‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 4 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother spoilers are in for this week’s PoV Ceremony which was delayed for hours due to Audrey hiding in the Diary Room for almost 5 hours. So was the Power of Veto used on either of the remaining nominees? We’ve got the details.

Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion
Big Brother 17 Power of Veto medallion – Source: CBS

With a pawn and the back-up target on the Block the Head of Household and PoV winner had a chance to make a big move for their game by ridding themselves of a loose cannon this week. After all the chaos of the past day this choice was made simple.

Power of Veto Ceremony Results – Week 4:

At today’s Veto meeting, Vanessa, the medallion holder, removed Jason from the Block forcing Shelli, the HoH, to name a renom. No surprises here. Audrey was put on the Block as a renom.

Here’s the catch. Audrey didn’t show up for the meeting. Just before the meeting was going to be held hours and hours ago Audrey went in to the DR and did not return. Nearly five hours later she emerged and shut down in the Have-Not room. The Veto meeting was held without her. She didn’t bother to attend.

Audrey is now sleeping in the Have-Not room in the dark despite lights being required to stay on. What an absolute disappointment. Things didn’t go her way and now she’s behaving like a child. I applaud production for getting her back on track and back in the house, but there’s no respect for the way she’s treating the game at this point.

Now Audrey and John will face the eviction vote on Thursday’s episode but does anyone really think Audrey has a chance? There are ten votes which leaves us open to a tie-breaker from Shelli. That means Audrey needs six votes to stay. To do that she would have to get every non-Sixth Sense voter to choose her over John. Yeah, Audrey’s survival rate looks bleak.

If you’re wondering why Sixth Sense would target Audrey over someone already on the “other side” it’s simple. Once Audrey started running her mouth against people in her own alliance, like Vanessa, Shelli, and Clay, she was doomed. Audrey knows too much and her allies realized they can’t control her.

Vanessa appears to have the most to lose as she’s formed so many F2 deals with nearly everyone and Audrey is on to her. We’ve already seen quick action by Vanessa to discredit Audrey but she’ll have to keep working on it to make sure none of those seeds survive. It’s going to be a fun next few days!

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    • I like that quote…if she doesn’t show up to her own eviction, she can just be the security person…

      • Security of what? Guess the other players are at least safe from Audrey so far. If the veto would have taken place IN HER PRESENCE, SHE would have went HAM on ALL. They would have needed to call in SECURITY

    • If she doesn’t CBS can always refuse to pay her the weekly stipend.
      That is also, a huge negative on her if she is thinking of joining any of the other reality shows. She is going to be damaged goods with a bad attitude that nobody wants.

    • They might literally have to drag her ass out the door. She will not be missed in the least.

      • Oh, idk about that. I’m going to miss Matt’s tweets with the Aud stirring the pot gif. LOL

      • Took me a while, but I found it. Matt has posted it a few times and it still cracks me up every time I see it!

        twitter dot com/bigbrothernet/status/620713657878638592

    • If she does, she’ll probably show up fashionably late just as she might for her own funeral! :-)

    • GREAT QUESTION, ok transgender ppl dont want to be treated different and neither sb. Why is she allowed to not only break rules, ie: lights off, changing the entire game, not showing for veto? I applaud Momma Da. I heard a comment about black players always voted out first, Momma Da even if that was true, you played the game, you played it hard, you almost got to stay. All of America is proud of you young lady. Oh yeah and you showed up for both Veto and Eviction meeting. #love/proud/gr8 gamer!

  1. Maybe production will have to go into the have not room and drag her out after she’s voted out Thursday. That would be awesome.

  2. Yes Jason is saved! Audrey is running things, and I don’t like the game she has played. However, on a personal level I do feel sorry for her whether she’s purposefully being dramatic or not.

    She also brings a lot of drama to the house and I believe she would make a much bigger power move in the game unlike John who’s only BB contribution has been to throw BotB comps, make lame jokes in the diary room and talk about dentistry 24/7.

    I would like to see him have to play BB for once, campaign for votes and prove he deserves to be in the game and just isn’t a puppet. If not, then he deserves to go. Because if he doesn’t realize by now the sixth sense alliance doesn’t value him then he never will.

    • He’s in a good spot nonetheless, I think he’s been promised a lot from just about everyone so he should make it the jury phase at least. I don’t think that it’s the best idea to campaign saying “Hey guys you should keep me because I am waaaay better at the game than you think!” when he’s actually lasting week to week primarily because he agrees to being The People’s Pawn, heh.

      • No, John and the others needed to listen to crazy Audrey, and take on the other side of the house. They didn’t, so they are not playing a smart game.

