Big Brother 17: Power Of Veto Plans In Week 5 – Update: Morning Talks

Ever since Vanessa Rousso began to back off the House plans to target Austin Matelson she’s been in a mad scramble to find an alternative and more importantly, to her, a “reason!” Later today the Veto meeting arrives and overnight she fulfilled one of those requirements.

Jason Roy is ready for a bad day on Big Brother 17
Jason Roy needs to get ready for a bad day on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

All day Sunday we watched as she started with a target and then reverse engineered an excuse out of it to get that person on the Block. After narrowing it down to Jackie, Jason, and Meg it seems Vanessa has made her choice.

Vanessa spent yesterday trying to convince Steve, John, and anyone else who would listen that it must have been Meg or Jason who won the Last Laugh power. John explained to her why it would have been Day or Audrey (it was Day), but Vanessa told him he was wrong. Now I don’t know if Vanessa actually believes her stories or if she just needs to convince others of it, but she’s a pretty terrible sleuth if it’s the former.

Jackie’s name was bounced around a few times, but Vanessa’s big concern her was she had made a “no Backdoors” deal with Jackie when they won HoH. Of course it’s worth noting that Vanessa also made an alliance deal with Jason as part of the 8-person “Dark Moon” group.

Things came together over night when Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa gathered in the Head of Household room. Flashback to 1:15 AM BBT 7/27 to watch. They’re discussing bringing Becky in and offering her a F4 deal so they can have her blessing to go against the BD Austin plan. How about this: tell Becky they won’t evict her if she goes along with the plan. Sheesh. Talks continue and Shelli expresses regret that they couldn’t be sending home James instead of Jason, but James isn’t an option due to BotB.

Jump forward to 1:45 AM BBT when Becky is brought up and the deal is offered. It’s during this talk that Becky tells Shelli, Clay, and Vanessa that thanks to James correcting Liz’s misspelling of Christine the pair won BotB. I’m sure Vanessa will use that against him another week.

After Vanessa gets Becky onboard with the plan to not BD Austin she brings up Austin who promises he’ll throw future comps and do whatever it takes to be their pawn. Becky agress with the plan and she’s ready to go.

Move forward again to 3:25 AM BBT as Vanessa and Liz discuss their plans to go after Jason. Vanessa has decided that she won’t talk to Jason even in search of a “reason!” and will instead just blindside him at the Veto meeting. Downstairs at the same time we’ve got Shelli telling Clay she doesn’t want Jason to be the target.

Yikes. Today is going to get ugly as the minority side of the House realizes what’s going on and the 8-HG deal has been broken when Jason goes up on the Block next to Becky.

Things may look very bad for Jason, but with Shelli expressing concerns about seeing Jason go then maybe she can get in HGs’ ears and save him. We’ve got some very interesting days ahead of us!

Update: Things got a late start this morning, but Vanessa is still pressing ahead with her plans to renom Jason. Vanessa talked with Jackie and tried to set things up as James had betrayed them in the BotB comp by not sufficiently throwing it.

Vanessa went and talked with James to get him to confirm he told Liz a word had been misspelled so they won after she fixed it. This of course has nothing to do with Jason, but Van wants to use it to underscore distrust among the alliance of 8 as a ruse for Jason’s renom. James is suspicious of Van’s line of questioning and knows she’s up to something.

Jackie spoke with Shelli and said there was no reason for them to betray the 8-person deal they made. Doing so would only make problems for everyone. Shelli was unable to convince Jackie of any problems worth breaking that deal

Veto Ceremony is underway and began around 11:45AM BBT. We should have spoilers by 1PM BBT.

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  1. What a steal for Becky- Girl has not shown any signs of game-play and gets handed a f4 deal with some of the stronger players in the game, while also being aligned with the other side.. She better hope Sheli doesn’t start campaigning against her tho, she can definitely pull some strings

  2. I don’t like Vanessa or Shelli. They’re getting rid of all the people I like!

    • I agree but I the reason I don’t like Vanessa is she says her word is authentic and she hates liars but she is a liar. She set-up false accusations in order not to look like the liar. I guess that poker face is going to get her far in this game!

      • The poker face has got to be better than those horrible glasses with the fake rubber nose! Oh wait a minute….that nose is real! So she must not be a liar!

