating when they go against a good plan for a conspiracy theory. Like with Shelli for example.

      • What I don;t get is they all know she is a liar but then they all believe her lies! James!!! Wake up. Becky is not your enemy. Vanessa is!

      • I agree with that. The goblins have weak players and once Vanessa leaves Austin will be the powerful one in the house. Unfortunately James and maybe John will be the only ones to put up Vanessa. Let;s see if John stays and gets intimidated by her. He seemed to be a little scared in the room when they were chatting. Telling her he doesn’t like it when she yells and cries and how she was bullying him. He needs to grow up and a pair.

      • In another post…do not know if true or not…said he would rather go..keep Beck…and he seems to be behaving that way…I think he doesn’t have it take out Vanessa…confrontation is not his cup of tea.

      • Really? When James had the “power” to vote her out, he turned his alliance against Shelli instead.

      • That was good for his game, it doesnt mean he wouldnt try and get her out. As you can see he is one of the very few in the house that will do big moves.

  12. As soon as Vanessa (I mean Liz) won HOH she was in Liz’s ear about who needs to go up and why. Can’t they play their own game…So spineless. But then again they are just at camp for some fun this summer, they may not even know they are playing for 500k :(

    • Right?!?!?! Some people would be clawing eachothers eyes out for that kind of money, and they are acting like they are on drugs. It’s all fine … whatever. Really?!

    • Ya Vanessa was running around telling ppl they are safe, creating trouble, knowing/assuming she was safe. Trying to run the whole house again, they are just all doing what is best for Vanessa’s game, althought getting out JMac/Becky is good for Austwns game imo too.

    • The Austin’s Angels alliance as they call themselves now will not give up their control of the game and their vote majority. They will be stupid to do so! It is all a moping up operation which means after Becky leaves, it is John and James left. Meg I still believe is a Final 2 option. When both John and James are evicted, Vanessa might make her move to evict Austin or Liz or Julia. If Vanessa wins HOH, she will target Austin and the twins and send one of them to the jury house. There is still going to be two of them against her and Steve. However, if Steve wins HOH, the twins are done as well as one more evicted and Meg the other survivor. At that point, Vanessa will send the other twin in the game packing and it will be Vanessa, Steve and Meg. If Vanessa wins the best of 3 HOHs, she will take Meg and send Steve to the jury house.

  13. Tbh, I don’t think Liz/Julia is going to win over JMAC with their ‘hotness’. If that’s their plan for jury, I weep for BB.

  14. And yet ONE MORE WASTED HOH and veto, ala Steve. Good Lord, this season is quickly becoming a monotonous bore.

    • To be fair, Steve only had like 5 minutes and he believed Vanessa’s venomous lies in the moment. He realized he was wrong, and in actuality, no one talks any game to him. Which is probably why the camera became his alliance member.

      • Steve doesn’t talk any game with anyone else either. There is dopey decision making running amok in the BB house, and unless you live under a rock in that house, everyone knows Vanessa needs to be removed; Steve has ears and eyes, surely he KNOWS this. It’s all good and well that he knows he was wrong, however, the FACT remains that the remaining alliance members that are the “Sixth Sense” are going to annihilate the remaining non-members.
        He had an opportunity to do something big and instead took the easy route, in my opinion. I ALWAYS root for the underdog, but it’s hard to keep rooting for them when they make dopey decisions. Keeping a bully like Vanessa off the block is bad for everyone’s game. Bully in the sense that she will badger you into unconsciousness until you do what SHE wants.
        With that said, I like and appreciate what Becky and James did as Heads of Household — especially James. Hoping he wins next week.

    • If he changed anything, he wouldn’t have made it so far in the game. He was just so non-threatening to everyone people put him up on the block like four times, then they forgot about him.

    • Probably get in an alliance sooner. He’s trying to right now, and was just left with Steve and Becky who also weren’t in any real alliances. And you know, get on Vanessa’s good side, but she’d turn on you anyway so what would be the point lol.

    • One thing he and Becky should have done is put the Goblins on the block and sent them to the jury house. That is, Jackie and James. Vanessa and the others would think they are still snitching for them.
      Then, if they win HOH again, go after Vanessa and Shelli. Send Vanessa to the jury house then, go after Shelli. That would have been a better scenario because James, Jackie and Meg would not have had a chance to muck things up if they were in the jury house. Only John and Becky would know of their plans. They can probably reel in Steve to their side and he probably might be more loyal than the Goblins ever was! Trusting the Goblins was the biggest mistake of Becky and John in this game.