      • The 500k is secondary to these players: shelli-clay : looking to be discovered by a talent agency
        Austin – looking for a love connection
        Steve – trying to solve a math problem
        Meg – on vacation
        Twins – playing to week 5 no strategy beyond that
        Jason- came to get out of the basement but have no strategy to win
        Becky- more concerned about saving her reputation (that dont need saving) than about winning the money
        John- ruined his chances when he decided to downplay his intelligence and become kermit the frog and be everyones puppet.
        James – cowboy turned prairie dog.. to focused on Meg
        Jackie – ? Might win this game

      • I forgot Vanessa, who obviously forgot the basic rule of poker, “know when to hold, no when to fold them “. She over played her hand.

        Audrey – no words, but could be useful to some players if they remembered 500k is up for grabs.

      • she is pulling a Marilyn Monroe, acting dumb, avoiding the poker face/shades and also acting scared down to what she should say while explaining things to other HG

      • bawhahahahaha well said, Austin’s gf is prolly none too happy about liz I am sure, in his pre interviews and 2 other times, he does mention his present gf of 2 years, personally I dont think Liz is really into him

    • I know Jmac has a fan base, but I keep asking myself why … The guy is a spineless twit.

      • maybe a bit goofy, and he is not old enough, to have completed the entire 8 yrs to be a full fledged DDS. But he is telling them he is a Dentist. Not yet

  3. Honestly if she wanted to quit production should have helped her pack her bags and held the door open for her.

  4. I hope BB Production tells “Audrey” that if HE self-evicts, HE will NOT get any $$ from CBS

    BB Voice: “Hurricanepaul, you’re NOT allowed to talk about Production”.


    • Don’t refer to Audrey as he. That is disrespectful. Audrey is a female and should be treated like one.

      • Sorry, not falling for the ‘Politically Correct’ BS from the Left-wing extremists. “Audrey” is a male who thinks that dressing up as a female magically makes HIM a “her”.
        Nothing HE can do to change HIS DNA.
        Hey…if you want to “play along”, then knock yourself out.

      • I’m not going to argue with a bigot, there is no point. Hopefully you educate yourself buddy.

      • Hes not a bigot for saying that… and it actually makes you sound like a bigot when you throw the word bigot around because you disagree

      • What part? Hurricanepaul making a transphobic comment? Yes he is a bigot for that. Talk about Audrey’s gameplay in Big Brother stop with the hurtful comments just because you may not like somebody on TV.

      • I dont dislike her. But my point is that calling Audrey a he isnt biogtry. It would be a long convo if you dont understand why, which isnt appropriate for this medium.

      • Yeah no need to insult or make comments on gender, race, creed, color, religion. Audrey has done plenty and being transgender should not be used in Audreys favor either though..And it has been, NO other player has been allowed to delay a Veto mtg or not be there when assigned to that special seat. That is not fair to any of us or the players, Would they have allowed Momma Da to do the very same? she is a woman of color. No she played like a pro, an awesome gamer, so proud of her

      • There’s absolutely no reason for someone to go out of their way to say hurtful things. There is no place for it. Comment on the game, don’t make it obvious that you’re trying to incite some sort of debate by capitalizing he every time you say it. He’s not ‘disagreeing’. Hurricanepaul is trying to make a mockery of the poor girl. That’s wrong.

      • LOL
        “Audrey” is doing a pretty good job of mocking himself. He doesn’t need my help.

      • Yes, Joey, the extremist is certainly not you or me in my opinion. No longer going to respond to the bigotry.

      • and has to take hormones for life but will always be a male because dna don’t lie

      • As a “real” woman, I am not at all offended by Audrey’s choice to be herself.

      • “Audrey” dressing up pretending to be a female is “offensive” to REAL women.

      • Audrey is a female, and it is not offensive women. At least not this one and many that I know.

      • One point could be made that she/he will never be female, due to the fact that she will always have trillions of Y chromosomes that regulate her entire being

      • Could be made. I choose to accept her or anyone else for who they choose to be, and am fine with anyone’s right to disagree, such is life. It could be argued that hurricane does not speak for all “real” or born women.

      • I am a dog trapped inside the body of a human. I’ve changed my name to ‘Rover’.
        I am transspecies.
        will you respect my choice to “come out” as the dog that’s inside of me?

      • You wouldn’t be a pet I would choose to own. So odds are, my leg is safe. Any man still retains the right to tell Audrey they aren’t interested in her, should she express interest in them. We could probably leave this here. We aren’t changing views. Convo can go back to BB as intended

      • Amen! Who are we to say? Let her live her life however she choices to.Shame on anyone who has hateful words for her it isn’t the Christian way to do things! I’m a Christian but I was taught ONLY God can judge us & he loves every single one of us as were supposed to love one another! So please stop the hate! Their are kids out there struggling with gender issues & this is the sort of thing that causes them to commit suicide or causes people to kill them because they are filled with hate! Do unto others as you would want them to do to you!!!! PLAY NICE PLEASE PEOPLE!!!!

