‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 5 Veto Ceremony Results

The Power of Veto has run its course leaving us with the latest Big Brother spoilers today for what happened with the nominees and who are the final eviction choices for this week’s vote.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

Vanessa has been stressing this decision and coming up with a million theories and reasons to justify her choice, but now it’s over and she can just relax, right? Hah!

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 5:

Clay obviously used the Veto on himself and then Jason was renom’d to sit next to Becky for Thursday’s vote.

Flashback to 12:25PM BBT to watch the fallout as the Feeds returned and HGs are mixed between pissed and crying. Jackie is furious and wants answers. Jason seems crushed and defeated. Turn on your Live Feeds & watch!

Vanessa decided overnight that it had to be Jason after debating whether to go after Jackie, Meg, or Jason. Jason was seen as the biggest threat of those three and Jackie’s deal with Vanessa made her an undesirable option over the others.

The other side is upset and Jason seems shocked, but keeping Austin is a smarter move for Vanessa than sending him home over paranoia that he might be working against her.

Of course the other side is seemingly weak and too oblivious to realize they should be working against Vanessa, Chelli, Lizia, Austin, and anyone else who is pulled in to them. Let’s hope we get a power shift before it’s too late.

Keep watching Big Brother Live Feeds (get your Free Trial) to see what happens next inside the house.


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  1. I cannot believe Vanessa didn’t have the courage to get the blood on her hands anyway.

    • I can believe it and she’ll blame James for this outcome as reason enough to punish him by blindsiding Jason because he failed the mission of dethroning her. Wait and see. Vanessa is a fast-talker and makes split-second decisions like this it seems a lot, just as she does when she plays in poker tournaments.

      • She already has blamed James for not throwing the comp enough and going against her. However, everyone sees through it. The question now is will they react.

      • Well, I’m glad James was suspicious of her when she was setting him up. Surely Jason being renominated is not just a coincidence, boys & girls (James/Jason/Meg).

      • Jason should remind her of her insisting (her idea) to “shake on it” when VANESSA came to them with the idea of BD’ing Austin. If Jason goes out, at least blow up her game. (Even if it means helping Austin)

      • Yes I’m hoping and praying Jason goes out with a bang and blow up Vanessa’s game! At least then the other side would be slightly aware of her deceiving and lying ways and get rid of her! We definitely need a power switch next week and fast!

      • And he should save it until the Thursday night show. Then she won’t have a chance to lie her way out of it. Can you imagine how she will feel knowing that she can’t play for HOH and that the HG Prom King and Queen (Chelli) knows that she lied.

      • James tried to throw the comp but Clay and Becky were taking to long. How long do you think it could last without someone noticing

      • Exactly…James thought they’d have made it long before him and Liz had.

      • Remember though when Caleb did sit Frankie won it on his own anyway. Liz was too determined to make sure Julia got in the house too.

      • I’ve said it before, but I’d love for the producers to assess a penalty vote (for eviction) if one of the HGs throws a comp…….doing so would caused the HOHs to make wise choices, not expect someone else to protect them from “getting blood on their hands”.

      • How can production conclude a player is throwing a comp if it’s not discussed? Independently anyone could throw a comp……

      • My idea has been that BB introduce mystery penalties PERIOD for losing BotB, whether you threw it or not. It ensures that everyone fight to win HoH because they wouldn’t want to be nominated and face penalties when losing BotB is already potential penalty enough.

      • That works as a potential penalty provided it remains a mystery until after the loss and changes week-to-week. If the HG know about the penalty beforehand, they could still throw it, especially if its that one.

      • Or they could get a penalty vote or they don’t get to play for the Power of Veto. Anything negative that would make the BoB move competitive.

      • Both of which could work provided the houseguests don’t know about them before the comp or else they could work that to their advantage even more so than now.

      • But the split second decisions she’s made playing poker are always wrong, and that’s why she has never won a WSOP event or made a WSOP final table.

      • Winning money from online and cash games is much different than winning a braclet.

      • She’s a mid pack performer. she has 0 hardware…she doesn’t win, just like she won’t win this game. She out thinks herself all the time and donks her chips away before the final table

      • True but she’s winning competitions and the bottom line is she has won 4 million dollars, I dont see you doing that.

      • no, she doesn’t win competitions. she won 1 world online championship….at WSOP events she’s cashed, but she was not considered an elite player, she was a tag along married to an elite player

      • Me either. I think she is a liar and very mean spirited. This group of players are one of the worst to play the game. Where do they get these idiots?

      • Think it was Country boy that tried to throw it, but Julia or liz did it on her own. Isn’t the other skinny guy with dark hair who was nominated? Wonder what was said sense Vanessa told everyone that Austin was the target to be back door.

      • I don’t see her as a puppet, but rather the puppeteer who cries when others don’t fall in line! LOLOL

    • I really hate that phrase — “blood on my hands”. That’s the name of the BB game. Vanessa (and others) should own up to these as power moves, and stop apologizing!

      • It seems that this was really popular last season and now the new house guests are trying to copy them.
        She doesn’t need to get any blood on her hands, because the fact that she wins so much and tells so many stories is enough for smart players to want her out. Many people in the house are just going to Shelli and Clay for everything as if they are the king and queen. This will cost them the game and give those two the final win.

      • my thoughts exactly!! especially the first 5, or 6?, evictions! those peoplearen’t gong to jury to vote on you winning the money, so why should i be concerned if you are mad at me for getting you evicted…

    • She did get blood on her hands….she nominated Jason. Maybe now the others will start playing BB instead of summer camp. LOVE IT

      • She didn’t confide in Shelli/Clay like she accuses others of not doing..LOLOL

      • Oh you mean when it was her and Jackie. She gets on everyone about lying but she lies to Clay and Shelli about her other alliances. Like her final two with Steve and the freaks and geeks alliance.

      • I sure hope and pray James and Meg wind up as the new HOH this Thursday. Watch how Shay,Vanastin and the twins react when they realize that someone in their group will be going home in a week.

      • They’d mess that up too and someone like Steve home. They really hate him, it’s a popularity contest with them.

      • I think it’s too late, Jackie could have been the ring leader but she’s out in a week. They’re still kicking Steve every chance they get and Meg still thinks Clay is on her side. Our only hope now is to sit back and enjoy them turning on eachother

      • Yep it will be fun to watch. I can’t wait to see who gets HOH and what they do.

    • Why would she send Austin home, he would never put her up that would be stupid!

    • I don’t think she didn’t have the courage, I think she made a smart game move. it was in her best interest to keep Austin! Liz / Julia will team up obviously, to the end! Shellie/ Clay will team up and take each other to the end also! So Vanessa had to keep Austin close, even though there is a risk he would take Liz in the end, she had to gamble!

      • she almost cried talking to james about her tough choice and i laughed at her distress.

      • They (other side) need to be asking hard questions of Vanessa (James/Jason/Meg) – putting her on the spot. She won’t be HoH next week for sure. What’s she going to do – put them up AGAIN?

      • She thought she would put up james for a while this week even though he was safe. It was pretty funny. She is smart in real life. Very smart. But an idiot in the game who over thinks everything.

      • it is interesting how the side in power america hates and the other side america loves. Hopefully they form two alliances and this could be what causes it.

      • I guess America likes watching paint dry too. I love the sixth sense. They are the only ones playing the game.

      • The other side is unlikable for how frustratingly blind they are. They don’t even want to play the game so why are they there?