    • Thanks for being honest, I am tired of these BB fans saying “Play your own game” and “Make some moves”. They are just taking out your favorites who can be a threat to their game. But I love Jason and I want him to stay so badly.

      • i would love to see Jason expose Shelli for who she is and let everybody know how she formed another alliance with him and 6 others i wonder what the sixth sense would think.

      • Jason is my comic relief in the house! The house will be so boring once he goes..unless Jackie, Meg and James get fired up!

      • True they’re eliminating all the drama this season and soon the feeds would be extremely boring if this continues! No one wants to see Austin rub on Liz all day! That isn’t entertainment! -_-

      • I liken them together like this: parental porn. You walk in and catch your parents are instantly grossed out and can’t even think about touching someone like that for months… It gives me the creeps just hearing him and I really WISH they would’ve kept to the BD Austin plan.

      • Ha-ha right if only Vanessa knew how we all feel about Austin and his sick way of flirting

      • I think ‘stalking’ would be a better word to describe Austin’s way of wooooing a gal.

      • I doubt Jackie, Meg and James know the meaning of ‘fired up’ nevermind acting ‘fired up’.

  3. So far I think every vote the target ended up switching to someone else after the BOB, I would never agree the be the pawn because the target keeps changing. I think they should stick with the plan to get out Austin.

      • No doubt! Vanessa keeping Austin to use as a pawn terrible move. If Julia & Liz end up in jury house with stalking Judas, all 3 will vote against V. Booting Austin now will guarantee votes from the grateful twins.

  4. I hope Shelli can grow a backbone and pull forces together to save Jason. Becky is sweet, but she’s a pushover. Jason has the fire to survive and if he ever gets HOH, I think he will create the drama this season so badly needs.

    • Becky has won comps. I’d like for her to stay this week and for Austin to be BD’d as planned. As long as there is time left, Austin can still screw the pooch. Probably the safer he feels, the more likely he is to step on his tongue and give 6S fire and ammo to renom him. Here is the thing (if that happens), the “other” side (that wins no comps yet has moments of illumination during their convos), should sit on Austin all week and feed him rope to tighten the noose on his neck and guarantee he goes home this week (not Beck).

      • The thing is that he has already hung by what he told Steve. Steve just needs to tell Van now.

    • Jason was my favourite. I hope if he does go, that boy goes up one side of that house and down the other.

      • He won’t be cooped up in a dark room, wrapped in a blanket, expecting DR to grant him special favors and HGs to baby him, that’s for sure.

      • To be fair, Audrey did get a penalty vote for eating food, but, couldn’t agree with you more KSJB.

      • I would be halfway surprised to learn that they only gave her that penalty vote once is was abundantly clear she was going home just so the network could avoid any claims of special treatment

      • A penalty vote that meant nothing. Even Audrey rolled her eyes at that one. And where was the “Audrey, stop that”?

  5. I know BB is just a game and Vanessa is trying to win and that’s fine. But I just don’t respect the way she is playing the game. I also don’t like her as a person. I remember during the first week of BB she was crying (something she criticized Meg for doing when she was on the block) and saying how she was a good person and she didn’t think she was cut out for a game like this. Yet every dirty move she has made in the game seems to come very naturally to her. She’s also a hypocrite saying how she can’t stand liars when she’s the biggest liar in that house. How is she going to back out of her deal with Jason, Meg, James and Jackie and nominate poor Jason?! And all of this “I need a reason” mess she pulls each week is ridiculous! As if nominating someone based on some trumped up reason is going to make them feel any better about her.

    • Clay is a master, he found the weakness in Shelli. I remember that smile when she got into bed and cried.

    • Yes, Vanessa has been dirty. Its ok, it is just a game, but I do hate when people like her THEN decide to pull the “you lied” to me card, when she lies to everyone. Hypocrite.

  6. So, Austin “promises” Vanessa things — and she buys it? Hello, Vanessa, he calls himself Judas and told you that! Judas betrayed Jesus, but you don’t think Judas will betray you?! Maybe she knows nothing about the bible or history. Or, perhaps she thinks she’s smarter than that Jesus dude.

    • What aggravates me about ALL of this garbage from the last 2 days is that Austin has REPEATEDLY told lie after lie – AFTER Vanessa gave him crap about his lying! – AND 6thS ARE JUST BELIEVING HIM!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL EFF?!?!?!?

