Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 5: Monday Daytime Highlights

Veto day arrived and didn’t disappoint as the Houseguests were split between being blindsided or just acting like it once the ceremony had ended.

Jason Roy faces eviction on Big Brother
Jason Roy faces eviction on Big Brother – Source: CBS All Access

Meanwhile Vanessa started holding court as houseguests, one-by-one, entered to find out what exactly went wrong with the backdoor Austin plan. Basically no one got any satisfying answers from Vanessa, though, as she didn’t really have a legitimate reason to put Jason on the block.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 27, 2015:

9:50 AM BBT – HGs getting their wake up call.

10:25 AM BBT – Vanessa and Jackie getting ready but aren’t talking.

10:35 AM BBT – Vanessa starts hinting at concerns to Jackie, but she won’t just say what she’s thinking (not BD’ing Austin).

11:00 AM BBT – Vanessa goes to James and asks if he corrected the misspelled name in BotB comp. He confirms he did.

11:15 AM BBT – James goes to Jason and says Vanessa was asking weird questions. He’s nervous, but Jason says not to worry. Oops.

11:30 AM BBT – Jackie asking Shelli if something is going on. Shelli denies.

11:40 AM BBT – Outdoor lockdown announced and Clay is called to the Diary Room. Veto ceremony about to start. Feeds cut.

12:25 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Jackie is angry. Jason looks defeated. James goes upstairs to ask Vanessa what happened. She tells him stories about Jason talking bad about him.

12:30 PM BBT – Jason, Jackie and Meg are outside very upset. Meg is crying and Jason is nervous smoking. Clay and Shelli are sitting there quietly and acting dumbfounded even though they knew everything.

12:50 PM BBT – Jason says he’s not going to blow up. He’s upset that he’s going home and jobless, but he already won just by making it on the show.

1:22 PM BBT – Jackie goes up to find out what the hell has happened. Vanessa spews all of the same crap she’s going to spew to everyone. Vanessa tells Jackie that she had the majority of the house backing her decision. Jackie asks Shelli if she wants Jason out. Shelli tries to play dumb and says no. Vanessa calls her out and she backtracks. Eventually Jackie kicks Clay, Shelli and Liz out of the room so she can ask if they’re all going to come after her. Vanessa tells her she will try to see what she can do to fix things for Jackie.

2:35 PM BBT – Meg goes up to the HOH room and tells Vanessa that she’s really hurt. Vanessa goes back into the story she will retell for the next several days. Meg is still crying and feels really alone and backtracked. Vanessa says this is strictly a game move and that everyone loves Jason.

3:04 PM BBT – Shelli lies to Jackie and says she wants to keep Jason this week.

3:12 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Shelli that she is ride or die with this and that things are going to get crazy in the next couple days.

3:15 PM BBT – Jason, Meg and Jackie are talking about Shelli and Clay knowing all along and that they’ve had a hand in all of the evictions. Meg is upset because Shelli and Clay lied to her face when she asked them if they knew about Jason going up. They agree that what Audrey warned them about was right (about Clay and Shelli being in an alliance with Vanessa, Austin and Liz).

3:28 PM BBT – Meg and Jackie are bawling to Jason over everything. Jackie says she feels like she let Jason down. Meg says they HAVE to win next week. James says they have to watch their backs with Clay and Shelli.

3:33 PM BBT – Jason goes to the HOH and asks Vanessa if he can have his moment. He tells her that he knows everything and that he’s not blaming her, but she’s doing other people’s agenda and not her own. He tells her that Clay and Shelli made a final four deal with him and Meg and that they’re working with everyone. Vanessa tells Jason that four different people came to her telling her that Jason wasn’t trustworthy to James so she knows if he’s not loyal to James then why would be be loyal to her. Jason says he was baited to say that he’s not that close to James. He says you have to tell people what they want to hear in this game.

3:45 PM BBT – Vanessa claims to Jason that this is the most difficult decision she had to do since her ex-husband died.

3:54 PM BBT – Jason breaks down in tears after saying he actually helped her win the HOH that is getting him out (he coached her the night before). Vanessa remains stone cold.

4:05 PM BBT – Clay and Shelli are talking about deflecting some of the heat onto Austin, Liz and Julia.

4:09 PM BBT – Meg tells Clay that she’s very upset and that she feels like a fool. She says that now it looks like he and Shelli are in an alliance with Vanessa, Austin and the twins. Clay denies it. Meg cries some more. Clay lies some more. She tells him that he lied to her face. She directly asked him earlier if he knew and he told her no.

4:20 PM BBT – Clay tells Meg that he and Shelli were on board with getting Jason out when Vanessa came to them with it. He tries to deflect by telling Meg they helped keep her off the block and would never put her up. He tells her that she’s not on the outside with he and Shelli.

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  1. I hope this lights a fire under Meg, James, and all the other floaters to go WIN some HOH’s and start fighting back. I still have Meg to win the season, so there is plenty of time to change things in the house.

      • I doubt john and Becky would if the other side could just manage to get them to open their eyes and see the bigger picture: that they are being targeted by a major alliance and they need to work together to make sure they eliminate every last one of the sixth sense alliance members

      • I am going based on conversations, John and Becky would probably target Meg, James, and Jackie just to please the Sixth Sense. Maybe if someone talks to them than maybe they might consider turning on TSS but I doubt it.

    • I’m not so sure about the Meg winning part, but I think we’d all like to see the outsiders unite… It won’t happen I think because the alliance is playing them pretty well and using them in a distributed way which makes them each feel ”specially connected”… Pretty smart.

      • The alliance is really playing them all off very nicely. Pull Becky in for a fluff BS final 2 deal, pull John in for a final 6 deal, etc.. It would be a miracle to see all of the houseguests not in the SS alliance to talk and come together. Will it happen? 2% chance.

      • I think the only reason why they are being played is because the people in the sixth sense alliance has won back to back HOHs making it difficult for anyone to really go againts them

      • I personally have no desire to see them unite. I would rank Meg, James, Jason (soon to be moot), Jackie all near the bottom in terms of who I like most, so I’m perfectly fine to see Sixth Sense eliminate all of them, and then the interesting TV can be watching who of the 6 turns on who first. The only non-members of Sixth Sense who I like are John and Becky so I’m all for them + the 6 being the final 8. At that point I’d hope for John or Becky to be in power and start shifting ties within the six. I think with only 8 left, the 6 would crack and turn on each other.

