Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 4: Monday Night Highlights

It was quite a weird day and night on the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds as we learned that Audrey missed the Veto Ceremony, despite being the replacement nominee and she remained isolated most of the night.

Audrey Middleton camps out in the have-not room – Source: CBS All Access

The rest of the houseguests just went on with their evening, but Audrey talk dominated any sort of game discussion until they started to consider target options for next week.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 20, 2015:

5:45 PM BBT – Feeds return. Veto meeting was held. Audrey did not attend and is sleeping in HN room.

5:50 PM BBT – Jason jokes he wouldn’t have been worried of being up against her if he knew she wasn’t going to bother to show. (Jason was saved.)

6:20 PM BBT – Shelli talks with Clay that she’s suspicious of Vanessa. Wonders if Audrey was telling the truth and notices how Vanessa lies a lot even when it’s unnecessary. Clay doesn’t think Vanessa is up to anything.

6:30 PM BBT – Jackie hanging out in HoH room talking with Becky and Meg as they come and go. There’s talk of wondering what was going on with Audrey.

6:40 PM BBT – Jackie and Meg discuss noms of Vanessa, Austin, Liz, and Steve next week.

6:45 PM BBT – Liz in back. She later explains she was held up for 5 hours due to Audrey’s camp out in the DR.

7:05 PM BBT – Austin fills Liz in on all the things she’s missed with Audrey.

7:13 PM BBT – Audrey is still sleeping in the HN room.

8:53 PM BBT – Steve falls asleep outside so James pours honey into his mouth.

8:56 PM BBT – Jason and Meg talking about the twins. Jason says Austin definitely knows about it because he knows he’s been filling in the twins when they switch.

9:12 PM BBT – Liz is talking about how her trip back to the house to trade places with Julia was delayed five hours because of Audrey’s extended stay in the diary room.

9:18 PM BBT – Steve talking to Liz about the twin twist. He tells her that Jason knows they switched today and there’s no point hiding it anymore because everyone knows. Liz says she’s nervous she can’t make it to the five-week mark.

9:45 PM BBT – Vanessa is checking in with Steve to let him know they can’t be seen talking because Audrey has implied they’re working together.

10:00 PM BBT – HGs are playing around in the back yard, hanging out and doing handstands. Still no sign of Audrey. James says she’s sleeping on the floor in the have-not room, which actually is prohibited, but at this point I think scolding her would be a bit harsh.

10:35 PM BBT – Clay, Austin and James are making people out of pillows to make it look like people are sleeping in the beds.

11:45 PM BBT – Austin tells Liz about his Judas persona and explains the top hat side of things. She thinks it’s funny.

12:14 AM BBT – Becky is making pizza for Audrey and it gets a little burnt. They were told Audrey could eat food despite being a Have-Not. No word on the food rules being lifted for the other three HN’s.

12:50 AM BBT – Becky knows HGs are blaming her for the James VTE vote, but she’s doesn’t care since James and Jackie trust that she voted out Jeff.

1:50 AM BBT – Becky says she overheard Austin telling Liz he was going to miss her when she’s gone again for a few days.

2:00 AM BBT – Becky, Jackie, Jason, and John are discussing targets for next week. They note how Liz wasn’t aware of some event. They think maybe Austin should be the target next week but then are considering getting out the twins while they’re still one person.

3:30 AM BBT – Jackie agrees with Jason that Austin is suddenly trying to play nice with them. They know the target needs to be Austin, Liz, or Vanessa next week. Jackie suggests Austin is trying to get her over to his side, but she’s not doing that.

Audrey is still there as of now and I don’t think she’ll quit. Hopefully she’ll come back out of the HN room, but considering she hid under the covers for days the other week she may do it until eviction night as well. The game has already shifted to preparing for next week so we’ll have to see where the power lands this time.

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  1. Well, atleast the floater side of the house is TALKING about allying together to get out Austin, Vanessa, etc — but I’ll believe it when I see it. And it is Jerkus, not Judas.

  2. Audrey is sleeping on the floor and eating food even though she is a have-not!?! I mean, not trying to kick a person when they are down, but if they are gonna let this all slide they should have just let her leave. Its a game with rules. So when the next person decides they want to sleep wherever and eat whatever what is BB gonna do?

    • There should be absolutely no preferential treatment of a HG, no matter the reason. If, due to a sickness, a HG that is a have-not has to eat, the other have-nots should be allowed to eat also. I was so sick of Frankie trying to get out of sleeping in the cold room last year because of his circulation problems. OK, I feel my blood starting to boil a little. LOL

      • Good idea. Ridin’ my tractor is calming.Going out to mow as soon as the dew dries. Need to put some hours on my girl. More storms this afternoon.

