Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 6 Nominations

Nominations are in for the first post-Battle of the Block week on Big Brother 17. That means there are just two nominees from the start this week and only once chance to save their Big Brother lives.

Nominations on Big Brother
Nominations on Big Brother – Source: CBS

The Head of Household competition overnight set things up for a lot of drama as the power has shifted and we’ve been promised a lot of excitement (well for us at least) and plenty of tension.

Big Brother 17 Week 6 Nominations:

  • James nominated: Clay & Shelli

Yes, the big power couple is on the Block despite their best efforts last week to push John and Becky as the biggest duo threat in the house. I know, it sounds funny even just writing that.

Flashback to 3:54 PM BBT 7/31 as Clay cradles Shelli in his arms. He’s furious with James calling him a “piece of s**t.” Shelli starts to blame Austin and says this is all his fault. Then she’s blaming Vanessa. Speak of the devil, Vanessa walks over. Vanessa is upset. Why? Shelli didn’t hug her after the Ceremony. No hug?? What a monster! Oh it’s on.

Shelli starts getting pissed off and raising her tone as Vanessa starts to sniffle tear but that changes to anger when Clay blames Vanessa’s decision to renom Jason. That pisses Vanessa off who feels Jason was a group decision. (Yes, Shelli was a big part of Austin not getting BD’d.)

Overnight James had considered going after Shelli via Backdoor with Liz/Austin going up then thought about Vanessa/Liz. Then early this morning he told Meg that it made no sense to use pawns anymore with the death of BotB (woohoo!) so he went “straight for the jugular.” These were his new best option nomination plans and he stuck to it.

Do you think Shelli is regretting going back on her support for the BD Austin? Now she and Clay will have one shot to save themselves or if they’re really lucky someone else might get the Veto and then take one down as well. But wait! Vanessa, Austin, and the twins are angry at Clay and Shelli which means they might not help either off the Block! The Feeds are on FIRE right now. You’ve gotta watch this.

Good times ahead on the Feeds! Grab your Free Trial to watch the next week for free then keep it for $5.99/month. That’s 20 cents a day for 24/7 access to Feeds content. Silly cheap.


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  1. Just want to give a shout out to the commenter last night James who said Steve was going up, no chance of Clay and Shelli, and how it was clearly peoples first time watching the show and the other commenters can’t read people. What an idiot.

      • He was a jerk last night. I get where your coming from, but you should have seen it.

      • Still no reason to throw personal insult. Brag about that you were right and he was wrong. Don’t go personal.

      • Although…..sometimes we are typing fast and when we say somebody is an idiot, I think we just mean their VIEW was idiotic from their perspective. I know sometimes I say that I HATE a particular player, but then I am really just using a strong word for emphasis and it is not use in the “crime” sense or human being sense.

      • Love or hate is different matter. Everybody is entitled to their opinion so attack the opinion with your take on it. Never attack the person with insult. Doesn’t help the discussion at all.

      • He attacked me first responding to my opinion over and over again then boasts the first chance he gets well sucks for John I don’t start fights but I sure as hell finish them because I am a retailator personality type it’s war now no calls me an idiot

      • I responded to your opinion like I do for everyone else. This is a Big Brother chat the point is to discuss the game. If I disagree with your opinion I say so and state my reason why. I did that to you just like I do to everyone else. Responding to your opinion over and over is called having a conversation. Billions of people do it everyday. You are correct I did boast. I boasted because I was correct and you were wrong. This fight was started by you as I mentioned in my post above. The fight is not finished by either you or I as I am sure you will comeback with some stupid response. If this is a mental war then I have won because you are unarmed. You seem like a person that only has two brain cells and when they both are working they fight each other and your brain shuts down. If you are actually a Big Brother fan you will know that quote. To make it clear so you can understand, you are an idiot.

      • The people that boast are the ones that never achieved victory you do understand the saying act like you’ve been there before as you have clearly never won in anything in life I however am a very successful in all campaigns in my life. Don’t worry toilet you’re new nick name there is more come. The fact that you some how believe you are my intellectual superior is hilarious indeed.

      • People boast all the time. You have clearly not watched many competitions of anything before. It’s the internet anyone can claim to be successful. I can claim to be Bill Gates. Doesn’t mean I am. After reading through all your comments I am starting to find the toilet nickname funny. It is one of those nicknames that a preschooler would use. I don’t believe I am your intellectual superior I have proved it or more likely you have proved it.

      • well then prove it by making a bold prediction I claim jmac and a twin Liz will be in the final 4 what is yours? Or are you a coward as well toilet?

      • I also believe JMac will be in the final 4. I think one twin will as well, but I think it will be Julia. Meg I could see sneaking in there by not being a target or a competition threat. And my last final 4 houseguest would be Vanessa even though I am sad to say it.

      • Jmac Liz Becky and (shot in the dark here) last one I would like to say vanessa but she is tied to many events thus far, I will go with Austin. I somehow think he can pull some strings far enough and maybe actually win an HOH or 2.

      • I actually don’t think that is a terrible list. I trust my prediction, but if those four happened to be there I wouldn’t be shocked.

      • Happens all the time I would say to clarify that his comments were idiotic and uncalled for many of the comments he made to commenters lat night.

      • You’re lying out your teeth I never name called and you know that stop playing the victim card you were just as scummy as I was pal

      • I never said you name called. I said your statements were idiotic, which has been proven by them being incorrect and others clearly agreeing. I also said uncalled for when you turned our debate into a personal argument by saying, “John is this your first season watching BB I am starting to think it is” which is basically the worst thing you can say on here. Not only saying I am an idiot and don’t know what I am doing, but also suggesting I am not a fan of the show if I don’t agree with your as I said idiotic responses. I then responded with “Watched since season 2 and BB Canada” showing my love and devotion to this game. Then you responded with “Then you must not read people well I guarantee you Steve gets put on the block” which is not only incorrect and the reason for our debate in the first place, but also insulting me.

      • I am well versed in poker but you will learn James made a bad move soon enough as you and many other drones that would fail in a BB house will see what I mean sure enough. People like you make me mad you sit here and applaud James like he is fighting a righteous cause like a knight templar but he is only fighting for Americas favorite that is all. His gameplay is weak and you are insane to believe he made the best game move nominating shelli and clay. He has now sealed his fate while pandering to a putz like you.

      • James is not a good player and he has a very small chance of winning, but this is a good move. Would Shelli and Vanessa be a better move, yes. Would putting up Steve and Austin be a good move, no. Also, what does poker have to do with this?

      • Like Vanessa it’s about being able to read people like I do when I watch the game I know this like Derrick was a detective last year he could read the house like I can as well. I will drop some tips I have seen by my reads or tells of the cast thus far. Jmac will become a force to be reckoned with he will make it to the final 4, The twin that won the BoB I think Liz is also better player than most people give credit to once again I see final 4 for her, Becky will backstab someone she is close to to extend her life in the game not loyal, and last read is Steve will float far be lobbied to choose a side in turn the week he chooses a side he will be eliminated.