      • We’re in total agreement then! :) I also like James in addition to Becky & JMac… In a perfect world, I would’ve liked to see Becky, James, JMac, the twins & maybe Clay in an alliance…

      • Agreed, and I could also get behind that perfect-world alliance you mentioned. I’m not allowed to up-vote your comment because I’m a guest poster lol, but I would if I could.

    • They have watched as they continously are going up on the block but they don’t campaign, they just complain. When they get information they run and tell everyone. They are just gossiping and not playing the game. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jason and don’t want him to leave especially before jury, but you can’t stay if you don’t play.

      • I agree. It seems whenever someone is put up as a Veto replacement this year, they wither and give up. (except for Day) If Jason is a good player, he campaigns and stays for another week. He has time and a cast of people to work with.

    • ugh…. they are not “floaters.” why don’t people understand what a floater is in big brother anymore?

  2. I am so glad to see Jason,James, Jackie have figured out that Shelli/Clay are the real snakes.. the house is going to be turned upside down now.. but Jason has his work cut out for him if he really wants to stay.. as a game player, it would be good for Steve to keep Jason but he won’t because Steve is a whimp and has no game. He will be picked off by the other side soon and will be a non-issue unless he wakes up. Same goes for JohnnyMac. Yeah I get it, the guy has some funny DR sessions but where is his game? He has been OTB and asked to throw it each time.. then the one time he actually doesn’t throw it, it is one that he could win. This would be the perfect week for production to through a REWIND twist in to the game and save Jason.. just think of the sh*T that would happen if Jason didn’t go home this week after all!

    • JMac needs to understand he is a pawn and alwasy will be. With Austin and the twins, Shelli and Clay, and then Vanessa, JMac is 7th in line. In other words he is nothing. He would be the perfect person to sow the seeds of distrust with Shelli and Vanessa.

      • Agreed, and the fact that he waved the carrot for Becky to get in an alliance with him and she blew him off,saying “she wanted to get further to the end before making any sort of alliance”, he should cut the ties now and say sorry Bit@h you had your chance. But even then Jason would have to also have Jackie’s vote and once he has that, maybe he could get Steve’s

    • A rewind twist when there’s been absolutely no lead-up to suggest that might come? And when there’s been no celebrity introduced to be involved in a takeover this week? No thanks. I’d say the same even if my favourite player was in the line of fire, because this wouldn’t make sense. Jason can go home. I won’t miss him, or his “Oh Mylanta” crap.

  3. Part of me thinks that Meg is going to buy the BS Clay is throwing at her. I hope she is smarter than that. But these people have no one to blame but themselves. They have not been playing this game and now it may be too late for all of them, especially because they let Julia in the house.

    Their best move now is to unite and sow the sees of distrust in the alliance. Tell Vanessa that Clay and Shelli are throwing her under the bus. Tell Clay and Shelli that Austin and the twins want to break them up so they can have an all powerful threesome. Then have someone else corroborate the stories so Vanessa’s and Shelli’s paranoia starts working overtime.

    Don’t get angry. Get even! Its time to start playing the game.

    • Shelli hasn’t been outside yet to talk with James’JasonJackie to know that Shelli and Clay are the snakes.. so when she leaves this room it should be very interesting.

  4. So the outsiders know, and now they need to believe, then they need to get off their duffs and act. Hopefully they’ll get it together and realize what they are up against. They need a Super Strategy Session to counteract the SS alliance. Let’s see how smart they are. They have no idea just how much they have all been lied to and deceived. Hopefully the next couple of days more will be revealed to them. Go get em’, guys and gals. I haven’t lost hope in you yet.

    • Good pep talk… not sure it will help, but it’s a good pep talk. The other good news is the alliance seems destined to crack now that there’s a rift between members. :)

  5. Bit*h…I don’t want Jason to go NOOOOOOO. Vanessa is an idiot. That creep just creeped on her as well and I’m not even going to mention that clueless twin. Your ass loves you some creepy man who has won NOTHING!!! I still have faith that Jason will stay…can this be the return of the takeover?…Jason or Julia?? Either way he has a lot coming to him.

    • I don;t think BB can five us that choice now. Julia has to come into the house and I bet there is a contract to enforce it.

      It would be a neat little twist though. Let America vote on who comes in Jason or Julia. I like Julia more than Liz but I would vote toe let Jason stay – to stick it to Vanessa, Shelli and Clay.

      • We need something come Thursday from CBS…that twist sounds great. It’s not time for Jason to go.

      • Little tired of clear bias making people say something would be great. How is it at all fair or make any sense that suddenly, despite lasting 5 evictions as asked, that Julia could potentially not enter the house because America instead voted for Jason to get a 2nd chance? That’s illogical and it only suits Jason fans.

  6. C’mon…irrelevant bitches. ..get that HoH…I hope Meg starts to wake up and follows the Sarah Hanlon route with all her allies going out and then starting to really play the game…but please get that HoH and don’t let six others push you 6 around. ..actually 5 because Jason will go this week…

    • Regardless, they should begin a campaign of deceit to create massive paranoia in the alliance. First step is to get JMac on board with them by convincing him he will only be shoved at the door by the alliance. Then they start spreading rumors. Use JMac to corroborate their stories. Divide the alliance up by making them distrust each other.

      Shelli has proven to be reliably paranoid and now she is probably even more paranoid, so in a day or two let a rumor out that Austin and the twins want Shelli and Clay out.

      Then when that blows up, get the word to Vanessa that Shelli and Clay are throwing her under the bus to save themselves. Then sit back and let the sparks fly.

      • For them to get any momentum. …two of the five or six need to win HoH…

  7. Vanessa is a disgusting person for saying that about her ex husband. Does anyone really think this is the hardest thing she has done since her ex died of cancer? I think this is the week that shelli/clay and vanessa turn on each other. Shelli/clay will put it on vanessa and she will get pissed about being thrown under the bus.

    • Right! Clay/Shelli lied to everyone else about knowing Jason was the backdoor plan so when Vanessa catches wind of this she’s going to go crazy!