  15. If they were smart, James, or JMAC would put Liz and Van on the block next week next to each other. In that situation, both Julia and Austin wouldn’t even bother saving Vanessa. It would cause strife in between their alliance. Then Vanessa might flip. But then again, ‘Clelli’ used her and she didn’t even fight it until they were out the door. She just cried. But either way, drama is good for them considering they are at a disadvantage in numbers right now.

    • I like this strategy if the rest of the house outside the Austwins would wake up to the fact that they must work together or they are toast.

      But I have to tell you, after what idiots James and Meg did to Becky who can trust them anymore? They turned on her and left her hanging out to dry. Such a total back stab.

      They better realize their numbers a dwindling and the only way to survive is to bury the hatchets, even the imaginary ones they have with Becky, and work together.

      • Yeah, I agree. No one talks about how bad it was that they went against Becky in her HOH. Now, the target is on her, and Becky is leaving because of it. This is why people are afraid of making power moves.

      • I don’t understand why people think that was a bad move for James.. Shellie wanted him gone.. I like Becky but she made a few mistakes by trying to protect Shellie so much when she knew her new alliance wanted her gone.. James wanted Shellie gone the week he was HoH and no one honored that.. The one person that got shafted was Jackie, because as much as Steve talked about Becky, she should have been the one gone on double eviction

      • I don’t get it either. Jackie would still be gone and Meg and James would be on the block today. So, it was the smartest thing for their game to send Shelli out.

      • No argument about the Shelli move..it was good for James…but he started believing the Vanessa BS…that’s when he screwed up…he’s playing into the hands of the enemy so to speak right now he trying to work with Austin…bro he’s going to serve you up on a platter!

      • Exactly my sentiments….the non-Austins have to work together…that’s there only chance to survive…if they can’t see Vanevil is working with the Austwins…then they deserve to lose…especially James believing the Vanevil BS…if they can get together…which I doubt…and win an HOH… then they can start doing some damage.

      • How many times exactly did the other side of the house lie to them? Are you telling me that you would continue to work with someone you know that you could not trust?

    • Didn’t even read your comment after ‘If they were smart’ lol. But really, ya some form of Austin, Liz, Veneassa, with perferably Venssa being up or sure. But they’d probly send home Steve or James/JMac(whoever wasn’t HoH) somehow lol. Proably with a ‘We will keep you safe bext week cuz you can’t compete for HoH’ Then they will be gone.

      • There is still time to smarten up, I hope. Or else, whats the point of watching a poker player leave with 500k shes just gonna take to the tables right?

  16. This season isn’t turning out to be a good one. Kinda boring and just I’m annoyed with this group.

  17. The twins feel they are way to comfortable they need to go up on the block but not until after the jury compete members compete to come back. Van & twin need to go. I don’t like the twin twist its and they are annoying……

    • It would have been cool if they didn’t make it in the game but these folks just like adding more to compete for the prize.

  18. Becky had Vanessa out the door practically and then this happens. The wrong people are still in the house.

    • Can anyone trust James and Meg after what they did to Becky? That’s was treachery. I’d be afraid to make a deal with them to evict someone because I’d be afraid if Vanessa or someone else got in their ear again they would turn like weasels.

      • Yeahhhhhh, but remember, becky voted with house to oust jason. They’re memories are long and they’re now playing emotionally

      • He was a number only! Which counted for something even if he didn’t make it to the end.

      • Like James, Jackie and Meg did anything? They trusted Vanessa even after she put up Jason and betrayed them with that 8 person alliance she created with Jason in it! Clueless pretty much describes the Goblins. I hope James gets evicted next! He is absolutely useless.

      • The only person who is not clueless is Vanessa. All others have proven themselves unsavy

      • Could anyone trust Becky after what she did to James, Jackie and Meg? Everyone has such a terrible short term memory that they cannot remember back to the week before when James was HOH and Becky was snitching to Shelli and Clay everything that JJM told her. If you’re going to tout trust then make it about trust not favorites.

      • I completely agree.. Becky is playing good now.. But, she ran right back to chellie and told them what James was doing.. Meg sucks at completions, but the one thing she has demonstrated is her loyalty to the same people..