      • So you are good at reading people, but the only read you have made that can be proven so far, James will put up Steve guaranteed, was wrong. That makes sense.

      • No it just proves James made a dumb move to extend his life for his OWN game but he sure as helped like 8 other peoples chances at that

      • Ask any poker what is worst thing to have at a table it is someone who doesn’t know what they are doing toilet? Nice juvenile attempt a very bad one at that to get me to say I can’t read myelf and you will respond you just said it gotcha. har har har

      • I agree playing poker with someone who doesn’t know what they are doing is the worst. It is like having a debate with someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about. I was right that you couldn’t read James. You can admit it I have read people wrong too.

      • Is this really happening insert step brothers quote “Did we just become best friends” and did we just form a new BB alliance the broskis

      • You know I hated you just about 15 minutes ago, but now I am actually starting to like you.

      • I am actually mad at myself because I am competitive and got the noms wrong. I underestimated James I agree to make a bold move and when he did make a bold move I don’t credit him enough for making the move which is why I think I was being dumb now that I look back at it. I don’t believe he made the best game but he is sure on pace now for America’s player hands down. Maybe Jmac can get it once he starts to reveal himself soon imo.

      • I don’t blame you for underestimating James, hes not a great player. He is in the lead now for America’s player. But I also think that JMac can get it as we both believe he will make it far in the game giving him more time to win America. James will probably be voted out soon and will start to lose America a little.

      • Or turn on each other a few weeks in like this one is doing. The only alliance in 17 seasons of Big Brother larger than 2 people that was created this early and didn’t turn on each other was the Brigade and even they did with Matt.

      • I don’t concur with you and your statement is actually the opposite of well versed because it is incorrect. You said big alliances win out until the end which doesn’t happen.

      • Big alliances do becuase they are big and then forge a new alliance on the tail end of the original big one is BB 101

      • The Bombsquad became the hit men and Derrick won proof enough or need more examlpes?

      • I think I specifically said no alliance larger than 2 people. So that doesn’t work. I need another example.

      • How was I jerk I expressed my opinion never called you names but I am still right sixth sense still has brains and brawn and numbers I even said If James was really smart he goes for vanessa and sheli the brains the best move possible he made a good move yes but not a REAL game changer most likely they still screw up as unit and evict Clay

      • I never said you called me names. At no point in our debate this one or the other one did you say he should put up Vanessa and Shelli. You just said 10 posts up “James should have avoided more blood on his hands and put up Austin and Steve” Now you are just back tracking because everyone disagrees with you. You may be a bigger flip flopper than Vanessa and Shelli. This the biggest game changer we have had this season and the correct move.

      • The boldest move would be to put up Vanessa and Sheli to go down the path he has chosen. If you believe Clay is threat my bad I guess your the real idiot then. As Vanessa did with Jason cut off the head and they will crumble, James did not accomplish this as there are 3 heads, I won’t divulge who but if your “smart” enough you should have figured it out by now and jusrt saying Clay is more like a left foot than a head. I already know you’re idiotic response will be something along the lines of well his move divided the alliance or caused mistrust it will be something moronic like that of course. Next if James did not choose the role of false hero and pander to the America’s vote like he clearly is the best move for him was the Austin and Steve as he could have pandered to Steve’s creepy vibes and Austin’s actions and backtracking. Of course you feel like you know the game but as you have shown you don’t know jack insert expletive here s-it

      • Vanessa and Shelli going up would be a good move. Especially with Clay trying to get voted out. Clay is not a real threat you me and everyone else agrees there. However, this move did cause mistrust and divided the alliance, that’s not a moronic statement. That’s a truthful statement. Vanessa and Shelli up is better than Shelli and Clay up, but if he puts up Austin and Steve, Steve goes home and there is still a strong six coming after him. I know the game and that has been shown by our original argument where I showed my knowledge of the game by saying Steve would not be put up. You showed you don’t know the game by saying, no, you guaranteed Steve would be put up. Then you respond like this proving even further you have no idea what you are doing.

      • James could have made a deal with them to put up Austin and Steve and then extend his time in the house and less blood on his hands in the process. Now James is the false hero GIANT target on his back and is as good as gone. James imo did not help his OWN game but the game for others around him and even within the 6th sense alliance as well. What he did is not a step forward but a step back and you will see very soon what I am getting at. I know you and many others don’t see it this way but there is method to the madness just trust me on this.

      • So, you are saying put up Austin and Steve, keep the six strong, and then just have them keep coming after you. That makes sense.

      • No toilet just go after the 6 paint a giant bullseye on your back and try winning the next 6 HOH’s to save your life in the game is the better plan.

      • I don’t think there is a plan to save himself. Most likely his game is over. But, this plan gives him a shot no matter how small. He was already a target now there is just one less person coming after him.

      • Lol but didn’t you just call John an idiot for calling someone he didn’t know an idiot? Wouldn’t that make you both an idiot and a hypocrite?

      • We’re all idiots for being addicted to this crap. Take the time to smell your dog or hug the roses.

    • You praise James like he is going to go far in this game LOL that’s the root of our disagreement idiot

      • I don’t know if James will go far but he has the balls to put up a big target, clay going out will effect the numbers and by putting shelli and clay up, the disruption in the 6s alliance may cause, hopefully, an end to the collaboration. Don’t you think shelli will have issues with anyone that sends clay home and keeps liz, if she, shelli, gets off the block. The other benefit is that those who were friendly to the 6s members will see their true colors and perhaps not be so friendly, like john. It also might be the kick in the button the outsiders needed. So James deserves the kudos for this move, if he wanted to play safe he could have targeted Steve and no one would have cared.

      • That’s where I respectfully disagree James should have avoided more blood on his hands and put up Austin and Steve and that’s essentially the problem with this move he now paints a giant target on his own back and everyone associated like Meg and Jackie this bodes very well for Becky Jmac and Steve who get to whip out lawn chairs and spectate for 3-4 weeks now. I ultimately believe this move shortens James’es length in the house. Best case scenario this expidites the scenario of the alliance forming and the big one shattering in the 6the sense but this basically happens to the T every season in BB.

      • That is a cowardly gameplan and it’s what causes people to get evicted because they were too afraid to pull the trigger. This whole “I don’t want to get blood on my hands” mindset doesn’t actually work, it just gives people a better chance at taking you out because you left them all in the house. I’m not saying that James will make it very far, he probably won’t, but that has more to do with the fact that his allies are incredibly weak and less to do with him actually making a move.

        Letting Clay and Shelli go far in this game is incredibly dangerous and would probably backfire. It’s obvious that the Sixth Sense have been targeting all of James’ allies regardless of what he does, he was probably going to go soon anyway considering he’s the only one aside from Van and Shelli to win an HOH, all this does is ensure that the other side doesn’t have to come up with some convoluted excuse to put him up should they come into power again. At least now he gets the jump on them and is able to take one of them out.

        This move has caused a major rift in the 6th Sense, everybody is throwing eachother under the bus. He’s managed to shatter an entire alliance after a single nomination. You leave most of them still in the house, but they’re structure is in shambles and they’ve diverted into fragments.