      • “Hurricanepaul” should have the right to call Audrey whatever he wants. It might not make Audrey or you happy, but definitely agree he should be able to say it if he wants.

      • Discussions like this takes away from the actual topic at hand, which should be about Big Brother.

        They are far too off-topic for BBN to let them continue.

      • And finally dont people have the right to disagree openly about someone disagreeing? Haha endless circle.

      • You refer to “Audrey” as you feel, and please allow me the right to refer to HIM as I please. Who made you God?

  5. Hopefully she doesn’t hide away until her eviction. I’d like to see her cause some chaos before she leaves and blow up some peoples games.

    • Unfortunately no one would believe a word out of her mouth so unless she pulls a Chima, what kind of chaos could she cause really?

    • As much as I do not like Audrey and the situation she is in it is of her own making, it is hard to watch people like ChellI and Vanessa so vehemently attacking what Audrey is revealing as lies when it is the truth. I get that Audrey has lost all of her credibility but anyone with half a brain should see the pattern and the fact that the same people are constantly being put on the block and specifically the other half of the house is never on the block. Shelli’s explanation that the pool she has to choose from is very small, what is she talking about, there are 13 people in the house. I wish the other side would wake up and play a proactive game. And if Audrey really goes out putting like a baby, it shows she never deserved to be in the house in the first place, not for any other reason than poor sportsmanship.

  6. I don’t think she makes it to Thursday. How is she going to face a live eviction if she can’t even handle a taped veto meeting? This girl is calling it quits in the next two days…

  7. well I hope they didn’t hand her a super power.We haven’t had a takeover this week so who is to say she doesn’t have a golden power of veto

  8. ESPN is considering giving “Audrey” the ‘Arthur Ashe Courage Award” for the “courage it took him to go on ‘Big Brother'”

    • Are you for real she doesn’t deserve to have the Arthur Ashe Courage Award she is never done anything in her life but change your transgender and finally come out to tell the whole world she needs to think Bruce Jenner for that

  9. Wonder what Wednesday’s show will be like….so many good things to include….lets not even show the competition and just watch all the drama…1 hour isn’t enough… Let’s just say we had the competition and Vanessa won it plz…

      • It would be good if BBAD was edited to show all the good moment of the day, instead of just a 2 hours windows.

      • Yes…they usually show the boring time of day at night where people are getting ready for bed or having boring conversations like I’m so tired ones…

      • Usually take 15 minutes on Fast Forward to watch BBAD. Very rarely you get anything interresting. And even something you start listening to something that almost interresting than …. BANG …. commercial. HUUUURRRRGH

      • Hated all the commercials cutting off some of the charades game the other night on BBAD!

      • You should be taking vacation during BB. Lol. Either that or retire! Retirement is the best.

      • You know when was the last time I had a vacation ? I took a week in July 2006. That’s the problem when you’re self-employed. Unfortunately I don’t have enough money yet to retire.

  10. Audrey made her bed and now she has to lie in it and she’s been doing a lot of that lately. Her game play was horrendous from the get go but I still admire her for being there to play the game unlike Meg, Jackie, Becky and Clay who just last night said “Big Brother should be about having fun,making memories and enjoying each other”.

    I’d prefer Audrey over any one of them. Recruits don’t deserve to be here, in my opinion.

      • They have said so themselves. Becky, for example, was recruited off of Tindr

      • I thought I hear it in one of her interviews???.
        ….and just because you are a recruit doesn’t mean you can’t be a superfan…

      • idk, i didn’t watch her interview, or anyone’s interviews due to my internet being out.

      • But none of them have shown to be at all. The superfans in the house are Jason, Steve, Day, Audrey, Austin and Julia seems to know quite a bit. The others are more casual and then the recruits who only know what they’ve seen during their recruitment and sequester.

      • Becky said she was messaged on Tinder to apply for the show, Clay has only known about BB for 4 months, casting time. Shelli is a recruit, I recall it being said and Jackie was recruited from Amazing Race.

      • I knew about Jackie but she wouldn’t be on the show without the BB twist of the Amazing Race takeover and good to know about Shelli. She’s in with the casual fans rather than the recruits. Thanks!

      • I knew about Jackie but she still wouldn’t be in the house without The Amazing Race takeover so I consider her a recruit. Good to know about Shelli though! She didn’t know about the interview process during an interview so I’m guessing she’s a recruit who is a BB fan which is much preferred. Thanks!