      • I like parts of Sixth Sense. I don’t mind Shelli, and Vanessa isn’t totally awful (when she’s NOT in power). Clay seems simple and I can’t stand Austin. But they are the ones we see the most of.

      • I can’t stand Austin either. But Vanessa not nominating him will stir things up and maybe people will start playing. I love all the drama. Lol

      • They are not really playing the game. They have a mob mentality. The to cool for school group, do win the comps, but don’t know what to do when they do. This group needs Boogie, Rachel, and the Dr. to show how it’s done. Watching this season is like watching paint dry. They all need to be evicted and a new group enters the house. Shelli and Clay are pathetic. Why would a graduate student want an old hag like Shelli? Day should be allowed to re-enter the house…..

      • Their not playing the game? What do you call winning 4 out of 5 HOH’s and evicting who they want? And if you think Shelli is an old hag then I’m a great, great grandmother!

      • But look who’s playing HOH you’ve got Clay, Shelli, Liz, Julia, Austin, Steve, Johhnymac, Becky against Meg, James and Jackie. The odds are in Vanessa’s favor that her alliance will win. Now I’m not saying those three won’t win. Sometimes when you’re backs are up against the wall you win.

      • Wishful thinking moment — Jackie and Meg win HOH, Austin/Clay BoB1 and Vanessa/Liz BoB2; James wins POV and doesn’t use it. Watching Austin begging to either save himself over Clay or Austin begging to save Liz will be priceless.

    • I’m having the best time right now since before Audrey went into hiding!

    • Maybe, maybe not. Vanessa will convince them why she’s loyal to them later.

      • There may be it depends on Clay and Shelli. They want jason to stay, but don’t want to upset vanessa. It could go either way.

      • Who cares about upsetting Vanessa now. Her power is over for the week. I knew she’d back out of the original plan. She’s too scared to shake things up.

      • I don’t either :( can’t wait for Big brother after dark. !!! Surprise Vanessa broke her promise to backdoor Austin. She loose trust when Austin had not told her all between him and James

      • I kind of agree. I think he’s funny. But I guess it doesn’t matter to me who goes. If I had to pick I’d hope Jason stays. Maybe just maybe this would wake him up and he’d start playing.

      • No one trusts her now except maybe steve. Everyone wanted austin gone and now don’t trust her. Also austin and liz dont trust her for planning on putting up austin at first.

      • All of Sixth Sense wanted Jason backdoored, including Clay and Shelli. Not sure what you’re talking about here. The twins, Clay and Shelli were all behind this.

      • Perhaps Jackie was their #1 target, but they were behind the planning for backdooring Jason. Implying that Clay and Shelli have now turned on Vanessa because Vanessa backdoored Jason and not Jackie is not even remotely accurate.

    • Even Chelli? Hmm. I don’t see it lasting though. Moods shift so quickly you can’t count on anything staying the way it is at the moment.

  2. Jason needs to raise some hell like Zach did last year. If Vanessa welshed on the deal, why not call her out? Call her every name in the book she has no power now.Yell at Austin, tell him every person in the house was down to vote him out until Vanessa went against the house. Don’t just sit there and take it.

    • YES YES YES!!! He’s defeated now, but I don’t think Jackie & Meg are going to let him stay that way for long. And SCREW Becky, Clay, & Shelli along the way! Blow EVERYONE up, Jason!!!

      • Exactly! Blow up Vanessa’s game, Jason! Fireworks, baby. He ain’t scared. Maybe a little shellshocked himself right now but let his wheels turn and the smoke clear. Call her out on her INSISTING/HER IDEA to shake on it, when she came to them to get them to buy in on targeting Austin. She can’t be HoH next week. Make a deal with Austin to save yourself, Jason – and take out Vanessa next week!

      • Absolutely!!! I think when the shock wears off, Jason’s going to go on a rampage, as well he should! This is complete BS and they all know it. I want him to blow up Clay & Shelli, too! How could he NOT know that THEY are the traitors?????

      • He suspects, but doesn’t know. It’s enough for him to mess it up for everyone even if it’s not true.

      • At this point, he’s got nothing to lose. Well, except their votes, which he NEEDS to stay. Dammit.

      • Make a deal with the devil (Austin). What they don’t know yet is that Julia will enter and vote next week. Make a deal with Austin/twins (bury that hatchet for time being) and that’s 3 votes + Meg + James. Maybe try to pull Shelli in for a “sympathy” vote.

      • Not gonna happen ….there is no way Austin votes against Vanessa wants…

  3. I really don’t care who goes this week. ..I just want Vanessa ‘s crew to go down….where is the takeover when you need it…and the other side need to smarten up and stop going to Shelli and Clay Co. for everything. ..all of them have been continue to be put up by the same people and they continue to go them…

    • This exact thing baffles me even right now as they vent on the feeds. Have none of them ever noticed how little Shelli and Clay contribute to conversations they are around for? No one finds that at all suspicious?

      • Meg was crying to Clay asking why he keeps putting her people up and if he’s going to blindside someone let her know first. If she hasn’t figured it out yet she NEVER will

  4. Vanessa’s word means Nothing. She is a liar and a hypocrite. And Shelli and Clay both played a part in getting Jason on the block. Bottom line is Shelli and Clay are both mean and are bullies but they do their dirty work behind the scenes.

    There was no real reason for Vanessa to go back on her word and put Jason on the block. 1. Jason is not a threat. 2. Jason only really has Meg and James. 3. Jason is honest and has been honest to Vanessa. Their reasons for putting Jason up is absurd.He didn’t lie about Day having the phone booth call. He also went to Shelli who then went to Vanessa and repeated exactly what Austin told him about the twins. And James never threw the competition and even if he didn’t that had nothing to do with Jason.

    Vanessa is a coward, she didn’t have the guts or integrity to put up Austin. And Clay has disliked Jason for no reason other than he was once aligned with Day. Clay is also a coward.

    • Shelli and Clay are alligned with jason and meg. The didn’t want austin to leave, but didn’t want jason up either.

      • Kind of hard for them to keep with their game plan when they’re not in power like they believe they are all the time.

      • Shelli has been in power 2 out of the 5 weeks. And Vanessa has been in power 2 out of the 5 weeks. So their alliance has controlled 4 out of 5 weeks. I’d say they were in power. They discuss things and work together like an alliance should.

      • I suppose…but it’s Clay I was wishing didn’t have that kind of power like Shelli alone did…that’s all! I can’t stand Clay hugging her coattails. He finally won a comp! Geesh!

      • Shelli & Clay are “aligned” with Jason & Meg – let’s make that clear, please. They are playing BOTH sides & that HAS to blow up in their faces sooner rather than later!! Day was right – they’re ALL cowards!!!

      • That’s why I’m frustrated as H*** with Meg, Jason, Jackie, & James – Jeff CLEARLY told them NOT to trust Clay & Shelli, but what do they do? Trust Clay & Shelli. WOMP WOMP

      • And told them not to trust Vanessa either as she, too was in their alliance.

      • Exactly. I know they didn’t trust Audrey, but Jeff and Day also both pretty much told them all the same thing. How many people have to tell them the SAME thing before it makes sense?

      • Da, Audrey, Jeff… And Jason’s telling Meg to trust Clay/Shelli now that he’s renominated? I’m losing hope they will ever truly hear what’s been said.

      • I think he was more or less wanting her to work with Clay and Shelli after he goes…but trusting them? Not good words to use.