        Sure, Steve, Johnny Mac and Becky get to sit on the sidelines, so what? They’re not an immediate threat to James, the 6th Sense are. I’d rather get rid of the people who are actively targeting my people and worry about the stragglers later. Somebody has to make it further in the game, but in order to set yourself up to do just that yourself, you have to take out your biggest threats. Shelli is one of them.

      • I never said they were a threat to James but I said they benefit the most from this decision, and my logic is to try to lay low with the game on hand and not create a half house of enemies which James just did with his noms. The goal of the game is to be the lone survivor and he just ruined his chances with the “bold move.” Now the others have all the ammo they need and soon the trio of James Meg and Jackie will be picked off one by one. I just feel he could have played it differently to save his own hide and extend his lifetime in the game because it ultimately is a game.

      • Now I am wondering if you are even watching the game. James can’t lay low at this point he has been HOH twice and has people coming after his group. By putting up Steve he is ignoring the threat which is the sixth sense. Trying to keep people who are clearly coming after you is stupid.

      • If they wanted James out he would be out and James could have forged a new alliance with his power this week but what did he do pander to the 2 sides at war and then pander to be America’s vote. I don’t know about you but the object of any game is to win or achieve victory. James just ruined any chance at that this week. Please try to refute this it is funny seeing you spew garbage like you could win in BB. You are a toilet and a sheep so funny.

      • How would putting Austin and Steve up instead have helped him at this point in the game. There is a solid six targeting him he has to attempt to evict one of them.

      • Looks like everyone disagrees with you. Wait you do have one up vote. Oh never mind that’s just you again. Thinking that he should leave the sixth sense alliance alone and strong and just wait for them to evict him is crazy. He should do what he did which is put them up and watch the alliance collapse like it is. It goes from 6 against 3 with some in the middle to a more even field

      • I can send you a screenshot of my yahoo article post of over 300 likes in a discussion about psychology and the way the human brain works if you want to compete over “up votes” with your max being like 7. Are your game? I am sure you’re not, moving on from that pwned feeling, and the alliance will shift members yes but then a new alliance will form of a mash up of existing and floaters here and there named something stupid like the shadows or the core. Once again I am right and you will now dance around the fact that I am right but concur at the same time without admitting you agree with me but clearly saying in your response you do. I am superior to guys like you who fake being smart or think they are smart lol.

      • Your up voting yourself. Not having up votes isn’t an issue and I wouldn’t be getting on you if you had none. Up voting yourself is just sad. A yahoo post, child please, so many people read yahoo it would be sad if you didn’t get over 300 likes. I could respond to your big brother response, but it looks like someone already did and made a pretty good response pointing out the flaws. You continue to show how little you actually know. I would say I am smarter than you, but based on your responses you proved I am.

      • So you are saying no to my challenge about getting a reasonable number of up votes rather then in a BB message board? I will raise the stakes to make you look inferior I will make a post on these same boards and show you I will clearly Get a lot more than 7 up votes just being like you and pandering to the masses but I will “make believe” I am one of you as my social experiment just to expose you for being the sheep that you are like many others. What a weak comeback proving you have never achieved more than 10 likes ever in any forum well yahoo is more traffic man. Typical little man hiding from a challenge as you clearly never recieved more than 10 votes in any forum for your toilet shitty opinion. Watch and learn toilet the games will begin and I will show you how easy it is to be a sheep baa baa

      • Such a lie and you know it. That’s why you praised a pathetic number of 7 up votes and then you call me the flip flopper or did you forget the whole nobody likes what you say? Now I’m the flip flopper typical hipocrite.

      • Nobody likes what you say because they responded in disagreement like Jake below.. Not based on up votes.

      • I will admit I was dick that night in my responses to your responses and I can be like that at times which I need to change. I tend to be outspoken at times and because so I try confine myself to the internet to express myself while really not trying to put others down or be a jerk to them. I believe by your own admission the boasting was wrong but I in many ways desreved it for my actions. I love BB but I just feel like James could have layed low or even used his power as more of a hand of justice to forge a new alliance to extend his game further. I would have called out the 6th sense and blackmailed them to put up 2 of their own as their actions have caused to much bloodshed as it is. Then I would have went to the ones I want to work with to forge a new secret alliance in the wake of the pirhanas feeding on each other. I just think his plan is solid to a degree but one that sacrifces himself for the glory of others espcially jmac and steve for now.

      • I was a dick too for calling you out on here when I shouldn’t have. I think we are actually really similar which is pretty funny. After your final 4 prediction I was starting to actually like you, so I found it funny when you asked it we just became best friends. It was so weird how we hated each other and then in minutes actually liked each other. I see where you are coming from with your point and it certainly helps those in between like Steve and JMac. They are the real winners here. I just think that because James is already so large a target because it is only him jackie and meg and meg isn’t really a threat that it makes sense to target the sixth sense because you know they are going after you. I feel like he can’t really lay low even though I agree that that is the best strategy. You then hope which seems to be starting to happen that they start to throw each other under the bus to break it up. Then you can go after the pieces. I agree with you that I don’t think it will work out for him, but I don’t think any plan is likely to work at this point and this is his best shot.

      • I think Austin has been throwing the HOH comps as well to not be a big target the irony in that is funny but to not come off as a big brawny muscle dude ala James winning 2 physical challenges to Austin’s none. I do think he could have performed way better but is waiting to turn up the heat to his liking. He needs to be careful as his plan may backfire if he talks himself onto the block without winning some more comps for himself.

      • I agree. In the interviews before the game started he was saying how he wanted to not be seen as a threat and would play down his physical ability. So throwing the HOH comps makes sense.

      • The root of our disagreement is you said Steve would go up as a nom I said he would not, two sixth sense members would. I was right Clay and Shelli went up. Another self up vote too wow.

      • Didn’t someone else say you were the idiot for calling someone an idiot and got more up votes than any of your bashing posts, oh that’s right they did.

      • Yes they did and they should. The comment was hilarious and I up voted him myself. However, you continue to avoid debating me about our original topic. Steve did not go up like you guaranteed would happen. Clay and Shelli did which I said would happen. I was right and you were wrong. Admit it.

      • So you agree for calling me an idiot made you an idiot right? cause the majority of the users agreed with that sentiment more than any of yours.

      • Well then it looks like most users here don’t agree with your honest opinion now does it? Come on toilet keep em coming broski

      • The guy said you were an idiot for calling someone else an idiot in lamens terms most seemed to agree with that logic.

    • Btw I flagged your comments preaching hate torwards me but tell me you really feel

      • Not sure if you are the commenter James or just trolling here. If you are trolling I applaud you as this is one of the best trolling jobs I have seen and you have fooled me. If you are James than why is your name James last time and Brad now? Did you really get rattled enough to create an account just to debate me? Do you up vote your own comments because no one up votes them for you? I am thinking of using airbnb to rent out the real estate I own in your brain right now, how much do you think I should list it for?

      • I am James it took that much ramble to figure that out? I will now recite the Billy Madison quote to sum up what you just did, here goes.