    • I don’t think she believes it, she knows he’s in the 6 person alliance so at least I hope she’s just sitting through his BS.

      • Yeah, but she’s fired up to win HOH next week so hopefully we get to see some power shifts happen!

  8. I need for Jason to get evicted go to walk out the front door “it’s time for a take-over” game is reset with the twin coming in and Jason not going home. Please let the week playout like that. Than let Jason and Jackie win HOH and all 4 Vanessa Clay Shelli Austin all on the block.

    • I want for Becky to get evicted because she’ll do anything to appease the 6th sense while Jason will now go after them guns blazing and I’m here for that!!

      • Guns Blazing? I have yet to see Jason show any courage or fortitude in this game. When his “BBF” was booted what did he do …. Nothing but piss & moan.
        Jason “talks” a good game, that is all.

      • Well, he had no reason to. Getting crazy because your ally was booted is a stupid move. He’s here to fight for himself and now he is being targeted so his chance is now. He came into the house saying he was going to lay low and he has been until now. He’ll do a hell of a lot more than Becky.

      • Not sure I’d put it that way, but yes I agree with you Kim. I think Jason is no different than Meg, James & JMac in how he was willing to work with the dominant alliance…

      • I agree with you a 100%, Becky is irrelevant as hell. She can go. Shelli lied to Becky in Week 2 by targeting Day when Shelli said she would target Audrey and Becky was okay with it. Vanessa lied to Becky this week when she changed her target to Jason and Becky is okay with it. Becky is just trying to kiss their a$$ and it’s annoying.

      • It’s driving me insane! The 6th sense has been using her and she just lets it happen without actually being in with the group. People who just go with everything piss me off. Jackie, although she was non-existent the first few weeks has woken up and she’s not having any of it and that’s what I love to see. Jason staying in the house would definitely guarantee us a power struggle between two alliances with an equal amount of people on both sides. I NEED THAT.

    • I have the same hope. I really would like to see Jason stay, get Shelli and Clay to flip some how then him and jackie win hoh and put Van, Austin, shelli and clay up. Regardless of the outcome or bob one of them is gone. Even if Jason does go they need to have two from their side win hoh.

      • Regardless of the outcome? Let’s say, in your scenario, Vanessa and Austin win Battle of the Block. Clay and Shelli remain on the block. Clay wins Veto, saves himself, Vanessa and Austin can’t go up in his place as they’ve won safety for the week. Now only 1 of your 4 is on the block and votes can be campaigned for to save Shelli. She gets the votes (Clay, Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia, Becky, John all candidates to vote for her to stay) and stays, now none of the 4 have left the game.

        It’s a good bet if you want one of those four gone, to go about it this way and hope for the best, but it’s definitely not “regardless of outcome one of them is gone”.

    • Well at the rate Vanessa is dropping secrets to Jason and Meg I think we will see a Vanessa Shelli blow out by the end of the night and a house scrambling for new alliances.

      • Now this would be a good thing. Who would Lurch & his twins side with … Slay or (I was ready to throw you under the bus) Vanessa?

      • The twins have very different personalities with Liz being more than willing to throw her sister under the bus, I could see Liz wanting to go with Vanessa and Julia wanting to go with shlay problem is no one would believe they were on opposite sides and first chance the other would leave depending on which alliance was in power.

    • That would be the best case scenario of the stragglers putting the alliance members all on the block. That would guarantee one of them goes home. If one wins POV, put another alliance member in their place. I hope they have a BB Takeover saving Jason and maybe, give someone a diamond power of veto to put anyone they want in the hot seat other than the winners of BOB and of course, POV and the HOH. That would certainly make the game more interesting!

      • I am so tired of “Backdooring” it is all that goes on in the game, either get rid of POV or play it before nominations. HOH plus 5 random draws, whoever wins is save-than people are playing for themselves, so tired of seeing people just throwing things.

  9. This was beautiful!! Watching Vanessa screw up her game by not going after Austin even though he repeatedly lied to her is golden! She made deals with everyone in the house to get Austin out then backtracked and thought it wasn’t going to bite her in the butt? Why does Vanessa insist on ruining her game in order to save others?

    Also, seeing Clay and Shelli lie about knowing Jason was going up and then Vanessa telling Jackie they knew and now everyone is finally seeing the golden couple as not as trustworthy as they thought!

    This is the stuff that makes Big Brother, Big Brother. We’re finally going to have a power shift and struggle!

    • I don’t see Vanessa saving other people’s games, but I do agree this was a dumb move on her part… If she went through all the motions of planning a backdoor and had the majority on board, why change it last minute and betray their trust? She also really goofed when she talked to the outsiders by using the terms ”Us” and ”you guys”…

      • I felt like by her saving Audrey that one week when it would have been smarter to just put her up and appease the house so early on was saving her game, same with Austin this week but more so with Austin in general. Austin lied to her and said he didn’t want to be here for the game but for Liz yet she thinks him as a number is smarter than betraying everyone she just made deals with. It’s mind boggling. She’s essentially saving Austin and throwing herself under the bus as a liar which makes her a bigger target than Austin and now she’ll probably go home before him.

        Haha, Clay does the same thing! He says “we” and “us”. I don’t think I’ve ever heard him refer to himself in singular, it’s always plural.

      • Yeah it was perfect for them (the alliance) because they had the other side of the house eating from the palm of their hands… then they go and mess it up with their silly paranoia, political correctness, and finally a big bunch of unnecessary lying AFTER they started talking about ”us” needing ”them”… Sheesh… Final 6 was guaranteed but they may have blown it…

      • Yes, indeed! It blew up in their faces as they weren’t targets or even talked about being a target but now the other side is coming after them 100% next week if (WHEN) they win :)

  10. I hope the takeover this week is the dissolution of the battle of the block or at least when jury starts get rid of it. lasted way too long last year and should have ended once Hayden left and should have not happened this year…

  11. You know, as much as I want Austin out of the game so that we can get his creepiness off the feeds, this choice is actually more fun to watch go down.

    • I don’t mind this is happening in the house. I actually like it. I guess because my man JMac is not in the firing

      • I’m hoping JMac chooses the right side to support. I’d really not enjoy knowing, definitely, that he would not be behind the outsiders. As much as I like him, I’d have to remove his picture from my nightstand.