      • It was Shelli and Clay’s idea to not put Austin up because they thought he would be the biggest target next week. Also, Clay has talked about getting Jason out every week since Day left. And though Vanessa wanted to put James on the block Shelli reminded her he had immunity and they talked about putting up Jackie (Vanessa really loved that idea at first) and Clay and Shelli suggested Meg and Jason briefly.

        They are using Jason and Meg they are not really aligned with them.

      • No Clay and Shelli wanted Jackie up. They like working with Meg and Jason on the side. And it was Vanessa, Shelli and Liz discussing not putting Austin up in the beginning. Clay wasn’t even in the room.

      • BB jokers: “Vanessa had told Liz that the main reason she put Jason up was because of Shelli and Clay. Says they better not be acting like they didn’t know or she will draw a line in the sand.”

      • I watch the feeds. BB Jokers summarizes and leaves a lot out. Vanessa wanted Jason up. She didn’t want Clay and Shelli to pretend they didn’t know the plan. They knew what was going on and agreed to it but they wanted Jackie up.

      • Ok I’m not arguing with you any further. I watched the entire conversation take place in the HOH room on live feeds. But you go ahead and think what you want.

      • I was about to say the same thing to you. But if anyone reads our convo they’ll see it’s you who tried to start an argument with me.


    • So everyone that’s playing the game is a coward? By the way Clay and Shelli didn’t want Jason up they wanted Jackie up.

      • Clay and Shelli did not know about the pact that Vanessa made with Jackie and vice versa…so what does that say about alliances?

      • Vanessa’s move was cowardly, and many of Clay and Shelli’s moves have been cowardly. They are playing the game but they are playing it in a very dirty, underhanded and cowardly way.

      • Why? Because they are nominating and evicting people they want and not who you want. How is that cowardly?

      • No. Many people see Vanessa, Clay and Shelli as cowards and I would think the same thing even if they didn’t vote out or cause any of my favorite house guests to leave.

        I don’t take this game personally.

        But obviously you think that anyone who roots against Clay or Shelli (maybe Vanessa) is not allowed to think them cowardly because YOU like them.

      • No I like people who play the game and the sixth sense alliance is the only ones playing the game. I like Jason and think he’s funny but he does nothing. I have no problem with anyone rooting against that group. But give me a reason that we can debate not just their cowards. Like I said how are they cowards by playing a game? That would be like me saying Jason and Meg are cowards because all they do is sit on the backyard couch.

    • Please tell me HOW you think Clay & Shelli are bullies? It’s a game people. They’re not bullies they are strategic players.

  5. Watching the feeds of vanessa trying to explain to james and james having none of it is hilarious.

  6. Jason immediately goes to Clay and tells him to trust Meg. ..OMG…why you helping him Jason???

    • Make a deal, for pete’s sake! Work with Austin to keep you to help take out Vanessa and protect the twins. (Playing to Austin, mind you)

      • That’s what we would do, but then we don’t live with them either, so it’s probably hard for them to gain any prospective of that while living in the midst of chaos that all of us viewers have.

      • Austin does whatever Vanessa wants…not the best person to go to…the person you should go to is everyone that is not in the sixth sense and convince all of them you are more helpful to take out Vanessa and crew…why would Austin take out Vanessa…

      • Right on that too! Austin is manipulative as well in getting what he wants.

      • Thinking if he knew that Vanessa went around getting the whole house on board to backdoor him…He might see her as untruthworthy for his game.

      • But then, Vanessa will say it was Jackie, who would Austin trust more, them or Vanessa? ?? The answer is Vanessa

      • But there was a room full of people – Remember – Vanessa said to shake on it (her idea) and shook everyone’s hands and offered to get a Dark Moon tattoo.

      • Yep, that he did and told her what he would do if she refrained from wanting to bdoor him!

  7. Hope Jason finds a way to stay over Becky. He’s comical and full of great one-liners. “The other side” needs to wise up and combine forces—I’m talking about you, Johnny Mac, Jackie, Meg, James, Steve, Becky/Jason (whoever stays). Poor move on Vanessa to blindside Jason. Doesn’t matter how she spins it, you totally look douchey for not holding up your word and nominating Austin as replacement nom. At least they’re keeping thing interesting…

    • Jason has Meg/James for sure. Make a deal with (gag) Austin/twins to stay and that’s 4 votes. If they can get Jackie on board (at least this week), that’s 5. Not sure they could swing Jackie this week; def not Jmac with Jason against his girl, Becky; probably not Steve. Think they may need Shelli’s vote to keep Jason. But then the lines will be drawn if she does. Big move for her if she does.

      • If Jason can get Chelli on board, then I think he’ll stay, but it’ll be a tough ask and be dependent on what wishy-washy/wet-blanket Vanessa wants/”strategizes.” However, if they’re not voting for him to stay, I don’t think James and maybe even Meg will vote to keep him since they just want to fall in line with the rest of the votes. Jason needs to step up his game and get it into Shelli’s head/paranoia that Becky’s the biggest threat to her, not him.

    • Ha yes Vanessa the master plotter….girl you might have won some battles…but are you going to win the war?

      • Hope not. I mean, at least she’s playing the game unlike some people, but her personality… Plus, when she’s not crying about missing her gf (“Does she not like me anymore because I didn’t get a letter from her this HOH?!”), the ego-trip power is getting to her head (“I know when you’re lying, so don’t lie, ever—oh, but I can lie all the time”).

  8. PLEASE Becky go home! /me kicks Vanessa. Oh well, at least now she is seen as a liar and a welcher.

    • JMac & Becky, too? That’s good, but hardly helpful for Jason since his #1 Becky is OTB next to Jason. Jackie seems PEEVED, too, so she’s a vote for Jason, MAYBE…

      • Doesn’t help Jason, but Becky is crying now with meg saying Vanessa screwed her.

      • Becky and Jmac are both in are the plan- Vanessa said she wouldnt go through with it unless becky was on board this way becky can stay safe with other side and really be with clelli her and liztin and not sure if jmac got told but they did tell becky they wanted her to tell him and pull in with them

        Jmac wouldnt be mad about jason being up there since jason and meg would be his targets if he won hoh

      • She didn’t figure on becoming a bigger target by not getting blood on her hands. Ahahahaha

      • There’s no cohesion in the group and they still see Steve as a huge target, plus James, Meg, and Becky are so easy to manipulate I don’t think Vanessa has much to worry about.

    • Why is Becky crying? She isn’t the target. Maybe this betrayal will churn one more wheel in Jmac’s head to rile him up.

    • Becky and JMac are playing along. They already knew Austin wasn’t going up. And JMac said if he won HOH he would put up Jason and Meg.

  9. So basically Vanessa just became the new Audrey. I would have preferred that the other side finally start going after the Sixth Sense but even now as I watch them vent on the feeds, they’re venting in front of Shelly and Clay.

    There will never be alliance vs alliance this season. It’s always going to be whole house vs one person. Sigh.

  10. Now is a good time for a house meeting and blow up everyone’s game. Don’t cower down now.

  11. I do believe that if Austin goes up and goes home then how is it going to affect the game when they all want him to go home. This game needs some serious help from other people. They are all clinging together. And since when do you have 8 people to an alliance, it is usually 1 person to 3 alliances.

    • Exactly. Vanessa essentially took over being the singular target that people are unhappy with. I much prefer alliance(s) vs alliance(s).

      • It is literally happening as I type this. I fricken LOVE Jackie and Meg right now!

      • The game just got infinitely more interesting. May the best man or woman win!
        Although I’m not rooting for Jackie and Meg, I am happy that the game just kicked into high gear.