        What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      • Oh let me just pick a random quote, a good quote from a good movie, but a random quote. It seems from your comments that you refuse to actually debate me. That’s ok if you can’t just tell me you want me to stop.

      • There is no debate I made several points along the board not all directed at you so your babble should have read I believe James and TheRadBrad are one in the same but you talked in circles as the norm and went on and on about fake accounts troll job something you may be accustomed to I presume?

      • Oh, I saw that coming but here is a wrinkle to your plan toilet I can open seven tabs to the websites of your choice which would then be shown on the screenshot to prove it is me. You do realize to create such a screen shot would require photoshop or the real deal like it is. You are now going to admit defeat as I just refuted you denial to challenge like a coward you are toilet or you can refute once more and admit I am now well versed in photoshop if you like. Oh that feeling of being pwned huh :P

      • If you say you are James I believe you. You wouldn’t get this into it if you were just trolling. However, you have to admit that anyone could have pretended to be James.

      • Dude I have a family of 4 including myself with 2 toddlers I am juggling my 1 labtop with 4 tablets I am not signed in on every tablet as my disqus profile TheRadBrad I chose to enter a psuedo email you can type anything in and it lets you post and used my first name James.

      • No my other responses were too graphic and were removed :) I really wish you would talk ish to my face I would love to have a friendly conversation with you outside if you catch my drift. You will respond something dumb like I am in your head or Keyborad warrior as I know your type. Did you know fun fact I was heavily recruited by the Navy to join the seals because of my appearance alone. You will now say I am lying or dispute these claims but it is what it is. Toilet you are a very lucky guy I will leave it at that.

      • Too graphic and were removed good one. Trying to say you could beat me physically because you can’t beat me mentally is another good comeback. Even though I would kick your 10 year old ass. The military will recruit anyone they see they are always looking for people. Serving is an accomplishment being recruited is not. Calling me toilet is what lets me know you are 10 years old or maybe just mentally a ten year old. You up vote yourself it is just sad. You talk about me being in your head twice in just that one response so I must really be in your head.

      • Toilet you must be recruited to get into the seals dipstick, shows how much you know. No joe blow jabroni can walk into the recruiting office and say hey I’m seal material. I was pulled aside by the SEAL recruiter that is a position in the military something you obviously know nothing about as stated above. I see you didn’t accept the up vote challenge as I told you I can show my 300 plus likes in one article alone? Your mighty pandering to the BB crowds show like 10 people like what you say? Awesome broski keep on keeping on toilet.

  2. Such a great move for TV viewing purposes, can’t wait to watch Princess Shelli try to dig her way out of this one. Hopefully no one uses the power of veto and they remain on the block.

    • I think the only person in the house that might use the veto would be Vanessa. If everybody else has any brains they’ll leave these nominations the same and split up this couple – which would be especially sweet since it’s pre-jury (where Clay and Shelli together could rule the jury house).

      • I think based on the argument between Clelli and Vanessa, that’s not even a possibility now

      • Even if Vanessa uses the veto, only one will be coming off the block and James will shove Liz up there as she’s basically the only one that will garner enough votes to stay.

      • Seems like Vanessa is done with this group of people and now have to move on to another group to survive.

    • The rest of the now defunct 6th sense are too scared that another one of them will go up, if they use the PoV. Becky might consider using it on Shelli, but that would make her even more disliked.

  3. Clay saying..James is a piece of s**t, Vanessa is upset with Shelli, Shelli is upset with Vanessa….PERFECT !

  4. I am LMHO reading Jokers and what is going down between Shelli and Vanessa right now. Clay must have gotten mad at the nom ceremony and said something to James. If anyone finds out, please let us non feeders in on it.

    • Hang on, I’m watching. Clelli are both in HOH rm. talking to James…update you later….Dad ok now?

    • He basically told him in no uncertain terms that James is shitty for going against his word to keep him and Shelli safe and James said, “just as you did for weeks now” and then told him that Vanessa had reported what they did last week and weeks prior as well.

      • I think by telling Clay and Shelli that Vanessa told on them (he didn’t give details either as to exactly what that was) is what got Shelli and Vanessa feuding! The guilty speak loudest, don’t they? hahaha

      • Me too…I was almost going to give up on this season. Glad I was too curious to do that! :-)

      • James was a strong hoh the first time. He picked a target and a strategy and stuck to it regardless of all the scheming of others. It is easy to forget since after his reign he became a goofball just laying low and staying under the radar. If it was strategy, well done sir!

  5. I am living!! The game has begun! BOTB really messes with the game and I’m so happy it’s over. King and Queen of “We never lie” are getting a taste of their own medicine.

    Clay/Shelli are poor sports. They didn’t hug Vanessa after they were nominated even though she kept them safe 2/4 HOH weeks and Shelli literally said “our alliance is over” to Vanessa. When the going gets tough you’re supposed to stay together lol.

    • ^Really. You’re going to make a point that they didn’t hug Vanessa? They got put on the block together haha not expect that.

      • I think (hope) she’s joking. Cuz as a viewer I’ve been wanting to see the 6 sense crumble for some time now

      • No, Vanessa went to them mad asking why they didn’t hug her. I could care less. I’m just relaying what’s happening.

  6. Tbh if one of Clelli has to leave this week I hope it’s Clay. I dislike Clay but I don’t dislike Shelli. Plus, Shelli has played a better game than Clay, so it would be a shame if she doesn’t make it to jury

      • True, but with out Shelli, Clay is nothing. Shelli is clearly the brains behind the Chelli duo. Clay will be a non-threat. Shelli will be vindictive.

      • Hmmm, Vanessa and Clay would make an interesting duo. I always doubted that Shelli would be able to survive Vanessa and I hope Vanessa tries to save Clay.

      • There was once a somewhat strong bond between those 3 and I think after things calm down and they start talking as they always do Vanessa might realize that Clay could help her game more than Shelli since he’s been loyal to the alliance for the most part.

      • Clay stays he will have only one target if he ever wins HOH. That would be James but James may not be there by the time he gets a HOH LOL.

      • I’m starting to really like the idea of a Vanessa/Clay alliance and final 2 once Shelli is gone. Vanessa will soon be thinking about which one going will best benefit her game…

      • Yep…why she needs to go before Clay. But if Clay saves her, he will be heading out the door, and risk being on the jury. $14,000 is clearly not worth it to him than $6,000 I guess! Would be stupid to give that up for a love that may never resume after BB is over.

      • I hope he does win it and then doesn’t use it on Shelli, that would be funnier!!

      • She’d murder him in his sleep! Did you see the video of Shelli yelling at Clay because he kept talking to her while she was cleaning her face and she didn’t want the camera on her. She was scary! It was hilarious!

      • There have been a few occasions where she jumped him for stupid things. I haven’t seen them, just read them on Jokers. If the poster took the time to specifically mention those occurrences, I figured there was more to it than just words.

      • Yes, it’s definitely been a couple time. I remember her talking down to him. She did it to Vanessa too. It’s that entitled attitude.