      • lol.I think we’ll see him strategizing soon. In the meantime, he’ll be needed by both sides while they kill each other. I cant fault his “centrist” strategy yet. Look at where Jason is now. lol…he needs a lot of luck that’s all I can say.

      • JMac’s strategy, whatever it has been, has kept him in the house, that’s for sure. I hope he uses some good old common sense and remembers that he was the person the SS used as a pawn, which meant he could be discarded if need be. I really want to keep my nightstand picture. But JMac needs some color on that pale skin.

      • Beside my bed. My husband has his,uh, picture which we will leave at that. I have JMac.

      • Easy now with the pale skin comments, we can’t all be in a rush to get aging or damaged skin. ;) No but seriously, I think JMac is doing his best for now… it’s only WHEN (and IF) the other side of the house actually wins an HoH then we’ll see what happens…

      • I’m hoping that it is only naturally pale skin. There is nothing wrong with that. I posted a few weeks ago that he looked a little sickly to me, with the pale skin and dark circles around his eyes.

      • If it wasn’t for freckles, I’d be “fairly” pale, also.
        Hey Matt, hope you are able to post more often while the programs are airing. au revoir hehe

  12. What would be awesome is if Austin throws a Judas vote in there to send Becky packin

    • I am still waiting for the day that somebody throws a hinky vote that actually sends the wrong person home.

      • Oh. ..whatever…I don’t have another word for it…you know what I mean..

      • That’s false because Audrey knew that Jason would keep Day and still threw a hinky vote out there.
        Steve and Liz knew that Jackie and John would keep Jeff and still threw a hinky vote out there.
        I think people will throw a hinky vote when they expect their “rogue vote” to not make a difference in the eviction.

      • You should really watch BBCan Season 1 then… Probably the funniest (and dumbest) vote by a contestant ever. :)

      • The Topaz situation? That wasn’t really a hinky vote, Topaz was just flapping her gums she didn’t realize she voted for Jillian. (Who deserved the win over Gary btw)

      • Oh I think Jillian was the rightful winner (production did everything they could to help Gary out, minus Topaz’s dumb dumb mistake)… I still laugh at that situation and hope that Topaz has learned a very valuable lesson in how she carries herself in life. :) Ironically, I had a co-worker who was friends with her in highschool and said ”Yeah, she’s not the most brilliant person, and tends to speak before her thoughts can catch up to her.”

      • how the hell do you guys remember stuff from 15 years ago? lol I love BB and have watched every single episode/season… but I can barely remember names from last year lol

      • Ohhh ok. I dont watch BB Canada :) but still I can’t remember details that far back lol

      • You’re not alone. I sometime have a hard time remembering what I had for dinner the day before.

      • lol… Well to be honest aside from some really good looking people whom I remember (e.g. Jun) I don’t actually remember that many names either. The people we’re talking about (Jillian & Gary) are the finalists from 2.5yrs ago on BBCan Season 1… ;)

  13. “Shelli tries to play dumb and says no. ”

    According to the previous article, Shelli really didn’t want Jason to go.

  14. I love Jason but there has been so much drama it’s giving us amazing feeds. Hopefully we get a power shift to keep this momentum going. Aside from last week there hasn’t been a boring week in BB17, hopefully Jackie and Meg (or Jason if he stays) wins HOH and raise some hell.

  15. Regardless of which HG goes home this week, this renom should be a big wake-up call to the floaters! It’s unite now or get picked off one-by-one.

    • Probably get picked off because Becky and John don’t really want to join Meg’s crew and of course Steve, he is a doormat that just sits there and does nothing until it is too late and he would still target James and Meg. ..he can go too…

      • Is Steve a doormat? He seems to have an interesting side deal going on with both Austin and Vanessa. With Austin in particular, he’s playing the role of a doormat even though they’re secretly in cahoots.

      • The annoying part about that situation is that Becky, John, and Steve are being used and they are okay with that…. SMH. At least Jackie is ready to play.

  16. Not really unexpected. You have a core alliance which house guests think like Jason, Meg and the others can be persuaded to keep them in the game. Are you guys really serious? Have you not watched Big Brother before? Have you not been put on the block more than once? If they formed an alliance and used their heads maybe, they would have a chance to get further in the game. Jackie wasted her HOH. She should have put up Austin and Shelli and taken her chances. Even the very best competitors will lose one competition when they need it the most. Ask Danielle Donato, Rachel Reilly, Frank (with Mike Boogie, don’t remember the season) all lost when they needed to win. Here is a bit of inspiration for the stragglers, if you also, watch Survivor, the last winner Mike was all alone and given up for dead. He won immunity after immunity to get to the very end. Go win HOH and go after the core alliance. That is your best move!

      • The houseguests can’t win. People were complaining that the evictions were all house consensus. Now that Vanessa makes a big move, she’s a trash can of a person. No matter what she did, she’d have been criticized by the peanut gallery. That’s what’s garbage.

      • When it comes to favorites if they get targeted than the fans says “It’s the worst season ever”, “These house guests have no spine”, “Why aren’t they making any big moves”, “They are disgusting”……….. I’m confused.

      • Agreed. Today’s move by Vanessa is the biggest move we’ve seen in two seasons. I fail to see what anyone is complaining about. This week alone already eclipses all of the excitement (or lack thereof) from last season’s running of the game by Derrick unopposed by anyone in the house.

      • People complain because america loved derrick and he went about his choices in a smart and clear way. America does not like Vanessa and she goes about her choices in a paranoid confused way.

      • I suggest you apply for BB18 if you are complaining about Vanessa being paranoid.

      • I would be paranoid as well, but that is the reason. You asked why people are complaining I answered.

      • It was a big move, a huge stupid move, that will prove to be so if one of the outsiders win HOH and retain it. Big if, but that if, makes it a big stupid move.

      • KSJB I agree bad move mainly the way it was done. The outsiders have put the pieces together, but the question is not can they figure it out, but do they react.

      • I agree. ..its the way it was done. V knew she was wrong doing it and that’s why she did it in such a SHADY way.

      • I am a supporter of doing shady things in the game. The problem is when the whole house knows you did it in a shady way.