      • Yep. Van’s big issue with liars. He’s proven himself over & over to be a big one, going off script from the alliance.
        But Van wants to drum up an excuse to nominate someone else.
        Numbers or not – Julia is entering the game and will replace him. Plus she could reel someone else in to the peripheral of their alliance. John’s been their go-to boy for awhile now.

      • Agreed. AND the fact that she’s using the reason she SHOULD be putting Austin up for Jason! Um, what?!?!? SMDH
        Obviously, she can kiss any semblance of “integrity” goodbye when she re-noms Jason later today, but what’s to say that she gets targeted because of it (like she SHOULD)? Not a blessed thing since they’re all so blinded & baffled by her BS that they can’t even see straight!
        As for Julia, I have a feeling she’s going to go rogue on Sixth Sense. She likes JohnnyMac, hates Austin, and is going to FLIP when she comes back into the house (whether they pull a quick switch later today or just wait til Thursday) and sees that Vanessa & Shelli have reneged!
        At this point, either a COMPLETE Reset of this week or Julia going rogue are my only hope.

      • I agree – I think Julia is going to play her own game, to either her benefit or detriment. She will NOT be happy Austin is safe this week. She’s the one who suffers. Hope Julia wins HoH next! Ha! I don’t think she will fall for every thing that comes out of Vanessa’s mouth either. Julia may become a favorite for me! lol

  7. Here is a BB excerpt of what Vanessa is telling Steve she will say during her Veto nomination speech, along with Steves reaction (what nice people!):

    ” I know on a strategic level, this person will respect this game move, and when the opportunity presents itself… this person is a fan of the show and has been for a long time…” (Steve grins and says you are going to mislead him? They all laugh.) Vanessa says “wait for it… when the opportunity presents itself to take out a huge threat in the game, I’m a fool if I don’t take it… so then I’ll be looking at Austin and say “Jason, take a seat!” Steve claps, laughs, covers his eyes.”

    • Their reason for putting up Jason is that he told them what Austin said about the twins!

      • So I see found a reason to turn that lie Austin told her to her face (‘he’s dead to me) into a knife in Jason’s back. Vanessa better remember that every poker deck has 4 aces and she ain’t holding them all. Austin is going to go after Vanessa if she doesn’t get him out now. If she does put Jason on the block, there is no way to keep Jason from blowing up Vanessa, Shelli and Clay’s game before he leaves.

      • if he’s going… that would be the best thing for the game going forward. Then everything will be out in the open.

      • That is exactly what i,m hoping for ,blow up their game and expose them for what they really are.

  8. Ok. I love the “other” side…Maybe because they’re underdogs (but have moments of clarity) – IDK. But at this point in BB, if you ain’t with a true alliance, you’re playing for Jury at best. John, Jason, James – all BB fans – should KNOW that. They may think they are “good” with Clay/Shelli because Clay is being a nice guy to them/no bullying, and Van because she is good with Shelli, etc, but they are winning HoH, have put them up, and always in conversation. You can’t just pop up into the HoH room now and then and trust you are still “good” with them. At best, it’s gullible (a no no for BB) and at worst, it’s lazy.
    I know they have to win HoH to ensure excellent targets are put up. But until that happens, you guys need to go to work (on your alliance)! So frustrating!

    • The way that BB set up the dual HOHs and the BOTB, it hardly even matters if you do win one HOH, you’d have to have the “other” side of the house win BOTH to make any meaningful changes. Two HOHs has been a disaster. It is not a battle between to competing HOHs like BB wanted, it is a collusion between the two HOHs.

      • Yeah, true. But Vanessa is considering not only, not doing what she and Jackie colluded on (Austin) but has considered BD’ing Jackie, after their promise to each other. Yeah, the other side has to win HoH and remain HoH.

      • Only if the non-allied side of the house wins BOTH HOHs will there be any shakeup. Hope that Becky and Taylor Swift, or John, wins them both, then maybe we’ll have a fun week to watch. Id say James, too, but he seems really stupid and will easily be manipulated by Austin or Clay.

