Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition Results

The Big Brother 17 Power of Veto spoilers are here with the results from today’s competition and now we can start looking forward to what can happen next.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

Since last night the HoH and her allies have been plotting a big move. It might finally be time to vote out Audrey, but will these skittish Houseguests be willing to pull the trigger?

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Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Competition Results:

  • Vanessa won the Power of Veto!

Order of elimination: James, Shelli, Meg, Jason, John.

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It was the bomb blow up Veto comp which was fun to watch last year, but are we seriously on just a repeat of last season? Anyway, now the mystery is whether or not Vanessa will use the Veto like she promised she would do so they could Backdoor Audrey. Hmm.

Some think Vanessa will continue to protect Audrey as she’s done before, but I’m thinking Vanessa might be scared of Audrey emptying the closets out of all the skeletons and the sooner she’s gone the better for Van’s game.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up soon and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. OMG Vanessa. Now Shelli won’t be able to back out of putting Audrey on the block.

    • I will wait to see if Vanessa is a woman of her word, like we don’t already know she isn’t. I see Jason going home.

    • I doubt that’s the case Willie. Vanessa likes Audrey because she’s transgender. I think she wants Jason out more than Audrey. Vanessa is controlling the house, unfortunately. She’s a master manipulator…I guess it’s the poker player in her. The problem she’ll have is that she’ll promise to use it to save probably John so Shelli can put Audrey up, but at the meeting she won’t, revealing her game to the whole house. That’ll make her persona non grata & she’ll be in line to go next. The question becomes, how much control does she think she has?

      • Vanessa doesn’t really like Audrey, she just didn’t want to be the one to put her on the block. But this time it would be Shelli putting her up. So I’m sure it wouldn’t be out of the question.

  2. Vanessa better take Johnny Mac off, so clay (shelli) can nominate Audrey. Audrey goes home. Life is good

    • Nah, Vanessa doesn’t need to take Johnny off; no one will vote to evict him. He’s too easy and willing to be used to throw comps, so he’s worth keeping around. Hopefully, Vanessa will use it to remove Jason so Audrey can be BD’d.

      • Or she could take John off so that in the small chance that Audrey does flip the house, someone from the other side goes home

      • She owes JMac since he did her dirty work for her! I pray she’ll be fair and use it to take him off the block!

      • She should take JMac off, Audrey goes on the block, and if she’s still crazy enough to save Audrey, she can do that… Imagine the fallout?

  3. If Vanessa backs out of using the POV for Shelli because she doesn’t want to name a renom I am going to be pissed!

    • I believe this is going to be the case. Audrey will get into someone’s ear and we will see Jason go home on Thursday. GOD, please let me be wrong and let Audrey go home instead.

      • I second that!! Audrey needs to go. If she isn’t backdoored this week she’s definitely sliding right to the $500,000.

      • I have to disagree. Considering it’s only week 4, I don’t think anyone is “sliding right to the $500,000” this is going to be the longest season they’ve ever had, a lot of days yet ahead

      • Audrey keeps getting away because someone heard that someone said something about someone else and the target changes and if it continues this way as it usually does, she’ll be there.

      • It’s in Vanessa’s court now. Why wouldn’t she use it? Why would she go against “the Bd Audrey plan?”

      • Yup, and this is Vanessa. She needed to come up with an elaborate plan in order to justify putting Jeff on the block lol and she said during her HOH that she wouldn’t go against someone from her community. It’s up in the air.

      • Totally agree! I love how the houseguests are calling themselves competition beasts. There have barely been many comps.

      • Sorry but this happens all the time. Audrey will definitely slide through if she isn’t taken out before at least both twins enter the house.

      • Getting Audrey out this week was my birthday wish today!!! Think it’ll come true?

      • HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Joni Utter Anderson … Happy Birthday to youuuuu, Happy Birthday dear Joni Utter Anderson … Happy Birthday to youuuu … and many more! May your day be filled with whatever floats your boat!

      • Thank you so much! Spent the day with my granddaughter at a pool party where they served free beer! hahaha Had an ice cream cake at my daughter’s later…very relaxing except when I had my turn keeping the grandbaby from venturing into the pool without one of us adults! She loves the water!