      • If Becky did not turn against Vanessa, she would have been better off as she was HOH. Now, if she put up James and Jackie on the block, the Goblins would have been wiped out and sent to the jury house and Becky’s plan to evict Vanessa would have been successful! Becky and John’s biggest mistake in the game is trusting James, Jackie and Meg.

  19. The austwins have never been on the block, so they are feeling like gods right now. Someone needs to stop this – like yesterday.

    • The twins HAVE been on the block, but Liz got them off with the BOB win. Austin’s never been up, though.

    • I am coming around to this thinking and next week would be the perfect time to flip the house against them. Put up Vanessa and Liz, then tell Vanessa the plan. I am sure she will go along with it.

      But, unfortunately, two of the dummies in the house are Meg and James and they cannot be trusted to do the smart thing. Jackie is gone and Becky has one foot out the door because of Meg’s and James’ stupid game play.

  20. So John is asking Meg and James to keep Becky and that he doesn’t care if he gets voted out. They should listen to him.

    • Let’s be honest……………….since Shelli and Clay left the house Jon has been a “sailboat” lost at sea and caught in a storm! Becky has a better chance at playing and possible winning this season than Jon does. Nobody 4 MORE!!!

    • Maybe he thinks he can beat Jackie, Shelli and whoever to come back into the house. He may be right.

      • Not a good choice. If james is taken out, he should come back and make a killing — come back with a vengeance.

      • I was hoping that Meg and James are still in the game by then or else there is no point in Jackie coming back.

    • Wow..guess he’s throwing in the towel..can’t take the pressure…probably looking back on how he played this game and saying…if I were watching myself play I would say that moron doesn’t have a clue….another one giving up the 500K…he’s a dentist anyway.

      • I think you are right….he knows he needs to get out before they have the comp to let a jury member back…in a perfect world, they let two back in (that would be a twist) and Jackie and JMAC both return…..

  21. The Austwins are not too sharp either, frankly. They are just fortunate that the rest of the house has no clue how to play the game.

  22. Vanessa needs to go home!! These houseguest needs to grow a set and make some big moves!! I mean come on already!! So over this big brother!!

  23. Over on Jokers, Liz is whining to Austin she wants Vanessa out…um….Lizzy…you just hosted the POV ceremony…minutes ago….remember?….that is where you as the holder of the POV could have removed someone and put her up! Why is this so complicated for this girl????

    • She’s got no guts…spineless…their fear is that Vanevil is going to blow up their game…and you think if you let her set up shop in the house she’s not going to be coming after one of you’s when the time is right…she knows the math…blow up game your game now or later what’s the frikin difference…and she can’t change everyone’s mind in the jury house…not with her track record and things that will be said about her game in there!

  24. They pick people who are entertaining and pretty symmetrical – also young, to play this game. What they don’t pick, are people who’ve actually heard of it.

  25. With the remaining players, here is a power ranking IMO (safest HG’s).
    1. Liz – At the center of two power couples, a member of The Scamper squad, and a proven challenge competitor – Liz is the safest.
    2. Meg – Least threatening.
    3. Vanessa – Despite everyone being on to her, nearly all remaining fear to take her on.
    4 & 5. Julia/Austin have Scamper Squad & Liz protection.
    6. Steve – lowest member of Scamper, but both sides still wanting to work with him.
    7. James – Days are numbered
    8 & 9. Becky & John – Need HOH for either to stay past next Thursday.

    • Jackie can come back and and stay, Shelli or Becky can come back and win a comp and stay. If the fourth out is not Meg, Liz or Julia they could come back and stay also

  26. Can the house not always be unanimous in there evictions ? Can the other side just not care about ruffling the side in power ? Makes for better tv when the whole house isn’t unanimous.

      • They are playing a game. To us it’s entertainment but their goal is to not become a target. If you know you don’t have the numbers to save someone, why ruffle feathers?

  27. Steve ruined this game. He had his chance of breaking the 3some up of Austin, Liz and Julia. You just CAN”T leave a 3some in the game at this stage, it’s plain stupid. This game is over now. Vanessa will join the 3some and the rest will be gone. I’m glad I’m only on trial on the live feeds and still have time to cancel. Show will suck from now on so why waste my time and money. They need to pick better players, or at least get sane ones. Steve is a moron and so is John for not using veto.