      • I disagree about James. I’ve been disappointed in him but Week 1 I liked how he handled his HoH and agreed with his target. And he mentioned early on that he’d like to work with Clay but need to split him from Shelli, and mentioned that Austin needs to go.
        I’d like for him to discuss quietly with Jason & Meg (an inner alliance if you will). They just need to hold Clay at arm’s length but hear him out. I’d love for John to be with them but he keeps talking about nominating James/Meg/Jason so I worry. Don’t know why he’s so loyal to the dark side, other than he has remained safe but they have put him in danger, too.
        I’m more afraid of Meg being influenced by the other side. I’d like for Jackie to join James/Jason/Meg because I think she’d be truly “in” if you get her. If she does the math/observes, she’ll see the dark side doesn’t need her and that she’d be bottom of their totem pole.

      • Remember, Audrey (crazy as she was) went to James and tried to tell him about the allied side of the house — and James immediately ran and told Austin (or was it Clay? no matter, same difference). He should have listened and thought about it or talked to Meg, not run to the enemy! Plus, he really sucks at mental competitions. The fabric one come to mind & the one where you had to know which song was for BOB, HOH, or POV. On the latter, he just pressed any button! I think he’s just “there.”

      • Yeah, I know what you mean. I respected James early on and thought he seemed like a strong player, but the last couple of weeks it has seemed like he’s just clueless and floating through the game.

  9. If Jason goes up, he will for sure go home. He will probably only get votes from Meg and James… and MAYBE Jackie. Jason needs to stay seriously!

    • They gotta get Austin back up. But with Van basically lying to the house (really the “other” side) and letting them think she’s doing the deal (they shook on) to blindside Austin, they’re like sheep. They don’t see the Jason blindside coming.

      • If Vanessa doesn’t follow her deal, after shaking on it, she should just paint a big old target on her back. Just hope some how, some way, she is sealing her own deal. I’m not a numbers guy and BB is so unpredictable, but yeah, her word will be outed as total crap, and she will be exposed for the hypocrite she is.

      • Does Julia come into the house before or after the veto ceremony? I think if she comes in before she can convince Vanessa to put Austin up. She doesn’t like Austin and knows he is going to screw up her game and her sister’s too.

  10. “I don’t like liars.” says the professional poker player…
    Let me guess, she will justify the lies, not as lies, but as bluffs, just as she does in her job.

    • Yes no kidding.. and all she is looking for is a reason to put up Jackie but because she “promised” her she would not back door her she is save.. yet she also “promised” this supposed 8 person alliance that she would send Austin home. There is no doubt that what we have witnessed up until now is heavily production pushed crap… Personally I feel, if Shelli is actually the puppet master (and by no means do I mean she is smart, but that people are listening to her-namely Vanessa) then Shelli will get Vanessa to not put up Jason as Shelli and Clay want Meg/Jason as a f4

      • Jackie won’t be in the jury so really…. Tell me why she shouldn’t back door Jackie??

      • Sure, Jackie has a good chance at making jury but the reason she didn’t put her up is because it was actually Vanessa’s idea to agree to not backdoor each other when they first won HOH together.. for whatever reason Vanessa hold true to that but doesn’t hold true to the other 7 people in her alliance to get to jury

    • My dad doesn’t watch big brother but when he saw a commercial for it and saw Vanessa he was like “I can’t stand her. She’s a horrible person” He watches poker.

    • I don’t like liars…right…using that… tell me the truth or else will catch up to her because now she’s all over the map throwing out lies and bs.The sooner they find out the better…cause she will do anything to win this.

  11. Two questions, If a person who is not a nominee is picked to play the veto and wins; they use the veto on a nominee, can the HG who originally won the veto be nominated. for example. Let’s say Liz had stayed on the block, Austin wins veto, uses it to save Liz, could the HOH then backdoor him right on the spot?
    Secondly, with Liz winning the BOB doesn’t that ensure her safety for the week, ensuring the twin twist. Im not sure what clay winning the Veto had to do with the twist because Liz could not be a nominee anyway because she won BOB. end rant

    • According to wiki the winner is safe along with whomever he/she takes off the block meaning that in this case both Liz and Austin would be safe. Still wondering about the twin thing though.

      • As soon as Liz won BOB that ensured that Julia will join the game, not understanding what the question is. Liz is safe because she won BOB and cannot be nominated after the veto is used. The twin will enter the game after the vote on Thursday for sure.

      • That’s what I thought. I thought I read somewhere in this site that it all depended on the POV comp, so that confused me. I was reading at work though so my head was probably spinning at the time. thanks for making me sane again!

    • 1. If u win the veto u r completely safe from any renominations…. And even most twists like the diamond power of veto makes it very clear that u cannot put the veto winner up.