      • Yes Grandma Belle ~ Most of us ‘older’ people sure are sweet (and sassy). Thanx.

      • Yes Grandma Belle, we sure are sweet ~ and sassy too! And thanx for the compliment.

      • You look so young for 30! ;) Sorry if late.
        To the tune of “I Wish You A Merry Christmas”

        I wish you a happy birthday
        I wish you a happy birthday
        I wish you a happy birthday
        And a wonderful year.

        Just for you, I hope your wish comes true(but I wish it were Austin instead).

    • I hope Vanessa takes off John from the block. She and John are supposed to be in an alliance aren’t they? If she does not take John off the block, you have to wonder about her loyalties. Actions speak louder than words as they say and it tells you if you are being sold a false bill of goods or they are for real.

      • Exactly! Vanessa is almost aligned with the entire house. She has the 6th sense (Shelli/Clay/Liz/Julia/Austin), she has an alliance with Steve, an alliance with Johnny Mac, and a final two deal with Audrey. This week will show where her true loyalties lie.

      • Definitely, excited at what happens next. Now, if only the other houseguests were paying attention to who is being put on the block and who isn’t they would have a clue on who is part of the core alliance making all these decisions.

      • And this is why I would have loved for Day to still be in the house. Her perceptiveness was genius!

      • It really isn’t the 6th sense alliance yet since both sisters aren’t in the game together

      • But it is because the twins switch out so sometimes they work with Liz and sometimes they work with Julia. It’s just called the 6th sense because no one can see the 6th member but there are 6 of them working together.

      • But it is because the alliance is made up of the 5 people. It’s called the 6th sense because no one knows that there’s a 6th member (Julia).

      • oh believe me, they all know that Liz has a twin…or alot do…also I did hear Austin, when he came up with that name…he said when they both come in the game together, and plus Vanessa is not even talking about keeping Julia and Liz when they are both in the game (if she even has a say in the matter)

      • I remember him saying “because we have a 6th member no one knows about” or else the name the 6th sense wouldn’t make sense.

  4. I know it’s a long way ’til Monday, so anything can happen, but right now, Vanessa has put herself in a tight spot. If the plan doesn’t change amongst the Sleeper Cell alliance between now and Monday, meaning they continue to target Audrey and Vanessa’s been lying about wanting Audrey out, then she’s basically gonna out herself if she decides not to use the Veto. However, considering what’s been going on, that might not be the case. Still, see above: it’s a long way to Monday and these HGs have been known to change their minds on a whim.

    • Imagine if she doesn’t use it? That will be soo …sorry but my man JMac should stay Vs Jason.

      • no no no no no ~~ I want both Jason and John to stay! Someone, anyone, has to be bd’d!

    • Didn’t Shelli promise Becky that if she got HoH again she’d get Audrey out? Or was that a dream I had?

      • Shelli hasn’t even talk to Becky she has talk to everyone. Becky doesn’t talk game but even if she tired i don’t think anyone would pay attention to her.

  5. Vanessa is a smart player and Shelli has figured it out. That is why Shelli used the Audrey car to gain control of the Vanessa’s game because she feel that V will gun for Shelli or Clay. I bet Vanessa is going to interview and seal some deals with this power of veto. What if she flip the game and tell Audrey all that Shelli told her in reference to what Audrey said, Audrey end up saved this week, then Shelli is the target for next week-given that she will not be able to play. Clay will be nothing without Shelli.

  6. They’ve been nonstop repeating the same competitions since season 12 (with a few original ones here and there) so doing one from last season shouldn’t be a surprise.

    • They have been repeating comps since Season 3 so I don’t know why people are concerned.

      • (Different Jake)

        I think it has more to do with the fact that they are blatantly reusing even the same themes on the same weeks. The dice one for example, it was casino last year as well, just seems like less effort and creativity than usual from the producers this year.

      • Production probably want to make the most of their money’s worth by reusing comps and themes they’ve already invested a lot with the new ones they came up last year.

        And no doubt, we’ll certainly have a football themed comp again (if not the same maze comp as last year) in synergy with the football games scheduled to air on CBS early in the fall.

      • To be honest, I don’t really care if they reuse comps. It’s their show they can do whatever they want. As long as my favorites wins the comps than I will be happy lol.