      • Yes!! That would be insanely funny. When he said he would use it on her she said “Clay, stop! Then I would be stuck in the house without you.” These people met a little over a month ago and they’re acting like they’re losing their soulmate hahaha

      • That’s a good showmance for you. When have we seen that before ? Didn’t Brandon use it on Rachel when they were both on the block ?

      • Yes, he did! Down with showmances on BB. They’re so annoying! Like you came on the show to win 500K. You came alone. Why are you fighting harder for a person you just met…

      • You and I are 100% in agreement on that. I’ve said it more than once, I do not respect the game of a showmancer.

      • Clay needs to stop all the lying and privately tell James the whole story of what has been going on in the BB house and the SS alliance. He can still survive this fiasco while I don’t believe fake Shelli can at this point.

      • I know you like Clay, Foxfire. But I think she has him wrapped and I do not believe he will do anything against her. But you are correct, that it might make a difference if he was totally and sincerely honest, because at this point, no one trusts him, except Shelli, if she isn’t being fake about that.

      • That’s why I’m hoping Vanessa will step in and take control of Clay now that Shelli is looking like a goner.
        He’s very loyal and Vanessa could use him all the way to the finale.

      • I wish Clay would think for himself and not let Vanessa take control. If Clay stays, I think he would fare much better with the other side of the house once Shelli is gone. She has been a thorn in his side and if he sticks with Vanessa, the others are going to continually be reminded of the big bad trio. I don’t see Vanessa being the answer to Clay’s problems.

      • Since the male hormone testosterone is playing a large part in Clay’s decisions at the moment I hope someone will step in and save him from himself. I’m not even adverse to him going to the other side of the house either since it does seem the SS alliance has deserted them. There’s still a lot of time left so it’s going to be a very exciting week.

      • Once we can get Shelli gone, hopefully, Clay will have more time to spend with the others and be himself. If he goes with Vanessa, he will be in lie/, cover the lie/chaos mode much of the time. He needs time to think it through.

      • Clay can’t play the rest of the season alone, he will have to find someone to work with and he couldn’t find anyone better than Vanessa to cast his lot with. I said to someone else that Vanessa could take Clay to the finale and he would win, he can’t reach the finale by himself. I’m starting to think that losing Shelli would be the best thing for Clay’s game since he has been playing a very hormonal game since this showmance began. I’ve never hated Shelli but I’ve never understood what Jason sees in her – she’s not that gorgeous…

      • Shelli isn’t anywhere close to being a Frankie and I didn’t hate him. We never know exactly what causes that attraction but it was evident when Clay and Shelli first set eyes on each other. I think, as 10 yrs his SR., she should have reigned it in. After a certain age, 10 years either way is nothing, but as a 23 year old man in regard to a 33 yr old woman, I’ll just say if he were my son, I wouldn’t like it one bit. Anyway, hope Clay stays so we can see.

      • Clay can always get away with the Shelli made me do it defense too.
        Next thing you know Meg and Clay will soon be in a showmance and all will be forgiven :D

    • Riiiiight! Trade her for possibly getting $500,000…I doubt that quite seriously. He’s just talking with emotion instead of his head right now.

    • Lol! That would be really stupid if he did that, some people need to remember why they joined the game to begin with.

  7. Can’t wait to see the nomination ceremony, apparently Clay blew up. Get out the popcorn!

    • Too bad i think if Clay blew up at the nom ceremony they’ll move all that drama to Wednesday’s episode

    • I still buy the kind you have to shake in a pan on top of the stove. I’ve never found a bagged kind that is anywhere close to as good as the old-fashioned kind.

  8. Clay
    calling James a piece of s*** is ridiculous because this is no
    different than what they did to jason. And i don’t care for shelli at
    all but it seems she might have more common sense to her than clay has
    when she says we should have come clean and he responds we never really
    lied to anyone. Either he’s an idiot and has forgot all the lies
    they’ve told or he’s so pathological he believes his lies.

    • So, hilarious! Clay/Shelli have lied the most and lying is fine in Big Brother but making it out like they’ve never lied drives me crazy!

    • If anything it’s better, because at least James is being up front about who he’s targeting. Whereas Shelli and Clay are always aiming to backdoor someone.

  9. Before the Clay/Sheli haters fully rejoice – consider this. If Clay or Shelli wins PoV and Austin (who already volunteered to be the replacement) goes up, Austin very well could go home.

    Votes to Evict Clay OR Shelli:
    1. Meg
    2. Jackie
    3. Liz
    4. Julia
    (I can see Liz and Julia being pulled away from Austin and actually voting the other way – particularly because Julia hates Austin, but let’s say they don’t.)

    Votes to Evict Austin:
    1. Clay OR Shelli
    2. Vanessa
    3. Becky
    4. John

    And Steve is the swing vote (assuming the twins stick to Austin)
    Obviously not saying this is going to happen, but there is a hole in James plan.

      • James said to them, I gave a lot of information to both of you but their was no reciprocity. It’s true. He said, my decision is a little personal and a lot about game play. “Everybody that I was aligned to, is gone” lol They will keep trying. I can see them throwing Van under the bus soon.

      • Nonono. They are specifically being sure to NOT go against Vanessa. They have to have her on their side for anything to go their way this week.

        Happened about 15 mins on the feeds.

      • Of course, they will. They will not go out without a whole lot of drama. You guys with feeds will have to sleep when they sleep. LOL

      • Vanessa made rounds this morning and did some damage control. I think she’ll completely get away from this whole thing…she’s good. lol

      • Sadly, I have to agree. Maybe it would be a good idea for Clelli to out Vanessa as the mastermind to James now, but then again maybe Vanessa could help their cause so Idk. Once things calm down maybe I can see things a bit more clearly.

      • James isn’t going to believe them, no matter what they say that Vanessa did.

      • They do, but James isn’t the person they should be spilling it to. He already had his mind set.

      • I think it’s a little too soon for such a definitive statement, especially considering how things turned out last week.

      • But he’s not the one that is going to listen is what I meant…until after the Veto ceremony.

      • She’s going to help. She’s already giving them advice…Clelli can always put Van on blast as a last resort.

      • Well that’s good news – I hope Vanessa is being sincere with them though. Hopefully someone can talk Clay off the ledge.

      • Yep, just as Van already threw them under the bus before noms were revealed!

      • Right..She’s good on subliminal messaging. The way she throws people under the bus. lol

    • But the fallout right now most likely guarantees Vanessa not sticking with Clay/Shelli. They’re blaming Vanessa and saying their alliance is over. They’re isolating themselves when they shouldn’t be.

    • I don’t think anyone will use the veto on them. Shelli or Clay need to win it themselves.

    • I thought if one of Clelli comes off the replacement nominee would most likely be Vanessa? Cuz I heard that the ADC wants to work with the Austwins

    • Put Liz or Julia up. You would have Meg, Jackie, Austin, the twin not up and Steve, pretty sure he’d keep the twins over Shelli or Clay. They could possibly pull in Johnny Mac too.