      • Oh, and Meg is a friend of Andrea Boehlke from Survivor and Frankie Grande from last season.

      • She said that she didn’t know Frankie personally, but a friend of hers is a good friend of his.

      • True. I think that’s a different kind of ‘recruit’ though. He was interested in entering a competition and being on reality tv whereas these other people had no intentions until BB reached out to them.

      • You’d be surprised by certain past floaters who did nada actually applied. Jocasta applied for last year.

      • well, of course. I’m sure everyone talks a big game going in to the house, especially fans who know the game, but certain people just float to the background when the lights hit.

      • Yep. Frankie and Caleb applied for Survivor separately although Frankie is the most familiar with BB among them two.

      • I’d like to see Frankie get a rash on Survivor! Lord have mercy child! :-)

      • every once in a while you get some recruits that show a natural affinity for the game, Emmet (Jillian aswell) from BB Canada 1 were both recruits, Earl who won survivor Fiji was a recruit and of course the greatest big brother of all time that is Devin was also a recruit so you know, every once in a while you strike gold but yeah you tend to get a dozen shanes from BB14 for every decent recruit.

      • Agreed. I think I have a special hatred for them just because I want to be on the show, lol.

  11. This just proves that you must be mentally unstable to have your genitals removed

  12. I’m surprised BB didn’t insist Audrey attend the meeting. At this point, she better be extremely sick or else she’s just the worst sore loser in history.

    • I would assume it’s in their contracts. They must attend all the meetings unless they can’t for reasons you said, extremely sick.

    • Could be a similar case with Jocasta last year where, even though she was nominated, she couldn’t compete for POV because she was too ill to participate.

  13. I think she in the have not room because she is sick. She did come out of the DR with a bag. The producers could have given her something and told her to go lay down in the Have not room and turn the lights off.

  14. Applauds Vanessa and Shelli! Nice! I didn’t think the house guests had the guts in them! ^_^

  15. As a member of the LGBT community I am completely embarrassed by Audrey’s behavior. She knows we are under higher scrutiny from the public than most people.

    • Why be embarrassed? Her behavior isn’t a reflection of the LGBT community. It’s a reflection of her poor game play and attitude.

      • I think ppl do see it that way… When Aaryn made the racist comments on bb15 the heat was on her, not on blonde girls/ Texans/ white ppl.

      • It’s more complicated than that. Aaryn wasn’t a minority. Minorities are put under higher scrutiny on shows like Big Brother because they simply stand out. I don’t see it as a necessarily ugly reflection of society; it’s more of just a part of reality we have to deal with.

      • Unfortunately for her, the stigma still remains to this day, despite having already apologized for the things she has said and done from 2 years ago.

      • That’s the way I see it too. Just like Frankie’s behavior last year wasn’t a reflection of the LBGT community. Both are just very poor Big Brother game players. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • I have said from the beginning that Audrey’s poor game play should give any HoH reason to vote her off. Nobody wanted to nominate her out of fear of public backlash. That’s disrespectful to everything Audrey stands for as the first transgendered house guest. She deserved nothing less than to be treated just like everyone else playing the game. This week’s turn of events shows just that. Audrey being transgendered did not get her nominated. Her particular game strategy did, and that’s on her.

      • Oh, I believe fully Audrey’s actions are getting her evicted out of the house. As for the “nobody wanted to nominate her out of fear of public backlash” thing I think it’s pretty clear that’s not the case. These houseguests have never been afraid to talk badly about Audrey, much less talk about wanting her out, nor should they.

    • Frankie was the one who was embarrassing, but even he wasn’t typical of gay men. All the gay people I’ve known have been funny, talented and good people.

    • Honestly, after the initial announcement that she made, I never thought of her as the Transgender person, I just thought of her as Audrey. Her actions represented her and only her and I am thankful that she didn’t turn it into something else.

      • Me too. And then coming on here and reading some peoples comments was so odd to me. She is a player in a game just like every other player in there. Its not about race/gender/age/sex. If you can play to win then that is what is going to take you further each week

  16. For anyone not in Sixth Sense, especially Jason, James, Steve and Meg, the choice should be obvious: keep Audrey.

    I love Johnny Mac. He’s my favorite houseguest right now but he has no real allies and other than Meg would win if he got the end.

    There isn’t a snowballs chance in hell Audrey will win over anyone AND she’s target number 1 for literally everyone in the house and will likely remain target number 1 as long as she is there. Why is no one thinking about their long term safety?

    • How?
      Jason hates Audrey after Audrey threw him under the bus.
      James had doubts about Audrey from when Audrey added too many people.
      Steve might want to keep Audrey though he probably doesn’t want blood on his hands
      Jackie and Meg- I’m not sure
      Becky and John have a good relationship
      In fact everyone loves John and hates Audrey. Yeah it would be good gameplay, but nobody trusts her considering she lies way too much.