      • Oh me either. I actually still really like Vanessa even though its not looking good for her anymore. And of course Johnny Mac.

        But you’re right, now the game can truly begin!

    • Lol…yes we’ll have a 10 man alliance and send the HOH and Veto winner home…what a joke.

  12. If they form an alliance of Jason, James, John, Meg, Jackie, Clay and Shellie they can run the game and turn the tables. So tired of such stupidity. If they don’t join up and stand up to Vanessa she will just run all of them out. Sixth sense I hope is on they’re way out the door.

  13. Are the votes there to keep Jason and send Becky home? I don’t think Johnny Mac will vote Becky out.

    • Maybe. As of now he would get James, Meg, and Jackies votes. But Clay and Shelli may switch.

      • That’s what the Cleaver’s should do…switch the vote and see Vanessa the Vamp go ballistic….HOW DARE YOU LIE TO ME !!!!

      • He may not get jackies vote she may vote for becki to stay since she and becky are good friends

  14. I just read that Jason is telling Shelli, Clay and Meg that he will be rooting for them on the outside. He then suggests they have some BB wine.

    WTHeck?! What is Jason thinking? He’s not even going to fight to stay in the game meanwhile boring Becky is out there campaigning?!

    And doesn’t he wonder why Vanessa didn’t put up Shelli? If she’s not aligned with Clay and Shelli then doesn’t Jason wonder why did Vanessa chose Shelli to play Veto, and why isn’t she trying to split the two love birds/meat heads up?

    I like Jason but it’s no fun rooting for someone who just doesn’t care.

    • He knows to not over react. He is one of the few this season who has actually watched the game. He will slowly campaign like he should.

      • Then you’d think he would know how to play. He sits on the couch and smokes. That’s his big game moves.

      • He likes to think he’s someone they can trust because of how much he knows about BB and BBCan. Guess that didn’t work out for him as he was hoping!

      • Until this point it was going ok for him. Season 14 ian played the game slow and won. The reason people are voted out this early is because they play too fast not too slow.

      • Well I sure hope he starts playing. I like him and he provides a lot of humor. Now just play Jason.

      • I think he will be forced to now and seeing how he is one of the few that knows the game (sadly) i am excited to see it.

      • Even though I like the six the sense alliance I would like to see Jason, Meg, Shelli, Clay and the twins team up. I don’t like Austin and I’m starting to not like Vanessa.

      • Let’s see what happens…if he’s going to be stoic about being BD then start taking some people down with you. If he starts to realize it’s written in stone…then go out with a bang!

  15. This season is junk. They are so scary and blind. Austin needs to go it seems like he would stalk Liz after the show.

  16. Vanessa just said if Clay and Shelli act surprised she is against them. Well they went around the house telling people they had no idea. This should be interesting.

  17. VANESSA!!! What is wrong with you?This is Big Brother & getting blood on your hands is what you need to do in this game! Now that Vanessa didn’t put up Austin(which she should have) she better hope this doesn’t come back on her&bite her on the a**!! Come on people you can’t make all the big moves at the end of this game it’s too risky..These people need to start getting rid of “big targets”!!

      • John I completely agree with you! And Austin is so crazy about Liz that he’s a ticking time bomb in this game & with him being this way he’s a danger to all of the others game play

      • I’m so mad about this lol that I hope Jason becomes HOH & he puts Vanessa up for eviction! :) I could see him putting her up

      • I watch the feeds and I think getting rid of Jason is a good move. Why the heck would she get rid of Austin when he’s a number for her.

      • On the surface it’s a good move. But now the ENTIRE house knows she can’t be trusted. Had she not told everyone in the house that Austin was going home, then sure, it’s a good game move. I could easily see her going home this upcoming week.

      • I like Jason but I love the uproar because of his blindside. Last chance James/Jason/Meg/Becky/John/Steve/Jackie – All aboard!

      • I like him too. I just wish he would of played the game. Maybe this will kick him in the butt. I can’t wait to watch over the next few days. It just maybe Becky going home and an entire different alliance.

  18. I’ve never really posted here before but I’ve enjoyed this site for a long time and have been a BB fan since season 1! :) Anyway, I think this is the first time where I’m not sure I really like ANY of the house guests this far into the game. I do like John and find him funny but besides being a Pawn every week he hasn’t given me much to root for yet. Other than him I could honestly care less about any of them. I did like Vanessa at first but she’s driving me nuts with her wishy-washiness (is that a word? LOL) and needing a ‘reason” for all of her moves. Also not wanting “blood” on her hands. Same with Shelli always crying about not getting blood on her hands either. Why are you playing if you don’t want to make moves? Why win HOH? Austin is just creepy though I do think Liz should tell him she’s not interested in him like that. I see a lot of peole like Jason…but I can’t seem to get behind him all that much. I think the way he was describing the differences between Liz and Julia kind of put me off of him. And everyone else just seem to be floating along, not making any big moves. I don’t feel any real love for anyone yet and I hope someone does something to pique my interest soon. So at this point, I don’t really care who goes home this week. I’ve also never understood the need to “Vote with the house.” They came into the game to win $500,000 not make friends. They each should vote for what’s best for THEMSELVES and not everyone else. I understand not wanting to put a target on your back but sometimes they carry it too far.

  19. Do these houseguests not realize that only one person is going to win the 500k? So what if Vanessa is getting rid of your friend? She is going to do what she thinks is best for her game.

    • This is not best for her game. Its what Austin and Shelli wanted. Once Vanessa made her deal with the house she had to follow through with it. Now she will have the entire house after her.

      And was Jason really that bog of a threat? Jason was already close to Shelli and Clay so its not like he would target them. He would have gone after Steve. And Steve is no big loss to anyone.

      The question is, will the house see all of Vanessa’s excuses as the distraction it is? She did this to save Austin. The house needs to see they are working together and forget the fact its Jason. It could have been any one of them.

  20. I’m not sure who is more fired up – the house guests or the commentators here. This is awesome! The blindside has definitely gotten a reaction out of everyone.

  21. This week the other side needs to win both HOHs. That will ensure a really interesting week ahead. Vanessa will blame Shelli for convincing her to break her deal with the house and Shelli and Clay will claim they had nothing to do with it. In fact, they should put Shelli and Vanessa on the block together with Austin and Clay against them.

    Now wouldn’t that be more fun than this nonsense we are watching now?
    Of course this is just a fantasy because I know that the other side will not win the HOHs this week or any week.
    If there is one outcome of this I hope Shellli and Clay are exposed. The other side needs to stop trusting them so much and stop talking in front of them.

    • That’s what I have been hoping for all along and it’s not worked out like that darnit!

    • But first…the “other side has to figure out that there is actually another side to the BB house. Since the SS alliance is successfully playing both sides of the house this might not ever happen.

    • Yes…good point…too trusting…hope the other side wins by luck at least.

      • She is easily my least favorite this season, but you still have Andy, Frankie, Aaryn. There are a lot of unlikeable people those three were just the last 2 years

      • But Vanessa is a multi millionaire. She doesn’t need this. Those other people needed the money. Frankie was playing for charity, and he wasn’t nearly as rich as Vanessa.

      • That’s what Frankie said he was playing for…he’s way too self-centered to actually have done that.

      • Frankie would have kept the money. Arianna has money he does not have as much as he will make you believe.

      • Google Frankie Grande Build On. It’s all a real. He was honored by the organization long before BB for his contributions.

      • I did…but you didn’t see how he acted on his flight there as I did. Forget where I saw that vid of him!