    • Austin going home wouldn’t be a bad thing either. He’s so freaking creepy when he talks about Liz. Way worse than Caleb was last year.

    • I would favor Vanessa being put up as the replacement nominee because Shelli and Vanessa are the brains of their alliance. Vanessa is like Derrick of last season, and good at manipulating people. Either one of them can go. I think Clay would be lost without Shelli guiding him. And even if Shelli and Clay both survive, if Vanessa is evicted, it would be a much weaker alliance.

    • Who’s to say James would really put Austin up. Maybe he won’t. If I were James I’d nominate Vanessa. I wouldn’t listen to Austin. If I were James I would tell Austin if he wants to leave that badly then he should just leave the game on his own will.

    • John is not going to vote to keep Shay after the past couple of hours. He’s kicking himself for even thinking they were nice people. Also, Van is not going to keep either one after they threw her under the bus and ripped her a new one. They’d have to do some major backtracking to get Van’s support now. Van is throwing her dice with Austwins.

    • It started falling apart when Austin lied. It continued to do so when Vanessa found out Shelli was lying about the Jason decision to the other side. And now that they’ve been at each other’s throats, that’ll be that. Doesn’t matter who goes home now.

      • If the Adc manages to pull the Austwins to their side then I think 6 sense is dead for good

  10. Clay needs to turn on Shelli now. After Shelli stabbed Meg/James/Jason in the back while smiling in their face her game is effectively over and Clay needs to save himself.

      • I guarantee that’ll change if he actually wins it. But he’s only won once. Not much of a threat there. But then again it might also depend on who the backdoor person is.

      • Might depend upon who’s the replacement nominee…the SS alliance will still determine who remains in the game.

      • Let’s hope he breaks his promise then after the shock has worn off. He needs to start saying it was all Shelli’s idea about Jason and everyone would believe him since she’s been so fake and insincere about the whole Jason eviction.

      • Absolutely! If Clay saves Shelli, James may put Vanessa as replacement nom. I think Vanessa would have more votes to stay.

  11. Shelli is still a good player- smart and wins competitions. Regardless of who leaves, this was a good week.

  12. Yea, James! He had the guts to put them up! Now their true colors are showing: “A peice of sh**”. Interesting comment clay made there, Because I remember he said about Jace during week 1 that this was just a game and he shouldn’t take it personally. I guess it’s different when you and your mom are on the block.

    Speaking of Shelli she looks pathetic! That’s not her BB boyfriend that’s her son! They look like fools.

    I can’t wait for veto and to see if either wins if they’ll take the other off or themselves!

    I just hope CBS doesn’t interfere and try to save both of them. But either way James can still back door Vanessa.

    • What I want to see is Vanessa and Shelli both on the chopping block and they can evict one of their own. Evicting Shelli or Vanessa will weaken the Sixth Sense alliance.

      • YES! Although I’m sure Vanessa will survive Shelli.
        Shelli has made a big target of herself with all those comp wins.

  13. It’s surprising to me that James was the one who said to just directly put up Shellie and Clay. You’re not as dumb as I thought you were. Good move! Shelli’s the bigger threat of the two (smarter at the game and better at comps), so hopefully she’s first to go, but if either win veto, Vanessa should be the target over Clay. Either way, it’s nice to see these guys knocked off their pedestal and no longer lording over “the others.”

    • I agree. And though I get Clay and his mom are upset about being nominated, but they have a big sense of entitlement as if neither of them should ever be nominated. Especially Shelli.

    • We’re less than half way through though. Opinions can change on a dime. All it’ll take is a few stupid comments and moves by one of the Underdogs and we’ll all target them for destruction.

      (That’s what makes the game fun.)

  14. First time I ever thought I’d say this. I LOVE Sweat!!! It’s flying everywhere!!!! Hard to believe Clay and Shelli’s reaction. Saying they never played dirty. LIES!!

    • I know! This is what Clay said: “Our loyalty and our word is getting us out of the game…” I can’t believe he really said that. They’ve done nothing but lie this entire game.

  15. Things are gonna ugly…popcorn time…Vanessa is mad at Shelli and vice versa…this is so great… They are turning on each other…

    • Shelli’s now mad about Becky (who?): Shelli says she’s mad Becky is flying under radar & knows they should have voted her out. Maybe she shouldn’t say that outloud. Ahahaha

  16. “Shake It Up Baby!”
    Big move by James that totally changes the game. Bravo!
    But, keep in mind, only 1 person is going home. So, if the 6th Sense can hold it together, they are not dead.

  17. God! They haven’t left the room. Shelli: “We have nothing to do with Jason’s eviction” lmao..liar Clay: “Austin is the head of the snake” ..keep trying.

  18. Just read on Jokers that Shelli told James ” we are huge threats, much bigger threats than you so why are you sending us home before Jury.” To me, she just made a case for being sent home now, instead of later.

  19. Shelli is so rude she said this to James.
    Shelli: we are huge threats, much bigger threats than you so why are you sending us home before Jury

      • GG, go to Jokers updates and you’ll get info as it happens. They’re right on top of it. I don’t have feeds either, so this place and Jokers are the next best thing.

    • I believe Shelli was trying to explain to James that working with her and Clay would benefit James since they are much larger targets than him.

      • And from what I’m reading, James isn’t buying it. He knows he couldn’t trust either one of them.

      • My point was that Shelli was not being rude to James when she tried to explain to him that keeping Clelli would be to his benefit.

      • No, but she’s never been rude in the past either and has ruined things for James’ game too. He knows how she works now.

      • Well..seein as he’s on the block, James doesn’t care what Clay says to him anymore! He’ll eventually tell Shelli to be quiet, like he did Vanessa! :-)

      • James will…Vanessa wanted to keep talking this morning to him and he kindly told her it was time to leave the room.

      • Oh I understand that. I’m just saying that James isn’t buying it. Shelli’s fighting for her BB life and will say anything to save herself and Clay. And James knows she’s lying through her pretty little teeth. lol

      • Since Shelli’s fake and insincere behavior during the whole backstabbing Jason incident I no longer have any sympathy for her plight to be sure. I wouldn’t believe a single word she had to say either if I were James.
        Now Clay needs to settle down and realize this too and try to plan ahead for life in the BB house without Shelli.

      • I believe it was Jackie who made the observation that Clay was a different or nicer(something to that effect) person when he wasn’t around Shelli.

      • I believe he’s basically a loyal person and someone needs to clue him in to start trying to save himself since Shelli’s fake behavior was their downfall.

      • This whole season, when I looked at Clay, all I saw was Shelli and I saw right through her to the not so nice side. I’ve really never given Clay a whole lot of thought because it was like he allowed Shelli to be his voice. That’s why I can’t see how it would help him to let another strong, but paranoid woman, be his go to when Shelli leaves.

      • Speaking as at Texan, I say Clay’s an embarrassment to the entire Lone Star state! And he barely played football at A&M. Yes, he was good enough to earn a football scholarship, but he had a non-existent college football career.

      • Those Texan mothers can be hard cookies to crumble. Clay needs to be thinking about his Mom and not his BB Mama.