      • Exactly. Everyone distrusts Audrey and/or can’t stand her. However, they all KNOW this about each other and they all know they each want her out. Meaning, she’s someone easy to make people believe you want to target should you win HoH, thereby keeping the target off their back.

        Obviously no one is going to work with Audrey and that’s fine. But I feel like people are missing the point that when she is gone, there will be a new target. People like James and Jason should be worried it will be them and should be considering how to make sure it won’t be.

      • True….
        If we’re talking about people like Dan, Will, Derrick and Neda.

        Keep in mind James, Jason, Meg, etc. aren’t the best gameplayers. Steve hasn’t made enemies but as far as being a good pawn, John hasn’t done much to ruffle any feathers. And if Dan or Will were playing this game, they’d vote to keep Audrey.

        Also keep in mind John is good with dodging bullets whether it’s with physical game or social game*

        *yes John hasn’t made allies, but he did make some part time friends who like him and know that they’ll play strategically.

        My point is, there is no hope for Audrey at this point. She pretty much sealed her fate.

        But I can see where you’re coming from though.

      • Unfortunately you’re right, we aren’t dealing with great game players and that’s why they will be gone next week after Audrey.

        As much as I dislike Clay and Austin, they’re the reason everyone that has been voted out and nominated has been voted out or nominated so I guess they’re our “good game players” this season?

        If Clay wins this game, so help me…

      • The only good player is John and even he’s not doing much.

        Also Clay got #1 for popularity? How?

      • John is my favorite player and personality in the house.

        And looks maybe? I don’t know, I can’t stand the guy.

      • looks are a 6 for me, voice slightly annoying, but idk. slightly off topic, but is jury in 2 weeks or one week? i haven’t been paying attention, lol.

      • Hell as far as popularity John has nearly over 50% while the otherHousegeusts aren’t even close to 20%

      • But if they keep Audrey because she’s a target someone else has got to go. So James and Jason would still be a target. This is one week nobody has to worry.

      • Also may I add that they don’t have the numbers.
        Austin, Vanessa, Clay, and Liz/Julia are one tight team. So they’ll vote out Audrey.
        Becky is friends with John so that’s five votes.
        And if there is a tie then Shelli will be the decideing vote and vote out Audrey

      • I would love for them to at least have that conversation about keeping the bigger target but not being able to because of numbers.

      • Maybe they can keep the Sixth Sense (even Shyamalan would facepalm) in mind and convince John that he’s their puppet.

      • They’re safe anyway this week because nominations are over. I mean going forward it would be safer for their game to keep her around. Its not going to happen even if they realize that, though.

    • Because they are all more concerned with keeping the people they like, than playing the game.

    • Very true, however, it has got to be hard to be stuck in the house with the negative emotions/feelings/energy she is putting out there. This early on I would like to know I can enjoy what time I have while there…

      • Yeah it’s easy to say how someone should be playing when I’m not in the house. I imagine it would be pretty difficult to be in that house with Audrey long-term.

  17. Vanessa cries more than when Noah had to build an arc and there was so much water!!!!!! ##CRYBABY


  18. I think Audrey probably thought the transgender status would carry her further in the game. Unfortunately, Audrey couldn’t understand that people talk. When you run your mouth against your own alliance to people on the other side, they’re going to immediately tell your alliance members what was said. Especially after the first week when her mouth almost got her evicted. The next one who needs to go is Vanessa. Another one with a big mouth and no real loyalty to anyone. This game isn’t rocket science. First and most important rule. Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth SHUT.

    • I don’t think she ever even used her story as a tool to go further, especially on a game where you have to have great working relationships with people that could get you deep.

      Unless live feedsters are able to see exactly that.

    • Still can’t picture her as a poker champion. Do the HG’s know that’s what she does? I imagine if they knew how much money she makes, it would probably make her even more of a target than her non-stop mouth does.

      • i personally think she doesn’t need the money since she is rich already and her bluffing skills are little to none. i hope robyn kass realizes what viewers want on big brother.

      • she told everyone that she is a school teacher so thats what everyone thinks Vanessa does i dont think she has told any one what she really does or she would have been long gone by now.

      • IKR? Did you check out the mansion she owns and has roommates helping out with expenses? Dang thing is humongous!

    • I think it’s more than that. I think she thought that being transgendered would be an automatic win regardless of her actions.

  19. Well she can’t hide in that room forever. She’s going to have to go to the bathroom sooner or later. Unless they put a foley in her.