      • So true! What makes her so superior towards the rest that she gets all of this special treatment despite being a have-not? That’s a bit unfair BB of you ask me! They shouldn’t have to break their own rules for her petty actions! -__-

      • That’s the 500,000 dollar question, Coco, which I’m sure we’ll never get an answer to.

      • Yeah but let’s hope they tell us more on Thursday night because I really want to know what happened and whether I should sympathize with her or be angry at her for breaking all the rules without punishment!

      • If she makes it until Thursday night. I honestly wish no bad for her, but if she or/and production knew there were emotional/mental issues( my gosh, Audrey is not that far removed from a major life-changing medical procedure), she should never have been cast. If she is having “issues of convenience”, that in itself is sickening.

      • My thoughts exactly. Why put her on the show when they knew it was clear that she is going through some personal problems? Why? To improve ratings that’s for sure!

      • I think only the HOH should be allowed to sleep in the HOH room and eat their treats.

      • I have thought that all along. After the Frankie show last year, that just reinforced my opinion about it.

      • Agreed – it’s just weird how they all go up there now. Plus the completely alienate themselves from others…just weird.

    • They punished Jen in Big Brother 8 for eating when she was a have not and gave her an extra eviction vote. If they will be fair, Audrey should not be allowed to eat regular food when she is a have not. Otherwise, give her one extra vote penalty like they did with Jen.

    • I agree, 100%! Rules are rules……She failed miserable at her original game plan, and now everyone else will suffer for it? Unacceptable…If you break the rules for one, you have to break them for all….Have nots should all be allowed to eat regular food and sleep wherever they want to sleep, at least, for this week.

  3. The picture clearly shows Audrey sleeping/hiding in a dental chair (not on the floor).

    • She eventually moved to the floor, behind the dentists chairs, literally up against the wall….

  4. This is obviously one of Audrey’s patented passive aggressive ploys where it is all about her and the game can’t go on without her and the whole world is picking on little old Audrey. BB needs to do the veto ceremony, even if it is with Audrey in absentia. She really doesn’t want to be treated like everyone else, she’s entitled to special treatment because of her exalted status. CBS, don’t ruin my summer game.

  5. Shelli would be a great player if it werent for Clay. She picks up on things but just cant keep it to herself. She has to run and get Clay’s (idiotic) thoughts and he always blows it off saying he doesnt think so (He thinks he knows all but knows nothing!).. Shelli is gonna kick herself when she sees the show and realizes she was right all along and Clay held her back. I hope she realizes it sooner than later but I doubt it..

    • This is exactly why I don’t respect the game of anyone who comes in and starts a showmance because we don’t get to see “their” game. They alter their actions to include their showmance. I completely agree with you about Shelli.

      • Yeah, how many showmances have destroyed game play. Very obvious ones are Danielle Donato who went bonkers when her boy toy got evicted and went after everyone and got herself eliminated in the process as well! The same thing happened to Brendon and Rachel when Rachel was making bad decisions until, Brendon got evicted. Then, Rachel started thinking better. Love + Big Brother do not mix!

      • Even Nicole and Hayden last season had a showmance and they were not able to focus on the game. On the plus side, the showmance for them turned into something special and I read they are seeing each other now in real life.

      • You’re right, Cuddles – they’ve been together since the show. In fact, Hayden was recently in Ubly for the town’s Homecoming, which was Big Brother-themed. The pictures Nicole posted on Instagram were adorable!!

      • It’s the ol’ for love or money. Some want one and some want the other. Rarely do you get both.

      • They should be able to find love a lot of other places. How many places could they win that much money? Come to BB to play the game. If there is an attraction, flirt a little but be smart about it. If there is something there, it should still be there after the show. Don’t let it affect game play. JMO

      • Yeah, but you’re smarter than a bunch of 20 somethings with raging hormones. LOL

      • I know wonderful people in their 70’s who absolutely, positively enjoy their raging hormones.

      • My two 20-something sons live at home. Raging hormones is the norm around here. ROFL

      • Agreed. Very few shomances go beyond the show. The money can last a lot longer than a summer. If it is meant to be, it’ll be.

    • I think their both bad for the other’s game. There have been several times that Shelli had a correct suspicion and Clay changed her mind and a few times when it’s been vice versa. If they actually supported each other, the two of them might make one decent player.

    • Having to think for two is melting the glue on her hair extensions!! True story…!…LOL

    • I remember being insecure enough to have screwed up priorities … hope she feasts on a good insight meal soon.

  6. That’s a really long temper tantrum. I liked her crazy the first week made for an interesting game but she is showing she is a sore loser.

    She could’ve/should’ve held a house meeting and tell everyone, everything and watch them scramble (Vanessa especially)…. at least lurk around, don’t allow them to have a conversation without her present. Not that it would have change her going up but it would show that she is playing the game.