      • There’s one very good reason, this strong, paranoid woman can get Clay to the finale and he will beat her and win this season of BB.

      • I’m anxious to see which way Clay goes if Shelli leaves, and I hope she will be the one leaving.

      • Exactly. But Clay really isn’t the brightest crayon in the box. He’ll throw himself in front of the proverbial bullet for Shelli.

      • Clay has been able to hold his own in the SS alliance where the smart kids talk all day so I definitely don’t think he’s dumb. He’s young and loyal though and I hope somebody brings him to his senses quickly.
        Where’s Vanessa anyway?

      • I was hoping to have an intelligent discussion but I’ll have to keep looking I see…

  20. About time someone didn’t worry about getting blood on their hands and put up the right people, now all we can do is hope one of the two go home,if one of the come down then put Austin up.

    • No one will keep Austin, though and James will have failed in getting either Clay or Shelli broken up. He’s planning to put Liz up if either of these two come off the block. She’s got more votes to stay!

  21. The Underdogs are going to have to play hard and smart and win the next HOH too because the numbers are still soundly in TSS’s favor. Losing one vote doesn’t hurt them much if the Underdogs can’t hold on to Nomination power. Here’s hoping JMac stays strong, Jackie does too and Meg gets a challenge she can actually compete in.

    • I like Meg. She’s a “nice” person. But quite frankly, the only thing she has a chance of winning on BB17 is Miss Congeniality!

      • She has also won my heart. Meg has joined one other in the house I’m pulling for, wow it was insane today and favorable. I will be all over the feeds tonight.

      • And more money than either Clay or Shelli will after this week! LOLOL

      • Second HoH would be better because next week’s first HoH will be short lived…as it’s DE next week.

      • Ahh, yes. I forgot about DE next week. Thanks for the reminder. JMac for second HOH. And let’s see another segment featuring his family. Younger brother is darling.

  22. Okay…I hit James hard recently, questioning how smart he was. I take it back! Way to go James! The first bold, gutsy move this season…period!

  23. I think the best thing to happen to these two is some time apart, especially for me. :)

  24. This is a move that can catapult James to being a contender…if he lasts. No floater here.

    • Yes. James may now enter the pool without those buoyancy devices on his upper arms.

  25. Shelli is bawling her eyes out. Van is consoling her right now. “I don’t want to go home” waaahhh!

    • What’re the odds we see any of that crying on the show? The way they’ve edited Shelli so far (based on many comments left here by live feed watchers who’ve seen her actions/interactions) it seems like they’ve been pretty kind to her. Will her crying make the show? – What’s your guess?

      • I think they will. The scene is important to the storyline. lol It’s power shift, honeymoon is over. What if she survive this predicament? know what I mean?

    • Tears from Shelli? Imagine That!
      Instead of her usual crocodile l tears, these are no doubt …. poor, poor pitiful me tears.
      (Emailing hankie to the cry-baby)

  26. Watching the feeds. Shelli is falling apart. Tears, anger you name it. Now she knows how Jason felt. Karma is a dish best served cold. Go James!

  27. Is it just me or is Shelli simply accepting that Clay is going home and trying to position herself for next week?

    • Don’t think so. I believe she’s truly upset. How dare anyone put her or Claydoh on the block? Maybe somebody should “comfort” her with the same ridiculous speech she tried to feed Jason, claiming he’d enjoy a great moment leaving by getting to chat with Julie Chen.

  28. Geez..Shelli crying…what in the hell did she expect from the opposite side targeting her despite James telling her that she & Clay were safe? However, James is dumb to target them together instead of going the BD route. If he could have held up, he could have had both on together maybe. Now, 1 will almost certainly come down depending on who wins POV. James had better hope that he wins it.

    • It’s a no lose for James. (Targeting them together.) Two people don’t get evicted per eviction ceremony. Only one. So he makes a bold move like this and rattles them. Possibly hard enough to start hairline cracks in TSS that eventually cause it to shatter. If one of them wins the POV there are at least 4 other ready-made candidates who will also then possibly fight amongst themselves. It’s also a strong move that says: “I’m not getting kicked around any more.” Seems pretty bold to me.

      • Said perfectly. Who cares if one of them comes down, he gets to pick the replacement. Win, Win!

    • But if he only put Clay up and Shellie won veto she would save him and they are both safe.

  29. OMG like YAAASSSS! I’m sooooo happy that there are NO PAWNS…if I were a hg and won HOH I would immediately put my targets on the block.. no pawns..the way I see it is that if you want someone out then You NEED TO GET BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS. If I won HOH the other HGS would b scrambling ’cause I’d get you out of MY house so fast (it’s only my house for the week, lol) that you wouldn’t have a chance to say goodbye! I think I’d make an entertaining hg…like this comment if u agree! :)

    • Hi Spunky, Cheryl here, and HELL TO THE YEAH I agree, pawns is such a weak move, go after who and what you. Way to go James.

  30. OK, now we are talking, James has played ‘dumb as a fox’ and has now bitten properly..

    • James has been a surprising treat, I loved how he made a deal with Shelli to drop the endurance and she ends up on the block. lol ouch.

  31. James saved Big Brother just by playing the game this week. Johnny Mac and Steve slide on by.another week…Johnny Mac wins Big Brother due to everybody showing their true colors this week and head hunting each other. Just a prediction…..

    • Cha it was a major power play, I’m impressed with James, I want to see Clay turn into a puppy dog, once Shelli goes home. better yet Clay go home and Shelli ends up annoying everyone into sending her to jury house with her well trained puppy.

      • You’re right, I am catching up. I skipped the first few weeks, omg red, this is even better. please send her puppy home house!

      • That is why Shelli is so upset, Clay will not get to go to the jury. I wish Meg would say Yeah, that’s how Jason felt but you decided to keep Becky instead.

    • James saved the day. couldn’t be happier and I been waiting for this nomination to happen all season.

    • I agree with you as Jmac is my darkhorse candidate along with the twin that won the BoB comp single handidly both are underestimated and have yet to peak yet imo.

  32. Shelli is crying about Clay going home. She hasn’t once even considered that SHE may be the one going home!!! What a narcissistic attitude!

    • How did you guys last this long with watching those two? lol I skipped like the first three weeks, now it its becoming more and more interesting, I love BB because its always like that, things change on a dime. be it bad or oh so very good.

      • I stopped watching hehe it was that bad. hopefully one of them goes, trust me you didn’t miss out on much. the feeds were dead, once Jace and Day left. there was that Audrey breakdown, but it wasn’t entertaining, it was actually kind of disturbing. Jason went home, I was close to just done. but this is too sweet to pass up.

      • I know, I originally picked Audrey to win, because I enjoyed her story and BB taking chances with the norm, she was really strategic at first and started off strong, but she sabotaged her own game by being too manipulative, she played too hard and too soon. yeah, I am enjoying the feeds, Shelli was freaking out. sucks it took this long, some interesting people went home in that time, while the house was being stupid. now that BotB is over? watch out, the game has only started to begin.