    • I agree with your Steve assessment….he claims to be a huge fan of the game…..not sure what game he means…..as for John, he knew if he used the Veto, Steve would have put up another Goblin….Steve misses his momma and right now Vanessa is that figure for him….

    • I agree.. I think getting Jackie out was a wasted HoH.. He’s scared of Vanessa and Austin..

  28. Why can’t anyone realise the biggest threat is the Austwins? They need to be broken up, like RIGHT NOW! A few more weeks and the 3some will be almost impossible to break up.

    Van needs to wake up and take some action real quick. But i’m afraid even if she wanted to do something, she wouldn’t have the number to do it… James and Meg are now targeting Steve (aka totally hopeless). Becky if stays will go after Van. Van only has Steve… This is why I’m hoping that John stays and Shelli comes back. Shelli, Van, John, and Steve would and could work together to break up the Austwins. Big NO to Jackie or Becky coming back please; they would make no difference to the game!

    A lot of people hate Van, but who would you rather win? Van or one of the Austwins?

    • Right now the only thing exciting about this game is Vanessa….without her, none of them would have a clue…I believe she is hoping for an HOH win this week and will target the Austwins….she is the only one playing the game….she is saving the Austwin removal for herself….to cement her chances if she makes it to the final two.

      • Then why is Vanessa already pitching Jmac as next weeks target? I think she truly believes she controls austin and twins so she doesn’t see them as a target yet.

  29. Fingers, toes, legs, arms and eyes crossed that Meg or James win the next HOH and put Vanessa and Liz up. Even if Vanessa wins POV, they can put Austin up as a replacement. Vanessa is going to come after them anyway, so why not try to get her out? They’ll either get rid of Vanessa or one of the Evil Angels. Barring a miracle, they don’t have the numbers to make it much longer anyway, so why not try to have a huge impact on the game?

      • Thank you for asking, and yes Ma’am, I picked him up at the airport yesterday afternoon. He made it all the way to the top of the Tetons. It was a rope-assisted climb. He did really well and I’m proud of him. I probably could have done it 10 years ago, but not now or ever again.

      • Wow! I’m impressed by both of you. I’ve never had a head for heights – can’t even walk up stairs if they’re not blocked in! If I can see the ground through them, I freeze like a Popsicle – same with piers and stuff like that. Glad he’s home safely – even though you have faith in their ability, it’s still scary.

      • We each have our own fears, phobias, some are very debilitating. Until someone else has walked in our shoes, they’ll never understanding. Minds are phenomenal, if they were all like mine, this world would be in trouble.

  30. I will be the first to admit it if I am wrong about this. I think Steve is playing a role, like a part in a movie. I think he practiced a lot beforehand to get this character down pat. In real life, he may have some social issues, but nothing like he pretends. I’m not buying it. I’d love to hear a psychologists take on Steve.

    • I have been thinking that myself. In the past few days his “gameplay” seems to have gotten much better and his failed HOH IMO was on purpose to throw everyone off. His talk with Jmac outside tonight during the BBchopped comp was more like a Vanessa grilling episode….

  31. I’m getting more and more disgusted with Mousey Meg. What a waste of a spot on the show for someone who says she can’t play “hard”, can’t win anything to save her life, laughs about it as though it were OK, and only works up enthusiasm, by leaping around and squealing with the twins (who are supposed to be out to get her and James), when alcohol comes into the house. I loved her at first – thought she was super cute and perky, but she doesn’t have a clue how to play the game. The only strategy she might have is as someone who would be taken to F2 because no one would vote for them. I’d hate to see her get a dollar though, especially a $50,000 second place.

  32. If Vanessa, James, or Becky (should she stay) win HoH Austin and “Twin Evil” are in for a big surprise next week! Liz will especially regret not playing the PoV for Becky’s agreement to not only come after them (Austin, Liz, and Julia), but convince James and Meg to do the same. This was the “move” to make for the “Trio’s” safety next week and Liz missed it…………..very soon to her (the Trio’s) regret. The “Trio” is the last alliance in the house and the main obstacle to the other HG’s making it to “Final Four”. Nobody 4 NOW!!!

  33. Austin forgot his shirt yet again. This is so hard to watch and lose sleep over. Checking out

  34. This Big Brother is the worse I have seen so far, I guess I will have to wait another week to see a obvious power move had Steve not screw up and take Vanessa out in the first place, geez lueez they make your brain hurt just watching sometimes.