  20. Ok. She’s done. If she stays, what are they gonna tell her?. They’re not gonna tell her anything. The Audrey entertainment just run it’s course…..she can go now…

  21. So glad to see that Shelli had the guts to put Audrey up, not that there was much doubt in the last couple of days. I think Audrey thought she could outwit everyone else in the house and it’s been a huge ego destroyer to realize how much she overplayed and how much her lies hurt her. Even though she’s less of a risk in the long run than some of the others, her flakiness makes her absolutely unable to earn anyone’s trust. Eviction night will be very interesting. This season started off so slowly, but things have really picked up. Can’t wait for Wednesday and Thursday.

  22. they act like they are entitled, when half of america hates them, lol.

  23. Chalk this up to one more bad season of casting on behalf of BB. I’m really puzzled to why they continue to bring in people that have never watched the program or are familiar with the feeds, and are simply allowed to binge watch a few seasons while they are prepping for entrance in to the game. With regards to staying neutral and politically correct, the fact that CBS and BB decided to bring in a trans-gender person is wonderful–as Vanessa pointed out, she has a perfect platform here in the BB house, yet Audrey simply doesn’t see this as her mind was in GAME MODE 100% of the time and that is ironically what ended up costing her the game. As most of the HG’s feel, it is now like pushing the reset button and the game will start over, even though there is a definite line drawn in the house, at least now, with the two raging players (Jeff & Audrey) out of the game, we might actually see some real game play happen. It is unfortunate however, that players like Shelli (clueless) and Clay (puppy dog to clueless) see the addition of a player (Julia the twin) as a good thing–umm hello people, the idea is to be the LAST player in the house to win the game–you don’t want to bring in more players, especially to make this a sure thing power couple–the most powerful couple in the house–twin sisters–who will do whatever is necessary to make it to f2. If Shelli and Clay would recognize this then it would make for a better week ahead. Austin is a typical guy that sees nothing but 4 sets of b00bies instead of 2–but he will be shocked to see the twins attitude change once they are in there together.. just watch!

    In my opinion, the season is repairable–this coming week should be the true test. I am hopeful BB will stop with the out-dated twists and come up with something truly new.

    • i agree with everything you said here- shelli and clay are horrendous game players and the twins are a detriment rather than an advantage. great paragraph, you should write someday!

      • I have been watching BB since its inception-feeds as well of course. I can be found in DaVonne Fans room

      • da’vonne is my favorite houseguest ever, followed shortly by queen janelle,dani donato & dani reyes

      • She had missed potential :(
        I really think she should’ve stayed over Audrey and Jeff.

      • blame the “25 cent barbie and ken dolls”. i stole day’s phrase, lol.

      • Nah, just Clay. Shelli doesn’t make her own decisions. Clay makes them for her after arguing with women and getting his sensitive little feelings hurt.

      • i feel like clay acts like the king, and as i like to call him ( day’s phrase) king musty robe. i go on twitter too much, lol.

      • i didnt find day that funny personally. Certainly not my least favorite houseguest not even close. But I wouldnt say I liked her.

      • That’s not a fair statement. No one ruined Johns game. If Johns game is ruined it’s because of him. For example, At any time he could have told Shelli and Vanessa: “no I’m not throwing Botb” or just have won it and not said anything and then take control of his own destiny in the game. I feel like he didn’t come into the house with any kind of strategy and then when Shelli asked him to throw Botb I believe that’s when he figured throwing competitions could work to his advantage.

      • How are they horrendous when they’ve been in charge 3 out of the last 4 weeks?

      • idk, i think they just act entitled, and i’m not their biggest, if all a fan.

      • I thought they’re doing great. I’d say dangerous not horrendous. Couplesshowmance rarely succeed in BB..It’s the hardest to play.

      • This Shelli/Clay is so vanilla..the most PG showmance in BB history…give me some McCranda! lol

      • they said their first kiss will be outside of the house. i personally was like, no make out since live feeds are boring enough lol ;)

    • Shelli and Clay, obvious couple, would do anything for each other: absolutely no one cares.

      DaVonne, huge threat to Shelli/Clay but not me vs Meg, the most lovable person in the house who absolutely will win this game over me if she makes it far enough: Bye Day!

      Liz admits she has a twin sister who will be coming into the house: yay more numbers for “us”.

      No one trusts Audrey, everyone wants her out: lets take out this obvious target now and just hope that we don’t become the next one.

      I don’t understand any of the decisions people are making this season. I may not agree with the decisions people make in past seasons but I usually understand where they came from. The only reset this season would benefit from is a new cast. With John in it. And Day.