      • Who is Dr. Will. He is the greatest to play the game BB2 winner and All Stars 4th place. He is the world’s leading dermatologist on tattoo removal which he makes a fortune off of from his practices. He also has a skin care line which is very popular. Also many bars, restaurants, and other businesses some with mike boogie some without.

      • Will won 2. Lisa won 3, but we can still pretend that Danielle won like she should have. Because of her they now have a jury and sequester.

      • If you want to see someone who is the original puppet master who everyone playing bases their game off of watch his highlights from BB2 and BB7 you will think everyone this season is garbage.

      • This season cannot compare to Season 2 and 7….they’re much more conservative..LOLOL

      • Dr. Will first day of BB2 said he was going to lie to all of them and then did in a ruthless way while they all knew and could do nothing. In his finale speach he said they are all disapointed in their lives. In season 7 he said he hates everyone in the house and to evict him at the eviction cermony. He played full speed and that is why he is loved. If only there was someone this season like him.

      • Hopefully someone like him will come along again because he will never be back. (He doesn’t even watch the show never has)

  22. lol Jason asked why Shelli is crying? She said, she is thinking how sad she will be when he leaves
    and how boring the house will be with Jason gone ((truth is, she had a
    hand in it)

    Vanessa is ready to draw the line in the sand, if Clay/Shellie is acting like they don’t know anything…Love it!…it’s about time.

  23. So what was that about Vanessa not wanting to put up members of the LGBT community? Yeah…

  24. Good grief! This season is ridiculous. In my head I’ve come to two conclusions just so I’ll stop seeing Red over these “players.” After the fall out of Christine, Aaryn, etc.,etc.., these people are scared too death of how America will view them. 2. Production has gotten into the heads of a few of them with the mysterious black folders and such in the diary room. The maturity level of this group is on par of kids in Junior High at a Summer Camp instead of going for the money! Everyone’s all talk and passive sheep. Mrs. Robinson and her boy toy, Liz and her boy toy, Steve’s lived in a video game world for too long, I don’t know what happened to James, and Johnny Mac…..can he actually play anything than a pawn?

      • On a few live feeds and a few more over the years (I think Jason was the one that mentioned it this season) a contestant will go into the Diary Room with Production and mention seeing or having a black folder. The feeds immediately go dead until they stop talking about it. No one knows if it’s production steering the game or not but CBS handles it in a way you can’t help but think it’s shady.

      • Are you suggesting production attempts to blackmail the HG’s into doing production’s or AG’s will???
        I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised though…

      • They can influence the game, but cant choose a winner of any competition it is against the law.

      • Not suggesting anything. Simply gave you the facts. My opinion is CBS handles it in a way that it makes it look shady

      • Thanks for the info then, I often wondered why things would so suddenly change after a HG left the DR.

      • I suspected something was shady a few seasons ago when it appeared that a hand came out of a wall and pushed Helen off the platform she was standing on and the other person won the HOH.

      • Wait, what? Normally I’d take this as a joke but with this show….oh man I am totally picturing this….off to youtube…

  25. Why do people care so much about Jason? He is on the opposite side of the house as Van and he is playing a stupid game. Audrey tried to warn that side of the house about the alliance that they were NOT a part of. Jason has been stupid and let his hatred of Audrey lead him to this point. Congratulations Vanessa – thank you for not taking the easy way out and going after “house” targets(Audrey/Austin).
    Isn’t that what everyone has been complaining about for the past several years of big brother?

    • Exactly. That would be a dumb game move to get Austin out when he would never put her up.

    • Touché. I might be in the minority, but I certainly don’t dislike Vanessa. I find her interesting. I am interested to see how this plays out.

    • Although the move itself is not bad by putting Jason up, it was dumb to backdoor him and not letting the other HGs know (and rally support for the renom), especially since they made plans early on to BD Austin. By V going back on her word, she’s putting a bigger target on her back and announcing to the rest of the house who she’s an alliance with—more so, who she’s not in an alliance with. She’s definitely exposed herself for an “ally” (Austin) who doesn’t even have his head in the game. I mean, seriously, the ONLY reason he didn’t want to leave THIS week was because he wouldn’t make it to jury, where his only goal was to further harass—I mean “romance”—Liz in there.

  26. I think Vanessa made the best decision for HER game. Better to stick with the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.

    • You’re reasoning makes sense. Vanessa’s doesn’t. She tries to go for less “blood.” A word she’s used more than a MacBeth play.

      • Personally, I think Vanessa should’ve gone after Jackie and V. might be in a lot of trouble for not doing so.
        Putting Jason up only benefits Austin.

      • Completely agree except for putting up Jackie. Jackie would have told everyone about Vanessa backing out on their deal and no one would have trusted her to make anymore deals.

      • The part of the deal I’m talking about is where they wouldn’t backdoor each other.

      • Jackie wanted to target James…but who really knows what Jackie wants from day to day other than whatever makes her look pretty?

    • I have no problem appreciating Vanessa as a gamer. She’s annoying as hell when she’s HOH, but she is actively playing the game…irritating and ballsy.

      • If you think about it, she’s one of the main character of the season. She has polarizing effect already…and not dumb by any means.

      • She plays the game like she plays poker beating easy players early, overthinking everything, and collapsing around the middle to end.

      • She does…so I’m looking forward to seeing how the others will react now once she explains herself away!

      • The other side needs to keep applying pressure on Vanessa and she’ll crack and (hopefully) give up Shelli, since her and Clay are now playing both sides. While we as viewers see the house divided, the HGs don’t, but the renom of Jason will make alliances more clear. Vanessa getting played by Chelli (more Shelli) on this one, and she’s not going to like it once she’s realized this.

    • That would have been true had she not made a deal and shook hands on it with the other side of the house. Now this move hurts her more than anyone as she will be a huge target going forward. Notice how Clay and Shelli are trying t pretend they had nothing to do with it? Vanessa is going to be holding the bag on this one and she has to hope the other side does not win HOH. If they do she will be the target.

      Her best move, a la Derrick, was to go along with the plan and not make any enemies. Vanessa did what Shelli wanted only Shelli will not be blamed for it.

      • Since Vanessa continues to have the numbers over the other side by not getting rid of Austin she will survive putting Jason on the block period. She has a strong alliance more than willing to help her out of any trouble heading her way. It’s too soon for the SS alliance to turn on each other and I’m glad Vanessa figured that out.
        Her integrity has taken a big hit as you mentioned so we will see how she deals with this new problem.

      • They had the numbers regardless. The “Other side” votes how the house wants them to vote.

      • Let me add the numbers then with Austin gone:

      • Thank you for demonstrating your advanced math skills, but you left out Vanessa’s snitch Steven. John will vote for whoever Clay and Shelli tell him to. Becky has said she isn’t in any alliances, but now with her but on the block she is with Vanessa. None of those on ‘the other side of the house’ were even aware of that alliance. They would have likely voted with the HOH just like every other time.

      • You are stating events that are happening currently, not the way things were at the time Vanessa became sole HOH. The list above shows that the SS alliance are outnumbered by the other side of the house. The SS alliance came to their senses and decided that getting rid of Austin right now was not a good idea at all if they were to have superior numbers.
        I’m no math whiz but I think the SS alliance made the right decision to keep Austin for now.
        There have already been several new alliances formed since Vanessa became sole HOH and I have no idea if they are still in existence or not.