    • Not sure what u mean by the second question…. R u just checking if Liz was safe or r u asking sth else

    • If Liz is on block and Austin is not…and Austin wins POV and uses it to save Liz, then both are safe.
      If Liz and Austin are both on the block…and Austin wins POV and uses it on Liz, then Liz is safe but not Austin. He basically gave away his Power of Veto to Liz, leaving himself vulnerable.
      With Liz winning BoB, she is safe for the week. She cannot be renominated to replace Clay. She and James both are safe this week.

  12. Does Jason have enough votes to stay? I know Austin, Liz, John and Jackie will vote to keep Becky while James and meg will vote to keep Jason. Really hoping Shlay will vote to keep Jason too. The only wild card is Steve

    • According to what went down last night, Vanessa and Becky have talked to enough ppl to ensure that Jason goes home. This includes Clelli, Liztin and Steve. Becky will probably have John and Jackies votes. On Thursday night, the vote will probably be 7 to 2 with Jason going home.

      • Unless Clay talks Shelli into targeting Vanessa next week (when she can’t win HoH) and saving Jason to pull him in with them, since Shelli likes him. IDK. Wild shot in the dark.

      • Big wild shot. I don’t think that would happen. Not when they’ve had this alliance and stuck together for so long. Why would they flip and have Vanessa who is a strong player, Austin, Steve, Liz, Julia and John all after them.

      • Oh absolutely. I know that Shelli/Clay are open to the idea of going to the other side of the house if/when they ever get power again. They’re “mobile”. Ha ha. Would be a matter of them not trusting Vanessa and/or fearing her long-term while not fearing the other side. But yeah – big wild shot. :)

      • Well I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree. Lol. I do think Shelli and Clay will stay good with the other side in case they get HOH but I don’t think they will flip. Especially since their alliance are the only ones playing.

      • That’s what I meant. When I said if/when “they” ever get power again, I meant the other side (James/Jason/Meg). I’m pretty sure Shelli/Clay have another HoH or several to win this season. Ha!

      • All that may change if the others find out Clay and Shelli offered Becky an alliance deal. Once Jason goes up Jackie and the rest will realize the alliance does not keep to its deals. If Jackie and Becky win HOH, I have a feeling Jackie can convince Becky to put up all alliance members.

    • I think Steve would vote Jason out. Since Julia doesn’t enter til after the eviction, then she won’t have a vote. But I think Steve being the deciding vote, will evict Jason and keep Becky. I don’t have the feeds so I don’t know if he feels a connection to Jason but I think from a game perspective, he would find Jason a bigger threat to him/his “side”, than Becky.
      I just want Austin to screw the pooch and land the on the block today because Vanessa has no other choice.

      • Steve’s prior hinky vote was when he knew no one would ever figure it out. He wouldn’t chance it this time. He’s too afraid of Queen Vee.

  13. Ok… if Vanessa’s “allies” are smart she should definitely be sending up red flags. How can you trust someone who can’t make up their mind or stick with the plan? Not just once… but twice now!

  14. Vanessa has been my pick to win from day 1. But, she is too wishy washy and could have made a great move by backdooring Austin. SMH! Austin is stalker creepy. Wait til he finds out he has made a complete fool of himself over Liz.

  15. I love Jason and I kinda wanna see him go up. 1) He needs to learn to quit telling everyone everything. 2) Wake up call to strengthen his game. 3) He can get the votes to stay. 3) Becky is a loner and not a vote. Final deals are made daily in this house.

    • If he can stay – You’re right – Should be a wake up call to him and the others! I would hope that happens. Nothing else has been effective.

      • If he stays, Clay and Shelli will claim it was they who save him. He will be grateful and do their bidding if he wins.

  16. Holy crap. This season has more target changes than an international multi-gun 300 person round-robin double-elimination marksmanship competition. To paraphrase Barbarino: it’s so confusing!!

  17. Personally I don’t mind Jason going this week. He’s let the majority group of (soon to be) six control the game this far, but then again I think Jackie was the first not from that group since week one to win HoH. I think this season could have played out differently had James and Jason’s group kept control, but I prefer the sixth sense in control because their dynamic is a lot more flawed and entertaining. Should Jason leave, however, I would like seeing Becky, John, James and Jackie from the “minority six” (I don’t like Meg and Steve is just there being Steve) be able to find their way through the sixth sense. They lose possible allies week after week and maybe once Jason is sent packing, the rest of the minority group will realize just what’s happening.