  35. Wish Austin would put a short on especially in kitchen he is hanging all over the counter yucky and those twins their voices drive me crazy and the f word is getting old…

  36. If Vanessa was smart she would get with James and his group to break up the Austwins before it’s too late. The longer they stay intact the more powerful they become.

  37. this season is so strange to me! from Julie Chan saying the first week to expect the unexpected and every week there would be a twist, but those twists stop after week 3i think? To not showing the HoHs (some of them anyway) receiving their room and reading their letters, too mainly for the better part of the game one side of the house up until at most 2 weeks ago not playing the game and acting as though they were at summer camp! to (some….. ok most! Lol) not liking Vanessa! it’s been a very strange and pretty much predictable season thus far. and had it not been for Vanessa, I don’t even know if anyone would have been playing the game! she’s forcing their hand and in turn playing too hard, paranoid, emotional, hypocritical and what not! But honestly, I am a fan of hers in this game and outside the house because of Poker! she is not herself in this game at all! And my guess is because she is not used to relying on other people to win a game. poker is definitely not a team sport so I believe she’s just completely out of her element. But reading so many comments putting her down for constantly talking game, making moves and what not is strange! Are we supposed to be watching people at summer camp this season? Yes, I agree she has been hypocritical and lied, and yes very paranoid! but this is the game Big Brother and you win by getting to the end however you can! So big deal, she’s lying! OMG! Dan Giesen lied every time he spoke, Brittany lied, Mike boogie lied, Dr Will lied ….. it’s what you have to TRY & win! I just don’t understand why so many people dislike her! Aside from her tears a little too often, and her being paranoid which gets annoying at least she’s playing the game! Austin, the twins, even Johnny Mac just seem happy they made it to jury! Even with clay and Shellie they were most upset not because one of them was not going to win the game but because they were not going to be in the jury house together! don’t get me wrong, I understand why she is not a fan favorite. people do not like her style of play and she is hypocritical but at the same time, Johnny Mac is a fan favorite but aside from being funny, and yes winning vetos, what has he brought to the game? and I do like him! He is very funny, but he hasn’t been playing the game. I’m very surprised at how few houseguests (who are super fans! Or have at least I would hope watched every single season) have not been playing the game of Big Brother! up until last week, or I guess once Jason left and clay the entire house aside from Vanessa and maybe a couple others have not played hard if they have even tried at all! its just been a very strange season to me! and of course this is my opinion and my opinion only :-) and I am in no way insulting any of you who do not like Vanessa and I do understand the way she is presenting herself in the game is not in a good way but at least she is playing the game! just a little too hard lol…. If any of you knew her outside of the Big Brother house, you might be able to understand her a little better. this game has made her very paranoid! And do things or say things that are not in her character….. She is a very nice person! she does a lot for the game of poker and she does a lot for charities! anyway, just my opinion :-) no disrespect to any of you! If anyone even reads this extremely long comment lol

    • While I didn’t read your WHOLE post, I think the thing that’s bothering people about Vanessa (at least what’s bothering ME) is that the other house guests SHOULD be trying to get her out because she is proven strong player.
      The whole point of the game is to eliminate your competition to better your chances of getting to the end and winning that $500,000. The fact that she is still in the house due to their poor choices is BAFFLING.

      Only a bunch of NINCOMPOOPS would keep her in there (hello, Steve? I’m talking to you — what a waste of HOH).
      You seem to think it’s personal with those of us yelling “GET VANESSA OUT!” Nothing personal intended — it’s only game-speak.
      Should she make it to the end and win, it will be well-deserved, and only the nincompoops will have themselves to blame.

      • Jo, I do agree with you that they should eliminate her because she is such a big threat! I fully get it!!! and for those people (fans) who are saying the house guests are idiots for not evicting because she is a huge threat, I totally agree with however my comments are directed towards people putting her down for her gameplay, and what not. And my comments are definitely not directed everyone. definitely not directed at you because you know she is a fat and that’s why you think she should be sent home. that’s all :-)

  38. Austin should be put up. Plus Liz then let them two fight it out among themselves.” Then Back for Vanessa. ” She’s been Big Trouble ever since she have arrived on the seen.”

  39. I think that this season has completely jumped the Gronk shark.

    Over and done. It appears as if even the producers have given up on it. No twists, no nothing.

    The whole thing is a joke and it really FEELS like even the show itself doesn’t care anymore.

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