      • I’m a little behind on what’s going on in the house but things could very well go the way you’ve described. So if Vanessa has one side of the house mad at her for going after Jason instead of Austin I don’t think it’s a good idea for her to throw Shay or any other members of the SS alliance to the wolves as well. Then everyone in the house will be mad at her and nobody will trust her or want to work with her. If this happens then somehow Austin managed to get rid of Vanessa before she could get to him first.

  27. Jason should of kept his mouth shut, that always backfires when you tell info you promised you wouldn’t tell.

  28. I just realized that Austin made Vanessa do his will instead of Vanessa’s.
    Austin wanted Jason gone after he blabbed about Austin blabbing about the twin twist and Vanessa ended up doing Austin’s will – even though she once again doesn’t realize she has done so.

    • i think there were a few people who had Jason in their crosshairs in addition to Austin. There’s an awareness that he’s the heart and soul of the opposing side of the house. And Jason has been especially cruel to Steve.
      Not to mention they know he’s still mad about Da’vonne, which means it’s also in Shelli’s best interests to vote him out too because she’s the HoH who backdoored Da.

      • More stuff I didn’t know. I need to come over here more often. I’m not OK at all with Jason being mean to Steve either, what a punk.
        But I’m still impressed with Austin for escaping death and having his nemesis put on the block instead of him.

      • I seriously didn’t think Austin could pull that off as easily as he did. There wasn’t a lot of convincing Vanessa either!

      • I think Julia+Liz’s open support for Austin was what tipped the scales in his favor. Without their support, he’d have been toast. And actually wasn’t it just Liz? Had the rotation been Julia in and Liz out, the outcome could have been very different.

      • Julia was against supporting Austin even if Liz didn’t like him the way he “likes” her. Wait til Julia tells Liz that he wants her her gone when she enters the house, though! hahaha Can’t wait for those fireworks to start! This is exactly why Julia was against Liz snuggling up to him more.

      • Of course there wasn’t. I honestly don’t think Vanessa had ANY intentions of putting Austin up in the first place. She is too scared of getting “blood” on her hands.

      • She got way more blood on her hands backdooring Jason. Now she has a minority half of the house gunning after her. This was a huge move.

      • A move that, hopefully, will get her evicted. It was a huge and ultimately stupid move.

      • So you think voting out Austin — her ally — would be smarter than voting out Jason — someone who has a final three deal that doesn’t include Vanessa? Please explain.

      • The way she set it up yes voting out austin was her best choice. She should have not planned on backdooring austin in the first place. Once she agreed to backdoor him to pretty much the whole house he hands were tied. Now she is drowning in blood.

      • “blood on my hands”, “diving into a vat of blood”, “drowning in blood”
        Am I the only one who thinks all the BLOOD references are way over used?

      • Because everyone knows Austin’s only “ally” is Liz. Get him out now because he’ll betray EVERYONE to save Liz. Including Vanessa, Julia, Shelli, and Clay. Yes, it was a huge move, but getting rid of Jason could have come later. Getting rid of Austin now, would have been the better choice for her.

      • No way. Keep an enemy with a final 3 pact that doesn’t include you in order to vote out an ally who’s in your alliance? What you’re arguing does not make sense. They have plenty of time to turn on Austin when the time is right, but get the ones who are actively plotting against you out first. Austin is not actively plotting against Vanessa at all.

      • There IS no opposing side, just a bunch of individuals that like to hang out. They haven’t done anything in any organized way except voting with the house.

      • I think that’s what a lot of people are missing. It’s not us versus them. It’s like the Bomb Squad of last year…just not as good. They are just picking off people not in their alliance.

      • But for nearly 5 weeks in a row, we haven’t had a unanimous house vote. Someone would always throw in a hinky vote here and there and that has been causing paranoia among the members of the majority alliance.

      • and Liz. And then they’re throwing out the blame to others. Better to see that than seeing everyone going “with the house”.

      • You’re not watching the feeds or reading the updates if you believe that to be true.

      • BS. Just because the 6sense believes it doesn’t make it true. It’s all in their heads. I watch everything more than you do and read all the updates and a sorrier “alliance” there has never been. They only react and do the HOH’s bidding.

      • I’m not basing it on what Sixth Sense is saying. I’m basing it on conversations between Jackie and Becky and conversations between Meg and Jason. If you don’t believe me that’s fine, but believing I’m wrong doesn’t make what you’re saying true. I’m basing my claim on conversations between members of the other side of the house.

      • And what I’m saying is ‘the other side of the house’ is nothing but the people that aren’t included in the big alliance. They are allowed to talk about game once in awhile. But all they do is talk.

      • Only because they’ve had no power. Don’t you think if they were in the HoH spot they’d be following through on their words? The reason you see them doing nothing is because they’ve never had an opportunity to do anything. SS is overpowering them.

      • They thought that the people trying to get them out of the house were their allies. That’s pathetic. They had no awareness who the bad guys were.

      • That’s why I don’t understand why everyone wants the power in the house to flip. That would be the most boring season ever. Do you really want to watch a BB season run by Jason, Meg, Becky, James and Jackie? Like them or not, at least SS is playing the game.

      • Yes, I would love to see it instead of these crazy nutjobs currently in charge.

      • Can’t agree with you there. I’d stop watching that game in a heartbeat. I don’t want a gang of clueless people who don’t know how to play the game in charge.

      • So you like this stranglehold where everyone stands in line at the plank and walks when it is their turn? They haven’t even had a chance to play yet. One good HOH with 4 6sensers on the block would do it.

      • I’d be fine with a power switch if the other players were good and knew what they were doing, but they suck. I’d rather have three or four people who know how to play the game take control than let them get ousted by complete idiots. Do you really want to see Jackie, Meg and Becky take over the game? Why? They suck. What have they done to earn our respect in the game? Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

      • Because I want to see what Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, and Austin do when they are on the block. I think they will sell each other out and that would be infinitely more rewarding and enjoyable than the opposite. We just might find out that put in the same situation they’ll suck. I don’t have any respect for them, they’re all scumbags, and I’d like to see them feel pain.

      • Not sure where you’re getting scumbags from, but we can agree to disagree. You apparently want people who have no idea what they’re doing to take over the game, which sounds awful if you ask me. But hey, the heart wants what the heart wants.

      • Have you seen the polls on the BB fan sites? Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, and Austin are all at the bottom. The fans have spoken and those four have been adjudged scumbags. But hey, the heart wants what it wants.

      • Only because of the psychological need to root for the underdogs and against the frontrunners. Same reason everyone hates the Yankees, SF Giants, and STL Cardinals. They’re hated teams because they win. A lot.

      • And they are hated. A lot. It is so compelling to watch frontrunners. So unpredictable. Might as well watch baby seals get slaughtered. That’s entertainment.

      • I’d much rather watch the Giants win a World Series because they know how to play baseball rather than watch the Phillies bloop and luck their way into wins. That’s not baseball. That’s luck. Similarly, the non-6th Sense players suck. They deserve to lose.

      • I’m sorry you are in for such a terribly disappointing week. I’m going to enjoy Shelli and Clay’s tears of anguish and the death of the 6sense alliance, and one of those mopes going home. This outcome is far more gratifying and entertaining than any scenario you have suggested. All your boring frontrunners are just also-rans this week.

      • Enjoy Jackie and Meg taking over the game. This snoozefest is what you asked for! As they say, be careful what you wish for.

      • I think that a social game is important and that’s what they have been doing. I think they thought it was too early to play too hard.
        Unfortunately it wasn’t the best move.

  29. This is just rich, now Shelli and Liz are actually upset that Jackie called them out for knowing that Jason was going up. I quote Liz: “She is soooo meaaaaann!”