  7. Gotta give it to them, so far Vanessa and Shelli wear the pants in this game, however, JMac and Steve is lurking in the shadows, also-Audrey is slithering by week after week. It’s getting good.

  8. I’m new here but I’ve been talking BB on Mjsbigblog. I’ve been coming here for spoilers tho. Jason’s a goner, Vanessa isn’t going to get “blood on her hands” so Shelli’s backdoor Audrey plan probably won’t happen this week.

    • Unfortunately that’s what I think too. But Vanessa will get blood on her hands though.

    • I haven’t watched the feeds today, Is that an update?..Have you’ve been watching?

      • No that’s just my prediction, it’s also based on how Vanessa was so afraid of getting blood on her hands last week. Also, no I don’t watch live feeds but I do watch Big Brother After Dark

      • Oh ok..She needs to rally support for that ballsy move. Because she’s going against the majority..Well, They can all go but JMac.

      • Yes I did. It’s too funny. Now that we’re talking about Andy I wonder what everyone will say. He was a winner so probably won’t work. You’ll have to come up with someone else. Lol

      • I think David is just…so…natural? haha..we’ll stick with that for a while.

      • I have to admit you had me going with the David thing too!! I just didn’t want to sound stupid. Lol. Cyril, you also keep referring to dreams, what is that about? I don’t have the feeds, just BBAD and Matt’s awesome spoilers:). Thanks for any insight.

      • lol Hi Melanie. I hope KSJB is here to explain,(that’s another inside joke) Plus HG’s are dreaming too lately. but join our convo when you can. We always have a good time, and we all sound stupid anyway. lol

      • Oh my you are the king of inside jokes & references… Good thing you have the OP! (Because it’s extremely common and universally used by all of us)… ;)

      • You got to explain that to Sharona OP..Opera Popcorn. She was asking me and I’m not sure if she found the thread. lol…you see how this kind of joke starts. hehe

      • For those who were asking, they can get the quick synopsis here… Somebody thought they were pretty clever by sarcastically teaching what they felt was a universally used expression (‘OP’) which I’d never seen before. I had to ask them if they knew what ”universally” means seeing how I didn’t know about it, nor did others here on the site ever use it in the years I’ve been here… He didn’t like being shown up after trying to ”teach” me and proceeded to get a bit mouthy. No worries, though Cyril & I had some fun talking about all the different universal applications of ”OP” and I personally felt that Opera Popcorn best turned the situation around into something more lighthearted and fun…. So the next time Cyril & I use OP (because it’s universally used by everyone), we’re talking about Opera Popcorn. :)

      • I’m not an opera fan either (the occasional musical piece I admit I enjoy from operas, but on the whole not my cup of tea)….and yeah supposedly OP is a very universally used expression so the Opera Popcorn is flowing out there somewhere! ;)

      • Thanks for the welcome! You all are very entertaining. I like the OP story!!

      • Audrey likes to talk about her “dreams” she keeps having during REM moments in the house this year! :-)

      • Don’t forget Liz too. Her dream..”I can’t trust Clay/Shellie” You didn’t see that?

      • Aha!!! Iknew it! I finally caught you two in the ‘act’! You’ve been colluding behind my back!!!

      • Well then you’re missing the whole picture. Get the feeds there really cheap. Vanessa wants Audrey gone but they’ve only showed that on the feeds. After Dark doesn’t show all the action and plotting that starts at 4 am. Lol

      • Ehh I’m fine that’s why I came here, plus plotting that starts at 4 AM lol I’m asleep at that time. But thanks tho ;)

      • Lol I’m usually asleep too. I try staying awake sometimes if there’s a lot of drama but I usually have to flashback on my feeds. I’m too old to pull all nighters. Lol

      • oh dear Lav ~ I questioned your sleep patterns before I scrolled down and saw the above. Thank goodness for that ‘flashback’ feature!

      • He’s my cousin…well, maybe not, but I do have a cousin, Vinny for real! :-)

      • Just wondering Lav ~~ I know you’re young and crazy ~ but when DO you sleep??

  9. Hope the noms don’t stay the same, and they decide to get rid of John for being a physical threat. I’m kind of scared for John this week.