      • As I mentioned in my previous comment about the casting–it is unfortunate.. During last night’s house meeting Shelli was even telling everyone that it had to be the House’s decision as she was afraid to have blood on her hands. Yet she is the HOH. It is truly pathetic game play by some of the worst players ever to have entered the house. Even now that Audrey is OTB and on her way out the door, Shelli remains puzzled that rumours of Vanessa’s unloyalty due to comments that “maybe they should put up a pawn from their alliance”–Shelli just doesn’t get how the game is played.

      • Yes I saw that and it was cringe-worthy.

        Jason and James are the only ones that played their own HoH’s without fear during a time where they had very little to go on in making their decisions.

    • Actually I don’t 100% agree with the Shelli and Clay part
      I have heard that during Shelli and Clay’s private conversation she has mentioned to him her suspicions of Vanessa. Clay, for the most part, thinks Vanessa is a clean and trustworthy player and is shooting down Shellis concerns (lol, a showmance is holding back a potentially strong player). But in the past, they already have a mutual consensus to go after Austin as soon as possible.
      Plus, if power couples are such big targets… Maybe it is wise to keep a bigger target in the game

  24. I get the feeling Audrey will get expelled….
    I don’t know why.
    Maybe I’m being as paranoid as Audrey. Lol

    • not going to happened unless she smashes a plate over someones head, BB is not going to kick out the very first transgendered houseguest as it would be a PR nightmare.

  25. Does anyone have a spare pacifier to send to Audrey? My kids used to put on a better “I’m too sick” show and I still sent them to school.

  26. Audrey is a poor loser. Did she not realize before she went on BB that there’s only one winner. Suck it up and play the game until your evicted.

  27. Big Brother101 Game Tip: Don’t start campaigning until you’re actually on the block

  28. If Audrey can’t take the Veto ceremony, she is not fit to play Big Brother. Maybe production felt an immediate eviction would be detrimental to her, but she does have to go.

  29. Wow…..Audrey is a mess ! She doesn’t even have dignity to show up to the veto ceremony ! She was too busy camping out in the DR ! It makes us wonder…will she also ditch her eviction ?

  30. Audrey is exciting to the game, once again Big Brother has succeeded in losing me, John should be ashamed of himself, no guts, doing other people’s bidding, I hate Clay, he is the same guys that we would Razz at Football camp, the puss…..get rid of him instead, just as always the girls are weak…….

  31. Wow, lots of deleted comments on here today. That’s sad. I keep listening to Clay talk about Audrey and her being put in the house to specifically lie on purpose and has been planted by production, because Audrey keeps saying “wait until you see the tape.” HG’s have been saying that for years!

  32. Audrey had a panic attack. She was given anti anxiety medication in the dr. Do you no what a side effect of anti anxiety mess are? Extreme drowsiness. She wasn’t being childish. She had a medical problem (one day people will get a clue and realize that mental illness is no different then any other medical problem) and was suffering the effects from that medical problem

  33. Looks like Audrey is NOT America’s Favorite Player…she’s just a playah!!! :-)

  34. Jackie/Meg convo: Talking about next week. They feel, they have the numbers…sounds good to me.
    Shelli/Clay convo: They’re already suspicious of Vanessa’s lies. I think what’s gonna happen after Audrey’s eviction is a natural shift. I don’t think they have a problem taking out Austin or Liz. (Van’s army). I wanna see the other side of the house win HOH next.

  35. I’m relieved that Audrey’s being backdoored. I’m unhappy that the veto was used on Jason. I don’t like that John is still on the block, but I’m happy he’s not this week’s target.

  36. And it has nothing to do with her being transgender, so I hope she doesnt play that card. I do say that I applaud her for trying to rally the other side of the house — she was right and the others should have listened, and it would have made the game more exciting. Who cares if she’s a pain? You ally with her until you want to cut her loose. I don’t know what Meg, John, James, etc. are waiting for. Ball up now, or simply wait to get picked off and go home. Audrey needs to play it out, though…it is just a game.

  37. If Audrey has valid on-going medical issues that interfere with her game play, she should self evict.

  38. I am not a fan of Audrey. I cant wait for her to go home. She has caused sooo much drama (granted, we all watch the show for the drama) but she didnt even want to show up for the veto ceremony?! talk about rude and childish!!! I really hope she returns to her regular life and is happy outside the house. She has always seemed so unhappy in the BB house and she deserves better than to be sad

  39. It looks to me like Audrey is getting some special treatment because she is transgender – from the HGs and BB. Not showing up for the Veto ceremony so she could be nominated and take her seat next to John is unacceptable. BB is breaking its own rules and that’s not right. If Audrey is just like any other girl in the house then BB should have made her attend the Veto meeting. If she is having an anxiety attack then she should leave the house.