    These people are clowns.

      • I think we might have ALL underestimated Jackie previously. Really expected her to be a floater, but she’s actually not backing down from Vanessa since Jason’s been nominated. Good for her!

    • I said it below…..I’ll say it again….These people act like they’re in 8th grade! I don’t know which is worse…their stunted maturity level and egocentric qualities or that no seems to have their eye on the money.

  30. Hopefully a season six happens with the sovereign 6 (James, Meg, Jason, JMac, Jackie, Steve) vs the friendship (Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia, Clay Shelli) We can only wait and hope.

  31. Watching Vanessa’s rating fall even lower than it already was on jokers is hilarious.

  32. If Jason goes I hope it’s sequester and he gets a chance to come back and I hope Jackie holds this grudge against Vanessa and wins HOH next week and puts her up. After reading about Jackie confronting Vanessa with spineless Shelli in HOH just now, Jackie is moving up on my “like” list.

      • Well she was. She’s been in there with Vanessa for a while now and it seems like she’s buying what Vanessa is selling.

      • the rest of the others have to work with her r it won;t matter. Also, they need to stop talking to Shelli, Clay and Vanessa. It doesn’t matter what they say, they are lying. Just play the game and put together your own alliance and start targeting them. Win something!

      • That’s literally my only problem with the game so far. It grinds my gears to hear James, Meg and Jason complain and plot in front of a mostly silent and listening Shelli and Clay, and then not even wonder why they are among the only people consistently targeted each week.

    • Agreed. Jackie is growing on me. Didn’t like her on TAR or up until the last week, which was when she actually started playing. Would’ve liked to see her stay HOH instead of V.

      • Me too…but it’s in Jackie’s best interest not to be right now when she was alongside Vanessa! She now wants to wait til one of the opposing sides has the power than those in the sixth sense, which Jeff alerted her on before he left the house.

  33. I never liked Vanessa’ I felt she was too rich for the show from day 1. This season, she started at 0, and now shes at -100 at this point after this cowardly move.

    • Wealthy people give the show more diversity. We all know this show could use more.

    • I am not sure what rich has to do with it. The people with no money are sitting around doing nothing.

      • Jason makes minimum wage at a grocery store, who is trying to move out of parents house. And Vanessa is a multi millionaire, and doesnt need the money. She lives in a mansion.

      • In a mansion … by herself and maybe that’s why even tho she thinks she is talking to others, she is talking to herself and since she can hardly get a word in edge-wise, she has to talk really, really, really fast.

  34. This sucks. Jason adds so much more to the game than Austin. (By which I mean he his narration is really funny and interesting)

    • Other than his snarky comments, what does Jason add?
      He is supposedly such a BB expert, where is his master plan?
      Do you see him trying to rally his troops?

      • I think they’re all a bunch of morons, but I find Jason entertaining and Austin creepy. I’d rather see Austin leave the game.

  35. Finally! Now maybe BB will be worth watching! So far this season is uneventful and boring! I miss BB16 players!

  36. 3 big daniel bryan yes’s!!! Vanessa did what was best for big brother business along with herself because Jason is just a squirrel and sometimes squirrels get run over he can go back living in his mom’s basement and go back to bagging groceries!!

    • Thumbs up to the Daniel Bryan reference. Thumbs down on your comment.

    • Vanessa did not do what was best for her game. She did what was best for Austin and Shelli. This move made her the biggest target until Shelli and Clay lied about not knowing it was going to happen.

      The move also exposed the sixth Sense alliance which was not a smart thing to do. Now the other side of the house is united against Vanessa and her alliance.

      Whether the other side can do anything about it remains to be see but if they win both HOHs this week Vanessa move will be a huge backfire on her alliance.

      I think Shelli is going to be the main target but Vanessa will be the backup if Shelli manages to get herself off the block.

  37. This could be Vanessa’s downfall. The other side can’t ignore the fact that half the house is in an alliance now.

  38. Just as I have been saying all through the season, these HG suck.. the ones that actually want to play the game (Da and Jason) are now going to be sent home. The fact that these HG think it wise to allow twins to play in the game, not to mention the Shay power couple that has been happening since week 1 is pretty crazy. At this point I am with Britney Haynes on “one of the Shay” alliance winning.. my money is on Shelli.. since it was her that put the seed firmly in to Vanessa’s mind to keep Austin, even though he has betrayed her trust more than once.. yet the supposed ‘other side’ has not gained her trust enough that she has to use excuses like James not throwing the BOB which would have only had Van not have to make any moves at all. If she was so worried about blood on her hands then she should have stayed with the house and taken Austin out when she had her chance. True Jason is a power player so for Vanessa it will look good on her resume for the rest of the jury but the fact that her and Shelli both wanted to make sure the “house was on board” because they didn’t want it to be their fault if things backfire.

    • I don’t see Jason as a power player. He sits around with Meg talking about everything but game. Plus, Jason made it clear he will target Steve if he wins HOH. He was not a threat to the alliance this week.

    • Betcha Clay purposely threw the BOTB Comp so that Shelli would stay in power this week, as he knew that he would destroy the POV Comp .. Brilliantly played out, Clay … Ha !!! :) :)

  39. What a spineless decision Vanessa made, I hope she goes next week, Austin is a big mouth creepy ass guy and should of walked this week, Vanessa over thinks every decision and this one could of cost her.

  40. I really can’t believe Vanessa did all of that just to back out. Austin is s threat to her game, because if he was trying to get Julia out, and that would upset his love, what makes them think he won’t do the same to the rest of their alliance. Also, if when he does something bad he just blames it on his alter ego. What a wuss. I feel so bad for Jason. She should of out up Meg just to even the playing field. I do feel Jason has a better social game than Becky. I forgot she was there until this week. Ugh, Thursday night is gonna piss me off, I can feel it.

    • didnt sundays show kind of nix that whole Austin is trying to get Julia out thing, he literally told liz everything about that convo as a way to try to lessen there target as a three person alliance and she seemed on board with the plan or am I missing something?

      • it was at the very start of the ep when they were on the hammock and I have no idea if it happened the way it was edited as I didn’t catch it on the feeds but it seems like it was a plan that he and liz were both okay with but he didn’t tell any of the other 6th sense members and when the twins switched Julia didn’t seem terribly happy about the plan either and probably didn’t mention that liz had any part of it to Vanessa and shelly.

      • Austin told Jason he would not be upset if Julia was evicted. Jason made that into Austin wanted Julia gone.

      • Austin does want Julia gone because he knows Liz will take her over him if the choice is presented.

  41. “Meg and Vanessa are talking in the HOH room. Meg
    tells Van she is hurt because she would have wanted Van to tell her before
    sheput Jason up. Vanessa: ‘I’m not close enough to you to tell you that.’” (Joker’s Updates)

    Oh snap! Way to go in further blowing up your game, Vanessa.
    Remember, you won’t always be in power, so best not burn all your bridges!

  42. you know, im not heartbroken, I was really big on Jason earlier on and thought he was in a great spot but he’s turned out to be really really bad at this game, for one thing he’s been acting far too much like the superfan that he is and should never of been so transparent about that and B he is the single worse person in the house when it comes to blabbing info, if he just kept his mouth shut every once in a while he might not of been in this situation, he has no concept of subtlety and it’s most likely going to send him home.

  43. The six sense alliance has been ousted. What we have been waiting for has arrived. The other side now knows that Audrey was telling the truth about the sixth sense and their game is collapsing as we speak especially Vanessa who is digging herself deeper and deeper. I knew it would happen I just didn’t think Meg would be the one to figure it out.