      • But they didn’t…Vanessa’s days are numbered. She can thank the creepy non bathing beast.

      • I don’t necessarily think it was a bad move because it would have been stupid to take out Austin who is her ally.

      • I get that,Joey, and that’s the other side of the move. If Austin and the twins stick with the alliance, and the alliance sticks together, they will be the untouchables, practically. Then it will have been a big, smart, great move. It’s just according to what happens, before anyone can call it what it will be proven to be on eviction night.

      • Remains to be seen. It’s 7 versus 5 now once Jason is out and the twins are both in the game. The numbers are in their favor to keep winning HoH competitions.

      • Their alliance is about to collapse. Julia hates Austin and doesn’t trust him at all. Liz will then not trust Austin. Clay is telling everyone what happened which will anger Vanessa. That 7 vs 5 is soon not going to be 7.

      • I’ll believe that when I see it. Right now they have common enemies which are a very unifying force in a competitive setting.

      • I’ve seen the cracks, but I have not seen the alliance about to collapse per the indication in your original statement. All of the 6th Sense members know they have safety in numbers.

      • One easy way to see the collapse is Julia does not trust Austin at all and will not work with him. Now they are down to 5. Liz will go with Julia now they are 4. That is certain. No one trusts Austin in that alliance. Vanessa has doubts about Clay. The collapse is happening.

      • Julia will work with Austin to get rid of Jackie, Meg and Becky who have all independently of one another said they’re gunning for the twins one after the other.

      • I think Julia will trust anyone over Austin. It is obviously my opinion, but I think she will want Austin out first. She should work with the alliance, but I don’t think she will.

      • Is Clay telling everything with Shelli’s blessing. If not, those two may start having a little time out with their relationship soon. That could cause some issues

      • No he doesn’t her leash is not tight enough. Although Shelli has done some blabbing of her own.

      • Shelli is too busy right now on BBAD talking about how sexy Clay looked with that POV gold medallion around his neck…and his nice lean and tall body! UGH!

      • Posts like that could give a person nightmares. Glad I didn’t read it just before falling asleep. LOL

      • ..and what’s worse, is, I think she was using that silly little baby talk with him. They were cuddling outside and Shelli was telling him how sexy he his..she is so using this kid!

      • There is a big maturity difference between a 33 yr old woman and a 23 yr old man. As a mother, I don’t like it, as an observer, I don’t enjoy it.

      • In this house 7/5 can change bigtime in a 3 day span, especially in a situation as this. I would not count on the end vote being what you think it is today.

      • There’s an outside chance of what you’re arguing being the case, but if I were betting on that outcome, I’d require a lot better payoffs for placing your bet than I would taking my bet.

      • I think it could go either way. Currently Jason has 3 votes so he is close. The also could be a twist as I doubt production wants to lose Jason. So, I would say it is unlikely he stay, but he has a chance.

      • There’s a decent chance next week that the floaters can maintain HoH and knock out one of the 7. But the likelihood that the floaters can do that three HoHs in a row to get the numbers at 5 to 4 is close to zero.
        The much more likely scenario is that Becky and John forge a side alliance with a group (Vanessa? Steve? Austin? Shelli?) and SS is no more. Becky and John are in an ok situation right now. Meg, Jackie, and James not so much. They’re toast.

      • I so hope so! And so agree production would be so stupid to not give Jason a fighting chance with some kind of twist. The house will be a mortuary without Jason!!!

      • And that’s what the game of BB is all about.
        Are you willing to go out on a limb? Are you afraid to get blood on your hands? Will you take the chance for the bigger reward?

      • Vanessa didn’t make the biggest move. She made a spineless and idiotic move. Telling the whole house you’re going to to get one person out, and then BDing another person is never a good move and bound to get people pissed off. She also threw Shelli, Clay, and Austin under the bus at least once this week and by the end of the night every person will have a reason to be angry with Vanessa. This isn’t a big move, it’s just the equivalent of the Detonators picking Zach over Jocasta last season.

      • Can’t agree with that at all. It exposed that the game is “us versus them” as the floaters finally recognize that what Audrey had told them about Sixth Sense was true. The game literally just started now. Up until today, the game has been a bunch of people eating junk food and giggling for 5 weeks. Now we have a real competition on our hands.

      • An ally that had proved to be untrustworthy. Austin would pick the twins over her in a heartbeat. I’m not saying the move wasn’t a game changer, (it definitely stirred up the house), I’m just saying that the way she went about it made it not beneficial to her game. This marks her second week as HoH where she told the house that she would get one person out and back doored another. With the way she went about it, she alienated Shelli and Clay, who she’ll have to deal with later whilst keeping Austin with his precious twins, who she’ll also have to deal with later. The way it stands right now, if the Sixth Sense (God Forbid) make the final 6, it will be 3v2v1 with Vanessa being the one. Therefore: stupid move on her part.

      • I agree with none of that. Watch the feeds. There is no blowback from anyone in 6th Sense. She did not alienate Shelli and Clay at all. Where are you getting that from? They’re all 100% behind her. And who cares if you piss off people who are about to get voted out and won’t be in the jury? That’s irrelevant. Austin will be very easy to get out later, so there’s no rush on that front, and the twins are nonentities are far as the game is concerned.
        You’re also assuming it will get to a final six with 6th Sense. Vanessa has already done the math and won’t let that happen. She’ll use votes from Steve, John, and Becky to break up the twins & Austin and break up Shelli and Clay. Vanessa’s 20 steps ahead of you on this one.

      • I agree, this was a good and big move. I admit I don’t like Jason, but I would be saying the same if it was somebody who I liked. I aim to be unbiased and objective.

      • It’s because they speak on bias and emotion as Jason fans, not because of what’s better for the game, for drama, etc. Jason going home would be a lot smarter for the Sixth Sense than sending Becky home, but Jason fans still “think” the better move is sending Becky home, solely because that’s what they personally want. Complaints about “Worst season ever” and “These players have no spine” and then turning into “They’re disgusting and/or snakes” are entirely catered to how things are going in correspondence to how they want them to go. It’s unfortunate.

      • I dont have a problem with her playing the game and am enjoying her making moves, but she is still a bad person.

