Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 4: Monday Daytime Highlights

What a day in the Big Brother house as we awaited the Power of Veto meeting and Audrey Middleton seemed to do everything she could to delay it. Mostly be hiding in the DR.

Johnny Mac is a Whackstreet Boy
Johnny Mac is a Whackstreet Boy – Source: CBS All Access

Yes, Audrey bunkered down in the Diary Room for what, over four hours? Fans wondered if she was going to quit, but we were confident she’d be back. Read on to find out what all happened.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 20, 2015:

10:30 AM BBT – After Fish on and off we’ve got Feeds of HGs getting the day going.

10:35 AM BBT – Jason and John talking game. Jason promises John safety if he wins HoH.

12:00 PM BBT – Feeds return from extended Fish but no Veto meeting yet. Audrey went to the DR and seems to be holding up the meeting.

12:20 PM BBT – Becky explains how she was recruited via personal invite on Tinder, a dating app, to come apply for Big Brother. So casting is now using online dating to fill spots.

1:07 PM BBT – HGs still waiting on the veto ceremony. Audrey is still in the Diary Room, so they’re speculating about Audrey self-evicting. Steve says there are thousands of people who want to play Big Brother so it would suck for someone to self-evict.

1:26 PM BBT – They’ve all given up on the veto meeting. Some people start eating and others go back to bed.

1:50 PM BBT – Some people are getting back up. Audrey is still in the Diary Room.

2:12 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Jason no matter what happens she made the deal with him to take him off the block and she’s sticking to it. They start talking about how Audrey could actually be having a breakdown. Vanessa says she was trembling when she was laying in the have-not room earlier.

2:19 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Jason and John that she was scared for Audrey last night. Austin comes up and says he doesn’t feel bad for her because she did it herself.

2:30 PM BBT – Austin says he’s 85 percent sure Audrey has left the game.

3:00 PM BBT – Steve explains to the others how it was in season 13 when Evel Dick left the game. He said Rachel was called to the DR and they knew then that Dick was no longer in the DR. He says if Shelli gets called to the DR and Audrey still hasn’t come out, then they can panic.

3:10 PM BBT – Vanessa wants to take a shower but she’s afraid the veto meeting will go down then. BB won’t tell them anything so they have no idea what they should be doing.

4:00 PM BBT – HGs are all basically doing nothing. Audrey still hasn’t come out of the Diary Room.

4:18 PM BBT – Audrey emerges! Our long national nightmare is over.

So when is that Power of Veto meeting? Great question! Sometime tonight I’d assume so they can keep on track so stick with us for the results and spoilers.

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  1. If Audrey quits as much as I like her, I will lose a lot of respect for her. When the tough gets going don’t give up and quit. Either keep fighting or just enjoy your last days in the Big Brother house. There are plenty of people who would kill to be in the BB house.

      • Now I’m real confused. She was entertaining in the beginning, but now all the houseguests hate her so much she really just sits around depressed.

      • I guess for the feeders it’s entertainment, but for the HG’s it’s torture.

      • If they keep her than that would mean losing JMac or Jason who are both far more entertaining and are both loved by america where audrey is not.

      • Hey Lavendargirl Cheryl here how have you been? John is growing on me more and more each week with his DR sessions, at first I could not stand the way he talked in the DR all loud and awkward, but now he has stolen my heart espeically after last nights show when he said in the DR that “I always get nominated, I’m tired of this, If this show was call GET NOMINATED I’d be winning this game”……LOL LOL

      • He’s funny isn’t he? It took me a couple weeks to warm up to him but I love him.

      • Lol… His screaming pee wee Herman voice has me laughing my ass off. Last week he said James was trying to take his top spot on the nomination board. Funniest thing I’d heard all season

      • I like him but I don’t see the appeal. His DR annoys me and his constant acceptance of being a pawn lost me.

      • I get it, but sometimes he is funny. Him playing a pawn will come back to haunt him, as it should, he’s been up enough and needs to speak up.

    • Hey Joey_N Cheryl here, how you doin’. And YES I am one of the plenty of people who would have looooovvveedd to be in the BB house, Hell I was drop dead tired when I went to the last casting call they had here in Chicago back in April. I am 56 years of age, and I stood in that line from 7a.m. until elevenish in the morning hopeing and praying to get on BB. I had just worked 8 months straight of over time, 7 days a week at my job, and that Saturday I was suppose to be at work, but I told my boss that I was going to the BB casting call, which was right across the street from where I work. Of course they did not chose me but dam Audrey, you started that heat, now stay your ass in that kitchen and take your BB beat down of being EVICTED like you should have been a long time ago.

      • Cheryl whats up with that I turned 57 this month WTH we should have our own catagory of BB. Im so sick of Audrey, so dramatic, Bruce Jenner already paved the way, ok that was harsh, its more than that, Audrey is a VIRUS of her own. I dont care if she is transgender, Im sick of seeing live feeds 24/7 and we SHOULD KNOW wth is going on. Apparently she is sleeping on the floor in the have not room, medicated, words directly from the HG mouth. Everyone has a dam story, Audrey’s is not harder or easier than being us and we cant even get a chance to be on the show. I wont even get on the Jeff train. SMDH. come on BB let us over 50 hot ppl, yes there are hot 50 something yo’s. And for gods sake give them more alcohol, they deserve it. its like feeding pnuts to an elephant,, Just enough beers , a bottle or 2 of wine only gives them a headache. Funnier with more alcohol & I dont drink, thank god Austin and 1 other isnt drinking. AUDREY quit holding up the game. If your gonna go out as the 1st to self evict, so be it. Get on with it!