  44. Jason is now not only poor and living in his parents basement. But, he is also unemployed as his job fired him.

    • All of which are a result of his own life choices? What’s that got to do with putting him up in Big Brother? I’d have more sympathy knowing he’s a huge BB fan and is gonna get blindsided out of the house on the bubble of being on the Jury. That’s what’s a tragedy lol.

      Vanessa has a pair, but this is gonna bite her in the ass. She can’t make a deal with 7 people and then stab one in the back the next day without catching some heat. She’s a huge target and she’s proven to be the best competition player in the house. She’ll be the first collateral damage when the alliance runs out of people to target.

      • I have no problem with his job firing him. He is not the first or the last person to be. Just thought it was an interesting thing to post for those that dont have the feeds.

      • Best comp player is JMac just no one realizes it. I agree that she will be gone soon though.

      • No I can agree. Jmac is up there too, but Vanessa understand game theory and she will always maximize any advantage she has in any game. Last HoH she was holding her hands closer to the buttons than everyone else and using two hands instead of one. Before that she was remembering things by the first letter of each color etc. This girl holds the record For quickest student to graduate from Duke in history. Jmac won’t beat her out if it came down strictly to comps. Her social game sucks tho lol

      • Vanessa will play Big Brother like she plays poker which is constantly over thinking everything and losing.

      • also her game theory knowledge will work well with know things such as cards, however, it gets trickier when it is people who can completely change any second.

      • She’s a professional poker player .. of course she has mastered remembering things, so she really is going to be hard to beat in relative comps, HOWEVER, I guess having to keep her mouth shut while playing cards resulted in the motor-mouth we are left with here – I have to mute her sometimes. I am hoping John will come through when he needs to.

      • Vanessa sure played him well .. Last week, she saved his sorry @$$ when she won the POV, giving him a false sense of security, and ironically, she puts him back on the block, as the HOH …

        Serves him right for not necessarily competing hard, like Audrey did, just the opposite, apparently …

    • On a human level, I feel sorry for Jason. One reason why I was rooting for him was because I found it refreshing that BB cast an All American average looking middle class guy who actually needed the money. I’m sick of people like Clay and Shelli the “pretty and popular” people w/ lots of money always winning BB.

  45. Bye Jason. Hopefully someone will have the guts to put Vanessa on the block and vote her out for being such a coward. Becky should go and Jason should come back and win the HoH. Vanessa and Liz should go up.

    • Shelli is ruining Vanessa’s game. Vanessa should align with the other side of the house. She would be much better off as far as her image is concerned. Austin and Shelli are just using Vanessa.

  46. wheres the bb takeover for the past too weeks no twist are happening now the game just boring and dull a twist should be let america pick hohs

  47. I hope Steve and Jackie become HOHs Next week. . That would be scrambles city for the rest of the house.

    • Why Steve? He is working with Vanessa and the rest. It needs to be James, Jackie, Meg (two of them). That will mean one of the alliance has to go home.

  48. So Vanessa wouldn’t put up Audrey because she’s part of the same community, but then she put up Jason…hmm.

  49. The “others” need to work on John and Steve. They need to convince them that they are not part of the alliance and that they are expendable. They need them to work together to outnumber the alliance. Then, by winning HOH they can make sure their target goes home.

  50. Clellie’s honeymoon could be over. Well, not yet, but their are some players that wants their head ……more than Van.

  51. I am sooooo upset that Vanessa didn’t have the gall to make Austin the replacement nominee. What an idiot.

    • I agree with you! It’s made me so mad that I hope Jason becomes HOH & he puts Vanessa up for eviction:)

  52. Who else just heard Vanessa say production asked her not to tell Jason she was putting him up?

    • I thought that was a BB rule. HOHs are not supposed to say beforehand who they are putting up. Can anyone who knows the rules confirm? I think its a good rule and it should be enforced. That way there will be none of this weasel play where people blame everyone else for their own moves. If you do it, own it.

  53. oh my gosh, why?! what is wrong with this season? vanessa, you are so stupid. i hope austin gets you out now!

  54. I hope there is a revolt. The House of Vanessa needs to crash and burn. I will be thrilled to see her go. She is the most fickle, indecisive, reckless and mindless player in the house. I would not want my wagon hitched to hers.

  55. Note, I am biased as I don’t watch the feeds and the show can edit things real hard but seriously…
    Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t the best personalities in the house but they are playing it right. They’re playing for $500,000 and have a solid alliance. Damn right I would stick with them to further my house in the game. The other side really sucks man; yeah they have the personalities but they do absolutely nothing. I never see or read any game play from them, they are all loaves of bread.

    Yeah Vanessa broke her word, welcome to big brother. Not everything has to be an underdog story. I swear, even if the other side won power, they’d still take out someone else before an ally in the Sixth Sence.

  56. Vanessa is playing this game for herself, she does nit care about anyone else and quite frankly she was really stupid with this move.

  57. Is this a joke? Ugh. Vanessa is gonna have to get blood on her hands. I hope Jason stays and if not I hope Jackie and Becky win HOH. This is crazy, Austin is bad for not only her game but the whole sixth sense but obviously that alliance has no common sense.

    Can the twist next week be America is the HOH? That would be great. Also jury should start now so whoever leaves can get the chance to come back. I really hope Jason stays if not Vanessa’s game needs to be called out. I’m so sick of that alliance being in charge.

  58. I think Vanessa made a very smart game move & did what’s best for her! She gambled, so hopefully it pays off and doesn’t backfire!!! in the end, (if they make it to the end) Clay will ake Shellie, Shellie will take Clay, and obviously the teins will take each other so, she has to hope Liz goes home before she does and Austin will stay strong with Vanessa!
    she made a very big gamble! But, that’s who she is!
    she had to do what was best for her, they should keep the “Six Sense” until jury! and I am sure Liz will be happy to know Vanessa did not blindside Austin and she will convince her sisterto working with Vanessa!

  59. I see a new alliance once Julia is officially in the game! Liz and Julia, as well as Austin and Vanessa. I think the twins are very smart like Vanessa and they will see that they are handing Shelly the money if they keep her around! In my opinion! But then again, I haven’t read much of what is going on with the Alliance currently

  60. They are messing up..they need to b targeting Austin Jason James and Steve cause those will b the last four standing and everyone else will b out

  61. Vanessa is clearly running things but I feel bad for Austin, I don’t think he is creepy, I think he is sweet and playing with his emotions and is going to get hurt, he just needs to be told to keep quiet and can be a good ally, I do think that someone needs to break up Clay and Shelli and someone from the other side of the house needs to win both of the HOH’s!

  62. WOW. Vanessa congratulations, you let your second HOH basically be determined by the same person…Austin. First HOH she noms Jeff for Austin and now Jason because she didn’t have the guts to go after Austin.

    Mind I say, she gets Julia in the house next week and she still has Steve along with the rest of the alliance, so losing Austin would’ve been fine.

    I hope Jason stays but it seems unlikely :(
    If he does stay I need him and Jackie to win HOH.

    Vanessa has ruined her game. You never strike a deal in the house and go back on your word. This season is getting boring I don’t know whether it’s the same people in charge or the BOB. There should be a sequester that’ll bring a prejuror back. Because all of those prejurors deserve to be in the house rather than Austin who is just playing for love, Clay whose just trying to get a shot for modeling, Steve who plays with the cameras and even Meg who is just always bubbly.

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