      • It’s a game. I don’t know how you can be called a bad person for making a move that’s best for your game when the goal of the game is to win, not be everyone’s best friend.

      • She should not be taking any heat from america for her game play moves. Thats all game play. Things like I cant evict audrey because she is lgbt but im ok evicting jason makes her look bad. Saying Jason going up is the toughest thing since her husband died makes he look bad. This move does not make her look bad as a person other things she does do.

      • She wasn’t being honest about her reason for not backdooring Audrey. Watch the feeds. She was making up excuses to backdoor Jeff. None of that had anything to do with LGBT anything.

      • I will put it another way that I think will make what I am saying clearer. If I had Da’Vonne or Meg to put up and I say I am uncomfortable putting up meg because she is white and a member of my community. I am not being honest about my reason for not backdooring meg, but it still looks bad.

      • I agree with you. That’s the same problem I had last year with Derrick. I thought his sneakiness and willingness to twist facts were bad traits for a police officer to have. Many people argued that it was just game play. I disagreed. I think being in a situation like the BB house, under great stress, brings out a person’s true character.

  17. Jokers houseguest rankings ratings from 0 (hate) – 5 (love)

    1. Jason 3.63
    2. John 3.58
    3. Meg 2.99
    4. Julia 2.98
    5. Jackie 2.88
    6. Da’Vonne 2.77
    7. Becky 2.51
    8. James 2.48
    9. Steve 2.37
    10. Liz + Julia 1.98
    11. Audrey 1.92
    12. Liz 1.62
    13. Vanessa 1.51
    14. Shelli 1.44
    15. Jeff 1.43
    16. Clay 1.33
    17. Jace 1.18
    18. Austin 0.83

      • Not sure. But that is the way they do their poll. Liz and Julia as individuals and the twins together.

    • Jason being #1, Jason being ahead of John, Jackie and Da’Vonne being that high, Audrey being over anybody let alone 7 other choices, the one most playing the game (Vanessa) being 13th out of 18 choices — these are all reasons for me to discredit this list and put absolutely zero stock in it. Then again I’m the type to stick to my guns even if the entire rest of the world, multiple billions of people, disagree with me.

  18. I honestly do like Jason a lot but he sort of floated by and im sorry but Floaters Grab a Life Vest!! I would rather Becky go home because she doesnt contribute to convo or even the game. She hides out all the time. Btw, I can tell that the guy who wrote this, hates Vanessa, Clay, Shelli, Austin, and the twins. I need to find a non-bias site who just tells it how it was said. Not “Vanessa spews all of the same crap she’s going to spew to everyone” lol Anyways :D I hope that Jason can turn his fate around!! He deserves a second chance just like everyone else

    • Every site hates Vanessa, Clay, Shelli, Austin, and the twins. Also, every site is run by huge BB fans, so your not going to get an unbiased review. Its like the news.

      • I’ve watched most seasons of Big Brother. I like Vanessa, Clay, Shelli, the twins and even Austin (who I lost respect for this week) a lot more than James, Jason and Meg. It’s ok if I’m alone on an island with that one.

  19. OK point one Steve is not a floater he is in an alliance with Vanessa Austin and twins formed same time as sixth sense called freaks and geeks. Point two it lit a fire under Becky…. To flip to the power side.

    Now for the point I have noticed after the last few days…. Preface this by saying I am NOT proClay by any means or picked nhim to win. That being said Clay since week 2 has played a good game. Shelli wasn’t targeting Da’ but he saw she was targeting them and convinced Shelli she needed to go. Week 3 knowing Austin wasnon edge and wanted Jeff out he nudged Austin in the kitchen with info about Jeff targeting the twins. That was all it took for Austin to be set off on the series of events that unfolded into the point of Jeff going on the block under Vanessa’s HoH. Week 4. Shelli is in power. He immediately starts getting it into Shelli head Audrey must go. Shelli bites Audrey is gone. All the time Shelli is the HOh who gets the blame. Austin and Vanessa are blamed. Yeah he gets the couple stigma BUT everyone sees Shelli as the head of everything cause she talks more. Gets emotional more. He remains calm. He can talk to people and somehow they don’t feel that knife in their back he just left. Yeah Jason is blaming the couple for nhim being up when it wasn’t them so much so it may be a a problem but Clay is smoothing things over way better than Shelli is. Just seems to me for some everyone keeps saying is dumb….. Anrecruit that don’t know the game. And a mommas boy sucklingnon Shelli teet he is actually playing the game pretty dang good and from the description of the other HG the POV win was a blow out this week. Not saying he a front runner by any means just saying if you get past all the hate like people finally woke up and did with Jackie this week you may see there is a player in that Aggie T shirt and it isn’t a female borrowing the shirt.

    • Agree 100% Clay is actually the one in most power, he just doing it down low.

  20. If you need another reason to dislike Clay when he was recruited to Big Brother he didn’t know the show existed and thought it was Big Brother Big Sister the charity. They told him to audition and he said that he is good with kids. Clay thought the show was Big Brother Big Sister. Becky was recuited from tinder. Audrey auditioned for a different show. Jackie and Jeff were recruited from amazing race. Liz and Julia auditioned for a twins show and were pushed to this. However, thousands of actual fans of the show are turned away each year.

      • CBS tells them to say that, but when its game time…all of them can not hide the fact on TV that they don’t Know the game!

    • Which makes it all the more hilarious that Clay is playing the game so well he’s running circles around the “superfans” in the house.

    • They need to quit recruiting and pick players who know how to play. This is so frustrating to watch. And Clay…. wow, just wow.

    • I absolutely “LOVED” Big Brother when the game was pure, and that was Season 1 thru 10. I believe that is what made us all love BB, was those seasons! Now the BB Game is cast with people off of Tinder, IG Models, and folks who have never seen the show, or know how to play the game. And the so called Twist each year are Lame & Played Out?!

      Basically what we get now on Big Brother is the cast of “The Real World”…I would love to see people cast who know how to play the game, diversity in age, & ethnicity. Someone at CBS has destroyed this game that we all love so much. We wait all year to see this much loved BB game show, & Idk about you but I have been let down every year lately.

      • 2 through 10 were the real big brother. Probably not a surprise all of the house guests considered the best players, besides Derrick who is a super fan anyway, came from those seasons. We also see each year that america’s favorite players are the ones who are actually fans of the game.