  18. Vanessa needs to learn a valuable lesson in the house, if your going to load the gun, aim the gun and tell everyone your going to shoot the gun then you better actually do it, Austin might be grateful now but wait till he gets hoh and see how long it takes for everyone to throw Vanessa under the bus.

  19. Im getting tired of everybody acting like Austin is a stalker, he would be just playing his game if Liz hadnt offedred him an apple, he fell for her flirting and all the people posting want to act like hes a bad guy, nobody is saying Liz should be backdoored for coming on to him just to help her game

    • Austin is a grown-ass-adult. Liz is flirting to keep their twisted friendship alive YES, she is….. But he hasn’t kissed her yet becuz she isn’t sending ‘THAT SIGNAL! ‘
      He is obsessed with her……. Period!!

  20. It would be so sweet if Vanessa’s Alliance is setting her up, as whatever happens, she will be a huge target next week … and, whomever is re-nommed this week, and/or survives, along with the other side of the House, for yet another betrayal, should it not be Austin, may also be gunning for Her ??
    Other than having a non-filtered mouth, and playing an Andy’s snitching game, what has Jason really done so far this season? At least, Becky has won a few comps, rather, thrown a few comps .. Ha !!!
    If they stick to the original Six Sense Alliance, despite all the waffling .. surely this would be the strongest option, at this point in the game, than self-imploding, imo … It has gotten them this far, so far in the game … In the end, does it really matter who on the other side goes? Considering, none of them are actually playing to win HOH / Comps, thus far ??
    By backdooring Austin may indirectly weaken their Alliance, numbers-wise, and let the flood gates begin …

    By backdooring Jackie .. it would be a great power move for Jury votes, if she makes it that far and finally get the other side to realize that their may be, indeed, a power alliance in the House this season and they are not part of it … Ha !!!
    btw: Any indication if next week will be a Double-Eviction Week ??

    • Thank you for mentioning my pet peeve which is that all of the Hobbits talk openly about throwing challenges while all of the leaders talk about winning. So, look at who is winning! I like the other side because they’re cute but omigosh if you try to lose you are going to keep losing, why is that tough to figure out?

  21. After this week I really hope Austin wins HOH and stays HOH. So Vanessa, Shelli and Clay think they are safe but little do they know Judas (whatever he calls himself) is the ‘real’ HOH and his plan is to backdoor Clay cuz he wants to be the only guy left and be the only physical guy too. And why wouldn’t the other side not vote clay out…lol its long shot but it would be awesome to see

    • I had a feeling that Austin was laying low til like the 6th week or so, and then would become a comp beast. If he survives this week, we shall see…

    • That would be an awesome twist and I think its going to happen too. I think Austin is probably not trusting his alliance very much right now after thinking about putting him on the block. If he wins I can see him making a really bold move figuring he has the twins by his side. Also, I think others in the house may approach him for a deal if he wins HOH.

  22. Too many things to talk about so I’ll make a list:
    1) I hate, HATE the two HOH twist and have no idea how it’s a “fan favourite” and I am waiting for it to end. It’s soooo stupid.
    2) I like Julia and think Liz is an idiot sometimes. Austin is a creep and a cheater.
    3) John is awesome. I hope he wins and goes far at least.
    4) Can’t stand Vanessa and her hypocrisy and I’m sooooo bored of the same people ruling the house every week :(.=
    5) I want Jackie to go home so that she doesn’t go after the twins.

    • Good points. I would add that BB should go back to the rule where the HOH cannot tell who is going up on the block. That is a rule I would enforce strictly. I would also go back to making the veto only to save 1 person. So if you use it, you are not safe yourself.

      As for Jackie targeting the twins, I think that is going to change after this week. But I think they have to target at least one twin before this goes too far. You cannot let sisters get to the final 3 if you want to win something. I hope Jackie targets Shelli and Clay next.

  23. Who doesn’t think that Shelli and Clay will head straight to Meg and that side of the house and say that they had no idea that this was Vanessa’s plan? Personally, I think it’s a bad renom.

    • Vanessa won;t like that and Austin will use it to instill distrust in Vanessa towards Shelli and Clay.

      I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the house deals with this. Will they still talk game in from of Shelli and Clay like that have been doing stupidly all along?