    • Since, she will be evicted anyway, why not tell all she knows and let everyone else duke it out. That would be some sort of revenge for her on Vanessa. It will also, induced more drama in the house.

      • Exactly! Go out with a bang! Instead of hiding, tell it all in front of all of them. That would put some thought in their heads (even if they don’t believe her). Vanessa would stumble and talk and talk and talk, more talking, into getting herself in trouble. Shelli is beginning to doubt Vanessa…… Hopefully Audrey is saving it for her eviction speech.

      • She drives me NUTS, well, nuttier than I already am! I just want someone to install an OFF button in her when she’s sleeping.

      • An OFF bu’on would be SOOOOO nice. I would love it if she was the loser of a comp that had a punishment of not being able to speak to anyone for a day and every time she forgot, she had to eat a Madagascar cockroach.

      • The only problem with that is nobody believes her anymore. She ruined that in week one.

    • Because no one would believe anything she says at this point and she knows it.

  7. So basically, if you’re a have-not, all you have to do is act depressed all day and threaten to leave the game and all of a sudden you’re allowed to eat food?! Take notes future BB fans!

    (Also, it might help if you’re one of productions favorites, but let’s forget about that part.)

    • I don’t know all the facts, but from what little I do know, this particular set of circumstances implies that this was not your garden variety meltdown. At least based on the recaps I’ve read, it sounds like she might unfortunately have some mental health issues. At the end of the day (god I hate that phrase and I don’t know why I just used it), it is just a game, and if someone’s really struggling psychologically, I don’t have a problem with them relaxing a few of the rules.

      • From what I understand, the psychological screening to get on the show is pretty stringent. I’m not saying people can’t slip through the cracks (Willie BB14, Justin BB2, Scott BB4) but if this is truly serious, they should just let her walk.

        If they want to give her a break and not make her eat slop or sleep on the dentist chairs, then they need to be fair and give everyone exemptions for the week.

  8. I don’t understand why Odd is allowed to break so many rules … lights, missing POV meeting, eating while a have-not, getting a bag of something from production, etc. Why would they compromise just to let her stay the few days? It sets a bad precedence for the future by enabling her. Don’t they watch Dr. Phil? It’s on their network! LOL

      • GM Cuddles. I wasn’t on vacation. Karen was last week. I got caught up in real life. I crocheted my granddaughter a top for her first day of kindergarten next month.

      • Getting caught up in real life can be rewarding. I miss the AOL chatrooms where so many of us met, liked eachother and became friends in real life. Those were the days. What a lucky granddaughter ~ a Grandma who crochets. Kindergarten! Oh, what a momentous step in one’s life.

    • Usually, rule breaking is tolerated if production scolds them and the frequency is not as high. The last straw would be probably destroying production equipment (their lapel mics) and violence in any shape or form if the house are unable to contain any tension before it goes any worse.

  9. Ugh most of adc will prob still let sixth sense slide by and target steve next week. When will they get a clue?

    • liz will be the target if they are in power as jason knows they will get rid of two people instead of one

  10. So Audrey is pulling the ‘feel sorry for me’ routine. They need to vote her out. 500K is at stake. They didn’t care about Day or Jeff of Jase, so why should they care about Audrey because she’s transgender? So what?! Get her out now because if they don’t they may not get the opportunity again.

  11. If Audrey was to leave before Thursday they still vote someone out Thursday night? Would that be five eliminations and mean twins enter early? Just trying figure out how that would be ruled IF that happened.

    • Shelli’s HOH reign is technically over after the Veto Ceremony so, based from my understanding with existing international BB rules, there would be no eviction happening if one of the nominees quit ahead of Thursday’s live eviction show.

      A VE (voluntary exit)/DOR (drop on request) of a nominee would count as a technical eviction for the outgoing week, depending on the circumstances.

      • James that is correct. Since she is a nominee her leaving counts as an eviction for the week. If she was not a nominee then an eviction ceremony would still be held and they would likely skip a double eviction night.

  12. I wonder if Production inserted a catheter so Audrey doesn’t have to use that nasty bathroom.

  13. The whole twin thing is exposed, but it’s the dummy Austin who has been giving more hints than the twins themselves. Creepy Austin is so obsessed with Liz he doesn’t realize he’s outing her every time she returns.

  14. Maybe they will let Audrey play out her little passive aggressive game until Thursday afternoon when they tape her eviction before the live show starts. It has been done before when controversy surrounds an eviction so they can control the edit. I think that exit interview with Julie Chen would be really awkward.

  15. I’m glad someone is planning to get Liz out, but I really dislike Shelli and want her gone. Jason needs to stop telling Clay things.

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