  40. Y’all, they really ganged up on Audrey when all she was doing was playing the game! Jeez! The other night when most everyone else was in the HOH room, they literally ganged up in bully fashion and no one came to her defense.
    Everyone lies in this game- that’s the way it’s played! So why do it? She was an easy target to take down once big bad Shelly became HOH! I think it’s dispicable. While I don’t think her behavior of hiding out is in good taste, it’s no wonder she did. Trans people usually have sensitive egos because they have been bullied so much of their lives.

  41. It makes me mad that everything John did for them and they leave him on the block, there is always that chance he could get evicted, he needs to start playing his own game.

  42. I don’t care for Audrey,, She has played a really bad game,,, and the only way she could stay is to go to each player and ask them for a sympathy vote so she could have maybe one….Then everyone would vote john not know what the others are doing,,,That is the only way !!! wouldn’t that be a kick in the ass. But I really see her going

  43. So disappointed in convo between Jackie and Jason early this AM. They’re not sure if Shelli and Clay are with them , but think they are getting closer to them. They believe Shelli when she said Audrey was making all the alliances. They trust Shelli and Clay and wonder who will have the guts to nom them. Sounds like Jason and Jackie just revealed that as of now, they probably wouldn’t have the guts to nom Shelli or Clay and they trust them. Is there anyone in this house that can see the writing on the wall? I really thought Jason was proving to be more observant. There have been so many clues that should have their(Jason, James, John, Becky, Jackie, and Meg) radar alerted big time if their head was in the game and they were really paying attention. If they don’t catch on soon, they deserve to be picked off one at a time.

      • Hard to say. I read about it on Jokers so I couldn’t count the words she spoke. She did say that Austin was trying to pull her over to his side , but she isn’t buying it. Maybe she’ll get a piece of bacon for that.

  44. I think Audrey would self-evict unless either CBS is holding something over her head or she is holding something over theirs. I can’t help but be suspicious that there is something questionable going on.

  45. There have been players on BB that were demonized and hated a lot more than Audrey and they managed to show up for events and ceremonies and face the music. This is being a poor sport plain and simple. Remember when Jeff cancelled out Chima’s noms with the Coup d’etat and she was so mad that she refused to cooperate with the producers and would not put on her mic and threw it in the pool? Well it only took but a moment to get called into the DR and she never came back. They really want Audrey to be there for the long haul to keep in step with their other show Bold and the Beautiful’s message (transgender model) so don’t be surprised that at the 11th hour, they do a BB Rewind.

  46. Audrey simply does not have a clue how to play this game…started off starting fires with everyone…that got her into trouble…kept low for a bit while others were targeted…kept safe for the short term by Chelli and Van. Now she starts it all over and the result is…she’s out the door. Even if you want to flip the house you can’t because of your past history….play with the side that wants to keep you…then when the time is right you try to make a move….Simply no clue!…casting better get their act together and find people that can play the game.

  47. I don’t care about Audrey’s orientation of any sort but what kind of rude person retreats, holds up a ceremony and refuses to participate. Why be a part of this show then? This is unimaginable.

  48. first of all “judging” is part of the human condition. People surely can judge just as they are being judged based on their actions. It does not mean someone is going to Hell, merely that the judgments will be taken into account when dealing (or not dealing) with the person. Secondly, there have been homeless people, foreclosed people and people with other extreme woes on BB before and I don’t remember anyone ever defending or excusing their game actions because of such woes.In fact Audrey seems to be displaying two qualities one that has got her into this situation (bad game play) and poor sportsmanship (not unusual on BB but she has taken it to the extreme).
    For a while I though Audrey was going to perhaps become the new Dr. Will. Many forget now how his season went but he allied with the biggest jerks in the game (Chilltown) and was slated to go early on after the rest of his louder allies. But he didn’t because he hunkered down, sold the theory that he could go at any time, later converting it to no one would vote for him at the end. As time passed the former good guys went power mad and alienated their former allies so that they all voted for Will. Audrey could have done that and with this crew it probably would have worked. But her personality or whatever apparently wouldn’t allow her to lay low. i suspect CBS sold her on being the star of the season and she’s just reacting to that not working out.

  49. I agree, except God does not judge his children. I think Audrey has gotten away with MANY things NON TRAnSGENDER players WOULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH . THAT IS NOT FAIR, WE ARE ALL EQUAL

  50. I feel bad for John. Now it may turn out bad for him and he may get evicted. He tried a little too late to do his own thing and lost.

  51. So the BB tranny experiment is a big bust. Just who’s idea was it to bring such a mentally unstable person into the house anyway?

  52. I think this is the worst BB so far, it’s so predictable….send the tranny home!! Of course it will be because if her sexual orientation, ( of course ). NOT! She ran her mouth, has played a terrible game….GO HOME!!! You WON’T be missed!

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