  24. I hope that this deal Becky made with the other side isn’t legit because I really want Becky and Jackie to team up and take down everyone of them! This would of never happened had their plan worked out perfectly and Jackie stayed HOH

    • While I can appreciate your thoughts, I have to tell you, I think you should wake up & smell the coffee … Neither one of these ladies has the gumption to get out of their own way, let alone lead the house.

      • It certainly appears that way. But its not just them. They all treat Clay and Shelli like they are the cool kids everyone wants to hang out with. Maybe Jason being back doored will wake them up but I don’t so. And Clay and Vanessa been very smart working fringe guys like John and Steve into their confidence. If John and Steve decide to break loose of the alliance then they would have the numbers to make a move but that does not appear likely to happen, especially since the other side looks so week as players.

      • Yes I see your point. But if not them who else will get rid of the dominant alliance, who seems to be gaining momentum each and every week?

  25. Hypothetically … should one and/or both sides ever decide to target the Twins … what would be the best approach? Nominate them both on one side and hope that they lose the BOTB should they still exist? The two HOH’s work together and nominate one of them each ? and/or Just wait till the end of the BOTB before targeting them?

    • If BOB is over you nominate both, then if one wins veto they can only save themself. If you just put up 1 and the other wins veto then they are safe and can save the other.

  26. Finally a divide in the house!! Can’t wait to see all the drama unfold after Jason gets nominated. Maybe now the lazy group will start playing the game.

    • If only they had a leader to pull them together but they don’t. Plus they all think they’re in secret alliances with the big boy side and think they’re safe.

      • Note to self: If you’re not in a hardcore alliance by Week 5, you’re probably in trouble. Don’t mistake the hot water for a jacuzzi!

    • I just get the feeling they will still do nothing. Its liek when Audrey told them there is a 6 person alliance, Meg said “it doesn’t matter”!

      We wish the other side would step it up but I think they will individually approach Clay and Shelli hoping for some protection.

    • They are going to have to..they won’t have their leader telling them what to do anymore..they will have to figure something out on their own!

  27. Wouldn’t it be Fun to watch if both John and James were both nominated different sides of the HOH’s, on different sides of the House, each trying to undercut the other ?? And, both asked to throw the comp ??

    We would finally see who the Best Comp Thrower is … :)

    Ha !!! :)

  28. Is Becky stupid or something? Does she not realize that deal with Clay, Shelli and Vanessa only last for 10 minutes? This is why “the others” are such bad players. They keep hoping to be brought into the “cool kids” clique not realizing they are and will always be pawns.

    People like Becky and John are just there until the alliance no longer needs them. They would all be better off sticking together but for some reason that thought has not entered their minds yet.

  29. This is freaking stupid! Gosh!!! Vanessa stick to your word!! I didnt really like Jason at first (he came off too strong personality wise) but ive grown to love him. Only person in the house that truly has tried playing the game to the best of his ability. Vanessa was my favorite and now i cant stand to even look at her. Shes too flippy floppy for me, and theres nothing more I hate than a really good back door idea going down the drain. I really reallllly hope Austin is sent packing.

  30. The Twins and Austin would make an extremely powerful Trio and would be the swing votes between the Have and Have Not Sides …

    Did Vanessa, Clay and Shelli not form that Alliance of 8 to dump half their Sixth Sense Alliance, when they were considering backdooring Austin ??
    Surely, Austin is aware of this backdoor option against him ?
    Wonder if, and when Vanessa reneges on this backdoor Austin and either Becky/Jason is evicted, if they will tell The Twins and Austin, should one of them become the HOH’s this coming week?

  31. The problem is, the other side of the house doesn’t know that there is another side of the house working together. I don’t think they know who the enemies are. lol

    • The other side makes some decent observations but they never win control of the house again. Curious: How long do you think your friendship with Clay/Shelli will carry you, Jason/James/Meg? So frustrated with them – gawww!

      • Yes, I saw your previous post, and I agree. Also, they seemed to like keeping couples this season.

  32. I really don’t think Vanessa is not BDing Austin solely because production told her not to. Do you really think players in the house would really jeopardize their game solely to please production? Hell no! Why would anyone let production control their game? Even more, why would production want to keep Austin in the game. He’s a creep and displeasing to viewers, and him going home in a BD plan would probably create a lot of juicy drama. I just think Vanessa is genuinely really paranoid and not loyal at all. But the house guests are too blind to realize, so she’ll probably make it really far.