      • Yes, they’ve definitely lost their way with casting somewhere along the line. I don’t even watch BBAD any more because every time I tune in it’s Vanessa looking freaked out, lying to everyone including herself, and going back on her word. Oh, for the good old days when the HG’s were actually interesting and they weren’t all worried about blood on their hands.

    • I do agree with you for the most part but I’m pretty sure Jeff actually auditioned for BB originally and instead was sent to amazing race.

      • that is certainly possible. Becky has said that only 3-4 people actually auditioned for the show so he could be one of those.

    • That isn’t a reason to dislike Clay or anybody else you feel was wrongly cast this season. That’s a reason to dislike production, CBS, etc and anybody involved in casting decisions. They make a living on this and they make decisions based on what they feel will drive viewership and ratings, not based on the feelings of American citizens and true Big Brother fans.

  21. I question if Becky should be even be on bb because of being in a train accident she might have emotional or mental disorders that CBS big brother or even Becky would not know of only a doctor would know.

    • Have you seen any negative effects on her from her time in the house that might have been caused by that accident? From what I can see, lots of houseguests love her, think she’s great, nice and she does a lot of cleaning to help out.

      I’m struggling to find how or where you pulled this from. I’ve seen no indication that there’s any link between that accident and any negative effect from her being in the house. Her accident wasn’t exactly right before she entered the house, so I’m sure she’s been examined by doctors and has been cleared for normal daily life. Her mouth has healed, that’s indication enough that the accident happened long enough ago for her to have time to be cleared by doctors.

  22. These have to got to be the dumbest bunch of HGs ever. The ones in power are not really that smart, but the floaters are so bad that the ones in power are getting away with hodge-podge micro-decisions not even resembling game play. Vanessa is definitely playing it like a poker player. So far, the chips are all falling into place with her huff and fluff logic which she is accustomed to. Unfortunately, the rest of the house don’t even know how to play. It’s like taking candy from a 2 year old. Makes me wonder if Day would have been better competition for Vanessa. I doubt it because Day was too emotional.

  23. I really hope Becky is evicted, Jason and Jackie wins HOH, put up Shelli and Austin against Clay and Vanessa…. wishful thinking….

    • I really hope none of that happens, and that Jason is evicted and Meg is the next out the door, followed by James and Jackie.

  24. I just have to say this but Steve is weird! He’s not awkward he’s just plain weird, the way he keeps asking every house guest for a hug, constantly talking to himself and muttering, hiding out in different spaces in the house, not knowing what to say when people talk to him, how exitatic he is to vote people off every single week, and the constant jumping in on other peoples convos.

  25. THIS WOULD BE AWESOME!: Okay, so there are 9 votes this week. Jason most likely has Meg, James, and Jackie. And Becky most likely has Clay, Shelli, and John. And then there are 3 votes left of Steve, Austin, and Liz. Now if Jason was smart I think he could potentially flip Steve and Austin. And Steve could maybe be convinced for it being better for his game, and Austin could maybe be convinced by Jason telling him that his alliance will eventually turn on him (which they definitely will). There could be a 5-4 vote to keep jason, and vanessa, shelli, and Clay would be TOTALLY BLINDSIDED. the outsiders would take power, and it would be amazing. Also, I’m not sure if it would be wise to campaign to Liz because she might tell her alliance, but I think Austin and Steve could potentially flip. I doubt this could happen, but it would be awesome!!!!!!!!!

    • It could be done if they have sense enough to do it…Some 5/6 against 3 Jason needs to tell Austin he was main BD target this week…

      • Exactly, if Jason is the superfan he says he is, then he should try and do something like this. This would be the biggest blindside since Shane in season 14

      • He will react. He is like you said a super fan so he knows you have plenty of time and to not over react. Will he come up with a good plan and save himself, I don’t know. But, he will do something.

      • I also think Jason will do something to save himself. Today he is in shock and also he is not a big “in your face” type player, which is why a lot of people think he isn’t playing at all. His mind is spinning, I think, and he just doesn’t want to show his hand yet until he is ready. Smart move on his part. I just can’t believe I have seen the last of my little Goblin yet!!!

      • Austin already knows he was a BD target, and he’s grovelled and apologized to save himself from it. Telling him won’t do anything. He was happy Jason went up and he’s ready to only make the target on his back even bigger, to help protect Vanessa and gain her trust back.

      • Yes it would. Let’s hope he atleast attempts to stay. If he does I will be so happy because Becky is really boring.

      • Production wants him to stay over Becky. He gives them material Becky gives them nothing. Production will not make him stay, but they will try to push people in a direction. Most likely not through a twist, but through what questions they ask in the DR. That is how they are able to push houseguests to do something they want.

      • Listening to Becky talking to Vanessa last night on BBAD I was kind of shocked how much more rational Becky is than Vanessa. Becky told Vanessa that she thought Da won Last Laugh and explained that no one campaigned for her vote so she figured Da knew whose votes would be nullified. Very observant.

        Then she explained she thought Steve and Liz were the votes to save Jeff. Of course Vanessa in her arrogance said Becky was wrong and claimed she had other information which was a lie – while also claiming how she hates people who lie and her word means everything to her.

      • Vanessa is the smartest in the house, but also the least rational. I will say it now like I have said before, she plays this game like she plays poker. She does well at first then over thinks everything and makes mistakes that cost her the game. That big mistake she makes every tournament she just made.

      • If Vanessa was really the smartest person in the house, she would shut up once in a while.

  26. Does this mean we won’t see an endurance HOH comp until the BOTB is over? Refresh my memory, did last season have an endurance HOH comp with there were 2 HOH’s?

  27. If Meg and either James or Jackie win HoH next week and go after the six sense alliance ! That be great!

  28. Something that really bothers me is that Becky just said that only 3 or 4 houseguests this season actually applied all of the others are recruits. And CBS wonders why current seasons aren’t as good as past seasons.

    • Most of the cast are applicants. Being an applicant doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a true-blue fan who watch the feeds and everything. Jocasta was an applicant but she barely did anything in the house game-wise other than doing prayer circles, speaking in tongues and oversee healing sessions.