  2. I heard Audrey’s out of the DR. Can’t check in with the feeds at the moment, though. How does she seem?

  3. this could go either way either Allison told Audrey something and to keep it quiet or just have her get evicted on thursday which would be too bad it would benefit CBS to keep Audrey in the game or Allison would address the houseguests and play another comp

    • I would think CBS would try to keep the houseguests america likes the best and Audrey is one of the least liked houseguests based on americas votes.

  4. All of a sudden Audrey becomes aware that all her conniving and playing one side against the other is coming back to haunt her. Too bad for her the HG started comparing notes. Audrey cannot seem to take as well as she can give. I hope she didn’t bring any weapons with her.

    • She did, her mouth,but she already emptied the deep pit of darkness. Maybe she reloaded while out for a stroll, or got a little pep in her tank from an ER visit, or enjoyed a phone call or visit from a friend or family member. A lot could have happened . Maybe Allison had her over for dinner..

    • I want the other side to start comparing notes too, because they will follow Audrey if they keep slacking

    • Audrey played a HORRIBLE GAME! and now the HG are way overthinking it, like Audrey being Americas fav, or BB is making Audrey doing these dirty deeds, its CRAP and not voting her off due to a person convictions is also CRAP

    • although I agree based on what BB has done in the past they try to save the houseguests america likes and remove those that america doesn’t

  5. I have a hard time feeling sorry for Audrey, you don’t get to make things up that could be a detriment to people’s lives outside the game and expect anyone to believe you when you play the victim card. Sorry, but Audrey is not a victim, she’s facing the consequences of getting caught.

    Maybe she’s a nice person outside of the house, but she’s proven time and time again that if you extend a branch out to her, she will burn you. There is no trusting her and even merely being around her can cause her wheels to start spinning on how to incriminate you.

    Don’t want to be isolated? Don’t screw someone every time they feel sorry for you and try to be nice.

    • I don’t know if I’d feel safe trapped in a house with someone who seems so close to the edge. I’d keep her away from the knives in the kitchen drawer if I were in there.

      • IKR last night, well this morning, Johnny Mac was headed off to bed in the have not room, where Audrey is still held up in without taking food, drink or using bathroom, or washing. He asked that he make it thru the night ALIVE

  6. Some people on twitter are making joke about what’s in the bag. Someone suggested that it probably is a Diamond Power of Veto. LOL

      • Audrey came out of DR with a hooded jacket, sunglasses and a paper bag in her hand. She went straight for the have-nots room and turn off the light (which she is not supposed to do).

      • Maybe she is claiming she has a migraine, if you suffer from migraines then you need quiet and dark and rest until is passes. Now I am not saying it’s true and even if that’s what it turns out to be she could be faking but maybe that is what she is “Claiming” to BB so they give her a break.

    • People have also speculated that it was Wendy’s! Lol out of all fast food places who would want Wendy’s????

      • What ?? Wendy’s is the best. Much better than McDonald. Come on. They have also some great Chili and baked potatoes.

      • Haha, I’m not a fan and neither of McDonald’s. Burger King is where it’s at!

      • I have to admit, I like Burger King too. Unfortunately I stay away from all of these place now, because of a gluten intolerance.

      • I prefer Subway over all. Just healthier by far and not manufactured. If you taste McDonald’s burger meat by itself it has no taste, it’s scary but Big Mac’s with extra pickles and extra Big Mac sauce is everything!

      • I rarely eat Big Macs so my colon counted it as a delicacy to be savored! hahaha

      • Well I like McDonalds for their fries, shakes, McFlurries, Southern Style Chicken sandwich, and snack wraps. Everything else I don’t really eat. I haven’t been to McDonalds in about 5 months and I went to Subway yesterday but I prefer Mickey Ds over Subway based on variety.

    • Probably a new pair of shoes. Maybe one of her heels broke off on her favorite pair when she tried gouging out one of her eyes? hahaha

  7. I think this was all an act to get sympathy so she’s not the replacement nominee. Just like the last time when all she did was lay in bed. Then in the DR she’s laughing saying it was all part of her strategy.

    • I don’t think so. James said that last night she took off her mic and made him take off hers and said that how she is feeling “is not game, it’s chemical.” She was also trembling last night and after she came out of the DR Vanessa brought her advil but she said they already gave her meds. I think she might have been having an anxiety attack and as someone who has anxiety, I can relate to how bad it can get.

      • I would go for that, anxiety or even panic attack. She did admit to have a social anxiety problem, since she stay at home usually without going out. That’s called agoraphobia. So I wouldn’t be surprise she spent all of that time with a psychiatrist or psychologist in DR.

      • It would definitely explain her rampant paranoia! Not saying that it justifies what she’s done but she seems to not be 100% well and I think it was hitting her at once realizing that she has to face America soon.

      • So how did she make it on BB? You have to pass a mental evaluation. I see she’s got you fooled too huh? Lol

      • I would guess Production made a deliberate choice in the name of social experiment.

      • Could be…..guess will have to wait and see if it’s an act or real. Anyway I don’t care I just want her gone.

      • We will probably never know since they will more than likely keep everything that was said, private.

      • (Re-inventing a strategy) They want to see if a person that just got discharge from a mental ward can win Big Brother. lol

      • She was given Altivan. An anxiety and depression medication. Her gameplay was horrendous but it’s sad that people would downplay her mental state as fake.

  8. So,ya think they told Audrey to come out because they will throw in a twist so as she won’t go home? That would suck

  9. The way BB recruits upsets me. Going through thumbnail pics of Tindr girls and finding one? Makes me angry considering I spend the time to go wait for hours at open casting calls and making a video to try and get on the show. Shame

  10. John is an ass hat, his voice annoys the hell out of me, someone please would someone get him an inhaler…..

  11. I’ve watched every season and this is the first season where I bought the live feeds. So much drama in this season. Can. Not. Look. Away.

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