  10. Shelli and Audrey are now bonding over hair way Shelli will put her up if Vanessa uses POV. Audrey is going to, once again, lie her way out of it by playing those mind games of hers.

  11. Unfortunately, I think Jason’s days are numbered in the BB house. I don’t see Vanessa using the veto. Audrey will manipulate her way out of being BD’d again.

  12. Audrey’s eviction would be an event that’s time has come! She may be a number for the other side of the house, but she would do NO alliance any good, due to her crappy, spastic, game play. Keeping Audrey in the house simply because they may be afraid of public backlash, is ridiculous. She did not enter the game to be set apart! She deserves to be treated like any of the other houseguests.

  13. How about this to shake up BORING Big Brother. CBS should give 5,000 each week IF whoever wins the POV decides to use it, but nothing if they don’t. The poor money-needy HGs will REALLY be tempted to try to use it all the time. Could make for interesting scenarios. Plus, it makes it more possible someone won’t decide not to play for it. They gotta do something!

    • That one sentence I wrote makes no sense! Its late! I meant, it makes it less likely that HGs will not try during a veto comp. 5000, or even 2000, makes it hard for anyone to not play hard for it and then use it, even if they like the nominations.

      • I think everyone should be involved in the veto challange. Then if someone is backdoored, he or she can’t say they weren’t given oppurnuity to save themselves.

    • Do what BBUK just did the week before its finale where they tempt houseguests with offers of money but with a twist. Every monetary gains they will receive is deducted from the 500k dollar prize fund.

      It will have to be take it or leave it.

  14. I am actually shocked that Vanessa won another comp, especially this one considering how wacky she is. Like others I think she will let Shelli talk herself out of nominating Audrey. I think Shelli is trying really hard to avoid looking bad – or at least what she thinks looks bad. What Shellli doesn’t know is how much the BB fans dislike Audrey.

    I also think Audrey will get concerned that Shelli may back door Austin. The only is, is Shelli as dumb as I think she is or dumber. If Vanessa doesn’t use the veto will Shelli realize what the real reason is?

    I wish BB could find some better players for this game.

  15. If Vanessa saves Jason, then Shelli will be forced to put Audrey up. However, if she uses it on JMac, Shelli might just back out and put a pawn like Meg up because she wouldn’t be worried about Jason going home.

    Time to see if Shelli has an actual backbone or if she’s just all talk.

  16. This season is so boring that I don’t feel like watching. I do like Audrey James Jason Meg. I hope one of them wins.

  17. I think Shelli is making a huge mistake by not getting rid of Austin. Audrey gets everything blamed on her as everyone in the house lies but they think only Audrey lies. Shelli is losing a number on her side and she is stupid for not realizing that the minute they are able to send either her or Clay home. Also, she and the idiots are trying to keep Liz in the game through the 5th eviction so Julia can enter the game. Why would you support the effort to add another person that you will have to fight for the $500 thousand. Just plain out stupid. I’m canceling my live feeds as I can not continue to watch Austin, Vanessa or Clay.
    Clay thinks he runs the house. Austin is creepy tonight he was wearing Liz’s hoodie with a mint green headband and mint green painted nails. He rubs all over Liz ever since Vanessa said Liz liked him. She also told him that Juliea and Jackie liked him. He was like what am I going to do. I’m in a love triangle and he said he knew the minute Jeff left that Jackie was going to turn to him he said I don’t know what to do when I’m with one the others will be jealous. Really? How comical is that.

    I just wish everyone would grow some and play the game like it is supposed to. They need to vote for themselves not with the house. Also, since when does the HOH talk to every houseguest individually to let them know she is going to have Jason come down and backdoor Audrey

    Horrible cast!! About to be done with the show! They better be lucky that the show was renewed for 2 seasons after last season or I think this would have been their last season.

    • I agree…get Austin out while they have a chance…pretty sure he will be a “beast” in physical competitions…they need to get him out now…and yes, he is sooooo creepy!

  18. OK, Vanessa! Time to quit that non-stop talking and have some balls. Use the veto to save Johnny Mac and let’s get Audrey out of there once and for all. Can’t wait for the next spoilers.

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