  29. Vanessa looks worse and worse with every conversation she has. She claims she hates people who lie to her while she lies to their faces. She says her words is everything when she broke a hand shake deal with everyone in the house! What she is saying is, I am better than you so I can lie to you, but you can;t lie to me.

    The worst part is she demand others give her information while she shares little. I know Shelli is the next target but Shelli is stupid. Vanessa is the wildcard. They should target her first. To use Liz’s words, she is the gay glue that keeps them together.

    • Right. For someone who claims to hate being lied to, she certainly has lied to everyone else. I get it, its BB and that’s part of the game, but I think you can’t have a cake and eat it too.

  30. I don’t really care that much who leaves this week I just want something to happen, someone to make a real move. I think this was a bad move for Vanessa and she will regret it later. People won’t forget she went back on her promise or that she had no real reason to target Jason. In past seasons it could very well be Vanessa leaving the following week, but this season, I am not all that certain however if Vanessa had targeted Austin she’d have a much smaller target on her. Yes, he is in her alliance but I don’t trust him, I think he’d turn on her and we know he lies. But no one would’ve hated her for that move which means next week, they might have ignored her come nomination time.

    • True and if she didn’t want to put Austin up then she probably could have convinced Jackie that Steve is a snake and he needs to go up first. I don;t think the house would be upset if Steve was going home this week instead of Austin.

      I know Vanessa is working with him but she could have sacrificed him to keep the target off herself. He is really useless anyway.

    • This all presupposes that the floaters ever get any power. At this rate, they never will. The last time any of them has been sole HoH was week one with James. Assuming none of them win HoH next week (which at this rate is a safe assumption), it will not have been a bad move for Vanessa at all.

  31. I hope the floaters start to fight back, but please god don’t let this turn into another Exterminator alliance.

  32. Shelli and Clay are claiming they weren’t in on this back door Jason plan. Clay also said there is no alliance and he and Shelli have no deals. If that’s the case then there is no reason not to vote to keep Jason.

    I really, really hope Meg and Jackie win HOH Thursday and Meg puts up Shelli and Austin while Jackie puts up Clay and Liz. That would be classic. Whichever team wins the BOB they will be sending one of their partners home! I can see Austin throwing the comp to save Liz which would drive Shelli absolutely crazy. Shelli would make Clay throw it to save her!

    BB, can you make this happen? It would be a historical week in the BB house.

    • I WOULD LOVE THIS!!! I really hope Jason can stay this week, but if he doesnt then either James, Meg, or Jackie NEEDS TO WIN. I’m really hoping that John wakes up and joins them.

    • Except you need the couples on the block at the same time. Otherwise, Shelli could win POV (after being saved by BOB) and get Clay down (for example). If both are on the block and Shelli wins POV, she can only save herself and leave Clay on the block/in danger. :)

  33. This is good news for Lizia entering the house this week because now the attention is off of them and its now on Clelli and Vanessa. They lied to the whole house and it seems like some of the other houseguests, like Meg and Jackie, are finally infuriated with Shelli and Vanessa running the house. (Well, kudos to Shelli and Vanessa for alternating HOH the past 4 weeks). If for some reason the target is still on Lizia next week, then Liz and Julia need to stage a fight that ends up with Liz convincing the house that she trusts Austin more than Julia. Liz could then stay with Sixth Sense, and Julia could join the Meg/James/Jackie side of the house. They’d be running the house, sitting pretty. Or, the house could just fail to see Lizia as a huge target just as they failed to see Clelli and Jackie/Jeff as huge targets.

  34. Sweet revenge: Becky gets evicted. Jason wins HOH. Jason puts up Shelli, Clay. Jason remains HOH. Clay wins POV. Removes himself from the block. Jason puts Vanessa up on the block. Bye Shelli or Vanessa ~~ note to either one: good riddance to bad rubbish.

  35. OMG i really seems like the house is divided!!! really hope its like season 6 were it was alliance v alliance! that would be great to have back! :D

  36. Wouldn’t it just be lovely if BB were to bring in the Takeover and surprise everyone with a twist that can save both Becky and Jason from eviction?! ^_^ just a random thought that’s all

    • I like it. Like I said in another post. Give America the Diamond Power of Veto this week. Let us put two people up. Liz and Austin would be good or Vanessa and Shelli.

  37. Clay/Shelli, go into butt-kissing mode, to cover their bases on a possible blow-back coming their way

    • They are giving the “others” great opportunities to break up the alliance if they “others” are smart enough to see it. Right now Clay and Shelli are basically throwing Vanessa under the bus. Somehow they need to let Vanessa know. Make the alliance fight with each other. There is no need to win HOHs every week.

      • The ‘others’ are still clueless to the biggest elephant in the house and that is Clay/Shelli, who are positioning themselves nicely to be F4 or better. I am surprise at James, I thought he would be a brighter HG

      • I don’t know what they believe yet but it seems like they are unwilling to make a bold move. Jackie and Becky saying they have to make a small move next week but this makes not sense. The Sixth Sense alliance has been exposed so now they have no reason to play safe. They will be gunning for the others very aggressively. If Jackie and Becky win they must make a big move to pit the members of the alliance against each other.

      • Rt, the time now is for big moves and no more small fry picks. This Thursday should be a turning point as they head down the stretch

      • A brighter HG? He hasn’t been that bright so far. All he ever does is repeat the “…I’m a country boy”, “…for this country boy” line that Production is obviously feeding to him. I’m fairly certain he says it at least once per episode. – Next time he’s featured in a DR segment say: “What region of the US are you from, James?” and see if he says it.

  38. Does Lizz know Austin wanted her sister out as soon as she comes in? I don’t think Vanessa, and shelli told her that part. I can’t stand the stupid 6 sence alliance!

    • Not sure how real this was, or just another one of Jason’s Spin ??
      If I recall, Austin only suggested to Jason that he wouldn’t mind and/or would be ok if Julia was sent packing, so that he would have Liz all to himself and/or in the Jury House, should the time come … It was Jason’s version to Vanessa/Shelli that suggested he wanted her out .. and, this resulting in the Alliance of 8, leaving out Austin and the Twins ??

  39. Where is Evil Dick when you need him. This is the biggest bunch of cowards to ever play the game.

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