    • Austin needs a haircut! I can’t stand the mess! And why does he out his beard in a pony?? That’s creepy in itself!! Yuck!!

  33. Anyone who says that Vanessa is not BDing Austin solely because production told her not to is probably wrong. Do you really think players in the house would really jeopardize their game solely to please production? Hell no! Why would anyone let production control their game? Even more, why would production want to keep Austin in the game. He’s a creep and displeasing to viewers, and him going home in a BD plan would probably create a lot of juicy drama. I just think Vanessa is genuinely really paranoid and not loyal at all. But the houseguests are too dumb to realize, so she’ll probably make it really far.

  34. Vanessa’s game is now over. She has made too many enemies and no one can now trust her. He days in the house are numbered.

  35. If I could send one person out the door right now, it’d be Vanessa. Not interesting, never shuts the F up, and plays a bizarre and annoying game. Austin would be second.

  36. Austin can be stupid, and impulsive sure, but he is loyal to that alliance. Liz knew he was going to talk to Jason, encouraged it, and even told julia when they switched -and yet she was disgusted by it? It was all game play. Albeit not a great idea, but it doesn’t make him untrustworthy. While he may be “creepy” or whatever, Liz is leading him on for her own gain. Somehow that makes it okay to get rid of him? Why is this not relevant? When has it ever been a good idea to overcomplicate and blow up a good thing. They have been ruling the house, why change? So much so in fact that Shelli is so annoying it tests my gag reflex, and vanessa is so cocky it’s infuriating to wAtch. She addresses the cameras like it’s the vanessa show. And while I know she’s the smartest game player in here, her whole “godfather” act is old. And let’s all face it: she is a bitch.
    Jackie thinks way too highly of herself. I’m waiting for Steve to start playing -Becky finally has started, and I can’t wait for Johnny mac to pick up the pieces once this alliance screws it all up.
    Jason has the best humor in the house, and his DR videos are the best. It will be a shame to see him go.
    But things change so quickly, and most of the time without a good reason, so you never know.

    • I really think the house might flip FOR ONCE and vote out the right person (Becky) – I’m so over this “followers” mentality this season. Stand up people!

      • I know, someone said something like it earlier but it’s like the season of the “cool kids”. Everyone wants to be their friend, and follow them, but no one stands against them. If they had earlier, they would have had numbers, and could have stopped the sixth sense. And why isn’t anyone trying to break up clay and shelli? Strong pairs are dangerous, and now the twins will be too. I do look forward to when the millionaire poker player gets her comeuppance.

  37. Can anyone tell me – because there have been SO many seasons – has there even been a time where they do a “quick game” and allow someone OTHER than HOH to put someone on the block? Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Jason somehow got that power and put up Austin or Shelli??

    • Now that would be a real twisty twist. I don’t believe it’s ever been done Heather P.

      • Now would be a good time though! This weeks BB takeover? Give America the Diamond power of veto and allow us to take two people off the block and put two new HGs up.

        How about Austin and Shelli?

  38. Am I watching something other than Big Brother? In my experience (have been a BB fan since the 1st season) and my understanding of the game, players do whatever they cab to be “the last houseguest standing” and win the half-mil at the end. This year, houseguests seem to be afraid to deceive other players or use the power they have while being HoH! Is this because society is changing, thus changing the “social experiment” that Big Brother intended it to be? Hmmm…

    • Umm Vanessa deceived Jason, Meg, Jackie, and James. Why on earth would Vanessa take out Austin WHO IS A NUMBER & ALLY? It makes 0 sense. I love Jason but Vanessa made the right choice in my opinion. I just hope that Becky goes because she is irrelevant.

  39. I think it stinks that Vanessa who has won $3,000,000.00 playing poker was even put in the game. I hope she gets back doored soon. Raccoon eyes. I also csnnot stand Liz and Julias voices

  40. I know God is busy with more important things but if can give us BB fans a minute or two Thursday night and make Jackie and Meg HOHs for the week we would be forever grateful.

  41. I’m glad she blind-sided everybody. We don’t get these shake ups near enough so I welcome the change. Things could change by Thursday and they end up sending Becki home instead. lol

  42. If Jason goes home this week I’m calling it a summer and I’ll gladly start counting down the days until next season.

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