      • I like her too, but my girl Da’vonne was killing it and its really a fresh cut, because I really liked her and Clay makes her a target for simply walking into ‘their’ room? like really, really? if him and Shelli, aren’t closet racists, I don’t know who is. he also sent Jason home, because he was afraid Jason would target him and Shelli over Day going home, Clay wants everyone to love him, but he is showing his true colors, only a shame it took this long.

    • Absolutely. If they both remain on the block after the POV, I think she will be evicted. Crazy that she is not even considering that.

    • Not necessarily narcissistic. Maybe she just finds the thought of Clay leaving and her being in the house without him worse than getting evicted which is either pathetic or romantic, I can’t tell which. And also I think narcissistic would be the wrong word if she’s thinking that The house thinks Clay is a bigger threat than her. Thinking you aren’t a big threat is kind of the opposite of narcissism.

      • I’m reading Joker’s updates. No, her words are definitely narcissistic. She keeps complaining to people about Clay going home this week. There’s only been one comment about how miserable she’s going to be in the house without him and a whole bunch of comments only about him going home and zero about the possibility it might be her. When Clay said he’d use PoV on her, if he wins it, she didn’t even reciprocate. I honestly don’t think that the possibility of her leaving has even entered her brain!!!

      • No it’s not, B-rizzle. Shelli’s sense of entitlement and narcissism is what drives the Republican party. And I guarantee you, she is a closet racist. It’s just something about her that is really mean and creepy.,

  33. James I could kiss you! :* thank you for that. revenge for Day and Jason, loving it. <3

      • Well, Clay’s is at least! He’ll have to work much harder than the last Veto to save himself (or Shelli as he claims he’ll do).

    • Did you hear what Shelli said when Jason walked out the door, being split from Meg? “I’m so glad that wasn’t Clay and me!” Now Meg is watching Shelli cry (knowing she isn’t being blindsided at least like Jason was). Meg is showing no sympathy at all for her.

      • I didn’t hear that, but knowing Meg she certainly would remember it and its all coming back on the ‘power’ couple, like don’t dish it, if you can’t take it people. don’t you just love the BB house when everyone suddenly wakes up? lol its like yeah, welcome to Big brother house, where have you been? tehe

      • It was like taking that first breath of fresh air after being cooped up all winter! :-)

  34. Sniffling-Shelli, true colors come out. All cool when things are going well; gets put on the block and she falls apart like a 3yr old in an old 33yr old body.

    Clay time to go after Meg, when Shelli leaves, better, younger and prettier : )

      • It’s possible, he is already gone into chivalry mode. A true Texan gentlemen, I am from Texas I understand that.

        I like Clay; Shelli, to quote Jason is ‘evil’ she needs to take her hand off the cradle and go home and reflect

  35. How dumb can Clelli be? Last night they anticipated this, but instead of relying on their alliance, they are attacking V and Austin! Eventually they will calm down, but now they are the low hanging fruit within Sixth Sense.

    • Their Sixth Sense Alliance imploded after they sent Jason packing and Vanesa was confronted in the HOH room by the crying Meg, she was angry with Vanesa, but when Meg asked Vanesa why did she changed the plan from Austin and back door Jason, she said it was what most of the house wanted with Sheli and Clay signing on it.
      Did you see the look on Sheli’s face, she and her boy toy has now been exposed by one of her key alliance members, Meg was shocked also and then took the message to her people, SheClay are now toast, I like the way James. Meg and Jackie are handling things, they need to try and bring Steve, JMac and the twins to their side, Becky is still someone they can’t fully trust because she will run to Vanesa and SheClay to spill the bean/s, their next target should be Vanesa or whom ever survive this weeks nomination between SheClay.

  36. I love what Jackie/Meg is doing. They’re in HOH rm with James, reinforcing their strategy. Meg shout out to Jason: “I hope you’re watching feeds today Jason. We’ve been talking about your a*s all day long”…then laughter

  37. I find it extremely hilarious how Chelli is blaming Vanessa for the back door Jason plan! It was clearly based off of your Paranoia Shelli -__-

  38. Does anyone know whether or not this week’s evicted hg will b pre-jury or first juror?…????..??…..I know there r 12 hgs so for there 2 b an odd number of jurors it would make sense to just send this week’s evicted hg home, right? Well the more I thought about it the more I thought that they may do 10 jurors and vote one off somehow like in this past season of BB CAN 3. Idk maybe I’m just pulling a Vanessa and being paranoid and over thinking it. Anyone with a thought would b appreciated! You’re all beautiful <333

    • I would think that the eviction of the ninth remaining HG will be the first jury member, creating an odd numbered jury to guarantee a majority jury vote.

      • The past 2 seasons have had 11 jury members that started when 11 hgs remained….so oops I think they’ll stick with that method of jury of 9 not 7 …otherwise there would b a lot of prejurors

    • She can cry the house a river, now let her feel the pain others felt when she was acting like the Queen of the house, time to go SheClay

  39. This could turn into an all-nighter since so much is going on in the BB house right now.

  40. Love it!!!!. I have been wanting these two up since the beginning. Vanessa will be left alone since the twins have their own partner. She can go up next time if either Meg or Jacky actually win. Hopefully Shelli goes, but either will be fine. If one wins the veto, then please put up Vanessa.

  41. Vanessa and Shelli are the biggest threats as both can win competitions in addition to all the scheming. If Clay or Shelli get off, James should put Vanessa as replacement assuming she does not win POV. That is the best move for James. Maybe, Jackie or Meg can win the next HOH and keep James safe. One tough competitor removed from the game for good!

  42. I just want to give a shout to John because a sixth sense member is still going to win and when they do I hope to see you here on boards so I can boast in your face while dancing circles around your defeated face you started the war its on now biz nitch

    • Wow, you are claiming that one of 50% of the house guests are going to win. Really going out on a limb there. I think there is a decent chance that one of those 6 will win the game. Never said that they would not. All I said was that two sixth sense members were being nominated while you said it would be Steve. You were wrong. Clay and Shelli were nominated Steve was not. As I have previously stated you started the war with your personal attacks. Two questions. First, why do you still up vote your own comments? Second, I don’t think I have heard anyone over the age of 13 use biz nitch. Are you 13 or younger?

  43. Haha!! I am surprised James nominated Clay but I am HAPPY he did nominate them both. It’s gonna HOPEFULLY get exciting now because everyone is now playing the game!!

  44. Kudos to James for nominating those two clawns, it will be good to see both of them feel the pains others have faced when they were just doing what ever they want in the house, acting like Queen and King, karma is now bitting both of their behinds, Vanesa should be next, I say double evict them if it is possible.

  45. Shelli has been crying her eyes out, she can cry all she wants, apparently she must have just expected the other HG’s to just hand over the 500K to her and her boy toy. It sure was okay for her and her boy toy to keep on sending other HG’s home with out any recourse, expect the unexpected they say in the BB House right! James to SheClay, take this, Boo ya

  46. the best thing that he can do is, take Shelli down and put up Austin. As everyone will vote Austin out.

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